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tv   A New Lease Of Life  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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countries wishing to end french or british colonial rule. in one thousand and five the german cause or threw his support behind morocco's bid for independence and to underscore that position the kaiser made a state visit to morocco that year. germany lost eight million citizens to world war two and faced the post-war years with a severe manpower shortage. to rebuild germany needed men and negotiated guest worker agreements with countries across southern europe and by the mid one nine hundred sixty s. miracle until his you. shift. a german of tunis in dissent. i've been a spiritual guide to many arabs who came from north africa since the one nine hundred sixty s. . but that. is. the statement from must.
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it or must tell you know what i mean. i was c.s.a. way over mr sharon janet could be a. how many. people better than me what i like when i actually had to. body the. last almost a month and we had already having this but. what i can. if you have it will be dead when we go and. lead to her death when i'll be at. home. we year. when.
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i thought coffee been especially the congeal of the initial fear. of the. small local tunisian onion. even as i was slender. by it was intent on straight but it's the classic. meat in. the indian. induction. scene and took one out of. the issue of large scale immigration to germany has become a national discussion. even in the country's vos museums. well at
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home the gorgeous is torsional you know we hear now at the exhibition multicultural country from the creation we have in germany a very emotional discussion about the creation. since the beginning germany was a country of immigration and here we want to show the creations from the fifty's up to now and when he see a little bit how people were coming how they would see fit and what was the view from the german side on these guest workers who are coming. over in the sixty's germany have the same to cream in a cream and with with my rocor and two music right with turkey so that came already as well and from tunisia as well but basically from the local guest workers it passed a little bit a notice. me train with them so you know it was some whole invisible but this
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interesting for me also to see how the people tried and i'm game to try to to invoke themselves in that political movements and to ask for that rights and. that is what we wanted to show here as well that the migrants were in tier like then it's not something that you only can talk about but that you have and wants to you know so we show on this side we showed we have here in the opposition and that is one of the voice of the my concern here as well the wards of. the discussion in the german society with all the fears and. prejudice and already in the in the in the eighty's the ship is full and here we have a sense that it's fascinating. character to chose the current dorm the cathedral in cologne surrounded by minarets so representing the fear of a completely overwhelming that. movement in germany and that is four thousand nine
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hundred eighty six. despite islamophobia dating back decades the overall attitude towards foreigners in germany's is still inclusive in de mass in the i'm yet stiffish thing and mustn't have the sheens in on this for fairly here and sylvester gave him how to stimulate their stock kept that to shine and it also would a game like that. though it's a bit zero tax cuts here. in two thousand and fifteen frank walter steinmeier germany's foreign minister explained to government critics that with a shrinking workforce and an aging population the german economy needed the manpower refugees could provide.
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german trains are a lifeline in my search for fellow arabs across this vast country. and mad the allaire we came to cologne to study sociology in one thousand nine hundred two he's an activist trying to stop deportations of young arabs and the aftermath of the cologne new year's eve events close to twenty have already been deported and two arrested. yeah yeah. that was a donor of money at about. the what the world knew bombing at the bat. well wolf the. mossad. yeah.
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the. queen. and how kick up how do you let the i think there is we have done. what the cable done in. mattie's words reflect my own belief that our exile may be rooted in our nation's lack of democratic rights and responsibilities. in the small town of koblenz just outside cologne a syrian refugee couple have settled in the countryside. i want to know how they are doing out there in the german woods. and also the third.
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in the way in farsi. housing. so my you spend several months in an apartment in cologne and hated it. imagine a candidate by the hand for. any markdown feeling among. the technically i'm on now as i'm a minute hasn't been the measure marvel and. how does she ever get some money back or the one as it is just a yup. white kid and i am not going he is saudi you submissive was the one with the real hannah the unlucky. abdullah and so may have differing views on
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raising their daughter and the possibility of returning to syria one can if it could be a promise and a minty lottery although most of the old will get hello and be admissable to simulate most to his muslim one in kenya that must have a depressive. that's what i'm about. right. now are you right. dr gaby viber is a german physician and one of the founders of cafe palestina a cultural organization promoting arab and palestinian issues in the southern city of high book when she found out about my newspaper she invited me to come and meet
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members of the arab community there including her own family. i'm glad gaby speaks very good english because for me doing an interview in german is still very difficult. so you see we have all different kinds of things people from the region they are selling their products and. you know they work in the field steering that we can this is the ok show for them to to come and sell also to make some profit and people love to come here because the atmosphere is very special. going on and up to palestine we have been let's say there were times where we have been between five and ten women who were doing a lot of things in six years we did more they went to one hundred twenty events and here is the. hands.
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on. the side of. this is the army at the. gabby introduces me to a german palestinian and then a gyptian friend over coffee in the sky book market cafe. the mystery of what happened to germany's earlier our community is about to unravel before my eyes. i mean how dad was born in germany to a palestinian father and a german colombian mother and in the comfort of god beaver's garden he explains his relationship with his our a parrot it's the nice thing about it is that my father was able to transmit through music his love and his appreciation to his own culture so it was really
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always a living the arabic culture is very emotionally attached and with the food and with this nice combination of sharing community food music art. that was basically you know i'm able to feel like an arab feel like yourself american or feel like a european like a german of course my name sometimes they would make a little bit fun because it's like me asylum mia salami you know the salami you know exempt kids would say something about it but i was laughing at it too i mean i made the best of his multi ethnic heritage his experience gives me hope get his daughter marry mark you like is also another half german half arab child of an earlier arab immigrants like never and that's in german you know you know. just. dish but. in this especially assamese.
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mission you don't fit into if you're a mason who are palestinians or. the promise you know. and you also. saw mine leave. some except sasha they are so is our goal is to go till. the last session i have i let mine of four and then and i'm just fine i was often a huge. on to me of rising food but i shouted titian stunt of the eye and said to me that's. my palestinian. i'm like i mean maybe i'm faced considerable prejudiced at school. and i wish nominal exam doc it's been on all cylinders and i wasn't just made here and it's been this into
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again to come next it's mine if i'm needed here. on my mama's it's not so how's a soviet dispirit want is. assets money on a storage shed so money. is spent at. the hundred. the difficulties might be i'm faced growing up here gave me pause for thought. i'm beginning to realize that the journey of germany's our ups as a times been a painful one. how was it for you it was difficult i think it started at that time already this picture of. people who are not.
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being fanatics like today also. what made it difficult for me was the environment and fear of my parents and trying to manipulate and influence me and at a certain time to kick me out of the house. and. it was very heavy of want to go to children they have a name a. first name and last name which was also a big problem for my parents they wanted them to be have to german last name at least and they asked me all the time why do you choose arabic names they have names they live in germany they should consider being germans it makes it not easy for them as well sometimes in school or even if they apply for jobs so. they can have a disadvantage of course with names. came
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to germany in one nine hundred eighty to train as a psychotherapist his motives father and gabby's ex-husband kind of what you saw in the minors or money on on money out there yeah. but. in the match from which the amount of money said you'd been. i'm of the rock that hard to look at in the money machine on. the beaches did he. make. them a few them at the top. i asked him how he perceives the identity of his children a sort of. in the. money at the how and a very little. money the good ole good
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but. when they're online for you looking at wildlife and how the solutions come together to benefit all parties involved that's where we're going to have long term success or if you join us on set if you could take me around the content where would you take me you don't have to set up your experiment for your experiment in the universe this is a dialogue everyone has a voice you actually raise several interesting point there that several of our community members are going to join the global conversation on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees with detailed coverage but now president of the detective says there's not much that can be done in the south china sea is now in sight of the steps. from around the world challenges into aid sector in chad are driving the refugee families through tensions are for many are now back in the
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villages they fled when the worst started. a father should be a protector. for. he was her tormentor. betrayed for years she carries the evidence inside her. but will this be enough to find justice in afghanistan's patriarchal society. a thousand. this is. a check on your world headlines the white house says it's unlikely the u.s. president will meet the saudi crown prince during the upcoming g.
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twenty summit in argentina because of his busy schedule this comes as the senate is due to be briefed on wednesday about the young going u.s. involvement in the war in yemen and the murder of journalist. the head of the cia has listened to recordings of death but reportedly won't be at the briefing mike hanna has more from washington well there's been no confirmation as yet but various reports do indicate that this was done at the instruction of the white house now what is happening is that the secretary of state and the secretary of defense will be addressing the senate behind closed doors on the whole issue. but some speculate that in the absence of the director of the cia it's not going to be a briefing about the death of it's more going to be about the reasons why the senate should not impose sanctions against saudi arabia to. investigation
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into a complaint accusing saudi arabia's crown prince of human rights violations under its protested against the visit in tunis as part of his tour of arab nations u.s. president donald trump says he may cancel a meeting with the russian president at the g twenty summit it's in response to russian maritime forces opening fire on ukrainian naval vessels earlier this week. the u.s. republican cindy hyde smith has won mississippi's senate runoff election that follows a campaign which highlighted the state's troubled past involving the lynching of black people hide smith was caught on camera saying she would happily attend the public hanging if invited she faced african-american democrat mike espy and for safety committee has called on budget airline lion air to improve its safety culture following last month's deadly crash it says the plane should have been grounded over a technical problems on a trip prior to that fateful flights all hundred eighty nine people on board the boeing seven three seven were killed when it went down in the java sea shortly
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after takeoff an explosion near a chemical plant in the chinese province of heavy has killed at least twenty two people and more than twenty others were hurt in that explosion those are the headlines on al-jazeera it's back to the germans next to stay with us. this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist three weeks ago now there's at least twenty thousand or hinder refugees who live here. i got to come in all i'm hearing is good journalism turns to resign. off their own lawyers the attempts of cover ups on the highway diplomacy. some form of closure he saw the syrian army. in the city as well as posters of
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syrian president bashar assad has recorded. the front on the. map. the story of gabby salomon medium has made me more curious i want to know if other arab german families have faced similar pressures and challenges. what. point. do you have an invite to tighten up to tell. all of you have been eyeing that website. in tight spots and yes a lot of b. is a friend of him and he came to germany as a business student from syria nearly six decades ago and. the only therapy it
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is slimy your mom or any man says to have the your must do all of this but you know my north american thought so. too i just feel blessed by. a little more i ask about how he raised his children that worked one year. there are four hundred mostly when i was young we've been little thought that the really maybe are for can have a bit too. young. to mark his fiftieth year in germany yes a lot to be both a four thousand euro advertisement in local newspapers thanking germany for welcoming him five decades earlier and for granting him citizenship i miss out on the shore a northerner so visuals of money
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a government. sometimes i feel each one of the half a million arabs who came to germany before us has had a different experience another just different feelings towards their adopted homeland. since the exodus from syria and iraq in particular the arab population in germany has tripled. it's very difficult for us to go back to our countries because our people there they haven't been this this long way with us in the monsoon was born to egyptian and lebanese parents and came here after marrying a german forty five years ago she grew up speaking french and the shy to express herself an arabic always kept the contact with with my culture with my people so they feel very it is and always said they say immediately i'm german but my mother comes from it's a very proud of it my goal was always to see the good show the good side of the
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arab so that i accept that the music the literature the good my now there was be thirty we have so many nice things so why only show those those ugly things he believes the hijab does not belong in germany although i'm not pious i disagree with her my mother is muslim and when i saw my mother sleeping for example in my place and i have friend and my place and they see her his job somehow like when. i cover her because this is how she wants to be it's her right to be as she liked in egypt you would see one woman dressed with jeunes and the next sister with the hijab i don't thank you very in that country they do what they want it's here which is why because the eye of the other the eye of the other scare me i say that we're stuck putting us they would say see how they're out there like this and that's not
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i don't like and i don't want them to look at this this like. i cannot teach the people how to be smart if they want to put all of us in one focus and once through time it's their proppants not mine i'm different everyone is different she wants to be with you will work well think about the man who has just said you know the man hole like this or still think you know those difficult call and for this. and those papers but don't think me. on my way to the train station i find that my taxi driver is iraq he. has lived in germany for thirty years he reluctantly agrees to an interview but only if we don't show his face. down at the new foreign minister and i'll take that when one is seen to be sure we met them on peaceful intentions. i don't see any relation
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undersell do you. think the dolphins and the twelfth yeah unlike other cunt jamie along with a senate seat you know what happens outside. and it can be a lot of blood and a million fine young man. and a start up with the no was son who acts out of the. can so what about insanity or bad guys and i look can see you know i don't think that nothing's. wrong that when i do this sort of play out on that side. for them if i can log on. to that gets into town and. germany now has over one point five million arabs living in it sixteen federal
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states that's close to two percent of their population not a lot but enough to. you notice. the older generation of immigrants appear to have assimilated. their children for the most part also assimilate but those who have and are suffering. many germans seem to be on the fence about how they feel about this. indignity nine. air and i have a feeling that's and i will for bush to move us and that's in the momentum as mandy mentioned it's anscombe or that the public. transit. is lama should be able to only me on one side lines it and it's just a speed reader the size dimension. of the took it in fits and has mostly does most months or stay in one done proceed at last into santas spicy years and a slimy seal nish in islam and someone here decides to try to do that again on its
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own the turkish. that awfully goes this is snitched stealing their faith or. even my sins. until you niggers are going in fights. mostly. white on the litigants you'll see here from this community a lot of folks with stella d. . be that submitted early go on a collective it into ted out of the presidency then to get off to bone. germany's most prominent citizens of our heritage works for one of germany's largest t.v. networks born here to iraq and physicians don't you hire is a national celebrity and was voted germany's journalist of the year in two thousand and sixteen. i've said if underfund da bought us for to and if he isn't too much he asked to meet me got zones for our guns divide in
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a family five different enough and present it and if that that much about him or even the mighty might my beamish on the management of fine if i don't know about which does the how much as it climbed valvo is just voiced or about us no ma i would have found that it was of course. there was a as a or host gunderson us one but we had to see him on the scope often by this as not really a mess about uncertain vasta would know i know if one owns it had to him course on guns and kind of this community home school should site did this community all my contacts. set if bynum's i did meet him focus been. mention a mirror on a mine up has a warning and i'm i'm a hotel hm that's rough i omitting it so extreme that fires don't you know made headlines when she responded to racist hate mail by correcting the german grammar in the letter and posting it on facebook as
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a kind of the insides of them so obvious in the entire time harbor a scintillation of mussy of a political moment but all made up by the man answered the most. but was signed in a mass destruction thing and does make some. sort unless by money biased like this in the net spare. my human for the two or one voted off i am on viewed. through this divide it into office. really fight it and it's been even type it's been it's been of all if it's just blue does to fleece. tom. donia lives in a multicultural neighborhood with many established arab citizens most of whom have built successful lives but now many germans associate them with the new refugees.
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jetstar to flourish forgiveness. undercooked oxy vavle. disc they did it or not. yeah under guns even the shims on them and vic it safe by being able to make out zones for shift to happen i know of woodcuts ago fifteen of the fifth thing a mom owns alice cup what i look. at it on the top and yet gets to it is a disco cup put us home given the mix of torn us it's a feel of odds on the thoughts on come on us us not to really fast we think wow the stuff me. the old immigrant turning against the new refugees. tony is right it shouldn't be happening but it is.
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i've come to dresden in the former east germany for a meeting with anti-racist activists. it's my first time in this part of the country i expected the grey side city but found something very different dresden was a center of german culture. germany's revolutionary priest martin luther came from this part of germany he was the founder of protestantism which began as a protest movement for social equality my refugee solidarity meeting is in the technical school of the university of dresden. and what is the first arabic and newspaper in germany it's for the arabic speakers here the newcomers and settled also but we have a lot of followers on facebook why you have fifty thousand people and how fast.
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there is no r.c. place right now for us i mean we are a group of syrian and arabs so we don't speak unfortunately these activists are well intentioned but dealing with arab refugees is as new to them as dealing with german activists is for me on one side there was one of these stupid questions which came up always in the newspapers begin to discussions how much money does a refugee get already a refugee it refers you gets more money. than hartsfield. that it's person hurts for receivers our welfare recipients they give their claims that the german government spends more money on a refugee than on a poor german. the fact is refugees and hertz for recipients both get four hundred
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euros per person per month. you still don't understand spanish movie you can. i just see it says the good news no they called. it's monday night in dresden near the beautiful square showcasing the cultural glory of germany's pos each week that he does the growing right wing movement claims a spot to protest against the government of i'm going to merkel who they regard as the principal enabler for the islam is a ship of germany. to get us supporters are renowned for their hatred of the press and the police
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presence is partly to protect the journalists. but hines joachim was willing to explain what was going on and why is it the it's money how do i get because it's because shop with a good long does the years chavo both were tearing it up see i knew bill wolfie she qualified cuz she wanted me to bust the out stars who are you you need to go on as is saw the assumed past and you could see because. a little political pod tied to flourish in the dark me a sin defied on me and i was covered under as for being that sore disease i thought i was going to use of leave the on for good fool as in so noisy for going on three percent was the mission mentioned on my far does these unmentioned nish in on so-called tool so in t.v.n.z. of a does newton feel a mention of years in does history job. you mention dizzy here with his
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the bacon is even born gustavus not so it doesn't kind of be a nazi disease got somalia bill was a dog and. joyce did i'm fucked us once again is in charge. plots and. does your own sleep is a shot in schism but he cut his ear and can get the job so i'm busy indeed night somebody kind here. he. was or was. you needn't even be able to but mention feedin in the eye nonetheless protest them last night and then also since you can plug in happening is that you can design finishing time in all the six boys and. surely.
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almost half the people in this berlin neighborhood are middle east and. it's been this way for decades so like that or so you concern about doing this for the songs to learn are those that are just. so out of here are our lot of those are the little guys you want to build on the ground are going to fix them. yeah he says so we are in life that has. nothing. came to germany to look for work via italy where his family lives he says muslims face discrimination across europe. muslim and. that was the end as
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is usually. because underpins our rule was sure we were looking to hook you up to london and. the world is that we had a book and. i go to a newly opened syrian restaurant to see how hard it is for newcomers to find work. or others to the status of their home for the on the floor instead of looking out of the out of the running of the world. number one how to have the love of a mother something to write on to thank my lawn with enough. of my love for him or my sons and of the. siva don't have to but because i want it and i'm going to go about it with my mom it was the innocent i'm going to differ about in the story i want to do for happiness not listening to school for some of your floor with you for most of all. it's municipal election season in berlin
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and all the major parties except the right wing a have to have come to there's a two one zero mosque annoy could to woo arab voters as it's money been here kid she went on that i think is a good mind this is a sham i think you'll enjoy it in italy and spain and most of all the features. dance for just one of the nice things if he sets foot in east of. eden nothing. to eat you do stupid things when the young the. fish to eat even if it was easy. easy. easy. be said he'd miss but most
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of them from into combat. at the queen my dorm what have. they said then i think off into the office. and this with and without a complaint about the male part of considering the source of the. bad you had. me. into a bit of business but in the home it's getting stuck by him so i know you can almost say moon feel intelligent poet in with you. but i don't wish that of course yes. be is politicized to the cuff in holland in funk you need to learn to read in denmark. and you can even under simitis muslim wants a new one. so many then get until it's for garnished and kind in dutch and ellis
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move your p.c. and couldn't do it. this is one of germany's famous welcome parties held in berlin as a way to get germans and refugees together. the merkel government was seeing they needed manpower for the work force were also aware of their humanitarian responsibilities something reflected in the actions of many ordinary german citizens. and i seen a commitment to the if not the other why did they envision the not in demands that if this is not just enlightening and that what this i'm qualified to come but i'm too hot head for a handful of the current waning. if it did it will be
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at the hague that you have something. to eat and have to have something he she is no not a semi that's right. eat. eat. eat eat. eat. eat. eat eat. eat. eat. eat. my trip across germany has been an emotional roller coaster. meeting early arab immigrants who have found their peace as well as those still searching to balance their multiple identities. i met germans who have welcomed us. all those who fear us. and those who study us. and perhaps by
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coincidence i wrap up my journey at the german celebration of their own history. of germany is full of surprises. i i i.
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don't. feel that. it is here from this musician but i learned how arabs and germans have been linked for over a thousand years. when see this position of magick once you can play it was it a good one yes it's a media yeah something out of this kid this young of in the book was this man. with nothing but often doesn't get something a little piece from was the if you go. to one club now that's come out and saucers on that one took forty cure higginson top of ford and it's not safe you know not invulnerable to have music transferred to earth because good. gains are not liking for food only like you know when it's thirsty will fly do you think lloyd student. o'steen or not also do not feel that if you don't sue which i like to think just diviners and come off the guns installment or. i'm
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left cautiously optimistic that one day germans will see arabs as a positive thread in the fabric of german society. and that we knew immigrants would find more than a refuge. but for those of us who wish to remain. germany will one day become a home. how i once again welcome to another look at the international full cost of some bits and pieces of right into the middle east but by and large is a good deal quieter than it has been recently you can see the cloud breaking quite nicely skies opening up there across iran eastern parts of iraq few showers some of them wintry i would say was the high ground there for the western allies in a few showers just around the eastern side of the med try to make their way for the
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race was going to be blocked off a little last a fair bit of cloud spilling into thursday so always a chance of one or two light outbreaks of right at this stage but for central parts of the region and we're from the caspian into the gulf it should be largely dry and fine as is the case across the arabian peninsula little bit of cloud into open and central parts of saudi arabia may be creeping its way across concert as we go way to stay into thursday but it should be dry cauldron of the possibility they are spots of light right he will be lies and nothing to worry about there meanwhile we've got some heavy rain pushing into eastern parts of south africa up towards a north east of the country up towards homs but could see some wet weather here that's just not a good way further north which will see those heavy downpours extending into mozambique getting across into that eastern side of of the zimbabwe as well harare with a top temperature of twenty three. because
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we're not. sure. rights being violated. and feet are stripped away. in the sand and. the rights that stand up. for human rights. the u.s. national security adviser says he's not listening to the recording of. murder but the head of the cia does not brief senators on. the saudi crown prince who is
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suspected of ordering the murder leaves behind protests in tunisia and as for the g twenty in argentina. it'll come on peter w. watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up tensions remain high in ukraine where martial law comes into force as russia jails ukrainian servicemen taken prisoner and lead black sea clashes. and the woman who said she'd happily take a front row seat as a public hanging. in the u.s. senate. the director of the cia will reportedly not be taking part in a u.s. senate briefing on the murder of jamal khashoggi but the secretaries of state and defense will brief senators on weapons stay on the saudi journalists murda the cia
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has blamed the saudi crown prince for ordering the killing of jamal khashoggi in the country's consulate in istanbul on october the second however president trump has cost died on that finding saying mohammed bin solomon's role may never be known the cia chief gina hospital travel to istanbul last month and has reportedly listen to recordings all for shelties death. the u.s. national security adviser john bolton says he won't listen to those tapes because he doesn't speak arabic and won't learn anything from them so let me take the question of the tape first no i haven't listened to it and i guess i should ask you why do you think i should what do you think i learned from them. i have. family in this room speak arabic that the senator from what you want me to listen to what am i going to learn from i mean if they were speaking korean i wouldn't learn any more from it either they would be able to tell you well then you should
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read a transcript so you don't think it's important that i'm just trying to make the point that everybody who says why don't you listen to the tape unless you speak arabic what are you going to get from mike hanna has more now from washington. well the senators who would be briefed by the secretary of state and the secretary of defense behind closed doors no public access but senators i rate it the fact that it appears the director of the cia will not be present this is the person they want to hear from because senators intent on finding out about the murder of jamal khashoggi and the possible involvement of the crown prince of saudi arabia in that murder reports indicate that the white house has instructed the cia director not to attend this is unconfirmed at this particular point but her absence would raise the possibility that the secretary's will not be briefing the senate about the murder of jamal khashoggi instead they may be arguing why sanction should not be imposed
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against saudi arabia both the mike pompei oh and jim matters have made very clear they are on the same page as president trump and do not believe that sanctions should be exercised against saudi arabia the senators feel very differently they are going to be pushing for legislation imposing socks and sions and they are going to press to get more details about the death of marcus sochi two and cole is former cia officer he says it would be unprecedented for the house not to attend that senate briefing. of course the white house wants to control information and what it considers classified information or operations of the cia that's not that is not surprising but the congress has a legal rights and obligations as a co equal branch of the united states government with the executive with the president to exercise oversight of the intelligence process part of that includes
3:53 pm
being briefed on the most sensitive matters there are all sorts of procedures to do this but the white house the president may not interfere with congress' right to understand what the cia believes are the facts as it's been able to establishment this is not happened before that i'm aware and as you say it clearly is an effort once again by the trump white house to control information and change the facts to fit its preference well so the arabia's crown prince is left unity and is now heading to argentina for the g twenty meeting but the jamal el sheil reports mom had been salmond's because it did lead to protests on the streets achiness. you are not welcome that is the message to prime prince mohammed bin said man from poll testers in can use use capital they gathered in the center of the city with banners impact cards denouncing the visits of the saudi royal amount they believe to be
3:54 pm
a war criminal and an enemy of democracy with the murder of journalist or monica shook she still fresh in people's minds and the war in yemen putting people almost on a daily basis hundreds of chinese you can see they felt the need to demonstrate against bin some. we're against mohammed bin so monsour visit to referee. to free to democratic tendency and he has deprived his people of democracy he's a natural. he's a butcher he kills his people he speaks for the palestinian cause and he kills human rights he simply some women activists and really just scholars he's not well . many people in tunisia a few of the purpose of this visit is to help legitimize the crown prince after he appeared to be isolated by parts of the international community after official g.'s murder images like this arguably stronger than the chance of the protesters the message from those protesters is louder here are not only are they protesting against the visit running for that matter but also against the mayor of this one of
3:55 pm
. the one young man. now that is a woman and children and devastated the country was there two news in progress was heard they also heard themselves as the whites of the white house the millions over the process of returning who are unable. to take part in work. because of the lack of freedom. the previous three stops and been seven months two or egypt behind and the united arab emirates cairo is viewed by many as a military dictatorship while manama and i will be are also criticized by human rights groups for cracking down on freedoms and not long public protests in tunisia may not be the only bad publicity for the crown prince on tuesday human rights watch announced it had filed a submission with a federal prosecutor in argentina where he's expected to attend the g. twenty summit in a couple of days this submission requests that the courts investigate been sound
3:56 pm
man for war crimes and his role in the murder due to a treaty signed by such a claim can indeed be pursued just as the crown prince is trying to prove that he isn't isolated internationally his critics are doing everything they can to ensure he's brought to account even if it's only in the court of public opinion. i just wanted. russia plans to deploy s four hundred surface to air missiles to the crimean peninsula and it's the latest escalation in a fresh confrontation between moscow and kiev ten regions in ukraine are now on to martial law for the next thirty days after russian vessels opened fire and seize several ukrainian naval boats in the black sea and persimmons reports now from kiev yeah should be. just russia says this is one of many confessions by ukrainian sailors about how their navy illegally entered its territorial waters despite warnings there's outrage in ukraine its foreign minister says these men are
3:57 pm
obviously talking under duress while as he puts it under the rules of russia's f.s.b. security service but they're prisoners of war covered by the geneva convention and should have access to the international red cross most of the servicemen ended up here in simferopol before a court that gave out detention orders for two months while cases are investigated . internationally the pressure on russia appeared to have no effect on its foreign minister sergei lavrov visiting paris be. if the ukrainian side like its partners in europe is interested in avoiding such situations in the future it is obviously necessary to send a signal to kiev not to allow such a provocation but that is not for us to do but for those who maintain close contact with the korean authorities mr lavrov hadn't appeared willing to meet
3:58 pm
a request made by the french foreign minister. sergey lavrov. told sergey lavrov that a gesture is expected from russia at the prisoners and the boats being held must be free to soon as possible but i will also call my ukrainian counterpart to encourage him to seek a deescalation in this region. there may be no confrontation now in the strait but the words exchanged by both sides are getting more volatile ukraine's navy is saying the russians were shooting to kill on sunday russia is warning that limited martial law to be imposed in parts of ukraine on wednesday could escalate the conflict and now it's emerged that not all the arrested crew are sailors ukraine's state security services the s.b.u. says it had counterintelligence officers on board and it also says that two missiles were fired by one of two russian fighter jets at the boats and one of
3:59 pm
those agents was seriously injured what happens next to the detained ukrainian servicemen may be unclear what's certain is that without their release ukraine will continue to ramp up pressure for some sort of international action against russia for what happened off the shores of an excuse me. and andrew joins us live now from kiev so andrew what's your reading of what those comments mean for mr poroshenko. well remarks come as tension is rising and they will do nothing whatsoever to calm the atmosphere you heard earlier about the s four hundred missile deployment extra s four hundred missiles apparently russia's defense ministry is announcing that right now we're waiting for more details on exactly what that could mean further more donald trump has told the washington post that he is waiting for a report on sunday's incident furthermore he also says that he may not
4:00 pm
meet in the g twenty summit jew later this week. more on that later but coming back to poroshenko he says that really he's on a war footing that he is concerned that there could be a land invasion by russia and he says that there are more tank deployments on the borders and he's warning that there could be conflict and he has to prepare his army to defend itself this is what he had to say to. these tanks have not yet been removed from there they're still there i don't want anybody to think those are toys the country is under threat of a full scale war with the russian federation but the goal of this martial law is to show that the enemy will pay a very high price if he decides to attack us it will be like a cold shower that will stop the madman who plans to attack ukraine and if there is no further.


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