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ukrainian access to the sea of azoff ukraine has a coastline on the sea of us off with ports like mario poll that needs servicing so this is the situation that we're now in. it's one that as petro poroshenko has just pointed out is combustible enough perhaps to lead to a full blown war between russia and ukraine russia would like to keep this is russia ukraine issue he doesn't really wants the outside world getting involved because it knows that you know ukraine has friends in the european union made in the united states so he wants to settle this one on one rory thanks very much. in just a few hours from now the u.s. senate will be briefed on the murder of jamal khashoggi but the director of the cia is not expected to attend the secretaries of state and defense will update senators
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on the saudi journalist murdered on weapons day the saudi crown prince is widely suspected of ordering a shock g.'s killing in the country's consulate in istanbul on october the second the head of the cia gina housefull traveled to istanbul last month and has listened to the recordings of the death of jamal khashoggi well the u.s. national security adviser john bolton says he will not listen to those tapes because he doesn't speak arabic and will not learn anything from them so let me take the question of the tape first no i haven't listened to it and i guess i should ask you why do you think i should what do you think i learned from your. family in this room speak arabic. that the senator from what you want me to listen to what am i going to learn from mean if they were speaking korean i wouldn't learn any more from it either be able to tell you well then i can read a transcript so you don't think it's important here that i mean i'm just trying to
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make the point that everybody who says why don't you listen to the tape unless you speak arabic what are you going to get from mike hanna has more now from washington . all the senators who will be briefed by the secretary of state and the secretary of defense behind closed doors no public access but senators i rate it the fact that it appears the director of the cia will not be present this is the person they want to hear from because senators intent on finding out about the murder of jamal khashoggi and the possible involvement of the crown prince of saudi arabia in that murder reports indicate that the white house has instructed the cia director not to attend this is unconfirmed at this particular point but her absence would raise the possibility that the secretaries will not be briefing the senate about the murder of jamal khashoggi instead they may be arguing why sanctions should not be imposed against saudi arabia both of my pump aoe and jet matters have made very clear they
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are in the same page as president trump and do not believe that sanctions should be exercised against saudi arabia the senators feel very differently they are going to be pushing for legislation imposing socks and chickens and they are going to press to get more details about the death of. so the arabia's crown prince is left to new zealand is no heading for argentina for the g. twenty summit but it was just reports mohamed bin some months because it did lead to protests on the streets of tunis. you are not welcome that is the message to crown prince mohammed bin sandman from whole to us those interns use capital they gathered in the center of the city with banners and tie cards denouncing the visits of the saudi royal amount they believe to be a war criminal and an enemy of democracy. the murder of journalist still fresh in people's minds and the war in yemen could you call almost on a daily basis hundreds of tunisians the they feel the need to demonstrate against
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bin some. we're against mohammed bin samantha visit to refugee sheraton isea to. cretin is yet a democratic tennessee and he has deprived his people of democracy he's a natural i notice that he's a butcher he kills his people he's betrayed the palestinian cause and he kills human rights he simply some women activists and really just scholars he's not welcome. many people in tunisia feel the purpose of this visit is to help legitimize the crown prince after he appeared to be isolated by parts of the international community after official g.'s murder images like this arguably stronger than the chance of the protesters the message from those protesters is louder here are not only are they protesting against the visit running for that matter but also against the manner of this one of. the one young man. now that is a woman and children and devastated the country of ours that citizen project was
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murdered they also had themselves in the whites of one of the millions of the cross the region who are unable. to take charge and. because of the lack of freedom. the previous three stops and been seven months to or were egypt behind and the united arab emirates cairo is viewed by many as a military dictatorship while minima and i will be are also criticized by human rights groups for cracking down on freedoms and not so long public protests in tunisia may not be the only bad publicity for the crown prince on tuesday human rights watch announced it had filed a submission with a federal prosecutor in argentina where he's expected to attend the g. twenty summit in a couple of days the submission requests that the court's investigate been sound man for war crimes and his role in the casualty murder due to a treaty signed by such a claim can indeed be pursued just as the crown prince is trying to prove that he
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isn't isolated internationally his critics are doing everything they can to ensure he's built two accounts even if it's only in the courts. public opinion. still to come here on al-jazeera after a month on the road we catch up with central american asylum seekers and one more reason to reach the united states. and a presidential election in georgia where people may not end up choosing the person who will run the country. how there are no tropical cyclones to report there are very few showers to report in this part of the world from southeast asia down towards the tropics in fact the concentration of heavy showers is largely in the easy which is as it should be this
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time you that does mean there won't be any further north there are still going to be around in borneo and the southern philippines we've got a good hint of something reaching as far north as bangkok certainly south and tired and even coastal vietnam could roll see a few showers but the concentration is certainly going south which is where the sun is and clearly where it should be. it's still a very very active well almost early summer now in australia and latest storm systems gone through sydney recalls for new south wales the potential for big thunderstorms florence exists far seasons early and strong as you already know because there's a heat wave yes the heat wave in tropical queensland towns was only thirty four we've seen forty's quite easily the last couple of days in comparison some twenty in sydney less still in melbourne which is much the same in perth that person is having quiet weather at the moment very few showers are western side of australia very little but real rain and the east by the time we get to friday which is probably a great relief for the storm systems and the tasman sea heading for new zealand.
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they join one of the world's most notorious sound groups. but found a way out rebuild their lives and help our vets. a tale of course recruit child soldiers and have exploitation of women or door to. part of the radicalized. designer.
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welcome back let's update you with the top stories so far this half hour russia says it is planning to deploy s four hundred surface to air missiles to the crimean peninsula ten regions in ukraine are under martial law for the next thirty days after russia opened fire and seized ukrainian naval boats in the black sea. the director of the cia will reportedly not be taking part in a u.s. senate briefing on the murder of. the secretaries of state and defense will brief senators on weapons day on the saudi journalist murdered the saudi crown prince is widely suspected of having ordered the killing. and the crown prince has now left and is heading for argentina as a g twenty summit hundreds of people protested against mohammed bin saw man's visit to units over his alleged role in the murder of jamal khashoggi. three weeks ago al-jazeera spent one day on the road with a family from honduras to join the caravan of people trying to get to the united states at that point they just crossed into mexico and had
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a long journey ahead of them twenty five days and four thousand kilometers later john coleman caught up with them on the mexican border with the u.s. . the last time we saw the rays elia family they were sleeping on the street in south makes co after a week with the caravan of central americans the rio was sick. alvin was struggling tool and early was exhausted she was eight months pregnant now everything's changed for one in june is right he's fifteen days old has given the family fresh hope. we were frightened we would lose him on the way but god didn't want that and we have him safe and sound my whole body was hurting and when my son arrived i felt like something passed through me and took the pain away. they've got to take the border with us the church has taken the maid for the first time in more than a month they have regular meals a place to wash their clothes and
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a roof over their heads they're lucky most of the caravan is getting ready to spend the night in the open the in a makeshift camp that's become so crowded that some people are having to sleep outside its walls but the razor lies patrols in their road and the four thousand kilometers they covered to get here weeks of sleeping rough in particular affected the children my eldest boy almost died of pneumonia they put him in the hospital and put chips in him because he couldn't breathe properly it almost broke my heart seeing him like that now all the dreaming of getting to be of the side reliable the goodwill of a president who's determined to keep the caravan aren't. we want an opportunity and the us is a land of opportunity we want president trump and his government to give us a hand to think positively not to negativity. in reality there's next to no chance they'll get in they're fleeing poverty and his economic migrants won't qualify for
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the us soil of their plan b. is mexico having a baby here has given them a chance of citizenship but those decisions can wait. for now they're just happy to be sleeping in a bed. nigeria's president bill harvey house approves a rise in salaries and allowances for police offices due to poor wages and working conditions many police was or other means not always legally to earn extra cash has more from. underpaid and unappreciated the institution these nigerian police officers represent is understaffed and often stigmatized most rewarding for some here is a battered image of police among the people they are signed to protect themselves seen them like somebody they will run to the for help they feel that when you go
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there they quote part of your problems. and not believe in the regular police. so the president has stepped in hoping a modest increase in pay will help make life better for officers. he thought maybe a man harnessed celery for the police also help reposition them so that they can be the first line of defense in the country he had always sent it that is unfortunate when things. in any part of the country and send in troops. things don't calm. we're not rich and i didn't police officer earns two hundred dollars a month not enough to pay the rent and feed the family considering the long and dangerous hours that must be put in. as a result some officers try to earn extra cash legitimately or otherwise it's not
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clear if the increase in salary allowances well made these men and women focus more that you're to but some nigerians say it will take more than a salary increase to stop decades of police corruption. but activists say they want to see more done i think in. increasing the salary its goals to the extent. hold general welfare of the police before you can see that getting to a point for now though the police look forward to that pay rise that could help them a bit more but many nigerians are waiting to see if that increase will also reduce some of the corruption police are often accused off. with al-jazeera a culture. one of the biggest. taking place in as well as putting pakistan's latest . from forty seven countries will be showcasing their latest technology at the four day event. reports from the exhibition.
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people enjoy. seeing for the president for the last time to form a foreign minister. to neither one a majority. the country is transitioning to a parliamentary system under which future presidents will be chosen by. the candidate backed by the governing party is hoping to gain the edge by promising debt relief from tbilisi. reports. selling souvenirs. to. government his. six hundred thousand. debt. their lives future is looking bright. then. if someone will do such a kind think why not why not i can only say thank you.
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she'll be able to express her gratitude at the ballot box initiative coming just ahead of the country's presidential runoff. the timing is wrong to say the government's critics you know i don't. very orgy bringing in these kind of initiatives and talking about engine election period can be considered a vote buying with aziz programs affect voters choices the most. many voters chose not to back the government's candidate in the first round sally zurabishvili . thanks to guess she made clear in remarks that georgia should shoulder responsibility for the war with russia in two thousand and eight. opponents portrayed her as vladimir putin's apologist. was her challenger grigolo the should say is a member of the former governing party still unpopular with many georgians since
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the first round the government has embark on a new aggressive p.r. campaign to discredit the opposition their message that if the opposition candidate wins some familiar but controversial faces will be making a return to georgian politics. whatever the outcome georgians understand that ultimately an oligarchy runs the country. is an issue of elite chairs the governing party seen here sitting next to his chosen candidate. it is his private foundation that would pay off loads like mailers. the voters must decide whether it is a genuine initiative to alleviate poverty or a naked attempt to buy their loyalty driven first day of work or al-jazeera to please.
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welcome just joining us you're watching al-jazeera let's just recap your top stories russia is planning to deploy s. four hundred surface to air missiles to the crimean peninsula ten regions in ukraine are under martial law for the next thirty days after russia opened fire and seized ukrainian naval boats and servicemen in the black sea ukraine's president is warning of full scale confrontation with russia. thank you should never these tanks have not yet been removed from there they're still there i don't want anybody to think those are toys the country is under threat of a full scale war with the russian federation so the goal of this martial law is to show that the enemy will pay a very high price if he decides to attack us it will be like a cold shower that will stop the madman who have plans to attack ukraine and if there is no further aggression we will assume that the goal of these actions is the chief the director of the cia will reportedly not take part in a u.s. senate briefing on the murder of jamal khashoggi the secretaries of state and defense will brief sentences on weapons day on the saudi journalists murder the
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saudi crown prince is widely suspected of having ordered the killing the cia boston the hospital travel to istanbul last month and has listen to recordings of she's deaf saudi arabia's crown prince is left and is heading for argentina for a meeting of the g twenty countries there were protests against mohammed bin solomons trip to tunis the last leg of his tour of the middle east indonesian investigators say a play in the plunge into the sea killing one hundred eighty nine people on board shouldn't have been flying they say the lion air boeing seven three seven should have been grounded in the technical issues the day before the fatal flight the aircraft crashed into the java sea shortly after takeoff from jakarta last month the flight data recorder shows the pilot's battle to save the aircraft. people in georgia are directly voting for their president for the last time to form a foreign ministers or in a runoff poll often neither one a majority in october first run the country is transitioning to
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a parliamentary system future presidents will be chosen by members of parliament reduced hours you are right up to speed with all the top stories up next radicalised to us i will see you very soon. china could be facing. towards the saudis and. we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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i. was. good at the top sometimes enough and should know where they'd all be surveyed meeting all of the tough pretty chilly morning but. proper to talk. a little find that when you're in and out but just up a straight but stories like i talk about you know jump on a w w w it's to trade your gifts you just didn't any of us. being new issues and incidences and all the views from the streets around now keep information messages
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especially about issues of youth empowerment nonviolent extremism a probably an interview on people while you on the p.t.o. life now actually. cross the border walk in dhaka fight for these organizations give a look soft sound that you like an obligation to disclose up til points of view is to listen why what is new please explain to people should suddenly that in the book there's a board so let's put the word close to good use it times last lose it was lose what was it was silly. to go through it and then after it was really good. enough was good to my most if you don't want to. know him thought. the most you have been
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a man. i know for fourteen years old. it up was he was a combatant by then there probably would not end up going to give us even when there was a government able to come to get him come when we have a mobile when i shave. where did you go to put up the best of stuff to means when you're done being invited yeah that's a matter of people you. act up or phony by the people who do. you. really want. to come you are i mean who fucked up the fuck jemma get the rubbish too. hard on their talk and for real talk comes to save the board.
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if you crack down all communities and young people there's a local focus for me one of the biggest influences me to quit it is hopeless. and also when people blame. mostly you see young guys who are inviting in large numbers you know the ended up with the wrong kind of message is information from their own people. that. misconception a boat is booked a boat lucky she really want you. to meet the rest of them up on google help us. become out of some. other realm of firsts and then to get one on my plans. to go over the dominican
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room for political hard. as you go. going on and they'll. take a one out on. a can run about second and never squander but but then do a limit on. electing a list of any kenda mostly i think one of the has young girls i will play then in questioning get taddy may have been no fun to get an opinion when in the main religious but missing in their lives. but i meet me in about your clinical to go back in. may twenty sixth to ten to sixteen or twenty minutes a. link on the kill going on toys escape or. non-local crime for me mostly in the corner committed to money.
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he's going to give them warnings why not look good when i got in the book i'm sorry there's a but i just need to make this again. and get you to. a cutting kid when and. when the now coolness you know when i went into the company or done so michele a formula to assure israel. i can do about this school because the. need for us us and who could listen michelle was. in the shadow of. the guy going in dungog. and ghosts is going up to the. cinema queen to get in the bucket to. eat. eat. here come for free there's a place to put in the get will know what he's been looking for a fight. almost. out girl you'll need
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a ship. or was it but at least two and then you've got a compromised somebody has a fucking two. really quite enough oil in iraq and as far as your. money was going to meet one on one response. i'm going on one look at the income not on the other and on. and up on one on one in the board were not. a pick a topic for a six. on the new. women are known to remain open before really big. coke picture good people and feed them erm now they were used to intelligence. being used to kill quality information being used by us they're being used as you know for the for formal soft stuff by within the military.
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one that. climbs. lindsey. talking in a plan. saying it. doesn't work. and they didn't. mean a mother. and. one woman got up.
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to a. decision doesn't mean you. and. i. like sitting backs you know there's a few for surrounded by enemies after all france. them but they want to finish the amputate a police unit will be on you and it's unfair to say and by. this case.
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because this is a bad news and also you're coming back to a community that knew where you went they don't want you near them nobody wants to associate with you basically you're not alone so these people in the comeback they're in more care was and when they left so was middle of off fastball and good god willing so no million young you know morning to sign. my job. so i was. i'm only in police a lot of a cool down so the synagogue are naive people used and some not so when the. police were called to. because of my good morning your brother doug to get a local museum on. your book called mom. in the middle of on you look you can you give us a while as easily by number. of animals live some down on us. and
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then some as important. as a quote you want in will form this will jimbo know where. my story and i was. going. in that we're now while. i knew you i know and i started walking and. i kind of it and. there were two o'clock i was out or we do have a bias us on where one lives nischelle or no one. knows no one. in the chocolate. sun couple and ends up on the feelings and i'm among them. and i mean by and was. the only you would get. they are seeking the first.
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veto. to mean you know please recall. the gang of six. will be looking. in the clutch for. the first cynical again that's money bombs in the trailer over one fetus and another then i can afford and i look on and go on to get in the. living and the. community. was looked in in say didn't go to downtown atlanta how cool snow little. green you have. been from the key to the faulty cosequin opening dinner because the person i instructed haven't a six to base and then you need really is
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a young constant going to song and i know it's a monday. i let it cool i had him in the condo. listen to a tory accused of the of a can of the modem so i thought so you gotta leave when i. understand. of it i mean it it would be puzzling for conducting an error to be wrong. the. utica become a museum be the cusp lug to. gun is one more. for their meditation. what all will share may make you just end up with food water
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. passing. you need this idea. it was a long while fast to disappear. i mean even by yourself had to with your. gut i'm quite a new mom a good point nobody could wait. to go to kuwait and. didn't. want to let me go now my mom would just pop out to local town known get my share. going to. nelson. but. right. before that it could become a support group. you want everyone turned out. to work again i'm going to give you one thing here and. now when you pull back in and
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drove us in a car the mom was supposed to shoot governesses elizabeth is able to be made because i miss the family not all the kick their main geopolitically mom where i become a position makes me miss in bowden's best is a level much of any change can be said of the single smudge way she then it is easy for you don't hear nothing of them and they might live the. more due to one of the things i mean. you know what you don't want. to not be i'm talking to the magic a. quote. got me the. new number one of the got and i'm going to take time to change to add up and then me come on by the pentagon i'm not going to talk to not named enemy number the time that i might be good i'm a second chance you might be one of the security two of them they just keep moving it's a good question my. i'm going to matter much what we can find and
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a good as i say miscue. yes you some of the electrical need to get you told in the first levels and to watch edge tweak it to be a two i'll be able to find your way into what i was when i got up to come on to talk to me and. when i came to the fight with a book a member of the full change by the summaries held up for me back. from crawford ok . let me. just take it. you said the young. boy. with the low. spot. so much.
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so you know she would truck was shows many secrets from the book to them and it was affected by so many young. before the one i fear stop going to be a more boat youth empowerment but you have a lot to me a music to spread message peace. inclusive e.-t. . watch any news of. an easy violent extremist organizations. and to. keep it local and doubled up with the street tribute. that. was fearful that. this.
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was what. i used my talents more than maybe the education level that i have. to to reach out to these children we use rap we use it we have drawing we have people singing we use poetry we use that the additional dances because we believe that africa is all about tradition so if you bring back to me a song in my tradition i will make sure that i engage because this is me this is the read me so it is acting it is passing a message so the they really want to be part of you so when you give them
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a microphone and they bring it out so these taps it's like you're not telling them that we. meet. you. come on the market for me was the moment. books are going. to come up bad move around what are you really seeing changes and the community is accepting it the teachers are accepting it the mother was accepting whatever we're doing it is really working out. one foot seven because they all got a second set of numbers as well how i thought the cup museum caught in the debate that's going to school in. the senate that's just. how.
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long serving. the young to take this opportunity to shut up all my lead it's. limited to one thing. you contemplate us all muslims christiane see industry on one. you can be biased all right pete. one foot so we had a history of king he will what is a car he didn't use a gate on his so i just couldn't it can take all metal but in common child by the north has become high on the utica the high on your call your telephone commissioner also did. well. after that the has cut off funding was a dumb. move in the market africa did have the no one was biggest on all. kind of housework.
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and just so much. in the summer. i would think you'd have. any idea. if you saw a battle and you go that's cable tag and the home. and the guns up and. you could use that history and weed you can go national counterterrorism center work on the. form. one. can really do.
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i was effective in changing. the beyond. the air yet. and all ritual. when you want to one up when i'm out i want to see what we want to let cheney. want to drop you off on you guys the most so it was him with child labor doing the party is just you know.
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millions of you she now welcome my delete knock on so can you she will come a morale. negative going to be ok and assured. will be i want to. get wicked. and sing them up for you guys all droning on and. i am a shock i've been mourner you come on maybe or. second chance know me and when you should wait on me go nuff sudhakar moodily. the i didn't know. why but i thought let's talk to him again for like me needs to feel for. a way to meet an encore like him up to last season ha made.
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it to a good luck to fuzzy's and i jameson jangala let me know now but when he's up . when he got up we saw him to talk on beyond anya books being. safe but greetings salaams cut-n. only paul not wear more just we'll all go. brainwash yes lums guinea who got me so again me want to be a full of downs shows me freaks got bumps . selling me a dog a the trying to import most of all would charge young me anyway i was about to go somewhere i took from the macho more night anyway. he made me sign the who's who don't want on four legs six months even. i go to walk on beany he gon joke but. they make their bus. the bus board all sold miley adoniah you know when no to his own family to death bed and decrease teen waist to get more. jock than the
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young guy he sako me no more than a forty five morning gusty morning to. sue moss to quebec king big john amato. cause uniting but i got on board details you each got a d. . d. is on me to a dreams and on b. shows me shows i mean the show is a quad to me to or no please on so much he me how deep he need not i am the whole the souls told i show you how he likes these up the talk moment of silence. i enjoy bringing my. children so they can see and get more comfortable five children are at the heart of america's love affair with weapons. makes the recoil a smoother for me to shoot and it's fun but the new generation is fighting fire
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with the reason we are fighting for is to be because we don't want to see and speak to get family and. never again have the radicalized youth series on a business updates to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together u.n. report has given renewed to the fight against climate change over those threats like sea level rise at this year's climate talks in poland. community sees the opportunity to take concerted action saying with al-jazeera the latest from the front lines of the climate crisis from the conference itself. al-jazeera. this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes ukraine
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warns of all out war as russia threatens to send more anti aqueduct missiles to crimea. saudi arabia will be the focus of a u.s. senate hearing as concerns grow in congress over the murder of jamal khashoggi. an investigation into last month's crash that killed one hundred eighty nine people conclude that the plane should not have been flying. another round of talks on syria's war with russia for the chance of a breakthrough. ukraine's president is warning of a full scale war with russia a recent confrontation and the black sea between the two countries has worsened an already tense relationship moscow says to deploy more four hundred missile
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defense systems to crimea and ukraine has impose martial law in parts of the country which begins on wednesday and will last for thirty days will be speaking to our correspondents in just a moment but first this report. as to the heart of his country goes on the. president is making a stark warning about russia accusing it of sending tanks to its border. says he wants ukraine to do more to defend itself against the threats of a land invasion. these tanks have not yet been removed from there they're still there i don't want anybody to think those are toys the country is under threat of a full scale war with the russian federation so the goal of this martial law is to show that the enemy will pay a very high price if he decides to attack us it will be like a cold shower that will stop the madman who have plans to attack ukraine and if there is no further aggression we will assume that the goal of these actions is
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achieved far shankar's remarks will do nothing to calm down the tension and russia is announcing the deployment of more s four hundred missile systems in crimea and donald trump says he may now cancel his meeting with vladimir putin that's jew at the g twenty summit and bought a salaries this week with twelve of the twenty four captive ukrainians given two months detention orders on tuesday in. war or now expected to be issued. what's made things more charged is russia's filming of some of the crew given what ukraine says forced confessions under duress breaching the geneva convention which should give some protection to prisoners of war internationally the pressure on russia appears to have no effect on its foreign minister sergei lavrov visiting paris here on choose. or if the ukrainian side like its partners in europe
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is interested in avoiding such situations in the future it is obviously necessary to send a signal to kiev not to allow such a provocation that is not for us to do but for those who maintain close contact with the korean authorities just elaborate of certainly didn't appear willing to meet his french counterparts request. sergey lavrov. told sergey lavrov that a gesture is expected from russia at the prisoners and the boats being held must be free to soon as possible but i will also call my ukrainian counterpart to encourage him to seek a deescalation in this region. and now it's emerged that not all the arrested crew are sailors ukraine's state security service the s.b.u. says it had counterintelligence officers on board that also says two missiles were fired by one of two russian fighter jets at the boats one of those agents was seriously injured. what happens next to the detained ukrainian servicemen may be
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unclear what's certain is that without their release ukraine will continue to ramp up pressure for some sort of international action against russia and drew simmons al-jazeera kiev well let's go now to rory talent. or a vessel tell us about these surface to air missiles that russia is planning to deploy it's a crime and already has a why is it bringing in more. yes four hundred is a very sophisticated emits the top of the line of its type and it is basically a radar a missile system that allows. russia to shoot planes ballistic missiles and cruise missiles out of the sky it already has three of these battalions in crimea we were told in september for the third of them had arrived
6:54 pm
so now a fourth is on the way the minister of defense says that it is likely to be in place and operational by the end of the year it's just completed foreign operations at an artillery range and then it's going to start making its journey as to why it's sending an extra one well i think it's a sign really the that russia takes the security of the crimean peninsula very care very seriously and it is going to use its most sophisticated weaponry to do so so it's throwing down a card also at the ukrainians at nato at the west in general and saying you know we are prepared now so that in another car that stay down is the detention of these ukrainians that war survey was a crime in saying about those. well the kremlin said yesterday on tuesday that they would be processed by the russian court system that this was a judicial affair and that the kremlin wasn't going to get involved well these men
6:55 pm
have been or some of them have already been processed through the courts a judge in crimea has given twelve of them pre trial detention periods of two months so that's pending or you know a future trial and nine more of them are expected to be processed through the court system later today also there are the three injured ones who have also been detained for two months as well now what this does is basically is give moscow increased leverage over there already according to ukraine and human rights groups some seventy ukrainians in the russian prison system on political grounds this has been a big source of contention between russia and ukraine there has been talk before of prisoner swaps of handing over people from one side to the other but this basically
6:56 pm
swells the numbers of ukrainians in russian detention and just gives it more clout in the relationship and we're just looking broader other overseas how big a deal is it for me to hear from saying he may cancel their meeting at the argentinian g twenty meeting. well i think you know russia is has been under a siege mentality for several years now and it's takes these things as they come basically it knows that it's behavior on the international scene is seen by other countries as aggressive and overly muscular flouncing various pieces of international law but the perspective from russia
6:57 pm
is that it is doing what it has to do to safeguard its national interests to secure itself in a hostile world so i think you know the kremlin spoken in the last few minutes about the possibility that donald trump might cancel the meeting at the g twenty they didn't seem that concerned really i think they will perhaps keep on trying to meet trump they like meeting trump they feel they can have a fairly decent personal relationship with trump but if that doesn't happen at the g twenty so be it ok many thanks for bringing is the view that from. now in a few hours time the u.s. senate will be briefed on the matter of jamal khashoggi by the director of the cia is not expected to attend the cia has pointed the finger at the saudi crown prince
6:58 pm
for ordering killing last month but u.s. president donald trump says we may never know the role model been salma played national bar up for. the killing of the started journalist. continues to put more pressure on white house officials national security adviser john bolton was asked by al-jazeera correspondent whether he listened to the old your tape of his final moments his appeal that confused so let me take the question of the tape first no i haven't listened to it and i guess i should ask you why do you think i should what do you think i learned from kerry i have access to that you have me in this room speak arabic. the senator from what you want me to listen to what am i going to learn from i mean if they were speaking korean i wouldn't learn any more
6:59 pm
from it either be able to tell you what they think than i can read a transcript so you don't think it's important to hear that after hearing that i'm just trying to make the point that everybody who says why don't you listen to the tape unless you speak arabic what are you going to get from president trump has faced the same question many times the reason he didn't want to listen to the audio was because he said it was a suffering tape a talib. demands grow more details about what happened to her and for a stronger u.s. response secretary of state mike bump aoe and defense secretary james mattis. to brief senators on u.s. relations. the white house has dismissed reports it's not allowing cia director general hospital and senior intelligence officials to attend the briefing but many remain concerned trump might be using his leverage to shield saga crown
7:00 pm
prince mohammed bin samantha from facing international isolation of course the white house wants to control information and what it considers classified information or operations of the cia that's not that is not surprising but the congress has a legal right and obligation as a co equal branch of the united states government with secular with the president to exercise oversight of the intelligence process part of that includes being briefed on the most sensitive matters been said and meanwhile has started his first following since there was murder in the saudi consulate in istanbul last month the trip is widely seen as an attempt by the saudi crown prince to repair his reputation which has been badly damaged by his suspected involvement in the.


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