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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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as the crown prince after he appeared to be isolated by parts of the international community after official g.'s murder images like this arguably stronger than the chance of the protesters the message from those protesters is loud and clear are not only are they protesting against the visit running for it. but also i think so many of this one of. the one you know my arguments now says are women and children and devastated the country stars that citizen progress was murdered they also hear themselves in the whites of white the millions of the cross to return who are unable. to take charge and. because of their lack of freedom. the previous three stops and been seven months two or egypt behind and the united arab emirates cairo is viewed by many as a military dictatorship while minima and double bobby are also criticized by human rights groups for cracking down on freedoms and not long public protests in tunisia
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may not be the only bad publicity for the crown prince on tuesday human rights watch announced it had filed a submission with a federal prosecutor in argentina where he's expected to attend the g. twenty summit in a couple of days the submission requests that the court's investigate been summoned for war crimes and his role in the murder treaty signed by such a claim can indeed be pursued just as the crown prince is trying to prove that he isn't isolated internationally his critics are doing everything they can to ensure he's got two accounts even if it's only in the court of public opinion. i just want to. help and the war in yemen and prevent a massive fan and save tens of thousands of civilian lives that a message from five major aid organizations to the united states calling on the department of defense to cut military support for the saudi and rati coalition to force them to. change that approach to the conflict and how to dial reports from
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across the red sea in djibouti. in a joint letter to the u.s. government the five charities say the whole to us militarist support for the so democratic coalition would save many lives the u.s. they say is fuelling a crisis that has severe consequences for millions of civilians. the international rescue committee oxfam america care u.s. save the children and the with generosity council say that fourteen million the images out risk of starving to death if the parties to the conflict don't change course immediately we're completely desperate the more we wait every single minute . day a week we wait means more civilian shipment lossless and we're seeing enough now is the time for the u. s. to use the power they have to end this brutal brutal manmade hell really that we're
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seeing in yemen today. the charities also accuse the warring parties of undermining human sequenom it with practices that of course rampant inflation millions out of work and don't know where their next meal will come the u.s. supports the sodium an article in with intelligence on sales of billions of dollars of arms we cannot have small children die of hunger and it's mis aisles and bomb brains every single day and allow for it to happen because our own interest and political agenda u.s. defense secretary giamatti is announced last month that the u.s. wanted the warring parties to hold talks within thirty days and hostilities. the target is now say washington should back up all those calls with jenin diplomatic pressure mainly on the sodium route to coalition it's been more than three years since the coalition began its full scale military campaign against both the fighters who had captured most of northam yemen including the capital sanaa. says
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them what brings hospitals water through the plants have been hit by. killing. people the target is on the wall of the united states that could bear the responsibility of what could be the largest farm in decades if it doesn't stop its support for the so do you equal nation. much more still ahead on this news hour from london we're open for business i hope you're open for partnership. afghanistan's president says the time to invest is now while the un warns his country is on the brink of famine welcomed by tear gas and bombed wire asylum seekers in mexico way out whether to turn back or to keep trying to enter the u.s. and as for facing a long time inside people and bus attack is sentenced in germany.
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russia has started prosecuting several ukrainian sailors who were captured during a tense standoff near russian controlled crimea russian ships rammed ukrainian vessels latest seizing them and their crew a crimean court has ordered at least twelve of the sailors to be held for two months andrew simmons has more from kiev. russia says this is one of many confessions by ukrainian sailors about how their navy illegally entered its territorial waters despite warnings there's outrage in ukraine its foreign minister says these men are obviously talking under duress while as he puts it under the rules of russia's f.s.b. security service but they're prisoners of war covered by the geneva convention and should have access to the international red cross most of the servicemen and up
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here in simferopol before a court that gave out detention orders for two months while cases are investigated . internationally the pressure on russia appeared to have no effect on its foreign minister sergei lavrov visiting paris the au-prince crystal if the ukrainian side like its partners in europe is interested in avoiding such situations in the future it is obviously necessary to send a signal to kiev not to allow such a provocation that is not for us to do but for those who maintain close contact with the korean authorities mr lavrov hadn't appeared willing to meet a request made by the french foreign minister. sergey lavrov. told sergey lavrov that a gesture is expected from russia at the prisoners and the boats being held must be free to soon as possible but i will also call my ukrainian counterpart to encourage him to seek a deescalation in this region. there may be no confrontation now in the strait but
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the words exchanged by both sides are getting more volatile ukraine's navy is saying the russians was shooting to kill on sunday russia is warning that limited martial law to be imposed in parts of ukraine on wednesday could escalate the conflict and now it's emerged that not all the arrested crew are sailors ukraine's state security service the s.b. you said. it had counter-intelligence offices all board and it also said that two missiles were fired by warm two russian fighter jets at the boats and one of those agents was seriously injured what happens next to the detained ukrainian servicemen may be unclear what's certain is that without their release ukraine will continue to ramp up pressure for some sort of international action against russia for what happened off the shores of an extraordinary andrew symonds kiev
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under a communications director at the ukrainian congress committee of america he joins me now from new york thank you very much for speaking to us does ukraine risk when you conflict or perhaps opening up a new front in an existing conflict with russia ukraine isn't risking anything to use the words of russia at this point which no international body is accepting is a farce to ask a crane to deescalate would be asking a crane to first occupy a piece of land in the russian federation equal to the size of belgium that's not something you claim is done ukraine has not displaced over two million russian citizens right i mean we don't use words like i ask you about your your concern regarding the nature of the rhetoric we're hearing right now we just had a report there from our correspondent in kiev he was saying that there is a sense of escalation you have ukraine's navy talking about russians shooting to
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kill russians saying that limited martial could escalate the conflict is this something that ukraine can afford. ukraine has no choice but to operate in this way if it's being invaded it has been invaded daily for over four years it is simply responding to the fact that its own citizens are being killed they're being shot at on a daily basis and now what we see are open russian military personnel with russian insignia in russian ships attacking ukrainian boats that have not been armed i want to underscore the fact that these boats had their their their artillery disarmed from the boats and they were merely looking for the right of way which russia promised months ago. we can i put to you that the counter-argument the kremlin and also some ukrainian opposition figure is saying that kiev is right now deliberately antagonizing russia for domestic political reasons to strengthen the
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position of petro poroshenko in an election that he would otherwise lose the election there months away election collection nearing doesn't start until the new year this is not something that is done for political purposes on the face of it if in fact as i must repeat an armed ukrainian boats were rammed by russian military personnel and the question that russia poses to the world is why is ukraine and tag and izing it why how could you be antagonizing russia if russia is literally occupying a space of land as large as belgium in ukraine i take your point but we have seen that that the has been international condemnation of rush's recent actions but you know that international pressure doesn't have an effect on what the russians might do next so i put it to you is perhaps the the prudent measure to take steps
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to perhaps deescalate the situation as opposed to opening up a new front with russia. the pressure is being put on by russia are very mild considering that they are a rogue state that has seven active conflict zones around this border the these sanctions that have been put on russia are nowhere near the sanctions on iran north korea even the united states has sanctioned cuba more than its sanctions russia and cuba is not a threat at the moment at all so what we are looking for is for actual sanctions to be ratcheted up the e.u. in fact could put a mic law in fact that's global in terms of all of the european countries could have a magnitsky act north stream too could be shot down this would have serious effect on russia and increase the pressure on the russians to stop invading ukraine because that is what they are doing ukraine is not antagonizing russia ukraine is being a sovereign country signing trade deals with the e.u.
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it is not the other way around that ukraine has at any point attacked russia right well thank you for your views and thoughts under the communications director eat cranium congress committee and they're joining us from new york. well now mexico has called for the u.s. to conduct a full investigation after american authorities take asset asylum seekers across the border children were seen course in the crossfire prompting fierce criticism from democrats and aid groups some of the asylum seekers and now heading back home but many more are arriving in mexico further stretching resources at makeshift camps john heilemann and joins us now from a shelter entail juana on the us mexico border and john how would you describe the situation where you are the moment. we've been most of the time juiciness live in the bigger camp that's in a sports complex which is really overflowing and there's about five thousand seven hundred people but today we're coming to you from
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a smallish oath we're actually within a church within the upper rooms of the church because as well as that big shelter from the authorities also local groups some of them churches some of them other residences some of them the shelters that already existed into one a really is a center in the city for migrants have been set up to cope with one thousand five hundred people we've come here because a family that we've been following all the way through is here you can probably see behind us little alvin here he's one of two babies that's been born since the caravan started his family's come all the way from home we've just been speaking to his mother. and they've arrived really of days of walking forty kilometers at a stretch to this place. which is really a bit of a happy space for them they've got a roof over their heads but you know going to see in our report what other people in the caravan facing in the bigger campaign the sports complex. of the
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protests on sunday that breached the u.s. border. one hundred central americans with the pool today from mexico but the disturbances also spoke to russian others in the caravan who decided to go to the. bits can government trucks rolled out with those who'd had enough alex was among those waiting for the next ride home. if we jumped the wall they sailed the kick us out they don't want us here things get dangerous up to everything that happened yesterday so it's decided to go home but. for many sundays tear gas and police lines were reality check they know now just how hard it's going to be to get across and how much this u.s. administration wants to stop the few are equipped to wait for that loot change winter's coming but most have tents at best in this makeshift camp in. the cemetery conditions of rudimentary worsening local authorities worried about the threat of
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disease. when we offered this temporary shelter it was kind of three thousand five hundred people maximum and now we have more than five and a half thousand people and obviously deaths generating a risk of inflictions we could have problems with sickness and also with security. they can't wait for the caravan to go along with many others had to be one of the sun the central border crossing point is the busiest in the western hemisphere but the u.s. authorities have already shut it down a couple of times since the caravan arrived and locals worried that if i keep happening it's going to really hit the economy head. but even as some members of the caravan leave to one of the others it's just getting here the new arrivals have to sleep outside on the pavement become snow completely full do you know it was cold and really uncomfortable for the children especially with the g. get west in the morning it's enough to make anyone give up but many of these people are fleeing from it poverty or violence they still aren't ready to go back. and
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john when you speak to people that what is your sense of the general kind of atmosphere and sentiment clearly resources a strain people don't have the supplies they need they're under a great deal of pressure how determined are they to stay where they are. i think definitely the day of the sunday after what happened in the images that you just saw people there were definitely a little bit down thinking that it wasn't going to be possibly not as easy as possible so they thought to get to be other side and yesterday particularly we saw a lot of people in queues outside of the united nations tent asking for. enough of the code of being in the camp. of the scenes that you saw on sunday in which they tried to get to the border and obviously were pushed back by among other things
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tear gas but i think people are starting to recover a little bit today there's been less people we've heard asking for. their rule going to be a statement that's going to be read out by the people in the caravan saying that they have to keep going because if they go back to their own countries they're likely to be killed i think we have to add here as well that one of the reasons that people are fleeing from their countries is violence but another reason the a lot of people are going is poverty they just haven't got enough in their own countries to put food on the table now that's going to be a problem when they ask for asylum in the united states because legally. poverty is one of the causes. for asylum in that country so this is something i think that's going to carry on here for quite some time as people realize who can get into the united states who can qualify for asylum and who's not going to be able to do that and who my instead be able to stay in mexico on the humanitarian visas so this is
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really an ongoing situation but it's taking. place you store in our report generating situations really. things are getting here this summer three conditions are getting more difficult there's not a lot of food for people to really with so this is a question about how long they can wait it out. thank you very much for giving us a sense of what it's like for people there in that shelter at tijuana john home and you know that is there still ahead a british academic jailed in the u.a.e. flies home thanking his wife his supporters and u.k. officials for securing his release france's president vows to stick by his controversial fuel tax rise after a weekend of violent protests and sport heading for chests all may gather in the champions he can't be separated far over here with that story.
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how the weather remains cold in khwaja coastal feast and parts of it but down into the southeastern corner storms continue to rumble away anywhere from around the balkans into that eastern side of the metal we got some of the law of the weather now making its way across the northwestern corner so. pretty strong winds pushing through those winds could well gusts in excess of one hundred kilometers per hour on wednesday blustery showers into. much of the british isles that wet weather stretching its way down into the low countries northern parts of france but fourteen celsius in london seven in the mild side not that you'll notice in that way it's and windy weather down to the southeast there we go with a lively stolz just around greece into turkey down towards cyprus and some snow there you just notice up towards the black sea things ease off a little as we go on into thursday but still a little on the dist side still pretty just up to up towards the northwestern
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corner thirteen celsius in london on thursday which is a touch woman that it will be in madrid highs have around twelve degrees celsius dry across northwest and possible africa so not see bad twenty one for bats on wednesday but a chance us mashal is just around the coastal fringes all of libya pushing across towards the fall north of egypt car over the top temperature twenty five. stories of life. and inspiration. a series of short documentaries from around the wilds. that santa brought the human spirit. against the arts. al-jazeera said acts palestinians.
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xenophobic violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. infiltrates one of the continent's fosters growing far right organizations. and exposes links to members of the european parliament and irene less than national our. generation a. special two part investigation coming soon on the. welcome back a quick look at top stories now the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman has
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arrived in tunisia for the latest leg of his tour of arab states but u.s. president donald trump has no plans to meet him at the g. twenty summit five major aid agencies according on the united states to cut military support for the saudi coalition in yemen to stop them feeling the humanitarian crisis there and of course in russian and next crimea has ordered twelve ukrainian navy sailors captured by russia to be held for two months. now afghanistan's president says his country is open for business ashraf ghani has been making an investment pitch at a conference in geneva where delegates are looking at strategies to help a nation that's been ravaged by seventeen years of war meanwhile the un has warned that three point six million afghans are one step away from famine which has been triggered by afghanistan's worst drought in decades the reports. of a demonstration by afghans outside the united nations in geneva
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a reminder for the afghan president of the urgency of ending the violence back home but at the start of a two day conference here he was keen to stress opportunities for the outside world to decide events on private sector investment it's a different that. we're open for business i hope you are open for partners thank you this is not a pledging conference rather it's a chance to evaluate whether afghanistan is delivering on its promises to the international donor countries the un assistance mission to afghanistan or you nama is pointing to several areas where things are getting better thanks to outside support one concrete example ensuring that there is a police force which is trained which functions police men and women across the country receiving the. summaries that is something where there's been huge investment by the international community and that investment continues still virtually every aspect of life in afghanistan is affected by the conflict which has
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got worse this year besides the war with the taliban and there's now the threat of attacks on civilians by i saw five thousand children have been killed i mean within the first three quarters of twenty which is equal to the total number in twenty seventeen so we are expecting this numbers to go higher by the end of the at thing the immediate. need is to stop conflict in afghanistan and it's a big big because every day you know losing a brave and soldiers civilian can develop resolvers you know increasing so that's the immediate need for some afghan. she's day's events included sessions on afghan refugees an increase in women's participation in society but on wednesday the focus shifts to politics delegates for more than sixty countries are expected to be here as the afghan president and his government highlighting to achieve much like last
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month's elections but many afghans will be wondering when the violence that still cripples their country is going to end the day in bob al jazeera geneva daniella to harder the wife of a british academic who was jailed for spying in the united arab emirates has released the first picture of a husband since his return to the u.k. matthew had just landed in london after flying from dubai he was sentenced to life imprisonment last week before being pardoned on monday hedges was arrested in may while researching a ph d. on the u.a.e. security strategy paul brennan has long. given the six month solve solitary confinement we understand that matthew hedges and jawed while he was in the united arab emirates and then the bewildering speed with which he went from being sentenced to life in prison and last weeks are now setting foot back in london a free man it's not surprising that the family decided to make his return to the u.k. a very low key affair he landed at terminal five at london's heathrow airport and
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avoided the waiting media there instead the family have issued statements on the behalf of both matthew and his wife danielle and i can read snippets of them to you matthew statement is as follows i have not seen or read much of what's been written over the past few days but daniela tells me the support has been incredible thank you so much to the british embassy and the foreign office for their efforts in ensuring i arrived safely back home that his wife daniella to harder said i hope you can all understand that mattered i as well as his family really need some time to process everything that we've been through no one should ever have to go to have to go through what he did and it will take him time to heal and recover he was very overwhelmed and just to add to that the foreign secretary jeremy hunt has taken to social media to twitter and he said the following welcome home at hedges the whole country relieved and delighted to have you home and then thanks to the f c o team in the united arab emirates for all the tireless work behind the scenes so at the
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end of this what was a diplomatic crisis a happy ending the return home of matthew hedges and a face saving exercise on both sides the usa the insist that they had the evidence to prove that matthew hedges was a spy the british government insists that they saw no evidence to support that theory at all but nevertheless the two were able to compromise matthew hedges gets a pardon and he's now a free man now facebook's chief executive mark zuckerberg has been criticized for failing to appears an international hearing into misinformation and fake means. well make is left out an empty chair physical the special session in london social networks vice presidents of policy solutions richard allen gave evidence instead facebook is accused of undermining democratic institutions and allowing the spread of misinformation and hate speech the company insists it complies with data protection rules but admits it has made mistakes well out of france the president
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is refusing to give in to the demands of protest is angry about rising fuel prices emanuel was presenting his government's energy plans in paris thousands of so-called yellow vests demonstrators took part in violent protests in the capital over the weekend. has more from paris. well i think if anyone is looking for any big announcements or measures from a man or mack or to the yellow vest protesters they would have been disappointed him at all mark or really use this speech to focus very much on environmental policy he talks about climate change how to move france away from relying on fossil fuels and nuclear and on renewables he said he could hear the frustration of many people who've been demonstrating for nearly two weeks in the streets now he could understand that they found it very hard to make ends meet he condemned some of the violence that we've seen here in france particular in paris over the weekend he
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offered a few financial incentives for people to do things like move away from their fuel powered cars to electric cars but he did not say that he would scrap the high taxes on fuel that have sparked at these protests he said that they were necessary to combat pollution that we will see hear the cries of alarm from society but we must not renounce our responsibilities for the future because there is also an environmental urgency on all recent opinion polls show that more than eighty percent of french people believe the high taxes on fuel should be scrapped so many ways a man or mark or speech will not have relieved the tensions and really the government's had a real headache with these protesters because they are finding the movement very difficult to manage and control this isn't a movement created by unions or political parties it's a grass roots movement by social media and it includes people from walks of life from across the political spectrum and really it's become the symbol of
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something much wider people's discontent with the rising cost of living here in france and a government they say simply doesn't understand them and is out of touch with the poor sections of society. two prominent opposition leaders in the democratic republic of congo arrived in the capital kinshasa after signing corp deal in nairobi on friday to tell camaro is equipped to campaign on a joint ticket backing felix ficek a day in the presidential election on december twenty third they both withdrew from a unity deal after refusing to support coalition opposition candidate might in failing president joseph kabila misstep down after clinging to office for two years longer than the constitution allows now tonight sherry of the president mohammed biharis approved an increase of salary and allowances for police officers i jury and police are rated as some of the most corrupt in africa and many say low wages and what conditions are to blame i'm going to address has more now from a butcher. that were underpaid and unappreciated. the
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institution these nigerian police officers represent is understaffed and often stigmatized most rewarding for some here is a battered image of police among the people they're assigned to protect themselves seen them like somebody they all wrote for help they feel the wind blew their quote part of your problems along the ideas and will believe in the lego police. so the president has stepped in hoping a modest increase in pay will help make life better for officers. he thought maybe the man hardest salary for the police were also help. so that they can be the first line of defense in the country he had always said that that is unfortunate when things. in any part of the country until certain troops things don't comb. or not
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rich and i didn't police officer earns two hundred dollars a month and not enough to pay the rent and feed the family considering the long and dangerous hours that must be put in. as a result some officers try to earn extra cash legitimately or otherwise it's not clear if they're in prison summary allowances will made these men and women focused on their duty but some margarine say it will take more than a salary increase to stop decades of police corruption. but activists say they want to see more done i think is good looking to create increasing the salary its goals to the extent of nuking a whole dinero will feel the police before you can see we are getting to a point when although the pollution report to that derives that could help them a bit more but many nigerians are waiting to see if that increase will also reduce
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some of the corruption police are often accused of. with greece al-jazeera reporter voters in the u.s. state of mississippi are going to the polls in the last senate election to be decided this year republican sen behind smith is in a tight race against democrat mike espy and what's usually a staunch li conservative state vote became racially charged after hyde smith was recorded telling a supporter she would attend a public hanging thousands of black men were killed by white people in mississippi during lynchings before the civil rights era if s.b. is elected he would be mississippi's first black u.s. senator since the eighteen hundreds well now u.s. president donald trump is imposing sanctions on nicaragua's vice president for a violent crackdown on anti-government protesters measures target residing in rio who is also the wife of president daniel ortega are accused of undermining nicaragua's democracy any property owned by mario that falls under u.s. jurisdiction will be frozen more than three hundred people have been killed and at
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least two thousand injured by police and armed groups since demonstrations began in april meanwhile venezuela spiraling economic problems of letter.


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