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the male officer that's army's chief of staff for the very first time major general allen carr a mensch took up the post following a government ceremony slovenia is now the only nato country whose army is headed by a woman. china's national health commission is all that an investigation into a scientists claim that he's created the world's first genetically edited babies in a video posted online this week professor hey john couey says he'll to the d.n.a. of twin baby girls to prevent them from contracting hiv an american university in houston is also investigating with one of its scholars had a stake in the controversial research as he was a chinese science advisor during his studies in the u.s. . do you soldiery is it a sort of remain a technology for him any. how all i know is not it was a lot of gold dust that sort of beat back. understand that war would be controversial but i believe family mistaken ours and our aim we should
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take that criticism well robert klitzman is a professor of psychiatry and director of the master's of bioethics program at columbia university he says there are lots of problems with gene editing. there are also risks particularly now when it's still considered by most people experimental so if i take a gene out of an embryo so that no cell in my body has that gene that gene in the case of what dr he did he took out a gene that enables h. i.v. to get into the body cells if you're exposed hiv but that same gene could be involved let's say in the proper functioning of the brain or the liver or the heart and so other one of the concerns with this technology is that if we take out a particular gene because we think it may be involved in a particular disease or or function might that gene have other functions that we
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don't yet fully understand that may lead to problems in the child now south asia's first fully digitized restaurant has opened in a pool locally made robots named ginger and now serving customers at this cafe and kaplan do a local tech company develop the robots to essentially design in china japan. the best of all time in the school.
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welcome back now the un's environment body has found the world needs to do three times what it's currently doing to avoid catastrophic climate change the twenty fifteen paris climate deal agreed to limit the rise in global temperatures to a maximum of two degrees celsius this century to avoid major and irreversible climate change or the annual u.n. environment program for analyzed emissions in the targets and place to meet that two degree goal it found we need to do three times as much as we are currently doing to make that target of currently the world's twenty biggest economies the g twenty are collectively not on track to meet their twenty thirty pledges the biggest elephant in the room that we refused to see is the risk that it poses to everything we like and appreciate in this planet where that you biodiversity is your thing or sustainable finance or you
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know the and the health of the planet and the people of prosperity or peace. or human movements i mean you just pick up anything you like everything is at risk if we do not allow up and prevent. from the catastrophic risks and that the world is facing today where dogs are going to litter is one of the authors of that u.n. report i spoke to him earlier via skype from berlin. there's various legace progress in reducing global emissions in effect we're in two thousand and seventeen was a bad year. in their emissions have actually gone up so as we do the opposite direction from where we would need to go to limit global warming so what we're headed to is indeed something of around three degrees until the end of the century if we don't really bend the curve. but actually there would be more warming in the
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pipeline so we would really see room for increasing the after and that certainly would mean that we would see of fundamental deviation from the word as we know words with further increasing sea levels much more and more extreme events floods heat waves droids. in unprecedented scale so this is really a fundamental change from the state of the birds that civilizations have. gotten adept at to look tough sport has far thanks very much that's american football officials have said the second leg of the couple liberty doris final will take place outside of argentina fan violence resulted in the game between when osiris rivals river plate and bucky jr is being postponed the fixture is now set to happen on either december the eighth or ninth but no final decision on the venue has been made argentina's president has had his say criticizing the security plan
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that was in place for the rich and kicked off on saturday. this. despite everything that's been said about the police operation which the mayor of one series is responsible for how can it be that the police arrested only twenty three people after the disturbances on saturday and within hours within i was these people were three i do not understand i don't understand in the name of. i do not understand. daniels why will has more from. this is turning into one of the longest finals in world football history the first leg of the block a junior stadium on the tenth of november was delayed by a day because of heavy rain that match was played ending in a two two draw the second leg at the river plate stadium scheduled for the twenty fourth of november was delayed by a day after the baka juniors team bus was attacked by river plate fans the
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following day the match was again suspended after the book team said that their players really no fit state to play the twenty seventh of november the south american football authorities cami ball meets at their headquarters in assume c. on to say that the game will be played on the eighth or the ninth of december in the ground outside of argentina still to be determined but bucket unions have protested they don't want the game to go ahead they want to be declared the copper but the board is champions that will be appealed venue will be decided confusion reigns all around political heads of already rolled the head of security in the city government has already been sacked one thing is certain that this debacle will do nothing to win hearts and improve the relations between two of the bitterest rivals in world football. holders around madrid and roma have reached the last sixteen of the u.a.e. for champion's league both sides advanced without even touching a ball it's because earlier c.s.k.
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moscow lost at home to check side victoria pleasant in rome and around madrid still did play their group g. game it was real that came out on top thanks to goals from gareth bale and lucas vazquez final score two no to rio. eight games in total in champions league on choose day i.x. have also ration knockout stages for the first time since two thousand and six and a big result there from byron munich chris rushed ben five one a man accused of attacking a broad dortmund bus with a bomb has been found guilty of twenty eight counts of attempted murder german national survey of inner gold was sentenced to fourteen years in prison by a german court the twenty nine year old had hid the bomb on the team boss that was heading to a champions league match in april two thousand and seventeen but lost injured two people venerable admitted to building and setting it off but said he didn't intend to hurt anyone but stood to profit if dortmund's shares dropped in value.
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produced a career best performance as his country levelled their test series with new zealand yassar took fourteen wickets in the map just box on one in the second test and by innings and sixteen runs a third and final match of the series starts next monday in abu dhabi. a special series of tie breakers will be needed to decide the world chess champion after a remarkable match between two grand masters in london all twelve games between champion magnus carlsen and challenger of. ana finished in draws explains how the champion will finally be decided. for the past three weeks the best two chess players in the wild magnus carlsen the champion from the life of fabiano caruana the challenger from brooklyn have been locked in battle draw off to draw millions of chess fans absorbed by the attention but they can only be one champion some think has now got to give this is the final shot jude guy going twelve eleven join
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gangs up to this point is a situation that had not happened in the history of the tournament why could they not be separated in fact they have taken a look at some risks old world but there are some good to be transposed on them so because been very interesting game since i can see it's not the only game similar just defense and soulmates i think it's been very very interesting out of attacking games the apparent deadlock has been gripping for those that understand the levels of skill and concentration but does this mean chess was right count when new funds to support a much between two cool guys in their twenty's showing off their moves i feel that we have a bigger interest also from my mainstream media than ever before and they are all i think that you now have an american up playing and they're there says well the story that in one hundred eighty two we had the last world champion from the from the united states so. and magnus himself he's of course.
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for didn't resist to call himself you could say i mean he's been a model and he's in the uk all kinds of commercials. from both sides of the match this is a very very cool event. is finished in the almost inevitable draw which means they need to come back on wednesday using different formats to try to decide who is champion rapid guides and if that doesn't work something complex guides if they're still not separated it will be a guy called oh my god well whoever plays black if i haven't lost will be declared the champion one of culson a coward they describe you just music king of wild chess they welling's al-jazeera . on the question as to who the world's best female surfer stephanie gilmore has won a record equalling seventh world title gilmore wrapped up the championship at this
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season and the pro surfer event in hawaii the thirty year old is now level and the all time standings with compact rain a chilly. i'll never forget to be a young girl like just surfing all day long it was all i could think about and it's just you know it's still my first love and it gives me so much so much joy just challenges just everything to come here today and this is. special and that's all your support for now more later. thank you now three tiny rocks on the moon are going up for auction this week it's estimated they could sell for more than a million dollars well the stones were treated by a soviet space mission in one nine hundred seventy current on a boat them for more than four hundred thousand dollars what's so exciting about these is they are the only documented lunar samples they can legally beyond by a private person the samples collected by the americans all belong to the united
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states they have gifted rocks to governments but never to an individual so we have a lot of interest from around the world and in all age brackets for this type of sale and moon rocks in particular have their own mythology associated with them well that's it for me for the darwin update is up next with more the day's news. this is the journey you've been looking forward to the one you've been dreaming about. little take you to those you love to faraway places new faces old friends on a new adventure far from the ordinary in extraordinary comfort come with us in award winning style because this is the journey you've been dreaming about where boarding now. once welcomed
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now fear. and dividing a nation. al-jazeera explores germany's long term economic strategy of pursuing immigrants from the arab world i feel more gentleman and syrian. money does a richer get those people to put up think that it's been done it one german and american the new germans on al-jazeera. i thought this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of ton of ability and if you can give them the opportunity wonderful things start to happen sometimes the simplest seditions optimised and path for. the main things that sets out zero apart from other news organizations is that a lot of our reporting is about real people but about ideas or politicians or what they may want to do but how policy and how events affect real people it's ok for
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something. a little like the conflict it could offer to happen if this is not an act of creation and i'm going i remember walking. down like my family's status and wealth has benefited from their choice to enslave. some of us old stai risky to speak out as a surprise but. this job isn't just about what's in the script or a piece of paper it's about what is happening right now. but everybody who says one should listen to the tape speak arabic what are you going to get from. the u.s. national security adviser says he hasn't heard all the off the killing but someone who may not even attend the senate hearing on it. they say he's
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a war criminal and the crown prince message is loud and clear into his. life from a headquarters and. also ahead ukraine's president accuses russia of beefing up its military presence along the border after the black sea. and forced to play away from home a football final marred by violence take place outside argentina. hello the white house says it's unlikely the u.s. president will meet the saudi crown prince during the upcoming g. twenty meeting in argentina because of his busy schedule this comes as the senate is due to be briefed on wednesday about the ongoing u.s. involvement in the war in yemen and the murder of journalist. the head of the cia a
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hospital has listened to recordings of these death but reportedly won't be at the briefing meanwhile trumps national security adviser says he isn't going to learn anything by listening to those tapes so let me take the question of the tape first no i haven't. i guess i should ask you why do you think i should what do you think i learned from. my. family in this room speak arabic. now senator what do you want me to listen to and what am i going to learn from the if they were speaking korean i wouldn't learn any more from that either tell you it was anything other than i should read a transcript so you think it's unfair and. i'm just trying to make the point that everybody who says why don't you listen to the tape unless you speak arabic what are you going to get from i can now has more from washington d.c. while the senators will be briefed by the secretary of state and the secretary of
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defense behind closed doors no public access but senators i rate it the fact that it appears the director of the cia will not be present this is the person they want to hear from because senators intent on finding out about the murder of jamal khashoggi and the possible involvement of the crown prince of saudi arabia in that murder reports indicate that the white house has instructed the cia director not to attend this is unconfirmed at this particular point but her absence would raise the possibility that the secretary's will not be briefing the senate about the murder of jamal khashoggi instead they may be arguing why sanction should not be imposed against saudi arabia both of my pump aoe and jet matters have made very clear they are in the same page as president trump and do not believe that sanctions should be exercised against saudi arabia the senators feel very differently they are going to be pushing for legislation imposing socks and sions and they are going to press to
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get more details about the death of. john jones is a former u.s. senior congressional advisor he says it will be very significant energy in a hospital doesn't appear at the briefing. well it is a departure of protocol to not have someone and as a top ranking official from the intelligence community not testify at this briefing and when you look at mr bolton's comments today it's obvious that he is pretty comfortable with the status of the u.s. saudi relationship and he's not inclined to support a change in that relationship and he probably feels commenting on the specific tape would. be of any help in terms of adjusting his position and any way whatsoever but at some point in time the trumpet ministration is going to have to decide if they are going to fish or cut bait when it comes to the quiz show be
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murdered. saudi arabia's crown prince meanwhile is in tennessee as part of a tour of arab nations assumption is ians are upset with his visit jamal trail reports. you are not welcome that is the message to crown prince mohammed bin solomon from poto stares into news yes capital they gathered in the center of the city with banners impact cards denouncing the visits of the saudi royal amman they believe to be a war criminal and an enemy of democracy with the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi still fresh in people's minds and the war in yemen couldn't people almost on a daily basis hundreds of chinese you can see they felt the need to demonstrate against bin some. yes we are against mohammed bin so moms visit to reformation every tennessean to free to to democratic tennessee and he has deprived his people of democracy he is a manager i know just that he's a butcher he kills his people he's betrayed the palestinian cause and he kills
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human rights he simply some women activists and religious scholars he's not welcome . many people in tunisia feel the purpose of this visit is to help legitimize the crown prince after he appeared to be isolated by parts of the international community after official g.'s murder images like this arguably stronger than the chance of the protesters the message from those protesters is now that we are not only are they protesting against the leader of the crime and for that matter but also against our men over this one of. the one year my arguments and your nonsense our women and children and devastated the country i was there to miss him for it was certain they also found themselves in the whites of one of the millions of our across the region who are named let's. take our friend mark here because of the lack of freedom in america. the previous three stops and been seven months two or
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egypt behind. in the united arab emirates cairo is viewed by many as a military dictatorship while many are also criticized by human rights groups for cracking down on freedoms and not long public protests. to news you may not be the only bad publicity for the crown prince on tuesday human rights watch announced it had filed a submission with a federal prosecutor in argentina where he's expected to attend the g. twenty summit in a couple of days this submission requests that the court's investigate been summoned for war crimes and his role in the murder treaty signed by such a claim can indeed be pursued just as the crown prince is trying to prove that he isn't isolated internationally his critics are doing everything they can to ensure he's got two accounts even if it's only in the court of public opinion. an explosion near a chemical plant in the chinese province of a has killed at least twenty two people
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more than twenty others were hurt the government has launched an investigation into the cause. and china's national health commission has ordered an investigation into a scientist's claim that he has created the world's first genetically edited babies in a video posted online this week professor he says he altered the d.n.a. of twin baby girls to prevent them from contracting hiv an american university in houston is also investigating whether waterfront scholars had a stake in the controversial research as he was the chinese scientists advisor during his studies in the u.s. just soldiery. and sort of the main technology to hear me. all say how all i. was the love of all. that sort of big band. but i believe. this. and i take it that chris says.
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the u.s. president's council. meeting his russian counterpart at the g. twenty summit in argentina because of the car with ukraine on sunday the russian coast guard opened fire on ukrainian naval boats three of president petro poroshenko has raised concerns over what he says is a buildup of russian tanks close to his country's border so you see much of this is a russian military base located eighteen kilometers from our border on september seventeenth and september twenty fourth these are all tanks this is october much as you can see the number of tanks at the bases located along the border has tripled why were they deployed there the number of units deployed along the entire length of our border has dramatically increased using possible exercises as an excuse does not justify this increase in any way after the incident in the sea of of we have to provide the ukrainian armed forces with the resistance capability in case of
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a large scale ground invasion these tanks have not yet been withdrawn they are still there well three ukrainian sailors captured during that confrontation in the black sea have been sentenced to two months in custody a court in the russian controlled crimea has accused them of illegally entering its territorial waters anderson. russia says this is one of many confessions by ukrainian sailors about how the navy illegally entered its territorial waters despite warnings there's outrage in ukraine its foreign minister says these men are obviously talking under duress while as he puts it under the quarrels of russia's f.s.b. security service but they're prisoners of war covered by the geneva convention and should have access to the international red cross most of the servicemen and up here in simferopol before
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a court that gave out detention orders for two months while cases are investigated internationally the pressure on russia appeared to have no effect on its foreign minister sergei lavrov visiting paris be useless. if the ukrainian side like its partners in europe is interested in avoiding such situations in the future it is obviously necessary to send a signal to kiev not to allow such a provocation that is not for us to do but for those who maintain close contact with the crane you know thorgils mr lavrov hadn't appeared willing to meet a request made by the french foreign minister. sergey lavrov. told sergey lavrov that a gesture is expected from russia at the prisoners and the boats being held must be free to soon as possible but i will also call my ukrainian counterpart to encourage him to seek a deescalation in this region. there may be no confrontation now in the current strait but the words exchanged by both sides are getting more volatile ukraine's
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navy is saying the russians was shooting to kill on sunday russia is warning that a limited martial law to be imposed in parts of ukraine on wednesday could escalate the conflict. and now it's emerged that not all the arrested crew are sailors ukraine's state security services the s.b.u. says it had counterintelligence officers on board and it also says that two missiles were fired by one of two russian fighter jets at the boats and one of those agents was seriously injured what happens next to the detained ukrainian servicemen may be unclear what's certain is that without their release ukraine will can.


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