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tv   China All The Single Men  Al Jazeera  November 26, 2018 8:33am-9:01am +03

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president sighing when as leader of the party beijing's as a result show that people want peaceful relations with china asian brown reports in the capital taipei. a busy farmer's market in taipei the day after voters delivered their verdict on the ruling party and its leader the mood festive relaxed the results being welcomed by china's leaders who say it shows taiwanese people want peaceful relations with the mainland and some here certainly hope that's now possible. the results show that president tie isn't doing a good job she needs to make more effort is to ease tensions with china. due to political reasons we cannot export our product to china if the markets open up after the elections and be good for us. the election was a remarkable turnaround for the opposition k m t the party china's leaders tend to favor it now has the political control of three quarters of taiwan cities president
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xining when accepted the blame for the ruling party's poor showing and resigned as party leader. zion when remains president but her power and influence within the ruling party has been weakened and the inevitable questions are being raised about whether she can be the party's candidate to run in the twenty twenty presidential elections analysts say president xi jinping believes china's strategy of isolating taiwan has worked and is unlikely to stop so they will leave. for the next election in years and twenty. down in the continue their effort and a tad in the syntactic it wasn't just relations with china concerning voters others were pension reform unemployment taiwanese identity and same sex marriage just seventeen months ago gay rights activists were celebrating after taiwan's
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highest court ruled in their favor. but in a referendum alongside saturday's election voters overwhelmingly backed conservative pro-family groups victorious wa has been waiting five years to marry her partner she worries the government will now be under pressure to water down the promised legislation and this is not favorable climate for l.t.v. people living in our society so bad but technically speaking this would end she and the legal rights of gay people to get married victoria has to stay upbeat but given the setback for progressive politics here she feels uncertain adrian brown al-jazeera taipei protests turned violent in the afghan capital kabul after she
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a commander was captured by security forces. demonstrators took to the streets after the man known as poor was arrested but has to say his militia protects them from the taliban and i saw on the government's accused him of human rights abuses. a funeral march has been held in indian administered kashmir after the killing of seven separatist fighters and an indian soldier the gun battle was followed by protests are reports of a cut in internet services india and pakistan held two of the three wars over the disputed in malaya region you can see. these youths give their lives for islam and for our freedom we should get their freedom from the oppression that we are facing since one thousand nine hundred forty seven that we are giving over a blood to this struggle and god willing we will achieve this freedom every one of us will see the freedom of kashmir. and he will not last long and ultimately it will end. a committee of m.p.'s in britain has seized internal facebook documents
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as part of its inquiry into the scandal that political consulting firm cambridge analytical they're looking into accusations that the company harvested information from millions of facebook users some of the facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg zone e-mail correspondence is said to be included in the documents that were seized larry magid is c.e.o. of connect safely dot org he says the u.s. and the e.u. have a common interest in ensuring facebook follows privacy rules. i think the government feds and certainly the u.k. and the european commission the united states have an interest in making sure that facebook is first of all a subscriber you its own privacy policy thinking of all disappearing to the european general data privacy rules and just generally treating customers are you there if a privacy properly this is an extraordinary case because you have this lawsuit that happening in my neighborhood in california where this company which is actually a company whose purpose was to show you pictures of people in bikini women i
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presume in bikini if they're not even in business anymore they're under but they were involved in a lawsuit with facebook and have these documents now if the documents are what where it's being alleged it could show that facebook is violating privacy and extracting information from users but of course the mere fact that these are allegations of i mean it's truthful first of all if parliament can get their hold hands on the documents they'll get a better view as to what this company alleges and at that point i suspect facebook will respond because they'll be some very serious allegations out there about it the wall far in northern california that killed at least eighty five people is now contained the blaze which started on the van with the eighth destroyed nearly fourteen thousand homes in the around the town of paradise more than two hundred people still missing the former chairman of the motoring giant right now nissen is denying allegations of financial misconduct the rest of colace gone on monday stunned the business world one of the best known names in the car industry is
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accused of underreporting his pay by millions of dollars of a several years japanese media says he's told investigators he had no intention of making false reports. time for another short break here i'll just say when we come back we'll have all the sport the davis cup title gets a new holder to tell you what happened in the final later in the program on that stay with us. no one will ever know how many heroes dining here in. the chandelier is all like this broken this sort of looking bizarrely blank gargoyles staring down of what humanity had done to itself but the vision that will not be surprising vision but it was surprising that that could happen in baby. war hotels a brand new series coming tsunami al-jazeera. for this eleven
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year old girl that. is a passion. and a ticket out of poverty. now she has a once in a lifetime opportunity to raise the stakes a little higher. in her long journey to success. championship dream part of the viewfinder asian series. on al-jazeera. talk about time for the sport has far. thanks very much for the second time in twenty four hours the couple the british doris final between reffer plate and boca
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juniors has been postponed until further notice the match was due to kick off on saturday but was delayed after a rare fan's attack the bus carrying bucket players heading to the stadium daniel shrine where has more this is the second day on the road we've seen this river plate fans streaming out of their monumental stadium for the second leg of the copper liberty daughters final after the game was suspended on saturday was because of violence sporadic clashes between the police and fire and also the attack of the block or two in years past which left two of the players injured and the others choking on please tear gas today sunday it's not clear why it's been suspended apart from the fact that gold may ball the south american football authorities received a complaint from boca juniors football club asking for the game to be suspended same players after saturday's attack or in no fit state to play the game the fans were told the game would go ahead today they arrived in their thousand sixty thousand or so filling them on the one. stadium only to be told just hours before
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kick off it would not go ahead with no clear date set for the for the game to be played a huge embarrassment for argentina and society for the police the security forces involved and for the politicians especially with the g twenty summit due to be held here just a few days from now with presidents from all over the world arriving in one of cyrus argentina showing in many cases it's not able to organize the security for a football match. well earlier the head coach years reacted to the news at a press conference and went to. the internet you know. what we had to live with yesterday is not where you should have to live with before a final clearly we were at a sporting disadvantage yesterday and we were today and i think the best thing for boca was not to play because we were not arriving to play the match in the same conditions as river unfortunately we had to live with this fact in the twenty four hours we've lived since have nothing to do with a party or a copa liberty or is final in terms of sports we were clearly at
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a disadvantage and couldn't play. in italy napoli's chances of catching syria leaders eventis to have taken a blow where they were held to a draw by bottom of the table. he was goalkeeper stuff on a store in tino stopped every napoli chance it ended and then we'll try. falls eight points behind dentists who looked to be on course for a record extending eight sorry. five time world champion lewis hamilton ended his f one season in style by winning the season ending abu dhabi grand prix american actor will smith started off the race but then minutes later it was held up after nico holcomb bird was sent crashing into the barriers he was unharmed but was unable to finish the race for hamilton though it was smooth sailing in the britain led from start to finish in one and one hour and thirty nine minutes he ferrari sebastian vettel to secure his eleventh victory of the season red bull's
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max pushed up and came in third. i know next year is going to come back strong so to make sure i try to come back with it but i'm really grateful for the times. congrats he said no try we will try and think of a whole team will try to come back stronger to make sure we give it. to run into the exterior. antanas caray should be defending champions and host france to win the davis cup final on sunday croatia's marne challenge was relentless. giving francis lucas polio little chance of a comeback the world number seven stayed in the lead the entire match not giving a single break point the home crowd was roaring in support for the frenchman but chile quenched the title seven six six three six three. this is weekend from the dreams and. just incredible incredible feeling to play like this in a final dropping even one serving in three singles matches this is that is just incredible the level of tennis from even today look up played the great mass first
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serve was was really really tough just the probably one point decided that's a break and just extremely proud of the rhythm in australia or the new women's world two thousand and twenty champions after beating england in the final in antigua in mind got off to a decent start after choosing to about first but australia came into the final as three time champions and were soon rattling through the english batting line up a total of one hundred and five no problem for the aussies they not bad off with twenty nine balls to spare captain mag landing heading winning run and lifting the trophy. it's definitely the most satisfying when i've been involved in. especially as a lot of country is the last couple of world cup exits for us to milan and we spoke about that as a group and i'm not hiding away from that fact but i think the biggest thing is being that we've been able to learn and really grow as a group here win lose or draw today we are really happy with where we are as
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a group called his stick and we're just really enjoying what we do and i think we showed that out there tonight. and the united states's mckayla shift friend won the women's slalom at the alpine ski world cup in vermont on sunday even with the dense fog the olympic gold medalists get to her thirty fourth world cup slalom when she ranks second or most wins in the difference. and that. now more later more news at the top of the hour see them to get body.
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parts from. us. because we're not defending them as we're certain. rights are being violated. and freedom be stripped away. on the seven year anniversary on which the whites that stand out. like us stand up for human rights. born in palestine under british rule. educated
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in america. a controversial professor in new york. he realized that he was the voice. of the people al-jazeera won't explores what made him an influential writer. and champion of the palestinian pools in the west and what's out of place. where ever you. get out a message russia rams
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a boat as it seizes three ukrainian navy ships off coast. down in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. in may to listen to walker apartment terry interstate britain's prime minister now faces a continuing battle on the home front office signing a budget deal with the e.u. . mexico takes action against hundreds of asylum seekers who it says to try to cross the u.s. pulled. out a final between two fierce football rivals in argentina is postponed again and they often attack on the book of june and his team bus. ukraine's president says he will call on parliament to declare martial law after russia fired on that ships in the black sea moscow says it did so off the boat strayed into its territorial waters near crimea
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a region of ukraine annexed by russian twenty fourteen moscow says it impounded three ukrainian boats during the incident the outbreak of hostilities comes after russia used a tonka ship to block vessels traveling through the coach straight between crimea and the russian mainland. so. martial law is introduced in order to strengthen ukraine's defense capabilities amid increasing aggression and according to international law duty called act of aggression by the russian federation martial law does not mean our refusal to resolve the issue of liberating ukrainian territory by political and diplomatic means we have intentions to keep at hearing to all international obligations including the minsk agreement really chalons has the latest from moscow so what would this mean in practicality well. the one thing that the ukrainian president has said is that this does not mean an immediate mobilization in ukraine botts he does think that this will be the cause for calling
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up a primary reserve pool to be trained the martial law if it's an x. it would last for sixty days initially and that it wouldn't affects according to petro poroshenko the situation in donbass east of ukraine if martial law is an act it says the president will not conduct offensive operations now the trigger for this has been the recent flare up of tensions in the sea at which is a pocket of water to the north east of the black sea you have ukraine which is the northern coast of the as of c. you have russia which is the eastern coast and crimea which is the western coast to the south there is the current straits which russia very recently has built a bridge over linking the russian mainland with crimea now basically that gives the russians a way of choking off access to the azoff sea which they have just done by placing
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a tanker underneath the bridge now the russians say that ukrainian naval vessels have trespass into russian territorial waters and therefore that was the trigger for them to open fire on ukrainian warships the ukrainians say that six of their personnel were injured three of their vessels are now in russian hands and a situation which had been brewing and getting more and more tense for months now has flared up into open hostilities with an exchange of fire on each side what the international response is going to be to this well we have had condemnation from the european union saying that russia needs to back. golf a century and ukrainian vessels access to the ass of sea we have also heard from nato but we will have to wait to see whether this will actually result in any
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meaningful action from the international community ukraine meanwhile seems to be pushing ahead with action of his own well the journalist months or more of a live joins us via skype now from the ukrainian capital kiev i mean this escalation in tensions between russia and ukraine has been brewing for some time now how significant do you think this incident really is this is the first time one russians opened fire on ukrainians since two thousand and four to two thousand and fourteen during the an accession of crimi here and while making separatists in eastern ukraine russia always phone an excuse to say it wasn't us it's the volunteers it's the production element it wasn't our military but this is the first time we she'd. actually firing when when the.
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ships. deployed by the f.s.b. there are russians mina and their intelligence agency. when they fired at ukrainians and when they did six people and seized at least twenty more. cranium president petro poroshenko has been speaking at a meeting of his war cabinet so what do you think the options which are open to him now. well he seems to be. supporting the idea of imposing martial law and in he see creation in his political situation it could actually benefit him because he is seeking reelection at a presidential election in the march but his approval ratings are well below twenty percent. so interest imposing martial law and three much stoping
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suspending all the elections. means. it's a great political game for him because as we all know wartime president. gets reelected a lot more often and as you say he's going to propose martial law be declared but he's not likely to go to war with russia over this is a well ukraine has been saying for almost five years that it's at war with russia it's a hybrid war where russia uses media campaigns. it can all make leverage and its support of separatists in so eastern ukraine so in many ways ukraine has been at war with russia and the war is going on but this recent escalation. means that the war is
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heating up just a last question to you man so the e.u. has called on russia to restore freedom of passage in the strait but how is this incident likely to play out and do you think both sides can deescalate this crisis . judging by what russia has been doing recently it wants to escalate this huge creation because russia started arresting ukrainian ships and ukraine bound ships that. were entering were trying to enter this you know. pretty much stuck hold trade through this year. and economically ukraine has suffered a lot seems to into fourteen and the escalation of escalation in your bizarre also means. more economic hard to hard hardships were
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growing months somerville of thank you very much for talking to al-jazeera. now in your leaders have approved a final agreement for the u.k.'s exit from the block the deal may be sealed in brussels but british prime minister to resign may still have a major battle to get it through parliament join all reports from brussels. it took european union members just half an hour to endorse the negotiated brigs it takes and they did so unanimously a momentous step on the road to bring. the mood was resolute this is the best for britain just a burst of course a boon for europe this is the only course. the tone insulates is somber and poignant godless of how it will all end one thing because. we will remain friends until the end of days. and one day
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long. how it all ends depends now on whether the deal is indorsed by the united kingdom itself the live face of her critics to resume a must strike an upbeat tone what we see in this deal today is a deal that delivers for people to live us on the phone it delivers in a way that protects jobs and livelihoods security and united kingdom and as i've said before i believe our best days lie ahead of us for the prime minister the hard work is just beginning. leaders view brigs it now as a done deal they didn't want it but there's no need to sugarcoat it the british prime minister on the other hand has to sell the deal to parliament and to her own people she's got to convince them it's the best deal available. there is enormous opposition to may's deal at home and it could even be hardening with what's been described as her surrender on saturday over the future of gibraltar she handed spain and effective veto over future arrangements for the british territory the
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latest unpalatable compromise in the rising cost of brics it. if parliament rejects the deal in the coming weeks what then may was repeatedly asked if she would resign i said before it's not about me and i will say it again it's not about me but my focus over the next few weeks. as i've just said on making the case for this deal with the outcome in sat down to the break and gave may yet see britain stumble towards an exit without a deal that allowed on louder voices suggest a second referendum on whether to break sit at all don't hold al-jazeera brussels. or the lead of northern ireland as do you people out here which is propping up the reason my government has reiterated it will reject the deal. as i said we're not voting for this and i understand that there are many others across the commons that will not be voting for it either so what i'm calling for is a better days i'm asking trees in may to listen to water apartment ariens are
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saying and to listen to what those of us who are supporting our government in terms of common sense but i agree most are saying because remember that confidence is the plaque came in force to be about shared priorities and terms of bret's certainly for us this is not something we could sign up to mexico will deport about five hundred asylum seekers who it says tried to violently and illegally cross the u.s. border on sunday right. more than five thousand of them locked in the mexican border town of tijuana hoping to gain asylum into america a protest about the president trumped promise to hold them in mexico until individual cases i heard by u.s. courts u.s. border agents responded by closing a major border crossing into southern california and tear gassing those who tried to illegally cross the border fence was in jordan has more from washington d.c. the clash between migrants who want to come into the united states to request political asylum and u.s. customs and border patrol agents took place shortly after midday san diego time in
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the united states some of the migrants tried to breach part of the security wall between the united states.


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