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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 25, 2018 1:00am-1:33am +03

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on al-jazeera. the arab. pressure mounts on donald trump over the murder of jamal khashoggi as democrats and republicans join together to demand on says over his handling of the case. and aren't a result is there a live from london also coming out. agger on the streets of paris as protests over a proposed fuel tax rise turned violent. taiwan's president resigns as leader of her ruling party after it suffers major defeats in local elections seen as a test of its pro independence stance. and
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a setback for peace efforts in yemen that the saudi backed government rejects a u.n. proposal for the port of her data. and i would begin in the united states whether a growing calls for answers over u.s. president donald trump's support for saudi arabia following the murder of journalist last month democratic senator adam schiff the possible future head of the house intelligence committee has called for a probe into trump's financial ties with the kingdom is also promised a deep dive into washington's wider relationship with its longtime ally a coup which has been echoed by senate republicans including foreign relations chairman bob corker sense as well so receive a briefing next week which could determine whether congress goes forward with sanctions on saudi arabia. roslyn jordan is live for us in washington d.c.
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both democrats republicans have been complaining about trump's handling of the case what do you think we'll see them do about it. well basically they're now at the point where both republicans and democrats say that they need as much information as possible before they try to pass legislation and even though that could run into a potential veto threat from the white house it does seem as if both republicans and democrats are willing to drive to get the information they need to try to hold the administration responsible for the way it's been responding not just to the murder of jamal khashoggi but also to the u.s. the support for the saudi coalition as it continues its role in the civil war in yemen now the hill newspaper is reporting that there's going to be a bipartisan briefing conducted by both the secretary of state mike pompei o and the defense secretary jim mattis at some point in the coming week we don't have all
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the details yet on when this is going to happen where it's going to take place whether it's going to be open to the public although certainly given how much a growing bipartisan angsty there is over the trumpet ministrations rejection of the cia report on the murder of jamal khashoggi that does seem as if there would be enough public interest to try to have this discussion in full public view so this is a case where both republicans and democrats are saying that for the sake of the u.s. is moral authority they need to get all the information that they can so that they can figure out. excuse me how to pass legislation in order to make certain that those responsible for murder are actually held responsible and i show his daughters have been talking to the u.s. media to defend their father why felt the need to do that. well there has been
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this effort in recent days lauren to basically denigrate the reputation of jamal khashoggi those who are supporters of the saudi kingdom have been suggesting that mr kushal she was a member of the muslim brotherhood was actually opposed to the current regime in saudi arabia was acting in ways that were in him accountable to saudi arabia's national security and that he's not the angel that he has been portrayed by many of his supporters and colleagues particularly those at the washington post that happens to be the place where jamal daughters published an op ed column on saturday basically saying that he wasn't just a journalist who was concerned about the well being of his home country and the well being of his fellow citizens but he was also their father and they talked about the influence that he had on their lives on his hopes that he would be able
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to return one day to saudi arabia from his self-imposed exile here in the united states basically an effort to try to counter this campaign perhaps suggesting or indirectly that he might have had it coming to him and so you are going to see more of this happening in the days ahead certainly those who have worked with jamal khashoggi at the washington post have made it very plain where they stand they believe that their colleague was targeted and that they are not giving the saudi kingdom any any room to basically defend itself they basically feel that if he could be targeted any journals could be targeted and one could read this op ed to be part of that larger effort thank you very much indeed. what details continue to emerge about the matter shall genially two months after his death the most recent comes from tech she investigated analyzing the phone calls
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and movements of the suspects they said the operation to kill him was planned twelve days in advance and the recordings a third voice is heard which security sources say might be that of the saudi crown prince anybody takes a look at the very accounts of what exactly happened to the journalist on october second. it was meant to be a new beginning for jamal khashoggi a new wife a new home and a new country but turkey was where he died and exiled journalists who dared to question and authoritarian leader his death in the saudi consulate in istanbul could so easily have been missed or even forgotten had it not been for the secret audio recordings from the scene no one really knows exactly how these recordings came about either the turkish security services bugged the consulate or a consular official with a conscience recorded them in the end it doesn't really matter what matters is that they expose the lies and deception surrounding this murder at first the denials are strong on october third the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman denied all
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knowledge of the killings saying mr casady disappeared after he left the consulate building an october the eighth his brother khaled bin salman the saudi ambassador to the u.s. repeated the claim but on october the twelfth according to cia sources reported saudi crown prince asked jerrod krishna president tom son in law why the outrage was because saudi was a dangerous islamist this anger the turkish authorities and that is when the audio recordings started to be leaked. on october thirteenth eleven days after mr casady was killed the turkish newspaper subba published details of the killing it said they came from a recording from his i watch that was sync to his i phone held by his turkish fiance outside the consulate the i watched part is perhaps not correct but the newspaper said the recording was of the journalist being tortured and then murdered this is when the picture and the response started to change with such grim and irrefutable evidence it was difficult for this out and out culture of denial to
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continue and if you're over suspicious or cynical nature this is when you could believe that and agree narrative was beginning to take shape and an element of collusion was starting not just in saudi arabia on october the fifteenth president donald trump introduces the element of rogue killers maybe being responsible he repeated maybe two days later my comp a of the u.s. secretary of state was dispatched to riyadh where he stressed the strong alliance between the two countries and said we face our challenges together the past the day and tomorrow those challenges then got harder on october the seventeenth the turkish daily yeni shafiq printed more details about the killing revealing the concerns of the saudi consular general in istanbul he asked the hit team to do it somewhere else the paper reports that he was told to shut up if he wanted to live back in saudi saudi arabia as noted began to change at this point on october the nineteenth the saudi attorney general said the journalist was killed during
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a fight on october the twenty first the saudi foreign minister adel algy of their followers president trumps line and says mr khashoggi was killed by a rogue elements and insisted that the crown prince had nothing to do with it it's interesting to see who these rogue elements are according to the information available they include some of the most trusted members of mohamed bin solomon's personal security team and a forensic expert and they acted under the orders of the deputy head of saudi intelligence in a country where the crown prince exercises such an bride. per hour it's unbelievable to sound that such a mission could have been undertaken without his knowledge on october the twenty second the saudis introduced a new version saying that it was an accident that mr kosofsky raised his voice the team panicked moved to restrain him and then had him in a choke hold in which he died on the same day this was dispelled by more audio revelations in the newspaper which revealed new recordings that mr kershaw gee was either strangled with a belt or is fixated with
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a plastic bag after cia director gina hospital listened to the recordings in a visit to turkey saudi arabia changed its story once again on october the twenty fifth after more than three weeks of denials and implausible explanations the saudi attorney general finally admitted the murdock was pre-meditated he later and now to the death penalty for five of the team but with no further details and stressed that the crown prince was not implicated. on november the sixteenth the cia leak their findings with one official saying it was blindingly obvious who was responsible three days later more audio details released by her newspaper revealing just before the murder exactly how the hit team was going to commit the killing and who would do what the paper said the recordings also detailed nineteen phone calls that were made to riyadh after the killing including one in which the caller said tell the boss the deed is done on the same day habit turk online newspaper reveals
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more from the consulate audio recordings with mr being grabbed to soon as he walked in and being called a traitor and the man who posed as his double to give the impression the journalist left the consulate saying it is spooky wearing the clothes of a man we killed twenty minutes ago when president trump declared his support for the saudi crown prince he said there was no direct proof against mohammed bin salman on november the twenty second harriet made the strongest allegation against the crown prince stating that the cia has an order recording between mohamed bin selman and his brother in washington ordering mystica shaadi to be silenced it hasn't changed the mind of president donald trump it's business as usual with saudi arabia this terrible murder will be remembered for the lies and deception but also the day a u.s. president gave a pardon to a thanksgiving turkey and a virtual pardon to saudi crown prince tony berkeley al-jazeera istanbul.
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the one hundred thousand people descended on paris to protest against rising fuel costs they were outbreaks of violence with police firing tear gas and using water cannons to disperse the crowds forty two people were arrested and nearly twenty injured catherine stansell has more. wave of yellow in the french capital the anger fueled by a proposed tax rise. for the second successive weekend the so-called yellow vests created roadblocks and organized protests demanding president emanuel micron's scrapped the fuel tax. riot police stopped thousands of demonstrators on the main avenue de shawn tully say from breaking through a cordon protecting the palace the president's official residence. and the protests continued into the night with demonstrators setting barricades and
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cars on fire. the price of diesel has risen by twenty three percent over the past year to about a dollar seventy one per liter. across decision to impose a further increase of six point five cents starting on the first of january is the final straw for many here. the government takes everything from us they steal from us we have to pay for everything we are overtaxed and we hope that the protests will change things. the rising cost of fuel is going to trigger a civil war and i like most of the citizens we are already we are fed up with paying so much all the time it's become the new normal but paying so much it's just not possible anymore was the president blames rising oil prices worldwide and says the tax is necessary for more investment in green and renewable energy social media has primarily been used to mobilize the yellow vests they say
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they have no leader or political affiliation police are concerned that far right extremists make infiltrate the demonstrations and provoke violence three thousand officers have been mobilized in paris. nearly three hundred thousand people took part in similar nationwide protests last saturday she people were killed and. hundreds of others enjoy it. france already has some of the highest average fuel taxes and here at icons valent to face down any protests and press ahead with his policy no matter how unpopular happenstance or al-jazeera. why no code has a university researcher in paris he says french people are blaming the president for keeping his promises emanuel announced revolution it's the title of the book that the man mehmet whole wrote during the campaign he was talking about
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repairing from but also it did the promise of a big revolution in france the fiscal one who distributed who distribution and those people are actually joined by something which is income and they don't see the chance in their daily lives they feel a lot of frustration they believe that they pay too much starts but at the same time they don't get enough and you know one very important point in france is consultant to pay tax but we see since recently that the consumption of to pay taxes is declining french people and costs are there and many people consider that they have too many tax when at the same time the public. expenditure goes down so people are wondering why do they pay so much tax when they're nouns deficit reduction or less because expenditure ups it's a very very big and quite difficult question for him and even michael so the common al-jazeera the british prime minister arrives in brussels for final talks ahead of
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a crucial breaks etc it. will tell you why bahrain's parliamentary polls are being described as a sham by activists and opposition groups. hello again or welcome back we're here across australia we are watching one storm system make its way to the tasman sea and this storm system caused a lot of problems instigating some brush fires here in parts of our stronger ownership of the video that has come out with those fires as are dealing with them over the weekend and still not contained of course we are going into that season where it is drier it is warmer and the windy conditions that we had with the storm did not help the situation at all the storm is now moving off so we are looking at calmer conditions winds are coming out of the south which means they are a little bit cooler as well but we don't have any rain in the forecast as we go
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from sunday to monday the rain shower activity is well to the north up towards darwin we do expect to see a term to there of about thirty three degrees but much cooler over here towards perth winds coming out of the south a timeshare few of nineteen degrees there well over towards new zealand unfortunately looks quite messy on the satellite imagery to see the clouds across much of north and south island and we do have that one storm that's brewing here across parts of the tasman sea that's going to keep conditions quite messy with auckland not a cool day for you but we do expect to see twenty one degrees there down towards christchurch fourteen and really staying the same as we go through the beginning of the week and then very quickly up here towards japan we are looking at much better conditions across japan where tokyo see a temperature of about fifty degrees for you. for this eleven year old girl that. is a passion. and a ticket out of poverty. now she has a once in
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a my stime opportunity to raise the stakes a little higher. in her long journey to success. championship dream part of the viewfinder asia series. on al-jazeera. from one of the top stories on our syria president trumps handling of jamal khashoggi and his broader ties to saudi arabia coming under increasing scrutiny in the u.s. soldiers are due to get a briefing next week which could determine whether congress goes forward with sanctions against its long time ally. police in paris said use tear gas and water
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cannons to disperse protesters demonstrating for second week against rising fuel prices. the way it is now clear for the european union to agree the united kingdom is brics it do well to spain withdrew its objection over the disputed territory of gibraltar on intensive last minute negotiations comes as u.k. prime minister to resign may travel to brussels ahead of sunday's key vote of the remaining twenty seven. john holl is also in the belgian capital. the british prime minister was all smiles in brussels on saturday night e.u. leaders are set to approve her briggs's deal at a special summit on sunday morning that after agreement was reached with spain effectively giving it a veto right over future negotiations involving the british territory of gibraltar a couple the. i have informed the king about and agreement on gibraltar firstly i want to tell you that the european council take place tomorrow and secondly that
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europe and the u.k. have accepted the conditions imposed by spain therefore spain will lift its veto and vote in favor of brigs it tomorrow spain's delight means a possible end in sight to a three hundred year old dispute with britain over gibraltar for tourism a it could mean a further hardening of opposition to her deal and the northern ireland unionists to prop up her minority government or threaten to vote against the briggs's deal in parliament because they say it compromises the integrity of the united kingdom more than eighty of the prime minister's own m.p.'s and most of the opposition have said they'll do likewise i believe she is genuine when she says she wants to see and i come that does no harm to the union and the internal market of the united kingdom however this draft agreement feels her own commitment some like briggs is
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supporting former foreign secretary boris johnson have insisted to reason may go back to the negotiating table calling the deal a historic mistake but that's not going to happen in you is adamant there's nothing more to talk about no more negotiating to be done when the leaders gather on sunday morning here in brussels it will be to wave this deal through setting the scene for the ultimate showdown to reason mais fight to get it through the united kingdom parliament go to hell al-jazeera brussels. taiwan's ruling party has suffered a major defeat in mid-term local elections prompting president sighing when to resign as party chairwoman elections were held at the same time as no fewer than ten referendums on issues ranging from same sex marriage to changing the nation's laman sporting events and chinese taipei taiwan asian brown reports from the capital taipei. some voters waited patiently in line for up to two hours to counts their ballots the election and the referendums happening alongside it were about
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local issues they also indicated the popularity of the government led by president zine with the verdict a severe setback to her leadership the democratic progressive party lost control of taiwan second and third largest cities she offered to resign as party chairwoman which analysts say well we can have power within the d.p.p. so here i think in iraq i think first of all i need to take full responsibility for the resolute in today's elections effective now i resign as the chairwoman of the democratic progressive party our efforts were not enough disappointing all supporters who gave their all i also want to once again express our deepest regrets as with all elections in taiwan there was one overriding issue china you know how many with the without the our friend among the dependents we taiwanese decide our own future we are always taiwanese and unlike us they are chinese. i'm fine with
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the referendum to decide whether we go for independence or unification but i personally support from attaining the status quo and the governments of both sides should cooperate in january two thousand and sixteen zaya and the d.p.p. won a landslide victory and taiwan had its first female head of state but almost immediately china's leaders and their supporters here. began a campaign to undermine her administration their relationship worsened doctors dying when became president almost three years ago the leadership in beijing often demonizes her over her refusal to accept there is but one china and taiwan is a part of it as a result the diplomatic and economic squeeze of taiwan goes on. there were setbacks as well into contentious referendums with taiwanese voting against same sex
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marriage and changing the name taiwan uses what it competes in international sporting events it's been a bad weekend for taiwan's leader but it's provided a further reminded the democracy here remains one of the freest and most vibrant in asia adrian brown al jazeera taipei. at least ten people have died after a party boat capsized in lake victoria ugandan police say more than forty people have been rescued at least one hundred twenty people a thought to have been on board yemen's saudi backed government has rejected a u.n. offer to manage the running of a crucial port on friday special envoy martin griffiths how talks a senior who the rebels agree to open a dialogue on the un's role in running the key port city of her data and the rebels are currently in control of the site but sadly that coalition forces have been battling to retake it for months griffiths is due to meet government leaders in riyadh on sunday in
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a push for dialogue head of peace talks in sweden next month my daughter has more from nearby djibouti. before he left some special envoy griffith expressed his happiness with how things went during his trip in yemen he said he was contented with consultations he had hard with. and those views were also expressed by the leader of the supreme revolutionary council of the island who said that they were hopping with the steps the special envoy has taken so far and hope he will succeed in talks. with the government of the president of the rebel months but one thing that is proving controversial is the issue of a role for the e.u. and in the marriage went over the port of the day does something griffiths maintains more strictly be for humanitarian purposes griffiths had announced on friday that he had gotten the go ahead to negotiations with the use
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of a role for the u. and to ensure that aid coming through the port is coming in and getting to where it is needed the most but the government arrived are almost hard to say as those negotiations over the management of the port take place in their absence and they would not agree any role for the. other port but also in the city which sort of shows the kind of what most fair. the special envoy might have during talks with the government that is exiled in riyadh. human rights organizations say the parliamentary election being held in bahrain is neither free nor fair the two main opposition groups aren't taking part after m.p.'s version earlier this year effectively to ban them some of and have a good course. but. the lyrics in arabic say
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i'm from home from. state t.v. shows the gulf kingdom going to the polls and voters queuing up hundreds of kind of this many of them women are surely a positive sign it's a display of democracy in the mainly undemocratic middle east. but in reality it is just that a display. more than three hundred sixty thousand bahraini religious people to vote but with the playing field paved by the ruling royal family human rights activists say the election is not representative of everyone's hopes and dreams. and many many bahraini is a looking at the situation and saying why should i bother to vote and of course the opposition societies have urged their members particularly the shia population has been ruled by a sunni king the government's recently been propped up by military support from the saudi and a member of the government their forces were instrumental in crushing the popular
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uprising in twenty eleven which was spearheaded by the she opposition to the royal family amnesty international human rights watch and others condemn battery and rulers as repressive and the election system discriminatory with all opposition leaders jailed or disqualified from running for elections no independent media operating in the country and scores of independent activists journalists and human rights defenders are imprisoned and many of whom have alleged torture during their detention it's unlikely that today's elections will result in a parliament that's truly diverse and representative of the wide range of views that exist in any society. the crackdown on the opposition means political groups whether religious or secular have been dissolved and their members jailed for what they say are politically motivated charges incumbent beneath amended the law to ban members of dissolved opposition groups from taking part in elections the former m.p. faces six months in prison for tweeting he wants to boycott saturday's vote he'll
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be in a logical to contest future elections if he serves his sentence the general feeling among most bahraini. what's the point they see this parliament as being largely ineffectual in terms of its legislation it for example has passed other direction of the ruling family laws that prevent people who belong to the band of political parties such as our. and it was from running in in the selection state t.v. selling an image of a credible poll but critics say bahrain has a long way to go before it's able to say this election was free fair or independent some of the job al-jazeera. sixty people be found dead following flash floods in iraq heavy rains have forced thousands to evacuate the golden town of shift cut residents are now in cleanup mode off to homes and businesses with a small but much. deforestation in the brazilian amazon rain forest has reached its
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highest level in a decade satellite image comparisons show almost eight thousand square kilometers of forest was lost between twenty seventeen and eighteen that's nearly fourteen percent increase on the previous year was being driven by illegal logging and agricultural expansion. or mine of the top stories on which is their president donald trump's handling of murder and his broader ties to saudi arabia a coming under increasing scrutiny in the united states senators are due to get a briefing next week which could determine whether congress goes forward with sanctions against the kingdom key republicans are demanding answers while democrats have promised a deep dive into washington's relationship with its ally once they take control of the house in january practical hyun has more from washington d.c.
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it could happen soon or it could wait until the democrats take back control of the house of representatives that happens very early in january but this is really been bipartisan from both chambers both congressmen members and senators democrats republicans they have widely condemned the president's handling of the murder of jamal khashoggi and the response. thousands of people have been rallying in the french capital against rising fuel costs they've been outbreaks of violence for police firing tear gas to disperse the crowds price of diesel the most commonly used fuel in france is written by around twenty three percent in the past twelve months. taiwan's ruling party has suffered a major defeat in midterm elections after hearing the results of president zine when resigned as head of her democratic progressive party although she will remain as president elections have been taking place alongside ten referendums. yemen's
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saudi backed government has rejected a u.n. offer to manage the running of a crucial port on friday special envoy martin griffiths held talks with senior hoofy rebels who agreed to open dialogue on the un's role in running the key port of her data and the rebels are currently in control of the city but saudi led coalition forces have been battling to retake it for months. parliamentary elections are being held in bahrain which have been described as a fast by activists at the two main opposition groups all taking part after m.p.'s voted earlier this year to ban them in a crackdown on dissent. at least ten people have died after a party boat capsized in lake victoria ugandan police say more than forty people have been rescued if you find asia is up next you stay with us if you can. chandelier is all staring down at what humanity is down three miles no one would ever know how many heroes tight. he's gotten back there was
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a dead body right it was all rather similar the shots came from the holiday and we heard cracks we heard on the balcony of the hotel was really just want to break off because we've got some of. that stuff done somehow cold war hotels a brand new series coming soon oh now just zero viewfinder fresh perspectives through the men's of know who filmmakers so malik love.


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