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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 25, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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recalling memories which impacted deeply on her chosen career the life and the lives of others. two decades later she goes face to face with those responsible trail of murder indonesia's bloody retreat on al jazeera. anger over fuel prices ignites a violent scenes in the halls of paris. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up to news in activists call for protests against a proposed visit from the saudi crown prince following the murder of journalist
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jamal should. the u.s. and mexico discuss the fate of thousands of asylum seekers gathering at the border . of copper liberty to daughter's football final is postponed in one of cyrus after an attack on a teen boss and fighting in the streets. central paris is being plugged in tear gas and smoke after fighting between protesters and riot police along a famous shopping avenue it was the violence and the demonstrations against president emanuel might call who's being blamed for rising fuel prices catherine stansell reports. a wave of yellow in the french capital the anger fueled by a proposed tax rise. for the second successive weekend this. so-called yellow vests created roadblocks in organized protests
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demanding president emanuel macross scrapped the fuel tax. riot police stopped thousands of demonstrators on the main avenue de sean saudis say from breaking through a cordon protecting the palace the president's official residence. and the protests continued into the night with demonstrators setting barricades and cars on fire the price of diesel has risen by twenty three percent over the past year to about a dollar seventy one per liter. micron's decision to impose a further increase of six point five cents starting on the first of january is the final straw for many here. the government takes everything from us they steal from us we have to pay for everything we are overtaxed and we hope that the protests will change things. the rising cost of fuel is going to trigger
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a civil war and i like most of the citizens we are already we are fed up with paying so much all the time it's become the new normal but it's just not possible anymore. the president blames rising oil prices worldwide and says the tax is necessary for more investment in green and renewable energy social media has primarily been used to mobilize the yellow vests they say they have no leader or political affiliation police are concerned that far right extremists make infiltrate the demonstrations and provoke violence three thousand officers have been mobilized in paris. nearly three hundred thousand people took part in similar nationwide protests last saturday two people were killed and hundreds of others injured. france already has some of the highest road fuel taxes
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in europe across vowing to face down any protests and press ahead with his policy no matter how unpopular kathak stansell al-jazeera or the president tweeted his gratitude to police and condemned those involved in the brawls thank you to our forces for their courage and professionalism shame on those who attacked them shame on those who have abused all the citizens and journalists no place for this violence in the republic paris based university researcher bruno calls thread's says frustration with the president has been building up for some time. emmanuel announce that evolution it's the title of the book that the man remarked whole wrote during the campaign he was talking about repairing from that also he did the promise of the big revolution in france the fiscal one who distributed her distribution and those people are actually joined by something which is income and
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they don't see the changes in their daily lives they feel a lot of frustration they believe that they pay too much data but at the same time they don't get enough and you know one very important part in france is consultant to pay tax but we see since recently that the consultant to pay taxes for us is declining french people consider and many people consider that they have too many tax when of the same time the public. expenditure goes down to people are wondering why do they pay so much tax when they announce deficit reduction or less because expenditure ups it's a very very big and quite difficult question for many when michael. protesters intern is here are pressuring the government to cancel a planned visit by the saudi crown prince who is touring regional allies the
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government though is warning demonstrations could threaten much needed financial aid from the kingdom. of forts. to this in activists calling for mass protests against a proposed visit by the saudi crown prince mohammed bin said band is on his first tour aboard since the killing of journalist. some tennesseans aware it his arrival could undermine their newfound freedom and liberties with the law the lasalle diomed the crown prince is tainted by the killing of our late colleague. jamal khashoggi and the arrest of dozens of saudi activists for these reasons we consider his visit a provocation and an insult to the values of the tunisian revolution and our democracy tennessee i was the focal point of the pro-democracy protests in two thousand and eleven that galvanized the weald and start of the revolution known as the arab spring lawyers and human rights activists in tunisia a mounting
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a legal challenge to stop the visit but it's unlikely to happen cinesias cash strapped government is desperate for financial aid to tackle poverty instability and unemployment. government leaders are concerned protests might alienate some of the leaders at tech critical moment for the government is getting a great deal of pushback there has been. number of statements for example from the syndicate journalists a very strong third ticket there since their own uprising in two thousand and eleven saying that he is using this trip to whitewash his violations against human rights and to make them more human more palatable and they're using tunisia after the crown prince is due to visit. before
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attending the g. twenty summit next week in argentina. or widely seen as an attempt by this apartment to repair his image during the international outcry over his suspected role in the killing. of. jamal khashoggi is murder seems to have accomplished something rare in washington political unity key figures in both the republican and democrat parties a demanding answers from donald trump's administration questioning the president's right. monckton's to act on the journalists killing democrat and i'm schiff is set to become the house intelligence committee chairman early next year he's promising what he calls a deep dive into washington's ties with riyadh examining the show g.'s death the war in yemen and the stability of the saudi royal family and some of donald trump's republican colleagues of warned his failure to punish the kingdom will have
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dangerous consequences president jordan has this update from washington d.c. . the murder of jamal khashoggi the washington post columnist may not be resonating with ordinary americans but for their representatives in the u.s. congress this is very much a controversy that is top of mind the hill newspaper is reporting that the entire senate is going to get a briefing in the coming week perhaps from the secretary of state like john pale and the defense secretary jim mattis about the u.s. his relationship with saudi arabia apparently this briefing is going to take a look at everything from how the white house is not accepting the cia's determination that murder was done at the behest of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomonic it's also going to be taking a look at the financial relationship between the united states and saudi arabia and it's going to be taking a look at the national security relationship between the two countries especially
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when light of the ongoing civil war in yemen one in which the saudis have been accused of violating the human rights of civilians in that war torn country by bombing civilian targets under the pretense of going after the fighters who want to take control of the government this hearing could possibly be made public because it's a opportunity for the general public to listen to senators question these two cabinet members but the real import of this potential hearing is that it would give the senators both democratic and republican more ammunition on deciding how to hold saudi arabia accountable not just for its conduct in the yemeni civil war but just as important for the murder of jamal khashoggi both republicans and democrats have been extremely critical of riyadh because of the murder and they say that it is not for the united states to be giving any sort of political or diplomatic cover to
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a country that would go out and willingly target and then murder someone. that it considers a threat to its ongoing a political rule this is also a situation where the members of congress are going to find themselves pretty much in a fight with the white house the u.s. president donald trump has insisted that saudi arabia's importance in jail pill political affairs is much more important than trying to hold its leadership accountable for the murder of jamal khashoggi the president has even been dismissive of the cia's conclusions saying that it's more of a feeling than actual analysis that's not sitting well with members of the senate and certainly not with members of the house so not only is there a potential big hearing coming in the coming days on capitol hill but there will also be intelligence committee hearings at least in the house of representatives come january. still ahead on al-jazeera. i'm talking we stand
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by. britain and spain settle their last minute dispute over a tiny rocky peninsula clearing the way for sunday's brags that summits. nigeria moves to take a bigger share of the traffic west africa's horses. from long flowing on in the winds to an enchanting desert breeze the. hello again it's good to have you back well we did have some very active weather here parts of iraq as well as into iran you can see the systems are still making their way through so we still expect to see very heavy rain at times over the next few days here's your forecast map for sunday not only for iran but also down here towards kuwait saudi arabia and maybe even to bahrain and qatar so that is going to
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be something we're going to be watching sunday is going to be the day as we go towards monday though a lot of that weather pushes over here towards pakistan afghanistan but across the gulf it is looking much better as we take a look at the gulf in saudi arabia and also the arabian peninsula we are going to see that rain sure i to be here for doha we do expect to see a temperature of thirty maybe anywhere between forty to sixty millimeters of rain could be expected across the region also for maybe dubai could be seeing some rain as well as we go towards monday but for riyadh it's going to be a little bit cooler for you with clouds and forecasts attempts are there of twenty two and here across parts of africa well most of the activity is up here towards the north harare is going to be seeing a very rainy day at about twenty three degrees but down towards the south it is going to be cooler partly cloudy for cape town at twenty one degrees durban is going to be a warm day here on sunday boy expect those to just come down to about twenty six degrees in johannesburg partly cloudy at about twenty seven degrees. the wind sponsored by the time makes. the lights are on. and there's nowhere
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to hide isn't the easiest way to solve this time allow u.n. observers who you invited into the country earlier this year to finish their job i haven't said it's a right wing conspiracy or anybody's conspiracy debates do you think we're going to see some kind of sea change in the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia we have an obligation there is that journalistic integrity and then to that in this case it was betrayed totally up from its own al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching and just zero time to recap the headlines now french president has condemned violent protesters who've been demonstrating against rising
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fuel prices the so-called yellow vests protests began last weekend since spread across the country. protesters in tunis here are pressuring the government to cancel a planned visit by the saudi crown prince but the government is warning demonstrations could threaten much needed financial aid from the kingdom. the republican and democrat lawmakers are demanding answers about the u.s. president's reluctance to punish saudi arabia for the killing of journalist. democrat adam schiff is set to become the house intelligence committee chairman early next year he's promising a thorough investigation to be a fair. mexico's incoming government is in talks with u.s. officials about the plan for mexico to host asylum seekers while their cases are heard in u.s. courts it's a pressing issue at the moment as thousands of central americans are gathered on the mexican side of the u.s. border they're hoping to cross over mexico's incoming interior minister says
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there's no agreement yet on hosting u.s. assigned seekers. tweets from donald trump seem to suggest some kind of deal has been reached migrants of the southern border will not be allowed into the united states until their claims are individually approved in court we'll only allow those who come into our country legally of a bat i'll very strong policy is catch and detain no releasing into the us or will stay in mexico if for any reason it becomes necessary we will close our southern border there is no way the united states will off the decades of abuse put up with this costly and dangerous situation anymore paul virtue serves as general counsel at the u.s. immigration and naturalization service on the president bill clinton he says there are no legal obstacles to keeping asylum seekers in mexico while they wait for
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a u.s. decision the u.s. is a party to the next two hundred sixty seven protocol a status of refugees and has certain obligations with respect to the protection of refugees as well as a provision called nonracial model where if a person is more likely than not but subject to harm in their home country the united states cannot and other other parties to the protocol cannot return that person to their country so there are those obligations question here the who is there is the person has to be either admitted to the u.s. or in the united states or canada and an agreement to be reached with a with an adjacent third country mexico in this case to a lot of people who remain there as a strictly as a legal matter not the one talking about the policy implications of this the
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answer to that would be yes there isn't really there or there is nothing that would prevent such an agreement from him from being entered into. the final of south american football's biggest club competition the copper liver to their daughters has been pushed back by a day after one of the team's buses was attacked several players were injured when fans of the river plate team threw rocks and would rival juniors pass as it headed towards the stadium and. daniel schorr in the was there. there were sporadic clashes like this one between police and river plate fans around the ground before the scheduled kickoff then this attack on the block a genius team bus that left two players injured by broken glass others coughing on peace tear gas to. their star player carlos tevez said they were in no fit state but wing obliged to play firstly the kickoff was delayed by two and
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a half hours the sixty six thousand river plate fans inside the stadium waited and waited the new authorities in the game to twenty four hours in the way of the year i thought football is not a war it's football we have to consider the technical the medical and the professionals and we've decided that neither of the teams meet the conditions and we're in agreement we're here to support them not make demands. they came streaming out the second leg of the cup believe but the lot is final a victim of the violence that has blighted arjen time for them for years leading to a ban on away fans we. didn't know what was going on we were just waiting to bare acing embarrassing that we can't organize events like this in this country. they didn't even tell us what was going on they never said the game had been suspended there was just confusion with people saying they're saying they're saying that. really plates monumental stadium has now been closed but their traditional
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authorities casting doubt on where perhaps if sunday's game will be played these fans are angry and they're frustrated but the words we're hearing most frequently here are in. iris munson shame shame that they couldn't organize the biggest game in the club's history this had to be postponed because of violence because they were unable to organize the security for the games to go ahead. the first leg two weeks ago at the book a junior stadium was also perspired for a day this time due to heavy rain that game eventually ended in the choo-choo draw and led to days of rising tension ahead of the biggest final in latin american club football between two of the game's greatest rivals but it was attention to them to violence and the shame of the autumn time for. them to see it on one of cyrus. taiwanese voters have backed anti gay marriage referendums and what i have a say is a blow to the island's reputation as a rights trailblazer the result came at the end of
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a dramatic day which saw present sighing when resigned as leader of the ruling party after it suffered major electoral losses al-jazeera as adrian brown reports from the capsule taipei. some voters waited patiently in line for up to two hours to cast their ballots the election and the referendums happening alongside it were about local issues they also indicated the popularity of the government led by president xining when the verdict a severe setback to her leadership her democratic progressive party lost control of taiwan second and third largest city she offered to resign as party chairwoman which analysts say will weaken her power within the d.p.p. so here i think in iraq i think first of all i need to take full responsibility for the resolute in today's elections effective now i resign as the chairwoman of the democratic progressive party our efforts were not enough disappointing all
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supporters who gave their all i also want to once again express our deepest regrets as with all elections in thailand there was one overriding issue china you know how many with or without our friend a man independence we taiwanese decide our own future we are always taiwanese and i like us they are chinese. i'm fine with that referendum to decide whether we go for independence or unification but i personally support maintaining the status quo and the governments of both sides should cooperate in january two thousand and sixteen zion and the d.p.p. won a landslide victory and taiwan had its first female head of state. but almost immediately china's leaders and their supporters here began a campaign to undermine her administration their relationship worsened after sighing when became president almost three years ago the leadership in beijing often demonizes her over her refusal to accept there is but one china and taiwan is
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a part of it as a result the diplomatic and economic squeeze of taiwan goes on. there were setbacks as well into contentious referendums with taiwanese voting against same sex marriage and changing the name taiwan uses when it competes in international sporting events it's been a bad weekend for taiwan's leader but it's provided a further remind the democracy here remains one of the freest and most vibrant in asia adrian brown al-jazeera taipei european union leaders will meet in the coming hours to approve a historic brings that deal britain and spain settled their last minute this treaty over gibraltar clearing the way for the summit but it will still have to face the scrutiny of the british parliament joe hart has more from brussels. the british prime minister was all smiles in brussels on saturday night e.u.
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leaders are set to approve her briggs's deal at a special summit on sunday morning that after agreement was reached with spain effectively giving it a veto right over future negotiations involving the british territory of gibraltar a couple the un with europe if it is true i have informed the king about an agreement on gibraltar firstly i want to tell you that the european council take place to morrow and secondly that europe and the u.k. have accepted the conditions imposed by spain therefore spain will lift its veto and vote in favor of brigs it tomorrow. spain's delight means a possible end in sight to a three hundred year old dispute with britain over gibraltar for tourism a it could mean a further hardening of opposition to her deal at home to northern ireland unionists to prop up her minority government or threaten to vote against the briggs's deal in parliament because they say it compromises the integrity of the united kingdom more
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than eighty of the prime minister's own m.p.'s and most of the opposition have said they'll do likewise i believe she is genuine when she says she wants to see an outcome that does no harm to the union and the internal market of the united kingdom however this draft agreement fields her own commitment some like briggs supporting former foreign secretary boris johnson have insisted to reason may go back to the negotiating table calling the deal a historic mistake but that's not going to happen the e.u. is adamant there's nothing more to talk about no more negotiating to be done when the leaders gather on sunday morning here in brussels it will be to wave this deal through setting the scene for the ultimate showdown to reserve may's fight to get it through the united kingdom parliament go to hell al-jazeera brussels yemen saudi backed government has rejected a u.n. offer to manage the running of a crucial port special envoy martin griffiths met senior houthi rebels who agreed
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to talks on the un's role in managing a day the ports the whole things control in the south their morality coalition forces have been battling to retake it for months griffiths is expected to meet members of yemen's exile government in riyadh on monday. important steps towards peace were taken during this trip marginal growth and took all his questions all questions were put to the leader of the revolution there were clear answers to promote peace he was very pleased with his visit he told me he returned with a good impression and he is well aware of the suffering of the yemeni people and the urgent need to make efforts for peace. we look forward to rap and peace we hope that his toe in riyadh with positive results and we are in constant contact nigeria has been trying to grab a larger share of the traffic in west african waters but despite some improvements
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its ports are still considered some of the worst in the world because of delays corruption and a lack of infrastructure that means it's losing about two point eight billion dollars every year so competitors added recent reports from lagos. to service boats making their way with ease into and out of a nigerian port. a few years ago this process was murdered in red tape and corruption that may be changing but huge challenges remain directives to have a single interface for the clarins and inspection of so that has top said so yes. to the quantum leap we want we want to have cameras whereby you can this can occur when you just move and you would now have a significant. improvement i'm glad of the. improvements in ports infrastructure and new technology has eased operations
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vessels are loaded faster. but not all port users are satisfied your services are more efficient. you get this now but besides that the do things with you cause there is something for the other stakeholders in the industry. as. every vessel entering or leaving nigerian waters is closely monitored here at the command and control center allowing for prompt response in times of distress or security breach. what is the busiest. ports fifty berthier every day on average turned us in the ports about the last few years something creates revenue or the potential for further increases because of automation and other upgrades. despite presidential directives to ease the conduct of business in the ports some
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agency is accused of circumventing reforms. and that is diverting traffic to other countries but officials say with or without reforms such cargoes will still not come to the nigerian ports. the sentiment that's. actually come with or have. to the market and i've talked at the neighboring countries. nigeria seaports account for eighty percent of the country's international traffic over the last ten months the government generated nearly three billion dollars in duty but it also lost just much revenue in the same period to regional competition and smugglers nigerian ports are operated under a concession agreement with the private sector where the ports authority supervising operations while ports around the world use advanced technology sudden cargo inspections are still carried out manually in some nigerian ports hardly
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encouraging enough to businesses looking for a quick turnaround i met you greece al-jazeera lagos. every woman and every girl has the right to a life free of violence the words of u.n. secretary general antonio good tears world marks international day for the elimination of violence against women tens of thousands of people rallied in fifty cities across france calling for better women's rights march also marks the one year anniversary of the global need to move. to take you through some of the headlines here now to syria now french president emmanuel micron has condemned violent protesters have been demonstrating against rising fuel prices the so-called yellow vests protests began last weekend and since bread right across the country culture as is
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a university researcher in paris he says anger has been brewing over the president's failure to deliver on promises french people consider and many people consider that they have too many times when at the same time the public. expenditure goes down to people ordering why do they pay so much tax when they announce deficit reduction or less public expenditure it's a very very big and quite difficult question for him and you and michael protesters in tunisia are pressuring the government to cancel a planned visit by the sound of crown prince but the government is warning demonstrations could threaten much needed financial aid from the kingdom mexico's incoming government is in talks with u.s. officials about a plan for mexico to host asylum seekers while their cases are heard in u.s. courts mexico's incoming interior minister says there's no agreement yet but tweets from donald trump seem to suggest some kind of deal has been reached. the final of
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south american four walls biggest club competition the copper liver to daughters has been pushed back by a day after one of the team buses was attacked several players were hurt after fans of the river plate club threw rocks and pieces of wood at the rival could junius boss european union leaders will gather in brussels in the coming hours to approve a historic briggs's deal britain and spain settled their last minute dispute over gibraltar clearing the way for the summit but it will still have to face the scrutiny of the british parliament prime minister to resign may as written an open letter to the u.k. asking people to unite behind the deal yemen saudi backed government has rejected a un alford's manage the running of a crucial port special envoy martin griffiths met senior who through rebels who do agreed to talks on the un's role in managing the port it's up front now stay with
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us. and his story say for the families every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories told through the eyes of the world's journalists these three reuters journalists were one of the few journalists in that we're actually doing investigative work. post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most bias the rights to those stories but then he never publishes those stories they're listening post on al-jazeera what happened to i saw as a threat disappeared have they been defeated or are we kidding ourselves and up from special. despite the horrific attack in kabul this week studies show that twenty seventeen
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was the third consecutive year when the number of terrorist attacks around the world went down and the number of attacks in the west claimed by eisel has gone down by around eighty percent.


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