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tv   Rendition Revisited P1  Al Jazeera  November 29, 2018 1:32am-2:00am +03

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of course going to. go to a new low. mark emmert any nearer to me. and i'm going to gamble on the rest of i will not only because there. are already. in the end already. the violate the rules it was i don't know if i can. i'm a bit of back and. i have energy is just going to. last i got. really. only it is. one of the very by the thing i'm really mother. and going on and on about my
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pulling this out of. the. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh you. mean yeah when i'm on. there's no monologue i'm of it in there mama but i don't want to have international young not to. do with someone in front of these are in charge i mean it didn't organize. the job no money. was only gone. for good thing out of the invasion was. born i'm busy they got all i didn't go must be dark on. and. on on a machine on monday out. then when it's out of order those who want to vent it as
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they were given to do it do you vote on that out of new zealand i'm not going along either way. i've got a holiday on the one i. feel . i am. thank you we are thankful i am feeling
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a little. out of love with me it was easy and the idea. that you were going to get. yeah. easy was you had to be in the bank you don't. spoil your job get a manager busy environment i want to be in. one of those i'm denying there's a lot of i'm on them a lot on them and. not only that i know what i've got on monday what do you think i was than enough. for home when you want. to really go. back to our. wow wow wow.
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wow wow. you feel. and then move it on a one on the one level my. indian do a lot of that and why would they when they are doing done well that was a little bit of our on the whole are. we.
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either. but it was a little daughter of the you know what i'm going to be. young no. problem with the i. thought i'm going i would have had you had the resume and the. environment to have them on your team and she wasn't. what. was. it a bus from a good idea much of the young would want to go to young.
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so the afton going to take you to. another when you know. you're going to. as we need to. do that i yes i am. going to get out and how do you like how do you like that i. go to the layout of my little plug is so you've. got blood in. me being hospitalized and if you don't i'll be shot and i don't they didn't know that. i don't have the local market i'm on your mind. but i'm not i don't know how
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to run your article what are you did not do you do not. only am i here are going in. i'm going to know what. my reverie. i really am in those for going to girl evil. girl although they were. what i bought my zoom with the we. share i'm going. on with the. most jaded it might be about of course the.
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i'm wondering. part of. my. thought on why the. show right down on the part of. our major the should be bizarre not go to a monkey on your record and. i mean. me . on the would. someone take. hello home most of the jewish international.
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i mean. we're going to can bring the army out or it was or. when it could have been going on here so you need to look at it if it's not rebutted over the years that others are never going to get down there on the go over. it's a little we must go to the does it go zero point two run out i want to go into. so much different us as your stance and you've been given they rely on their training of the border but as you know partially money. can buy me we're going to going to gunship. mind you wouldn't and we're going to get on as our. go to that from a. man in the military in fantasy land by the very good. you've got to do those are other might want to look at all that it will throw them about
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three g. men to harm our right as a general and as a whole ready to tell actually go it alone. what is the drill here you know where the body is it it up by the heart of what what it will want to see it every third ok i have a couple of. things. yeah dies and i would imaging yeah down one arm it seemed i was endeavor in the near. five or one on the good thing going in this. and they're going to have them available as. i'm on there and do as they were and then they were they were. on the lose of
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a mother with a load on the ground over there. i mean there's. so if you begin the airline diving at night the list. hello hello. say yes i am my man go to jail hundred of that i r yep and then i am. going to get it. so i go to the me just so i got on the list this is my list is a list zero dollars the so i'm going to say. hello mike there's jane. and jeff. i am what i was you would decide you know and i'm going to keep. you don't mind the money i'm going down you know you have what they're going are going are we're going to they're dirty muslim over. yeah i would be dead the leg would you know my
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dear. miss i love arianna of money. on those numbers i'm down. but. not you and that's why you keep on with the crowd not a little bit though paul ryan it. were down. there. i know they were lonely as you were and they would be giving.
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when they don't want to deny going to you know them mozzie added turning enough. they had to run as a minor. one more longing. and i don't want to kill to do it again. i mean my concept of all about it. though as a diagram. i mean i was out of there. and got some i come out.
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around the wilds. that celebrate the human spirit. against the odds. al-jazeera selects palestinians. i really felt liberated as a journalist about. getting to the truth as a. u.s. senator is a being briefed on saudi arabia as congress considers want action to take against an american ally. this is the news from. the world news from out with the house facing more pressure
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over the murder of journalist. prince arrives in argentina for the g twenty summits . ukraine warns of all out war as russia threatens to send more anti aircraft missiles to crimea. and another round of talks on syria's war with russia looking for a chance of a breakthrough. so saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin sama has arrived in buenos aires ahead of the g. twenty summit his first appearance with international leaders since the murder of jamal khashoggi nearly two months ago human rights watch chance to invoke a clause in its constitution to investigate the crown prince's role not only potentially in question which he's not a but in alleged war crimes in yemen all of this as the u.s. senate holds a hearing on saudi arabia with the secretaries of state and defense but director of
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the cia which has pointed the finger at been zalman focus is not expected to attend even though jeana hospital was sent to istanbul last month and has reportedly listened to a recording of khashoggi is death so let's try to tiles together with patty calhoun she's on capitol hill there with the hearing is taking place any information coming out so. we're starting to see senators trickle out if you want to explain just the geography of the situation the senators of we think all one hundred of them are receiving this classified briefing in a secure setting from secretary of state. paon secretary of defense jim mattis they are starting to slowly trickle past the cameras where the cameras can be we're hoping that they all have to pass by there so they're starting to react but before the hearing got underway we basically heard the unclassified prepared remarks from the sec both of the secretaries and it basically boils down to this saudi arabia is
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not perfect but it's better than iran if we don't back saudi in the war in yemen then the war second stop more civilians will die and basically there's a peace to. on the horizon if we step away. that could impact the peace talks and they say this is really about iran and it's also about israeli security and so they're trying to send the message to the senate basically back off because the senate is possibly even today going to pass a resolution that says the congress under the constitution has to declare war they have not done that in yemen so therefore any u.s. involvement needs to stop so the administration doesn't see that happening so they've sent this. here and as you mentioned interesting really. the director of the cia isn't here now the white house is really denying that they're the they told her she couldn't come but it's a very unusual especially because she's been front and center of this investigation so not sure how much the hearing in this session is going to focus on yemen vs but
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really it's all intertwined and we're waiting to hear from more sun there just to see if the madison pompei were able to blunt the anger that has been growing here on capitol hill as president trump has seemed to be dragging his feet were responding to the murder of jamal ok patty thanks for your little bit later on. with us here in studio of course director of the gulf studies center of the university here in doha nice to see you what do you make of what's going on today the it's this gradual process i mean the fact that the cia director is not going to be there so it does seem to be sort of glaring hole but the questioning is happening you know there was a process a stock to do the statement made by the president few days ago when he said you know do it do you want the side to be you know a way you know we have to back up so that a view i think would pay on my thesis that the day i actually do finishing the job or complete actually contributing to the job started by the by the president to try to there was a there is so deal with it and in washington we witnessed that in the last
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a few weeks there was the serious impact of not to. and delay to tool house it was his mo do it now. sorry i'm going to interrupt charm really sorry to hear that but u.s. senator robert menendez speaking just now let's have a listen to what he said since then all i have seen is the bombing of a school bus full of children a series of other civilian targets bombed that is not something that i want the united states involved with and so all support the sanders lee resolution i hope others will as well it's time to send saudi arabia a message both on its violation of human rights and the incredible humanitarian catastrophe is creating yes thank you very much even if you don't think you are because gina haskell if all of the accounts are true would have said with a high degree of confidence that in fact the crown prince of saudi arabia was involved in the murder of a united states a permanent resident and
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a journalist and it is outrageous that we are willing to turn. away from such a murder. because we have quote unquote interest the interest that we have with saudi arabia is there saudi arabia's going. still have those interests they have a continuing challenge with iran they have a continuing challenge with extremism and those who are involved in international terrorism that's not going to go away for the saudis they're still going to need the united states in that regard but when we do not send a message to a country like saudi arabia we tell an ally you can kill with impunity simply because you have some other interest with us then we send a global message that is frightening and one that does not serve u.s. national interest and national security interests i think. bob menendez is the
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senator from new jersey speaking there in pretty tough language much of about sort of the you know i actually actually he was the responding directly to what he was hearing from bombay or and and. he was saying you know you cannot do this under the name of of interest and you want to protect so there i think it was obvious that the two secretaries they want to to clean up the mess and try to prison so the idea of being in a good manner to the congress to remind them of the you know iranian threat of security to security and to mind them that you know you know we are against the war on them and we try to solve they try to be in the gray area try to say that we want we want to do something but you need to back you need to back up our effort and you need to calm down again so that even you cannot continue attacking so that it yeah and i think what's interesting about that one important fact you know there are
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many and. i mean the white house the president the man of the two secretaries they focus and so the idea and then the new one at the center man and i think that something does not convince the congress and in particular interrupt you again dick durbin from illinois speaking. testimony was interesting but not persuasive there are many of us who believe that this execution of the shoji in istanbul could never have taken place without the knowledge and direction of the crown prince of saudi arabia that is a fact which this administration has never been willing to acknowledge and we are asked to accept at face value that this sort of murder took place without his knowledge i don't accept that or that's all you are explicitly told the white house watching from coming to this why gina has police there and the two who were there said that was a decision for the folks in the top thirty but. they did they talked about their impressions having read the intelligence i can't go beyond that even more specific
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about their heart you did about the greater commitment to tell you the killing. here be able to accomplish like greater police like everything how did you feel about there are you know it was interesting but not persuasive as far as i'm concerned even allies of the united states need to be held to standards of failures and principles that we in the united states embrace this wanton killing of an american resident a saudi citizen in istanbul cannot be ignored or overlooked in effect that we cannot or will not pursue this to its obvious in is frustrating to office is it possible to work with saudi arabia and punish the police certainly if they acknowledge that they've made several grievous errors when it comes to policy. you know the idea of hariri from lebanon being detained the action takes you take it gets cut or there's a long list of all realities aren't always perfect in our case we can work with
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them as long as they're honest in the relationship there's no honesty in the relationship when it comes to this could show demerger later. is no on a stay in the relationship he's wary when it comes to the gym such a matter. what do you just said there for a second i want to check in with patty cohen as well who's on capitol hill for us patty the the strength of these comments coming out here pretty strong stuff. extremely strong and you could see the strategy from the trouble administration here was to come in aggressively we heard from that and we expect that we will hear from him as well when the briefing is done basically mind your own business we've got this this is we need saudi arabia and we're hearing from republicans and democrats alike that have made it to the cameras that they're not convinced the nothing that they heard from either secretary mabus or secretary changed their mind if anything they seem more intent to actually do something to punish saudi arabia
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pretty universally we've yet to hear any senator say that they believe that the crown prince mohammed bin solomon directed this murder they're very frustrated to every single one so far has been asked and said they are disappointed that dina has pulled the cia director wasn't here to basically tell them what the cia believes she took point on this this was a classified briefing she could tell them all of the intelligence that this cia has it's already been reported that the cia is just term and with a high degree of confidence that will have been solved and in fact ordered the killing and i think it's her perspective i should point out that when we hear from the intelligence community very rarely do we have that label attached to a high degree of confidence that's a pretty high bar that the cia has set in the wake of the iraq war and some other intelligence failures but they didn't get a chance to hear that from the cia director herself a lot of people here on capitol hill point of the figure at the trump administration and repeating what we've been hearing for weeks now is they want to
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know why it seems to trumpet ministration is so eager to basically cover for the saudi crown prince i can tell you that's something that the democrats the house side when they take over control in january they say they're going to investigate because to a lot of democrats they say this just seems off. patti stay there for me for one moment cory booker's speaking can we have a listen to him unities believe that the solomon was involved in the death of jamal to show their entire argument seems to rest on the effect that this resolution may have on negotiations that are happening between the duties and the saudi backed government a month from now the fact of the matter is that this resolution if it passes will help.


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