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tv   A Thousand Girls Like Me  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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andrew simmons al-jazeera kiev russia's president says ukraine's petro poroshenko is using the incident to help get reelected it would consider. it's clearly a proto cation the provocation organized by the authorities and i think the president himself ahead of the elections scheduled to happen in ukraine in march of next year. going to how as a military analyst in calling this for via he says russia and ukraine a course in a blame game oh russia has being of course condemning ukrainian what it calls provocations and saying that you create this is a move by our offense to help him quit power in the coming in march presidential elections that this is internally motivated by a crane and of course russia is sending signals that it is reinforcing its troops
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in the region and this specific were announced that sending another battery or in russia it's called division the rest for hundreds to reinforce that those that are already in crimea so that now they're going to be four divisions which more or less is a kind of two regiments of west for hundreds so both sides are kind of the king in their heels right now and that yes there is a real threat that base could desk away into regional confrontation maybe even a war in the coming weeks that's a possibility really so the has had on now to sarah. the important thing for taiwan is that we want to make sure that those diplomatic allies remain loyal to taiwan the foreign minister of taiwan reveals how the island plans to stand up to diplomatic pressure from china. after a month on the road we catch up with the american asylum seekers who know one more
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reason to reach the united states. hello it is largely dry now in china not particularly cold and the cloud is not that far away streaming in this direction at a time to the surface wind is going down as a northeastern it'll produce a few showers and concentrate on the coast of vietnam probably takes hong kong out of the showers and should be fine sorry for you twenty four degrees or thereabouts little bit cooler further north but not usually so you'll notice it still seventeen inch chance wants to rain showers snow now is a dry ice picture and a cooling pictures throughout most of india pakistan and bangladesh this cloud such as resist mostly hearty support for a few snow showers in the west and himalayas still
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a dry picture but with the northeast monsoon which we saw still run down the coast of china it's coming to the bay bengal concentrating any potential shows actually out in tamil nadu or in sri lanka and this is exactly as you might expect at this time of the year interesting to have normal weather not abnormal weather is it not as for the regulator again rest of the normal weather visit like normally running down to the gulf offers it wind direction through the red sea and that cloud will develop and bring wanted to shout substantial showers but showers all the same through northern saudi and again put through jordan and probably iraq. xenophobic violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. infiltrates one of the continent's fastest growing far right organizations. and exposes links to members of the european parliament someone.
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running our. generation a. special tupac investigation coming soon on the jersey. hello again you're watching al-jazeera has reminder of our top stories this hour saudi arabia's crown prince has arrived in argentina for the g twenty summit human rights watch has fallen legal complaint in argentina it wants on the installment investigation for alleged human rights abuses during the war in war in yemen and the death of jamal khashoggi. director of the cia will reportedly not take part in
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the u.s. senate briefing on the murder of jamal khashoggi of state and defense will on wednesday on the saudis. and ukraine's president is warning of a full scale war with russia moscow says it plans to deploy more of its s four hundred surface to air missiles to crimea after a recent confrontation in the black sea and ukraine is impose martial law and also the country for thirty days. and that's the cases in indonesia say the budget airline plane that plunged into the sea last month killing all one hundred ninety nine people on board should not have been flying the line seven three seven max an experience to occur problems on a flight the day before so and reports from jakarta. it was in the nice just second worst in a disaster the lion air boeing seven three seven crashed into the java sea just thirteen minutes after takeoff from jack after airport of the one hundred eighty nine passengers and crew on board the bodies of sixty four have yet to be recovered
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. by eliminating the results showed at the same plane had previously experienced faulty data readings investigators say the pilots who flew the plane from bali the night before the crash should have aborted that flight the flight. because. surely. because. they're worth. in this way. but the pilot continued to trip to jack after and managed to land safely after turning off the automatic anti stalling system or m.c.s. a feature on the new seven three seven max eight planes the pilot on the flight that crashed in next day did not do that the voice recorder which has yet to be found will have to give more clarity about his decisions. lion air's rapid
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expansion in indonesia's fast growing airline industry has put huge pressure on pilots who have complained about long working days and even violating regulations on flying hours a lot of questions not only for boeing about technical the facts on their new mechs eight planes but also for lion air the budget airline has the largest fleet in southeast asia and is now on the road a lot of pressure to improve its safety culture this will be too late for ariadne's husband if. the body of the thirty five year old father of two has yet to be recovered only his driver's license was found at a yanni has lost confidence in lyon air. they need to be closed down because they don't prioritize see if they would prior to safety then they will make sure everything is checked properly calls for sanctions or even the closure of the airlines are also forced in parliament if they can guarantee passengers have in if
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they don't want to ten's that i told them we need to just close them down lion air sas it will comply with all the recommendations from the transport safety commission one of the recommendations is to give more training for pilots boeing has issued an advisory about the anti stalling system after pilots complained they were not well enough informed about how it works the final result about what happened to j t s six one zero is not expected until sometime next year step fasten al-jazeera jack after. i'm getting reports of an explosion in the afghan capital near the airport this blast comes just hours after a military operation in the southern part of the country at least thirty civilians and sixteen taliban fighters were killed at the provincial council in helmand blamed most of the deaths of an airstrike that struck a house the governor's office says the armed group stockpiled weapons in the area and packed a car with explosives but ignited during the strike all this as the afghan
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president has announced a road map for peace negotiations with the taliban speaking as the international conference in geneva ashraf ghani said he had formed a twelve person team to negotiate with the armed group he said next year's presidential elections were an important part of the process that the barber reports from geneva. well on wednesday president musharraf's gani has been talking about some of the immediate challenges that his country faces particularly to do with poverty and food insecurity after a devastating drought this year that's left millions of afghans in rural areas not knowing where their next meal is coming from also talking about the millions of afghan refugees and outlining a future in afghanistan where those refugees the diaspora will feel safe to go back home but he's admitted that that's only going to happen when the violence has ended and he's outlined what he sees as a breakthrough
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a twelve person team has been formed to trying to head a roadmap to peace including the taleban now the taliban have not come to geneva the government did offer them unconditional talks but talked earlier this year that hasn't gone anywhere and in recent weeks the taliban have in fact been holding direct talks with the united states a separate negotiating track many afghans want to know when in fact the government and the taliban will be able to get around a negotiating table because the feeling is that until that happens all of those other problems the problems of trying to get corruption dealt with trying to deal with environmental challenges trying to boost the economy they can't really be solved until the fighting has ended and over who president can now point to this road map a lot of people are wondering how it's going to work with the with the in transit
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agency of the taliban and with a separate approach coming from the united states there's been lots of praise for the afghan government for holding elections and they say that the presidential vote next year will be crucial in bringing stability to the country but until the fighting until the conflict ends it really is going to take. a top military officer has been arrested in connection with the disappearance of eleven young people during the civil war chief of staff at more revenge or out which going to rally will be held for a week he's been accused of giving refuge to a former navy left tank commander is the main suspect in the disappearance and was eventually arrested in august the victims are believed to have been murdered being held for ransom at a naval base between two thousand and eight and two thousand and nine event georgia directly voting for the president for the last time to form a foreign ministers are in the run off poll after neither one
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a majority and this first round the country is transitioning to a parliamentary system future presidents will be chosen by members of parliament and will have reduced hours of interest to walk as more details in the capital tbilisi georgia a choice of two candidates. who is an independent but has the backing of the governing party and greig overshadows the who is a member of the country's main opposition party so let me bring these french born and a former french diplomat. she nevertheless has returned to meets which is really to connect with enough voters in the first rounds to get more than fifty percent and her and her now really neck and neck in the opinion polls. despite the fact that the presidential powers in you which are have been limited they still have a role to play in foreign policy and this election is being taken very seriously
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indeed by both sides and it's been considered really a vote of confidence by the electorates in the governments. in this race. three weeks ago al jazeera spent a day on the road with a family from one jurists who joined a large group of people trying to get to the united states at that point they had just crossed into mexico and had a long journey ahead of them now twenty five days and four thousand comes as later gentleman caught up with them near the u.s. border. the last time we saw the rays elia family they were sleeping on the street in south makes co after a week with the caravan of central americans the rio was sick. alvin was struggling tool and early was exhausted she was eight months pregnant now everything's changed for one in june is right he's fifteen days old has given the family fresh hope.
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we were frightened we would lose him on the way but god didn't want that and we have him safe and sound my whole body was hurting and when my son arrived i felt like something passed through me and took the pain away. they've got to take the border with us and the church has taken the maid for the first time in more than a they have regular meals a place to wash their clothes and a roof over their heads they're lucky most of the caravan is getting ready to spend the night in the open air in a makeshift camp that's become so crowded that some people are having to sleep outside its walls but the razor lies patrols in their road with the full thousand kilometers they covered to get here weeks of sleeping rough in particular affected the children that my eldest boy almost died of pneumonia they put him in the hospital and put chips in him because he couldn't breathe properly it almost broke my heart seeing him like that now i'll be dreaming of getting to be at the side
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reliable the goodwill of a president who's determined to keep the caravan aren't. we want an opportunity and the us is a land of opportunity we want president trump and his government to give us a hand to think positively not to negativity. in reality there's next to no chance they'll get in there fleeing poverty and his economic migrants won't qualify for the us soil and their plan b. is mexico having a baby here has given them a chance of citizenship but those decisions can wait. they're just happy to be sleeping in a bed john harwood zero two one. the leadership of taiwan's president is in doubt after her ruling party suffered losses in last week's local elections worsening relations with china seem to have contributed to the poor results an exclusive interview with al-jazeera taiwan's foreign minister is accusing beijing of meddling in the island's politics also as
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a general reports from taipei. in the lobby of taiwan's foreign ministry the flags of the dwindling number of countries that recognize the island republic just seventeen now in the past three years five diplomatic allies have been lured away by beijing taiwan's foreign minister joseph woo told me it's all part of china's strategy to isolate taiwan internationally and that each defection hurts and of course people here feel betrayed in the back and cinnamon can be very strong here you know since they decide to choose china you know that's their choice and the important thing for taiwan is that we want to make sure that those diplomatic ilyse remain loyal to taiwan china's diplomatic squeeze of taiwan began after the election of president zion when almost three years ago her party leans towards independence china regards taiwan as part of its territory to be taken back by
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force if necessary the intimidation has involved military drills in the taiwan straits as well as other high profile military exercises the fraught relationship seems to have been a factor in the recent local elections which saw the ruling party lose political control of seven cities the opposition wants better relations with china who says there was another reason for the party's poor showing a chinese dissin formation campaign. china denies it if taiwan selection committee seeing. chinese success of their interference then it's going to be very difficult to stop china from trying again and again or double down on the interference on taiwan's relations with the united states woo says they couldn't be better from presidency has been good for taiwan there have been plenty of high level exchanges between officials from taipei and washington and during the past
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two years. the u.s. government has approved dam sales to taiwan of more than one point seven billion dollars. taiwan once f. thirty five fighter planes but for now the not for sale to taiwan. in time once defense much more than just one particular item in taiwan in the united states are being discussing very intensely how taiwan can. beef up its own defense. is part of the reason for the heightened tensions between china and the united states the outcome of last weekend's elections could add to the friction adrian brown al-jazeera taipei. you're watching all of these all top stories saudi arabia's crown prince has arrived in argentina as capital for the g.
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twenty summit human rights watch has filed a legal complaint in argentina it wants them vests and to mohamed bin salmond's role in war crimes in yemen and. stories about who has the latest from. he's arriving here in the middle of some news that surprised everyone and that is that human rights watch has asked the argentine judiciary to investigate him. for war crimes torture and the killing a saudi journalist. right now a prosecutor is evaluating whether or not to begin an investigation whether the case of universal jurisdiction applies specifically to this case saudi arabia will be the focus of a u.s. senate briefing later on wednesday the director of the cia will reportedly not take pause in the meeting which is expected to also include discussions about the murder of. ukraine's president is warning of
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a full scale war with russia moscow says it plans to deploy more of its s four hundred surface to air missiles to crimea after a recent confrontation in the black sea and ukraine has imposed martial law in parts of the country for days and days investigators say a plane that plunged into the sea killing one hundred eighty nine people on board shouldn't have been flying they say the lion boeing seven three seven should have been grounded over technical problems the day before the fatal flight crashed into the java sea shortly after takeoff from jakarta last month the flight data recorder shows the pilot's battle to save the plane we're getting reports of a loud explosion being had near the airport in the center of the afghan capital kabul this blast comes just hours after a military operation in the southern part of the country at least thirty civilians and sixteen taliban fighters were killed heads of the provincial council in helmand says the armed group parts a call with explosives that ignited during the strike last the afghan president
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announces a roadmap for peace negotiations with the taliban speaking at an international conference in geneva ashraf ghani said he had formed a twelve person team to negotiate with the armed group state not with all that lines more news on al-jazeera after the street. we understand the difference. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it. will bring you the news and current of. the war in afghanistan is now in its eighteenth year and there is little sign of it ending what will it take to break a deadlock between the government and opposition forces i'm really could be seen
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your thoughts to be a twitter and you tube for today's episode of the stream. for millions of afghans the grinding war is now sadly a part of the daily routine from indiscriminate bombings by the taliban and i saw to deadly air raids by afghan and u.s. forces civilians some change how they go about their day just to survive although security forces eventually manage. attacks remain commonplace in the afghan capital and we could go a suicide bomb blast killed dozens of people at a religious gathering to mark the birth anniversary of prophet muhammad. nobody ever heard of any attack on prophet muhammad saree in the past talking on prophet muhammad ceremony is an inhuman act human being never commit such an act and all those who are behind this clearly they are the enemy of the enemy of the qur'an the enemy of the prophets and the enemy of this nation. in recent weeks the
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taliban and so have stepped up attacks in the regions that had been comparatively peaceful thousands of living in the provinces of. fled their homes after deadly ambushes that surprised afghan security forces many has are as say they have been forgotten by the government so with the war bogged down in an apparent stalemate is there any hope for peace more on this i'm joined from geneva by sure enough kasi and al jazeera journalist she's covering a meeting with you an afghan leaders and international diplomats looking at ways to end the war bully a lot of money is the media and technology entrepreneur in the afghan capital kabul he launched reportedly gotten that it's a new site that aims to broaden coverage of issues affecting afghanistan also in kabul is that the award that she recently ran for office in afghanistan's parliamentary elections and is an architect and entrepreneur and completing our line up from kabul is. he's a freelance journalist who was extensively covered political and cultural
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developments in afghanistan welcome everyone to this string you know ali i will start with you though as a resident i know you're well aware of what i'm about to show but i want to give our audience a look into what life has been like in parts of afghanistan and this is just over the last few weeks so take a look at my screen here afghanistan life under attack in this is coming to us from our colleagues at al-jazeera dot com a ruling tally of the attacks one hundred eighty four nearly two thousand people killed this is since january twenty sixth team in this calendar here shows just those. and to really highlight what that looks like this link leads us. here these are those attacks and detailed hormonal scroll down to just over the last couple of weeks november twentieth november twenty third and november twenty sixth convoy of police officers attacked on its way to a district in western province and then today before show time this news this from the new york times three u.s. soldiers killed by explosion in afghanistan and this was near and does need city
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how do you make sense of what we've seen recently. it's obviously a scare tactic so the idea is that these groups whether it be tall or ball and whether it be diet so for instance what the clip that showed the tack on the prophet muhammad's birthday it specifically shows what they're trying to do and what they're trying to do is to say that no one is safe not at any time not at any place and not for any event and as we've seen it's not only a tax rate so so we have attacks on major cities kabul jalalabad in the east but we've also seen districts and provinces nearly fall or fall to the taliban in the past few months. these are major major issues because essentially what they're doing is showing their might and showing people that now wherever you go you're not see that that whatever you're trying to do you can be targeted you can be attacked
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it's not one group of people or another group of people or one city or one province or one district it's spread out throughout the country all kinds of people and you know just last month i was in greece in the morea refugee camps and you know there i saw on refugees in abysmal conditions in greece on the island of lesbos you know who were fleeing this exact kind of violence and who. is in in geneva right now and one of the issues that they should be talking about is this idea of afghan refugees and then being deported from the e.u. and turkey being deported back to a war zone you know we've seen attacks on the entrance to the airport where these people will be coming in from. and it's awful thank you for sharing that snippet of a life for so many and afghanistan vali a lot you're hearing what he said there in that the idea of these attacks is to show that no one is safe would you agree with that assessment. i think i think the
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. entire communities are under attack. recently with the new trends. terrorists are attacking those who are civilians they just go after everyone we just saw as you mentioned and you showed the pictures we back there was an attack on the holy prophet muhammad but. it was. a sunni. all in ma. gathering the same. couple in. where the other communities of afghans are getting so there is a feeling that everyone has been attacked in afghanistan. and i think the terrorists in the insurgents are going after. a very late.
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start to decline. which. was just part of i think their strategy to tell the world that they can target everyone and to tell down they are going after everyone and of course showing the government. but i think we are not at a point to say that you know we are defeated. or we have to lose hope that there is a future for afghanistan while there are a number of attacks at the same time there's life going gone and there is a vibrant community. in different parts of the country who are just. trying to do better lives. across. the years and here's the reality and also the hope in what you're saying there and so i want to bring attention to our community who is weighing. and here this is a tweet we got from someone. asylum seekers and they write please cover the
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humanitarian crisis unfolding in afghanistan where the taliban have seized control of the safe this districts killing hundreds and forcing thousands of men women and children to flee these are the districts that had remained a safe haven for the past decade so i want to give this to you because we're seeing from people online who are saying that yes this is including this violence is including everyone including those who are in areas that are relatively thought as safe i want to share with you a video comment from someone whose family is in one of those areas and this is what she told the stream about the. often brutal massacre of her sons and we heard from families who friends that had been in the jury province they described the situation as it was trying to transfer their life in every direction. into the mountains and amongst those fleeing was also my grandmother. contacts because the
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two the communication towers which is truth in the type on after days of uncertainty about the safety of my grandmother who only discovered that she was safe to a new. people. who find that she was after being in her village sure enough she mentions people running barefoot in the winter she showed a picture of the woman she mentioned her grandmother there in this with hash tag the hoary under a tree attack and you can see the picture of her there to talk to us about what we are seeing in these areas that were relatively safe so now situation it up. it's not just the. areas that are also. or. there but now what we hear. the other one keep denying the fact that they have their attack in these areas quoting to them it's someone else attacking areas now it's
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a very complicated one that we can not really gauge who is who even when it comes to our troops we cannot say whether these are the taliban it's eisel fighters it's just a vague complicated very fluid situation we cannot really confirm who is attacking i mean it's an overall situation right now where some people say out the districts are in the taliban what others say i still fighting in those areas and then i sort of the. other so it's like a complete but what's what's the sad reality is that. she showed a picture up there and i mean. looking at her age is very you know i don't know i think it's just a dire situation for everyone where they're seeing that all these bizarre hours are now being targeted so. the overall situation i think it just does not limit to. why they've been attacking a certain group or
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a certain community or certain say it's an overall situation in the country right now. is this this week. follows up on that video coming in this tweet she says central has our districts under the attack of the taliban are an iron wall between democracy and extremism and they hold the fragile democracy in afghanistan more than buffer zones they have been the most fertile grounds for democracy that what do you make of shock with this comment there. well actually. they can say that the terrorism reached every place and. every corner of afghanistan has been effected by terrorism. this has really there is a pressure on who is a part project leader is or is about so we have a month measurable and different idea of afghanistan so not only has our every tribe has been affected by terms. i see you nodding your head there
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i think this is something that people forget because. i think about a month or two ago i actually wrote a story for al-jazeera about a neighborhood in west kabul which is predominantly and she of being targeted. by forces claiming to be diet and at the same time we saw the city of jalalabad one of the biggest cities in the country in the east predominantly pashtoon area that was just as targeted you know and for weeks for attacks including on a midwife training center so i think what we have to understand is that this conflict in compas is the whole country everyone is being targeted everyone is falling victim to it and i think the world sort of needs to wake up because so much of the world is here whether it's through international aid organizations or whether their soldiers are here at one point so much of the world is here you know they're all meeting in geneva but the reality is no one is paying attention to this
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conflict and what's going on in the fact that literally thirty two million people are affected by. really a lot would you agree with on. no one is trying to know what is the watching what's going on i don't. want to leave of course the entire language and entire communities of. cities are under attack. by the fall of unbiased and other other other groups but there's a slight difference. i think the odds are. different like a minority both in terms of an ethnic minority and caring in minorities because they are the only. minority in afghanistan and that's why the sensitivity. or knowledge . and i think i think i think the afghan government has been sensitive about this. because. the protection of. like a very minority has been important to the afghan government and at the same time.
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even being so cautious about the law because of that's a very an issue sensitivity that existed but was simply i think that calculus and started to change from be thought of on site as well because i see that now. in statements after their first efforts acting job. the entire like other safe area under the control of the afghan government will be a target a military target so from that perspective i think it has been an issue that has been left and i think the warning. by i i it's hard getting. the schools the. gatherings all the shiites and then claiming the shiites are entitled.
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for the sake of islam has been a sensitive issue which has been of course under tension of the government and international. i hear you i know al you want to jump in there for a moment well i mean i think that's the nature of the issue where ever they are unfortunately you. are a sectarian force but at the same time like if we're talking about the issue of tax then you have to you know admit that at the same time that she was under attack which was heavily under attack it was literally one of the safest neighborhoods in kabul no one ever thought that it would come to the level where sports clubs would be attacked were would be attacked where the centers for the for the college entrance exam would be attacked at the same time we saw the city of jalalabad coming under repeated attack as well by forces also claiming to be dying so this is my point is that they're really trying to spread the war in into
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areas that people wouldn't have imagined before and so the question then is what to do about that how to stem that flow i want to go here to this this article written by shelia kasi your colleague kabul to seek support for afghan led peace plan in geneva talks and i'm over here to this tweet from the geneva conference on afghanistan come say hi the t.v. afghanistan twenty eighteen. talk to us about what you heard today in geneva. it was very interesting at the conference today when most talking about the war in afghanistan and how people were dying and all the attacks and the terrorist attacks and everything i have some kind of feeling over there that people are very sick and tired of talking about war and plumping people dying and women suffering lack of. hospitals and many other issues people people want to move people in
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afghanistan now i feel you want to get ahead of the move on with other things other issues in afghanistan so there were talks about women empowerment and how they can tackle this issue and there were talks about. the major issue of drought two million people are affected and more half of half million of them are children. over two million million children are out of school and this what about that as well there's a severe acute malnutrition among children and that and it's highest well with about half million children affected by the drought so that we're talking about other things it wasn't really about terrorism the part of on the war and conflict and especially when i was talking to really educated very successful brave women of planets than at the points and and they were talking about resilience and moving forward and despite of all of that because definitely their lives are they
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different to anyone else's because they are living in the water there besides all the other problems that we face in the world they have double the problems because of the terrorism the war in the country so despite of that they wanted to move ahead and they wanted to still try and succeed in major sectors in afghanistan so the light today at the conference was more about how we can develop the country and how we can have reforms and just contributions it wasn't really a. terrorism issue because maybe because the conference was not about it but. even talking one on one we're not. pleased to. hear you will get right back here is actually i saw you nodding your head there. is
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a bit that. people. are tired of war. that many people are losing their lives all the losses so people are. tired of the one death to be. the only we could be and. the pieces in the peace negotiation or the peace process is. also to take initiations in that she shouldn't. talk about the peace process so yes i do. people. in security council. peace negotiations you mentioned there i want to bring up this tweet from up to karim who says the need for a viable political settlement of the long running conflict grows stronger and the prospects for stability and security in the war torn country appear elusive afghanistan is badly in need of good governance to reach political settlement so there are world powers who are interested in getting to that political settlement
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at least from a bird's eye view have a listen to representatives from two those world powers that are involved in separate peace talks efforts one is u.s. special envoy to afghanistan zalmay khalilzad he was speaking on november eighteenth and the other is russian foreign minister sergei lavrov speaking in moscow on november ninth during talks with the taliban i know that the government of afghanistan wants. the tal of on saying that they do not believe. that they can succeed militarily that they would like to see the problems. that remains resolved by peaceful means by political negotiations but we will reduce the problems in afghanistan can be solved soley by political means through the achievement of a national consensus with the participation of all conflicting parties. so ali do you see these as good faith efforts and initiatives here what hope do you have for these talks which are separate of course. quickly going to
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the conference for just one second i've been really involved with the civil society delegation that was going there and they had discussions and focus groups in all of the thirty four provinces and everyone that they spoke to the first thing that they referred to was the war and the conflict and wanting a settlement to it so i think it is very much on people's mind maybe right now for political reasons or not talking about it but definitely people going there want to talk about it but in terms of this peace settlement there's a few issues with it one is that most of the sort of understanding here in kabul is that what my colleague saud wants and what president of any want seem to be two different plans and if that turns out to be true that could cause major problems for people in terms of the russian element of this i think it's kind of. maybe duplicitous that maybe that may be a strong word but we know that the russians we know that iran and we know that
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pakistan are supporting and helping the taliban so it just looks a little odd from here that russia seems to be taking such an interest and when russia today journalists interviewed one of their representatives the high peace council they kept talking about a u.s. withdrawal which is a very real issue that no one is talking about but the fact that the russia today journalists kept bringing this up it raised a lot of questions for people about what russia's real intent in this conference was you're not the only one who has a little bit of skepticism about some of these international player so i want to bring up this comment we got from interests out of kabul who talks about pakistan and their role how to listen to what he told the story. to the level of. one piece the first is not on state level. was lost in some jihadi groups who sees do the interests in benefits in the or in the corruption we have to get rid of that
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in the region the liver it's been the original countries the sponsoring told to fight against the want to give enough on the specie to pass on sponsoring dollars besides fall among your sponsoring terror groups to further you know if we need these you know we need more sanctions on boxer really a lot he points the finger many in afghanistan do blame pakistan for their role and the intelligence agencies role in and finding what do you make of what he says. i think. in terms of talking about. senior. officials from the community to the previous month we're saying some strong negative. on the solid and. something that brings in a lot of questions but. on the element you know now there is
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a strong will from the united states here to suffer shows i think there is and then standing in washington it's not only the state department or special representative for. the oceans will want to follow a strict. building policy its entire seven sections i think i think that there's a misunderstanding of quite a bit in terms of the. needs of the station was now projecting another narrative and version of. some officials in public talking about like a quick fix that washington is following which which i believe. assume is not true . but they are concerned and and i was on the mentioned we have two
11:46 pm
versions of building and. then of course the. problems but one of them you're literally going to be there and here the idea of the quick fix in our audience of course there is no such thing one person here says afghans peace is not an option that's the only way forward so i want to thank all our gas for your insight today and for being with us be sure to keep your comments on your ideas coming via twitter you tube and al-jazeera dot com forward slash the stream thank you so much for being part of the conversation today by. descend on al-jazeera. from hospitality to hostility toward tells tells dramatic stories about high cons of complex and last resort shelters in divided cities an exclusive interview with nobel peace prize laureates nadia morag and denis mcrae get an ad try special antarctic sanctuary follows greenpeace as they
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al-jazeera where every. important thing if you're walking around in beirut was not to be in the line of fire from the holiday. we heard gunshots i was the first one to flee the heart of. the battle lasted three days and three nights and there were no prisoners in control of the control or the region around and that's why it was such an icon of conflict at the heart of the lebanese civil beirut holiday war hotels on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in
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doha santa maria welcome to the new script it's amazing of the world's twenty biggest economies and their leaders but there's extra scrutiny on one in particular the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon is in argentina for the g twenty but the controversy is still following him and saudi arabia also the focus on capitol hill this hour as the secretaries of state and defense report to the senate on america's relationship with the kingdom also on the grid more provocation over crimea moscow says it will deploy new surface to air missiles on the peninsula as ukraine's president petro poroshenko calls on the u.s. to pressure him a person to end this latest confrontation and the countdown to get a chess some again and at least this is as big as it gets in the great game of strategy as a norwegian and an american continue their battle this hour to become world champions. and a proposal by the egyptian government to send thousands of cats and dogs to other countries to be slaughtered sparks outrage and hear the hundreds of the show using
11:50 pm
the hash tag his bed. with the news grid live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live in it al-jazeera dot com and from one to sirees to washington d.c. the jamal khashoggi story is front and center this wednesday mohamed bin summon the saudi crown prince he is now in argentina for the g. twenty we're going to be talking about him a little bit later on but in washington right now senators are preparing for a briefing on what the united states knows about the murder the secretaries of state and defense will speak to them behind closed doors but crucially the director of the cia won't be there so let's get a preview now would she have returns is joining us from our washington news center she had what's expected today ok so that's patty and there was she had there i hope to seek to one of them but
11:51 pm
clearly we've got a little bit of a technical problem patty is actually up on capitol hill waiting for that senate hearing to begin i'm just going to wait for a call and see who we can talk to and we talk to anyone we can talk to anyone at the moment so i tell you what i'm going to move on to another story and come back to that a little bit later on now this is to do with syria actually another round of talks underway in capital stana on ending the conflict russia turkey iran the united nations all meeting with delegations from the syrian government and the opposition this report from san jose in a stunner. another meeting on syria in the capital asked to know a negotiating track shaped by russia iran and turkey it has become a forum for the main power brokers in the syrian conflict who use their influence over the warring sides to make deals the latest was a prisoner exchange between the syrian government and the opposition it's hoped
11:52 pm
that the detainees file will see progress during the talks but they haven't been as effective when tackling of the main political issues supposed to be resolved in the geneva based un led process to having so many players involved and just having one sort of side of the actors in that isn't enough to come to some sort of comprehensive peace deal there was an attempt to expand the asked in a format to include members of the so-called small group during a meeting in istanbul last month russia and turkey brought the leaders of france and germany to the table but there was no commitment for a second summit instead the europeans insisted a u.n. committee should start work on rewriting the syrian constitution before the end of the year. or. inside syria but russia is believed to be pushing for some kind
11:53 pm
of achievement that it can sell to the west damascus has so far refused to cooperate with the u.n. led diplomatic efforts. president vladimir putin sent his special envoy alexander labyrinth you have to damascus reportedly to remove obstacles in the way of forming the committee for the kremlin asked in a is where breakthroughs in russian diplomacy must be made an agreement on a constitutional committee would be just that it will however need the backing of the united nations the u.n. says it must be credible inclusive and balanced its special envoy stefan the mistura is here in what appears to be his last diplomatic mission before leaving office creating the committee may be the easy part the opposition which now has little leverage wants a new constitution that will curtail presidential powers and lead to free elections the syrian government says the committee's task is to review the existing charter
11:54 pm
not come up with a new one it's quite clear that they're not going to. negotiate a way. they're not going to give that up. prepared to. it's not going to be enough for players like to like the u.s. the west wants damascus to first engage in the u.n. political process before it discusses money for reconstruction russia wants to move to the post-war stage but it knows concessions will have to be made senator al jazeera asked. ok sir we are going to try to go back to our top story now we're not with syria we're going to be talking about the senate's hearing or discussions on capitol hill today to do with the united states' relationship with saudi arabia now. to talk to you now on capitol hill patty can you hear me first of
11:55 pm
all. i can hear you good stuff talk to me about what's expected today. well in just about fifty five minutes we expect that the senators are going to go into a classified briefing that means no cameras no reporters even outside the door but will be stuck with them when they have to get on the train that will happen in just about an hour it's going to be a briefing on the u.s. policy with saudi arabia and it's going to be to all one hundred sitting senators now who is going to be briefing this is critical we believe secretary of defense jim matheson secretary of state are going to be talking to senators giving them some classified updates the person who's missing who a lot of senators say this is unacceptable is this cia director gina has felt she went to turkey she heard the tapes she knows all of the intelligence that the u.s. has when it comes to the murder of jamal khashoggi and whether or not the cia has been reported has high confidence that the murder was ordered by the crown prince of saudi arabia mohammed bin salma on their reports that the white house has
11:56 pm
basically said she can't testify they're keeping her away from the senate that is outraged many senators so why does this matter well there's going to be perhaps as early as today a vote on a resolution which would basically say hey the u.s. has congress has not authorized war in yemen the u.s. military needs to get out of their support for the saudi led coalition and it would send a message to the military basically stop it right now everything that you're doing to help the coalition there was a vote on this a few a little while back and it almost passed it came very close and since then we've seen senators who in the past have been huge saudi backers they've come out and said the murder of this journalist is simply the last straw so it looks like it's poised to pass the senate but a lot could depend on exactly what jim matheson might have to say to these senators and that's behind closed doors i believe isn't it i want us to have a little bit of a listen as well to one other players involved is someone who won't be speaking today but was speaking at a briefing yesterday and that is the national security adviser john bolton just on
11:57 pm
the issue of the types of them. so let me take the question of the tape first no i haven't listened to it and i guess i should ask you why do you think i should what do you think i learned from the curious i have access to that you have me in this room speak arabic that the senator going to what you want me to listen to what am i going to learn from mean if they were speaking korean i wouldn't learn any more from it either i would be able to tell you what's happening out there and i should read a transcript so you don't think it's important to hear that national security i'm just trying to make the point that everybody who says why don't you listen to the tape unless you speak arabic what are you going to get from it it's an interesting take isn't it patty it seems to be indicative of this sort of head in the sand attitude which a lot of american leaders a taking now is certainly within the administration to take a. exactly and i think i should point out if that voice sounded familiar that's
11:58 pm
because that was our very own kimberly hawk it absolutely really set the narrative and the headlines for the entire united states that's what everyone took away from the briefing why would the national security advisor not want to hear exactly what happened in order to get to the truth that sent the message that the trump administration doesn't care how brutally murdered how his body was dismembered what they think is important is this saudi alliance and to that point the secretary of state did an op ed in the washington in the wall street journal of republican leaning paper and i think his told it really tells you all you need to know about the administration he basically say all of these people who are against saudi now are the same people who were for the iran nuclear deal under president obama although that's not at all true the other thing he says is the saudi national jamal khashoggi in turkey has heightened the capitol hill caterwauling and media pile on so basically saying that this is much ado about nothing at least that's the tone he
11:59 pm
is setting sending before this critical briefing with senators i can tell you that tone so far is not played well the president's language on this has not played well in the senate and they are an equal co-equal branch of government they can do a lot of things here they can sanction the crown prince they can sanction officials within the saudi government they could stop arm sales and again they could do what they might do today in yemen which is basically say to the u.s. military get out. on capitol hill be talking to her again later hopefully as we hear more out of this senate hearing. name already passed he mentioned the op ed and these are always sort of risky things for people in power to actually do what's the reaction been like to this one of a lot of people very critical of the wall street journal op ed has gotten a lot of attention as you might imagine and that's what you have to be cold a piece. shameful adding pompei o has become the mouthpiece of
12:00 am
a saudi arabia propaganda but kelly thinks the saudi arabia doesn't share the long term interests as america she thinks the u.s. is over invested in them as a partner on the democratic senator chris murphy says the region simply isn't a zero sum saudi iran puzzle where you need to haiti iran and pander to saudi by equal measure and ben rhodes the former advisor to president barack obama adds that pump makes america the junior partner to saudi arabia he says the saudis need us a lot more than we need them a remarkable show of weakness from the trumpet ministration we know others arguing that there are inaccurate claims made by the trump administration one being saudi arabia some kind of u.s. ally and the other that saudi arabia is a force for stability. and there's also outrage directed at john bolton for his comments that jonas dean obeidallah directed his message to bolton saying if you need a person to translate the order of the saudi hit squad murder.


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