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tv   Counting the Cost 2018 Ep 47  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2018 8:32am-9:01am +03

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so hopefully we'll just get to catch up on some flea and have our winter barbecue that the announcement of the presidential pardon came at an early morning news conference in the u.a.e. capital abu dhabi to the. relief. of the civil. police that's being seen as a diplomatic compromise the u.a.e. stands by the court's conviction for espionage based on the postgraduate students research work on the u.a.e. security strategies the british government disagrees but when mr hedges freedom the compromise is something london is prepared to live with we've made it very clear for a number of months now that we see no basis in these allegations they reflect on that they've taken the action that they can which means that matthew hedges is going to be reunited with his family analysts say the outcome enables both sides to save face but lessons must be learnt i hope that behind the scenes and very careful
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thought is given to how such things can be involved in the future proper safeguards in the legal process to review things an earlier date so it doesn't get down to the issues of pardons and clemency and a diplomatic fallout because nobody really wants to see that there's something all sides in this diplomatic route do want to see and that's matthew had just back home in the u.k. paul brennan al-jazeera london. now this is the blue economy a virtual marketplace which covers seventy percent of the planet gives us half the oxygen we breathe absorbs a third of the carbon dioxide we pump out and provides livelihoods for more than three billion people well. worth at least twenty four trillion dollars but the annual value of goods and services generated from oceans three to six trillion dollars and analysts forecast the annual value will double by the year
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twenty thirty. some way to explaining why more than four thousand delegates. looking at how to harness the oceans resources reports from. the. next two days. it is recognize that the potential is huge but. says this needs to be protected. and also how. to.
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have. the. cities. involved in it. so bringing this to the continent. ninety per cent of train exports and imports. and our own two point five billion dollars in revenue every yeah. that's less than four percent of the g.d.p. the potential is huge so it's going to be interesting to see what kind of decisions are going to be made here what kind of financial commitments and going forward how this for this blue economy framework is going to be implemented not just by
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individual states but collectively as well. financial break your knowledge is when we come back and i will the sport england's cricketers. the details coming up a little bit later. xenophobic violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. infiltrates one of the continent's fastest growing far right organizations. and exposes links to members of the european parliament some. time now for our. generation paid. a special to talk investigation coming soon on the.
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first of a spacecraft designed to study the in the depths of mars has successfully touched down on the red planet. hatch count prepared. as a scientist cheered as they watched the dramatic arrival of insight on mars following a six month journey through space but sarah compass is a space journalist an astrophysicist she says the insight mission will allow scientists to compare the internal structures of mars and earth for the very first time i think what's so special about this mission is we just to share what we know so much about the space we live in a space age humans living and working. in the international space station but actually we know so little light we can when it comes to that the better planet
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molls we send spacecraft that actually even though america and nasa are about quite a good success rate traditionally around home for those spacecraft reality trying to land on the surface right so this mission is the first time going to do something we've never done before and it's i just think we saw the last of the atlas is actually going to look into an all structure of the red planet and trying to understand more about it because the earth will do the same time you think of mars as a capsule because of its time actually even because of its unique size and we don't know why miles and a so different that rocky planets that's the marriage distances from the sun but mars had a very different future history to earth so we want to learn more about the internal structure of models why it's so different how it came to form and in turn that will help us to understand more about how other rocky well such as our own planet and the other rocky welton and also system can warm up for the support now his foreign
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. thanks very much south american football fish oils will meet on choose day to decide when or even if the second leg of the copa liberty over as final can take place the game between argentinian teams river plate and boca juniors was postponed for a second time on sunday the return leg was originally set for kick off river plate's ground on saturday but was delayed after an attack on the book team boss earlier we spoke to south american football experts on our ngo he told us how damaging this has been for argentina a country hoping to host the twenty thirty world cup now it's pretty much a death note to lead you know a lot of jobs to about argentina backing out of the world cup bid for twenty thirty that should be probably announce some time and more when you start looking at the people currently going to be the new police here in miami actually and that's another big issue to be talking. with them if you really can't organize a match of this magnitude imagine trying to get the logistics down for
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a world cup i've ever played fan has been arrested after she tried to get pyrotechnics into the stadium on sunday the only thing is she used a child to do it this viral video shows her attempting to smuggle flares into the venue by taping them to a child's torso minors do not need body searches to enter stadiums but the popularity of the video is what landed the woman behind bars england's cricketers held off a determined fight backed by sri lanka to win their test series three now chasing a target of three hundred twenty seven in colombo sri lanka were moving towards an unlikely victory before jack leach intervened with this run outs a direct hit dismissing khosla mendis for a six leach also took four wickets as sri lanka were bowled out for two hundred eighty four england winning this third test by forty two rounds it's the first time they've won every test in a series. of. and you really are rember this crash from last week when
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a seventeen year old driver sprott or collation at the california three race in china germany sophia if the rash was heading into a tight corner before losing control and going airborne the teenager was taken to hospital with a spinal fractures she has since had surgery and is now speaking about the crash for the first time. well i think the video says old. it was my first big crush and it took me some while to get over it but i'm over it now and i think now a new chapter starts and. as i say i was about crushed but honorable and really very good stable and i'm still here. and i'll be back facing and chasing my dream. the sport of wrestling may not be everyone's idea of culture but after a few thousand years korea's traditional version of grappling has made it onto a coveted un heritage list. explains from south korea sudha
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more korean traditional wrestling is a fading sport in south korea until some twenty years ago it was the nation's most popular televised sport. champions were awarded golden ox trophies and a ticket to nationwide stardom but this year's largest student tournament had to be pushed back by a day just a week before the event as a sports national association could not secure a live broadcast lot with the country's public broadcaster for the finale despite dwindling interest at home you know esko has put on the intangible cultural heritage list based on its two thousand year history and how the sport lives on to this day north and south korea submitted separate beds to have the sport recognised but following a year of un president at harmonix us relations unesco pushed for them to be combined. there is hope among the sports athletes that suit him could play
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a part in bringing the two sides even closer she. is a context board so if we compete with north korean athletes skin to skin i think it will help get the two koreas talking even more the main rule of saddam is simple if any part of your opponent's body above the knee touches the ground you when you start by holding onto your opponent's had a fabric belt and band in as goes listing may help rebuild sit in his popularity the sport has been dying out in recent years are the only two professional teams or maiming many teams lost their funding when sponsors pulled out after the one thousand nine hundred seven financial crisis an estimated two to three thousand students below the age of eighteen are preparing to become south korea's next generation see them wrestlers. still the traditional folk sport is losing its place in the hearts of the younger audience at home. olympics if the two koreas get to jointly host the summer olympics on twenty thirty two then we can try to include
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sort of as a demonstration sport at the gangs we are working on making that happen north and south korea may have been divided for the last six decades but inside the sandringham they speak the same language. using jiang al-jazeera and south korea and that's all your support for now more later for a thank you very much not a film world is mourning the loss of an italian. bertolucci's works and him cinemas highest accolades he died in rome at the age of seventy seven some a speck on his life. from his directorial debut at age twenty one in the grim reaper. to his final cinematic offering in me and. she's bold vision created drama that captivated the audience is the world over his commercial successes won
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him a star on hollywood's walk of fame lauded as a luminary of european cinema. who created dazzling complex worlds. such as the last emperor a biopic of the chinese and propos ye the first western feature fields again commissioned to shoot beijing's for bait in the city it won him nine academy awards in one nine hundred eighty eight zero. while he worked with a list american and international stars but he was fiercely protective of his own filmmaking style he railed against what he said was the pressure of the u.s. film industry and it drove his critical successes but also fell foul of film senses for his more sexually provocative was. most famously the last time go in paris starring brando and maria schneider the controversy from one nine hundred
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seventy two was reignited two years ago when it was revealed that she was not prepared for the film's notorious rape scene it left schneider traumatized a year is and was a precursor to the me two campaign that has since mot hollywood but she's films were awash with his own psychoanalytical experiences a director whose first love was poetry the cannes film festival paid tribute to him calling him a giant of italian filmmaking part of the pantheon of cinematic greats so need i go . well that's it for me for this but don't go away i'll be back in a moment with more of today's.
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of course are. xenophobic violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. infiltrates one of the continent's fos is growing far right organizations. and exposes links to members of the european parliament supported by
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marine le pen's national rugby park. generation paid. a special tupac investigation coming soon on the. they join one of the world's most notorious groups. but found a way out rebuild their lives and their own help it's. a tale of course for crude and child soldiers and they have the fifth exploitation of women the door to. part of the radicalize nude scene and its final designer. top u.s. officials say they'll brief the senate on saudi arabia. coming
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up ukraine's parliament approves the president's move to impose martial law after the standoff with russia. the end of the line for general motors models in the u.s. . of workers. out of this world excitement as a probe to study the deep interior of the red planet. some breaking news on u.s. saudi relations amid the call for action over the murder of. u.s. secretary of state mike on peo and secretary defense jim mattis will brief senators on wednesday on developments relating to saudi arabia democrat and republican
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politicians have expressed concern over the killing of journalists last month that the saudi consulate in turkey is also growing condemnation on riyadh's involvement in the war in yemen which has created a humanitarian crisis well mike hanna joins us live now from washington d.c. mike so might bump a win jim mattis will do this joint briefing to the senate why is that happening and what are we expecting them to say. well there's a couple of unanswered questions here daryn importantly are they going to be briefing the whole senate or just the intelligence committee of the senate is the briefing going to be public zero is it going to be behind closed doors and very importantly too is the director of the cia going to be present because a number of senators say it's all very well to hear from the secretary of defense and the secretary of state but they really want to hear about the circumstances surrounding the murder of jamal khashoggi and the involvement of the crown prince of saudi arabia mohammed binns someone in that killing so there is still questions
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coming from senators they welcome the fact that they will get this briefing but that's the other question too is the briefing going to be about the murder of jamal khashoggi or is indeed the briefing going to be about why sanctions should not be imposed on saudi arabia now we've heard from both jim matters and might bump in recent days saying the same thing as president trump they do not believe that relations with saudi arabia should be cut off at this particular stage they think that sanctions against saudi arabia who could be destructive to the united states the huge secretary of defense also arguing that if one is going to address the war in yemen a test to be done with saudi arabia once again he's arguing that relations must not be cut off that there should be no sanctions economic or otherwise imposed but senators have a very different opinion yet mike as you say u.s. lawmakers on both sides of the house continue to press for stronger action over the killing but much the president trump wants this story to go away it's just not
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going to visit. no certainly not in fact it just keeps on going and members of the senate in particular are adamant that there are going to be measures taken against saudi arabia there are a number of different moves within the senate one has to do with economic sanctions on saudi arabia stopping u.s. involvement in its war in yemen that is one piece of legislation that's likely to be introduced in the senate in the coming week then as well we've heard from a republican senator lindsey graham that is should the accountability for the death be handed to the crown prince that he's going to seek legislation which would look at the why the behavior of the crown prince what the senator describes as his erratic decision to blockade to cut the involvement of saudi arabia and that war in yemen and of course the circumstances surrounding the death of jamal khashoggi so
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lindsey graham going for a very wide bit of affairs concentrating on the crown prince of saudi arabia other legislation coming into the house are likely to go in the senate is the whole issue of saudi arabia's war in yemen so a number of different moves which will all come to a head in the next few days mike thank you. police investigating a shocking his killing have been searching two villages owned by saudi nationals one hundred kilometers from istanbul they're trying to find out what happened to the remains of a saudi journalist. the search centered on a large villa near the town of yellow over an hour's drive south of istanbul the forty strong team including police with sniffer dogs security forces and forensic investigators spent all monday at the villa which is said to be owned by a rich saudi businessman turkish media reported that he has links to crown prince mohammed bin sandman portraits of the saudi king and crown prince could be seen
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hanging in the hallway turkish investigators were acting on phone records of calls made from the saudi consulate in istanbul before jamal khashoggi was murdered one is said to have been made to the villa by a saudi national he's been named as left tenant colonel mansoor author man abu hussein was a member of the so-called hit squad which carried out the killing it's thought that colonel abu hussein is in the saudi civil defense force and to serve the crown prince the turkish prosecutor has issued a statement saying the call was made a day before the killing and it was to discuss either how to hide or destroy this because saudis body. the search included the surrounding area and a neighboring villa which is also owned by a saudi national neither of the owners was present fire services drained two wells before the forensic team took away samples. the two main theories about what happened to mr saudis body either it was dismembered and dissolved in acid in the
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consulate or his remains were taken away in black suitcases purchased by saudi officials on the morning of the murder they were then either disposed of in turkey or flown to saudi arabia under diplomatic privilege only the killers know the answer and they are in saudi arabia if this search fails to produce any significant evidence about the whereabouts of mystical. saudi's body it's difficult to see where this investigation goes from here without meaningful saudi cooperation which for some reason it still refusing to give. us in the queue much saudi authorities are investigating with the perpetrators of the crime they must hundred more over to us so that we can investigate them ourselves and know who the local collaborators or collaborators are and who gave the orders to carry out the crime since all these questions are still unanswered calls from around the world and international organizations and getting louder to open an international investigation into this crime that saudi arabia mohamed bin salman though i'm
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moving on doing business and seeing friends the crown prince the man thought by turkish and u.s. security services to be in the want to order the killing is in egypt it's his first foreign trip since the murder of jamal khashoggi and the question being asked is if he wasn't the architect of this killing then why is he not finding out who was tony berkeley al-jazeera yell over turkey. ukraine's parliament has approved imposing thirty days of martial law in response to russia opening fire on its navy international response to russia's actions in the current strait have been swift and strong from kiev under simmons as the latest. at every level the outrage over russia's actions in capturing three boats and more disturbingly for ukraine twenty three sailors some of whom were injured isn't coming down quite the reverse ukraine's parliament debated martial law for several hours it was approved by a large majority president petro poroshenko says it will start from wednesday not
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a declaration of war he says more remains of bolstering defenses against aggression from russia but the martial law would be national applying only to coastal areas and regions bordering russia it will last thirty days my more. we have to reinforce our defense immediately so we can quickly react and mobilize all resources in case of an invasion. poroshenko has managed to placate opponents who believes that martial law was going to give him a big advantage by limiting political activity in the run up to the presidential elections at the end of march next year right now his popularity is low although there's a long list of world leaders who are giving his support over this crisis. nato is demanding the immediate release of the ukrainian prisoners held by russia with this
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warning so there shall harston the stance that its actions have consequences and that's the reason why nato has reacted so firmly against the actions of russia against ukraine over several years and did the un more condemnation of russia we strongly support ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders extending to its territorial waters we express our deep concern over the incident which represent a dangerous escalation and violation of international law russia may have rammed one ukrainian boat opening fire on a total of three vessels injuring sailors detaining all crew and yet it continues to accuse ukraine's president is standing for reelection next year of deliberate provocation resume ears of this banditry must be curbed and the international
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community must understand what ukraine is doing we would urge our partners in the security council not to shoulder responsibility for the dangerous conduct of the ukrainian authorities while the current strait may be calmer now the combination of ukrainian anger and tension hasn't eased andrew simmons al-jazeera. thousands of jobs are set to go in the largest restructuring by u.s. carmaker general motors since the two thousand and eight financial crash five big manufacturing plants will close in north america it's all part of a plan to save the company around six billion dollars and focus on electric and self drive vehicles. estimates for the number of jobs lost as general motors restructures are as high as fourteen thousand seven hundred some eight thousand white collar the remains of factory workers the plants affected are in michigan ohio and maryland in the u.s. and on teria in canada production also you see said to as yet unnamed plants
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outside north america by the end of twenty nine team it moves down ohio workers to spread not just for those being laid off but for the whole community for every one of our jobs you know i've heard around seven jobs on the outside are obviously impacted show you know not only not only the folks that are working in. the part supplying sector but look at the grocery stores right look at the restaurants the doctors' offices the hospitals g.m. says the layoffs on necessary to adapt to a changing u.s. kamarck it sales of sit downs are down as sales of s.u.v.s and trucks grow the company also says it will focus more on autonomous electric vehicles it's been ten years since general motors was bailed out with taxpayer money a fact not lost on the united auto workers union which is about the decision will not go unchallenged g.m. has production decisions in light of employee concessions during the economic downturn and a taxpayer bailout from bankruptcy it said.


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