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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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mathew statement is as follows i have not seen or read much of what's been written over the past few days but daniela tells me the support has been incredible thank you so much to the british embassy and the foreign office for their efforts in ensuring i arrived safely back home that his wife daniella to harder said i hope you can all understand that matter and i as well as his family really need some time to process everything that we've been through no one should ever have to go to have to go through what he did and it will take him time to heal and recover he's very overwhelmed and just to add to that the foreign secretary jeremy hunt has taken to social media to twitter and he said the following welcome home at hedges the whole country relieved and delighted to have you home and then thanks to the f c o team in the united arab emirates for all the tireless work behind the scenes so at the end of this what was a diplomatic crisis a happy ending the return home of matthew hedges and a face saving exercise on both sides the u.a.e.
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insists that they had the evidence to prove that matthew hedges was a spy the british government insists that they saw no evidence to support that theory at all but nevertheless the two were able to compromise matthew hedges gets a pardon and he's now a free man. in the news ahead general motors puts the brakes on production in at least five of its plants across north america and racial tensions lead to an unusually tight senate race in the heart of the u.s. deep south. the weather is slushy quiets unsettled now across the middle east for a change after a recent spell of stormy weather still a few bits of unsettled weather over towards the western side of the himalayas with some snow here just ten celsius in kabul chance of
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a little bit damp weather just pushing into the east side of the mediterranean edging into syria pushing inland as we go through well into thursday but more in the way of cloud here stormy conditions i think cyprus could see some shop show isn't he said the in the mix for some rather disturbed weather but elsewhere as you can see iraq generally dry ice in the eastern part of the country into iran it was afghanistan and pakistan and generally dry see across iran presents lasting a fair bit of clavicles northern parts of saudi arabia could see a little bit damp weather if not a passageway for the south which of these was towards the u.a.e. as we go on through the day process guys come back into the way you do see the cloud was a possibility of a few spots of rain maybe the all the on a bus coming through some heavy showers now affecting the eastern side of south africa a little bit damp weather said possible as we go through the next couple of days is not doing its way further northwards up towards mozambique channel as we go through thursday he really looks on the cards for eastern parts of zimbabwe.
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the important thing if you were walking around in beirut was not to be in the line of fire from the holiday. we heard gunshots i was the first one to flee the hotter . the battle lasted three days and three nights and there were no prisoners at the end controlling in and you control the region around that's why there's such a bloody battle an icon of conflict at the heart of the lebanese civil war beirut holiday in war hotels on al-jazeera.
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top stories for you want to just zero saudi arabia's crown prince has arrived in tunisia for the latest leg of his first tour abroad since the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi protests have been held against his visit some activists said even petition to the court to keep him out of the country five international aid groups have called on the u.s. to hold all military support for you for a saudi arabia u.a.e. led war in yemen in a joint statement the i groups want fourteen million people are at risk of starvation. and three ukrainian sailors captured by russia during a naval confrontation in the black sea will not be set free a court in russian controlled crimea has sent them to two months past. france's president refusing to give in to demands to scrap taxes on fuel emanuel micron instead announced plans to close some reactors in an effort to reduce the reliance on nuclear power he presented his government's energy plans in paris on the so-called yellow vest demonstrators have been rallying in the past few weeks
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blaming environmental taxes for driving up the price of petrol. the men a movement of the several weeks now a large protest movements based on the price of fuel has been growing across the country it has led to major demonstrations as well this unacceptable violence i want to say here that i do not confuse these unacceptable acts with the protest themselves i do not confuse violent people who break things with other citizens who want to send a message i ask for their understanding but i will not give up anything to those who want destruction and i saw. thousands of jobs are set to go in the latest restructuring the largest restructuring by u.s. car like a general motors since the two thousand and eight financial crash a plant closure of five manufacturing plants in north america is a blow also to u.s. president donald trump who promised to turn around the industry g.m. says the layoffs will allow it to focus on electric and self driving vehicles more
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from shihab rattansi estimates for the number of jobs lost as general motors restructure fourteen thousand seven hundred some eight thousand white collar the remainder factory workers the plants affected are in michigan ohio and maryland in the u.s. and ontario in canada production will also see set to as yet unnamed plants outside north america by the end of twenty nineteen in lordstown ohio workers despaired not just for those being laid off but for the whole community for every one of our jobs you know i've heard around seven jobs on the outside are. obviously impacted show you know not only not only the folks that are working in. the part supplying sector but look at the grocery stores right look at the restaurants the doctors' offices the hospitals g.m. says the layoffs on necessary to adapt to a changing u.s. kamarck it sales of sit downs are down as sales of s.u.v.s and trucks grow the company also says it will focus more on autonomous and electric vehicles it's been
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ten years since general motors was bailed out with taxpayer money a fact not lost on the united auto workers union which is about that the decision will not go unchallenged g.m. has production decisions in light of employee concessions during the economic downturn and a taxpayer bailout from bankruptcy it said put profits before the working families of this country whose personal sacrifices stood with g.m. during those dog days that these decisions are a slap in the face to the memory and recall of that historical american made bailout we must step away from the empty work of thinking of seeking simply the lowest labor cost on the planet g.m. exceeded expectations with better than expected third quarter earnings of two point five billion dollars boosting shareholder value and monday's announcement led to a further rise in its share price g.m. says it will save six billion dollars in cash as a result of the restructuring this is a bloated old trump he said his corporate tax cuts would help save the u.s. as manufacturing industry the president has repeatedly boasted about his role in
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g.m.'s future job creation and on monday he said he remains hopeful i'm not happy about it that car is not selling well so they'll put something else i have no doubt that it is not just that but something else they'd better but something else as a result of trump's economic policies the trade deficit is going to. nearly double over the next five years it's going to cost millions of manufacturing jobs two of the plants affected are in swing states with ricky to trump's victory in twenty sixteen the president's pitch to the american workers who voted for him his friend he ever term sea islanders or we heard from jennifer french a member of the provincial parliament for one terrier where the canadian g.m. plant will close she says it is devastating news for the community it's really been frustrating because the news came down yesterday you know the workers in the community want to fight for these excellent jobs there are good jobs you can raise a family on you you can build community on these jobs and we. don't want to lose
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thousands and thousands and thousands of course once they're gone they're gone if you want to keep them so there is there is that need to fight and we're going to fight it aries if there is a tool in the toolkit we want to figure that out if there is any conversation to be had with g.m. to figure out a way to keep to keep building vs whether they are a hybrid or electric vehicles or flying cars you know it's ready for the next chapter and i know that. i know that the the unions certainly in the workers are talking about fighting but i think that our prominent and our federal government should be having that conversation as well they talk about job creation but here we have these thousands of jobs and i don't know that we. that we fully exhausted every option to to keep them to find out if there's a way to the united nations has released more than nine million dollars for
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humanitarian programs in venezuela as it tries to improve health care for women and children caught up in the economic crisis more than a million venezuelans have now fled to neighboring colombia where many of them are now receiving free medical care of a son there are reports now from the coastal city of. it's the world's largest hospital ship one of two the united states navy this patch is to offer free medical care with a crew of nine hundred doctors nurses and volunteers thank the u.s. in this comfort mission in colombia is to provide health services to locals and migrants fleeing the crisis at home the migration crisis has certainly played a factor we are here to help the colombian government and there and there's obviously strained health care system. provide for all of those in need here and. hundreds of people lined up on the first day of service in a coastal city close to the border most of the care is offered on shore while
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surgeries done on the ship there's fly patients to one of the comforts twelve operation rooms. many like these children had never seen a dentist before others like a boy who arrived weeks ago from business where we're desperate for medicine her two year old has chicken pox two month old suffers from disparate tory problems. you can't find any medicine in venezuela hospitals are empty doctors are gone there's nothing left. but we couldn't find the medicine nor afford it when a downturn has ravaged hospitals which shortages of drugs spec scenes and outbreaks of infectious diseases that have spread across the border. has increased like two thousand percent in a year it's on the sky i think we're almost the number one country in the world there's no way. the doctors will stay in rio for five days one of
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two stops the mission is making in colombia the u.s. closest ally in the region in the country that has already received over a million venezuelan migrants. the u.s. government says the mission is a reflection of. ship in solidarity with the americas but it's also certain to irritate the business well and government officials who insist that there is no humanitarian crisis in their country. in response to the mission the chinese government one of venezuela's few friends has dispatched its own medical ship to venezuela i think there's very few cases of clearly alchemists take actions on the part of governments unfortunately. medical missions are an important aspect of soft power but geopolitics count literal for people like a hundred in your family who are just happy for the care they finally received.
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allison that i'm here. to prominent opposition leaders in democratic republic of congo have returned home after signing a cooperation deal in kenya on friday. and she said q three to run a joint ticket in next month's presidential election under the deal to circle the would become the president's come out it would be the prime minister if they win the politicians withdrew from a deal signed two weeks ago which backed martin for you to as the opposition's. candidates us president donald trump has been campaigning in the state of mississippi ahead of a special senate runoff election he held two rallies to drum up support for the republican senator cindy hyde smith has been accused of making racially insensitive comments john hendren has more fun to play. a century and a half later in the deep south state of mississippi the civil war still holds the power to divide it's there in the confederate soldiers hat that republican senators cindy hyde smith dawns in
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a facebook photo it surfaces in the comment she made about public hangings here were five thousand black men were lynched in the postwar reconstruction are liberal . and it shows in the efforts that have effectively stripped black residents from voter rolls a move hyde smith applauded. her . big campaign donors including wal-mart and major league baseball have asked for their money back yet those gaffes might still not be enough to cost tied smith the election her rival in a tuesday runoff election for one of mississippi's two u.s. senate seats is mike espy president clinton secretary of agriculture he is an african-american who's offered a tepid response to those racially changed comments apparently for fear of alienating white voters if given half their. every day is just rejuvenating though
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third types you know we don't need any more in tupelo birthplace of elvis presley and in the gulf town of biloxi president trump is stopping on the eve of the election to scour the south for one last vote in the senate cindy i'd bet is a tremendous woman who truly loves the people visit me in our country and i think and i think she's going to win florida mississippi is usually reliably republican what brings the campaigner in chief to the deep south is it this year it isn't polls suggest smith controversy comments are giving s.b. the chance to become the first democrat elected to the senate here since one thousand nine hundred eighty two when the first black man elected senator here since the nineteenth century for the first time in decades it's. real race fortunately racism is a pillar that holds america up it is one of the one of the foundational reasons as to why the united states was able to prosper is because we were profiting off of free slave labor oftentimes off the backs of. of ancestors who look who looks
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similar to me think that her comments have galvanized people to come out and vote whether enough will come out on tuesday to give s.b. a chance to make history is less certain john hendren al-jazeera to mississippi the first spacecraft designed to study the depths of mons has successfully touched down on the red planet scientists are hoping the inside probe will help shed some light on have a planet was formed billions of years ago well from brazil and jordan in fact should now be experiencing the peak heating rate after ten years of dreaming and designing and testing. my heart was basically i just think to stop beating for seven minutes i don't know if that's healthy or not but. but then when we got the indication of parachute deployment which was absolutely terrifying thing to think about we got that positive and then listening to christine still a call out as we got closer and closer to the surface every time she made
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a call out you know the hairs on the back of my neck would start rising a little bit higher a little bit higher touchdown for the mars insight lander on monday as suggested by the santa mation touchdown transparent. that insight first photo from its new home the elysium planet sia using a two meter robotic arm a seismometer and other instruments in sight will dig a hole five meters deep so it can record so-called mars quakes and calculate just how hot the red planet's inner layers get they want to understand why mars which once may have been habitable by life is no longer wonderful nasa scientists say this data will help them understand more about mars origins and perhaps about the earth as well and boost u.s. efforts to get humans on mars by the twenty thirty s when we can actually begin to
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estimate you know which ones might be happy to pull and which ones maybe not habitable based on some of the geophysical understanding that will get just by looking at mars. just for the purpose of if sending insight to mars was the hard part one nasa scientist says it's only going to get harder but that first photo will be a big help everyone gathered around the very front and was immediately deciding where can we place instruments and this is a great indication we were all certain that that first image would help us determine how difficult of a job we would have in placing the instruments and i'm very happy that it looks like we'll be able to add to it quite easily we hope the payoff is already coming in a second photo taken by. one of two many communication satellites that flew within sight. this and the prospect of future discoveries have these scientists celebrating before they get back to work. al-jazeera washington.
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top stories for you here on al-jazeera saudi arabia's crown prince has arrived in tunisia the latest leg of his first tour abroad since the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi protests have been held against mohamed been salman's visit some activists even petitioning a court to keep him out of the country of headlines five international aid groups of called on the united states to halt all military support for the saudi u.a.e. led war in yemen in a joint statement the aid groups warn fourteen million people are at risk of starvation three ukrainian soldiers captured by russia during a naval confrontation in the black sea will not be set free a court in russian controlled crimea has sentenced the ukrainian sailors to two months in custody for fermenter simmons in fear. these sailors were put in front of a judge we don't know the full evidence that's been put to them we haven't got full details yet but we understand that at least two have been effectively reminded
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detained in custody for a whole two months while further investigations take place we're still awaiting to hear word of the other sailors there is a lot of concern about what's going on on this court nato has demanded that russia or release these men and there has been a chorus of protests worldwide about russia's actions the wife of a british academic who was jailed for spying in the united arab emirates has released the first picture of her husband since he returned to the u.k. matthew had just landed in london on tuesday he was sentenced to life imprisonment last week before being pardoned on monday hedges was arrested six months ago while researching a ph d. on the un security strategy france's president refusing to give in to the demands to scrap taxes on fuel emanuel micron instead announced plans to close some reactive in an effort to reduce the reliance on nuclear power he presented his
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government's energy plans the so-called yellow vest demonstrators that have been rallying for the past few weeks across from us blaming environmental taxes for driving up the price of petrol and that's a look at the headlines on al-jazeera we are back with the news hour after inside story with adrian finnegan. he is reviving its efforts of the. investigation police have searched two villas that belong to a saudi citizen but will it make any difference and can encourage succeeded its push for an international investigation this is inside story.
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hello welcome to the program i'm adrian finnegan it's been nearly two months now since the journalist walked into the saudi consulate in istanbul his murder at the hands of a fifteen member hit squad has put saudi arabia under an international spotlight it's an battled crown prince who's been accused of ordering the killing is on a tour of regional countries before heading to argentina for the g. twenty summit but turkey wants to make sure the case doesn't disappear from the world's attention its investigators launched a search of two villas outside istanbul on monday they say they're owned by a saudi businessman who's close to the current prince will bring in our guest in just a moment but first al-jazeera is tony buckley has more on the turkish investigation . the search centered on a large villa near the town of yellow an hour's drive south of istanbul the forty
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strong team including police with sniffer dogs security forces and forensic investigators spent all monday at the villa which he said to be owned by a rich saudi businessman turkish media reported that he has links to crown prince mohammed bin from amman portraits of the saudi king and crown prince could be seen hanging in the hallway. turkish investigators were acting on phone records of calls made from the saudi consulate in istanbul before jamal khashoggi was murdered one is said to have been made to the villa by a saudi national he's been named as left tenant colonel mansoor othman abu hussein who was a member of the so-called hit squad which carried out the killing it's thought that colonel abu hussein is in the saudi civil defense force and to serve the crown prince the turkish prosecutor has issued a statement saying the call was made a day before the killing and it was to discuss either how to hide or destroy this because saudis body. the search included the surrounding area and
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a neighboring villa which is also owned by a saudi national neither of the owners was present fire services drained two wells before the forensic team took away samples. the two main theories about what happened to mr saudi's body either it was dismembered and dissolved in acid in the consulate or his remains were taken away in black suitcases purchased by saudi officials on the morning of the murder they were then either disposed of in turkey or flown to saudi arabia under diplomatic privilege only the killers know the answer and they are in saudi arabia if this search fails to produce any significant evidence about the whereabouts of mystical saudis body it's difficult to see where this investigation goes from here without meaningful saudi cooperation which for some reason it still refusing to give. us in the queue much saudi authorities are investigating with the perpetrators of the crime they must hundred more to us
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so that we can investigate them ourselves and know who the local collaborators or collaborators are and who gave the orders to carry out the crimes since all these questions are still unanswered calls from around the world and international organizations are getting louder to open an international investigation into this crime that saudi. arabia mohamed bin salman though i'm moving on doing business and seeing friends is his first foreign trip since the murder of jamal khashoggi and the question being asked is if he wasn't the architect of this killing then why is he not finding out who was tony berkeley al-jazeera yell over turkey. let's bring in our guests for today's discussion from istanbul we're joined by professor of history at howden university that he based on from bucharest matthew bryce a senior fellow at the atlanta council and a former u.s.
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ambassador and from lancaster in the u.k. simon maybe on a senior lecturer in international relations at lancaster university welcome gentlemen good to have you with us professor based on let's start with you why is turkey so determined to seek justice for its own courts or through an international investigation led by the u.n. and to keep up the pressure on saudi arabia and its crown prince well first of all this. i mean the on fortunate and awful thing had happened in turkish soil actually in wald's cup with dylan is stumble law is not the political capital to draw a lot of attention and this gentleman was known to took showed ministration i mean discussion cheat and he had threatened and acquaintances so turkey is determined to follow it up because it's a hideous crime and there's a lot of details emerging but as far as the turkish public concerned.
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was invited to the consulate in istanbul and he and to but never came out so all turkey is determined to find out what had happened although all i'm sure that a lot of other details that are not has been revealed and but also. that actually they want to find out the truth what happened small farm nothing much progress and all we know is that yesterday or at very close to istanbul on the other side of modern marcy they were searching two villages professor. professing i think there's just more evidence that you have to come to light is that right well that is my guess definitely. so it is may no more because they raided two houses i mean that to begin with in order to start the crime or murder investigation you need to have the bodies somewhere as you or at least you should
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know that what had happened so far i mean in german speaking in the public even international community. we don't have much we can i mean we know some topping some recordings except trauma but the rest is anyone's guess so turkey is really determined to find out. matthew ries ambassador will there come a point when turkey has to say ok we've done all we can here for the sake of relations with our allies we've got to put this to bed and move on or is tookie not going to let this go and if so why not well i think as the professor said turkey's preference would be to get to the bottom of this for just reasons of humanity and as a way to also strengthen turkey's reputation so people know turkey is on the side of right but i think there just logically does come an end in the line of the of the detailed information that has been leaked quite skillfully from
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a diplomatic perspective by the turkish government for the last month or so. there hasn't been any dramatic information released recently and i think that yesterday's search of this villa outside is istanbul maybe it is an attempt to get some more information that could be useful and the nation in this attempt by turkey to to set the record straight i think turkey is also negotiating a bit with both washington and with riyadh but showing it's had this information and then having some some discussions behind the scenes one of which is about to take place i think between presidents bush and the one at the g. twenty summit in buenos aires president trump you mean. will come into the g. twenty meeting in just a few moments some of maybe on line close to what is keys and game here. the u.s. president has made it clear as far as he's concerned that the crown prince had nothing to do with the show actually is this something personal between the one and mohamed bin solomon or is it more to do with regional influence. i think there's every
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possibility that there is a personal dimension to it but i don't think there needs to be a personal dimension i think if you are if you're studying the middle east you're studying middle eastern politics one of the first books that you read is called dialogues in arab politics by michael barnett and what by that does is he tells the story of how a certain point certain incidents the actors involved have the opportunity to rework reconceptualized order international relations and i think that's exactly what this moment is what turkey is doing what pres than the un is doing is sensing that the affair has given him the opportunity to redefine a relationship between un qatar washington and illiad that has had turkey is the sort of the third player in a relationship that dates back to the one nine hundred fifty s. and i think turkey particularly under at the one is wanting to reassert itself on the regional stage and what i think many and turkey are doing is sensing that this is an opportunity to do that so leaving aside any personal animosity it's an
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opportunity for turkey. professor around in istanbul can ankara do you think succeed in its demand for an international investigation what what needs to happen politically to bring that to fruition. well first of all. he stumbled the capital of a lot of the dissidents from middle east namely from egypt from syria saw turkey is determined to actually make sure that it's a safe place for all these people so therefore from my point of view it's this investigation is a very very important but also the way deter it in relations turkish soldier relations actually had the momentum when the king called mr earle on this case saw we raised
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a lot of hope that the two countries would rebuild their relations and take it further so that also has that amount and also i'm very much hopeful that probably just twenty summit that would meet maybe the prince and done probably they will discuss further details and to bring this whole thing into an end but i very much doubt if sadat o.b.o. holds any more details i don't know at this probably they know whereabouts of the body so turkey does y. is going to press ahead until the bottom of it so it's going to cut keep it in my opinion for for a while at least on the international community's. attention ambassador brizard can you foresee circumstances in which saudi arabia could be persuaded to meaningfully cooperate with the the turkey's own investigation or an international un led investigation and if so who do the persuading. well the answer to that
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question depends entirely on whether or not the crown prince is guilty if he is indeed the one who ordered this then there is no chance no chance in the world saudi arabia will cooperate and unless under extreme duress and under conditions that are unforeseeable at this point but to answer the sort of hypothetical question were there to be an international investigation were turkey to keep pressing the case i don't think you could ever see one under u.n. auspices one one that would be approved by the u.n. security council because the u.s. will oppose that and and to tell you the truth russia may oppose such an investigation as well for a number of reasons one being russia is happy to step in and shore up its ties with saudi arabia while the crown prince is feeling vulnerable so i don't think there could be a u.n. investigation whether there could be an investigation under the international court of justice that's another question or maybe other under some other international
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body that would be broadly enough representational to to garner a sense of legitimacy but i don't see it happening under the united nations system ok turkey's foreign minister says the president strums assessment of the cia's findings are wrong. how funny think tookie is willing to push this with the us what is president looking to get out of the trumpet ministration well that was quite a dramatic statement by foreign minister childish will lou and i you know you haven't seen that reiterated since he made that initial statement because it's dramatic to call out the u.s. president in the century say the u.s. president is not telling the truth or outright lying. so i think what will happen in ankara is that president obama and his team are going to wait and see how much pressure comes on president bush by the congress especially when the new house of representatives convenes on the control of the democratic party come january what are the i don't want out of this well there are several difficult issues on the u.s. turkey agenda unresolved problems there's u.s.
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cooperation. in with kurdish militias that turkey views as a terrorist organization the wipe e.g. turkey wants that to end the united states would like to see turkey stop shelling those y.p. g. forces in syria there's also the issue of a state bank help bank whose vice president was convicted of money laundering and helping to evade iran sanctions turkey would like to see the criminal case against health bank dropped but then finally there's the issue of issues which is the residency in the united states misstate of pennsylvania of federal law you learn who in turkey widely believed masterminded the two thousand and sixteen coup attempt and i will add i don't know a single turkish person who disagrees with the notion that your land indeed did mastermind that attack so i think president are no one is looking for some progress on any of those issues so i would move on and length as to what you think the chances are that a president managing to twist of president trump who has declared his support of
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course for the grandparents might have been someone probably not very likely to be honest but just before getting into that i just want to stress that let's not forget tookie is one of the state's most responsible for detaining journalists and opposition movements across the world turkey has a long track correct code of doing so and so to kind of frame this is the protection of a journalist i think misses a great deal of the point here this is a political issue that is being used by ankara as a means of exerting more pressure on washington and now as to whether they can do it or not i don't think mr trump will budge he's been pretty steadfast in his view of saudi arabia his view of the crown prince and he's put all of his faith in the ability of crown prince mohammed bin soundman to counter iran not only in syria but in yemen and across the middle east now we've seen there have been a number of high profile strategic mistakes made by the crown prince but even so
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hot. come with a strong public rebuke from washington as yet so i think the idea that the ankara can exert pressure on trying to get him to drop the crown prince i think it's highly highly unlikely at this point. professor of professor bass and what do you have to say in response to what simon would say that you agree with his assessment of turkey's political motives here well that's most argued actually even in even in turkey but as i said i think turkey wants to safeguard its soil at least as i said in istanbul and doesn't want this case to be closed easily because the trump trump himself made the written announcement last tuesday in fact there was a very striking sentence that says probably will never it was an italian no will know what had happened etc so this is not just
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a statement it's basically saying to people just drop it out so that seems infuriated turkey so i do not think turkey really seeking revenge from saudi arabia probably they're not going to gain much out of it but it is very important for turkey i mean i don't know historically if we have any other case similar to this that you know. somebody in turkish soil just and to the. consulate and done disappeared so i think also turkish administration and namely particularly in the sort of on making that. kind of a personal issue because this is not really easy to swallow and probably they're thinking that if we let it go then you know we'll know what's next done where the world does what i think that's why it's important for turkey to clear this and find out the truth and at the same time probably want to make
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a little bit of. make others understand especially to solve these and if if at all prince behind it this is not only is a task that what they did is not really something they should be doing in turkey that you brought as a give you a brief moment to respond to that if you would then i want to come on to ask you about the g. twenty. sure yeah i don't think there's any chance at all that president trump is going to budge i agree and i don't think president expects that president trump is going to budge i think with president add on is doing is is looking for something in return for letting the issue go once there's no more information to be leaked and i just like to add as a former u.s. official in for twenty three years i was shocked and disappointed beyond expression at what president trump said in his statement he actually said maybe the crown prince did it maybe he didn't yes says the professor is saying we'll never know but
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we have all these important business interests on the table in arms sales that is remarkable for me to hear from a u.s. president you know we we were all trained in the foreign service and in university and even elementary school that the u.s. cares about certain values in the world as well as strategic interests and this is the first time i've ever heard a u.s. president so blatantly to abandon that mission that americans like to feel they have to do something good in the world the you raised earlier the issue of the g. twenty hits foreign minister said that said that i had been some of his to meet with took his president to the one at the g twenty what do you make of that why would the crown prince want to meet his accuser the man who stirring up so much trouble for him both at home and abroad yeah that's a great question my guess is perhaps washington and riyadh have been collaborating on a way to deescalate we know that secretary pompei over is that it riyadh as well as on in the midst of all this secretary pompei oh didn't didn't want to listen to the
2:41 am
tape that the turks had that they played for the cia director there's been some story speculation that maybe washington and riyadh are working together to make the cover story stick so perhaps the white house suggested to crown prince asked to see president aired on make up somehow try to deescalate the tension and by the way we've got your back so do the best job you can to get us all out of this mess and i think that's tragic for for everybody except probably the crown prince saud and my bone what do you think the chances of that meeting actually happening. i think first of all we've got to figure out if the crown prince is going to go to the g. twenty there are reports coming out this morning that human rights watch is placing pressure on argentinean prosecutors to arrest the crown prince for for his involvement in not only that but in the war in yemen and i think that if there is any doubt whatsoever if there is any theer in the crown prince's mind then he will he will decide not to make that trip but if he does that i think it would be very
2:42 am
interesting for mr and the crown prince to meet i think that there is a lot for the two states to discuss not least with regard to the g. affair and how to move beyond that but also how to deal with a region where the two are are heavily involved the two have aspirations about the ordering of the region and they've not always see eye to eye so i think going back to my very first answer about redrawing space this is about an existential vision of the middle east that's at stake here so that conversation is going to be wide ranging and incredibly intense and if that meeting actually goes ahead that as you said it's still doubtful as to whether i mean he says he intends to go to the g. twenty in argentina but with with argentina being asked to investigate of the possible war crimes in in yemen under universal jurisdiction it's doubtful whether he will we will risk going but would have been some if that meeting takes place be able to persuade president to one of his innocence in there or at least to quiet
2:43 am
the allegations against him personally. i guess it depends what those tapes say those tapes that we've heard so much about but haven't yet heard or at least i've not been privy to and i guess depending on what those tapes a whirl that will determine whether the crown prince is able to to try and convince mr advani of his innocence i think a great many people are of the opinion that this type of action could not have occurred. on sort of the leadership of key saudi officials without his two tillage and so i think that there is that perception that is incredibly difficult to erode particularly if there is some evidence of something in the tapes let's say some kind of smoking gun so i think it's going to be a bit an incredibly difficult task for the crown prince but but as they are investors that perhaps if there is some kind of some kind of coordination between of them washington then we could see some kind of versioning rapprochement but i
2:44 am
think it will take some quite seismic diplomatic efforts professor do you agree with that with that assessment what is turkey looking to get out of of this meeting at the g twenty with the saudi crown prince if indeed it goes ahead i mean is it looking for some sort of reproach but is it looking for a way to deescalate the situation. well i don't think it also took interested in keepin it always escalated and keeping also you know current affairs busy with the subject lot of people really upset about i'm sure the sol to citizens as well back in the country so yes indeed but a talk of trying to find a solution but the same time there is a way like a criminal case in hand and that is. also responsible making some public explanation about it on if they agreed agreed on what so i think this would sort of fall couple of course one is that you know hopefully he will
2:45 am
ask more cooperation from the sol decide it least to have like a viable exit strategy for this issue a little what would that be and number two i think turkey at the highest level all saw willing to restore the relations and play a positive role in syria as well as other economic projects in the regional this person i think and always promote this in turkish televisions whenever i appear so i think that meeting can prove something positive or elles here i think if saudi doesn't offer much help in this case it may turn again against them but it's not the transfer case i think what is has been said in those programs absolutely true turkey is really annoyed and sees this p why did occur on forces its borders very dangerous to their national security ok them afraid we must end our
2:46 am
discussion we're out of time thank you to you all very base and matthew bryza and simon made on as always thank you for watching don't forget even see the program at any time just by going to the website at al-jazeera dot com for further discussion join us on our facebook page you'll find that at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story or you can join the conversation on twitter i handle at a.j. inside story for me adrian fenty going to the whole team here and thanks for watching will see you my friend. i.
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concentrated and unequal in the world those who ordered the intimidation the murders are rarely brought to justice they say what waterboarding i said i think we absolutely need it. and if we can be sure the. people in power investigates the private companies and us towns and logically complicit in the illegal use of torture under interrogation the sun will rise once a day and sets not a future in the hands of. you can make the sun shine or not rendition visited. on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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hello once again from doha everyone i'm come on santa maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera not welcome demonstrators in tennessee a protest against the visit of the saudi crown prince also three ukrainian sailors captured by russia during a naval confrontation in the black sea will not be set free the afghan president leaves behind the protests in kabul for a conference in switzerland to reassure world leaders about his plans for peace. around. jubilation as nasa's probe lands on mars to study deep inside the red planet. so saudi arabia's crown prince in the past has arrived in tunisia for the latest leg of his first tour abroad since the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi mohamed bin solomon has been in egypt where he met the president sisi and as we see now in
2:50 am
tunis where protests have actually been held against his visit some activists said petition to the courts to keep him out of the country to reporters covering the story for you theresa bo is in. a human rights watch has filed a legal complaint against the crown prince and we're going to come to that shortly let's start though with jim in tunis what's been happening today john. well come out there was loud protests. took place in the heart of the city in the book people streets which isn't a center of the capital that was after a dozen or so and she holds rights groups and unions called for people to take to the streets to demonstrate against the visit of the crown prince mohammed bin saddam and it was louder than it was large in terms of numbers however the fact that it did take place is significant considering that the three previous thus the
2:51 am
nations of the crown prince were countries or capitals and cities where by freedom of expression is either limited or non existant particular considering when you look at for example the what's considered to be a military rule in egypt or obviously the fact that the united arab emirates somebody has been criticized by human rights groups of not allowing for protesters there obviously those countries are also very friendly to the crown prince and for him to arrive at a country that allows for that freedom of expression is indicative that he doesn't enjoy the popular support that he would claim to have but it is also important. to mention here come out the choice of tunisia being the birthplace of the arab spring and the fact that some have been some months old that she should come here is also a signal possibly from his part to demonstrates to his critics that he is not down and out as some would like to believe that he is very much still in control and that he would continue to pursue the policies that him and his country have been
2:52 am
following for the past few years namely countering what many believe to be the revolution real reformist movements in the arab world and his choice of visiting tunisia is to show that he is not deterred as a result of the fallout from the actual g. case. has mohammed been silent as far as this whole trip goes through the region jamal has it been a quote unquote success for him i mean he goes to visit generally friendly countries and kind of i guess insulate themselves from the criticism that's coming from other parts of the world. essentially i mean he has been singing to the choir as the saying goes and that she's been going to. the crown prince and i will not be him from a bin zayed who is widely believed to be either his closest ally or in fact his mentor somebody who was essentially helped orchestrate much of saudi arabia's foreign policies in the past year and a half and then obviously then on show that he's gone through the.
2:53 am
satellite states of the saudis essentially and then obviously two very close ally in. cairo and therefore are we still there yeah it's ok we can see you having a few technical problems they were not seeing you terribly well right now so we might just leave you there thank you for that. scene it's the lights going out there let's go to buenos aires the daytime no such problems there human rights watch of the legal complaint in argentina wanting an investigation into mohamed bin solomon's role so let's talk to raise the boat about that not just a legal challenge in argentina but on this global stage of the g twenty summit. well that's correct and one of the side is that argentina in general is getting ready to host the g. twenty summit in a couple of days the leaders of the free well. donald trump and i have been
2:54 am
filming we are arriving here to one our societies and all of that is happening in the middle of a request by human rights watch to judicial authorities here to initiate an investigation into what they say are war crimes and torture in yemen but also the killing of saudi journalist. all of this is right now with an argentine prosecutor who is i'm ally saying at this point whether to begin or not and vesta geishas we have spoken to several legal analysts and what they say is that this is an extremely difficult case not only because it involves a foreign nation but also because there's a very short period of time that had been said man would be here when our society is and it may not be enough to bring a case against him and also to ask and demand and i rest warrant for argentina the case that's being used is universal jurisdiction which has a very important role in this country's constitution and it empowers the judiciary
2:55 am
to investigate and prosecute a war crimes and torture let's not forget for example that in latin america universal jurisdiction has been used in the past in cases like chad but also in cases that involve members of the military involving human rights abuses during the military dictatorship who were detained in other countries because here in argentina there were two amnesty laws that protected them we have spoken to some sources within the government and they are saying that in spite of everything that is ongoing how much been said months presence here. is confirmed for now thank you for that. little bit more context on this proposed legal proceedings with reed brody he is the commissioner of the international commission of jurists a senior counsel with human rights watch as well we spoke to earlier and he says argentina may have to investigation into the crown prince because. well under the
2:56 am
principle of universal criminal jurisdiction the pin principle remember when general pinochet was traveling in london and was arrested on a warrant from a spanish judge for crimes committed in chile argentina has universal criminal jurisdiction under international law certain treaties like the international convention against torture the geneva conventions on war crimes require that when a suspect of torture or of war crimes comes into the territory of a country that that country may in some cases must open in an investigation and either prosecute or extradite that person argentina has like many other countries incorporated that principle of universal criminal jurisdiction into it but its constitution and its legislation. and
2:57 am
has carried out investigations in other cases for most notably during the franco period in spain or crimes related to the franco period in spain so the argentina has is a fertile legal ground for enforcing international humanitarian and human rights laws things like the geneva convention and the torture convention to other news now to help end the war in yemen prevent a massive famine save tens of thousands of civilian lives that message coming from five major aid organizations and it is aimed at the united states they are calling on the department of defense to cut its military support for the coalition to force them to change their approach to the yemen conflicts mohammed to report some across the red sea in djibouti. in a joint letter to the u.s. government the five charities say the hole to u.s. military support for the so democratic coalition would save many lives the u.s.
2:58 am
they say is fueling a crisis that has severe consequences for millions of civilians the international rescue committee oxfam america care u.s. save the children and the with generosity council say that fourteen million the images out risk of starving to death if the parties to the conflict don't change course immediately we're completely desperate the more we wait every single minute . day a week we wait means more civilian shipment lossless and we're saying enough now is the time for the u. s. she used the power they have to end this brutal brutal manmade hell. in yemen today. the charities also accuse the warring parties of undermining the human sequenom it with practices that of course rampant inflation millions are out of work and don't know where their next meal will come the u.s.
2:59 am
supports the so democratic coalition with intelligence and sales of billions of dollars of arms we cannot have small children die of hunger and it's mis aisles and bomb brains every single day and allow for it to happen because our own interest and political agenda u.s. defense secretary giamatti is announced last month that the u.s. wanted the warring parties to hold talks within thirty days and hostilities. the target is now say washington should back up all those calls with jenin diplomatic pressure mainly on the sodium route to coalition it's been more than three years since the coalition began its full scale military campaign against both the fight is what captured most of northam yemen including the capital sanaa. since then weddings funerals hospitals schools water and electricity plants have been hit by coalition missiles killing tens of thousands of people the charities are now warning the united states that it could bear the responsibility of what could be
3:00 am
the largest farm in decades if it doesn't stop its support for the so do you a coalition how about the world has it or djibouti now three ukrainian sailors captured by russia during a naval confrontation in the black sea have been sentenced to two months in custody the courts in russian controlled crimea is accuse them of illegally entering its territorial waters russian forces opened fire on three ukrainian ships and then seize them on sunday ukraine's government has declared martial law in response under simmons with more for us from kiev little is known about this court hearing although reports say that at least three men have been served with detention orders for two months pending investigations and a total of around twelve of the twenty three who have been detained appeared at the court now prior to this.


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