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tv   A New Lease Of Life  Al Jazeera  November 29, 2018 4:00am-4:51am +03

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week. that amir putin is now trying to dismiss what happened on sunday as a border incident. it's a provocative missile. i think it's a provocation a provocation organized by the authorities and i think the president himself ahead of the presidential election scheduled to open in ukraine in march of next year. would beauticians. the border in syria nothing more than what happened in two thousand and fourteen when crimea decided to reunite with russia it was a completely different massive story. as for the twenty four captive ukrainians including three hospital they'll remain in detention for at least the next two months under the court's orders of a judge how is this all playing out for people in ukraine's capital kiev this seems to be widespread support for more. than this but i mean when you begin from here we
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don't see what's happening on the russian border but the president knows what to do he knows best. there is no need to panic we have to support our government. whatever hurts russia benefits ukraine the united there is to be martial law it should be nationwide one law for our daughters it should have been introduced earlier we've been at war for nearly five years. that last point to remind us of the ongoing conflict in the east of the country between pro russian separatists and ukrainian forces in which more than ten thousand people have died since the fighting broke out in twenty fourteen what's happening off the shores of an excursion mir is threatening to open up a new front line in the conflict. and in simmons' al-jazeera kiev. so that for you on the program. the important thing for taiwan is that we want to
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make sure that those diplomatic allies remain loyal to taiwan. the foreign minister of taiwan reveals now me i had plans to stand up to diplomatic pressure from china we have an exclusive entity the polls have closed in georgia as a presidential runoff we're going to tell you why the votes is seen as crucial for the country's time to the way. the weather remains rather stormy into southeastern parts so if you have lots of class still showing up easing over towards the black sea to see if if you live top of this area cloudy awesomest are rolling in once again is cold enough the temperatures subzero there for book arrest full kiev at all so for moscow some of the wet and windy across c.e.o.'s decide if you're still more heavy showers longer
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spells of rain rattling game across the british isles western parts of france right the way down to spain and portugal some heavy downpours on thursday evening for the resources we go on into friday tended to snow over the alps brought the skies come back a bit high but there is going to be still less stiff breeze coming through eleven degrees there for london you have a celsius two for athens in the showers that are going to continue to side of the med out of greece pushing into to some of those showers a cools will just graze the fog north of libya pushing across into northern areas of egypt as well so twenty two cells as top temperatures fall kyra getting up to twenty in algiers generally fine and dry across the northwest of africa may want a few showers it's around southern fringe is off the gulf of guinea some lovely down poles coming for you but the heaviest right of course if you south.
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a father should be a protector. for. he was her tormentor. betrayed for years she carries the evidence inside her. but will this be enough to find justice in afghanistan's patriarchal society. a thousand girls like me. a witness documentary on al-jazeera. welcome back just a quick look at the top stories now u.s. secretary of defense james mattis says their investigations didn't find saudi crown
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prince mohammed bin salmond to be behind the murder of jamal khashoggi meanwhile the crown prince is in when desirous ways to meet world leaders are the g twenty summit. and ukraine's president petro poroshenko is warning of a full scale war with russia after the recent confrontation in the black sea. or now in other stories or watching the taliban has rejected a roadmap to peace offered by the afghan president and says it's working directly with washington instead. of god he told a un conference in geneva he's formed a twelve person team to negotiate with the armed groups he warned the implementation of any peace deal will take at least five years but the taliban says the afghan government doesn't have the power to decide on reconciliation. meanwhile at least ten people are dead after a bomb attack on a compound in afghanistan reports are saying that in the capital kabul and one thousand others have been injured and this includes several children gunmen used a car bomb to attack the u.k.
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headquartered chief or a security companies compound in the city a gun fight raged for more than an hour after the initial explosion which was heard right across kabul u.k. government figures show britain's economy will be significantly worse off after breaks it would godless of which deal is taken analysis of government department data shows that under current terms being pushed by prime minister to resign may the u.k. will be three point nine percent worse off in fifteen years time if the u.k. crashes out of europe with a no deal breaks it the economy would be nine point three percent worse off for britain has more from london the economic impact the brics it has long been central to the whole breadth of debates as a slogan goes nobody voted to become poorer but although the three hundred fifty million per promise plastered on the side of the progress of campaign bus has long since been part of fraud is being merely aspirational progress that supporters still insist that britain will benefit from a brics its dividend these treasury figures seem to suggest the dividend is no
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merely fictional rather than aspirational. if there is a no deal brick sit next march then over the next fifteen years britain's g.d.p. will be nine point three percent lower than if the u.k. had stayed in the e.u. and even if parliament approves the prime minister's deal agreed last weekend in brussels over the next fifteen years u.k. g.d.p. would be three point nine percent worse off compared to e.u. membership that's one hundred twenty seven billion dollars a year worse off there is no scenario under which britain would be economically better off in comparison our deal is the best deal available for jobs and our economy that allows us to all of the referendum and the opportunities. this is this analysis does not show that will be poorer in the future than we are today doesn't. it shows we'll be better off with this deal the treasury forecasts saw on a sliding scale and over the next fifteen years as well so there's considerable
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room for uncertainty in a hypothetical best case scenario with bracks it delivering frictionless trade and unchanged migration levels it's possible the u.k. g.d.p. might only be damaged to the point of north point six percent but that's not the deal that the prime minister has brought back from brussels and that is through some a towards the regions trying to convince the public that a deal is good for jobs good for the economy and good for britain own government statistics seem to contradict or paul brennan al-jazeera central london well now we go to georgia where people have been voting in a runoff election to choose their next president set to be the last direct election of the head of state in the former soviet republic as the president he will be diminished in the country's new parliamentary democracy the elections still been highly contested robyn forestay a walker brings us more now from the capital tbilisi. so miserably severely
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hopes to be george's next president she has the backing of the governing party exit polls suggest she now has the backing of the electorate because she did be on the my choices for a peaceful georgia united georgia. so amazing really struggle to connect with them afterwards in votes in the first round the question is whether she's got enough this time to turn her fortunes around. this was always going to be a close race between her and her rival. because philip morris of children lives in hope people who believe honesty democracy and development will come to vote because georgia has not time to waste a when full version would say would have boosted the opposition he promised to pardon billy george's former president charged with abuse of power now lives in exile. it's been an ugly campaign with both governments and opposition accusing
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each other of corruption and criminality tensions remain high with allegations of fraud and intimidation at the polls georgians have had a tough choice many wanted to express their frustration with the present government but they may not have been ready to return to the politics of the past. versity walker tbilisi. a top military officer in sri lanka has been arrested facing accusations he helped to cover up murder during the country's civil war eleven young people disappeared during the final stages of the conflict with tamil rebels chief of defense staff admiral ravindra. has been accused of protecting the main suspects the victims are four children murdered while being held for ransom at a naval base between two thousand and eight and two thousand and nine in alpha and as has one out from colombia. the arrest did come as
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a surprise this is after all the highest ranking military officer in this country and if you look at the sort of near in recent history after the end of the war whichever government has generally been fairly protective of its military officers all considered national heroes after the war but basically rejected a war that has been accused name is named as the second suspect of harboring the first suspect in a case involving eleven youth basically abducted for ransom and then murdered now there has been sort of evidence collected by investigating officers to sure that this some of this group had been held in naval bases in other parts of the country and the chief of defense staff had been someone to record a statement before the criminal investigation department he did know of three such summons saying yesterday that he hadn't been officially involved now for families of the missing it has been a long drawn process almost ten years since the end of the war and while this address doesn't give them answers of that why are their loved ones are it's
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certainly a real hope that some kind of truth or justice as to what happened to these missing people will come out sooner or later. investigators in indonesia say the budget airline plane plunged into the sea last month killing all one hundred eighty nine people on board should not have been flying in the first place a lion airplane experience technical problems during a flight the previous day and should have been pulled from service as there is step vasant brings us more on this story now from jakarta. it was in the leisure second worst in a disaster the lion air boeing seven three seven crashed into the java sea just thirty minutes after takeoff from jakarta airport of the one hundred eighty nine passengers and crew on board the bodies of sixty four have yet to be recovered. by eliminating the results showed at the same plane had previously experienced faulty
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data readings investigators say the pilots who flew the plane from bali the night before the crash should have aborted that flight the flight for all. because. there were insurance. because. they're worth. in this way. but the pilot continued to trip to jakarta and managed to land safely after turning off the automatic anti stalling system or m.c.s. a feature on the new seven three seven max eight planes the pilot on the flight that crashed the next day did not do that the voice recorder which has yet to be found will have to give more clarity about his decisions. lion air's rapid expansion in indonesia's fast growing airline industry has put huge pressure on pilots who have complained about long working days and even violating regulations
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on flying hours a lot of questions not only from boeing about technical the facts on their new mechs eight planes but also for lion air the budget airline has the largest fleet in southeast asia and is now on the road a lot of pressure to improve its safety culture this will be too late for ariadne's husband. the body of the thirty five year old father of two has yet to be recovered only his driver's license was found in a yani has lost confidence in lyon air. they need to be closed down because they don't prioritize see if they would prior to safety then they will make sure everything is checked to properly calls for sanctions or even the closure of the airlines are also forced in parliament if they can guarantee passenger safety in if they don't want to attend i told them we need to just close them down lyon air sas it will comply with all the recommendations from the transport safety commission
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one of the recommendations is to give more training for pilots boeing has issued an advisory about the anti stalling system after pilots complained they were not well enough informed about how it works the final result about what happened to j t s six one zero is not expected until some time. next year step five al-jazeera just after. the leadership of taiwan's president is in doubt after ruling party suffered losses in last week's local elections worsening relations with china seem to have contributed to the poor results in an exclusive interview with al-jazeera taiwan's foreign minister is accusing beijing of meddling in the island's politics china correspondent adrian brown reports from taipei. in the lobby of taiwan's foreign ministry the flags of the dwindling number of countries that recognize the island republic just seventeen now in the past three years five diplomatic allies
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have been lured away by beijing taiwan's foreign minister joseph woo told me it's all part of china's strategy to isolate taiwan internationally and that each defection hurts and of course our people here feel betrayed in the back and sing and can be very strong here you know since they decide to choose china you know that's their choice and the important thing for taiwan is that we want to make sure that those diplomatic ilyse remain loyal to taiwan china's diplomatic squeeze of taiwan began after the election of president zion when almost three years ago her party leans towards independence china regards taiwan as part of its territory to be taken back by force if necessary the intimidation has involved military drills in the taiwan straits as well as other high profile military exercises the fraught
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relationship seems to have been a factor in the recent local elections which saw the ruling party lose political control of seven cities the opposition wants better relations with china who says there was another reason for the party's poor showing a chinese dissin formation campaign. china denies it if taiwan selection can be seeing chinese success of their interference then it's going to be very difficult to stop china from trying again and again or double down the interference on taiwan's relations with the united states woo says they couldn't be better but from presidency has been good for taiwan there have been plenty of high level exchanges between officials from taipei and washington and during the past two years. the u.s. government has approved arms sales to taiwan of more than one point seven billion dollars. taiwan wants f.
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thirty five fighter planes but for now the not for sale to taiwan in time once defense much more than just one particular item in taiwan in the united states have been discussing very intensely how taiwan can. beef up its own defense taiwan is part of the reason for the heightened tensions between china and the united states the outcome of last weekend's elections could add to the friction adrian brown al-jazeera taipei. and you can see more of adrian brown's exclusive story there from taiwan and plenty of other news right here on our web site al-jazeera dot com is a way to go for the latest on our top stories but also plenty of comment and alice is that. just a quick reminder of the headlines for you now members of the trumpet ministration
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have been briefing us senators on the situation in yemen relations with saudi arabia and the murder of journalist. they warn that cutting ties with saudi arabia is a mistake the u.s. secretary of defense james mattis says the investigations didn't find crown prince mohammed bin sam nunn to be behind the matter. really have no smoking gun that the crown prince was involved not the troubled community and you want to work with no smoking gun we have not treated that accountability for the murder in our expectations of everyone and call the murderers accountability. is our position not at all by the way are all of you know i have first read or you know what are you read or differentially. meanwhile the saudi crown prince is in one desires ahead of the g. twenty summit held friday human rights watch is aust argentina to use
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a close in its constitution to investigate mounted been salmond's role in. ukraine's president petro poroshenko is warning of a full scale war with russia after the recent confrontation in the black sea a thirty day period of marshall or is now taking effect in ten of ukraine's twenty seven regions. the taliban has rejected a road map to peace offered by the afghan president. and says it's working directly with washington instead. of carney told a u.n. conference in geneva he's formed a twelve person team to negotiate with beyond group. all that is at least ten people are found dead after a bomb attack in afghanistan reports in the capital kabul say nineteen others have been injured including several children gunman used a car bomb to attack a security companies compound in the city and that u.k. government figures show britain's economy will be significantly worse off after
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bret's it regardless of the exit strategy the figures predict the u.k. will be three point nine percent worse off in fifteen years under two reason may's proposed deal and nine point three percent worse off with a no deal breaks it the stream is coming up next more news after that stay with us . hi emily could be here in the stream today thousands of central american asylum seekers finally reach the us mexico border but where will they go from there you
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can join our conversation with your questions and your comments to get you to live or twitter. after weeks of traveling on foot through mexico thousands of central americans have reached the country's northern border hoping to cross over and apply for asylum in the united states but an increasingly hostile trumpet ministration is working to prevent that on sunday after crowds of asylum seekers overwhelmed mexican police near the stands here that are crossing u.s. president donald trump ordered a temporary closure of the southern border the incident prompted u.s. border patrol agents to fire tear gas into an unarmed crowd that included women and children drawing condemnation from the administration's critics asylum seekers were arrested on both sides of the border and mexican authorities have vowed to step up border security many central americans are now waiting in tent camps on the mexican border city of tijuana so what happens next the with us to talk about this in
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tijuana mexico how does your correspondent john homan in mexico city came in and that they had out a reporter with the mexican news portal. and in los angeles grayson manning a senior us immigration researcher with human rights watch welcome to the stream all of you i want to start on my computer with a photo. that was seen around the world really went viral here this via reuters t.v. capturing the moment maria maze of fled with her children to escape tear gas on the us mexico border and this was captured by photographer kim kyong hoon of maria mayes and her twin daughters now reporters caught up with maria after this incident in tijuana and this is what she told them. finally a man here tasted well i felt sad scared and wanted to cry that's when i grabbed my daughters and started to run at that moment i thought i was going to die with them because of the gas we ran and we fell into the mud and struggle to get up and missed the gas in the flame one on one foot out. i wasn't expecting it i never
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thought they were going to fire these bombs when they were children because there are lots of children not just mine there are more children with mothers there they also started running to be just like me. and john naturally that image resonated with so many people on both sides of this issue it really caught eyes there but what is the situation like now in toronto. you probably see some sort of one of those things here is that there's a lot of sickness going around a lot of fear and you can hear it's pretty much got me as well you can see some of the tents behind me i'm now in the camp much outside that's because it's fluid to overflowing visit six thousand people in a sports complex that was meant to hold about three thousand five hundred. there's not enough showers we've just heard from some of the med student human rights official guys who was saying that there's a problem as well that an area reserved to children or women there's not enough
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room is so stupid men to put in the tents are as well he said it's a time bomb i think i would agree with that this is really there's more people coming in because they're moving up through mexico to get to quanah and it's becoming a ring to nick because they can't get over to the other side the border here is just behind the city and as you said the u.s. ministration is ready and president trump to take this very game states this all to start here with no end in sight and there's another thing as well which i think is really interesting which is a lot of people especially in the first term of i'm from honduras they're really saying abject poverty back in their home and things seem to have got a lot worse there in the past year they just don't have enough. the problem with that is that the u.s. doesn't soil people. so that process and the asylum course for these. people. is also
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a little boy. not country they're really one of the keep them serious so it's one of those situations where you can really see it's only going to get worse so you're going to get more of a bolt. so in picking up on it's only going to get worse i want to remind our audience of that photo that i showed it right at the beginning of the show but some of the feedback and reaction from people look like this we got this tweet from she says discuss how this picture was staged to look at all the reporters in the background and the mother who should be charged with child endangerment and deported immediately and so they they point out things that they say is wrong with this photo the fact that these this woman and her children are barefoot and in diapers oh the humanity this photo says i just wanted to be a disney princess they write because she's wearing a shirt with disney characters on it hey man what do you make of reactions like this because there are some people who say this is not really what happened in this is a media narrative that's being given to people i think. are. and
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fundamental and i mean you should be there to see them making that it is to craft a country with only a backpack it is a huge huge ordeal and people and it is very easy to credit these are geo because you know you don't. it doesn't seem like that big of a deal but we have to remember that these people have walked over to south and kilometers from the border in the south to the border in the to the north and where they are and it's been a really long and exhausting journey and people is just completed tired. people is very very sick right now so it's i think it's very easy to these great days if you haven't seen it but i don't really understand how people can feel like
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you know that's fake. because they haven't seen the images we've seen with handed over for the birth for five weeks and it's hard i mean if you say that you don't believe it because you don't want to believe it i mean they said you know how this guy had done it has become something that's been as as you mentioned many mention a bit there it's become something that's so polarized especially for the journalists. everything that you put out on twitter there's instantly sorts of people attacking it i would say especially people who are on the right specially trained support to sort of say see this isn't all me of men that are coming in their own woman the women and children in the caravan but there were also numbers of women children and assume many was saying that like people have been talking with the family just yesterday we followed all the way through the. intensive care . we talked to quite a few people here these people have been sleeping rough in the streets of closets
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going through mexico is going to weigh up so i think if you disagree or agree with if they should be allowed into the united states i don't think you can question their desperation to make it they haven't been sort of sleeping at hotels in the way they've really been rushing to get to this or grazes how you nodding your head earlier i want to bring your attention to this this being a statement on twitter from the customs and border patrol who say that elements of the group that is the so-called migrant caravan these asylum seekers were engaged in dozens of assaults on agents and officers for agents for hit with rocks but were wearing protective gear and did not suffer serious injuries so that's one arm of the administration and the other being the white house spokesperson this we'll clear politics sarah huckabee sanders. said at a press briefing this week tear gas was used at border on average once per month during the bomb a administration so this is nothing new grace what's your take on that. well i think from our perspective we certainly would not say it's new that
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four patrol can engage in abusive and dangerous tactics fortunately border patrol has a long history under obama as well of a problem with the use of force there were well documented accounts of people who were even shot by border patrol across the border people who were in mexico some of those losses are still pending and it's really you know when the mystery has says over troll did. you know engaged in behavior that we criticize now i don't think that that's necessarily an appropriate defense and i just want to jump in about the previous point about the tweet discounting that the credibility of that photo the veracity the photo what i find really heartbreaking is that so many people are echoing the president's words he has said repeatedly that no one will be allowed in
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that no one that they are going to harden the border against everyone and don pointed out not everyone is going to win asylum not everyone qualify for asylum but there's automatic assumption that there are no legitimate sound seekers who deserve protection under u.s. and international wall is it's one of the set up ideas in this case and so it's not surprising that so many people with take up the same stance. so you mention president trump which means it's only right that i actually play for our audience a little clip of him at a rally this being in mississippi on november twenty sixth in the wake of this in the wake of the events on sunday here's what he told supporters. republicans are committed to halting this incursion and defending the sovereign borders of the united states. we are sending a simple message to the lawless caravans and to the illegal trust fair says
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marching toward our border it's very simple turn back then go back home we will not let you in we are not going to let you back. his message isn't falling on deaf ears there are people in our community also who would agree with him this is angela who wrote to us live on you tube right now saying the usa is not a doormat they are accepting applications but not the mouse's so john help break that break that down for us excepting applications do you see that happening what is that process like. yeah they are accepting applications but it's a very slow process there's about seven to eight thousand people in toto and what we are hearing is that those up the case is going through very slowly what the u.s. won't stop and as well what is actually happening in practice is that people are on the mexican side while they processes up the case and what's always happened the floor is that when the moment you and you've requested asylum you policy you know
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it's the state's law that while they process that now the u.s. and the mexican government. are apparently talking about the moment if they can put on a more full blown food saying that the people will stay here in mexico while the united states prey sarap caissons so basically they're doing it but they're doing it very slowly and trying to keep people in mexico while that's happening which president trumps posters really clear it's really interesting talking to people actually here on this side almost without exception everyone we've talked to when we bossom about the possibilities to get saddam will be they're all saying we just hope the dog softens president trump. and it seems assaultive almost an innocence born of desperation really because they they haven't really got any other option from the so they have to sort of believe that some sort of divine providence is
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going to going to intercede to him and i like to intervene here because i think that also reflect the way it that it's being taken in in mexico. from the mexican government but also from the mexican society because it's i mean these idea the fact that people actually stay at the border there while they wait for the case of two to be it's not when you would have been happening from i don't not think seven years but it increased from two thousand and sixteen and it had become kind of a problem because these are city that are not. are not prepared to receive people though the people are living in terrible terrible conditions and it seems like it's not going anywhere soon and i think that's also one of the intentions of the u.s. government like that. once was miles will spread quickly that staying there it's very hard so that will. that will impact on how many people decide to go
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there knowing that they will have to wait for weeks and it could be it could be for years just yesterday morning started a new government incoming government said that they would not accept the plan of the donald trump of making mexico sir safe country. the future minister of foreign affairs to that ok well they are not still have agreed on a plan with the you guys they are going to allow everyone to say they're not deport them while they wait for that case they forward their cases and at the same time try to for the couple next years to create a plan with governments from central america to tackle the problems that caused the migration but those are not. answered and those are not strategies that are going to solve the problem like in the short term and that i think that help to
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create. these. very station right side of the of what is going to happen. here you're saying that i want to share with our audience here just want to share this headline kind of elucidating what you heard him in a say in coming mexico government no deal to host us asylum seekers and the government will be sworn in december first but. president elect lopez obrador you see here on the left of the screen and we are hearing from people in the border town about what they think of this i want to bring that in a little bit later but before. we get too deep into this conversation i just want to make sure we answer a couple questions we've gotten from people so this charles full even who says shows it's bias but using the term asylum in its headlines these people are economic migrants who've been granted refuge and asylum by mexico and refused generosity and other person rights here so what happens when we tell them that poverty doesn't qualify you for asylum i want you to react to these two comments
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who will qualify for asylum and what is that process like. you have to prove that you will face prosecution on a number of ground one on one of a number of grounds race religion nationality ethnicity and particular social group which is what many people who are suffering gang violence and i think violence but are in countries that cannot protect them that will not protect them or be arguing for protection there and it is not always easy to do that what you know the talents of people face right now the border waiting even present their asylum application is only the first of many barriers they are going to face the us has been directing barriers to asylum they've existed for many years but have gone a bit worse under this administration people can expect to be locked up immediately even if you show up at the border present themselves which is what you're supposed to do there is a very clear right
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a law present yourself for asylum but you won't face the tension maybe the pain for months or years as your as your case goes to the system this administration has made it harder for people to get released even after they've passed the first date of that process. and you know some of these it also has made it much harder to win asylum based on prosecution state in action which under international law has been well established and so for us all these new rules place but immigration are being challenged in u.s. federal courts and we would certainly argue that many of them are not legal under an international law. and so i can't discount that people will be facing serious challenges winning asylum but i would not say that they did not qualify under international law. so we got this live on you tube just now this is marshall was that's what gives the us the right to deny the legal asylum as refugees when they
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are fleeing problem certain that so that's one perspective that we got a new job but i want to share with you another perspective this from asylum seekers who are there who say they're really running out of hope have a look. we have no hope at all we've been here for so many days i'm tired it's like there's no hope of crossing none at all. well the truth is that it looks impossible that they will want to grant us asylum due to the words that president donald trump said i think it's impossible and it should not be so because if he were conscientious he would realize we're only looking for jobs. so john it goes back to the point you were making that if only they're saying if only u.s. officials realize we're just looking for opportunity and for jobs. yeah i think. we were just talking in a few moments ago actually to a lady who's got six children back in honduras she's
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a single mom she was working as a cleaner and she didn't enough that's put through them a table and that's where we all strike to be the same question that grace was talking about that you would talk about you know the do you know that you know eligible for asylum the because of economic reasons and she she she's well said yes but what can i do i'm just coming it's of the buddha really in hope of what happens i think the person is interesting that the tweet that someone said i was zero shows it's biased by saying everyone's an asylum seeker maybe not something interesting for us as a channel because definitely there is an incredible amount of new and in this some people are coming seeking asylum some people are coming and they they say look i know i'm going to get asylum i want to work visa there's also some people here so i know it's going to be really difficult to do this legally i'm going to try and get across the border however which way i can and then just see what happens which we're going about seven thousand eight thousand plus people so there's
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a little bit of everything i think from outside this policing is people just from bugs sides really trying to simplify this from the right saying these are all criminals which of course it's paint if you seeing the pictures what's going on here and we can the any at the mean perhaps from from the other side everyone here should get in that there's real cone of isolation and inside of this there's a really new and teacher i think grace probably would have more to say about that even than i would trade i mean i think from our thank you very certainly not a scary thing everyone in this article and everyone my friend but everyone deserves the profit everyone deserves an opportunity to present their case and send their a fear of persecution and i think every turn to their country and that the u.s. is certainly capable. resources to properly process everyone.
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so i promised that i would bring this up because i wanted to share some of these reactions that you were mentioning this from one resident of tijuana who says we do not want them reasons are many but the most important is that they are not refugees they are nor nor are they migrants they are opportunists ungrateful abuse of drugs so that's one person's view on the other side of that spectrum though read that here says i show my support to other human beings they have needs they need to eat they are suffering they want a community are very upset for how the migrant caravan arrived to the city and how they are affecting our daily border crossing to the us and they want them out but the situation is bad i know you went to a protest in tijuana what did you hear from people there. well i wasn't up to. the information there but yeah. i think that that has two thing two main things one is that makes the. problem of racism and
4:43 am
xenophobia. a hard relationship with the idea of migration it is not new it is thirty four years old in the ninety's where where there was a big boom of mexicans fleeing mexico going to the u.s. to work because of the of the economy of the really terrible moment with the economy in mexico there was this like official speech that used to refer mexicans going out of mexico as they did and basically traitors to the country so there is there are still these speech and this idea of what a migrant is so that's from from one part and the other is that that central america mexico has not been very welcoming with central american people there was in the ninety's with the with the cold war and civil conflict there was a lot of entrants from central americans but after that there's been
4:44 am
a hardening of the. requirements to to come to mexico illegally at the central american it's almost impossible for most people to come here so that's very hard and if you want to what we saw that and i think it has to do a lot with how they. the heart of the process of people going in asking for refuge because for the past earth been yes john the question a question to you because you're there in mexico city we've got a new president elect coming in. next week. what do you think is going to do about this because a lot of people are saying the mixture should shut down more so the caravans can't do that. and he's quite. liberal stance on things like migration as a whole what do you think's going to happen next. i think he doesn't have a clear. standing point over what to do with the borders itself but he
4:45 am
has been telling through he next door in techer diary a lot of times that he's going to try to fix the problem as a regional solution try to try to create programs with governments from central america that. that's a long term solution he hasn't been clear on what is he going to do he presented he presented a program that was like an idea of what could be done but migrants could gain access to work and to live in mexico in while their process it's been made but it's not very clear and i think they there has been contradictions among their own. group. sanchez said that they hadn't accepted their pact with the u.s. but then marcella bryant said yesterday that they were thinking about letting
4:46 am
people stay while they have their process with the u.s. so i think there's not a very clear answer on what to do not a very clear answer i think is probably the sound of all of this thank you for that him and thank you to all of our gas that's all the time we have for now but if you take a look at my screen here this is where to follow that you can see him at us reporting grace is a work with human rights watch and of course john holmes reporting on al-jazeera dot com thank you for watching and we'll see you i'm lying.
4:47 am
thailand's foreign minister discusses the difficulties his country faces china has been trying very hard to isolate taiwan internationally and shares his concerns of a china's posture in asia joseph taiwan's foreign minister talks to al-jazeera. china could be facing a debt i suppose that's according to s. and p. global trumpet ministration just been insisting towards the saudis and all the oil producers that they want to have more production to cool down the prices we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera i saw this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of ton of ability and if you can give them the opportunity wonderful things start to happen sometimes the simplest seditions often missed and packed for a bit. i think. the main thing is that sets out zero apart from other news organizations is that
4:48 am
a lot of our reporting is about real people what about ideas or politicians and what they may want to do but how policy and how events affect real people it's ok it's ok it's ok to have a little complicated operations probably if this is not an act of creation i'm going to move the walking. down like my family's status and wealth has benefited from their choice to enslave. some of us old stai risky to speak out as a surprise but. this job isn't just about what's on a script or a piece of paper it's about what is happening right now. hello i'm maryam namazie in london just a quick roundup of the top stories for you now the u.s. secretary of defense says washington has no smoking gun that the saudi crown prince
4:49 am
mohammed bin selman was involved in the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi james mattis along with the secretary of state my own bio's been briefing senate his own relations with saudi arabia they say the cutting ties with the kingdom over the journalist death would be a mistake. we have no smoking gun. that the crown prince was involved not the intelligence community or anyone know or no smoking gun we have not changed that accountability for the murder in our expectations of everyone and call the murderers accountability. is our position and not at all by the way i are rare you know i a person read of the intel that i have read principally. but some of the saudis has were not convinced they are concerned that keep us in the cia director gina hospital was not at that briefing republican senator lindsey graham says he'll
4:50 am
withhold his vote until the senate he is from the cia. then they're going to have a hard time getting me to vote. for us to move forward. i'm not quite frankly i'm not going to be denied the ability to be briefed by the cia that we have oversight. about whether or not their assessment supports my belief that this could not have happened without m.b.'s knowing gina haskell if all of the accounts are true would have said with a high degree of confidence that in fact the crown prince of saudi arabia was involved in the murder of a united states permanent resident and a journalist and it is outrageous that we are willing to turn. away from such a murder. because we have quote unquote interest. has more from washington keep repeating the same exact talking point the secretary of state
4:51 am
the secretary of defense say that there's no smoking gun linking the murder of jamal khashoggi to the crown prince of saudi arabia.


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