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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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there was a number of injuries caused one of them was a counter intelligence officer who was reporting back to his counterparts on shore there is also developments in terms of the twenty three sailors being held by the russians t.v. released pictures of one man who was evidently under duress saying that yes he had disobeyed russian instructions not to enter the territorial waters of russia he was aware that they he had done wrong now ukrainian officials dismiss this video as being against the geneva convention and also saying that it was crazy the level of pressure these men are under with the situation now where they do appear to be facing court action in russia now there's also a declaration from the foreign ministry that all of these men are prisoners of war and should be respected as such and beyond that the foreign minister is saying that
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you don't have to be james bond to work out that this is to be a super spy effectively to work out that russia is intent on disintegrating ukraine's southern area and indeed trying to destroy ukraine altogether in its actions. under simmons' reporting the russia's foreign minister says ukraine violated international laws by sending its naval vessels through the straight without permission he says the crisis is a move by the president petro poroshenko to shore up his declining popularity and bring more sanctions against moscow and. it may be that while ukraine was planning the provocation and no one has any doubt this was done with the good will and probably a direct order from the highest leaderships they were counting on additional benefits they wanted to get out of this situation first of all they were counting on the fact that the u.s. and europe as many ways recklessly take the side of the provocateurs of british ph d. research a jailed for spying in the united arab emirates thank the u.k.
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government for getting him home safely he's matthew hades he landed in london on tuesday after flying in from dubai he was sentenced to life in prison last week after a five minute hearing before being pardoned on monday. still to come here on l. to see the beatles slow down general motors with thousand set to lose their jobs in the united states and the rich jones to a tiny bits of the moon if you have a billion dollars. how to once again welcome to another look at the international full cost the weather remains pretty quiet secrecy good parts of north asia but some places of plateau rolling out of the yellow sea into the sea of japan this fizzling feature will bring some bits and pieces of cloud of rain into pos of japan but not too much
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to speak of eighteen celsius therefore tokyo is in cloud right into the fosse out there for q.c. for a time and even that will suite three quads weather coming back into one of two when few flurries into the fall north off clear skies behind so with around eleven degrees celsius but single figures to pyongyang single figures two for beijing and again a lousy on the quiet side lot of quiet weather to into southern parts of china for hong kong we have got some pretty wet weather making its way in here for a time on wednesday will sink a little further south was the skies are turning as we go through thursday temperatures at around twenty three degrees the showers continue into central parts of vietnam a squatting down in place now following our recent tropical system for southern areas still want to see showers into the fosse out all vietnam unusual showers into thailand into malaysia down into indonesia some lively ones from time to time to kata with the top temperature of thirty one.
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investigating a murder by the indonesian military in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine al-jazeera correspondent step vasant takes us on a personal journey back to east timor recalling memories which impacted deeply on her chosen career the life and the lives of others now anally two decades later she goes face to face with those responsible trail of murder indonesia's bloody retreat on al jazeera. welcome back you're without a zero live from doha this hour these are your headlines saudi arabia's crown
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prince is facing legal challenges and protest as he continues his first floorboard since the murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi mohammed bin sama is expected in tunis here later on tuesday but activists want the courts to keep him out of. five international aid groups support on the u.s. to stop all military support for saudi arabia the u.a.e. led war in yemen a joint statement groups are warning that fourteen million people a risk of starvation. russia's warning ukraine that imposing martial law will escalate tensions between the two countries ukrainian parliament has voted to allow the military to take over the daily functions for thirty days that's in response to russia opening fire on its navy. us media reports are saying donald trump son in laws are a couche in a push to department of defense officials to inflates the value of arms deals with saudi arabia in order to increase their perceived importance a.b.c. news mr cushman successfully had a fifteen billion dollars deal recategorized as being worth one hundred ten billion
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dollars after dawn. trump visited riyadh in may of twenty seventeen but order has not yet been fulfilled leading democrats say they will investigate the family links to saudi arabia let's get more on that joining us live from washington is our correspondent kimberly hellcat kimberly any comments yet from jericho or his people . no no comments but just a little bit more detail and background on what we have known for some time according to a center of international policy report that put the real number of the deals in the value of those deals a closer to fourteen point five billion not the one hundred ten billion that was touted by the trumpet ministration is recently as last week of the words of the president himself in fact saying that there was simply deals that were significantly lower in value this is why this report is so critical because we've long seen the president. talking about the value of these deals and that's
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the reason for the need for this strategic relationship showing some reluctance to in essence hold the crown prince accountable but in fact these deals are certainly not the value that the president has said we now know from this reporting that it was chaired cushion or who was pushing the state department the department of defense as well as the national security council to inflate these as much as possible in fact the quote coming from an anonymous source in one of those national security council meetings in advance of that visit to riyadh by the u.s. president is we need to sell as much as possible so working with the saudis this letter of intent that was signed in may of twenty seventeen is simply that a letter of intent not actual deals and in fact some of these deals preceded that meeting in even the trumpet ministration were by the obama administration as well many of these deliverables will happen not until twenty twenty two so certainly
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this is starting to shed some light not only on the process but perhaps why the president has been trying to make the argument for the need for the strategic relationship visa vi these arms deals and when it comes to what donald trump said at the time when he was in riyadh i mean that was his first big foreign trip he didn't go any place else he went whether it's fifteen billion or one hundred ten billion one rooms at the time he said it will create hundreds of thousands of jobs so beyond the memo of intent kimberly has anyone actually done any business here. well we also know that the number of jobs has been inflated considerably when you listen to donald trump he says hundreds of thousands at one point he's put it as high as six hundred thousand but center for international policy report actually puts a more twenty thousand and guess what not all those jobs are going to be in the united states like the president has been leading americans to believe in fact many of them will be under the crown prince saudi crown prince's vision twenty thirty so
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the jobs are also inflated in terms of numbers now where are we moving forward will we have the u.s. congress back in session and there is some interesting information coming out of there as well in terms of the fact that many of the top senators who have had an opportunity to see the assessment that final assessment by the cia say that it was very conclusive in contrast to what the president says in terms of pointing out the ordering of the killing of. firmly and squarely at the hands of the crown prince so expect that we're going to see an awful lot of pushing from not just members of the u.s. senate but the house intelligence committee to not only try and make that assessment public but also to do what one democratic senator has car rather house member has called a deep dive there will be investigations and there certainly will be an effort to bring up many of the members of the trumpet ministration including the secretary of defense and the secretary of state in fact we know there should be some briefings
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happening today saudi arabia as well as a meeting with the president can really thanks very much. now the future of afghanistan is being debated over the next two days at an international conference in geneva led by the afghan president. the u.n. the u.s. and international partners will discuss how they could help bring stability to the country as peace talks with the taliban move forward if charlotte but. as president ashraf ghani and chief executive of diller abdullah deposit kabul for geneva they lift behind this violent protests across the west of the city over the wrist of a local shia commander the disparate to prove they are in control and in geneva they will lay down what they have achieved with international money what afghanistan has to show the billions spent on security and i have a seventeen year is the sad news is that the afghan government will not have a stellar achievement the prison to do that and that's the thing we did on when sitting gaited afghanistan i'm sure that could be
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a very difficult time for the afghan government to show a tangible outcome for the law for the past two years. well not tangible there is optimism around the prospect of peace talks between the taliban and the us became public six months ago and have gained momentum in recent weeks. foreign troops in your country what will be your demand of course going to be to go out and you. live in a free country that's starting to manage to need to go on a u.s. special envoy to afghanistan was announced in september to broker a deal though michael ailes that met with all parties earlier this month were in very strong negotiations in afghanistan right now which a lot of people don't know about this may be the first but we are in very very strong negotiation in afghanistan we'll see what happens if something happens that would be a great thing. president danny has largely been sidelined the taliban says they
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will only talk with the government after reaching an agreement with. the u.s. i warm up in afghanistan had to get all the afghans even militant groups are tired of fighting it is clear that these gatherings are pushing towards peace all afghans are supportive of this conference it will be better for the future and i hope so it will be. part of this talk with taliban is. far away from the streets of kabul in geneva they will take stock of this reality they will debate how to give afghans a base a life they will talk about pace and solidarity accountability and commitment woods that mean this will hear that they aware it's a moment to miss and ballasts. the body of the italian filmmaker bernardo bertolucci has arrived in rome following his death on monday the oscar winning director who died of cancer aged seventy seven maligns stated city hall which alleges films included the last emperor and the controversial last tango in paris
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thousands of jobs are set to go in the biggest restructuring by the u.s. carmakers general motors since the financial crash of two thousand and eight the plant closure of five manufacturing plants and north america is a setback to president trump who has promised to turn around the industry g.m. says the layoffs will allow it to focus on electric and self driving vehicles if she had her tansey estimates for the number of jobs lost as general motors restructures or as high as fourteen thousand seven hundred some eight thousand white collar the remainder factory workers the plants affected are in michigan ohio and maryland in the u.s. and ontario in canada production will also see said to as yet unnamed plants outside north america by the end of twenty nineteen in lordstown ohio workers despaired not just for those being laid off but for the whole community for every one of our jobs they you know i've heard around seven jobs on the outside are.
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obviously impacted show you know not only not only the folks that are working in. the part supplying sector but look at the grocery stores right look at the restaurants the doctors' offices the hospitals g.m. says the layoffs on necessary to adapt to a changing u.s. kamarck it sales of sit downs are down a sales of s.u.v.s and trucks grow the company also says it will focus more on autonomous and electric vehicles it's been ten years since general motors was bailed out with taxpayer money a fact not lost on the united auto workers union which is about the decision will not go unchallenged g.m. has production decisions in light of employee concessions during the economic downturn and a taxpayer bailout from bankruptcy it said put profits before the working families of this country whose personal sacrifices stood with g.m. during those dog days that these decisions are a slap in the face to the memory and recall of that historical american made bailout we must step away from the empty work of thinking of seeing simply the
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lowest labor cost on the planet g.m. exceeded expectations with better than expected third quarter earnings of two point five billion dollars boosting shareholder value and monday's announcement led to a further rise in its share price g.m. says it will save six billion dollars in cash as a result of the restructuring this is a blow to don't trump he said his corporate tax cuts would help save the u.s. as manufacturing industry the president has repeatedly boasted about his role in g.m.'s future job creation and on monday he said he remains hopeful i'm not happy about it that bar is not selling well so they'll put something else i have no doubt that it is not just that but something else they'd better but something else as a result of trump's economic policies the trade deficit is going to. nearly double over the next five years it's going to cost millions in manufacturing jobs two of the plants affected are in swing states that ricky trump's victory in twenty sixteen the president's pitch to the american workers who voted for him is fraying
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she every time see outdoors or the first of a spacecraft designed to study the in a depths of the planet mars six secs fully touchdown on the red planet scientists are hoping insights will help shed light on how the planet was formed billions of years ago ross and george as more in fact should now be experiencing the peak heating rate after ten years of dreamers designing and testing. my heart was basically i just think to stop beating for seven minutes i don't know if that's healthy or not but. but then when we got the indication of parachute deployment which was absolutely terrifying thing to think about we got that positive and then listening to christine still a call out as we got closer and closer to the surface every time she made a call out you know the hairs on the back of my neck would start rising a little bit higher a little bit higher touchdown for the mars insight lander on monday as suggested by the santa mation touchdown compared to. that
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insights first photo from its new home the elysium planet sierra using a two meter robotic arm a seismometer and other instruments in sight will dig a hole five meters deep so it can record so-called mars quakes and calculate just how hot the red planet's inner layers get they want to understand why mars which once may have been habitable by life is no longer wonderful nasa scientists say this data will help them understand more about mars origins and perhaps about the earth as well and boost u.s. efforts to get humans on mars by the twenty thirty s when we can actually begin to estimate you know which ones might be happy to pull and which ones maybe not habitable based on some of the geophysical understanding that will get just by looking at mars. the stuff. if sending insight to mars was the hard part one nasa scientist says it's only going to get harder but that first
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photo will be a big help and everyone gathered around the very front and was immediately deciding where to replace instruments and this is a great indication we were all certain that that first image would help us determine how difficult of a job we would have in placing the instruments and i'm very happy that it looks like we'll be able to add to it quite easily we hope the payoff is already coming in a second photo taken by. one of two many communication satellites that flew within sight of. this and the prospect of future discoveries have these scientists celebrating before they get back to work roslyn jordan al-jazeera washington three time iraq from the moon are going up for auction this week it's estimated they could sell for more than a million dollars the stones were retrieved by a soviet space mission in one nine hundred seventy this is the second time these lunar samples are going up for sale bought them in one nine hundred ninety three for more than four hundred thousand u.s. dollars.
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this is al jazeera my name's peter dhabi these are your top stories saudi arabia's crown prince's facing legal challenges and the protests as he continues his first four abroad since the murder of the journalist jamal how shocking activists in tunisia are asking the courts to stop him from entering the country meanwhile u.s. media reporting that donald trump's son in law pushed department of defense officials to inflate the value of arms deals with saudi arabia to boost their perceived importance a.b.c. news says mr successfully had a fifteen billion dollars deal recategorized as being worth one hundred ten billion dollars after a presidential visit to riyadh in may of twenty seventeen that order has not yet been fulfilled. five international aid groups of called on the us to stop all military support for saudi arabia u.a.e. led war in yemen in a joint statement the aid groups are warning that fourteen million people are at
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risk of starvation russia is warning ukraine that imposing martial law will escalate tensions between the two countries ukrainian parliament tarion voted to allow the military to take over daily functions for thirty days that's in response to russia opening fire on its navy. russia's foreign minister says ukraine violated international law by sending its naval vessels through the kirk straight without permission he says the crisis is a move by the president petro poroshenko to shore up his declining popularity and to bring more sanctions against moscow and now you have. it may be that while ukraine was planning the provocation and no one has any doubt this was done with the good will and probably a direct order from the highest leaderships they were counting on additional benefits they wanted to get out of this situation first of all they were counting on the fact that the u.s. and europe as always recklessly take the side of the provocative words a british ph d. academic jailed for spying in the united arab emirates thank the u.k.
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government for getting him home safely he's matthew as he landed in london on tuesday after flying in from dubai he was sentenced to life in prison last week before receiving a presidential pardon on monday those are your headlines so far today the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story i will see you very soon. russia and ukraine crashed off the coast of crimea shoppes a fight in the black sea three ukrainian navy boats a seized and sailors taken as prisoners russia is accused of military aggression can this crisis be contained or will it escalate further this is inside story.
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hello welcome to the program i'm adrian finnegan a military confrontation between russia and ukraine has raised fears of a new and dangerous crisis relations between the countries a still role after russia annexed crimea four years ago moscow's since been backing pro russia separatists in eastern ukraine where fighting continues sunday's incident in the black sea could spark a wider conflict a russian coast guard ship rammed the ukrainian navy tug and opened fire on two other ships several ukrainian sailors were wounded and more than twenty were taken prisoner the confrontation happened in the kutch straits off the coast of crimea russia says the ukrainian naval vessels entered its waters illegally despite
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a treaty which guarantees freedom of navigation ukraine calls it an act of aggression and has put its military into combat readiness but president speciale says that ukraine doesn't plan to fight anyone. so. martial law is introduced in order to strengthen ukraine's defense capabilities amid increasing aggression and according to international law cold act of aggression by the russian federation martial law does not mean our refusal to resolve the issue of liberating ukrainian territory by political and diplomatic means we have intentions to keep at hearing to all international obligations including the minsk agreement from zero zero as worry chalons is following the situation from moscow. well with russia on blocking the straits it does seem that moscow is trying to draw down the temperature of this crisis at least when it comes to the possibility of military clashes but you know the political and the diplomatic reverberations of this are
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still continuing this has been the worst engagement between russian and ukrainian military since the dark days of two thousand and fourteen and two thousand and fifteen the annexation of crimea and the worst of the fighting in eastern ukraine. so that we have a situation where you crane is calling for a u.n. security council meeting it's getting that later on monday and it is also considering in its parliament the imposition of martial law this would have numerous impacts on the ukrainian body politic it would mean that you can hold elections we do have france the presidential elections actually coming up shuttle for the end of march you can't change a constitution under martial law you can't remove senior politicians including the president you can't hold political rallies circular of the russian foreign minister is making much of this they're saying that that suggests that this whole thing was
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orchestrated by ukraine as a kind of provocation to allow petro poroshenko who's polling figures are not particularly good at the moment to consolidate his control over the country now ukraine of course is saying that this was all along a blatant act of aggression by russia russia has impounded ukrainian ships it has in its custody ukrainian military personnel it blocks ukrainian access to the hours of c. which ukraine has a coastline on so you know there by agreement russia and ukraine share access to that body of water and ukraine is hoping that it can get as much support as possible from its international friends partners people in the united nations people in. people in the european union to back it up a century on this side against russia chalons for inside story in moscow so what's the background to this latest escalation will occur straight is an
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important trade route for ukraine as it gives ships access to the port of mali a pole in the sea of as of east of crimea russia's been inspecting all vessels going in and out of ukrainian ports on sunday it blocks the shipping route between the black sea in the sea of as off by placing a tanker beneath a new bridge linking russia with crimea the crimean peninsula was seized in twenty fourteen by russian backed separatists after the overthrow of ukraine's president viktor yushchenko bitch more than ten thousand people died in the fighting that followed between ukrainian and pro russian forces. all right let's bring in our panel for today joining us from moscow is grandison professor of international relations at the high school of economics in moscow from the hague via skype tell us because you're ukraine expert and author of putin's war against ukraine and from a chilly here mikhail oh well esky associate professor of the department of
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sociology and business school at the national university of kill or the hyla academy welcome gentlemen let's start with you glenn how dangerous a situation is this could it spiral out of control as either side prepared to escalate this. well the comfort conflict could become very dangerous quiet fast however i think it should be under control i think that there was some incentives especially from the ukrainian side to elevate tensions a little bit in order to i would argue create a provocation for a bit of an international incident however i think that a broader conflict with russia would not be in ukraine's interest. and now in the same side i don't think russia is an interested either to see this conflict escalate so it's so i think it can be contained i think will be more used to ramp up pressure against russia. i would expect both the british and americans especially to follow up on this issue tell us in the hague what's really going on
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here is this russian aggression unfinished business political move or maneuvering by ukraine's president i find it incredible that i guess for most those already blame ukraine for this military aggression when we see from the video clips of this the russian ship that hit the ukrainian not the other way around but there are i think two two to three reasons for this the for this incident first of all russian leaders including not even a poutine. very afraid of developments in ukraine because really creating slipping out from that control russian soft power russian influence in ukraine is practically collapsed since two thousand and fourteen and the latest example of that is the drive to have independence for the ukraine not stop shirt from the russian orthodox church this was so severely seen in moscow that they called a meeting of the russian security council secondly they are desperate to try to
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undermine president petro poroshenko because he they see putting sees the push on course the only one with whom they cannot do a deal on the eastern ukraine and it's because of that that they want to try to undermine him with the upcoming elections in march of next year they're going to do the opposite they're going to actually probably make can be like that but that's always russia's case that they don't understand ukraine so i think there's more going on here then they meet c.r. and it's not just the quick case of all russia made a kind of a mistake russia is seeing ukraine slip away and russian leaders are angry they don't know what to do about it well let's put that straight back to glenn glenn is russia trying to undermine petro poroshenko ahead of ukraine's presidential election. no shank was already polling quite poorly i think the people who'd vote for him now is in the single digits so he's far from the favorite and if anything i think this crisis would help him to
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rise up the polls even possibly now establishing martial law. setting it to favor himself or at least to boost his own popularity indure things so i see this as being favoring his presidency rather than undermining it by showing him that he's able to stand up against russia and also getting the support of the americans and the british i would point out however that it's not really clear what has happened so far. all we know is that. the laws which are supposed to determine who who can control this water says of course linked to the sovereignty of crimea now given that russia considers crimea to be part of russian territory and ukraine believes as part of ukraine they will both refer to the un convention on the law of the sea in order to claim a right of the territorial waters now luckily we have the two thousand and three agreement which establishes how this should behave themselves in this waters and
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the rules are that they have to report to port in the crimean port of curch and get permission the russian argument is that the ukrainian vessels which were sent in did not follow this rules and for this reason they were intercepted and the ukrainians sent and warships immediately so from their perspective they argue that this was a provocation however we simply at this point don't know the russians have said that they will release the tapes and the evidence however in the whist it appears that both the government and western media has already laid the verdict and almost as the nature of law instinctively blames russia whenever there is a crisis between ukraine or any other country in russia so i think for the real evidence we have to wait and see though the cato. crane said that it had given advance notice of the route being taken by its vessels russia says ukraine didn't notify the bit of violence and that the vessels were never gauging in
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a dangerous man a clash was engineer to create a sense of crisis to support the president in kiev who's telling the truth. you know what at the end of the day russia has lost all credibility with respect to telling the truth and most viewers of yours unfortunately are probably forgotten now we have an ongoing war with russia the last four years four years we've had daily artillery attacks we've had daily attacks by tanks we've had daily sniper fire we've had daily casualties and daily deaths unfortunately that's left the news and now suddenly we have this naval incident and it's going back into the news of course that makes sense but even the fact that ukraine has finally reacted in such a way that it brings out into the into the open what in fact is the reality and the reality is that there is a war and that russia is the aggressor. that there are. two hours ago submitted a decree to parliament declaring martial law parliament will be in session in
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approximately half an hour and i would expect that there's going to be a lot of discussion tonight as to that law on basically a war measures act but ukraine is currently in a state of mobilization and it has been for the last four years but in reality what we now have is we have a i guess a legal recognition of the reality of four and a half years of war now that four and a half years of war has been quite successful from the ukrainian standpoint meaning that we've only lost seven percent of our territory but nevertheless daily casualties and over ten thousand dead this is just one more episode in that saga became of president bush who says that that the two ports on the coast of the sea of as a key to ukraine's economy why is that. well it's not just those two ports it's generally access to the sea which is key to the key to ukraine's economy was obviously is important but those two ports or key for .


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