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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2018 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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it's up to you to understand in a very different way where there. is a little. pressure mounts on donald trump over the matter of jamaah democrats a full investigation into the us president has handled the case. fully back to bo this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up mass protests in paris against an increase in fuel tax and president mccall's economic policies taiwan's president steps down as leader of her party after it suffers a blow in local elections and sealing the deal british prime minister to resign may
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a rides in brussels to finalize her brakes it plan with the year. thank you for joining us jamal murder seems to have brought us republicans and democrats together key figures in both parties are demanding answers from donald trump's administration and questioning the president's reluctance to act on the journalist scaling adam schiff is set to become the house intelligence committee's chairman early next year he is promising a deep dive into washington's ties with riyadh's including her death the war in yemen and the stability of the saudi royal family on the republican side key senators including foreign relations committee chairman bob corker are demanding answers from the administration that speak to him in washington d.c. patty present trouble is hoping to move on from demolish murder but that's not
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that's not going to happen anytime soon is it. it really isn't and he has pretty much since the beginning been trying to say ok let's move on he doesn't get to decide that and in large part the media is driving this because the newspapers the cable networks the network television all of that are covering this on a daily basis and congress isn't going to let this go either you know we've seen the president offer different excuses he said maybe the crown prince mohammed bin salma maybe he did it maybe didn't he at one point blame the world because it's a violent place that has not been good enough for members of congress and it's really remarkable it has been bipartisan and nothing in this town is bipartisan anymore you're seeing republicans democrats members of the house members of the senate saying this is not acceptable they want to know what the cia has to say now there are reports that the cia says that they are highly confident that mohammed bin salma directed the killing the president tried to dismiss that said the cia
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doesn't perhaps they have some feelings about it not really how the cia works and members of congress say they're going to figure out exactly what they see things happened and then they're saying they're going to act what would it mean patty for the president when the democrats take control of the house in january how much trouble could he face. his whole world is about to change if you think about it he's been president for two years basically unchecked presidential powers because his power of political party was in charge of the house and senate and members really didn't challenge him pretty much anything that changes the minute the democrats take over the house of representatives and they will have a pretty amazing amount of power if you run a committee you can subpoena witnesses to testify you can make them testify under oath you can make them testify in front of a camera lying to congress is a crime they can subpoena documents such as the president's tax records all of his
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financial statements dry and figure out if there is something going on and let's not forget this is been the focus of robert muller the special counsel he's been looking at the potential not just of russian involvement with the trim campaign but also we believe of saudi and u.a.e. potential collusion in the run up to the election so all of this is been happening behind the scenes with bob mueller but now the democrats are in charge they can make their findings pretty much known worldwide and they have the powers to investigate it so the president's world is about to change in a way he probably can't even comprehend just yet thank you for that patty patty kahane live for us in washington d.c. has just gone past six pm in paris and protests are still going on there as french police try to disperse angry crowds most are is set up roadblocks for the second saturday narrow to demand the scrapping of a proposed green energy tax which has driven up fuel prices catherine sansa with forte's. wave of yellow in the french capital.
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for the second successive weekend the so-called yellow vests created roadblocks and organized protests demanding that president manual scrap the tax. riot police stopped. thousands of demonstrators on the main avenue to shantelle the say from breaking through a cordon protecting the palace the president's official residence. the price of diesel has risen by twenty three percent over the past year to about a dollar seventy one per liter. across decision to impose a further increase of six point five cents starting on the first of january is the final straw for many here who fall into the government takes everything from us they steal from us we have to pay for everything we are overtaxed and we hope that the protests will change things. the rising cost of fuel is going to trigger
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a civil war and i like most of the citizens we are already we are fed up with paying so much all the time it's become the new normal but paying so much it's just not possible anymore. the president blames rising oil prices worldwide and says the tax is necessary for more investment in clean and renewable energy social media has primarily been used to mobilize the yellow fasts they say they have no leader or political affiliation police are concerned that far right extremists may infiltrate the demonstrations and provoke violence three thousand officers have been mobilized in paris. nearly three hundred thousand people took part in similar nationwide protests last saturday two people were killed and hundreds injured in traffic accidents france already has some of
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the highest road fuel taxes in europe across vowing to face down any protests and press ahead with his policy no matter how unpopular stansell al-jazeera. university researcher in paris he says french people are blaming the president folk heaping his promises for not keeping his father. no it's evolution it's the title of the book that the man mehmet whole wrote during the campaign he was talking about repairing from that also it did the promise of a big revolution in france the fiscal one who distributed who distribution and those people are actually joined by something which is income and they don't see the chance in the daily lives they feel a lot of frustration they believe that they pay too much starts but at the same time they don't get enough and you know one very important part in france is consultant to pay tax but we see since recently that the consultant to pay taxes
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france is declining french people consider and many people consider that they have too many times when at the same time the public. expenditure goes don't of people are wondering why do a place of hysterics when they're announced deficit reduction or less public expenditure ups it's a very very big and quite difficult question for him and you and michael british prime minister to recently has just arrived in brussels have visit comes after a key hurdle before an agreement on breaks between the e.u. and u.k. seems to be out of the way let's speak to jonah how in brussels for as it had been a question over whether sunday's summit between the e.u. and u.k. would go ahead well it's. yes as we speak things are said deal to go ahead on sunday finally a couple of hours ago the formal invitations went out from the council from donald close of the president's office inviting the leaders of the e.u.
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to turn up on sunday to endorse these negotiated texts the withdrawal agreement that deals with the exit protocols of british britain from the e.u. and the political declaration of a future relationship that sets out the sort of goalposts that they hope to achieve after briggs it and yes as you say it had been in doubt until just a few hours ago that's because it was digging in its heels demanding clarification demanding written guarantees that it would have a direct say over what happens to gibraltar under any future relationship to gibraltar or cd under a treaty to britain three hundred years ago spain has disputed that ever since and it seems that in negotiations it went all through the night last night into the early hours of saturday morning and through the day britain appears to have backed down written guarantees have been issued to the satisfaction of the spanish prime minister he will now turn up for that summit on sunday it is back on take
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a listen to what he had to say a couple the if it is true i have informed the king about and agreement on gibraltar firstly i want to tell you that the european council take place to morrow and secondly that europe and the u.k. have accepted the conditions imposed by spain therefore spain would lift its veto and vote in favor of brigs it tomorrow so join a why is to be in brussels saturday evening. yes well that's an excellent question. we don't know the answer specifically and indeed it's reported that e.u. diplomats have been asking the question today why is she here she is meeting as we speak now with the president of the commission she'll then meet with the president of the council. the e.u. has been absolutely adamant these texts off final text have been agreed by
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negotiators they will not be reopened in any way negotiations cannot now we are told so what should come here for all we've got is a statement from downing street saying she is here to bring things quote unquote to a conclusion not what we do know. of pressure domestically to change certain portions of this deal. government in northern ireland have said they won't back it unless she does. people on the right believe the propaganda of course it's negotiable everything is signed scrap it and start again here tonight to tell the e.u. leaders that this issue of the backstop another. make or break for her ability to be. country possibly that would be extremely bad but we don't know. thank you.
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and. hello again welcome back well we did see some very stormy conditions pushing across iraq and now those storms are iran making their way down here. towards the south and to saudi arabia some of the rain showers are going to be quite heavy here's an area of low pressure that we're talking about dealing with it and that is going to continue to make its way towards the east so the rain showers look like this anywhere from baghdad down towards quite city could be a problem on sunday up towards tehran even doha could be seeing a rain shower or two we think it's going to be mostly to the north though but we can't rule it out for the city and then as we go towards monday that system does push more towards the east and things out to the west clear out a little bit well here's that storm system a little bit further to the south eggs in the showers not only for qatar but also
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for bahrain and parts of saudi arabia and then on monday those systems does push through parts of the and also into dubai what's left is some cooler conditions with see a cloudy day for you at about twenty two degrees and then very quickly down here towards the southern part of africa now looking too bad down here towards the south we're going to see partly cloudy conditions for most locations with the difference in about thirty one a very warm day for you cape town at twenty one johannesburg at twenty seven and then as we go towards monday still relatively the same for much of the area but over here towards madagascar across the southeastern coast we are going to seize showers. it's. just. china
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has a serious shortage of women and a lot of. money used meets those desperately seeking anyway became. zero. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump's defense of saudi arabia and journalist. is expected to be part of an intense congressional investigation early next year adam schiff the democrat to meet the house intelligence committee says there are plans to uncover trump's possible financial ties with the kingdom. french
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riot police have fought running battles with fuel tax protesters in paris motorists are demanding that president mark or scrap the proposed green energy tax. and british prime minister to resign me as arrived in brussels for a meeting with the european commission president jiang ahead of a special summit to discuss the final brecht's of agreements the meeting comes just hours after the final hurdle over issue brown talk was agreed with spain. not taiwan has voted against becoming the first asian country to legalize same sex marriage and in no collections voters dealt a blow to the ruling pro independence party it may or seats in some of its knowledge a city. president sighing when as offered to resign as chairman of the ruling party voters avoided angering china by saying no to changing the island's name from chinese taipei to taiwan for international sporting events adrian brown has more from taipei. in taiwan they don't take their democracy for granted
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voter turnout in the last election was more than seventy percent this election and the referendums happening alongside it are about local issues but there's another unavoidable one china whose leaders regard taiwan as part of their territory. with or without the laughter and among independents we taiwanese decide our own future we are always taiwanese and unlike us they are chinese. to unfollowing with a referendum to decide whether we go for independence or unification but i personally support mid taney the state is cool and the governments of both sides should cooperate. this election serves as a report card on president saying when who was elected three years ago china's leaders promptly cut off communications with her last month she accused china of meddling in the election campaign by spreading disinformation they are trying to
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undermine the reputation of the of the thai ministration they are trying to. is if you will or split the relationship between central government and local governments and very much excess or bache and widen the contradictions and divides that exists within taiwan the society so as to undermine its cohesion and ability to present its all a united front against against china these voters are also casting ballots in ten referendums five of them related to same sex marriage but the most controversial referendum is to do with a name change where the athletes competing in future sporting events should do so under. the name taiwan. it's dividing the sporting world here with protests by supporters and opponents of the name change the international olympic committee has warned that if it happens taiwan could be excluded from the olympics. this
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showcase of democracy is happening on china's doorstep and at a time of heightened tensions between leaders in beijing and washington with taiwan now part of the feud which is why leaders in both capitals will be watching the outcome of this election very closely adrian brown al jazeera taipei. france says its troops have killed at a top al qaeda links rebel commander. was blamed for several violent attacks in mali and its neighboring countries call for died on it of his injuries after french forces raided a force in the central mali and region of mopti on thursday thirty fighters were also killed in the operation. yemen's internationally recognized government has rejected a u.n. offer to help manage the critical portal for data one griffiths said on friday that who the five had agreed to discuss a proposal of the un taking a supervisory role or date as the main entry point for aid for millions of yemenis
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on the brink of famine mohammed idol has more from tippity. before he left some special envoy griffith expressed his happiness with how things when during his trip in yemen he said he was contented with consultations he had hard with the movies and those views were also expressed by the leader of the supreme revolutionary council of the. who said that they were hopping with the steps the special envoy has taken so far and the hope he will succeed in talks. with the government of the president of the rebel months will hardly but one thing that is proving controversial is the issue of a role for the e.u. and in the marriage went over the port of the day does something griffiths maintains more strictly be for humanitarian purposes griffiths had announced on friday that he had gotten the go ahead to negotiations with the
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over a role for the u. and to ensure that aid coming through the port is coming in and getting to where it is needed the most but the government a lot of good almost too hard to say suppose negotiations of the management of the port take place in their absence and they would not agree on the role for the. other port but also in the city which sort of shows the kind of what most for. the special envoy might have during talks with the government that is exiled in riyadh palestinians living in lebanon are appealing to. resume issuing these are so they can make their pilgrimage to mecca the kingdom stops giving them to a refugee a document holders effectively barrin nearly one hundred seventy thousand palestinians harder has a story. travel agencies offer special packages for the has and of the most
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important pilgrimage for muslims but for some time now they haven't been able to serve clients saudi arabia is no longer granting visas to palestinian refugees in lebanon who hold travel documents that means that more than one hundred and seventy thousand refugees among them. are affected by the new restrictions. housing is a religious duty for all muslims it's among the five pillars of islam we asked saudi arabia to reverse its position. officials in the palestinian authority embassy in beirut have been seeking answers from riyadh so far saudi officials are not publicly confirming the travel ban but the palestinians are aware of the new measures through an official channels that. the palestinian ambassador contacted the saudi ambassador who said he wasn't aware of the decision but in reality any palestinian who wants to go to canada. or travel documents. many fear
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the saudi decision is political and linked to u.s. president donald trump so-called deal of the century between israel and the palestinians the details of which are still to be announced. when palestinians obtain passports they're no longer a refugee it changes the palestinian refugee law which is linked to the palestinian cause. israel wants refugees resettled integrated in this is they live in many palestinians believe saudi arabia is working with the u.s. and israel. the right to return is at the heart of the palestinian struggle many refugees fear that israel wants it off the negotiating table and recent decisions by the trumpet ministration like recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital and cutting funding to the un relief and works agency for palestinian refugees are ways to pressure palestinian officials to agree to israel's terms for peace.
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palestinians in the kingdom are also under pressure palestinian officials the saudi authorities are demanding they obtain passports if they want their work permits bridge newt. a lot of people are approaching us to obtain a palestinian passport just so they can travel make their lives easier we don't want to encourage this. preserving the palestinian identity means preserving the status quo giving up the refugee status is giving up the right to return to the homes their families lost when israel became a state it's something palestinians don't want to do but increasing pressures may not give them a choice to have their beirut. a parliamentary election has been held in bahrain which say is neither free nor fair the two main opposition groups on taking part after voted earlier this year to ban them prominent members of the shia dominated opposition parties are serving long prison sentences this is the second
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election since anti-government demonstrations began in twenty. serbia says its reimposing visa restrictions on iran after an estimated twelve thousand tourists traveling from tehran never returned it's believed many of them crossed the border into bosnia the main target for refugees trying to reach western europe are reports from the town of make on the bosnia border with. her at night time patrolling by bus and use border police the fast flowing waters of the river adreno the last barrier for the refugees. the majority crossing it now are iranians the opposite banks in serbia are swept with infrared heat detectors and night scanning binoculars. but we use battery lamps rotating lights and vehicle headlamps to try and dissuade the migrants from crossing the border. but they are up against highly experienced gangs of human traffickers making
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a fortune out of the refugees at this time of year the temperatures are dropping below zero and the waters are rising so the refugees are strapping together plastic bottles roping them together and using them as a raft in summer months they can simply wade across but now some of them are drowning their bodies swept onto the bosnian banks of the river which offered them such an illusory freedom. at a refugee camp outside sarajevo we met iranians who survived the perilous journey joining the pakistanis and afghans who thought it was near was just one step away from the freedom of western europe this iranian kurd didn't want to give us his name he says his brother was shot dead by special forces in iran fighting a growing protest movement he told us he wants a new life for his wife and children bosnia tries to give the refugees a humane welcome but it's
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a country without the resources to cope with this new burden really. in the last six months ninety percent of migrants came to us from serbia across the drian a river with no documents we were worried about the large numbers of iranians coming because serbia introduced a visa free version with five flights weekly from iran so we had a huge influx some four thousand rainy and. back at the headquarters of the bosnian border police another influx of refugees but this time trying to get back into serbia. this iraqi family managed to walk into serbia but were handed back to cry out police who beat them up and force them back into bosnia smugglers have taken all their money we drove. by boat and a. very. good time to go to the. only play you have to wait inside the police station i talked to a group of iranians too afraid to appear on camera accounts and select to engineers
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fruit sellers they said the economy in iran was in a desperate state and freedom was being stifled among the credit card those i also met three were hidden gem muslims from me and mom their families are all being killed it took them fourteen months to reach the borders of the european union they too were beaten back with truncheons david chaytor al-jazeera. the abbas news border with serbia iraq's prime minister is urging help for victims of flash floods at least seven people have been killed in the northern province of salaheddine thousands are homeless some had to use both swiss cape there submerged houses and farms. deforestation in the brazilian amazon rain forest has raised his highest level in a decade that's according to newly released government data satellite image comparisons show almost eight thousand square kilometers of forest was lost between two thousand and seventeen and two thousand and eighteen as
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a nearly fourteen percent increase from the previous year as being driven by illegal logging and agricultural expansion. that cheviot said being paid to a prominent critic of syria's president killed by gunmen the shooting of right fire is in rebel held in the province is being described as any man sloss for syria a tory gave him as a story. viruses carried to his grave inkatha in bell in rebel held it live provence he was shot dead on friday along with photographer hammy janay eight gunman targeted them from a speeding van no group has claimed responsibility both worked for a local radio station which satirize president bashar assad and groups such as eisel faris rose to prominence as a human rights activist at the start of the syrian revolution in twenty eleven was he made protest banners and shed pictures of them on social media his posts went
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viral and sent a powerful message around the world that the people of syria demanded freedom as the war continued he never stopped speaking out against acid and his a rainy and russian allies. you know it. was hit guta with chemical weapons yes chemical weapons we are humans not insects was one thousand six hundred syrian citizens and shot to death but of the only viruses work meant he was in constant danger he survived an attack by eisel gunman four years ago friends praised him for his own faltering bravery news of his death triggered an outpouring of grief from social media one person tweeted that ferris was the bravest nonviolent man i ever met another wrote his loved ones and the people of syria have lost him right eat an example a man who chose to lead and speak up despite the harshest repression. in one of his last tweets in september farris wrote about
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a demonstration against russia asked him what he called all kinds of terrorism as assad and his allies wreaking territory fires continue to report from syria's last opposition stronghold. dedicated his life to the fight for freedom victoria gate and be zero. zero again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. prison donald trump's defense of saudi arabia over journalists murder is expected to be part of an intense congressional investigation early next year adam schiff the democrat to lead the house intelligence committee says there are plans to uncover trans possible financial ties with the saudi kingdom. french riot police are front running battles with fuel tanks protesters in paris motorists are demanding that president not call scrap the proposed green energy tax
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a french interior minister has blamed the clashes on the far right extremist groups infiltrating the demonstrations british prime minister theresa may is meeting the european pres the president of the european commission giancola jenga ahead of a special summit in brussels to discuss a final breck's of agreement the meeting comes hours after the last hurdle over she brought i was agreed with spain that tiny up call on the southern tip of spain is a british territory but claimed by spain taiwan's president sighing wayne has resigned as the chairman chairwoman of the ruling probably independence party following a major defeat in local mid-term elections voters have also said no to becoming the first asian country to legalize same sex marriage and changing the island's name from chinese taipei to taiwan for international sporting events yemen is internationally recognized government has rejected a un off. it to help manage the critical thought of who data griffiths said on
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friday that the hoofy fighters had agreed to discuss the proposal of the u.n. taking a supervisory role the main entry point for aid is the main entry point for aid for millions of yemenis on the brink of famine. polls have closed in bahrain to parliamentary election which. was neither free nor fair the two main opposition groups weren't taking part after m.p.'s voted earlier this year to ban them and france says troops have killed a top. rebel commander amadou cool fall was blamed for several violent attacks in mali and neighboring countries who for a died of his injuries after french troops raided a forest in the central region of malte in mali on thursday those are the headlines coming up next on inside story.
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it's a local election being closely watched in china taiwan's midterm voters seem to have the popularity of the pro independence ruling party chinese government leaders are accused of meddling so how will the results of affect ongoing tensions with beijing this is inside story. welcome to the program.


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