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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 136  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2018 7:32am-8:01am +03

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might be good i think you have to know. some of whom. shall not. know yes some of that i would lose a little house i'm going to say you know. about that i'm. ready to canvass in the same spots we'll talk to you. there with the most american member and get they. can are they can read me read so i don't know that i was. a jab. old in the pool should there and then one of us will call who are rare. well yes. it wasn't all of those mississippi that i if i could well done mum had left the minute. about one hundred so they're moving it. to their student who are here to dish. but it was to whom one of the only two in one hundred the same thing to one and to have been have guessed. i have to your bed hair.
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better to listen. to you. say. you to believe that. yes they are you know this was. supposed to be. that of your listeners of the morning to begin to read you something about yellow like i'm going to answer something for you that goes along both of those are the kind of like i'm up to you know that most of the time you know something was the catalyst comes up with. no way around the head i thought oh i didn't.
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but is it an issue. in the uk club if you have an admission of bad edition. in new. zealand should it not a delusion of the day and it was that and chatted to atticus ted i didn't want to sit him down it isn't enough and had to suggest that his hand them a. little bit then did he do to turn this into davis that it would know him doesn't it make it. good who are the clues that decided this is it was a good shot that. oh the awful.
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being. on. a. plane out to the night come to my mind i'm. on the brink of the have accomplished my blood oh the stuff i live the life i live it's only a little but there's a fire the best i live. up. the. that's a symptom of the village is not a deep enough fellow did nothing to help all of us unless it was all of us it was
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good it was good enough not to do nothing but not the subject of the next minute was not the. best possible the muslim. world.
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would say never. but. i. felt.
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let. us talk about. the bible. never. come up. with god that's a misnomer the fellow. behind the. i'm afraid. there's. nothing that's not my.
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cup. of them isn't up. but. i'm going to call government because. i'm none of them i don't know. where one of the others let the battle. of the mist that go to the smoke and the. first one for.
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sure. the. local. cop would come with the bomb. sometimes.
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good. but you know so in the book i mean not looking. good but then what. was the low flow from that. and i'm not. coming up.
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i. haven't. december on al-jazeera. from hospitality to hostility toward hotels tells dramatic stories about high cons of complex and last resort shelters in divided cities an exclusive interview with nobel peace prize laureates now dennis mccoy
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and special antarctic sanctuary follows greenpeace says their campaign to create the largest protected area on. an annual convention that gives a platform to a global dialogue on critical challenges facing our world a new two part documentary that reveals the shocking realities of the global arms trade december on al-jazeera. they said what do you think of waterboarding i said i think we absolutely need it we should have it out of which we should warn people in power investigates the private companies unruly us towns allegedly complicit in the illegal use of torture under interrogation the sun will rise once a day and when not if you're in the hands of those. who can make the sun shine or not rendition you visited. on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx
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of tens of thousands of evacuees with detailed coverage but now president. there's not much that the south china sea is now in sight. from around the world. families to return to for many are now back in the villages they fled when the worst started. once held in one of australia's toughest detention centers now a world renowned surgeon. dr moon. has returns to his hometown baghdad to give up your keys to hope a walk near. zero. this is al jazeera.
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jordan this is the al-jazeera news hour live coming up in the next sixty minutes top u.s. officials are to bring. his body. ukraine's parliament approved the president's move to impose martial law for the standoff with russia. putting the brakes on general motors. just to lay off thousands of workers and models. as makes a dramatic models to study the deep interior of the red planet. and we start with breaking news on u.s. saudi relations the u.s. secretary of state might pay you and secretary of defense jim mattis to brief u.s.
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senators on wednesday and the latest developments relating to saudi arabia both democratic and republican politicians have expressed concerns about the killing of the saudi journalist. at the saudi consulate in turkey last month there's also been growing condemnation of the riyadh's involvement in the war in yemen which has created a humanitarian crisis but mike hanna joins us live now from washington d.c. mike so section of state might come pale and defense secondly james mattis would do this joint briefing to the senate why is it happening and what are we expecting them to say mike. well there's a couple of unanswered questions here firstly are they going to be briefing the entire senate or just the intelligence committee secondly is the director of the cia going to be present because some senators are insistent that it's all very well for the secretary of state and the defense secretary to come and brief the senate but they also want to hear from the director of the cia as possible now the cia
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doesn't comment on the movements of the director however senators insistent that they want to hear a briefing from her particularly on the circumstances that led to the death of jamal khashoggi as well as who should be held accountable for the death and specifically senator lindsey graham and service was the crown prince mohammed bin solomon responsible for the death so certainly there's going to be a lot of movement on saudi arabia this briefing just part of a week in the senate that is going to see possibly little sleigh should moved posing sanctions on saudi arabia or certainly some senators want that to happen derren and u.s. lawmakers on both sides of the house continue to press for stronger action over the killing but much the president trump wants this story to go away mark it's just not going to visit. certainly in the senate and in the houses an absolute insistence that accountability must be established for the death of jamal khashoggi
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and that also almost as a separate issue the role of saudi arabia in the war in yemen must be thrown into focus now lindsey graham wants to widen the whole ambit of the senate legislation he's saying that should accountability be established that the crown prince was involved volved in casualties death he wants to introduce legislation that would impose sanctions against the prince directly but would also investigate the prince's wider role the crown prince as wide a role in that war in yemen and senator graham says other erratic acts as he put it such as the blockade imposed on cutter so this wide ranging action happening in the senate now going back to the briefing by the secretary of state and the secretary of defense there is a possibility that they may not be briefing about the murder itself they may be briefing as to why they should not be sanctions imposed against saudi arabia we've heard from both of them in recent days basically sitting off the same sheet as
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president trump that any. severance of ties with saudi arabia would be harmful to the united states that's president transposition and that is something that has been echoed by the secretary of state and the secretary of defense james mattis going at it from a military standpoint saying if the war in yemen is going to be addressed there has to be engagement with saudi arabia so there is the possibility that these ministration officials will be talking about why sanction shouldn't be imposed but this is why senators are insistent that the director of the cia must also be present to brief them about the crown prince's involvement in the murder of jamal khashoggi or to my kind of there in washington d.c. mike thank you. meanwhile turkish police investigating the murder of jamal khashoggi are searching to the as owned by saudi nationals one hundred kilometers outside of istanbul they're trying to find out what happened to the remains of the
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saudi journalist after he was killed inside the saudi consulate last month anybody reports. the search centered on a large villa near the town of yellow over an hour's drive south of istanbul the forty strong team including police with sniffer dogs security forces and forensic investigators spent all monday at the villa which is said to be owned by a rich saudi businessman turkish media reported that he has links to crown prince mohammed bin salamander portraits of the saudi king and crown prince could be seen hanging in the hallway turkish investigators were acting on phone records of calls made from the saudi consulate in istanbul before he was murdered one is said to have been made to the villa by a saudi national he's been named as left tenant colonel mansoor off man abu hussein who is a member of the so-called hit squad which carried out the killing it's thought that colonel abu hussein is in the saudi civil defense force and to serve the crown prince the turkish prosecutor has issued a statement saying the call was made
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a day before the killing and it was to discuss either how to hide or destroy this because saudis body. the search included the surrounding area and a neighboring villa which is also owned by a saudi national neither of the owners was present fire services drained two wells before the forensic team took away samples. the two main theories about what happened to mr saudi's body either it was dismembered and dissolved in acid in the consulate or his remains were taken away in black suitcases purchased by saudi officials on the morning of the murder they were then either disposed of in turkey or flown to saudi arabia under diplomatic privilege only the killers know the answer and they are in saudi arabia. if this fails to produce any significant evidence about the whereabouts of mystical saudi's body it's difficult to see where this investigation goes from here without meaningful saudi cooperation which for
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some reason it still refusing to give. the arcus in the queue much saudi authorities are investigating with the perpetrators of the crime and they must hundred more over to us so that we can investigate them ourselves and know who the local collaborators or collaborators are doing and who gave the orders to carry out the crimes since all these questions are still unanswered calls from around the world and international organizations and getting louder to open an international investigation into this crime that saudi arabia mohamed bin salman though i'm moving on doing business and seeing friends the crown prince the man thought by turkish and u.s. security services to be in the want to order the killing is in egypt it's his first foreign trip since the murder of jamal khashoggi and the question being asked is if he wasn't the architect of this killing then why is he not finding out who was tony berkley al-jazeera yell over turkey i mean all the saudi crown prince mohammed bin
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sound man is on the regional top he's meeting close allies but activists in tunisia are trying to mount a legal challenge to stop his visit to their country to modify all reports in the capital tunis. first stop him have been some man's regional tour was to his closest ally mohammed bin zayed crown prince of the united arab emirates his saudi counterpart eager to show that it's business as usual for him and that he hasn't been affected by the fallout from the murder of jamal khashoggi bin sandman is also visiting behind and egypt as part of his trip both countries have close ties with riyadh so close there seem by many to be excessively controlled by the saudis no surprise then that he was welcomed with open arms but in tunisia the birthplace of the so-called arab spring a different type of welcome awaits the prince to newseum protesters angry that their government is welcoming the man widely believed to be responsible for the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi on the eve of his expected arrival the journalists union together with a dozen or so civil society groups held
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a press conference denouncing the visit and holding on to new zealand's to take part in protests nationwide among them the head of the tunisian national union of students to solve the real for the tunisian people reject hosting someone who continues to kill and commit crimes against humanity in yemen we reject welcoming a man who continues to crack down on basic human rights. human rights groups and activists say that the proposed visit is an attempt to legitimize the crown prince and whitewash his crimes something they say must not be allowed to happen now been said many want to continue here just to give an idea that to be accepted by the people said to show that he is welcomed everywhere he goes and i think the position of the tunisian government the position of civil society sorry does show that. if is welcomed by the government that in a sense of a society refuses that. we approach several politicians and m.p.
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used to find any who openly support the visit but none wanted to appear on camera possibly because it appears the popular opinion is so against welcoming the saudi royal. item or had be we shouldn't be welcoming him if it were up to me i wouldn't let him into my country and the people are against him he's coming to tunisia to clean his image as they are going out of just me i don't know why this visit is happening he said for economic reasons i don't know but i'm against it to suit not side with this man this part of the popular opposition to the crown prince's visit the fact that he is being hosted by the president of tunisia is symbolic a message that the crown prince is still very much in power and that it continues to pursue its policies across the region especially in the countries of the so-called arab spring. well later in the week mama been some on will travel to argentina for the g twenty summit human rights watch has filed
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a legal submission with the courts there to try and hold him accountable to allege war crimes committed by saudi forces in yemen as constitution recognizes universal jurisdiction for war crimes and torture kenneth roth the executive director of human rights watch says the crown prince's attendance at the g twenty summit in buenos aires could make the argentine courts an avenue of redress for victims of abuse is unable to seek justice in yemen or saudi arabia. now ukraine and its allies are demanding the return of three ships seized by russian forces of the coast of crimea in the worst flare up of tensions between both countries in several years ukraine's parliament has approved a decree signed by the president to impose martial law for thirty days in the wake of the crisis well the standoff has been the subject of emergency meetings at nato and the united nations or russia is accusing ukraine of deliberately provoking the clash to bring about more sanctions against moscow the dispute blew up on sunday
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when the russian coast guard attacked and seize three ukrainian boats in the kurdish strait well the waterway is a critical shipping channel for ukraine.


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