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tv   Championship Dreams  Al Jazeera  November 26, 2018 6:32am-7:01am +03

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and nearly fourteen thousand homes in and around paradise at least three firefighters were injured battling the blaze. a judge in the u.s. has denied a motion by george papadopoulos former aide to donald trump to postpone his prison sentence. pled guilty to lying to federal agents investigating claims of links between trump's twenty sixteen presidential campaign and russia to report to jail on monday to start his fourteen day sentence. yes president donald trump has repeatedly accused iran of being a state sponsor of terror it points to the old slogan death to america as a carrot sample of tehran intentions some iranians say merican should not take the chant literally reports from tehran i it's a phrase that has come to define decades of hostility between the two countries. death to america is a rallying call for iranian leaders to bring demonstrators to the streets it's
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a polarizing statement but many defend it as a minimum response for decades of harmful american policies in the middle east with their hands tied politically and economically for years some say the least they can do is raise their voice i think he has found policy would be the same those that segment of iran and publics chance that america are not i think if tomorrow there was a decree by the iranian government that no one is allowed to say that i don't think you'll see any change in u.s. foreign policy but the slogans critics say in an era of trouble it's a problem of messaging giving his administration political ammunition to use against iran. in some corners of american political society iran supporters say trump is the problem. during a visit to tehran nation of islam leader louis farrakhan said trump's policies in the middle east could trigger a global conflict no chance to bring about joy yet but
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he's sure i was see it's there not you role being right for you in the world you will bring about. not tyranny and you bring death great nation. has been on this earth in the. years when pressed by a local reporter to say the phrase seemingly a political stunt the seasoned civil rights activist responded i know she. will iran. is what the deeds of the monday have a right to but i am not sure i will let. farrakhan has been an unrelenting critic of successive american governments but even for a controversial figure like him uttering a phrase so incendiary in the united states was going too far.
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for decades the language of protest in iran has been dominated by the three words death to america but opinions have been split and in the wake of more sanctions iranians are again asking if that slogan accurately defines public opinion here for many iranians it's time to abandon the politics of the past. the slogan death to america is wrong we shouldn't want any country when we want someone. for us. our officials say death to america but some of their children now live and study there. for the slogan is not a good thing because it explicitly calls the other side hostility thank you it's not novel i never said it i never will not all people in iran say it's not anti-american demonstrations are often fueled by anger even hate speech and despite varying viewpoints it's difficult to deny us actions have done more damage than any
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iranian namecalling ever could the same. still to come when i was there the. night. jarius sets out to reform it supports a kind of deliver on these ambitious plans. and sport australian women cricketer cricketers celebration of a crushing victory details. because we're not to believe they were as we should. rights being violated. and free to be stripped away. on the seventieth anniversary of. the whites let's stand up. stand up for human rights.
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they joined one of the world's most notorious ahmed groups. but found a way out to rebuild their lives and now help others it's. a tale of course recruitment child soldiers and the refit exploitation of women the door to. part of the radicalized soon that's on al-jazeera. nigerian ports are considered some of the worst in the world cargo is often delayed
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by corrupt practices and bureaucracy now reforms are being made to the way ports are run and stopping multi-billion dollar losses going to dress reports in lagos. two service boats making their way with ease into and out of a nigerian port. a few years ago this process was murdered in red tape and corruption that may be changing but huge challenges remain there active sought to have a single interface for the clarins and inspection of cargo so that has topped that so yes the business has fascinated a bomb not to the quantum leap that we want we want to have camels whereby you can just kind of how one it just moves and you you knew you knew would now have a significant. improvement i'm glad of the. improvements in ports infrastructure and new technology has eased operations
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vessels are loaded faster but not all port uses such as flight is service are more efficient. you get efficient services now but besides that. do things without due cause there is something for the other stakeholders in the industry. as just. unpredictable every vessel entering or leaving nigerian waters is closely monitored here at the command and control center allowing for prompt response in times of distress or security breach. of what is the busiest of nigeria sixty ports fifty ships berthier every day on average trying to support some of the last few years something creates revenue where the potential for further increases because of automation and other upgrades despite presidential directives to use the conduct of business in the ports some agency is accused of circumventing reforms. and that is diverting
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traffic to other countries but officials say with or without reforms such cargoes will still not come to the nigerian ports the amazing percent that's. actually come or have. to the market and i've talked to the neighboring countries. nigeria seaports account for eighty percent of the country's international cargo traffic over the last ten months the government generated nearly three billion dollars in duty but it also lost as much revenue in the same period to regional competition and smugglers nigerian ports are operated under a concession agreement with the private sector where the ports authority supervising operations while ports around the world use advanced technology sudden cargo inspections are still carried out manually in some nigerian ports hardly encouraging enough to businesses looking for a quick turnaround comedy grease al-jazeera lagos evolution sports
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news of a fair and. or an thank you so much the second time for the second time in twenty four hours a couple of our two doors final between rep requite and boca juniors has been postponed until further notice the match was due to kick off on saturday but was delayed after river fans attacked the boss carrying boca players heading to the stadium. has more from one of us. this is the second day in the row seen this river plate fans streaming out of their monumental stadium for the second leg of the copper liberty dorris final after the game was suspended on saturday was because of violence sporadic clashes between the police and fans and also the attack of the bocher junior's boss which left two of the players injured and the others choking on pleas to gas today sunday it's not clear why it's been suspended apart from the fact that tommy ball the south american football authorities received a complaint from boca juniors football club asking for the game to be suspended
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saying their fan players after saturday's attack are in no fit state to play the game the fans were told the game would go ahead today they arrived in their thousand sixty thousand or so filling the monumental stadium only to be told just hours before kickoff it would not go ahead with no clear date set for that for the game to be played a huge embarrassment for argentina and society for the police for their security forces involved for the politicians especially with the g twenty summit due to be held here just a few days from now with presidents from all over the world arriving in one of cyrus argentina showing in many cases it's not able to organize the security for a football match well earlier the head coach bucketing years reacted to the news at a press conference and when a serious look is he. going to share what we had to live with yesterday is not where you should have to live with before a final clearly we were at a sporting disadvantage yesterday and we were today and i think the best thing for
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boca was not to play because we were not arriving to play the match in the same conditions as river unfortunately we had to live with this fact in the twenty four hours we've lived since i have nothing to do with a party or a cold political tourist final in terms of sports we were clearly at a disadvantage and couldn't play. in italy napoli's chances of catching serial leaders eventis have taken a blow when they were held to a drop by bottom of the table. he was goalkeeper steph. in a store in tino stopped every napoli chance it ended in a mail truck. full of points behind dentists who look to be on course for a record extending eight sorry. five time world champion lewis hamilton ended his f one season in style by winning the season ending abu dhabi grand prix american actor will smith started off the race but then minutes later it was held up after nico holcomb bird was sent crashing into the barriers he was unharmed but
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was unable to finish the race for hamilton though it was smooth sailing in the britain led from start to finish in one and one hour and thirty nine minutes he meet ferrari sebastian vettel to secure his eleventh victory of the season red bull's max pushed up and came in third i know next year is going to come back strong so going to make sure i try and come back with it but i'm really grateful for the. congrats and as you said i will try we will try and i think i will hold he will try to come back stronger to make sure we give him a. run to do it here in town as caray should be defending champions and host france to win the davis cup final on sunday croatia's mar in chile which was relentless giving france's lucas polio little chance of a comeback the world number seven stayed in the lead the entire match not giving a single break point the home crowd was roaring in support for the frenchman but chile quenched the title seven six six three six. this is weekend from the dreams
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and. just incredible incredible feeling to play like this in a final. even one serving in three singles matches this is that is just incredible the level of tennis from even today look up played the great mass first serve was was really really tough just that probably one point decided that's a break and just extremely proud with a min. australia in the new a women's world two thousand and twenty champions after being england in the final in n t got england got off to a decent start but australia came into the final and were too soon rattling through the english batting line up a total of one hundred and five proved no problem for the aussies they knocked out off with twenty nine balls to spare. it's definitely the most satisfying when i've been involved. especially as the last couple is the last couple world cup exit for us but out a lot and we spoke about that as a group and i'm not hiding away from that fact and the united states is mchale
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friend won the women's slalom at the alpine ski world cup in vermont on sunday even with the dance foggy on pickled medalists good to her thirty fourth world cup slalom when she ranks second or most when and if. and that's all you sport for now it's now back to lauren and it was good to linger on a bit of skiing thanks very much indeed farah and that's it for me this news hour i'll be back in a man with another full roundup of the day's news like so much what you see that hit. thirty five years we've had many proud moments around the world and in the sky
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and now starting from october twenty ninth churches share alliance will be checking off from the new aviation center of the world for a new journey. investigating a murder by the indonesian military in one thousand one thousand nine. hundred steps lawson takes us on a personal journey back to east timor recalling memories we. impacted deeply on her chosen career the life and the lives of others. decades later she goes face to face with those responsible trail of murder indonesia's bloody retreat on al-jazeera. resort is one of nigeria's top tourist destinations but in
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the shadow of the mountain some nigerians continue an ancient tradition with child protection workers say condemns young girls to a life of slavery and sexual exploitation five year old miracle was buried for money just a few weeks ago only for some missionaries who says she's proved many marriages happen i couldn't reach it is a missionary who rescues goals their money goes to buy outrightly. be trucked to gail before she's born there what if it takes fourteen years. the brother to get money away. a russian vessel rams a ukrainian naval tugboat as tensions rise between moscow and kiev in the black sea .
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live from london coming up. hundreds of asylum seekers a dispersed with tear gas while trying to breach a border fence between mexico and the united states. european union leaders approve of breaks it deal with the british prime minister still faces a tough battle to get it through her own parliament. thousands march in madrid to mark the un's international day for the elimination of violence against women. we start with some breaking news out of crimea ukraine's president has called an emergency meeting of top military officials in response to rising tensions between moscow and kiev in the black sea russia has confirmed that it seized three
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ukrainian naval vessel just stopped from entering the catch strait by placing a huge cargo ship beneath the russian controlled bridge ukraine accused russia of opening fire on its ships and ramming a navy tugboat officials from both countries accusing the other of provocative behavior. or transit joins us live from moscow. a few more details emerging about these. and what actually happened. yeah well the latest from russia's f.s.b. its internal security agency is that it has confirmed that it did open fire on ukrainian vessels which it said had refused to stop it says also that it has impounded three ukrainian naval ships after they illegally crossed into russian border waters. and they say that three
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ukrainian sailors were wounded in the incidents and are getting medical treatment well the ukrainian navy says that six of its personnel have actually been wounded in this day of escalating tensions there was the earlier incident i think we're seeing on our screens at the moment where russian f.s.b. ship rammed into a ukrainian tugboat and then there was the live fire incidents later on in the day it's basically the culmination of you know months i think of rising tensions in the area the ukrainian president is in the middle of a meeting with his military cabinet at the moment and the ukrainians have also called on the united nations security council to meet to discuss these issues i mean we hope that it's not going to escalate any further but what have to see what happens
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i think tomorrow when you know lights comes back to this part of the world and we'll have to see where the things continue to get any more heated why is this such and there is such tension. well i mean basically you you have a small but strategic body of water here the sea of of which is a kind of pocket of water tucked just up beyond crimea and north east of the black sea and the northern shore of this see the actual sea is ukraine then you have crimea to the east. to the west and you have the russian mainland to the east to get into the as well see you have to go through this current straits and it recently russia built a bridge across the straits which effectively allows them to pinch this sea off
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from access it's a body of water the should by treaty signed by ukraine in russia in two thousand and three be shared between them but obviously since the minor revolution the war in ukraine is east of the annexation of crimea crimea relations between russia and ukraine have been unbelievably sour this area of water has been a flashpoint in those in those tensions and both sides have been impounding each other's ships in recent months in march the ukrainians seized a russian fishing vessel there have been yes of tit for tat responses going back and back and forwards essentially though the russians in this strait bridge have a way of blocking off the actual sea and that is a strategic problem for ukraine and gives moscow
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a degree of leverage over kiev when it comes to access to to the out of c. trade that comes through its exports of grain to turkey and that sort of thing so it's a serious issue for both of these countries thank you very much. u.s. border agents a fired tear gas at asylum seekers approaching the u.s. border from mexico after a few trying to breach the fence separating the two countries at around sunday at some central american migrants pushed past a blockade of mexican police standing guard near the international border crossing with a five thousand migrants have been camping in and around here on a making their way to mexico in recent weeks via caravan and i speak to us from jordan in washington d.c. for more ross what can you tell us about the incident on the border well it all started taking place in the last couple of hours loren and in response to the
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efforts by a few of the migrants who had been taking part in a peaceful protest to try to breach the border crossing near sonnets see throw which is one of the world's busiest land crossings customs and border patrol started firing tear gas at these people trying to rush the fence but firing over the international border into mexico apparently according to eyewitnesses on the scene the tear gas caused a lot of families to start choking and crying we don't know if there were any more injuries than that but in response u.s. authorities closed the northbound crossings both the pedestrian and vehicular into into san diego county and the mexican authorities closed the border crossings going southbound into baja california so as of right now one of the world's busiest land
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crossings is at a standstill no one can go across whether or not they are a visitor or they are a u.s. citizen coming to the north and this is bound to provide fresh ammunition to president trump and his supporters. it's certainly well lauren in fact earlier on sunday the president during the middle of a twitter rampage talked about the need of mexican authorities to prevent these migrants from trying to reach the border where they would then ask for asylum under international law people are supposed to be able to cross and make their request without any interference from border authorities but the president has been trying to get an agreement with mexico to keep these asylum seekers from actually reaching the border much less getting into u.s. territory the mexican government for its part has said that it could not do such a thing that there had not been any such agreement reached but now with this
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seeming escalation between the some of the migrants and u.s. customs and border patrol there's a real question now as to whether this is going to become really a minor international incident as it were but certainly it's not something that anyone has seen along the us mexico border if in many years if ever russian jordan thank you very much indeed the head of the european commission has called it a sad day as the u.k. moves closer to leaving the european union e.u. leaders have approved a final agreement for the u.k.'s exit from the bloke despite their approval which promised to two reason may still has a major battle ahead assuaging members of parliament to back the deal janet how reports from brussels. it took european union members just half an hour to endorse the negotiated briggs's text and they did so unanimously a momentous step on the road to bring. the mood was resolute this is the
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best possible just the best possible for europe this is the only course. the tone places a somber and pointed guard liftoff how it will all end well think of. we will remain friends. of days. and one day long. how it all ends depends now on whether the deal is indorsed by the united kingdom itself in the face of her critics to resume a must strike an upbeat tone what we see in this deal today is a deal that delivers a fateful delivers on the boat delivers in a way that protects jobs and livelihoods and security and the united kingdom and as i've said before i believe our best days lie ahead of us for the prime minister the hard work is just beginning you leaders view briggs it now as
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a done deal they didn't want it but there's no need to sugarcoat it the british prime minister on the other hand has to sell the deal to parliament and to her own people she's got to convince them it's the best deal available. there is enormous opposition to may's deal at home and it could even be hardening with what's been described as her surrender on saturday over the future of gibraltar she handed spain and effective veto over future arrangements for the british territory the latest unpalatable compromise in the rising cost of breakthrough. if parliament rejects the deal in the coming weeks want them he was repeatedly asked if she'd resign i've said before it's not about me and i will say it again it's not about me but my focus over the next few weeks. as i've just said i'm making the case for this deal with the outcome in sat down to the brakes and engaged may yet see britain stumble towards an exit without a deal or else
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a louder and louder voices suggest a second referendum on whether to brics or twelve don't hold al-jazeera brussels. still to come on the program searching for survivors in uganda after a party boat capsizes on lake victoria. and local elections in taiwan may have dealt a blow to the ruling party what explain why l g b t people have also suffered a setback. hello again it's good to have you back we're here cross the bite of a story that we all want you one weather system coming into play right here passing through perth and that is going to bring some weather for adelaide also dropping temperatures over the next few days to take a look at the map as we go towards monday not looking too bad for adelaide twenty four degrees winds are very light at the time but here's that system right here
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just to the west as we go towards tuesday it will be passing through we're going to be getting some rain we're going to be getting some winds and the temperature will be dropping actually by the time we get to wednesday that temporal.


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