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tv   Up Front 2018 Ep 23  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2018 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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to try to keep homeless children in school christensen in the reports. the thanksgiving holiday in the united states is traditionally a time to gather with family and feast on a trip to dinner with all the trimmings. all your family scientists a painting that you bring home a turkey so we'll be giving each twenty guys a time to bring home to your family. it's an experience the staff at the research and service high school in brooklyn tries to replicate for its students thirty percent of whom are homeless students like lexus cologne who lives in a city provided hotel room and has a lot more than homework to worry about these out of focus and. i can't think that way i want to clearly. i'm always thinking about how i'm going to get out this plea when i'm going to nick. the school is in a neighborhood where like most of the city affordable housing is getting harder to find income levels have not kept pace with inflation helping to drive one hundred
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fourteen thousand students and their families into shelters or shared apartments part of the reason why i think students come to school is because they know they can get a meal here they know that they can get cleaning products here they know that they can get close here they know that this is a safe warm loving environment in which they can learn and forget about many of the problems that they face outside of school building the school has a pantry from which students can select up to ten items a week in addition to a social worker who can help them with the issues of instability that can affect their education district wide the city has promised to add one hundred community qward neighbors to help students in transitional housing. students living in shelter have dismal scores in reading and math they're more likely than other students to be suspended in school. teachers and school staff talk to us about the need for more social emotional support for students who are homeless in order for
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them to learn in that class or lexus feels he has a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving. so i look at this like my. love to everybody knows me i know everybody. will feel the love. i never went to school. i actually like. but with so many homeless students in new york advocates say even more needs to be done to ensure they all have the same level of support to break the cycle of poverty kristen salumi al-jazeera new york still to come on the al-jazeera news there was no sense giving details of this former basketball star he said will be here to explain in school. we'll.
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now the reimposition of us sanctions on the reigning in all l. exports us threatening various polls of iranian society one business sector in particular i believe is that the sanction trade zain bazarov a has. the men and women in this room take saffron very seriously at a conference hosted by the university of toronto experts are discussing risks and challenges to the industry rising market demand climate change and of course the one thing every iranian business worries about american sanctions most hard to believe and i know that with the main producer and exporter of safwan in the world there's no alternative sanctions have no impact on this industry the world needs so
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they need to buy our products by legal or illegal means we're certain our products will be exported saffron doesn't need much water to grow so traders are encouraging farmers dealing with nearly a decade of drought to swap crops the farm to table process can be labor intensive delicate work but in the end it's a lucrative. ninety percent of iran saffron is exported and a q a gram can sell for around fifteen hundred dollars the spice is a key ingredient in cosmetics perf human food and medicine the international demand is high and people who wanted will usually find a way to get it. sellers say that makes u.s. sanctions a buyers problem and. you know this year fortunately even sanctions have had an impact it's actually better because the price has gone up. packed into these little boxes is the culmination of hours of manual labor by dozens of people
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and that's why this sought after spice is so expensive so can safir on save or runs economy technically it is possible but there is a problem of scale iran does not make enough saffron accounts for less than one percent of iran's overall revenue from exports. still it's big business in small town iran and profits are up. and you know. though for some it can be backbreaking thankless work. the harvest season lasts only a month and pickers are out from dawn to dusk they say the minimum wage is not enough and they want a bigger share of growing profits to them what. we live in poverty we come here early in the morning and sometimes when i come home my child complains saying i don't see you we're not even often fridays in the middle of winter when everyone
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sits next to a heater in this freezing cold with force to do this otherwise we wouldn't do it help. while the government has poured money into helping the saffron sector thrive the benefits have yet to trickle all the way down the same bus ravi old a zero four but to head the rear. it's time for this once he's now his peter martin thank you very much the final of tennis's oldest team competition the davis cup has just started between france and croatia in a little france of the defending champions but with a top three players missing from the squad they're the underdogs this time around against a full strength croatian team the credits are hoping world number twelve bona challenged can get them off to a good start is up against woman before he jeremy shockey in the opening singles match and you can see they have a good start for church sixty two he has taken the first set first to the crows now later on will number seven marion church will face joel for the song the sensei will then see the doubles players take center stage and if needed the reverse singles matches will take place on sunday. well football rivalries don't come any
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bigger than that between argentine clubs rather place and baka juniors the teams will play to the side which will be crowned cup of the better though it is champions this weekend and supporters are being whipped into a frenzy over this game barca fans are packed into the bomb born at our stadium in buenos aires simply to watch their team in a training session ahead of saturday's final the club's played out a two two draw in the first leg here two weeks ago these fans won't get to see the second leg across town and rivers a monumental stadium as away fans are banned one of them getting too excited even for the verse but fortunately for him it's rescued him from the cops and introduced him to the guys the forty nine thousand seater stadium was over capacity on thursday so now authorities have closed it down for safety reasons and any victory celebration may not be held there back and river have never played each other in a couple of little daughters final before this year our team will be live in buenos aires at the moment how on saturday. thursday was thanksgivings day in the united
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states and after a big meal it's a holiday tradition to sit and watch the n.f.l. and the new orleans saints help themselves to attempt win in a row they made the atlanta falcons look like turkeys in a thirty one seventeen win as they continue to leave the n.f.c. south the dallas cowboys feasted on revenge over the washington redskins just a month after losing to them. made a catches for one hundred eighty yards and two touchdowns as the cowboys won thirty one twenty three for their third straight victory than our time for first place in the n.f.c. east with the redskins on saturday the people of taiwan are sets of votes in a referendum on whether to change the name they athletes compete at the olympics is currently chinese taipei changing it to taiwan is politically sensitive and may even mean the athletes can't compete at tokyo twenty twenty adrian brown is in the taiwanese capital. well politics affects all aspects of life here in taiwan and now
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it's the turn of sport this is a very controversial referendum and it's stirring interest not just here in taiwan but of course also overseas now just a few days ago to illustrate the divisions this issue is causing a number of athletes took part in a protest they are against the name change they fear that it could lead to taiwan being excluded from the twenty twenty lympics the i.o.c. has ruled that that could happen if taiwan goes ahead with the name change but supporters of the name change say that it's humiliating for taiwan to have to compete in international sporting events as chinese taipei and not taiwan and they point out that this place has been a self governing island for the past sixty nine years the voting age in this referendum is also being lowered from twenty to eighteen that's significant because opinion polls show that many young people are in favor of the name change also the
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threshold for eligible voters has been reduced from fifty to twenty five percent which means that a simple majority will suffice all of this of course poses something of a di lemma for taiwan's government because if the vote is in favor of a name change it means that legislators will have to present a bill for parliament to vote on and that will present the government with further entanglement and of course raise tensions with china at a time when there's already a deep strain in that relationship australia's rugby team takes on england in london on saturday hoping to end a run of five the feeds to the english this will also be the first time australia where especially designed indigenous jersey in an overseas match the most recent one of the with aboriginal heritage is kurtley beale but he's been dropped his coach says beale is still playing an educational role. i don't want to be romantic
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about that type of stuff you know it's means a lot to all of us and. and currently shared a couple of stories this week every time we wear that jersey we want to learn a little bit more about. gauges history which probably isn't taught to us a lot of school as much richard barry and. he told us stories with passion this way can i go as a learning more and more about that all the time and as representatives of a strider in the sporting field i think that's the right thing to do australia's women cricketers have taken revenge for their world twenty twenty final defeats of the west indies two years ago the teams met in the semifinals this time around it went ok for them at first and then senior with lonnie caught out here by brittney cooper to leave australia one hundred thirteen for five off the seventeen overs that gave the defending champions hope of reaching a second final in a row but the australians eventually posted one hundred forty two for five and
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rattled the hosts early in their reply the caribbean cricketers slumping to seventy one all out with nearly three overs to space as they home tournament came to an end and india chose to bat first against england in the other semifinal but they scoring tailed off after the six from. our they were all out for one hundred twelve england strolling to an eight weighted win with seventeen balls to spare the final against australia takes place on saturday. after taking a break for the thanksgiving holiday the n.b.a. will resume on friday with fourteen games but one of basketball's biggest stars from the past shaquille o'neal was able to take the day off shaq as he is affectionately known is actually an observatory deputy with these local sheriff's office in florida as he is new to the force c. had to work this thanksgiving holiday and here you can see him on hand comforting children after a car crash and handing out some meals to. nice to see such things more
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sport coming up in news group in the fifteen hundred g.m.t. hour with joanna gash i'll see you later on what they say thank you very much in day that's all for this hour jazeera news hour but don't go away because i'll be back in just a moment all to with a closer look at some of the day's needs to stay with us. this is the journey you've been looking forward to the one you've been dreaming about. that will take you to those you love to faraway places new faces old friends on a new adventure far from the ordinary in extraordinary comfort come with us in award winning style because this is the journey you've been dreaming about we're boarding now.
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because we're not to spend it as we should it. rights are being violated. and freedom stripped away. on the seven year anniversary of the wishes of the whites that stand out. like this stand up for human rights. born in palestine under british rule. educated in america. a controversial professor in new york. he realized that he was the voice. of the people al-jazeera wild explores what made him an influential writer. and champion of the palestinian pools in the west and what's out of place. fresh perspective. possibilities.
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finish jan in. debates and discussions how can you trust them a lot about how can work again with a man like that she seems to be saying it affects all of us and we just don't know or care enough al-jazeera is award winning programs take you on a journey around the. al-jazeera. turkey's foreign minister says donald trump's response to the murder of depok jamal khashoggi means he'll turn a blind eye to saudi arabia's involvement no matter what. and again on the team dan as you know without is there live from doha also coming
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up. suicide attackers target china's consulate in karachi in pakistan three gunmen and two policemen are among the dead. the man known as ronda accused of war crimes in central african republic appears before the international criminal court the u.n. envoy to yemen is in the port city of her data and his push for peace. now new lines are coming in on the investigation into the murder of the saudi john the. we can go live now to our correspondent who is in the turkish capital ankara see them cause we're losing them bring us right up to date with what you've discovered. well martin yes we have some new information coming up from the investigation file as we know turkey is some
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will prosecutor's office understand will police have been working very very neatly on this on this crime file and they have been following up every date every digital data every digital finding end of movements of the suspects from suspects i mean the consulate person now fifteen hit men in the squad which came from saudi arabia specially for killing. according to the gatherings according to the findings technical findings. as you would remember a saudi consul general in istanbul mohammad is named to be the prime suspect. is murder case now we learned that three more saudi called slate employees soudan national employees are also named to be the prime suspects of this case also we learned from the official sources that they are gatherings their findings prove that the saudis have plenty smirked or twelve days before october the second twelve
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days before he was killed so it was a preplanned long planned murder and. other details show that digital and technical analysis showed that. general had three phone talks with mohamed bin sounds private a d.s.l. bill kept on e who is also being tried in saudi arabia and who has been named as a mastermind of this murder and he also had one e-mail exchange that the consul general has said and one e-mail with donnie but however the technical analysis says and been able to analyze what the content was of the of this e-mail and those form talks these are very important details because these show how this process was neatly planned carefully planned then how many people are involved in this case so the police. also the police says that while they were talking on the phone the
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consul general and catherine who were talking on the phone they had some special special definition special cause which makes them difficult and which makes it difficult for them to an ally is what they have been really speaking about in general also a saudi employee who is thought to be linked to the saudi intel has exchanged voice messages on what's out with. who is being called the nature of this fifteen he. said them all of this seems to underline. doesn't it what is generally believed to be a meticulously planned operation but the turkish foreign minister has been expressing some frustration if not anger hasn't he at the at the the permanence of the position on the part of donald trump to refuse to accept that there was a direct link between the royal household in riyadh and the murder the took place
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in istanbul. of course of course martin as the investigation goes deeper as these security officials and the prosecutors have had time to to analyze better all those gatherings we are seeing the adversity is clear despite other world leaders some of them do not want to see or like donald trump who doesn't know who wants to turn a blind eye to the store pick the address is clear also one more detail that i have learned that three oppose the coordinator who is the who is the special security of mohamed bin sorry man had nineteen talks to. catalonia on the day of the murder and four of them was to. his privates ady but. everything shows that these people have planned it very carefully it wasn't planned in twenty four hours at least twelve days they say also one of the saudi officer who was known to be
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a link to the saudi intelligence he what he traveled to riyadh seventy two hours before jim out just murder and he came back before the market should she was killed in the consulate also one other thing that i have learned is that when military was speaking to catalonia kat-tun he had someone next to him and what they were mostly was telling to catalonia he was telling to that person but unfortunately until now the technical analysis weren't weren't enough for insufficient it to to underlies who got the second who that second person was but some officials that were telling me today that it might be someone that mr donald trump would not be happy to hear about seeing them because the early with the very latest in the investigation into the jamal khashoggi murder two can just lie for monger. and in a symbolic move a group of lawyers in tunisia filing a legal challenge to prevent the saudi crown prince from visiting the country comes
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amid a growing kovan opposition passes for the government to take strong action in the wake of casualties mad we can total record of gonzalez now a journalist who joins us live via skype from the tunisian capital chin yes i'm so it's a group of fifty lawyers who are writing to the president what are they saying. so this is a goal if you. don't and i guess we're. now they're already one hundred seventy oh yes they were only were. so little we present on monday. and the course trying to prevent their arrival the entry of. me i spoke with a spokesperson which. if you don't need they will point out where.
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they're ok. maybe eight east. shoulder all the people is our guest. and that is the people who are responsible for it they face their friends and maybe a symbolic gesture on the part of many in the legal profession but mohamed bin salmen is still in the country i think it's on tuesday isn't it and this is part of what he calls his tour of brotherly arab states and of course the president himself president said city has been very strongly supportive of riyadh in this whole affair yes well regional. australia i mean. and so you. this group of countries but it's going to second about o'hare. marini still going on fares if you're the only get it condemned the e.u.
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for certain jeep but he asked to preserve our ability of saudi arabia which was a show or so or riyadh went to work but it was. not a big. mission were lent is for way these loonies i do not know why neither. as you said see each close to the enemy to tell you if you are on the other end goes the axis of qatar and turkey so the result is that their. position of the or men is quite neutral on the topic and so you've said that there's a growing number of lawyers who are agreeing with this action and how representative all day of the population is a ho. yeah twenty five they are really fighting complaining in going operation we've got a group of journalists also months so i think that that reasonable collision was up
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old outraged as everyone in the war when they you are. as you want to show deep but i think that. they sink or bit neutral osi show it over men and they think. right now it is used. they gave the situation released yesterday that it was a strike in the public sentiment was quite waiting for that and there are a number of movements going before an election to go to meet in the so i think that michelle coalition. falls maybe in domestic affairs and they see that in the international arena the country cannot afford to have enemies because expenses is a different agenda so i think that one of the belligerents aborts there was even a bit over the counter gonzales thank you very much indeed for talking to us here at have to say. serious attackers have tried to storm the chinese consulate in the
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pakistani city of karachi three gunmen and at least two policemen are among those killed the separatist group the baluchistan liberation army claimed responsibility but tory occasionally reports. this is the man who attacked the chinese consulate in karachi armed with guns they calmly walked up to a security checkpoint and opened fire police say the men threw up to ten hand grenades at the compound as they tried unsuccessfully to storm the building they were stopped by gods before they reached the consulate. two policemen who were on duty had been killed the attackers parked their car away from the consulate they were stopped from entering the building three attackers have been killed. the separatist group the villages stand liberation army said the three gunmen were it's members the groups angry at the so-called china pakistan economic corridor or a sixty four billion dollars chinese investment which aims to connect the port of
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quad in southern pakistan to northwestern china railways and pipelines the development promises to bring jobs but many people in balochistan say china is exploiting pakistan's resources the chinese government says it asked islamabad for more security. work. josh the chinese side strongly condemns any violent attacks targeting any diplomatic missions and requests the pakistani side takes measures to ensure the safety of chinese nationals and organizations. pakistani prime minister imran khan says the attack on the consulate was part of the conspiracy against economic cooperation between pakistan and china the foreign minister also condemned the gunman. one attack a detonated his suicide vest killing two policeman but police killed the other two attackers before they could enter the consulate premises. we're glad that all the
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consulate staff of. the government says chinese consulate staff have been moved to a safe location and that security forces have the area under control however there braced for more attacks from people who feel china is transforming their impoverished region but not giving them a fair share of the benefits victoria gates and be out there and in a separate attack in the northwest of pakistan an explosion in a crowded market killed at least thirty five people including children dozens were injured in the district it recently merged with pak can twa province after decades of direct rule from islamabad no one has so far claimed responsibility and there's been an explosion in neighboring.


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