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tv   Trail of Murder  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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today and on monday we expect for the new foreign minister from mexico to meet and sit down with white house administration officials and the department of homeland security secretary curious to know something continue and try to finalize those conversations they're getting pressure on that it should be because tomorrow i'll have secretaries humpin in madison will brief the full senate. the murder and while it's a leader of the u.s. intelligence agency not joining that specific region haskell who many senators expect to hear from around ambassador bolton address this i'm not going to comment on on behalf of the cia director in that capacity that's something i would direct you to them so i want to ask you about the climate assessment that you're in the tradition of these last week the president said yesterday when asked about the economic forecasting for centuries do you believe that the takeaway for many people is the president doesn't feel this is their responsibility to lead either in this country over the world on climate change and preventing other calamity but your
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administration forecasts do you agree with that view and if not why not have the president certainly lanie leading on what matters most in this process and that's one having clean air clean water act the united states continues to be a leader on that front even obama's undersecretary for science didn't believe the radical conclusions of the report that results released and you have to look at the fact that this report is based on the most extreme models to marry which contradicts long established trends modeling the climate is an extremely complicated science that is never exact the biggest thing that we can do is focus on how to make sure we have the cleanest air the cleanest water and the president certainly doing that and certainly leading on that front how is he doing in the present time to go to one of our nation meet with all the leaders of the world's industrialized nations development well isn't this a great opportunity perhaps to the table and say folks this is what my ministrations reported this is the time that we ought to act in concert to prevent what might just ration is forecast for all one's. again we think that this is the
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most extreme version and it's not based on facts it's based on it's not data driven we'd like to see something that is more data driven it's based on modeling which is extremely hard to do when you're talking about the climate again our focus is on making sure we have the safest cleanest air and water in the president's going to do exactly that they're able to have haven't come back to g.m. president john rowland on january twenty seventh that's the big three auto immune disease that wanted to make us some more attractive place for companies to manufacture products and on taxes and this is from relations but this is more action i can say certainly it's disappointing to see that g.m. decided to lay off these workers the president's been extremely committed to bringing manufacturing jobs back to the united states which is why since he took office we've seen four hundred thousand new manufacturing jobs created in the united states it's because of his policies that we've seen that grow this is not
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about the president's about the fact that they're making a car frankly that people don't want to buy and hopefully they will make adjustments and make changes and bring those workers back ever served back to up on air for. the special counsel's office saying to. the terms of this plea agreement by lying to investigators with the president right then that mr mannering we're going to walk route on for more workers in the special counsel's office. we can only speak to what our role is in that process and not only have the president but the entire administration has been fully cooperative with the special counsel's office providing hours and hours of sit downs as well as over four million pages of documents we continue to be cooperative but we also know that there was no collusion and were ready for this to wrap up and if i could not have a follow up the president doesn't believe the warnings in the congress for the president doesn't believe the cia was too german. sure president doesn't believe
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their own security when it comes to russia meddling why doesn't he have faith as an investment true the president has a great deal of faith in the intelligence community and certainly in the team that he has assembled around him however i've addressed the con or poor there's really nothing else to add on that front to show so that that's not true that he doesn't believe the cia he said the other day maybe m.b.'s maybe he didn't crown prince and we haven't seen definitive evidence come from our intelligence community that ties him directly to that what we have seen is a number of individuals that we know are tied to that and those individuals have been sanctioned the people that we have no doubt about their involvement we've taken action on and as he said we'll see what happens beyond that and if there's more definitive information we'll make a decision at that point for everybody i'm sad to remain in mexico you need to talk to on monday is that happening here or in mexico and is the united states offering mexico any national systems to help. accommodate the migrants the asylum
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with the staying in next as we start on that second question you've been repeating that was the first the hard line whether or not the meeting is here in mexico i'll get back to you on that i'm not sure of the exact location it is sad is the united states offering mexico anything nationalise instance or just as his plan to to accommodate the migrants who would be staying in mexico i'm not aware of any financial assistance but certainly we'll keep you posted if it doesn't mean that it's to clean up on highlights you mentioned in your investment by the chancellor of germany but the ambassador did not buy that the council no it has and i think he was given additional updates on the ones that i didn't mention so the president tweeted late yesterday about the mall report asking if brits are going to share both sides or what are his concerns about any forthcoming more reform and. that
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report is supposed to be delivered to no one else but the attorney general you see concerned that it's going to become reporters no i don't think the president has any concerns about the report because he knows that there was no wrongdoing by him and that there was no collusion so i don't think he has turned on that front he has no concerns was he treated so. superficially about it and certainly the president has waste his unhappiness from the beginning that this is going on this ridiculous witch hunt for more than two years still nothing that ties anything to the president we'd like to see it come to a conclusion peter damn sure does the president the work of this country prosecutor amores illegitimate i'm sorry the president believes that the prosecution dr vincent bomb or her religion i think the president believes that what i've said several times that day and several times over the last couple years that there was no wrongdoing on his part there was no collusion by his campaign and beyond that.
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that's really all we can speak about here at the white house last question how do you think you two questions three the president is yours to gain is he that he is going to be considering cutting all g.m. says he's going to mean for electric cars can you explain why he said that things that would help american workers can spend what that would mean a path plans for the season and do the president has consulted what the timeline is for this decision i don't know there's a specific timeline as he said he's looking into what those options might look like the president wants to see american companies build cars here in america not build them overseas and he is hopeful that g.m. will continue to do that here the second question for you is on afghanistan the president on thanksgiving day told us troops there we are winning the war in afghanistan the tragedy with chairman joint chiefs of staff said stalemate to the president today still believe after what we saw over the weekend when you're winning in afghanistan and why certainly any time you have a loss of life particular. an american service member it is
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a horrific tragedy and something that no president wants to see certainly not during their administration and the president wants to make sure that the battle that we're fighting takes place they are not here and he's going to continue consulting with his national security team make decisions on how best to move forward beyond the things you want to get rid of because the might be coming to mexico so we've been listening to the white house we been listening to u.s. national security adviser john bolton and white house press secretary sarah could be sound as touching on a range of international issues over the past half hour forty five minutes or so primarily speaking about plans for the u.s. delegation for the g. twenty summit in argentina later on also mentioned u.s. china relations which have been strained recently that was confirmation that there would be the first meeting between president straw. paying since the two countries
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started imposing tariffs on each other and the ole so u.s. national security advisor john bolton was pushed on the killing of saudi judges jamal khashoggi i'm specifically he was pressed on whether he had listened to audiotapes of the killing of jamal khashoggi john bolton saying that he didn't speak arabic he had not listened to the tapes he had no intention of listening to the tapes he didn't know what he was supposed to gain from it if he did not speak that language so let's now hear from tennessee he's been listening to all of this from washington and siobhan alton also confirmed that the president has no immediate plans to meet with the saudi crown prince when that g twenty summit takes place in argentina later this week. right bolton rattled off a long list of leaders whom the president will be meeting. russia the prime minister japan germany south korean leader turkish leader indian leader and that
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dinner meeting with china trade issues are expected to be discussed but no plans as yet to meet mahmoud been some on mama been someone who is why the interpret it isn't sort of a rehabilitation tour of the world but at least for the moment and sarah saunders added to that she wasn't ruling out any interaction she said but there's certainly no plans as yet because she said donald trump had such a packed packed schedule also on that sort of topic the issue of the tape was rather intriguing john bolton i'm not sure whether he thought this was going to somehow quietly dampen down the controversy about this but actually it's caused outrage among the white house press corps that seems to want the mainlines now that's being tweeted about and discussed is that you know why wouldn't you listen to it why would you he's got interpreters to listen to john bolton's argument is why do all of the arabic so what was the point b. but thirty that was a very interesting question just before that briefing
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a story dropped in the guardian that suggested or they said actually explicitly that the white house is preventing the director of the cia or any member of the intelligence community from being part of a briefing that we're expecting behind closed doors at the senate from james mattis and the secretary of states with members of the senate specifically the. murder will be a topic but we understood from this guardian report that the white house is preventing anyone from intelligence to speak and brief members of the full senate behind closed doors clearly the cia has its report it's been leaks and that and those leaks say that the cia has high confidence that crown prince my would been someone ordered the killing of jamal khashoggi he john bolton was asked why don't you allow a houseful to address. and it is that expecting him to go home he didn't on so that answer solace was followed up without question and he said well john bolton dealt with it would you not and that was another interesting another interesting
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postscript to the discussion about u.s. relations with saudi arabia. and that try and algiers kimberly how kit and actually all the journalists in the room she had as you say pushed him on this point about the audiotape specifically which detail the killing of jamal khashoggi that's the sort of key piece of evidence we've seen in this case so far and both and seem to suggest that he didn't have to listen to it because he didn't speak the language but that the substance of what was said on that tape was conveyed to him and that had been factored into the president's decision so don't expect any change or any potential shifts going forward yeah i was interested in sort of begun to sort of always sort of glib the really going to jokey and so perhaps you could say but the more he was pushed he did finally say he was satisfied he knows what the tape picked up and that is the key i guess is that you know he doesn't really have to to listen to the tape to know what the tape picked up and that has factor into their
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decision making as they move forward with with consequences following the cia report the intelligence community briefings that they've been getting and so on all right thank you very much with the latest from washington returns see. well now the saudi crown prince mohammed bin someone has arrived in tunisia for meetings that with the president and prime minister that this is the latest leg of a tour of arab nation seen as a bid to rebuild his image but he is facing more protests of the matter of jenna's jamal khashoggi including a formal legal complaint in the tunisian courts was and it's now speak to demolish al who is in tunis for more on this so as we've been saying jamal this. strip for the saudi crown prince outside of the kingdom following the killing of jamal khashoggi and he has not received a very warm welcome in tunis has he. he hasn't not at least from the public are obviously he was greeted by the president's
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budget to sift see who met him late on tuesday evening at the airports however in the build up through that much anticipated arrival of the crown prince internees year there were calls by dozens of unions and n.g.o.s and civil society and your rights groups for people to protest against the visit and indeed there was a very loud not necessarily huge but very loud protest that gathered in the center of the capital in tunis that's was denouncing this visit essentially they were angered at the fact that their government was welcoming the crown prince not least because of obviously the latest crime perceived to be committed to by the crown prince himself and definitely so carried out at least by saudi officials i namely the assassination murder of jamal khashoggi but also there i'm sure that the continued one yemen there was several yemeni flags that were hoisted pictures of those dying of money tradition in yemen and chance against the saudi led war there
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are one that. is seem to be the architect of their also expressed their solidarity with activists inside saudi arabia who have been locked up female activists as well as religious scholars and other rights activists who have been put behind bars and despite this muhammad and some man has been trying to push himself as some sort of reformer tennesseans however believe that being the birthplace of the arab spring being one of the few countries in the region does enjoy a degree of freedom and the ability to express one solves and gather and protest that they had some sort of extra responsibility to be the voice of those who weren't able to participate or hold protests let's say for example in egypt or in hama been some man was before coming here so not only were they organized in order to denounce those policies that we mentioned but also in order to express their. to rip. aren't allowed who aren't able to express themselves in all their countries of
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course the big international event on the calendar this week is that g twenty summit in argentina will hearing u.s. national security adviser john bolton confirming that president trump wasn't to be able to meet with the saudi crown prince this is one of his closest allies that doug does beg the question about whether all the world leaders will want to be seen alongside him. for sure i mean and to be honest before we even get to that one of the bigger worries or concerns at least for the crown prince will be this latest development mariyam with regards to human rights watch which has filed an application of one of the prosecutors in argentina. they open an investigation into possible war crimes committed by the crown prince as well as his involvement in human rights abuses not just in the murder of jamal but other things as one because argentina signed up to such an
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international agreements it does have the ability to investigate that's whether they'll be able to open up something in such a short time or not but the fact that this is happening is obviously going to show that far aside from the warm welcome them who have been some really received in the united arab emirates behind a in an egypt essentially satellite states of saudi arabia or very close allies of the saudi regime beyond that's fear of influence it isn't all rosy and that latest thing from human rights watch is testament true that's at its roots as you mentioned there the fact that even his closest ally possibly believes that politically speaking it wouldn't be beneficial for him i.e. donald trump to meet with the crown prince whilst the case of democracy and the war in yemen is still very much in the spotlight whether he'll meet with other people we're not quite sure there was talk that he had requested a meeting with the presidents of turkey. that happens that could be an indication possibly that the case of jamal khashoggi would be coming to an end obviously that all depends on the fact that whether the turks believe that justice has been served
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at least that's what they say officially is their objective or whether they believe that they have been satisfied with regards to some sort of retribution for at least the insult that they feel they have been given as a result of their national sovereignty being. not respected with regards to the killing taking place o.b.'s in the embassy of saudi arabia the consul assad arabia but obviously inside turkey so from tunisia to argentina the world will be watching to see whether inside man's trip is at all successful. but just a quick look at the top stories this hour on al-jazeera the white house says the president doesn't plan to meet the saudi crown prince at the g twenty summit in argentina later this week prince mohammed bin sound that has been touring several countries in a bid to rebuild his image to international outrage of the murder of journalist
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jamal khashoggi al-jazeera as white house correspondent can be helped it was at that white house briefing here's what national security adviser john bolton said when asked about audio recordings. so let me take the question of the tape first no i haven't listened to it and i guess i should ask you why do you think i should what do you think i learned from curious eyes or you might have access to that foreign intelligence committee in this room speak arabic. that the senator produced what do you want me to listen to or what am i going to learn from it if they were speaking korean i wouldn't learn any more from it either but it would be able to tell you well that you know i should read a transcript so you don't think it's important to hear that national security i'm just trying to make the point that everybody who says why don't you listen to the tape unless you speak arabic what are you going to get from it. well a crown prince is arrived in tunisia for meetings with the president and prime minister but he's facing more process over the most of that that he's investigating
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a complaint by the journalists union accusing the prince of human rights violations and all the headlines five major aid agencies are calling on the u.s. to cut military support for the saudi amorality coalition in yemen to stop them fueling humanitarian crisis and a joint last as the us government five charities say they can potentially save tens of thousands of civilian lives with a change in policy a court in russian and it's quite near is ordered twelve ukrainian navy sailors captured by russia to be held for two months the sailors appeared in court after russian forces opened fire on three ukrainian ships at the weekend and then seize them ukraine's parliament is imposing martial law for thirty days and three u.s. soldiers have been killed when a roadside bomb exploded in eastern afghanistan three others were injured in the attack near the city of the taliban says that it carried out the attack you're up to date with top stories there is more news coming up later on but the stream now
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looks at the prospects for afghanistan as the war enters its eighteen year. the war in afghanistan is now in its eighteenth year and there is little sign of it ending what will it take to break a deadlock between the government and opposition forces i'm really could be send your thoughts to be a twitter and you tube for today's episode of the stream. for millions of afghans the grinding war is now sadly
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a part of the daily routine from indiscriminate bombings by the taliban and i still to deadly air raids by afghan and u.s. forces civilians and change how they go about their day just to survive although security forces eventually managed to repel some assaults deadly attacks remain commonplace in the afghan capital but we can go a suicide bomb blast killed dozens of people at a religious gathering to mark the birth anniversary of prophet muhammad. nobody ever heard of any attack on prophet muhammad saree in the past that's knocking on prophet muhammad ceremony is an inhuman act a human being never commit such an act and all those who are behind this clearly they are the enemy of the enemy of the qur'an the enemy of the prophets and the enemy of this nation. in recent weeks the taliban and so have stepped up attacks in the regions that had been comparatively peaceful thousands of living in the provinces of. fled their homes after deadly ambushes that surprised afghan security
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forces many has are as say they have been forgotten by the government so with the war bogged down in an apparent stalemate is there any hope for peace more on this i'm joined from geneva by sure enough kasi and al jazeera journalist she's covering a meeting with you an afghan leaders and international diplomats looking at ways to end the war. money is a media and technology entrepreneur in the afghan capital kabul he launched reportedly gotten that it's a new site that aims to broaden coverage of issues affecting afghanistan also in kabul is that word that she recently ran for office in afghanistan's parliamentary elections and is an architect and entrepreneur and completing our line up from kabul is. he's a freelance journalist he was extensively covered political and cultural developments in afghanistan welcome everyone to this stream no ali i will start with you though as a resident i know you're well aware of what i'm about to show but i want to give our audience a look into what life has been like in parts of afghanistan and this is just over
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the last few weeks so take a look at my screen here afghanistan life under attack in this is coming to us from our colleagues at al jazeera dot com a rolling tally of the attacks one hundred eighty four nearly two thousand people killed this is since january twenty sixth seen in this calendar here shows just those. and to really highlight what that looks like this link leads us. here these are those attacks and detailed hormonal scroll down to just over the last couple of weeks november twentieth november twenty third and november twenty sixth convoy police officers attacked on its way to a district in western province and then today before show time this news this from the new york times three u.s. soldiers killed by explosion in afghanistan and this was near and does need city how do you make sense of what we've seen recently. it's obviously a scare tactic so the idea is that these groups whether it be tall or ball and
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whether it be diet so for instance what the clip that showed the tack on the prophet muhammad's birthday it specifically shows what they're trying to do and what they're trying to do is to say that no one is safe not at any time not at any place and not for any event and as we've seen it's not only a tax rate so so we have attacks on major cities kabul jalalabad in the east but we've also seen districts and provinces nearly fall or fall to the taliban in the past few months. these are major major issues because essentially what they're doing is showing their might and showing people that now wherever you go you're not see that that whatever you're trying to do you can be targeted you can be attacked it's not one group of people or another group of people or one city or one province or one district it's spread out throughout the country all kinds of people and you
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know just last month i was in greece in the morea refugee camps and you know there i saw on refugees in abysmal conditions in greece on the island of lesbos you know who were fleeing this exact kind of violence and who. is in in geneva right now and one of the issues that they should be talking about is this idea of afghan refugees and then being deported from the e.u. and turkey being deported back to a war zone you know we've seen attacks on the entrance to the airport where these people will be coming in from. and it's awful thank you for sharing that snippet of a life for so many and afghanistan vali a lot you're hearing what he said there in that the idea of these attacks is to show that no one is safe would you agree with that assessment. i think i think. through. the entire communities are under attack. recently with the new trends. the terrorists are attacking those who are civilians
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they just go after everyone we just saw as you mentioned. you showed the pictures we back there was an attack on the holy prophet muhammad but. it was. you know a sunni. all them are. gathering the same in western kabul and other. where the other communities of afghans have been targeted so there's a feeling that everyone has been attacked in afghanistan a sense lee and i think the terrorists are in the insurgents are going after. a very late. start to decline. which. was just part of i think their strategy to to tell the world that they can target everyone
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and to tell down they are going after everyone's so and of course showing the government. but i think we are not at a point to say that you know we are defeated or we have to lose hope that there is a future for afghanistan while there are a number of attacks at the same time there's life going gone and there is a vibrant community. in different parts of the country who are just. trying to do better lives. across the. i don't get what i hear the reality and also the hole in what you're saying there and so i want to bring attention to our community who was weighing in here this is a tweet we got from someone. asylum seekers and they write please cover the humanitarian crisis unfolding in afghanistan where the taliban have seized control of the safe this districts killing hundreds and forcing thousands of men women and
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children to flee these are the districts that had remained a safe haven for the past decade so i want to give this to you because we're seeing from people online who are saying that yes this is including this violence is including everyone including those who are in areas that are relatively thought as safe i want to share with you a video comment from someone whose family is in one of those areas and this is what she told the stream about that after the brutal massacre of her son was in school and we heard from families who friends that had been initially province they described the situation as it was trying to run for their life in every direction into and into the mountains and amongst those fleeing was also my grandmother soon lost contact because the two communication towers which is true for the taliban after days of uncertainty about the safety of my grandmother were only discovered that she was safe to a new school. and who find that she was after eighty five
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living in her village but sure enough she mentions people running barefoot in the winter she showed a picture of the woman she mentioned her grandmother there in this with hash tag the hoary under a tree attack and you can see the picture of her there to talk to us about what we are seeing in these areas that were relatively safe. so now the situation in afghanistan has you see it it's not just the areas that we know the areas that are under the taliban control but now in areas that are also safe havens i mean they were not attacked before they were saved people were living their life but now the problem here is that the other one keep denying the fact that they have their attack in these areas quoting to them it's someone else attacking syrians now it's a very complicated one that we cannot really gauge who is who even when it comes to our troops we cannot say whether these are the taliban or it's eisel fighters it's
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just vague complicated very fluid situation we cannot really confirm who is attacking i mean it's an overall situation and it's on right now where some people say are the districts are in the taliban what others say isis fighting in those areas and then i said in the other one of my other so it's like a complete but what's what's the sad reality is that our suffering she shared a picture of her and. looking at her age is very you know i don't know i think it's just a dire situation for everyone where there seems like all these bizarre hours are now being targeted so. the overall situation i think it just does not limit to. why they've been attacking a certain group or a certain community or certain say it's an overall situation in the country right now. is this this week. following up on that video coming in this tweet she says
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central has our districts under the attack of the taliban are an iron wall between democracy and extremism and they hold the fragile democracy in afghanistan more than buffer zones they have been the most fertile grounds for democracy that what do you make of shook with a comment there. well actually. they can say that the terrorism reached every place and against every corner of afghanistan has been effected by terrorism. this has really there is a pressure there is a part project leader is or is a buck so we have a month as we move and different army of afghanistan so not only has our every tribe has been effected by terms. i see you nodding your head there i think this is something that people forget because. i think about a month or two ago i actually brought a story for al-jazeera about
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a neighborhood in west kabul which is predominantly and she of being targeted. by forces claiming to be diet and at the same time we saw the city of jalalabad one of the biggest cities in the country in the east predominantly pashtoon area that was just as targeted you know and for weeks for attacks including on a midwife training center so i think what we have to understand is that this conflict in compas is the whole country everyone is being targeted everyone is falling victim to it and i think the world sort of needs to wake up because so much of the world is here whether it's through international aid organizations or whether their soldiers are here at one point so much of the world is here you know they're all meeting in geneva but the reality is no one is paying attention to this conflict and what's going on in the fact that literally thirty two million people are affected by. really a lot would you agree with on. no one is trying to know what is the watching what's going on i don't. i want to lead of course the entire you know as i mentioned
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entire communities of. not cities are and are attacked. by the fall of unbiased and other other other groups but there's a slight difference. because i think there are. different like a minority both in terms of an ethnic minority and telling a minority because they are the only. minority in afghanistan and that's why the sensitivity. or knowledge of the. and i think i think i think the afghan government has been sensitive about this. because like the protection of. like a very minority has been important to the afghan government and at the same time the fall upon even being so cautious about the lawyers because of that sectarian issue sensitivities that existed but with simply i think the whole collapse and
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started to change from be on site as well because i see the. fall of one hundred. thirty minutes after the first half attack in java is this. the entire like other safe area under the control of the afghan government will be a target a military target so from that perspective i think it has been an issue that has been left and and i think the warning that. i have are getting. the schools the. gatherings of the shiites and then claiming that shiites are entitled and they are targeting for the sake of islam has been a sensitive issue which has been of course under attention of the government and
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the international community i hear you i know ali you want to jump in there for a moment well i mean i think that's the nature of the issue wherever they are unfortunately. you are a sectarian force but at the same time like if we're talking about tact then you have to you know admit that at the same time that she was under attack which was heavily under attack it was literally one of the safest neighborhoods in kabul no one ever thought that it would come to the level where sports clubs would be attacked were measured would be attacked where the centers for the for the college entrance exam would be attacked at the same time we saw the city of jalalabad coming under repeated attack as well by forces also claiming to be diet so this is my point is that they're really trying to spread the war in into areas that people wouldn't have imagined before and so the question then is what to do about that how to stem that flow i want to go here to this this article written
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by shelia kasi your colleague kabul to seek support for afghan led peace plan in geneva talks and i'm over here to this tweet from the geneva conference on afghanistan come say hi the t.v. afghanistan twenty eighteen. talk to us about what you heard today in geneva. it was very interesting at the conference today when most talking about the war in afghanistan and how people were dying and all the attacks and the terrorist attacks and everything i had some kind of feeling over there that people are sick and tired of talking about war and plant people dying and women suffering lack of. hospitals and many other issues people people want to move people in afghanistan now i feel you want to get ahead of the move on with other things other issues in
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afghanistan so there were talks about women empowerment and how they can tackle this issue and there were talks about. the major issue of drought two million people are affected by war and war half of half a million of them are children. over two million million children are out of school and there's what about that as well there's a severe acute malnutrition among children and that and it's highest well with about half million children affected by the drought so that we're talking about other things it wasn't really about terrorism the part of on the war and conflict and especially when i was talking to really educated very successful brave women of planets than at the points and and they were talking about resilience and moving forward and despite of all of that because definitely their lives are very different to anyone else's because they are living in the water there besides all the other problems that we face in the world they have double the problems because
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of the terrorism the war in the country so despite of that they wanted to move ahead and they wanted to still try and succeed in major sectors in afghanistan so the light today at the conference was more about how we can develop the country and how we can have reforms and just that's contributions it wasn't really a. terrorism issue because maybe because a conference was not a cloud it but. even talking one on one. that's here is pleased to. hear you will get right back here is actually i saw you nodding your head there. i said just a bit that. people. are tired of war. that many people are losing their lives all the losses so people are. tired of
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the one death to be. the only we could be and. the pieces in the peace negotiation or the peace process is. also take initiations in this you shouldn't. talk about the peace process so yes i do. people. in security council. peace negotiations you mentioned there i want to bring up this tweet from up to korean who says the need for a viable political settlement of the long running conflict grows stronger and the prospects for stability and security in the war torn country appear elusive afghanistan is badly in need of good governance to reach political settlement so there are world powers who are interested in getting to that political settlement at least from a bird's eye view have a listen to representatives from two those world powers that are involved in separate peace talks efforts one is u.s. special envoy to afghanistan zalmay khalilzad he was speaking on november
4:41 am
eighteenth and the other is russian foreign minister sergei lavrov speaking in moscow on november ninth during talks with the taliban i know that the government of afghanistan. the taliban saying that they do not believe. that they can succeed militarily that they would like to see the problems. that remains resolved by peaceful means by political negotiations but we will reduce the problems in afghanistan can be solved soley by political means through the achievement of a national consensus with the participation of all conflicting parties. so ali do you see these as good faith efforts initiatives here what hope do you have for these talks which are separate of course. quickly going to the conference for just one second i've been really involved with the civil society delegation that was going there and they had discussions and focus groups in all of
4:42 am
the thirty four provinces and everyone that they spoke to the first thing that they referred to was the war and the conflict and wanting a settlement to it so i think it is very much on people's mind maybe right now for political reasons or not talking about it but definitely people going there want to talk about it but in terms of this peace settlement there's a few issues with one is that most of the sort of understanding here in kabul is that what my feelings saud wants and what president of any want seem to be two different plans and if that turns out to be true that could cause major problems for people in terms of the russian element of this i think it's kind of. maybe duplicitous that maybe that may be a strong word but we know that the russians we know that iran and we know that pakistan are supporting and helping the taleban so it just looks a little odd from here that russia seems to be taking such an interest and when
4:43 am
russia today journalists interviewed one of the representatives the high peace council they kept talking about a u.s. withdrawal which is a very real issue that no one is talking about but the fact that the russia today journalist kept bringing this up it raised a lot of questions for people about what russia's real intent in this conference was you're not the only one who has a little bit of skepticism about some of these international player so i want to bring up this comment we got from interests out of kabul who talks about pakistan and their role how to listen to what he told the story. to the level of division of one piece the first is not on state level. what larssen some jihadi groups who sees do interests in benefits in the or in the description we have to get rid of that in the regional level it's been the original countries is sponsoring told to fight against their want to have enough on the species to pass on sponsoring dollars besides following your sponsoring terror groups to
4:44 am
further you know if we need these you know for instance we need more sanctions on boxer really a lot he points the finger many at afghanistan do blame pakistan for their role and the intelligence agencies roll in and finding what do you make of what he says. i think valid concern because in terms of talking about these. senior. officials from the national community to the previous month we're saying talk to some wise and strong negative. on the solid and. something that brings in a lot of questions but but but a force. on the element you know now there is a strong will from the united states what i hear what i talk to suffer shows
4:45 am
i think there isn't standing in washington it's not only the state department or the special representative for afghanistan different solutions will want to follow a strict. building policy but it is the entire u.s. seven six i think i think that there's a misunderstanding quite a bit in terms of the. needs of the station who is now projecting another narrative and version of. somehow some some officials in public talking about like a quick fix that washington is following which which i believe. which i assume is not true. but they are concerned and and i was not mentioned so we have two versions of the scolding and. then of course it was it was three problems but one earlier i'm going to call me there and hear the idea of the quick fix in
4:46 am
our audience of course there is no such thing one person here says afghans peace is not an option that's the only way for us i want to thank all our gas for your insights today and for being with us be sure to keep your comments on your ideas coming via twitter you tube and al-jazeera dot com forward slash the stream thank you so much for being part of the conversation today by. this is the journey you've been looking forward to the one you've been dreaming about. that will take you to those you love to faraway places new faces old friends on a new adventure far from the ordinary in extraordinary comfort come with us in award winning style because this is the journey you've been dreaming about where boarding now.
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a father should be a protector. for. he was had tormentor. betrayed for years she carries the evidence inside her. but will this be enough to find justice in afghanistan's patriarchal society. a thousand girls like me. a witness documentary on al-jazeera. her. life.
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the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the us. study after study has demonstrated that israeli perspectives dominate american media coverage what part of this case you get through your thick head as hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we watch and if you don't say it when i go at you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind on al-jazeera. hello i'm maryam namazie in london just a quick roundup of the top stories now the white house says president donald trump doesn't plan to meet the saudi crown prince at the g. twenty summit in argentina later this week for it's the one that been sound man has been trying to rebuild his image off the international outrage of the modern jamal khashoggi a journalist was killed in saudi arabia's istanbul consulate last month turkey says
4:49 am
it's shared audiobook warnings of the muddle with the u.s. and several other countries can really help it trumps national security adviser whether he took them so let me take the question of the tape first no i haven't listened to it and i guess i should ask you why do you think i should what do you think i'll learn from curious eyes or i have access to the intelligence coming in this room speak arabic. there is a structure but what do you want me to listen to or what am i going to learn from the if they were speaking korean i wouldn't learn any more from it either or would be able to tell you all that you know i could read a transcript so you don't think it's important you're not sorry i'm just trying to make the point that everybody who says why don't you listen to the tape unless you speak arabic what are you going to get from it and we can speak to kimberly now who is still at the white house and i guess a sense of frustration that from john bolton when you a pushing him on the point of whether he had heard the audiotapes he said that the
4:50 am
substance of it had been conveyed to him in the in the president and that it had been factored into the president's decision perhaps what is significant is that he also confirmed trump would not be meeting with the saudi crown prince in argentina . right but the press secretary sarah sanders later said she can't rule out possible what she called quote interaction john bolton was the only one frustrated i was frustrated too because he didn't answer my question about whether or not the cia director gina housefull who has listened to that audio tape intelligence whether or not the white house is blocking her from being included in a briefing of the full senate that is happening on wednesday he refused to answer that question despite several attempts so you have to sort of go back to the president's statement where he reaffirmed the relationship between the united states and saudi arabia and he did not in that statement except the conclusion of his intelligence agency that the crown prince ordered that killing now we have
4:51 am
a little bit of insight perhaps into why the president says the tapes terrible that he hasn't listened to it and now we know from this white house exchange that in fact the national security adviser has also not listened to that audio intelligence it's pretty remarkable specially as the secretary of defense and the secretary of state are preparing to brief senators on the situation in the killing of a show she the fact that since prominent members of the president's national security team have admitted publicly they have not listened to that critical audio thank you very much the white house prince mohammed bin salman has arrived in tunisia for meetings with the president and prime minister but he's facing more protests over the murder of jamal khashoggi the tunisian judiciary is investigating a complaint by the journalists union accusing the prince of human rights violations jumana shale has more from. there was a large protest of the museum took to the streets on tuesday gave.
4:52 am
this visit thirty one of its a bunch of not be welcome to to museo the birthplace of the arab spring country which. significant freedom road to. other neighboring countries walled. five major aid agencies are calling on the united states to cut military support for the saudi a mirage a coalition in yemen to stop them fueling the humanitarian crisis and a joint letter to the u.s. government the five charities say they can potentially save tens of thousands of civilian lives with a change in policy of course in russian antics crimea is ordered twelve ukrainian navy sailors captured by russia to be held for two months sailors appeared in court after russian forces opened fire on three ukrainian ships that weekend and then seize them and three u.s. soldiers have been killed when a roadside bomb exploded in eastern afghanistan three others were injured in the attack near the city of god the taliban says it carried out the attack as the top
4:53 am
stories there will be more news a bit later on in about twenty five minutes time al-jazeera world is next.
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did closer see argot only a real fertile cue to begin a two year. indy macand soon it the career it for it hold a little more do i need. haircuts we get a fertile louis seven minutes from scene one to head the scene ken griffey had our share oh well from behind. they usually. the harder look nearly as option communication mo ok the overly thought around mastery because they are all so here's a look to be methylene head real more holy men hired men rotten.
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us are businesses that are sub to some somebody or something that i thought about thought young and went to her mom barbara will be mine looked up with mom barbara where you thought it the. most stupid dog. marley it's not the nordic. countries are you a little bit do you love me next you know said that he was good what i could baba have to assume when i wish to listen to for you to suffer more from me but man i love them they love mundelein hate them hate horny how took on discard the gift but less shit surely a kid has a lot. less skill. i learned. no one hundred k. the one you are. in no but that talk to isha talk to has shifted. some
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