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tv   Radio Rohingya  Al Jazeera  November 26, 2018 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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true for your truths you down to touch on. so that you'll lose their power to lose your wages or join a bank night shift or our new target how to pollute the boat on the back on whatever you are coming down because you know what i'm not aware of a young kid to learn if you were younger. gen champ car one from one place or mitchell it's intelligent you want to meet on monday night you wanted to if you want to go to the woods or one of them head out through out there are few which means he's a drug reactions you should say you have a job i did to john about our son could you imagine that you don't you like turns even with you on to something troat you know ha ha ha to the trans am or go off and you could say ha doc. oh what's right. why do you. do you. want to know.
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the place. the money. or the one full of the bank and if i don't buy back my. will get the family. a long hard look back i want to think i. have a lot of ensemble. of. i'm going. to. go. to india. there are no corner and. there are no. who are coming here there are people. who
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want. some of. the physical and. emotional one. of a. good . year so they say you know that we tell you that deviation yes and that's certainly. so that's why you know. so i know it's what you do when you know in a huge way of your soul it should. shoshanna
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. shows if you send any shown as a close enough we've been in the news on this we wouldn't. well you know what shana chenier for you going there now there is no rush and then. it's. even my it's your teens. your and your friends you're going on your patient yes or no you don't wait. hear this together when you're away from you know. truly it's. young going to. unity you. going and when you move.
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oh my. goodness you ha ha you know right well you. see not suddenly going to. hold for yourself was good for the foreign. countries are. told. that your. color conal are going to die every day and we don't have to put up our chins. they're. also ha ha ha shot well mr hoffa well told her how else also haha well i think i'll go out and oh well schools they do they call
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a. genius of the hotel zoning go out charging a financial male to go mingle the hot summer night or should i also thought of fish law but i do know that i was on the alamo way where you got beat off in the be all you go young guy he got shot. of the. house on the map. sorry was hers only to you so he sat. a while before we don't know why there were times when this will come on you tube how do you want.
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young ladies you are not happy. she was in the barrio the news conference. this week. that you have all the time i think you are. as if you are one of the i think you are on the. campus. for not knowing what you. are going to. get this morning i'm going to throw one koran in my. hands off when she came over for
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a. refund. for. her. means thanks. susan. watching. loveday and then move on to other. countries don't they are going. to have to move. to
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what i work on thought she could have. and you can only tell you don't want anything you don't love and you know what that some part of what do you. get the little one. most memorable moments with al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds of tahrir square to talking. as. if something happens anywhere in the world al-jazeera is in place we're able to
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cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. and that is our strength. well if we cannot have palestinian my government was suddenly not allow britain to control the french press time would be an outrage but then we need to find another solution before we come to blows over a century ago britain and france made the secret deal that changed the shape of the middle east and so. now we can draw raiment. sikes pekoe lines in the sand on just the. no one will ever know how many heroes dining here in the hall of. the chandelier is all like this broken as a sort of looking bizarrely blank gargoyles staring down of what humanity had done to itself below the vision that will not be a surprising vision but it was surprising that that could happen in baby. war
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hotels a brand new series coming soon normal just zero. the latest mean used as a free pass an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees with detailed coverage but now president of the the detective says there's not much that can be done without china theme is now inside the session. from around the world challenges in the aid sector in chad are driving the refugee families through tensions are for many are now back in the villages they fled when the worst part. in a serious escalation in tension russia seizes three ukrainian ships off crimea. hello
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welcome to al-jazeera live from doha i'm on team dan it's also coming up mexico will deport hundreds of asylum seekers who it says violence to try to cross the us border. i'm asking. a warning from a key partner for britain's prime minister just hours after signing a break to deal with the e.u. . and the search continues for victims of uganda's latest pleasure boat disaster. ukraine's president says he'll call on parliament to declare martial law after russian vessels fired at and impounded three of its naval vessels in the black sea
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russia says the boat strayed into its territorial waters near crimea a region of ukraine that was an expired russia in twenty fourteen moscow admits taking possession of the ukrainian boats an emergency meeting of the un security council being called for later on monday by russia one of the five permanent members of the escalation in hostilities after russia used the tanker to block vessels traveling through the strait between crimea and the russian mainland chalons has more from moscow. well even during the height of fighting in eastern ukraine and the annexation of crimea in two thousand and fourteen the ukrainian government was wary of imposing martial law or box in announcements from petro poroshenko the ukrainian president on sunday evening it looks as if we might soon
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get just that we can listen now to what he had to say about the possibility of martial law. martial law is introduced in order to strengthen ukraine's defense capabilities amid increasing aggression and according to international law duty called act of aggression by the russian federation martial law does not mean our refusal to resolve the issue of liberating ukrainian territory by political and diplomatic means we have intentions to keep at hearing to all international obligations including the minsk agreement so what would this mean in practicality well. the one thing that the ukrainian president has said is that this does not mean an immediate mobilization in ukraine botts he does think that this will be the cause for calling up a primary reserve pool to be trains the martial law if it's an act it would last
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for sixty days initially and that it wouldn't affects according to petro poroshenko the situation in donbass east of ukraine if martial law is an act it says the president will not conduct offensive operations now the trigger for this has been the recent flare up of tensions in the sea at which is a pocket of water to the north east of the black sea you have ukraine which is the northern coast of the as of c. you have russia which is the eastern coast and crimea which is the western coast to the south there is the current straits which russia very recently has built a bridge over linking the russian mainland with crimea now basically that gives the russians a way of choking off access to the ass of sea which they have just done by placing a tanker underneath the bridge now the russians say the ukrainian naval vessels have trespass into russian territorial waters and therefore that was the
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trigger for them to open fire on ukrainian warships the ukrainians say that six of their personnel were injured three of their vessels are now in russian hands and a situation which had been brewing and getting more and more tense for months now has flared up into open hostilities we've been speaking to told us could see his an expert in the department of political science at the national university of mourner academy how serious does he think this iteration is. well it is very significant in the sense to remember that for the last four or five years russia has been denying its military involvement in eastern ukraine of course nobody in the west believed russia but russia has always said that this is a civil war between russia and ukraine speakers and that russia is not present well
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this is this takes the conflict into a sort of a away from this sort of hybrid war into a more open rina where russia is clearly seen from video footage that's available to anybody wants to see it as an open aggressor. and in that sense it brings the conflict into a different domain as it were. there's no longer any pretense of hiding what russia is up to now. mexico will to pull up some of the five hundred asylum seekers who it says tried to violently and illegally crossing u.s. border on sunday. told them five thousand of them a camp in the mexican border city of tijuana hoping to gain asylum in america they protested after president trump threatened to hold them in mexico until individual cases ahead by u.s. courts u.s.
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border agents responded by temporarily clay using a major border crossing into southern california and to guessing those trying to cross over lay on frescoes a former deputy assistant attorney general in charge of immigration at the u.s. department of justice he thinks the chaos at america's southern border could have been avoided. i think this was a parable of terrible completely self-inflicted and avoidable tragedy the strategy of the drug administration have been to say nobody can cross along the thousand mile u.s. border because they will not be allowed to get to find them they have to go through the entry and then they prioritize report of a dreary lonely allow eighty people in per day when they know there are five thousand people waiting but they did give people a life that they could apply in an orderly fashion in mexico they didn't allow people to come in that kind of a i don't believe you that manner along the border they forced all of the traffic
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to grow and now we're seeing the chaos that we're seeing in san diego where a legitimate threat the throttle of breivik is being affected by what is that nonsensical policy unless the united states. lets get image processing center or if you do you make their claim in an orderly process or give much more priority by long as the port of entry more people to process that you're going to keep seeing these events occur. the man who served as donald trump's adviser during the twenty sixteen presidential campaign begins his prison sentence on monday george papadopoulos was charged with lying to federal investigators in the probe into whether tranced teen colluded with russia during the election a u.s. court has denied his attempt to perspire in his sentence and remain on bail the former aide will be the third defendant in the probe to serve jail time.
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leaders have approved a final agreement for britain's exit from the blog the deal may be sealed in brussels but british prime minister to resign may still has a major battle to get it through her own parliament jonah howell reports from brussels. it took european union members just half an hour to endorse the negotiated briggs's text and they did so unanimously a momentous step on the road to bring. the mood was resolute this is the best possible for britain just a burst of possible for europe this is the only course. the place is somber and poignant godless of how it will all. one think is so. we will remain friends until the end of days. and one day long. how it all ends depends now on whether the deal is indorsed by
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the united kingdom itself in the face of her critics to resume a must strike an upbeat tone what we see in this deal today is a deal that delivers for people delivers on the boat delivers in a way that protects jobs and livelihoods and protect security and the united kingdom and as i've said before i believe our best days lie ahead of us for the prime minister the hard work is just beginning. leaders view brigs it now as a done deal they didn't want it but there's no need to sugarcoat it the british prime minister on the other hand has to sell the deal to parliament and to her own people she's got to convince them it's the best deal available. there is enormous opposition to may's deal at home and it could even be hardening with what's been described as her surrender on saturday over the future of gibraltar she handed spain and effective veto over future arrangements for the british territory the latest unpalatable compromise in the rising cost of brics it. if parliament rejects
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the deal in the coming weeks what then may was repeatedly asked if she could resign i've said before it's not about me and i will say it again it's not about me but my focus over the next few weeks. as i've just said on making the case for this deal with the outcome in sat down to the break in gave may yet see britain stumble towards an exit without a deal or a louder and louder voices suggest a second referendum on whether to breaks it at all don't hold al-jazeera brussels the leader of northern ireland is the home which to resume a's government realizes again said it will reject the. as i said we're not voting for this and i understand that there are many others across the commons that will not be voting for it either so what i'm calling for is a better days i'm asking trees in may to listen to what her apartment areas are saying and to listen to what those of us who are supporting our government in terms
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of common sense by agreement are saying because remember that confidence in supply agreement was to be about shared priorities in terms of threats that are certainly for us this is not something we could sign up to in uganda the search continues for victims believed to be trucked in a capsized boat on lake victoria at least thirty one bodies have been retrieved so far but the death toll is expected to rise more than one hundred people are thought to have been on board the pleasure boat when it overturned president yoweri museveni has vowed to punish those responsible also jabari reports they were having a party on the boat now their relatives are in mourning. close to one hundred people were on the boat when it capsized overloading in bad weather in the area is being blamed. people were shouting the music was so loud and we thought that they were just having fun when the theory kept saw us that's when we realised they wanted help some of the fishermen who went to save them also died because many
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people jumped into this small parts of. this woman's nephew who is one of those fisherman who drowned while trying to save others.


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