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and while public sick the wages have doubled since two thousand and ten it's added to the burden on tunisia's fragile economy the north african country has failed to fire economically in the years since the overthrow of its long term president in two thousand and eleven unemployment is now at fifteen percent inflation is at a record high a two point eight billion dollar loan from the i.m.f. two years ago came with conditions of economic reforms and ditch reduction this mess walkout shows to new zealand are already feeling the pinch union leaders called on the members to use the power of the numbers go up cover that. i call on you to free people to take part in the next municipal legislative and presidential elections for you the workers the next elections are very important. to ms he enjoyed a relatively smooth transition to democracy in the wake of the arab spring but its government is now confronting the challenge of accountability to its people being
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beholden to those it owes money media on one hand and dizzier. is marking the seventy fifth anniversary of its independence from france but critics say there's little to celebrate there's been no government in the six months as politicians argue over power sharing. reports from beirut. it's been seventy five years since lebanon achieved independence but instead of celebrating these people are protesting the crowd is small a few hundred turn up even though the majority of lebanese suffer from a lack of electricity rising unemployment and dire economic conditions this doesn't surprise civil society activists who aren't able to exploit the state's resources in the same way as the traditional political class there are some to provide a bridge to talk about what they think and what they need because. maybe they got
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their jobs due to political parties the how the children and hospitals or do you suppose that with the help of political parties. exchanging goods or services for votes is part of political life in lebanon so is foreign intervention i do not feel that we have anything to offend but this is something of government that decision that i did this other vision. a few kilometers away lebanon's leaders marked but there has been no functioning government for more than six months the country is no stranger to political stalemate because of the links officials have with regional players who use lebanon as a battleground this protest movement is relatively small when compared to organized by political parties it is hard to attract large crowds independently of sectarian parties that dominate politics this is what these people hope to change. calls for change are not new a few years ago protests about the rubbish crisis turned into
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a campaign against the political elite there were demands for regime change not long after there was a crackdown by security forces it's not the first time since we've been through the squarest we've been under. small. bombs and stuff and you know nothing strange thing they would even of turned into we need to get rid of the governing body right now which has been exploiting the country and it's been working against us interests. they converge on lebanon's martyrs square to voice their grievances this has become a symbolic space throughout the country's turbulent history we want a revolution some chant challenging the sectarian state. most lebanese are members of their sect first with very few identifying with the nation. the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has reached new highs according to
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the united nations un officials are trying to put pressure on governments ahead of next month's climate summit in poland looks on a thomas of us who is the coordinator of the report she says the temperature rises are inevitable and the current climate agreements. we are very much concerned are with the recent finding because what we reported in these here are greenhouse gas politan off the wall much a logical going to zation is that the concentration off the main gases carbon dioxide methane in need to us all slight they continue to increase and it's not. so it's not that they are just continuing to increase they are increasing to the same great is for the last ten years so we do not see any signs or the decline in the grove fraid of the greenhouse gases in and in their concentration and that is really very voice him because the countries have taken the commitments we assign the paris agreement under which all the countries wanted to do something
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but unfortunately we do not see any signs off the decline in the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere the implications are that even if we stop emissions overnight we already immediate so much are greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that we are committed for another half degree warming if we continue with increase off the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere with the rate is we are doing now are we may reach our very high temperature increase and definitely all which will be a bar of the levels which were a grade within the paris agreement so it will be definitely above the two degrees. just ahead on the news i will tell you about the racing driver who's backing for his. losing his arm in a crash here with that and the rest of the sport in just a few.
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again i will support his peter. thank you very much a formula one driver who almost lost these arm in a crash will make a remarkable return to the sport next season after eight years away polish driver robert cubits partially seventy's right arm in a rally accident which looked like it had ended his f one career but the thirty three year old who won the canadian grand prix in two thousand and eight will return to the track for the williams team in the twenty nineteen season. i know what it takes. to be one of top drivers in from one so now the question is.
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to work. to give me a bit of time and. to focus on the well what is what is the part which i enjoy is being a race rather full of duncan is the f one correspondent for the press association he says williams who will finish bottom of the team standings this season need qubits of for his talent as well as these markets ability. or during his time in the sport his five seasons he won once and he proved he had the capability to potentially be a future when he was very highly thought of. and fernando along with the best drivers they've raced against and so he's. and in terms of going to team up williams of really struggled this year he brings you know the fan base as it were because he attracts so many fans because of what he managed to do during his time
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when he was driving in f one and picking now this story. for williams to be able to promote such a difficult season. what's in a name quite a lot if you ask kathleen it's from taiwan they currently compete at the olympics under the name of a country that doesn't really exist chinese taipei but on saturday could move a step closer to changing that the people of taiwan are said to vote in a referendum on which name to use in international sports events including the olympics in twenty twenty but the issue is clouded by the political status of taiwan in nineteen forty nine the island of taiwan politically broke away from mainland china since then any talk of that sovereignty has put a strain on a fragile relationship and only seventeen countries officially recognize that china blocked taiwan from international sports events until nine hundred eighty one when the international olympic committee agreed with both sides their taiwanese athletes would compete as chinese taipei athletes use the emblem and flag of the chinese
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taipei olympic committee and march to a specially written them from with lyrics about the olympics the i.o.c. so even if the referendum passes that won't change taiwan has been accused of politicizing sports by china some athletes are worried if the vote passes they won't be able to compete at a millon picks well they are being suppressed chinese tabish the whole idea that means it is chinese taipei a country's name is it it is not we are the so i.o.c. members banned from using our own country's name we are the only member who cannot sing our national anthem and fly our national flag we are the only one this shows how seriously china is suppressing us we are truly don't. we noticed recently people in taiwan that care about the vital interests of taiwan athletes have expressed their concerns in objections they think the vote on name
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change is a gamble that is doomed to lose in the political manipulation the stakes the interests of taiwan people the actions will actually heard. taiwan. just a few months after france and croatia met in the world cup final countries are preparing to go head to head again this time to be crowned world champions in tennis the davis cup final begins in law on friday and it marks the end of an era for tennis and all the team competition before it's revamped in twenty nineteen it will also be the final time former french open champion yannick noah captains the french team led france to their tenth davis cup crown twelve months ago but with france's top three players missing their the underdogs this time around world number seven marion shalit twelve ranked born a charter which lead the way for the croats hoping to go one better than twenty sixteen when they finished runners up to argentina so if we win it's going to be incredible achievement again for our small country just looking at the back looking
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back at the history of sports in it would be incredible achievement to to be world champion in tennis and so we're going to see i hope that we're going to have incredible supports also back home here in. should help us born a church will get the croatians campaign underway on friday against number forty ranked jeremy shockey that's followed by chile each against former world number five joe wilfred song. le bron james returned home to cleveland as an opposing player for the second time in his career and got a lot of love despite beating his former team le bron step back on calls in ohio as the los angeles lakers player having traded from the cavaliers in the summer offense that appreciating him breaking the fifty two year chairmanship draft in twenty sixteen he scored thirty two points but it's all to put on one of their best displays of the season it was tied until late in the fourth quarter when the lakers broke it open winning one hundred nine one hundred five very different for the
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brown this time having been booed on his first return with the miami heat eight years ago. you know i appreciate you know these friends just mostly appreciated me nervously when i was that on the floor they always showed appreciation to know most of my teammates for those eleven years as for their from the time we landed yesterday from the time when i just you know you know just for the different i'm a different person we're all different you know from for many years ago you know both good and bad but you know my point is where is the great england's cricketers eyeing a special prize when they meet sri lanka in colombo on thursday for the start of the third and final taste they are aiming to become the first non asian team since astray in two thousand and four to complete a taste series whitewash over the sri lankans on their own soil the english have already won the series thanks to two convincing wins in the previous matches to compound their problems the hosts will be without captain dinesh chandimal who is injured. every grab
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a charity now first. to show that we are becoming more consistent they were finding ways of winning. and playing good cricket for longer periods of time so and as well as any going to other sides of once arena here. in test cricket we have a brilliant achievement and good fellas with a huge amount of confidence going into the rest of the winter and that's what will support from us for now we'll have another update for you again later on. david many thanks indeed and here to update you on the latest on the day's top stories in just a moment by for that. against
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good news i'm scared and who is will lose their nerve and find for what is right on the shores of padded ice progress for some can create a living hell for others challenging his government and big business running the risks of life to see the community he cherishes it is not liable to be that someone that can do stand. for and. the opposition a witness documentary on our city our. border resort is one of nigeria's top tourist destinations but in the shadow of the mountain some nigerians continue an ancient tradition with child protection workers say condemns young girls to a life of slavery and sexual exploitation five year old miracle was buried for money just a few weeks ago joan leaves with some missionaries who says she's pulled by the marriages happen i couldn't reach it is a missionary who rescues goals their money goes to buy it get outrightly an oak or
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a neighbor one big truck a girl before she's born there what if it takes fourteen years you get mondays the brothers can still go to get their money away once welcome now fear. of dividing a nation. al-jazeera explores germany's long term economic strategy of pursuing immigrants from the arab world i feel more gentleman and syrian. oh much money there's a risk that you get those people you don't think is going to. germany and the. saudi arabia's crown prince visits arab allies as donald trump again questions intelligence about jamal because she's bad.
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hello i'm the star this is al jazeera live from also coming up the un's envoy to yemen meets the head of the truth the rebels ahead of proposed to send the peace talks. britain's prime minister says a final breaks a deal is within her grasp as a threat from spain suggests otherwise. plus an up and levels of heat trapping gases reach new highs and our atmosphere the window of opportunity to fix it is closing. in. saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon has arrived in the united arab emirates to begin his first trip abroad since the matter of journalist jamal khashoggi the saudi official news agency says the crown prince is quote on
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a tour of a number of brotherly arab countries he's also expected to participate in the g. twenty meeting and when azeris at the end of the month with other wild leads. the u.s. president meanwhile is once again contradicting the reported findings of his own intelligence agency that the crown prince authorized she's killing donald trump insists nothing has been concluded attackers media websites however says that the cia has a phone recording and which bin. apparently orders that can be silenced as soon as possible so you have a ten zero ports from washington d.c. you're celebrating it wherever you are at the u.s. president had just completed a call to troops to wish them a happy thanksgiving and have broken with protocol by asking a service members to comment on political and logistical matters in front of the gathered press then he eagerly fielded questions on a range of topics from reporters the cia's assessment of the crown prince of saudi arabia ordered the killing of jamal khashoggi soon cropped up. for him yet.
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i don't want to talk about it you have to destroy the president insisted that the cia had not reached any conclusion about the crown prince's responsibility for the murder and once again repeated what had been judged to be vastly inflated figures out of the saudi contribution to the us economy whether he did or whether he did and he denies it vehemently his father denies it taking vehemently the cia doesn't say they did it they do point out certain things and pointing out those things you can conclude that maybe he did or maybe he didn't but there's no there was another part of the false reporting because a lot of you said yesterday that they said he did it well they didn't say that they said he might have done it that's a big difference but they're vehemently denying that. according to media reports the cia has high confidence that the crown prince gave the order to kill khashoggi however it did so based on circumstantial evidence such as communications
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intercepts and the saudi power structure and that's all the leeway the president needs to deny any definitive conclusion the president also said this didn't have saudi arabia we wouldn't have a big base with a puzzling statement given the u.s. withdrew most of its troops from saudi arabia in two thousand and three that presence in a country that held two of islams holiest sites have become a source of regional tension over the last several years there have been reports of a secret u.s. drone base in the kingdom however it's not clear to what the president was referring thank you very much but she overturned. victoria gazing day takes a closer look at the evidence surrounding the matter and there is involved the u.s. has imposed sanctions on seventeen saudi officials for their suspected involvement in the killing of jamal khashoggi they include a fifteen man hit squad that traveled to turkey to carry out the operation so who made up this team and who did they report to let's start with abdul aziz mitra who
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is believed to have been the coordinator of the operation he's a general in crown prince mohammed bin soundman security team next we have saddam hamit al to begun an expert in autopsies and a colonel in saudi arabia's interior ministry it's headed by prince abdulaziz bin sowed else out he reports directly to king solomon old the crown prince six members of the team that killed were part of the crown prince's security detail three others were members of the national guard an internal security force which protects the royal family it's led by prince khalid bin abdel aziz al muqrin and one was a member of the rules saudi af or its part of the ministry of defense which falls under the control of the crown prince the us is also impose sanctions on saudi tani he's a senior advisor to crown prince mohammed bin salomon and on mohammed al table the
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saudi consul general it is stamboul where he shows he was murdered he reports to the saudi foreign ministry which is led by addle. his department issued the passports used by the hit team to and to turkey the private jets they flew in from riyadh to istanbul and back which charted from a company owned by the saudi government. the money is a professor at the university of waterloo in canada she says the crown prince will try to use the g twenty summit later this month to restore his reputation on the wild stage. i'm afraid that many other countries are going to also fall in line particularly some of the countries that have these large arms trade deals with the saudis i'm thinking of the u.k. for example france i just don't see how either of those two leaders are willing to sort of i think shake the shake the boat there or try to sort of press and haven't been summoned but we might see some like merkel who you know knows that she is basically in a lame duck position she's got eighteen months left doesn't have
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a very strong trade deal with the saudis may indeed be some do something bold i mean really who i'm looking for in terms of of shaking things up i think you're going to see him haven't been so man to really try to reach out he wants a photo opportunity he wants the normalization of legitimacy that one gets at these forums and being seen by world leaders as part of the club and so we're going to look and see i think many opportunities that haven't been someone trying to seem very jolly smiles and any leader who would afford him the opportunity to shake his hand and smile in that photo camera is going to be a win from haven't been so many others i suspect like our prime minister here in canada justin trudeau will avoid him at all costs it is damaging i think for many countries and many leaders reputation we have an election coming up next year that's on our minds and so every country i think will look at their national interest will look at their public sort of receptivity to this and determine
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whether or not they want that photo op with had been some men accordingly. the u.n. is welcoming a reduction in fighting around yemen's port city of had data saying more aid is now reaching civilians who desperately need it and special envoy to yemen is in the capital sana hyping to get the warring parties around the negotiating table mamata di reports from neighboring. un special envoy martin griffiths use of force to launch peace talks collapsed last september now he's back in yemen trying to get a farm commitment from the warring parties to a cease fire and a new round of talks is an opportunity to try and build trust at the peace talks and sweet as we know we when you have peace talks you need to speak to the various people to open back channels up lines of communication to build up trust ahead of almost talks to try and make sure that people will attend but then they also listen to what the other side has to say their own going fighting in the port city of what
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they the however are risks upset to this push and voice efforts to bring the warring parties to the table in december. the sodium and arctic ocean announced earlier this week it will hold to all hostilities around what they did they said later fighting broke out again a part to work of yemeni fighters loyal to the international difficulties couple meant leading the fighting on the ground despite loud claims of progress al jazeera has us published but they have not been able to enter the city most of the fighting so far has been confined to the eastern suburbs of the city healthy fighters helpful to fight the city's outskirts i'll just tamed supply images captured on the fourteenth of november one day before the sodium routed coalition announced it had suspended its military operations in the city. the images shoulder the coalition forces failed to entire data they also showed the massive fortifications and
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trenches created by the oldies around the city and along the roads leading to the port side light images show the dog massive trenches along the edges of the city as shown by these red lines these pictures also show the before and after when the port was full and then after shipping containers were moved to form part of the rebels defenses the horses are also booby trapped compounds and houses in the outskirts of the city this video shows a group of pro-government fighters entering a booby trap compound and then the massive explosion that decimates them all almost four years after the sodium routed coalition and top the war in yemen there is no end in sight it's not even certain whether it can be worn but what is sure is that the civilians will continue to suffer in the wake of this destructive conflict if the peace talks fail to take off mohammed otherwhile jazeera djibouti.
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spain's prime minister threatening to veto the dross deal on britain's exit from the e.u. pedders sanchez tweeted the warning after meeting the u.k. prime minister after my conversation with to reason may our positions remain far away my government will always defend the interests of spain if there are no changes we will veto it it's a rather downby success meant when compared to tourism made comments earlier in the day that a final breaks a deal was within her grasp new reports from london this week i would like to update the house on our negotiations to leave the european union a crucial step forward in britain's brics a journey we haven't agreed between the u.k. and the european commission the negotiations announced a critical moment and all our efforts must be focused on working with our european partners to bring this process to a final conclusion in the interests of all our people. a draft political declarations now in place determining the future political relationship between the
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e.u. and he. with a twenty six page document was attacked by politicians to crossing some of the government's earlier red lines and failing to provide many details this empty document could have been written two years ago it's happened with phrases such as the parties will look at the parties will explore or watch on earth as the government been doing for the last two years. the paper makes no mention of frictionless trade between the e.u. and u.k. seen as vital for the health of the british economy. the e.u. and u.k. will be regarded as two separate markets making hard barry is almost inevitable. it has big implications here on the border between northern ireland a part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland and a you member the u.k. says it's now pursuing a high tech solution to keep goods and people leaving. the draft plan also says both sides and to provide visa free travel only for short term visits longer trips
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may now require visas. in addition the document leaves room for an extension of the two year trends.


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