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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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led to a further rise in its share price g.m. says it will save six billion dollars in cash as a result of the restructuring this is a blow to don't trump he said his corporate tax cuts will help save the u.s. as manufacturing industry the president has repeatedly boasted about his role in g.m.'s future job creation and on monday he said he remains hopeful i'm not happy about it that car is not selling well so they'll put something else i have no doubt that in a not too distant future they'll put something out they better but something else as a result of trump's economic policies the trade deficit is going to nearly double over the next five years it's going to cost millions of manufacturing jobs two of the plants affected are in swing states that ricky trump's victory in twenty sixteen the president's pitch to the american workers who voted for him is friend she every time see. frank how as a former g.m. employee and foreman these are of the united. states is moved towards electric cars shouldn't come at the expense of losing on planes. clearly there are changes that
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general motors is making and they know they may not be considering the fate of the workers in this in this process the most important thing the general motors is doing is the like to find its vehicles i do not know what the technology direction they're going in but the electrification of vehicles is a very good move but i think that it ought to be in other sustainable industries there will help us to address some of the other crises that we're facing especially the one that's been announced by the federal government regarding climate change and the climate catastrophe i think that trump has been entirely unfriendly to especially the unionized plants particular general motors even though workers made huge sacrifices to keep jam g.m. in a profitable enterprise after the bankruptcy of the bailout and of course that was done under obama and the bomb and ministration auto workers have been very grateful
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of that for that and as we know in many other things if if obama does something it's categorically a bad thing in the eyes of the trump administration so has had. the afghan president leaves behind protests in kabul to wrestle world leaders that money has been a while span. and the u.s. midterm sonali president rallies a mississippi for an impossible senate. from the key blue sky. to the fresh autumn breeze in the city of los. hello again a welcome back we're here across sr it is the brush fires we are going to be watching over the next couple days that is all because the temperatures are really beginning to rise across much of queensland we also has to be dealing with
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a heat wave across that area tomorrow wise townsville thirty eight degrees in your forecast so it is going to be quite difficult there over the next few days we do think it is going to last at least for the middle to the end of the week over here towards wednesday we're looking at townsville thirty six degrees maybe some showers coming into play but down here towards brisbane your temperatures are going up as well we do expect to see thirty four degrees shower down here toward sydney and melbourne but adelaide a little bit cooler with winds coming out of the south attempts for there are one thousand degrees well across much of new zealand we have been dealing with this pesky area of low pressure bring a lot of clouds and rain across the region i don't want to say it's going to get completely better but we do see a slow progress of clearing skies across much of the south island christ church partly cloudy clear conditions few with attempted there of about fifteen degrees off land is still going to be quite messy with the rain in your forecast but we do think by wednesday things start to improve not looking to bet on the temperature of the tempter there about twenty degrees and then very quickly across parts of japan
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we are looking at some clouds across and die but tokyo a partly cloudy day for you with temperatures of eighty the winds are sponsored by qatar airways. they join one of their wells most notorious. but found a way out rebuild their lives and help us. attain of course recruitment child soldiers and they have the fifth exploitation of women the door to. the radicalize you'd see in this tunnel designer.
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again you're watching alex's there has reminder of our top stories this hour. state might pompei one sector of defense james mattis will brief senators on wednesday on the latest developments raise to saudi arabia it comes as police investigating the murder of saudi. to venice just northwest of istanbul. ukraine's parliament has backed president petro poroshenko decision to impose martial law for thirty days after a flop of tensions with russia on sunday russian forces opened fire on them seized three ukrainian boats the coast of crimea. and u.s. called make a general motors is shutting down five money factoring plants across north america fourteen thousand jobs will be lost u.s. president donald trump says he's not happy and has criticized the current giant. saudi crown prince is expected to arrive in tunis in the coming hours on the next the latest leg of his first overseas tour since the jamal khashoggi case but not
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everyone is welcoming him the activists trying to mount a legal challenge to his visit. reports in the capital tunis. first stop him have been some man's regional tour was to his closest ally mohammed bin zayed crown prince of the united arab emirates his saudi counterpart eager to show that it's business as usual for him and that he hasn't been affected by the fallout from the murder of jamal khashoggi bin sandman is also visiting behind in egypt as part of his trip both countries have close ties with riyadh so close they are seen by many to be excessively controlled by the saudis no surprise then that he was welcomed with open arms but in tunisia the birthplace of the so-called arab spring a different type of welcome awaits the prince to newseum protesters angry that their government is welcoming the man widely believed to be responsible for the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi on the eve of his expected arrival the journalists union together with a dozen or so civil society groups held
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a press conference denouncing the visit and holding on to new zealand's to take part in protests nationwide among them the head of the two news international union of students the subject of a new meal for the tunisian people reject hosting someone who continues to kill and commit crimes against humanity in yemen we reject welcoming a man who continues to crack down on basic human rights. human rights groups and activists say that the proposed visit is an attempt to legitimize the crown prince and whitewash his crimes something they say must not be allowed to happen my husband said men want to continue here just to give an idea that to be accepted by the people said to show that he is welcomed everywhere he goes and i think the position of the tunisian government the position of civil society sorry does show that. if is welcomed by the government that in a civil society refuses that. we approach several politicians and m.p.
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used to find any who openly support the visits but none wanted to appear on camera possibly because it appears the popular opinion is so against welcoming the saudi royal. lytham or had be we shouldn't be welcoming him if it were up to me i wouldn't let him into my country and the people are against him he's coming to tunisia to clean his image they are going out of just me i am i don't know why this visit is happening he said for economic reasons i don't know but i'm against it to suit not side with this man this part of the popular opposition to the crown prince's visit the fact that he is being hosted by the president of tunisia is symbolic a message that the crown prince is still very much in power and that it continues to pursue its policies across the region especially in the countries of the so-called arab spring. tunis. the future of afghanistan will be debated over the next two days as an international conference
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in geneva afghan president. un the u.s. and international partners will discuss how they can help bring stability to the country as peace talks with the taliban move forward. as president ashraf ghani and chief executive of dillard dollar deposit kabul for geneva they lift behind this violent protests across the west of the city over the wrist of a local shia commander the disparate to prove they are in control and in geneva they will lay down what they have achieved with international money what afghanistan has to show the billions spent on security and i have a seventeen years the sad news is that the afghan government will not have a stellar achievement to present it to the international thing we did on when sitting gated afghanistan i'm sure that could be a very difficult time for the afghan government to show a tangible outcome for the law for the past two years. while not tangible there is
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optimism around the prospect of peace talks between the taliban and the us became public six months ago and have gained momentum in recent weeks of. foreign troops in your country what will be your demand of course we want to be we go out and you . live in a free country that's starting to manage to need to go on a u.s. special envoy to afghanistan was announced in september to broker a deal though michael met with all parties earlier this month were in very strong negotiations in afghanistan right now which a lot of people don't know about this may be the first but we are in very very strong negotiation in afghanistan we'll see what happens if something happens that would be a great thing. president danny has largely been sidelined the taliban says they will only talk with the government after reaching an agreement. with the us i want . all the afghans even militant groups are tired of fighting it is clear that these
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gatherings are pushing towards peace all afghans are supportive of this conference it will be better for the future of. the peace talk with value one is. far away from the streets of kabul in geneva they will take stock of this reality they will debate how to give afghans a base a life they will talk about peace and solidarity accountability and commitment words that mean little here but they carry on aware it's a moment to miss them dallas. the u.s. president's former campaign chief has been accused of breaching a plea bargain with federal prosecutors lawyers working on robert manne his investigation into russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election lied to f.b.i. investigators but says nullified their agreement not afford expected to receive a lighter punishment for cooperating with the investigation he faces at least
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a decade in prison on ten charges ranging from financial fraud to conspiracy to obstruct justice. is present donald trump has been campaigning in the state of mississippi on the eve of a special senate runoff election he's held two rallies to drum up support for public consensus in the smith is facing an equally controversial democratic challenger mike john hendren has more. a century and a half later in the deep south state of mississippi the civil war still holds the power to divide it's there in the confederate soldiers hat that republican senators cindy hyde smith dons in a facebook photo it surfaces in the comment she made about public hangings here were five thousand black men were lynched in the postwar reconstruction all over the. world. and it shows in the efforts that have effectively stripped black residents from voter rolls a move hide smith applauded. the
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. big campaign donors including wal-mart and major league baseball have asked for their money back yet those gaffes might still not be enough to cost tied smith the election her rival in a tuesday runoff election for one of mississippi's two u.s. senate seats is mike espy president clinton secretary of agriculture he is an african-american who's offered a tepid response to those racially tinge comments apparently for fear of alienating white voters if given half their. every delegate is just rejuvenated oh third types you know we don't need it anymore in tupelo birthplace of elvis presley and in the gulf town of biloxi president trump is stopping on the eve of the election to scour the south for one last vote in the senate cindy i'd bet is a tremendous woman who truly loves the people of mississippi and our country and i think and i think she's going to win florida mississippi is usually reliably
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republican what brings a campaigner in chief to the deep south is it this year it isn't polls suggest smith controversy comments are giving s.b. the chance to become the first democrat elected to the senate here since one thousand nine hundred eighty two when the first black man elected senator here since the nineteenth century for the first time in decades it's. real race fortunately racism is a pillar that holds america it is one of the one of the foundational reasons as to why the united states was able to prosper is because we were profiting off of free slave labor oftentimes off the backs. of ancestors who look who looks similar to me thinks that her comments have galvanized people to come out and vote whether enough will come out on tuesday to give s.b. a change to make history is less certain john hendren al-jazeera tupelo mississippi mexico has deported ninety eight asylum seekers accused of trying to breach the
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u.s. border. the border crossing into california was temporarily closed until it was fired on sunday as asylum seekers attempted to scale a border fence u.s. president has just independently shut the border calling the asylum seekers stone cold criminals the former president of the mole deaves has had his thirteen year jail sentence overturned by supreme court judges. was sentenced three years ago after a trial condemned by many countries it was the maldives first ever democratic elected president to two thousand and twelve the party he previously led unexpectedly won the general election in september dozens of people have died in two separate attacks in somalia at least eight people were killed in the capital mogadishu after a car bomb went off in a busy market on monday vises came to sponsibility for another attack which killed twenty people at a religious center in the northern city of. and southern new zealand one hundred
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forty five whales have died after becoming stranded on a remote beach i could discover the pilot whales and stewart island seventy five were already dead the others were put to sleep by vets because of their poor health . the first ever spacecraft designed to study the in the depths of laws has successfully touched down on the red planet scientists are hoping insight will help shed some light on how the plant was formed billions of years ago well in jordan how small in fact should now be experiencing the peak heating rate after ten years of dreaming and designing and testing my heart was basically i just think to stop beating for seven minutes i don't know if that's healthy or not but. but then when we got the indication of parachute deployment which was absolutely terrifying thing to think about we got that positive and then listening to christine still a call out as we got closer and closer to the surface every time she made
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a call out you know the hairs on the back of my neck would start rising a little bit higher a little bit higher touchdown for the mars insight lander on monday as suggested by the center mation touchdown transparent. that insights first photo from its new home the elysium planet sia using a two meter robotic arm a seismometer and other instruments in sight will dig a hole five meters deep so it can record so-called mars quakes and calculate just how hot the red planet's inner layers get they want to understand why mars which once may have been habitable by life is no longer wonderful nasa scientists say this data will help them understand more about mars origins and perhaps about the earth as well and boost u.s. efforts to get humans on mars by the twenty thirty s we can actually begin to
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estimate you know which ones might be happy to pull and which ones maybe not habitable based on some of the geophysical understanding that will get just by looking at mars. the stuff of the atmosphere if sending insight to mars was the hard part one nasa scientist says it's only going to get harder but that first photo will be a big help everyone gathered around the very front and was immediately deciding where to replace instruments and this is a great indication we were all certain that that first image would help us determine how difficult of a job we would have in placing the instruments and i'm very happy that it looks like we'll be able to add to it quite easily we hope the payoff is already coming in a second photo taken by one of two mini communication satellites that flew within sight . this. and the prospect of future discoveries have these scientists celebrate before they get back to work. and washington.
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this is around zero these are the top stories u.s. actually of state might pump a unsexy of defense james mattis will brief senators on wednesday on the latest developments related to saudi arabia it comes as turkish police investigating the murder of saudi journalist america shoji search two villages just northwest of istanbul his remains have still not been found mike hanna has more from washington d.c. a number of senators say it's all very well to hear from the secretary of defense and the secretary of state but they really want to hear about the circumstances surrounding the murder of jamal khashoggi and the involvement of the crown prince of saudi arabia muhammad someone in that killing so there is still questions coming from senators they welcome the fact that they will get this briefing but that's the other question too is the briefing going to be about the murder of democracy or jury or is indeed the briefing going to be about why sanctions should not be
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imposed on saudi arabia ukraine's parliament has backed president petro poroshenko his decision to impose martial law for thirty days after a flare up of tensions with russia on sunday russian forces opened fire on and seized three ukrainian boats of the coast of crimea us can't make it general motors is shutting down five manufacturing plants across north america as part of a plan to save the company around six billion dollars and focus on electric and self drive vehicles fourteen thousand jobs will be lost mexico has deported ninety eight asylum seekers accused of trying to breach the u.s. border to one or the san isidro border crossing into california was temporarily closed and tear gas was fired on sunday as asylum seekers attempted to scale the border fence. a car bomb has killed at least eight people in somalia's capital mogadishu went off in a busy market on monday fighters claimed responsibility for another attack that killed twenty people at a religious center in the northern city of. the first of
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a spacecraft designed to study in the depths of moss has successfully touched down on the red planet now says inside rover will unveil the planet's core structure and how it was formed billions of years ago. now with all that lies are back with more news on al-jazeera that's off the street. fresh perspective. possibility. in this. debate and discussion how can you trust a man like that how could you work again with a man like that she seems to be saying it affects all of us and we just don't know or care enough. winning programs take you on a journey around the. pain
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and in the stream today we continue our series on the view so what does an indigenous superhero actually look like and why does that representation matter i'm really could be allowed there is a lot to discuss today and i'll be looking out for your comments and your questions online. stream or join our you tube chop. in the director of the american. university of colorado in new york. indigenous representation in mainstream popular culture relegated to subplots mistakes or shamans making a brief appearance to impart some kind of wisdom indigenous community is often used to represent backwardness and complex histories of rich cultures of reduced and romanticized blocks have a look and asked studio we have back stories and characters for indigenous and first nation communities all conceived brought to us by indigenous artists
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and storytellers make all superhero stories and more are now being written by and for indigenous communities not tone down not furthering stereotypes they are instead building representation have a look at aragon star a kickapoo singer and writer and creator of the super indian comic series this is what you have to say. the reason i created super indian was because i was tired of seeing negative stereotypes about native americans in mainstream comics i wanted to create a character that had native american authenticity and also you know within the artwork and also within the rating as for the future of our indigenous superheroes i predict that there are going to be way more than there are now they're going to be more complex mar shades of grey they'll have access to a lot of high tech they'll be futurism so it's going to be great stick around
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you're going to want to see what we do. our again stuff if i have a day some time off you can come see thank you for that great start to rush oh there's so much to talk about joining us from albuquerque new mexico we have lee francis he's the c.e.o. publisher of native reality he also founded the indigenous comic con that's how the new mexico in the united states in silverdale washington state jeffrey very is a native american comic artist and designer and in winnipeg canada sonja ballantine is a writer and filmmaker welcome to the stream all of you so i love this what does that . make it so yeah that is the wrong way to start with conversation doing it right back to you so when it comes to comic influences our community has a lot to say and we asked them which character stand out for them erin in there's a gateway from the x.-men series and for our audience that isn't familiar with
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gateway this is him from the marble fandom universe he's an indigenous australian and this is a closer look at gateway li is this character stand out for you when it comes to a good indigenous superhero. i think there's a bunch of things that i thing where they where i really appreciate the ways in which. you know a lot of stuff that came out of marvel and folks because we were writing or drawing that but. you know i think even to my you know my my business relations there's still control units around the character you know the idea of of. you know sort of that aboriginal. you know the things that we've seen throughout their history being used sort of the power base i think is a double edged sword and i think that you know what we've really been trying to just be about really intentional about in in our representations not only through what we publish but also when we're trying to bring in you know compare everybody like we actually with these positions. so now i want to show you
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a cow it took from your childhood it's the green power ranger i have him here on my laptop when i show you well the green power ranger how on earth is he connected talk conversation that we're having right now tell us well well i found out recently that. tommy oliver was supposed to be worse is an indigenous character and i i didn't know that when i was a child i don't i don't either. i know if i knew that as a kid because i was like he was the most popular ranger and still is one of the most popular power injures and i'm like he was in a bit like that so who looked. like i think that's one of my one of my clever introduces bait is. secretly native when i have a credit talk about how i consider spock from star trek a native person ok yeah and it's really interesting to me to have that aspect is
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because like who else could deal with being both vulcan and human being and having so i was like of course he will never found out what his mom was what background is so mike ok she's great i decided it i say oh it's like i'm like you i've always associated spark just being because my my father's non-native and my mom's do so coming from two worlds you are. yeah. that's a great compliment. but yeah i feel same way i've always felt like spock was a kindred spirit yeah that's one of the big things for me with spock is that he's both feeling with not being balkan and not them not being human enough and i've always felt that one aspect of native the native experience not being native enough because you can't speak your own language but not being white enough because you're so different everybody else so it's like i don't know anderson why there aren't more nicci people like native people into star trek i felt like the only one for
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a long time when i was in. but why not only ask that you might. like i did i felt that way with like you know my dad was just like a super cycle i think and and so it was i think it was this wonderful precedent that was set in our house will this like being native nurture being dative tear was not something that was foreign to me especially when reading comics my dad was a huge reader so didn't matter if you know i was going out reading comics he was like you know he got something because you can read and it's awesome you know i mean this stuff it was like cool there's now i like over the past couple years like a look at all these native nerds will be there around right now. or i met currently reading an article about. visiting cons and the most of the con in my city did not have very many native people going to let until very recently and it's and felt like that again when i was a little kid being the only star trek nerd in northern manitoba itself like oh my
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god like i'm the only one wire there anymore but just like and so it's very cool to see that it's becoming more acceptable to be a nerd because where some of the nerdiest people in the world so i don't know why i had this well i would add is that all right guys let's let's let me get some juice out of here what makes an indigenous superhero fantasy what are the ingredients that you need to have to make them native fascination indigenous. well our one of the first ones i think is like a lot of a lot of superheroes in general suffer loss and that always made such a big impact on me because i'm like well why. as indigenous people we have suffered so much loss and asked so why aren't we indigenous why aren't we superheroes yet like asking for a man who has lost this planet wonder woman lost her home because she had to leave quite a man lost his family and it's like why i think this is still it's so easily transferred
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to us so i don't understand why we aren't heroes yet in that universe. so i don't know what you're saying there sonja about what you see a superhero having in their background but unfortunately our audience says too often they look like this this is a lean on twitter saying often they're limiting depictions of natives to old mystical indian or noble savage stereotypes and that's incredibly harmful and leads people to believe that we're stuck in the past and capable of adapting to modern times and alina goes on to say there are certain spiritual and ceremonial aspects that are also seen as a private thing and many native cultures so they can't be accurately depicted in comics which leads to bad and or append indian depictions of spirituality even when this is a part of the characters and background so jeffrey i wonder if you can pick up on that the heart. and i think lee touched on that a little bit earlier when he talks about it's a double edged sword we have some fantastic things fantastic symbolism fantastic
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spirituality in our culture when it's misrepresented the way it has been it becomes either a really bad cliche or a bad negative stereotype so when you have a native creator coming in there and he's in fusing his or her culture into his characters people might see that is oh that's just adding the stereotype with the reality is you know this is how it's properly done jeffrey. you know i was. it's going to add to i think that partly it's it's about the lived experience when it's a non-native writer what they're looking at is the is the binge fringe bettors and and food right so they're going to add the tropes because it looks cool and i like cool characters i think they're really i mean you know there's there's really amazing things that can come out of that from the imagination but when i write and i write characters in the people that we try to engage each.
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oh yeah. i hear what you're saying. to me it's i'm just going to jump over to something for a moment because you talk about creating characters so new this is exactly what you've been doing have a look here this is kerry barry lynn it's a children's book. they want how does that fit into what we're talking about right now because you're creating characters that work for all the people like you and youngsters growing up right now i think a lot of my work is autobiography autobiographical in terms of. write and i write with the plan of what did i want to see when i was a little kid and so i write with that intention always and sometimes it. i'm really surprised by how non-stereotypical things could come out for me or sometimes so your typical things could come about and so like i'm creating a superhero right now called thunderbird who was in my first film and there's a whole section where they create her costume and the entity that is her coffee
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decides that it likes a mole so it makes her costume look like a. design and there's a whole scene where maggie who is the thunderbird she says like what i'm creating i can't have a height across the open like her or her sentience symbol symbiont cos there was like no no it's fine well we'll deal with this later and i'm like uh correct so it's like coming up with stuff that got me angry to you as a kid like well and i hated seeing fathers i hated being seen as lake shy and or apache when i am a creep person so it's like i really want to eliminate that pan indian idea sure jeffrey you are people who know some of your stories and know some of your art how do you approach knowing that you come with you come to the table with some real integrity and then what do you do with your art. he walked gingerly and boldly at the same time. i want people to see that the native voice is
1:34 pm
behind but i also want to see the characters he said their characters just as much as they're mine they're part of our pop culture history and so that recognition is there soon as you see that and whether you're dative or you're not this is just me showing a native voice to these characters and i've been on or been lucky enough to be able to work on very a lot of the ones that i had loved as a child it's just been fantastic journey for me. here when. you know marc he made before that was one of my favorite pieces of art that i ever saw like and the way i posted on twitter too but i love the superman the way you do it because to me superman is a native person like in all aspects that skin color so it's a scene that almost made me want to cry cause i'm like i do. appreciate it you know like i said i be honest i just want to have fun but i also want people
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to know where i'm come from and i'm proud of where i come from natives we have a rich culture we have much to offer the world in we're just people are just now starting to recognize and see the tip of that giant iceberg that's just looming out there we. again i feel let the problem teach this because and. in our guts to last i feel that we often felt that seeing native people get relegated to the past made us feel so strange in terms of how like well i'm a modern native but i don't exist in the media so lake am i weird and so seeing nerdy creature i mean really creatures nerdy natives on t.v. was something that was really cool to me because i lost my mind there's a show in canada called corner gas that has an indigenous character named davis who is a police chief and police sergeant and there's this whole conversation you has where he's talking that you're off. another person in need and he's talking about
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battlestar galactica i was like oh. so happy about that so i love those little jim just things you love that you love seeing them. oh yeah and it's so much that i love this. is our native american. so i want to jump in here because i want to bring our community back in this is a conversation that if you are having about why it's important to have indigenous creator behind the scenes so wish i had done twitter says marvel they have a new or character out and they said that marvel has a bigger responsibility then to hire native writers and artists their most recent character is based on innuit culture and they did consult with a native person for it but consultation is not enough it's a free pass that they did their homework so that's a critique and i'll show you that character in just a moment but i want to bring this tweet in next because dale here on the other side of that debate says we as
1:37 pm
a native writers and illustrators now have the resources to publish and distribute on our own terms we no longer have to wait for anyone to give us permission or give us room at events like comic-con we're changing it our selves so you can see the marvel character behind me but lee i want to go to you with this conversation talking about is it the duty of these bigger houses like marvel or d.c. comics to include these voices or is it up to indigenous communities themselves i think we make our own path and we know that there's a market through this. and how we're going to go out but i also think that my main thing and i agree with the show you are not is. too often you've been serving as consultants in these ways you know listen jack is amazing you know and should be should have. been.
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we don't need we we're losing a little bit of you i'm so sorry about that let me just show you what part of what he does he has a bookstore the is dedicated to indigenous comics and fantasy and graphic novels and some of the tunnels a really important titles then more important titles but i want to point out a couple of the we have code talkers here and then we also have deal women a vignette these are stories that are really important that to be told in the not the kind of so is the of to make into comics. yeah yeah i think this is that's the we're going to make our own ways. we want to. work that i've been able to be a part of i was going to wait around for anybody we just decided to start up wishing and start a comic-con and open. got it yeah. i actually wanted to go to comic-con when i first heard of it and my first film actually
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played there and i was so set i couldn't go because i that wasn't i made my first film crash site with the intention of it going to places like indigenous comic-con and so it's really important to me that these places exist but yeah i agree with reed that we often had to make our make our own way into these events and because there's a thirst for this work but i think there's a lot of problems with places like marvel or d.c. where they're like well that's too nice of a market lake who are people other than native people going to buy these books and it's it's such a it seems like such a wall we still have to climb because i'm like you know with the success of things like black panther people don't believe like the big places the big publishing houses don't believe that there's chances of success with such a market. so in making your own way i want to pivot on not because we got this comic lives on you tube this is the walker who says why do we need fictional
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superheroes only those who feel inferior need heroes only those who feel inferior see others as super so that's an interesting comment there he's getting a lot of the this person is getting a lot of feedback on you tube a lot of superhero been times in our community do you keep that in mind this point in mind because i want to play a video comment from jay who's that algonquin artist and a writer out of canada and this is why he says we need the superheroes. quae james and there's the guns home and he was jailed you're going to go good writer artist producer comic creator from the killer guns even if not the community i wrote and drew created a graphic novel called could go either even though as leader of the after the two television series that airs in canada the united states and australia also drew book called black lies by author robert march there was a national bestseller why does representation matter simply put we can't let our kids and business children and people of color grow up in a world where the only way they ever see themselves represented in the media and pop culture is that's the bad guys or even worse the comic relief so if you're
1:41 pm
thinking about a career in comics you might get involved in the media we need your voice now more than ever because right now anything's possible of i did it so can you so i look forward to watching your shows reading your books get in the mix we need you piece . yeah jay's said it will cause i wish he had been on here because i wanted to tell him how much i wish i had existed when i was a kid because if i'd seen that i would have like lost my mind i'm like this one that put a kid on to read. like a fairy to yell but it was so cool to see like i think we need heroes because. no one asks so why people need superman nobody asks why we need bad memory just do because they inspire us you aim higher and i think with at lake with the three of x. that we're kind of inspiring younger kids to go into it because i didn't see any writers growing up that were native and it's really important to me to show kids that they
1:42 pm
can be thanked other than nurses and doctors and lawyers like we can be a lot of different thank you both so in part let me see that. i think heroes are important because they reflect who we are they are the epitome of what we hope to be as as a people as per people there that you're. so you have a native hero you want that native hero to put in my eyes everything that is great wonderful about our culture we need those the symbols of champions of who where we come from to feed you know i was thinking about when i was looking you were looking at the amazing at least been doing in the sun has been doing is that from my study of those two cultures and different communities indigenous communities that culture the history the spiritual physicians there's so much better stronger more amazing well magical than any superhero story that i've ever seen already mcgrane the culture what do you need made us and that's what you. mean if anything that i've
1:43 pm
ever seen in d.c. all malvo all and any of those big mainstream ones you have those superheroes already. culture who already doing magical things and they're not even magical things this is what they did and i think that's where we're heading i think we're certain to see that right now i think that if you look back at a lot of the a lot of the heroes that we we see that the comic pages today derive from stories greek myths different other mythologies still we're now allowed because of weight things are today were loud to share and build off of our own culture and our own mythologies developed worlds. and villains the way we see the way that we from the stories that we know. we're just start to seem to you know jeff and i want to bring this in from amanda she's a teacher and she's uses indigenous comics in her teaching material she says my students are mostly non-native and they have very little knowledge about living
1:44 pm
indigenous peoples we climb this hill together to bring them into reality and a better understanding and i often start with a collection like moon shot might start with six killer she gives a couple examples and says just reading and engaging with comments by indigenous writers and authors versus student expectations the native peoples are no longer here. and the resulting discussion usually lacks defensiveness so limited that to you because this is important for all audiences she's saying yeah yeah big it is six it was my my work and i wanted to sense you know native folks that are better done that's another part think that we've been trying to accomplish with this work in a manner points out a lot of other folks pointed out is that the pop culture isn't a sheet of native people sort of get stuck in the western and various western motifs and so what you end up with is is this i if. it was for all i know lee's attorney jeffrey you can finish the sentence i know you're
1:45 pm
all right so here's what i think might happen that there might be this tension happening between mainstream comics and graphic novels and then what you want to do as artists who happen to be indigenous and you would be seen that fight or can everybody together jeffrey and sunny oh yes i think everybody can work together if we have a healthy respect towards each and every culture that it's possible that. it's being done we just need to see more of it so. yeah i agree with that with that like people were thinking that black panther the movie was all they could be for people of africa and the santo are black are people that are black but everybody from a variety of cultures love that movie like i remember seeing at my almost started around dance in the theater so i saw a lot of my own culture in that movie and like the importance of our own stuff and so i believe that global yet any representation any group that isn't just
1:46 pm
a default caucasian is like something that we all love i mean people feel that just because a picture is one of the time to fly it's what they are now it's over to people who so talented in the future. jeffrey and son will thank you for being part of the story today thank you thank you will. january who says there are so many superheroes in our communities that are on song and comics are how we hope for youth to imagine new heroes from a cultural base thank you so much for watching we will see you next time take everybody. on counting the cost breaking the rules italy wants to spend its way out of an economic slump but it's up to its eyes in debt a big cryptocurrency selloff and
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a rock star c.e.o. finds himself behind bars counting the cost on a. descent on al-jazeera. from hospitality to hostility watertown's tells dramatic stories about icons a complex and last resort in divided city. an exclusive interview with nobel peace prize laureates not dennis and i'll try special antarctic. sanctuary follows greenpeace as they campaign to create the largest protected area on. an annual convention that gives a platform to a global dialogue on critical challenges facing our world a new two part documentary that reveals the shocking reality of the global arms trade december on al jazeera. getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after
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a while it borders between five safe countries facing realities the brain starts from the very beginning of the ballet school providing context housing is not just about four walls and a roof hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. top u.s. officials also braces senates on saudi arabia turkey why don't the search for journalist jamal khashoggi.
1:49 pm
a lot of that nor is there a live from doha also coming up in france parliament approves the president's move to impose martial nor after the standoff with russia. the end of the line for some general motors models as the u.s. car giant lays off thousands of workers. around compared. and hours of this wild excitement nasa is probably. the deep interior of the red. top level briefing on u.s. saudi relations is set to take place and made a call for action on the murder of jamal khashoggi u.s. actually of state. secretary of defense james mattis will talk to senators on wednesday about developments relating to saudi arabia democrat and republican
1:50 pm
politicians have been pushing for. particularly where the saudi crown prince is linked to the killing and also a growing condemnation of riyadh's involvement in the war in yemen which has created a humanitarian crisis mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . senators have been demanding a briefing from the trumpet ministration on the murder of jamal khashoggi and now they've got the secretary of state and the secretary of defense will come to speak to them but a couple of unanswered questions will the briefing be in public will it be to the whole senate or just to the intelligence committee a third and very important question will the director of the cia be present many senators have demanded a briefing directly from the director of the cia with regard to the murder of jamal khashoggi particularly with reference to the possible involvement of the crown prince of saudi arabia there are a number of legislative moves in the senate as well one with respect to saudi
1:51 pm
arabia's involvement in the war in yemen and the u.s. support for that legislation along the lines is likely to be tabled during the week but also senator lindsey graham insisting that he's going to introduce legislation with respect to the crown prince in particular intent on finding out the full extent of the crown prince's involvement in the murder of jamal khashoggi and what the senator terms his erratic behavior particularly with regard to the war in yemen and the establishment of a blockade against cutter so congress continuing to flex its muscle clearly angered the president trumps attempt to simply brush this whole matter aside and move on the senate in particular making very clear it is not going to allow this to happen to his police investigating the matter to mark a shanty as searching to fela's and by saudi nationals one hundred kilometers
1:52 pm
outside of s. down bowl there trying to find out what happened to the remains of the saudi journalist reports the search centered on a large villa near the town of yellow over an hour's drive south of istanbul the forty strong team including police with sniffer dogs security forces and forensic investigators. spent all monday at the villa which is said to be owned by a rich saudi businessman turkish media reported that he has links to crown prince mohammed bin sandman portraits of the saudi king and crown prince could be seen hanging in the hallway turkish investigators were acting on phone records of calls made from the saudi consulate in istanbul before jamal khashoggi was murdered one is said to have been made to the villa by a saudi national he's been named as left tenant colonel mansoor othman abu hussein was a member of the so-called hit squad which carried out the killing it's thought that colonel abu hussein is in the saudi civil defense force and to serve the crown prince the turkish prosecutor has issued a statement saying the call was made
1:53 pm
a day before the killing and it was to discuss either how to hide or destroy this because saudis body. the search included the surrounding area and a neighboring villa which is also owned by a saudi national neither of the owners was present fire services drained two wells before the forensic team took away samples. the two main theories about what happened to mr saudis body either it was dismembered and dissolved in acid in the consulate or his remains were taken away in black suitcases purchased by saudi officials on the morning of the murder they were then either disposed of in turkey or flown to saudi arabia under diplomatic privilege only the killers know the answer and they are in saudi arabia if this search fails to produce any significant evidence about the whereabouts of mystical saudis body it's difficult to see where this investigation goes from here without meaningful saudi cooperation which for
1:54 pm
some reason it still refusing to give. us in the queue much saudi authorities are investigating with the perpetrators of the crime they must hundred more over to us so that we can investigate them ourselves and know who the local collaborators or collaborators. and who gave the orders to carry out the crimes since all these questions are still unanswered calls from around the world and international organizations are getting louder to open an international investigation into this crime that saudi arabia mohamed bin salman though i'm moving on doing business in seeing friends the crown prince the man thought by turkish and u.s. security services to be in the want to order the killing is in egypt it's his first foreign trip since the murder of jamal khashoggi and the question being asked is if he wasn't the architect of this killing then why is he not finding out who was tony berkeley al-jazeera yell over turkey ukraine's parliament has approved thirty days
1:55 pm
of muscle nor in response to russia opening fire on its. response to russia's actions in the cut state has been swift and strong from kiev and to simmons has the latest. at every level the outrage over russia's actions in capturing three boats and more disturbingly for ukraine twenty three sailors some of whom were injured isn't coming down quite the reverse ukraine's parliament debated martial law for several hours it was approved by a large majority president petro poroshenko says it will start from wednesday not a declaration of war he says more remains of bolstering defenses against aggression from russia but the martial law will be national applying only to coastal areas and regions bordering russia it will last thirty days my more. we have to reinforce our defense immediately so we can quickly react and mobilize
1:56 pm
all resources in case of an invasion. pershing co has managed to placate opponents who believes that bhosle law was going to give him a big advantage by limiting political activity in the run up to the presidential elections at the end of march next year right now his popularity is low although there's a long list of world leaders who are giving his support over this crisis nato is demanding the immediate release of the ukrainian prisoners held by russia with this warning so the russian harston to start its actions have consequences and that's the reason why nato has reacted so firmly against the actions of russia against ukraine over several years and in the u.n. more condemnation of russia we strongly support ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders extending to
1:57 pm
its territorial waters we express our deep concern over the internet which represent a dangerous escalation and violation of international law russia may have rammed one ukrainian boat opening fire on a total of three vessels injuring sailors detaining all crew and yet it continues to accuse ukraine's president is standing for reelection next year of deliberate provocation resume ears of the cuban d.g. isn't this banditry must be curbed and the international community must understand what ukraine is doing we would urge our partners in the security council not to shoulder responsibility for the dangerous conduct of the ukrainian authorities while the current strait may be common now the combination of ukrainian anger and tension hasn't eased and drew simmons al-jazeera. yes president's former campaign to pull mama ford has been accused of breaching
1:58 pm
a plea bargain with federal prosecutors. investigation into russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election so a lot of lied to f.b.i. investigators which is not a five their agreement not a fourth expected to receive a lighter punishment for cooperating with the investigation if ace is at least a decade in prison on ten challenges ranging from financial fraud to conspiracy to obstruct justice. thousands of jobs are set to go in the largest restructuring by u.s. called make a general motors since the two thousand and eight financial crash five big manufacturing plants will close in north america as part of a plan to save the company around six billion dollars and focus on electric and self-drive kills she reports estimates for the number of jobs lost as general motors restructures or as high as fourteen thousand seven hundred thousand called the remainder factory workers the plants affected are in michigan ohio and maryland in the u.s. and ontario in canada production ceases to as yet unnamed plants outside north
1:59 pm
america by the end of twenty nineteen. workers despaired not just for those being laid off but for the whole community for every one of our jobs you know i've heard around seven jobs on the outside are. obviously impacted so you know not only not only the folks that are working in. the part supplying sector but look at the grocery stores right look at the restaurants the doctors' offices the hospitals g.m. says the layoffs on necessary to adapt to a changing u.s. kamarck it sales of sedans are down a sales of s.u.v.s and trucks grew the company also says it will focus more on autonomous and electric vehicles it's been ten years since general motors was bailed out with taxpayer money a fact not lost on the united auto workers union which is about the decision will not go unchallenged g.m. has production decisions in light of employee concessions during the economic downturn and a taxpayer bailout from bankruptcy it said put profits before the working families
2:00 pm
of this country whose personal sacrifices stood with g.m. during those dog days that these decisions are a slap in the face to the memory and recall of that historical american made bailout we must step away from the empty work of thinking of seeing simply the lowest labor cost on the planet g.m. exceeded expectations with better than expected third quarter earnings of two point five billion dollars boosting shareholder value and monday's announcement led to a further rise in its share price g.m. says it will save six billion dollars in cash as a result of the restructuring this is a blow to don't trump he said his corporate tax cuts will help save the u.s. as manufacturing industry the president has repeatedly boasted about his role in g.m.'s future job creation and on monday he said he remains hopeful i'm not happy about it that car is not selling well so they'll put something else i have no doubt that it is not just that but something else they better but something else as a result of the.


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