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well it's the. news. china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of. one on one east meets those desperately seeking any way they can. zero. pressure mounts on donald trump for virtually exonerating the saudi crown prince for the murder of journalist. you're watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters in doha i'm also a heads taiwan change its name for the olympic games a yes vote in local elections risks inflaming tensions with china. would you be
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here because your day there is the center of gravity of this when the u.n. envoy to yemen visits the port city of the day that says he secured an agreement paving the way for the for the rebels to attend talks. at this time of year the temperatures are dropping below zero and the waters are rising we join a bosnian border patrol on the watch for a migrants who are risking their lives hoping for a better future. hello pressure is growing on the u.s. president to act on intelligence reports suggesting the saudi crown prince ordered the murder of journalist. the democrats have to leave the house intelligence committee when the newly elected members take office says donald trump's response will become part of an investigation rosalyn jordan has more from washington d.c.
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. it should come as no surprise that democrats say that they're going to investigate the way that the trumpet ministration has been conducting its business once they come to power in the house in early january but when it comes to the murder of jamal khashoggi the incoming chair of the house intelligence committee adam schiff of california says that it's very important to understand just what the u.s. intelligence community knows about his murder what it still can't verify or answer and what the trump white house has been doing in response to credible evidence schiff says that it is too early to say exactly what legal steps or what policy steps members of the u.s. house can take about the murder in terms of holding people accountable because they don't have all the facts he is hoping that he can not only just call in leaders of the u.s. intelligence community but also members of president trump's team as well to talk
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about what they know to talk about what they don't know and to try to find out whether the president's own interest in preserving a relationship with saudi arabia perhaps may have influenced his judgment when he recently said that even though this the cia has said that there is probably a high likelihood that the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon was behind the murder. that who really knows to quote the president adam schiff is also telling a sympathetic columnist at the washington post that it's also important to find out whether the u.s. has made any promises to saudi arabia as it's trying to deal with other foreign policy issues the question of the yemeni civil war for example as well as the question of iran's ambitions to have a nuclear weapons program but first and foremost given that there is spend so much public attention placed on the murder of jamal khashoggi adam schiff the california
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congressman says that the american public and indeed the international community need definitive answers as quickly as he can muster the hearings to hold them. well tony berkeley explains how accounts of what happened to be emerged and changed since he was last seen on october second. it was meant to be a new beginning for jamal khashoggi a new wife a new home and a new country but turkey was where he died and exiled journalists who dared to question and authoritarian leader his death in the saudi consulate in istanbul could so easily have been missed or even forgotten had it not been for the secret audio recordings from the scene no one really knows exactly how these recordings came about either the turkish security services bugged the consulate or a consular official with a conscience recorded them in the end it doesn't really matter what matters is that they expose the lies and deception surrounding this murder at first the denials are strong on october third the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salmond denied all
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knowledge of the killings saying mr casady disappeared after he left the consulate building along with the eight his brother khaled bin salomon the saudi ambassador to the us repeated the claim but on october the twelfth according to cia sources they reported that saudi crown prince asked jerrod krishna president tom son in law why the outrage is because saudi was a dangerous islamist this anger the turkish authorities and that is when the audio recordings started to be leaked. on october thirteenth eleven days after mr casady was killed the turkish newspaper subba published details of the killing it said they came from a recording from his i watch that was sync to his i phone held by his turkish fiance outside the consulate the i watched part is perhaps not correct but the newspaper said the recording was of the journalist being tortured and then murdered this is when the picture and the response started to change with such grim and
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irrefutable evidence it was difficult for this out and out culture of denial to continue and if you're over suspicious or cynical nature this is when you could believe that and agree narrative was beginning to take shape and an element of collusion was starting not just in saudi arabia on october the fifteenth president donald trump introduces the element of rogue killers maybe being responsible he repeated maybe two days later mike comp a of the u.s. secretary of state was dispatched to riyadh where he stressed the strong alliance between the two countries and said we face our challenges together the past the day and tomorrow those challenges then got harder on october the seventeenth the turkish daily yeni shafiq printed more details about the killing revealing the concerns of the saudi consulate general in istanbul he asked the hit team to do it somewhere else the paper reports that he was told to shut up if he wanted to live back in saudi saudi arabia as noted began to change at this point on october the nineteenth the saudi attorney general said the journalist was killed during
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a fight on october the twenty first the saudi foreign minister adel algae of their followers president trumps line and says mr khashoggi was killed by a rogue elements and insisted the crown prince had nothing to do with it it's interesting to see who these rogue elements are according to the information available they include some of the most trusted members of mohamed bin salman's personal security team and a forensic expert and they acted under the orders of the deputy head of saudi intelligence in a country where the crown prince exercises such an bride. per hour it's unbelievable to some that such a mission could have been undertaken without his knowledge on october the twenty second the saudis introduced a new version saying that it was an accident that mr kosofsky raised his voice the team panicked moved to restrain him and then had him in a choke hold in which he died on the same day this was dispelled by more audio revelations in the newspaper which revealed new recordings that mystic ashanti was either strangled with a belt or is fixated with
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a plastic bag after cia director gina hospital listened to the recordings in a visit to turkey saudi arabia changed its story once again on october the twenty fifth after more than three weeks of denials and implausible explanations the saudi attorney general finally admitted the murder it was premeditated he later and now to the death penalty for five of the team but with no further details and stressed that the crown prince was not implicated. on november the sixteenth the cia leaked their findings with one official saying it was blindingly obvious who was responsible three days later more audio details released by her newspaper revealing just before the murder exactly how the hit team was going to commit the killing and who would do what the paper said the recordings also detailed nineteen phone calls that were made to riyadh after the killing including one in which the caller said tell the boss the deed is done on the same day habit turk online newspaper reveals
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more from the consulate audio recordings with mr being grabbed to soon as he walked in and being called a traitor and the man who posed as his double to give the impression the journalist left the consulate saying it is spooky wearing the clothes of a man we killed twenty minutes ago when president trump declared his support for the saudi crown prince he said there was no direct proof against mohammed bin salman on november the twenty second harriet made the strongest allegation against the crown prince stating that the cia has an order recording between mohamed bin selman and his brother in washington ordering mystical shore g. to be silenced it hasn't changed the mind of president donald trump it's business as usual with saudi arabia this terrible murder will be remembered for the lies and deception but also the day a u.s. president gave a pardon to a thanksgiving turkey and a virtual pardon to a saudi crown prince tony berkeley our desire istanbul voters in taiwan are casting their ballots in local elections and also deciding on ten referendum
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questions one is whether to become the first place in asia to allow gay marriage another one which china is watching closely is about changing the island's name from chinese taipei to taiwan and international sporting events adrian brown reports from taipei. in taiwan they don't take their democracy for granted voter turnout in the last election was more than seventy percent this election and the referendums happening alongside it are about local issues but there's another unavoidable one china whose leaders regard taiwan as part of their territory. without without afrin demonic dependence we taiwanese decide our own future we are always taiwanese and unlike us they are chinese. i'm fine with that referendum to decide whether we go for independence or unification but i personally support
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maintaining the status quo and the governments of both sides should cooperate. this election serves as a report card on president zine when who was elected three years ago china's leaders promptly cut off communications with her last months you cues china of meddling in the election campaign by spreading disinformation they are trying to undermine the reputation of the. administration they are trying to. use if you will or split the relationship between central government and local governments and very much excess or bache and widen the contradictions and divides that exists within taiwanese society so as to undermine its cohesion and ability to present its all a united front against against china these voters are also casting ballots in ten referendums five of them related to same sex marriage but the most controversial referendum is to do with a name change where the athletes competing in future sporting events should do so
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under the name. it's dividing the sporting world here with protests by supporters and opponents of the name change the international olympic committee has warned that if it happens taiwan could be excluded from. impatiens. this showcase of democracy is happening on china's doorstep and at a time of heightened tensions between leaders in beijing and washington with taiwan now part of the future which is why leaders in both capitals will be watching the outcome of this election very closely adrian brown al jazeera taipei. the u.n. special envoy to yemen says he's convinced her with the rebels to return peace talks in sweden next month martin griffiths has been visiting the port city of her data it's a crucial gateway for food and aid for millions of yemenis on the brink of famine saudi erotic coalition forces have been battling the who these for control of hard
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data for months griffith says the whole things have agreed to hold talks about the u.n. taking a supervisory role in the ports but it's important to be here because the danger is the center of gravity of this war and it's here that we can begin that road people often ask me why we need to race to peace you know better than me that every day that lost in the search for peace means a day the children of yemeni children lose their lives. muhammad has more from neighboring djibouti. un special envoy martin griffin has managed to get some form commitment from both parties in the conflict in yemen to peace talks to be held. in sweden he visited the paucity of the day that met the management. of the day the way of more than seventy per cent of the country's imports including aid go through the un want some sort of supervisory role in the management of the poll conducted
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under intense pressure to hunt over the management of the polls. to get the agreement off the management of the poll to talk about how the un can get some sort of a role in the management of the pool that seems to be consensus building all around within the international community for peace talks to be held it's the only way it's believed that yemen kundra tun to peace and also the humanitarian crisis in the contrary can't be resolved these a lot of pressure on not only the fighters on the pro-government alliance but also the sodium supporting the government in yemen still ahead on al jazeera a vote without opposition party activists brains parliamentary election is a farce and workers in the us retailers compete. in the
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lead up to the holidays. from the the. to . hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast we are seeing some messy weather here across central and western parts of europe actually several different systems are causing the problems now the temperatures are beginning to modify but if you can see here on the on the satellite image we are looking at several different areas of low pressure causing the storminess across much of that area and that's going to be winds rain and clouds to many of these areas so for london nine degrees but we do expect the temperatures to slightly come up over the next few days person one as well down here towards rome it is going to be a messy day for you and it's going to continue to stay quite messy over the next few days with more rain coming into the forecast there we don't expect that
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temperature to get much higher than fifteen degrees as we go towards sunday out here towards easter we are looking at moscow at about minus one degree as your high in a cloudy day for warsaw where the temperature there of about three degrees one here on the northwestern part of africa it is going to be stormy as another system makes its way across parts of algeria over the next few days plenty of clouds there on the satellite image with plenty of rain in the forecast and that is going to quickly make its way towards the east so for algiers for tunis we do expect to see rainy conditions pushing through but as we get towards sunday things are going to be improving and how we look at algiers we do expect to see a partly cloudy day if you with a temperature of seventeen. there with sponsored by qatar and nice. stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives a caravan using fact i will email. one of the major issues before voters is the institution president from cannot stop talking about the news media to separate the
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spam from the facts the misinformation from the journalism the shock of a.b.c.'s reporting for you to leave the listening post on al-jazeera. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera the democrats hope to lead the u.s. house intelligence committee when newly elected members take office says donald trump's response to the murder of jamal khashoggi will be investigated adam schiff says it will be covered as part of a probe into the president's financial ties to saudi arabia local elections in taiwan are being seen as a test for president sign when and risk inflaming tensions with china
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a referendum is being held on whether to change the island's name at the olympics and other sporting events from chinese taipei to taiwan the un special envoy to yemen says he's convinced the rebels to attend peace talks in sweden next month martin griffiths has been visiting the port city of. selby in iraq the coalition forces have been battling for control there for months. a parliamentary election is being held in behind rain which amnesty international says is neither free nor fair the two main opposition groups aren't taking part after m.p.'s voted earlier this year to effectively ban them. more. parliamentary elections are held him back reign every four years but in two thousand and fourteen international observers were banned and they won't be allowed in this year either the former british colony is ruled by a sunni monarchy over a majority shia population this imbalance has caused tensions in the past. in two
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thousand and eleven she has protested demanding greater rights but any opposition was quickly crushed by the government which was backed by tanks from the bring saudi arabia bahrain's assembly consists of an upper house appointed directly by king hamad bin. called the shura council and an elected council of representatives the main lawmaking body each with forty seats but critics say this lower house has no real authority this simply sherman actions they mean nothing but they mean an empowerment for the dictatorship those who give their own or this parliament following their performance within the last year and this is the body which has authorized military course to try civilians almost three hundred sixty six thousand citizens have been declared eligible to vote but not everyone is eligible to run
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for the election shake man is one of the most well known opposition figures but he's been sentenced to life in prison and his political party the largest shia party has been banned human rights watch says this is not unusual they have seen in the years preceding two thousand and eleven the government has taken steps to completely stamp out the opposition to detain and torture dissidents they have banned all opposition political parties and now even all independent media. behind it is a longstanding ally of the united states and hosts the u.s. fifth fleet but lawmakers in the u.s. united kingdom and europe have declared that these elections lack legitimacy while locals repairer to go to the polls the elections already created divisions between the ruling royal family and the shia population and the lack of transparency and inclusiveness is likely to widen that gap further. al-jazeera.
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around three hundred supporters of a hardline religious party leader in pakistan have been detained hours after saddam hussein was arrested that led to protests across the country rizvi organized violent rallies christian women on death row for me charges was acquitted called for even more protests on sunday government says his arrest isn't directly linked to the case instead it's to protect public order one of syria's most prominent been killed in the rebel held province of. witnesses say to send another activist were killed when masked gunmen fired on their car it was a fierce critic of both the syrian government and armed groups more rain is forecast in northern iraq abouts where flash floods have killed at least seven people thousands are homeless some had to use boats to escape their submerged
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houses and farms unusually heavy and early rains are being blamed for the disaster in salahuddin province the u.s. government's report says extreme weather disasters are getting worse in america and climate change is to blame it says weather events will cost the u.s. economy hundreds of billions of dollars by the end of the century the report frequently contradicts president donald trump who is calling global warming a hoax why can't i reports from washington. the report makes clear that the wave of wildfires that hit the u.s. is just one direct consequence of climate change the most recent devastating areas of california a part of a system of global warming that is going to get even worse in the years ahead. the ferocious hurrican that have hit parts of the u.s. and regions around it are similarly part of this disturbing pattern the report continues no area of human activity will go untouched in increasing heat for
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example key crops such as wheat and corn will see declining yields which could result an economic downturn greater puppetry even starvation the report is mandated by congress and it will debate the findings that should also form the basis of government planning in coming years. that this is a government very different from those of the past president trump has publicly described the concept of climate change as a hoax and that was one of his reasons for wanting to withdraw the us from the paris climate accord the paris climate accord is simply the latest example of why xing to entering into an agreement that disadvantages the united states and only this week the president tweeted with obvious sarcasm brutal an extended cold blast could shatter all records whatever happened to global warming this confusion between daily weather fluctuations and long term climate trends regarded by the
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president's critics as yet another display of ignorance but he has the power to bury the report in its recommendations and it will be a long hard fight for congress to attempt to resurrect it my kind of al-jazeera washington newborn babies in the democratic republic of congo are being infected with the ebola virus the world health organization says seven newborns are among thirty six new cases of the outbreak experts suspect that may have been passed from infected parents the ebola outbreak in the d.c. is the worst in its history with three hundred forty six confirmed cases including one hundred seventy five deaths. serbia says its reimposing visa restrictions on iran after an estimated twelve thousand tourists traveling from tehran never returned it's believed many of them crossed the border into bosnia the main target for refugees trying to reach western europe david schaper reports on the. border with serbia. or at night time patrolling by boston is border police the fost
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flowing waters of the river drain the last barrier for the refugees the majority crossing it now a rainy and it's the opposite banks in serbia are swept with infrared heat detectives and night scanning binoculars. but we use battery lamps rotating lights and vehicle headlamps to try and dissuade the migrants from crossing the border. but they're up against a highly experienced gangs of human traffickers making a fortune out of the refugees at this time of year the temperatures are dropping below zero and the waters are rising so the refugees are strapping together plastic bottles roping them together and using them as a raft in summer months they can simply wait across but now some of them are drowning their bodies swept on to the bosnian banks of the river which offered them such an illusory freedom. at
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a refugee camp outside sarajevo we met a radians who survived the perilous journey joining the pakistanis and afghans who thought it was near was just one step away from the freedom of western europe. this rainy and kurd didn't want to give us his name he says his brother was shot dead by special forces in iran fighting a growing protest movement he told us he wants a new life his wife and children bosnia tries to give the refugees a humane welcome but is a country without the resources to cope with this new burden really. in the last six months ninety percent of migrants came to us from serbia across the drian a river with no documents we were worried about the large numbers of iranians coming because serbia introduced a visa free version with five flights weekly from iran so we had a huge influx some four thousand rainy and entered back at the headquarters of the bosnian border police another influx of refugees but this time trying to get back
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into serbia this iraqi family managed to walk into servia but were handed back to cry out police who beat them up and for some back into bosnia smugglers have taken all their money we drove. by boat and a. very. good friend no good to danny and if you have to wait inside the police station i talked to a group of iranians too afraid to appear on camera accountants electrical engineers fruit sellers they said the economy in iran was in a desperate state and feedom was being stifled among the kartik corridors i also met three were hidden gem muslims from me and ma their families and all being killed it took them fourteen months to reach the borders of the european union they too were beaten back with truncheons david chaytor al jazeera for nick near bosnia
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is border with serbia. well it's called black friday one of the biggest shopping days of the year in the u.s. the good deals in stores often overwhelm some bargain hunters and shop assistants. so this was the scene in tennessee where it seems a good sweater is hard to find it was originally ninety five dollars but it was marked down to thirty five but the real number to digest americans will spend as much as six billion dollars in twenty four hours so it's no surprise american retailers are banking on doing plenty of business in the lead up to christmas this year however seasonal workers are in more demand than any product christmas salumi reports from new york. tis the season for shopping and while american consumers are expected to spend more on julie's electronics and other holiday gifts this year it is workers that retailers are in the market for about seven hundred thousand of
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them by some estimates a significant increase in hiring over last year's holiday season. consumer confidence as an eighteen year high or in the longest expansion in american history and it means that consumers have extra money in their pockets this year and major retailers are expecting it's going to be spent in their stores but the workers have been hard to come by thanks to low unemployment and competition for jobs. desperate for holiday how retailers have had to offer incentives to attract additional workers perks like gift cards and deep discounts not to mention higher wages amazon the online retail giant increase the competition for workers earlier this year when it decided to raise its minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour but the retail action network claims the industry continues avoiding what most workers really want a full time job with benefits their choice is almost zero. these go to bringing in
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people part time. in order to they say have a lot more flexibility with how they fill the gaps but in reality when you poll most retail workers they would prefer to take on full time hours they would work a full day or hour and eight nine hour shifts but there's an avoidance of paying out benefits and guaranteeing some of the security that comes with being a full time workforce some experts predict the competition will cut into profits for retailers but for the u.s. labor force it's a gift they hope will keep on giving kristen salumi al-jazeera new york. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera the democrats have to lead the u.s. house intelligence committee when newly elected members take office says donald trump's response to the murder of a high shelves you will be investigated adam schiff says it'll be covered as part
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of a probe into the president's financial ties to saudi arabia while the u.n. special envoy to yemen says he's convinced who the rebels through time peace talks in sweden next month martin griffiths has been visiting the port city of her day it's a crucial gateway for food and aid for millions of yemenis on the brink of famine so the emirates a coalition forces have been battling the whole of these for control of her data for a month's worth says the who these obviously it's a whole talks about the u.n. taking it supervisory role in the ports. but it's important to be here because your data is the center of gravity of this and it's here that we can begin that road people often ask me why we need to race to peace you know better than me that every day lost in the search for peace means a day the children of yemeni children lose their lives local elections in taiwan are being seen as a test for president sighing when voters are also deciding on ten referendum
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questions including becoming the first asian country to allow same sex marriage and voters risk infuriating china if they say yes to changing the island's name at sporting events such as the olympics from chinese taipei to taiwan a parliamentary election is being held in bahrain which amnesty international says is neither free nor fair the two main opposition groups aren't taking part after m.p.'s voted earlier this year to effectively ban them around three hundred supporters of her hardline religious party leader in pakistan have been detained hours after hodson hossein reveal was arrested that led to protests across the country rizvi organized violent rallies after a christian woman on death row on blasphemy charges was acquitted reveals called for even more protests than islam about on sunday the government says his arrest isn't directly linked to the case instead it's to protect public order those are the headlines on al-jazeera the listening post is coming up next. getting to the
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heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after you while eight borders between five safe countries facing realities that's from the very beginning of the group providing context housing is not just about four walls and a roof hear their story and talk to how does the. real criminal charges. the exact charges i'm. not actually charge of publishing truthful information. tonight by wiki leaks times and county to the virus to u.s. intelligence i think they would love to because hello i'm richard gere's virgin europe the listening post here are some of the media stories that we're covering this week rumor becomes fact julian assange is in america's crosshairs we examine the case for and against wiki leaks and its journalists not content to control the
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narrative in the news media the kremlin turns its eyes towards russian cinema and what it say mark zuckerberg is blaming the media for some of facebook's problems.


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