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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2018 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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with high speed killing all one hundred eighty eight passengers on board but it's giving quite a clear picture of what was happening previously to this fatal flight four days already this lion airplane it's a brand new seven three seven max eight boeing that was flying from bali as well going back to jakarta for the previous days this plane had already had some very serious technical defect basically what was wrong was the angle of attack sensor which is on the left side of the pilot wasn't functioning while it had been replaced in bali basically what it does it's basically registering the airflow against the nose of the plane and if it registers something wrong which it was doing this plane automatically pushes denotes down so the pilots on the previous flight were forced to fly just manually and managed to actually safely land with the same plane the last violent and copilot didn't manage to do that they didn't
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put it on manual and then this fatal crash happened many questions remain of course also because the investigators say why did the pilot fly back from bali the night before with a plane which was in such a bad condition so that's why investigators are urging air to improve their safety culture air has already quited a bit of safety culture for many years pilots have been complaining about overwork maintenance problems have been reported so there's a lot of questions also what the government will do with air looking at the results of this preliminary report still ahead. we're open for business i hope you're open for partnership afghanistan's president says the time to invest in his country is now while the u.n. warns the family. doctors claim of the world's first designer a baby sparks global outrage.
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hello once again welcome to another look at the international forecasts we still got some bits and pieces of right into the middle east but by and large is a good deal quieter than it has been recently you can see the cloud breaking quite nicely skies opening up there across iran eastern parts of iraq also a few showers some of them wintry i would say was the high ground there for the western allies in a few showers just around the eastern side of the med try to make their way further research going to blocked off a little actually a fair bit of cloud spilling into thursday so always a chance of one or two a light outbreaks of right at this stage but for central parts of the region and we're from the caspian into the gulf it should be largely dry and fine as is the case across the arabian peninsula little bit of cloud into more than a central part of saudi arabia may be creeping its way across cossar as we go way to stay into thursday but it should be dry cobber another possibility they are
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spots of light rain they will be lies and nothing to worry about there meanwhile we've got some heavy rain pushing into eastern parts of south africa up towards a north east of the country up towards hummingbird could see some wet weather here that's just not its way further north which will see those heavy downpours extending into mozambique getting across into that eastern side of of the zimbabwe as well harare with a top temperature of twenty three. i mean his story for the people every week brings a series of breaking stories told through the eyes of the world's journalists these two voices journalists were one of the few journalists that were actually doing investigative work. as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they would go out on the streets to demand see buys the rights to those stories but then he
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never publishes those stories they're listening post on al-jazeera. television the top stories on al-jazeera the white house says it's unlikely president donald trump will meet the saudi crown prince of the upcoming g. twenty meeting in argentina meanwhile the head of the cia may not attend the senate briefing long ones they are u.s. relations with saudi arabia and the us president donald trump says he may cancel a meeting with the russian president at the g. twenty summit this is a response to russian maritime forces opening fire on ukrainian naval vessels earlier this week indonesia's transport safety committee has called on budget
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airline lion air to improve its safety culture after a crash that killed one hundred eighty nine people last month they say the airline must ensure pilots can make proper decisions during a flight. u.s. republican. mississippi senate runoff election it follows a campaign which highlighted the state's troubled. people myth was caught on camera saying she would happily attend the public hanging if. she faced african-american democrat mike espy john hendren joining us from jackson mississippi and despite her becoming the first woman from mississippi elected to congress she's been a controversial candidate as we're saying. she has indeed this is a deeply republican state a state that has not voted for a democrat in a statewide office in is nineteen eighty two so it was a bit of
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a surprise that mike espy was making a run of it as a democratic senatorial candidate and that have been for two reasons one of them was that he was an unusually strong candidate for this state and the other one is that cindy hyde smith made a number of gaffes that caused her some serious problems first of all she made a joke to a supporter saying that if he were to invite her to a hanging she would sit in the front row well that did not go well here in this state where five thousand african-american men were lynched after the civil war she was caught she was photographed in a confederate battle cap on facebook and she made some jokes about voter suppression saying maybe it wasn't such a bad thing to make it a little more difficult for liberals to vote all of those things caused her some serious problems in order to rescue were president donald trump came to this state of mississippi a state where republican presidents don't typically have to come to support a republican candidate and he made two stops here he's a very popular candidate here he won here by eighteen percentage points in two
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thousand and sixteen and in the end mike espy made a run of it which is unusual for a democrat in this state but cindy hyde smith declared victory and she said she won because in the end voters knew her heart that is they knew what she really meant when she said that and that was not a racist comment she says but what's been the reaction. to their defeat. well mike espy in his concession speech said that the outcome as he had hoped it would be but that they had made a historic grassroots campaign and that is very true this is a state where an african-american man has not won since the nineteenth century so it was a historic campaign he ran he had president obama making robo calls for him those are our recorded calls to voters but in the end he was eight or nine percentage points away that's closer than usual here in the deep south but it was not enough
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to put him over the top during. you know the u.s. sector as they will meet mexico's incoming foreign minister to discuss asylum seekers on their joint border the white house says the two will work out a deal later this week to keep migrants in mexico while their claims for u.s. asylum are considered tension on sunday in the mexican border town of when us off already has fired tear gas on asylum seekers on the other side who are trying to cross over. pakistan is hosting one of the world's biggest defense exhibit in karate on top of having their own latest military hardware on the splay delegates from forty seven countries will showcase their newest technologies the four day events come off the exit bishan joining us from karachi itself to just talk us through the significance of this particular exit bishan and the theme arms for
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conflict rather than arms for peace some would say. absolutely. we'd be. dead big government is. as far as security is concerned and budgets don of course had faith embargoes can change from one of the united states which has driven that country closer toward china that it now collaboration in radio. mean back to you can he get on a chinese jav seventeen generation for. trying upgrade. and it also may need. foreign companies they had to. get. collaboration right there. it is right it showed
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a lot. in karachi and why is it important for pakistan to organize such an exhibition. over the year budget on defense industry had gone through a rapid drawn formation. joy division he indigenous production and because of the yom kippur age then. given the fact that india is buying state of the art. products from the french they all show up buying military hardware from the americans so they don't know i'm sure it in their region and bog it down i've got to. get out they have a vision but also be able to predict it. all right hi there reporting from karachi thank you three u.s. soldiers have been killed and several others injured in a roadside bomb explosion in eastern afghanistan it happened near the city of god
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it's the deadliest attack on u.s. forces in afghanistan in the past seventeen months the taliban claimed responsibility for the incidents that attack coincides with a two day international conference on afghanistan that's underway in geneva with appeals for more foreign investment but is there are reports the afghan government is under growing pressure to end the fighting that's holding the economy back. a demonstration by afghans outside the united nations in geneva a reminder for the afghan president that the agency avenging the violence back home but at the start of the two day conference here he was keen to stress opportunities for the outside world it is solely depends on private sector investments it's a different that's going to. we are open for business i hope you are open for partners thank you this is not a pledging conference rather it's a chance to evaluate whether afghanistan is delivering on its promises to the
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international donor countries the un assistance mission to afghanistan or you know is pointing to several areas where things are getting better thanks to outside support one concrete example ensuring that there is a police force which is trained which functions police men and women across the country receiving their salaries that is something where there's been huge investment by the international community and that investment continues still virtually every aspect of life in afghanistan is affected by the conflict which has got worse this year besides the war with the taliban and there's now the threat of attacks on civilians by i saw five thousand children have been killed i mean within the first three quarters of twenty which is equal to the total number in twenty seventeen so we are expecting this numbers to go higher by the end of the at the in the immediate. need is to stop conflict in afghanistan and
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it's a big big because every day we are losing. and soldiers civilian can develop resolvers you know increasing so that's the immediate need for us and afghan. tuesday's events included sessions on afghan refugees and increasing women's participation in society but on wednesday the focus shifts to politics delegates from more than sixty countries are expected to be here as the afghan president and his government highlighted chief much like last month's elections but many afghans will be wondering when the violence that still cripples their country is going to end nadine barber al jazeera geneva. some syrian refugees have been killed detained or forced into the military when they return home that's according to lebanon's minister of state for refugee affairs he says of the nearly one million syrians forced into lebanon during the war twelve thousands have returned to syria since
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june last year and damascus have been encouraging refugees to repatriate but rights groups on the un have warned of possible persecution. what we are sure about is nearly twenty people have been killed and there are three cases that i've personally documented i spoke with their relatives and received their photos these people are scared there might be revenge or they won't be allowed to return to syria especially because they're refugees in lebanon this is an addition to cases of kidnapping detention of men who have been forced to join assad's army these matters are known and reported daily on the internet we decided to talk about them now so that these acts of killing and kidnapping might stop such acts discourage syrian refugees from returning home the wife of a british academic who was jailed for allegations of spying in the united arab emirates has released the first picture of her husband since his return to the u.k. matthew had just landed in london after flying from dubai he was sentenced to life imprisonment last week before being pardoned on monday hedges was arrested him
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a while researching a ph d. on the security strategy slovenia has appointed a female officer as its army's chief of staff for the first time major general. took up the post following a government ceremony slovenia is now the only nato country whose army is headed by a woman. the un's environment body has found the world needs to do three times what it's doing to avoid catastrophic climate change the twenty fifteen paris climate accord agreed to limit the rise in global temperatures to a maximum maximum of two degrees celsius this century to avoid major and irreversible climate change un environment programme report analyzed emissions and the targets in place to meet the two degree goal it found we need to do three times as much as we're currently doing to make the targets the world's twenty biggest economies the g twenty are collectively not on track to meet their twenty thirty
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pledges the biggest elephant in the room that we refused to see is the risk that it poses to everything we like and appreciate in this planet whether you biodiversity is your. sustainable finance or you know the the health of the planet and the people of prosperity or peace or human movements haven't you just pick up anything you like everything is at risk if we do not buckle up and prevent. from the catastrophic risks that the world is facing today china's national health commission has ordered an investigation into a scientist's claim that he has created the world's first genetically edited babies in a video posted online this week professor he says he altered the d.n.a.
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of twin baby girls to prevent them from contract and hiv an american university in houston is also investigating whether one of its scholars had a stake in the controversial research as he was the chinese scientists advisor during his studies in the u.s. . soldiery. and sort of remain a technology for here any. how or i was not it was a lot of coal dust. to be banned. i understand that work will be to arsenal but i believe family did this take an artist and i and we to take the criticism robert klitzman is a professor of psychiatry and director of the master's of bioethics program at columbia university he says there are lots of potential problems with genetic editing. there are also risks particularly now when it's still considered by most
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people experimental so if i take a gene out of an embryo so though cell in my body has that gene that gene in the case of what dr he did he took out a gene that enables you to get into the. cells that you're exposed with that same gene could be involved let's say in the proper functioning of the brain or the liver or the heart and so one of the concerns with this technology is that if we take out a particular gene because we think it may be involved in a particular disease or or function might that gene have other functions that we don't yet fully understand that may lead to problems of the child. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera the white house says it's unlikely the u.s. president will meet the saudi crown prince during the upcoming g.
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twenty summit in argentina because of his busy schedule this comes as the senate is there to be briefed on wednesday about the ongoing u.s. involvement in the war in yemen and the murder of journalist john. the head of the cia and you know hospital has listen to recordings of cautions death but reportedly won't be at the briefing mike hanna has more from washington. well there's been no confirmation as yet but various reports do indicate that this was done at the instruction of the white house now what is happening is that the secretary of state and the secretary of defense will be addressing the senate behind closed doors on the whole issue. but some speculate that in the absence of the director of the cia it's not going to be a briefing about the death of it's more going to be about the reasons why the senate should not impose sanctions against saudi arabia to syria has launched an investigation into a complaint accusing saudis crown prince of human rights violations hundreds
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protested against muhammad visit to tunis as part of his tour of arab nations the us president donald trump says he may cancel a meeting with the russian president vladimir putin at the g. twenty it's in response to russian maritime forces opening fire on ukrainian naval vessels earlier this week u.s. republican cindy hyde smith has won mississippi's senate runoff election that follows a campaign which highlighted the state's troubled past involving the lynching of black people hide smith was caught on camera saying she would happily attend the public hanging if invited she faced african-american democrat mike espy in cities as transport safety committee has called on budget airline lion air to improve its safety culture after a crash that killed one hundred eighty nine people last month they say the airline must ensure a pilot can make proper decisions during a flight it's an explosion near
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a chemical plant in the chinese province has killed at least twenty two people and more than twenty others were hurt so the government has launched an investigation into the cause of that explosion those are the headlines on al-jazeera the listening post is coming up next. i really felt liberated as a journalist about. getting to the truth is that i would that's what this job. feels criminal charges against. that charge and i'm. not to charge someone of publishing truthful information. by we can take you time and county to county. u.s. intelligence i think they would love. to lower richard gives birth in europe the listening post here are some of the media stories that we're covering this week rumor becomes fact julian assange is in america's crosshairs we examine the case
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for and against wiki leaks and its journalists not content to control the narrative in the news media the kremlin turns its eyes towards russian cinema and what it say mark zuckerberg is blaming the media for some of facebook's problems he might want to focus a little closer to home and then of course there's donald trump and it's the end of the white house correspondents' dinner as we know it sort of we begin with julian assange and the news peg like no other last week in court papers filed in the u.s. in a case completely unrelated to the wiki leaks founder there was a paragraph confirming that a secret indictment has been filed against a sanch prosecutors called it an administrative mistake meaning a supposedly clerical error confirmed something that a sanch had always feared but that the u.s. department of justice had never admit it wants him in jail it's been more than six years now since the sands was granted asylum at the ecuadorian embassy in london
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and investigation into sexual assault related allegations made by two women in sweden has long since been dropped but british police say that as sanjay will be arrested the moment he steps out of that embassy for breach of bail less than a decade ago julian assange had media outlets eating out of his hand and gover. with secrets to hide on high alert now he's at the mercy of an ecuadorian government that's running out of patience and he may be running out of time our starting point this week is a court document and a revelation never met to see the light of day. of all the twists and turns in the essential story the initial deluge of classified documents wiki leaks published the resulting headlines the sexual assault related allegations made in sweden the irregularities surrounding those cases the self-imposed exile on ecuadorian territory in london and the six year long waiting
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game since this may be the oddest twist of all a clerical error a sloppy case of cut and paste that appears to justify julian assange has concerns about having to face justice american style. there's nothing like a cock up to make the truth come to light so there's a filing on a completely unrelated and not very high profile case in the eastern district of virginia and they had copied and pasted a section from another indictment and so this indictment about some totally random guy ended up mentioning janus and what they haven't said is what the charges are and what period of wiki leaks activity they relight. the clerical error took place at a court in alexandria virginia right next door to washington where a grand jury has reportedly been investigating julian assange since two thousand and ten or shape an understanding of what the past six years or as being like back
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then wiki leaks was in its heyday the iraq and afghan war logs revealed a brutal truth about those invasions confirming war crimes previously denied by the pentagon. the diplomatic cables were later exposed america's duplicity in its. dealings with foreign governments leaks was partnering with news organizations heavy hitters like the new york times the guardian and moaned in france making headlines around the world by the end of two thousand and ten the moaned named julian assange its person of the year time magazine's readers did the same and rolling stone called him rock star of the barack obama's vice president joe biden had another term for a sandwich high tech terrorist if you go in challenge and threaten and undermine the world's most powerful institutions as wiki leaks has done they are going to
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impose on you or tell you there was actually a two thousand and eight us army report that described what the lake's as an enemy of the state and talked about different ways that they could destroy the organization and we can read about that document because ironically it got leaked to wiki leaks which then published it on its own website the left was very excited about what he said excited about the fact that things that governments had traditionally kept secret were no longer big going to be kept secret. that seem to be part of this whole new way nothing is secret anymore in the age of the internet they fear a domino effect they realize that the inside the u.s. intelligence community there are many people who have seen all sorts of abuses c.f. terrified that this could be hundred chelsea manning thousand and thus no then they cannot julian assange so whole they can do is use legal cases about against julian
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assange and wiki leaks which they have that. in two thousand and ten a legal case was opened against the sand in sweden for sexual assault based on the testimonies of two women he denied the allegations and asked to be questioned in london a common practice in such cases he said he feared the. going to sweden could lead to an extradition to the us the swedes initially refused but eventually interviewed him at the ecuadorian embassy in two thousand and sixty six years after the investigation began then the swedes dropped the case without ever laying charges a basic fact that seemed lost on news organizations being a victory for yourself now. do you think sweden will reactivate the rape charges that the two jobs get. despite the swedes closing the case the u.k. says it will arrest a sanch if he steps out of the embassy for breaching his bail conditions it's
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a standoff the un calls a case of arbitrary detention a denial of a sanjay human rights stefan you're more it see is an investigative journalist who has probed how the essential case has been conducted in both sweden and the u.k. thanks to my freedom of information act requests in sweden it is possible to reveal the crucial role of the u.k. authorities in creating these legal and diplomatic quagmire for example advising the swedish prosecutors to question julian assange ali after these extradition to sweden they write the police do not think that the case is being dealt with as just another extradition request depressed was running some stories allies sweden could drop case says a savage and. wrote to the street prosecutors don't you dare get called finn. even julian assange just supporters can see that wiki leaks
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is practices can be contentious such as exposing material without redactions after the failed coup in turkey in two thousand and sixteen it published what it called the a.k.p. emails three hundred thousand of them they revealed the person. details of millions of turks putting their privacy and much more at risk similar complaints have come from afghanistan saudi arabia and other countries and the sanchez decision to publish material during the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election campaign e-mails from inside the clinton team hacked by persons unknown but that u.s. intelligence agencies say came via russia have damaged wiki leaks his journalistic standing and infuriated anti trump forces in america it's true that julian assange has used to be a lot more popular before somebody undermined american democracy with the help of
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the russians and gave us this president who is destroying democracy in the united states and threatening me and our world i don't see a songe as a victim anymore i see it as someone who helped to victimize american democracy and if julian assange has being demonized for that and count me among his demonize or. conversations that we've been able to read that have been leaked seem to be suggesting that julian would be willing to do things specifically to help the trump campaign certainly that's a legitimate critique of wiki leaks that i think we can all see evidence for what we've never seen any evidence for is that there's been any even communication let alone call operation or cooperation between wiki leaks and the russian government even though and for some reason it's now totally acceptable in western media outlets to simply assert as though it is fact. julian assange has said the source of the clinton e-mails was not the russian government nor was it a state party a sanjay also has issues with his new landlord the ecuadorian president who granted him asylum rafael correa has been succeeded by lenin merino who wants better
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relations with washington the new government hasn't a victim to say but his internet connection his communications with the outside world are now controlled by the embassy with his health reportedly failing the lack of sunlight getting to julian assange cannot even go to a hospital for fear of being arrested and the sand also has caused me to feel aggrieved by the same news outlets that once feasted on the material that he handed to them on a plate not unlike his ecuadorian hosts many of those news organizations have turned against him if you are in the embassy of a country you should probably try and be a good house guest he's also on multiple times acted against that credentials diplomatic interests he picks a fight with spy which is one of the allies he interfered in the us election
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and. in the end they will find something to get and i or a son just patients will crack in the try and make a bright for it whatever you think of julian whatever you think of wiki leaks what has been done to him over the last six to seven years is a very sustained. serious and deliberate violation of his basic liberties and yet that has been almost entirely disregarded by the western media instead the attempt is to make you view him with such disdain in contempt it's incredibly insidious because what they're doing is essentially the dirty work of those who are violating julian assange and his rights being turned over to the us government being prosecuted for journalism for publishing documents has always been his principal worry and it ought to be the worry of anyone who does journalism anywhere in the world. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of
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our producers tarak nuff tarik last week the new york times produced an investigative piece on facebook some of the questionable tactics the company has been using to go after its critics what did that piece actually reveal primarily that facebook hired a p.r. code to finance a company with strong links to the us republican party to produce negative news coverage on not just its competitors like apple and google but also the platforms critics including billionaire investor george soros so are sort of become a bit of a whipping boy for right wing voices and conspiracy there given that he's liberal and jewish often thought described facebook as a menace to society in a speech at the beginning of this year the times reported that the finest sent documents to news outlets attempting to link him to an organization called freedom from facebook the company's c.e.o. a month and the.


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