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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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will be fulfilled in the near future i don't see any need for mediators i think this is a purely practical issue. so that was lavrov there saying that he would like to keep it. a local practical issue . that he was saying that they don't want outside mediation he was saying that and also the kremlin was saying earlier that they don't think that this is worthy to be discussed or put on the gender of the g twenty meeting i think they would like to keep it between russia and ukraine because basically when it comes to the power dynamics between the two at the moment russia is fairly confident militarily economically and geographically it does have the advantage laurie in moscow for the latest thank you three u.s. soldiers have been killed when a roadside bomb exploded in eastern afghanistan three others were injured in the
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attack near the city of gosney the taliban says it was responsible afghanistan's president has made an investment pitch at a conference in geneva ashraf ghani says his country is open for business and that's a million percent growth level for afghanistan is possible but the u.n. is warning that three point six million afghans are one step away from famine which has been triggered by the country's worst drought in decades u.n. officials are warning that many desperate families being forced to marry off their children the dowries just to survive drought has made it even worse and so over the last four months among the i.d.p.'s the internally displaced persons we've been here out and this will seen a hundred and sixty one children between the ages of one month to sixteen years either being betroth maret or in cold so because the appearance.
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well i still had sown the program turned away by tear gas and bob wire. be a sign of seekers who are still hoping for better than i should in the us. and the world's largest hospital ship drops i'm care in colombia providing a lifeline to thousands of venice weight and refugees. we've got the rain clouds gathering across southeastern parts of china you can see this long line of cloud coming right south of vietnam since big downpours he recently pushing up towards hong kong and beyond if you don't see what's in taiwan as we go through wednesday being to see that heavy rain to fall from hong kong as we go on through the day even further south which of these was as we go into with sleep watches guys come back in the high temperatures lingering at around twenty
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three degrees celsius lingering showers meanwhile into central parts of the and southern areas in the passage of the recent article still now quietening down fairly quiet across a good part of south asia we have still got the live was never too far away from sri lanka chickie across the eastern side the windward side of the island had the moment so we are going to see further heavy downpours here as we go on through the next couple of days just not a little further north let's into double now do as we go through thursday a bit of cloud there into central parts of india but much of india will be dry and settle temperatures into the made to high twenty's sort of valley we're looking at across the arabian peninsula still a little bit of cloud insist central areas of saudi arabia over towards the red sea where you see this cat he could catch a few spots of rain but i think you'll be fine and dry here in qatar.
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for this eleven year old girl that. is a passion. and a ticket out of poverty. now she has a once in a lifetime opportunity to raise the stakes a little higher. in her long journey to success. championship dream part of the viewfinder asia series. on al-jazeera. our welcome back under mind at the top stories here on al-jazeera the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salma is due to arrive shortly in tunisia meetings with the
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president and prime minister on the latest leg of the tour seen as a bid to rebuild his image after the show. a call to russian annex crimea has ordered some of the ukrainian navy sailors captured by russia to be held for two months. and three u.s. soldiers have been killed when a roadside bomb exploded in eastern afghanistan. help end the war in yemen prevent a massive famine and save tens of thousands of children civilian lives that is the message for five major order aid organizations to the united states they're calling on the department of defense to cut military support for the saudi emraan to coalition to force them to change their approach to the conflict the holiday reports from across the red sea in djibouti. in a joint letter to the u.s. government the five charities say the hole to u.s. military support for the sodium but article would save many lives the u.s.
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they say is fueling a crisis that has severe consequences for millions of civilians. the international rescue committee oxfam america care u.s. save the children on the agenda for the council say that fourteen million the images out risk of starving to death if the parties to the conflict don't change course immediately we're completely desperate the more we wait every single minute . day a week we wait means more civilian shipment lossless and we're seeing enough now is the time for the u. s. to use the power they have to end this brutal brutal manmade held. in yemen today. the charities also accuse the warring parties of undermining human sequenom it with practices that of course rampant inflation millions out of work and don't know where their next meal will come the u.s. supports the sodium and arctic ocean with intelligence and sales of billions of
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dollars of arms we cannot have small children die of hunger and it's mis aisles and bomb brains every single day and allow for it to happen because our own interest and political agenda u.s. defense secretary giamatti is announced last month that the u.s. wanted the warring parties to hold talks within thirty days and hostilities. to charities now say washington should back up all those calls with jenin diplomatic pressure mainly on the sodium route to coalition it's been more than three years since the coalition began its full scale military complain against both the fighters who are captured most of northam yemen including the capital sanaa. says than what things hospitals schools water and. through the plants have been hit by coalition missiles killing tens of thousands of people the charities are now warning the united states that it could bear the responsibility of what could be
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the largest farm in decades if it doesn't stop with support for the so do you equal nation how about the world is either your booty danniella tartar the wife of a british academic who was jailed for spying in the united arab emirates has released the first picture of her husband since his return to the u.k. matthew hedges landed in london after flying in from dubai he was sentenced to life imprisonment last week before being pardoned on monday hedges was arrested in may while researching a ph d. on the u.s.a.'s security strategy has more. given the six month solve solitary confinement we understand that matthew hedges enjoyed while he was in the united arab emirates and then the bewildering speed with which he went from being sentenced to life in prison and last weeks are now setting foot back in london a free man it's not surprising that the family decided to make his return to the u.k. a very low key affair he landed at terminal five at london's heathrow airport and
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avoided the waiting media there instead the family have issued statements on the behalf of both matthew and his wife danielle and i can read snippets of them to you matthew statement is as follows i have not seen or read much of what's been written over the past few days but daniela tells me the support has been incredible thank you so much to the british embassy and the foreign office for their efforts in ensuring i arrived safely back home that his wife daniella to harder said i hope you can all understand that matter and i as well as his family really need some time to process everything that we've been through no one should ever have to go to have to go through what he did and it will take him time to heal and recover he's very overwhelmed and just to add to that the foreign secretary jeremy hunt has taken to social media to twitter and he said the following welcome home at hedges the whole country relieved and delighted to have you home and then thanks to the f c o team in the united arab emirates for all the tireless work behind the scenes so
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at the end of this what was a diplomatic crisis a happy ending the return home of matthew hedges and a face saving exercise on both sides the usa he insists that they had the evidence to prove that matthew hedges was a spy the british government insists that they saw no evidence to support that theory at all but nevertheless the two were able to compromise matthew hedges gets a pardon and he's now a free man. the french president is refusing to give in to the demands of protesters angry about rising fuel prices emanuel mark home was presenting his government's energy plants in paris thousands of so-called yellow vests demonstrators took part in violent protests in the capital over the weekend the tasha butler has more from paris. well i think if anyone is looking for any big announcements or measures from a man or mack or to the yellow vest protesters they would have been disappointed him at all mark or really use this speech to focus very much on environmental
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policy he talks about climate change how to move france away from relying on fossil fuels and nuclear and on renewables he said he could hear the frustration of many people who've been demonstrating for nearly two weeks in the streets now he could understand that they found it very hard to make ends meet he condemned some of the violence that we've seen here in france particular in paris over the weekend he offered a few financial incentives for people to do things like move away from their fuel powered cars to electric cars but he did not say that he would scrap the high taxes on fuel that have sparked at these protests he said that they were necessary to combat pollution that we will see hear the cries of alarm from society but we must not renounce our responsibilities for the future because there is also an environmental urgency on all recent opinion polls show that more than eighty
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percent of french people believe the high taxes on fuel should be scrapped so many ways a man or mark or speech will not have relieved of tensions and really the government's had a real headache with these protesters because they are finding the movement very difficult to manage and control this isn't a movement created by unions or political parties it's a grass roots movement or by social media and it includes people from walks of life from across the political spectrum and really it's become the symbol of something much wider people's discontent with the rising cost of living here in france and a government they say simply doesn't understand them and is out of touch with the poor sections of society some central american asylum seekers have decided to return home after being fired on with tear gas at the u.s. border but want to number are giving up on their dream others are just arriving further stretching resources makeshift camps to a home and has more from tijuana. after protests on sunday that
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breached the u.s. border fence almost one hundred central americans with the pool to it from mexico but the disturbances also sparked a rush of others in the caravan who decided to go to of their own accord bits can government trucks rode out with those who'd had enough alex was among those waiting for the next ride home. if we jumped the ball they sailed up kick us out they don't want us here things will get dangerous after everything that happened yesterday so i was decided to go home but. for many sundays tear gas and police lines were reality check they know now just how hard it's going to be to get across and how much this u.s. administration wants to stop the few are equipped to wait for that loot change winter's coming and most have tents at best in this makeshift camp into one of the cemetery conditions of rudimentary worsening local authorities worried about the
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threat of disease it gets a little worse when we offered this temporary shelter it was kind of three thousand five hundred people maximum and now we have more than five and a half thousand people and obviously debts generating a risk of inflictions we could have problems with sickness and also with security. they can't wait for the caravan to go along with many others had to be one of the sun the central border crossing point is the busiest in the western hemisphere but the u.s. authorities have already shut it down a couple of times since the caravan arrived and locals worried that if i keep happening it's going to really hit the economy head. but even as some members of the caravan leave to one of the others it's just getting here the new arrivals have to sleep outside on the pavement the camps now completely full you know it was cold and really uncomfortable for the children especially with the jeep at west in the morning it's enough to make anyone give up but many of these people are fleeing
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from it poverty violence they still aren't ready to go back. john who would. do one to prominent opposition leaders in the democratic republic of congo have arrived in the capital chasseur after signing a cooperation deal in library be on friday the telkom has agreed to campaign on a joint ticket backing felix to say k.d. in the presidential election december they both withdrawn from the unity deal after refusing to support the coalition opposition candidates martin phone. president joseph kabila stepped down after cling to office for two years longer when the constitution allows. venezuela's spiraling economic problems have led to a crisis of sickness and starvation millions have fled to neighboring countries despite the un providing an extra nine million dollars for humanitarian programs there many of found hope in colombia where the u.s. has deployed medical ships to treat those who need help the most is under m.p.'s he reports from the coastal city of rio. it's the world's largest hospital ship one of
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two the united states navy this batch is to offer free medical care with a crew of nine hundred doctors nurses and volunteers thank the u.s. in s. comfort mission in colombia is to provide health services to locals and migrants fleeing the crisis at home the migration crisis has certainly played a factor we are here to help the colombian government and their and they're obviously strained health care system. provide for all of those in need here and we watch hundreds of people lined up on the first day of service in a coastal city close to the border most of the care is offered on shore while surgeries done on the ship and the cup there's fly patients to one of the comforts twelve operation rooms. many like these children had never seen a dentist before there's like
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a boy who arrived weeks ago from venice where we're desperate for medicine her two year old has chicken pox two month old suffers from disparate tory problems. you can't find any medicine in venezuela hospitals are empty doctors are gone there's nothing left. but we couldn't find the medicine nor afford it business well as economic downturn has ravaged its hospitals which shortages of drugs spec scenes and the outbreaks of infectious diseases that have spread across the border the workload has increased like two thousand percent in a year it's on the sky i think we're almost the number one cause in the world there's no way. the doctors will stay in rio for five days one of two stops the mission is making in colombia the u.s. closest ally in the region in the country that has already received over a million venezuelan migrants. the u.s. government says the mission is
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a reflection of. ship in solidarity with the americas but it's also certain to irritate the various well and government officials who insist that there is no humanitarian crisis in their country. in response to the mission the chinese government one of venezuela's few friends has dispatched his own medical ship to venezuela i think there's very few cases of clearly al touristic actions on the part of governments unfortunately. medical missions are an important aspect of soft power. but geopolitics count literal for people like a hundred in your family who are just happy for the care they finally received. alison the fear that you are. not of course you can find much more on our website you should address al jazeera dot com. and reminder the top stories of al-jazeera saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon
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is due to arrive shortly in tunisia the meetings with the president and prime minister he's already been to egypt the united arab emirates and bihari in order to see the as an attempt to rebuild his image bodies facing more process over the murder of the journalist tamara shorty including a formal legal complaint in the choosing courts jamelle sheil is in the capital tunis. there was a large protest of the museum that took to the streets on tuesday gave. this visits very very kind of a bunch of not be welcome to to miss the other birthplace of the arab spring a country which has enjoyed significant freedom relatively other neighboring countries in the arab world a cotton russian onyx crimea has ordered some of the ukrainian navy sailors captured by russia to be held for two months the sailors appeared in court after russian forces opened fire on three ukrainian ships at the weekend and then seize
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them ukraine's parliament is imposing martial law for thirty days three u.s. soldiers have been killed when a roadside bomb exploded in eastern afghanistan three others were injured in the attack near the city of state the taliban says it's responsible afghanistan's president has made an investment pitch at a conference in geneva ashraf ghani says his country is open for business and that a nine percent growth level is possible but the un's warning that three point six million afghans are one step away from famine the wife of a british academic jailed for spying in the united arab emirates released the first picture of her husband since his return to the u.k. . as was said to survive in prison meant last week before being pardoned on monday . the french president is refusing to give in to the demands of protesters angry about rising fuel prices and on your micro instead announced he would close some
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reactors to reduce reliance on nuclear power he was presenting his government's energy plans in paris. most elections headlines here al-jazeera stay tuned for you find asia following an eleven year old chinese footballer aiming to use the sport to escape. viewfinder fresh perspectives through the lens of local filmmakers around the globe .
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