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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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as shown by these red lines these pictures also show the before and after when the port was full and then after shipping containers were moved to form part of the rebels defenses. also booby trap compounds and houses in the outskirts of the city this video shows a group of pro-government fighters entering a booby trap compound and then the massive explosion that decimates them all almost four years after the sodium routed and top of the war in yemen there is no end in sight it's not even certain whether it can be worn but what is sure is that the civilians will continue to suffer in the wake of this destructive conflict if the peace talks fail to take off mohammed on the wall jazeera djibouti. sri lanka m.p.'s members of parliament that is supporting the disputed prime minister mahinda rajapaksa walked out of parliament again accusing the speaker of favoring the other side last week parliament passed a no confidence motion against rajapaksa am
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a chaotic session he has refused to accept the results the political crisis began last month when rana wickham a single was sacked as prime minister by the president and replaced by rajapaksa both claimed to be the lawful prime minister still ahead on al-jazeera donald trump threatens to shut down the whole border with mexico if things get out of control with asylum seekers and a new exhibition celebrates a cultural heritage that survived the ravages of war. how do we got clout of the writing spilling into western parts of here temperatures will not jump it won't be quite as cold as it has been a recently using some cloud in bright and snow pushing across towards the black sea
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recently again that's in the process of pulling away we go with that cloudy mix across the western side of the continent so temperatures in london recovering if i can call it that to around ten degrees celsius we were well down into single figures just a couple of days ago so i believe that is an improvement we got some way to weather down towards southern parts of france some snow over the alps and that will continue to make its way further east was wet weather through the viagra pushing into central parts of europe that sloppy dry weather some pieces of sunshine to come back in behind but particularly great it has to be said there's that wet weather pushing over towards the adriatic up towards germany gradually pushing across towards poland crisp and cold that ensue kiev just minus three celsius and only four degrees for book rest further south across the mediterranean. and there is a fair amount of cloud around here as well northern parts of egypt will see some wet weather pushing over towards the event of a wet weather to just making its way across northern areas of morocco it eventually
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will push into northern areas of algeria with plenty of cloud for all. impoverished excluded. communities are paying the price of nationalism in a country with it so. people investigate hate crimes at the hands of far right groups. ukrainian repression.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera pakistan's prime minister has ordered an inquiry into an attack at the chinese consulate in karachi that killed two police officers a separatist group called the liberation army has claimed responsibility so to arabia's crown prince has traveled to the united arab emirates on his first trip abroad since the murder of jon. a turkish news website says the cia has a phone recording of. giving instructions to silence his journalists. and the u.n. special envoy to yemen is expected to travel to a full day after a slowdown in fighting iran the port city martin griffiths met be a few feet rebel leader in the capital sanaa and a renewed push for peace talks in sweden next month. more than half a million of public sector workers staged a nationwide protest on thursday demanding pay increases wage payments for
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a civil servants accounting for fifteen percent of the state budget but with inflation soaring workers say they can no longer make ends meet marianna hong has more. was from the capital tunis to the city both did the city that gave birth to the arab spring around two thirds of a million people stopped work. was public sector workers went on strike after negotiations between the powerful trade union that represents them and the government failed they want baser wages but they say them marching for old to mizzi and her engineering soaring living costs and high unemployment it's an enormous you hold it here and people here don't have enough to buy even the most basic food especially those with children you cannot imagine how difficult the situation is yes this is a revolution of the hungry here in tunisia that there was no honest on the net what
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have we done to you the government has failed us and undermined the rights of retirees where are those who love tunisia where are those who love this black tunisia has disappeared. the strike shut down government ministries universities and public schools hospitals operated with emergency staffing around a sixth of june is use work force a civil servants and well public sick the wages have doubled since two thousand and ten it's added to the burden on tunis he has fragile economy the north african country has failed to fire economically in the years since the overthrow of its long term president in two thousand and eleven unemployment is now at fifteen percent inflation is at a record high a two point eight billion dollar loan from the i.m.f. two years ago came with conditions of economic reforms and ditch reduction this mess walkout shows to new zealand are already feeling the pinch union leaders called on the members to use the power of the numbers. that. i
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call on you to free people to take part of the next minas a poll legislative and presidential elections for you the workers the next elections a very important. to this year enjoyed a relatively smooth transition to democracy in the wake of the arab spring but its government is now confronting the challenge of accountability to its papal well being beholden to those it owes money media mohan and which is even. more spain's prime minister is threatening to veto the draft deal on britain's exit from the e.u. petro sanchez tweeted the warning after meeting the u.k. prime minister after my conversation with a resume a he said our positions remain far away my governments will always defend the interests of spain if there are no changes we will veto. well sanchez is concerned about the future of the disputed british overseas territory of gibraltar the small
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outcrop also known as the rock has been held by the united kingdom since seven hundred thirteen but spain has long waves claim to it and wrangling. it's ween britain and spain over gibraltar must be settled before a new leader is made on sunday to sign the deal despite that and other hurdles to resume told parliament a final agreement is within their grasp means barker reports speak i would like to update the house on our negotiations to leave the european union a crucial step forward in britain's brics a journey we have an agreed text between the u.k. and the european commission the negotiations analogy a critical moment and all our efforts must be focused on working with our european partners to bring this process to a final conclusion in the interests of all our people. draft political declarations now in place determining the future political relationship between the e.u. and he. with a twenty six page document was attacked by politicians to crossing some of the
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government's earlier red lines and failing to provide many details this empty document could have been written two years ago it's happened with phrases such as the parties will look at the parties we'll explore watch on earth as the government been doing for the last two years. the paper makes no mention of frictionless trade between the e.u. and u.k. scene is vital for the health of the british economy. the e.u. and u.k. will be regarded as two separate markets making hard barry is almost inevitable. it has big implications here on the border between northern ireland a part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland and a you member the u.k. says it's now pursuing a high tech solution to keep goods and people moving. the draft plan also says both sides and to provide visa free travel only for short term visits longer trips may now require visas. in addition the document leaves room for an extension of the two
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year transition period after breaks it aimed at easing britain's departure but it also means the u.k. will be subject to european rules for longer without any e.u. voting rights the plans will now be decided on a political level by e.u. leaders have brussels on sunday it's been an extremely busy few days for the british prime minister she has been successfully able to hammer out draft proposals on firstly the withdrawal agreement and now a declaration of a future political relationship between the e.u. and the u.k. but history's amaze big breaks it plans head to brussels she knows that those plans could flounder at any stage either voted down by the e.u. or voted down here in parliament and i commend the states next. a park al jazeera westminster. well president donald trump has threatened to close the border with mexico if his administration decides its neighbor has lost control of its side
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thousands of asylum seekers from central america are gathering in the mexican border city of tijuana hoping to cross into the u.s. john hall and reports. the day starts with the battle to keep clean but it's hard when you're sleeping rough with five thousand three hundred other people got to try and get washed because it feels weird being dirty all the time. easier said than done in the sports complex hardly turned into account privacy doesn't exist or even shelter to some and the rainy season is just beginning and those who were up with that i'm going to have you know last night it was tough my blankets got wet so we had to go and stand where there's a roof and we didn't sleep all night. it's going to be that way for some time for this caravan of central americans they've got to ride up against the u.s. border but now they stuck nowhere to go and nothing to do. some brush up on
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the football skills others practice their poker faces or explore the small playground for the umpteenth time. the clothes washing areas busy series of phone charging station at fifty cents a go. in a passes the time with the daily concert for anyone who cares to listen to them and that it will be them also it's a way to forget the bad moments that we've gone through with all been suffering so it's a way to forget that stress. they were queues for the country laid on by the mets can they be and the buses going to a newly arranged job fair but the semblance of order can't last. this makeshift camp is almost full but you can see people are still arriving daily here soon there's going to be no space for anyone more. the authorities say the city can't deal with the influx any longer sometimes people believe the newcomers bring only
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crime problems. others do what they can to help it ok with them so you know i don't think we should lose our humanity at the end of the day where city of migrants and mexicans have had to cross as well into the us. that's what everyone here wants to get to the other side instead they're setting up for the long haul just a stone's throw away john holden now does it or. homelessness is a growing problem in new york city of the eight and a half million population one in one hundred twenty eight doesn't have a whole including many families and city leaders are spending extra money to try and keep children in class christmas salumi reports. the thanksgiving holiday in the united states is traditionally a time to gather with family and feast on a tricky dinner with all the trimmings. all your family scientists say they let you bring home a turkey so we're giving each twenty guys
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a take to bring home to your family. it's an experience the staff at the research and service high school in brooklyn tries to replicate for its students thirty percent of whom are homeless students like lexus cologne who lives in a city provided hotel room and has a lot more than homework to worry about this out of focus and. i can't think the way i want to clearly. i'm always thinking about how i'm going to get out this plea when i'm going to next. the school is in a neighborhood where like most of the city affordable housing is getting harder to find income levels have not kept pace with inflation helping to drive one hundred fourteen thousand students and their families into shelters or shared apartments part of the reason why i think students come to school is because they know they can get a meal here they know that they can get cleaning products here they know that they can get close here they know that this is a safe warm loving environment in which they can learn and forget about many of the
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problems that they face outside of school building the school has a pantry from which students can select up to ten items a week in addition to a social worker who can help them with the issues of instability that can affect their education district wide the city has promised to add one hundred community qward neighbors to help students in transitional housing. students living in shelter have dismal scores in reading and math they're more likely than other students to be suspended in school teachers and school staff talked to us about the need for more social emotional support for students who are homeless in order for them to learn in the class or lexus feels he has a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving. i look at this like. everybody knows me i know everybody. who. never never went to school.
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but with so many homeless students in new york advocates say even more needs to be done to ensure they all have the same level of support to break the cycle of poverty kristen salumi al jazeera new york. well long before the war a syria was renowned for its rich cultural heritage dating back thousands of years and now a major exhibit she has opened in doha celebrating syria's artistic history and what survived the fighting. ports. how mirror captured in a golden light seen trees before it fell to eisele. painted in seventeen eighty five by french artist louis francois. this is the first known of the ancient syrian city. of distinctive tombs dominates the foreground. and there were
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no other chin terraces in this time anywhere in the world so it's a very particular type of of the area there outside of the city in the valley of the tourists more than two hundred years later those two towers would disagree said to buy ice so what indeed it has to palin mera was exactly what i saw sought to destroy. sculptures of diverse idols predating islam the third century was power mary's heyday trade was flourishing and people were wealthy this is a relic from that time it's part of a sick coughing so coffin and it most likely how the remains of someone important. syria's rich heritage isn't limited to pal mera this is the you me out mosque in damascus which is more than one thousand gee isn't he. the german artists gustaf one find his captured at the grand building as well as syria's multi-faith society
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different kind of head that that they are wearing are like from different kind of religious trance damascus was also a center for going for the very much during the ottoman period. syria is often described as one of the cradles of civilization. at its heart is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world but it last centuries of history in four years of fighting between rebels and the government medieval mosques sooks bath houses and the citadel all damaged or destroyed but some say not everything is gone we have the artifacts we have. writers but what do we have as a culture it's quite hard to be destroyed. a culture put to the tests by war that refuses to be forgotten. norman al jazeera doha.
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hello again the headlines on al-jazeera pakistan's prime minister has ordered an inquiry into an attack at the chinese consulate in karachi that killed two police officers three gunmen have also been killed a separatist group called the balochistan liberation army has claimed responsibility and the group alleges china is exploiting pakistan's resources. one attack edition aided his suicide vest killing two policeman but police killed the other two attackers before they could enter the consulate premises we are glad that all the consulate staff a safe elsewhere in pakistan at least fifteen people have been killed and thirty wounded in an explosion in the northwest that blast happened at a market in the or tribal agency so. the arabia's crown prince has arrived in the united arab emirates to begin his first trip abroad since the murder of journalist . the saudi official news agency says it's part of a tour of
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a number of brotherly arab countries meanwhile the turkish news website says the cia has a phone recording in which the crown prince is heard giving instructions to quote silence. as soon as possible the u.n. special envoy to yemen is expected to travel to one day after a slowdown in fighting around the port city martin griffiths met the rebel leader in the capital and a renewed push for peace talks in sweden next month the u.k. prime minister says bracks at talks with the european union have reached a critical points leaders will hold a vote on a draft deal on sunday but spain's prime minister says he could block it's over britain's overseas territory gibraltar. m.p.'s supporting the disputed prime minister mahinda rajapaksa have walked out of parliament again accusing the speaker of favoring the other side last week parliament pasta no confidence motion against in a chaotic session he's refused to accept the results the political crisis began last
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month. was sacked as prime minister by the president and replaced by roger pox on both claim to be the lawful prime minister of the country those are the headlines. we'll have more news for you right after inside story. getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after a while it borders between five safe countries facing realities the pain starts from the very beginning of the burning school while you're providing context housing is not just about four walls and a roof hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. violated in prisons for demanding their rights new reports highlights how the male activists stifled in saudi arabia is sexual abuse a weapon to silence women wanting freedom in conservative societies this is inside story.
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hello there and welcome to the program. flow got electrocuted sexually harassed rights groups say women activists have been subjected to torture and assault in saudi jails the kingdom has been promising reform and wool freedom for females but reports by amnesty international and human rights watch suggest if you speak out you can be locked up and abused the reports allege the women had difficulty walking and their hands shook uncontrollably after interrogations one woman reportedly attempted suicide multiple times. unfortunately we don't have access to the prisons or to the detainees themselves so we are right now basing. our information on the reports that we've said and we are calling on the saudi authorities to
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investigate these reports in a very serious manner and transparent manner but also to take action and hold those who are responsible for these acts if they are very bright to account i have to say that while these reports have not been very fine they have come from three different sources and they are credible sources that we have but they also fits within a pattern that we have documented over the years so it's not specific to this group of detainees activists. let's bring in our guests now and in stockholm via skype you have. a writer and a list who's worked as a journalist and saudi arabia in dublin. saudi human rights activists and via skype not jar a saudi political refugee now living in italy a very warm welcome to all of you know what really jumps out of this report all
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these reports for me was the treatment of these women in detention and the fact that they were sexually harassed just describe for us what was alleged to have happened to them. well i. mean. we were surprised i think many people who are hoping that the tragic fate of jemaah touchy when put pressure on the subdivision so that those women have little bit with me but now. i think this will probably now we know why. they're going not in this question about their. will this thing that it's because they've been subjected to these high and verify and treatment and torture sexual harassment i think the saudi regime avoided releasing them because they don't afford another scandal but it also to show them sustenance nature of the saudi regime but also
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a telling point in the way how the regime treats women's rights activists so it really is a country you know a tribal country and even though that there are gender violence in the country the tribal ethnic kurds actually encourage raining men from touching and harassing women but now that these ethics morals are not partisan attack or do we see what they can go so far as to sexually harass and abuse women's rights activist i'm i but when we're talking about sexual harassment here it says i'm a human rights report but this amounted to forced hugging and kissing of these women are most women around the world would find this a violation but tell us what more it might mean for a saudi woman in a very conservative society. appears to be you know you. are abusing their power and this is not the first time really i think and i grew up with. sexual harassment in the stations moving the women to nice.
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actually before and this is what i'm most under reported frank and so you should. move. nobody speaks about it. and we have seen it in the east in the twenty one and each of the media and into the court just to see men who gang raped are going to give this. girl casey can be the quote the most moral to thousands which almost in great well seven men and she was. you know she was flogged and sued to prison and was a link or over there for the raid so yes a lot of women it's not your regular although in prison or even prison to have been sexually molested by one of these religious police and or agents you know
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a lot of people in power in which they are using their power. when it does it still court it wasn't very shocking that it comes to the media not that the link i reach ought to be not nice and all of this could have been missed as a chord or a saving for the soviet is the object while she does wonder but fortunately. releasing those women could be. more scandalous to so get over it is not done because of the sexual harassment but because also there are some statements of the relatives of a woman that maybe some of them have possibly permanent there's a couple. of militants. abdel aziz if you could just give us an idea of what sort of impact this treatment of women in detention is likely to have on these women for the rest of their lives and not added the women
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but on their families and their relatives. now you have to get the message that the saudi government is sending right here and that's not a new message the saudi government is trying to try is that. the saudi society they're trying to frighten them to silent so this kind of activities harm person or persons and the personal level it harmed their families and the tarmoh whole society we have thirty million saudis are hurled refugee under that man is. the king and his crown prince mohammed bin said man very sadly mr trump was talking and mr case and he said this so the money is good enough really passarella and i ask if i says have enough money to buy enough for pence and open the embassy and and i have
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a country with that be ok to do business with them because what the saudi regime is doing is putting political activists we have to know this ladies who were tortured and abused they weren't even against the saudi routine they only asked for the right of driving so well they weren't three think that the problem koreans or the regime they were ok with the absolute monarchy so this kind of regime is sending a message saying any kind of change will be harshly punished and this kind of punishment will be and your families will be through sexual harassment will be through or through hanging them over the wall or upside down and through electric shocks the ladies can't walk anymore this is not the first time there is a. recorded report by a public figure in saudi arabia who was asked from the interior minister to do
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a report about torturing and saudi arabia. a very post also talked about sexual harassment to male prisoners threatening them to sexually harassed their families outside of the jail yeah so this is not just an issue against women it's against all detainees that are held in saudi arabia how unusual is it for women to be detained and facing the sort of treatment one say also of course when you talk about women need to look at them as defense which disagree with. the moment we talk about women in their regime and look at this and then the women like to be in but i think i think i think it's very difficult to generalize because you have a dramatic sense within the saudi leadership today you have some friends who are actually adopting the doctrine you are either with me read against me. so i asked
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at the briefing because they any despite the fact that those women have never expressed or demanded the fathers they only demanded. they been targeted ought to be changed and they've been subjected to sexual harassment and torture so i think it's a message and needs to everyone i know so many women because the regime the women they don't look at them from the perspective that their own millions demanding they see them as that radical political structure and now they also have seen them as a threat because when women mobilize you know. but i'm up they must in you know they my actually are imagination and the public popular uprising for a further three months so i think i mean we have seen more of this.
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i mean since nineteen i seen the first wave of thirty moments when the forty's that i thought it would drive their car to end in the mud ending running the. first time they think me a plant and there were cars to save file from the work that they did. and because of what happened and maybe in another oh or end the driving by answer two thousand and seventy. when you yourself were briefly detained i believe in two thousand and twelve driving in saudi arabia do you think if you lived in saudi arabia now you would be amongst these detained women. absolutely i think not only because i'm a few no like to. see a minority who will be much harsher sentences as you have seen one of the he leaves
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. you should because she wants to the shia minority who act so yes definitely well fortunately when it as well that the recent arrest of one meant even though we have a very short lest the most heinous and or when show one then activist is going to reveal the fact that. the people only know young women are in prison think that this is the this is only number of women in prison but to reality there are enormous amounts to the school who are in prison the family chose to stay local i'm not one to involve the media hoping that they will i will help their case so they will least like me up c.p.u. days ago ninety one of the in the little tubes decided to bring out of the
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needle. and will then more than six months it is it when i say states i am going to that it is not the more especially when you know the magic to top one of the sexual harassment. shocks. abdel aziz so many people would look at saudi arabia over the past year and and see the reforms the crown prince of maze of the brings sentiments of the country the lifting of the driving ban so it comes as a surprise to many that these arrests of women and indeed many other detentions came just as those reforms were happening why is that. i think this case it have a certain irony but it's a very clear explanation of how the saudi regime or so the saudi regime have take the right of driving of the saudi woman for a long time and so do women activists was fighting that for example
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a general has who is mentioned in this report this is the second time she have been taken to a special court for ter acts so what that would tend to look jane was an activist asking for driving she wasn't against the royal family now. for the second time that the road team that left the woman banned the driving ban it wasn't suffering from the driving ban but the regime was using it as they treat they treat the people of saudi arabia as slaves for this royal family so if the royal family doesn't want any white males to be engineers they got to do that if they want women not to drive in saudi arabia they've got to do that and they tell anybody else who says otherwise now when the wind changed and they want to get some good p.r. and the capitals of the world they get to release the woman now by they get they
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get to a long moment to drive but in the same time they were afraid that people make a connection between the activism and the change so he put the activist the activist and change and the jail. she is only a peaceful activist can you imagine that party or mr asiri who are connected to the killing of myself are not asked to be killed but the cult in saudi arabia is asking so kept the head took to kill. ram so there is a double standard. well there is a message that the dream is giving if the dream was allowed to pass with jamal and to pass what they are doing right now muhammad incident as he said he will stay there for fifty years is what the bill got not for the soul the people all for the international scene or is there any outrage in saudi arabia over this treatment of
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detainees or people too scared to speak up we talk about. you when there is no and . i'm sure your point is. to face that repression so chris i mean it's very difficult to measure. the views and opinions i started if the tragic fate of jemaah. horrifying nowadays. make every single person terrified to communicate about anything so we don't know how. out. but i would have i would like to ask something about that claim for a refund of the you know since two thousand and two thousand and fifteen you have a young proud friend who. came over and jumped over the succession why he was not on. the time when my father became king. and the king of.
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the just and you have my answer was to which the first thing he does was waged her find work. that had been going for four years without any victory for being a humanist here and prices made what france and then i have one way to actually construct and in just a minute you want to make this build up and sell as a charismatic leader prismatic needed that would actually adopt the cynical policy of you know. the sneak up policy of the red i think it's so that supplementation to diffuse any potential anger our analysts and seen that would sink a friendship due to the drop in oil prices i'm going to come to the women driving
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cars and it's that regina loves women to drive a car not because they are all of a sudden and gender africa it's not because other than a king and he some friends are the minute they did that because they were under some pressure which is the drop in our credit ok i don't have a job now because i want to just know that there has been criticism of saudi arabia's human rights records by governments for a number of years as the u.s. state department released a report last year accusing saudi arabia of committing arbitrary and politically motivated murders it cited incidents of people sentence. to death for protests they took part in or social media posts they wrote when they were minors under the age of eighteen the report says activists are often denied fair trials and then to have a tip from appealing sentences they find unfair and although sound does prohibit torture and discovered widespread evidence it does take place in prisons in the un
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also backed that claim abdullah sees with the exception of a few countries i'm thinking canada germany and belgium recently took some action against on sales why are western allies so willing to turn a blind eye to these abuses. i think mr trump has very clearly the money is to go to the saudi money is money without any checks and balances so this guy's has a lot of money and and the. i wouldn't say corrupt but the politician with the. cool enough conscious he can take the saudi money easily so they use our money that's all the people money not to build our country they have buy weapons from america not because we need it they buy it to buy their political connections so they and they are very good at doing that there is all these between the saudis and
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the american and the british to keep them and power now the trick is the saudi regime has been pushing this. record of back at the black record of human rights. in a way that harmed that p r so even politicians who are willing to put together a blind eye to the saudi regime aren't able anymore because what the saudi regime as is the wing and the activists who are fighting let's note this that mr jamal this activist a somali there are all people who put their life on the line to stop this regime so we are raising our voice and there is some good voices that connecting that now at when the point come that the saudi regime is very clear to the ward i have no doubt nobody will contact relations with this kind of routine north korea is in
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a better situation than the saudi regime would no doubt but they don't know how to play payout like that so ok i have no doubt that isis saudi arabia doesn't have a lot of difference between them when it comes to killing and being rice ok i'm a national calling for those responsible for the sort of the peace that we've been talking about in detention to be held to account is that ever likely to happen either with an internal investigation within saudi or an external investigation. you do not have the u.b.s. investigating is already mines in yemen or is all crimes in the detention centers he is the so leader of everything pretty much everything inside of your region there is definitely need for an external neutral investigation from either being european union will not there needs to be a neutral party vested in this matter you not only the use of the criminals but
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also the war in yemen and many other crimes that what you also. you know the extra judicial execution and mask or perhaps even perhaps not the execution that we are not aware off the just like in two thousand and sixteen when you're going or was it it was not being afforded to the media because it was it was carried out secretly and how many other right to this were that not its execution were victims as well and were executed there were at least a visit here next year and there are murder exactly like what. you can. we were talking earlier about how difficult it will be for the regime to release these women and other dissidents that have been detained because of the abuse stories that they might then release what do you think their fate is likely to be. i think we could we
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a principle of when we talk about women's rights activists their situation and their one of the should society is very different from the big three this is funny because when i went right to be not only thinking at risk am politics but you're also facing a total such radical political approach after a social and cultural tradition or so you are actually fighting a public state and your rival is never going to are you know saudi arabia had been wanted in to the un human and women's rights communities and they are now a member of human rights the un human rights council i think these gentle and the internal should be used to pressure the saudi regime perhaps. to j. and national. or allow those women needs a national alliance. so that they can find a way out of it so i think those and taken into consideration the fact that women
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leave that society when they get to come out they are in need to mend the direction and to flourish to be able to continue their life up to what we have. so these affairs got under a minute left how genuine is the saudi leadership about ever strengthening women's rights within the country. i think the saudi leadership doesn't care about the people so they give powers are give through a power play. between different society sects so as long as the woman is weak and they don't have a voice the government wouldn't give them their rights as they do with foreigners as they do with the musty quarters so you get your rights in saudi arabia depending on your situation right if you are poor you don't get falling rights in saudi arabia if you are a woman you don't go to fulfill her rights and because it's not there is no election or a representative of the people you know it's
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a separate present that they have of all those who have the power ok a very bleak picture there painted of the kingdom many thanks to all our guests today for joining us here on inside story. up till as. and. thank you very much and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website at al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion to go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story from me laura kyle and the whole team here it's by for now. my. china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of lonely men. one on one east meets those desperately seeking love any way
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they can on al-jazeera. and hundred forty twelve on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries haven't truly been able to escape the war. against in years i'm scared by the pools is will lose their nerve and fight for what is right on the shores of padded dice progress for some can create a living hell for others challenging his government and big business one man risked his life to save the community he cherishes it is not my habit to be that someone can do stand up. that's what. the opposition
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a witness documentary on out is enough. once welcomed now fear. and dividing a nation. al-jazeera explores germany's long term economic strategy of pursuing immigrants from the arab world i feel more judgment on syria. the much money does a richer get those papers but don't think it's been do it one german and american the new germans on al-jazeera. turkey's foreign minister a la donald trump's response to the murder of. saying it means the u.s.
4:49 pm
president will turn a blind eye to the journalists killing no matter what. you're watching al-jazeera live from the headquarters and. also ahead. a. suicide attackers target china consulates in pakistan three gunmen and two policemen are among those killed in karachi the u.n. envoy to yemen is set to visit the port city of her data and his post for peace talks. britain's prime minister says a final deal is within her grasp but a threat from spain suggests otherwise. hello turkey's foreign minister says it's unacceptable that the u.s. president as turning a blind eye to the killing of jon. snow is speaking after
4:50 pm
a donald trump once again backed the saudi crown prince who's been accused of ordering the murder when asked who should be held accountable maybe the world's. is joining us from istanbul to tell us what more the foreign minister had to say. yes basically he reiterated some of the lines that he has been talking about during the last few days particularly yesterday but today he put a special stress on the turkish reaction of reaction to the top statements he said that trump chose to turn a blind eye to to the fact that there is enough evidence to show to point the finger to crown prince mohammed bin said man the man who gave the order to kill. and of course obviously techies unhappy with that situation also he minimize the importance of the measures that have been taken so far particularly the travel ban
4:51 pm
he did not mention the the norwegian and german measures about stopping exploitation of weapons but he mentioned a travel ban as you know cosmetic measure against people who are already in detention according to the saudi reports and people who have just been sent by someone above two to act like they did and to kill them out how would this be important aspect of the important portion of what he said is that still they don't think that there is any problem in terms of relations between turkey and saudi arabia at the top level with the kink in particular blunt spoke twice with king said man and there is no problem there is no issue in the relation between the two men and also he said that there is a probability that he will meet with crown prince mohammed mr man on the margins of the g twenty summit in argentina later this month and all these are indications that turkey is not thinking of measures diplomatic measures by way of punishment or by way of reaction against what saudi arabia did understand that there has been
4:52 pm
talk here about the responsibility of the government of saudi arabia but now we are talking about responsibility of some people when he said in his interview that we should not blame everyone for what happened for this med so turkey is looking for the individuals who gave the orders but not blaming the entire saudi government but turkey also has been calling for an international investigation highlight how much support does turkey have for the scholars are you getting a sense of what their next steps might be. yes it's very likely that that will be the approach now that they are not going to go into a crisis with saudi arabia so the approach is to keep this investigation purely judiciary or judicial so they go to the he said that he said that yesterday and he also mentioned it today but there have been demands sent by international rights bodies to turkey to move this file upwards to the u.n.
4:53 pm
and turkey is mulling this option i think it is the most likely approach after turkey that now that the u.s. is not acting and also now that the not going to go into diplomatic problems in saudi arabia so the only approach is to keep it judiciary and to look for justice across the world whatever they can find it to seek the help of the u.n. bodies but so far there is no requests from turkey to the u.n. to take this over and it seems that they are they are just still thinking about it and studying the options right vall thank you well the u.s. president's position contrasts with the assessments of his own intelligence agencies on what happened to jean shihab rattansi has more on trump's response to the murder. celebrating it wherever you are at the u.s. president had just completed a call to troops to wish them a happy thanksgiving and have broken with protocol by asking service members to comment on political and logistical matters in front of the gathered press then he
4:54 pm
eagerly fielded questions on a range of topics from reporters the cia's assessment of the crown prince of saudi arabia ordered the killing of jamal khashoggi soon cropped up. for him yet. i don't want to talk about it you have to ask the president insisted that the cia had not reached any conclusion about the crown prince's responsibility for the murder and once again repeated what had been judged to be vastly inflated figures out of the saudi contribution to the us economy whether he did or whether he did and he denies it vehemently his father denies it the king vehemently the cia doesn't say they did it they do point out certain things and pointing out those things you can conclude that maybe he did or maybe he didn't but there's no that was another part of the false reporting because a lot of you said yesterday that they said he did it well they didn't say that they said he might have done it that's a big difference but they're vehemently denying it. according to media reports the
4:55 pm
cia has high confidence that the crown prince gave the order to kill khashoggi however it did so based on circumstantial evidence such as communications intercepts and the saudi power structure and that's all the leeway the president needs to deny any definitive conclusion the president also said this we didn't have saudi arabia we wouldn't have a big base a puzzling statement given the u.s. withdrew most of its troops from saudi arabia in two thousand and three their presence in a country that held two of islams holiest sites have become a source of regional tension over the last several years there have been reports of a secret u.s. drone base in the kingdom however it's not clear to what the president was referring thank you very much she overturns the al-jazeera all saudi arabia's crown . in the united arab emirates to begin his first trip abroad since the murder of a journalist. the saudi official news agency says it's part of fate tour of
4:56 pm
a number of brotherly arab countries this as a turkish news website says the cia has a phone recording in which the crown prince's heard giving instructions to quote silence. as soon as possible seven people including two police officers and three gunmen have died in an attack on the chinese consulate in the pakistani city of karachi a separatist group called the liberation army has claimed responsibility the group is exploiting pakistan's resources. one of. two policemen but police killed the other two attackers before they could into the consulate premises. also in pakistan at least twenty three people have been killed including children in an explosion in the or exile district in the northwest more than thirty others were injured in a crowded market so far there has been no claim of responsibility the area was
4:57 pm
recently merged with. directly by four decades let's speak to her about these developments in pakistan he's monitoring them from islamabad first on the attack on the chinese consulate in karachi. what's the government saying. what the government is saying now is that they have avoided a major attack we have seen the heathy davy for days as shown on local television showing that. the day looked a bit confused at the time of that their tax. dollars so that one of the security guards closed the gate in a timely fashion therefore preventing the attackers from entering inside entered the compound the police have recovered a large quantity of hand grenades can hand grenades were brought by their daggers
4:58 pm
at the security forces. to get a divorce and now is saying that all the chinese going to lift off is if they have been moved to a cave location of god and that the security forces are now in total control of the situation in karachi and what about the attack in peshawar what are you hearing about the latest death and casualty toll and whether there's been a claim of responsibility. no claim of responsibility on that deadly explosion which dog it did a busy friday but saw an order die agency as you had mentioned this was formally pakistan's tribal area this is a busy but thought that takes place on friday paul for the explosion indeed we are getting reports that at least going to keep people have been killed and the likelihood that the death toll may even go higher right kamal hyder i thank you. then u.n. special envoy to yemen is expected to travel to her days off tourists lowdown and
4:59 pm
fighting around the port city of hama dead though reports from neighboring djibouti martin griffiths has met the horse the rebel leader in a renewed push for peace talks in sweden next month. un special envoy martin griffiths his efforts to launch peace talks collapsed last september now he's back in yemen trying to get a farm commitment from the warring parties to a cease fire and a new round of talks is an opportunity to try and build trust at the peace talks and sweet as we know we when you have peace talks you need to speak to the various people to open back channels up lines of communication to build up trust ahead of almost talks to try and make sure that people will attend but then they're also listen to what the other side has to say their ongoing fighting in the port city of the day the however risks upsetting this partial and voice efforts to bring the
5:00 pm
warring parties to the table in december. the sodium and arctic ocean announced earlier this week it was holding all hostilities around what they did they said later fighting broke out again a patchwork of yemeni fighters loyal to the international legitimacy couple meant leading the fighting on the ground despite loud claims of progress al-jazeera has us published but they have not been able to enter the city most of the fighting so far has been confined to the eastern suburbs of the city healthy fighters how fortified the city's outskirts. of taint such images captured on the fourteenth of november one day before the sodium routed coalition announced it's not suspended its military operations in the city. the images show that the coalition forces failed to entire data they also showed the massive fortifications and trenches created by the oldest around the city and along the roads leading to the port subs
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