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out of reach of the. people and investigates the private companies and move us towns and cities in the illegal use of torture under interrogation the sun will rise once a day. not if you're in the hands of the cia you can make the sun shine or not rendition you visited. on al-jazeera. really have no smoking gun. the u.s. defense chief insists there's no solid evidence that the saudi crown prince ordered the killing of. the age of sixty three the nays are thirty seven but senator so sure they're looking to punish the kingdom by ending u.s. involvement in yemen's conflict.
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and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up ukraine warns of all out war after a naval confrontation with russia about him appears and says it was staged. and it's been billed as a takeover of the capital student protests grown louder in colombia. donald trump's defense chief and his top diplomats have urged u.s. senators not to downgrade ties with saudi arabia as punishment for the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi the senate is considering a resolution that would stop support for the saudi led military campaign in yemen shortly al jazeera is patty culhane has more on james mattis and mike compares discussions with fences but fast mike hanna reports on why they failed to stop
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a rebuke by the senate of the trump administration the yeas are sixty three the nays are thirty seven this was the senate and good fourteen republican senators joined all forty nine democrats in recommending that the bull should be discussed on the senate floor in all probability a debate that will happen next week it's a direct repudiation of the white house which it sent both the secretary of state and the secretary of defense to persuade senators to vote against the proposal the united states should not be supporting a catastrophic war led by a despotic regime with a dangerous and irresponsible military policy senators furious to work reports at the white house have instructed the cia director not to attend the classified briefing this despite repeated demands that jean a hospital brief the senate on the show g killing and the level of involvement of
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the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon as to whether the crown prince was involved in this killing is my belief that he was it's my belief that he ordered it i don't have a smoking gun. but what i do know is that he is responsible for this agency that carried out the killing he has done nothing to show ownership over what has happened the emotion table is agreed to back in march a similar proposal failed to move to the floor for debate fifty five senators voting against the massive turnaround reflected in the latest vote a clear indication of how the murder of joe balkan shoji has galvanized the senate to reexamine the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia the legislation would end u.s. involvement in yemen but even if it is passed in the senate there is little chance it will go to a house that's under republican control and it's only likely to clear congress and be sent to the white house after the new house of representatives with
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a democratic majority convenes at the beginning of next year and the president's office has been quick to make clear in a formal statement that any such legislation would face a veto this in turn could only be overwritten by a two thirds majority in both the house and senate which nevertheless in what is now likely to be a protracted war between president trump and congress this vote is just the first salvo mike hanna al-jazeera washington. this is pretty unprecedented one after the other u.s. senators came before reporters using pretty harsh language to describe saudi arabia and its crown prince we understand that saudi arabia is an ally. of sorts and of some important country a despotic dishonest dictatorship it's time to send saudi arabia a message this after the u.s. secretaries of state and defense gave
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a classified briefing to senators they again tried to protect the crown prince i do believe i've read every piece of intelligence plus the last few hours i think i read it all there is no direct report connecting it to the words murders of officer we have no smoking gun that the crown prince was involved many senators say they disagree and they wanted to hear directly from the cia director but senators say the white house refused to let her come to the capitol prompting this highly charged threat from a usual ally of the president not going to be denied the ability to be briefed by the cia that we have oversight. about whether or not their assessment supports my belief that this could not have happened without m.b.'s knowing. and if the briefing reinforces the conclusion that our ready at tentatively formed
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then there will be no more business as usual saudi arabia senator lindsey graham says he will not vote to fund the government until he hears directly from the cia that is a move that is likely going to force the administration to comply if this briefing was meant to get senators to move off this issue it appears to have had the exact opposite effect. al-jazeera wasn't. there it is hanging heavily over the saudi crown prince as he arrives in argentina for the g. twenty summit of world leaders out of there is to reason by reports from when as areas. he was the first foreign leader to arrive to win a society mohammed bin salmen landed here early on wednesday morning to attend the g. twenty summit a visit filled with controversy after the murder of a saudi journalist. human rights watch asked argentine on monday to investigate the crown prince over war crimes in yemen and the killing of. but experts say it's
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unlikely he'll be detained. you have universal jurisdiction allows us to pursue crimes against humanity so there's no impunity because they're committed in places where tribunals are captured or do not work but there is an immunity that protects the prints and it would be extremely complex for any type of detention to happen unless there's enough proof. and that's why a public prosecutor asked a judge to request more information from saudi arabia yemen and turkey to determine whether there is enough ground for argentina to get involved the process may be a long one mohamed bin file man will be staying at the saudi residence while it has been prepared for his arrival the windows that you can see there were armored in recent days security is a major concern in. this days and most of the streets where the world leaders will be moving around will be completely shut down i the government has asked the
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residents of when a site is to leave the city all the flights over the capital will be diverted and subways and trains and all public transport will be canceled or did you ration of the summit. we have so many other problems like violence in football inflation protests every day that right now the g twenty summit is the least of my troubles. donald trump vladimir putin and she seemed being i just some of the world's leaders expected him when a site is. for many a unique opportunity for argentina's president. to use the summit as a platform to attract much needed foreign investment. argentina's inflation rate will be close to forty five percent this year and the currency lost fifty percent of its value against the us dollar argentina has to focus on bilateral meetings and get trump to open up exports for argentine beef reduced targets for bio diesel and
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sign agreements with china this is a chance for argentina and this is where the action can focus on concrete issues argentina's own troubles but also major issues from around the world like the killing. will likely draw thousands of protesters containing them will be a major challenge for the government in the next few days. ukraine's president is warning of all out war with russia their neighbor confrontation in the black sea has west and relations and now moscow is planning to send more missile defense systems to crimea the peninsula at an extreme ukraine four years ago andrew symonds reports from kiev. as the rehoboth of his country goes on the war ukraine's president is making a stark warning about russia accusing it of sending more tanks to its border petro poroshenko says he wants ukraine to do more to defend itself against the threat of
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a learned invasion. these tanks have not yet been removed from there they're still there i don't want anybody to think those are toys the country is under threat of a full scale war with the russian federation so. the goal of this martial law is to show that the enemy will pay a very high price if he decides to attack us it will be like a cold shower that will stop the mad men who have plans to attack ukraine and if there is no further aggression we will assume that the goal of these actions the cheve. remarks will do nothing to calm down the tension and russia is announcing the deployment of more s. four hundred missile systems in crimea and donald trump says he may now cancel his meeting with vladimir putin that's jus at the g twenty summit and bought a sari's this week. with a lot of his now trying to dismiss what happened on sunday as a border incident. it's a provocative missile. i think it's a provocation
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a provocation organized by the authorities and i think the president himself the head of the presidential election scheduled to open in ukraine in march of next year. from border incident nothing more than what happened in two thousand and fourteen when crimea decided to reunite with russia it was a completely different massive story. as for the twenty four captive ukrainians including three hospital they'll remain in detention for at least the next two months to the court's orders of a judge how is this all playing out for people in ukraine's capital kiev this seems to be widespread support for more. that this from here we don't see what's happening on the russian border but the president knows where to do you know his best. there is no need to panic we have to support our government.
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whatever hurts russia benefits ukraine. if there is to be martial law it should be nationwide one law for our. it should have been introduced earlier we've been at war for nearly five years. that last point to remind us of the old going conflict in the east of the country between pro russian separatists and ukrainians. in which more than ten thousand people have died since the fighting broke out in twenty fourteen what's happening off the shores of an explorer is threatening to open up a new front line in the conflict. and simmons al-jazeera. south korea's supreme court has ordered japanese industrial giant emits a big to compensate twenty eight south koreans have forced labor during the second world war the decision follows the court's ruling in october in favor of those
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seeking damages from japan's nippon steel for its use of forced wartime labor japan's foreign minister has called the decision totally unacceptable in your reports from south korea's capital seoul. there were two rulings by south korea's top court on thursday both ordering japan's i mean to be she had the industries to pay a total of twenty eight south korean laborers who were forced to work on the company's promises during the second world war and i want to be she will have to pay a minimum of seventy one thousand u.s. dollars to the individual plaintiffs and their families who are mostly in their eighty's and ninety's and many of them have already passed away now this was a ruling watch closely by both japan and south korea as if all those the last months a landmark ruling by south korea's top court ordered another japanese company to compensate south koreans for the same reason now japan's foreign minister was
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quick to respond on thursday calling the court's decision extremely regrettable and totally unacceptable and he also said that it quote fundamentally overturns a legal basis for friendly tines between japan and south korea i mean to be she also commented calling the court's decision deeply regrettable now tensions between the two countries will escalate south korean government said that they stand with the court's decision well japan says that the south koreans rights to get compensation was terminated when the two countries signed a treaty back in one thousand nine hundred sixty five to dorm allies diplomatic relations. weather next but still ahead on al-jazeera we'll tell you about the new deal that's given feet in india and pakistan plenty to celebrate. i'm sure one can politicians about it on whether to ban the expensive of the disputed prime minister .
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once again if i were to say that normal service has been resumed across the middle east you think it's going to be lousy fod in try what i mean by that says as has been the case of a pos few weeks because it will rain rolling in that's going to feed its way in from the mediterranean loss of cloud around as we go through say cyprus turkey seeing some shop showers longer spells of great some snow up towards the locus is there and that's going to make its way further basis as we go through friday but of wet weather coming through could see some rain into pushing across into armenia georgia as well some of that wet weather running right down into back into iraq once again and eventually that will just edges way into that western side of iran little bit of wet weather coastal so possibility into the far north of saudi arabia for the time being the arabian peninsula thousand look settled and sunny twenty six twenty seven degrees here in doubt however over the next couple of days well just
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catch a little spot of right or two just around amman maybe you'll say it's that eastern side of the u.a.e. now this is out of south africa same some of the lobby down polls recently showers long spells of rain just not a little further north was central pos of mozambique seeing some very heavy rain over the next couple of days as has been the case it's east in zimbabwe also edging its way further north. investigating a murder by the indonesian military in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine. hundred steps takes us on a personal journey back to east timor recalling memories which impacted deeply on her chosen career the life and the lives of others. two decades later she goes face to face with those responsible trail of murder indonesia's bloody retreat
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. welcome back. a reminder about top stories this hour u.s. senators have defied donald trump and moved forward with legislation calling for an end to u.s. involvement in the saudi led war in yemen it's their strongest signal yet that they want to punish saudi arabia for its role in the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi in. the senate as well largely on swayed by an earlier briefing from the u.s. defense chief and secretary of state who warned against downgrading ties with the kingdom. and ukraine's president petro poroshenko has warned of
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a full scale war with russia after a naval confrontation in the black sea this week. pakistan and india have started construction of their festivities a free border crossing it will allow sikh telegrams to visit shrines on either side and as a rare moment of cooperation between the nuclear rivals out of there as shot at us reports. the the the sikh community have called for this for a long time a car door to allow them easy movement between india and pakistan sikh temple. with the founder of sikhism spent the last years of his life but it significance goes beyond religion it's the first visa free border crossing in the two nations history or no more i see this corridor as a big symbol of friendship and brotherhood this corridor will make people to people contact after a long time of disconnection once again people are connected previously sikhs had
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to travel more than one hundred kilometers to visit the pilgrim sites even though that abbas a huge is incomes are poor just three kilometers from the indian border the new corridor will connect it with the indian shrine of did a baba nanuk pakistan's prime minister approved the idea and let the groundbreaking ceremony building a road in a minute he's for the pilgrims is expected to take four months but. the reason i want friendship in a strong relationship with india is because the subcontinent is facing the most poverty in the world if we want to finish or reduce poverty in our region we need to open our borders for trade but the good will only windsurfer is pakistan held a ceremony the indian foreign minister how to hear our news conference she dismissed a pakistani invitation to attend a regional summit this posturing not responding to the. i listen. in india. daniel.
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india and pakistan have fought three wars since one thousand nine hundred seventy two of them over the himalayan region of kashmir which both claim in full but rule in part. this was the scene in india to minister kashmir a win state after police commanders of a pakistan based group. and yet just seventy kilometers from the border of the disputed region building started on a corridor to bind the country's sikhism was founded here in the fifteenth century as their pilgrimage opens back up its host pakistan and india can begin one of their own shallop ballasts al-jazeera it's been the deadliest year for indian administered kashmir in nearly a decade more than five hundred people have died since january among them are two hundred fifty seven protests have been killed in the fighting it due to elections
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upcoming elections in in the coming few months the government wants to escalate tensions here so that it gives the benefit in the mind of the people so that they can create an image that they have beaten up the shmeat is badly and they're treating midis in a very bloody manner because that's what unfortunately sells the book the body bags of cash media sell in indian elections unfortunately a bomb attack in afghanistan's capital has killed at least ten people nineteen others have been injured by the explosion in kabul including several children gunmen used a car bomb to attack the compound of british security company g four s. fighting raged for more than an hour after the initial blast the taliban says it was behind the attack. and the armed group has rejected a road map to peace offered by the afghan president it says it's working directly with washington instead. told a u.n. conference in geneva he's formed
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a team to negotiate with the armed groups he warned the implementation of any peace deal will take at least five years but the taliban says the afghan government doesn't have the power to decide on reconciliation mexico says it will keep deporting asylum seekers who attempt to storm its border with the u.s. nearly one hundred people from central america was sent home this week after trying to break through the fence in the mexican border town of u.s. agents fired tear gas to stop them. colombians have been back out on the streets protesting about tax reforms and university funding student groups farmers and unions have joined forces and a planning more demonstrations if the government doesn't respond to them. reports from bogota. it's the largest protest yet against the government of president even twenty thousand students took to the streets of books on various routes across the
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city protesters are calling it the takeover of the capital. public universities are in a terrible state within the goetia eating the government for months but there's no political will so we're showing our discontent. protesters rallied in thirty two cities nationwide the main the more money for the country scrying e-coli underfunded public universities. students from the orient narco region walked for four days to participate in the protests in. education is centered in the capital but regional universities are falling apart and cover large areas of the country we need to think of the people that live in the periphery who are worst affected. and wins their union members and social organizations join the protest against the government proposed tax reform that will increase taxes on a number of basic staples such as oranges and meat while cutting taxes on businesses thus i don't you hate it i live it ducasse announcements are critical
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for the country or some for workers and entrepreneurs alike that's why we are seeing a growing growing action of the population the first one hundred days of rightwing president have been marked by countrywide protest as he struggled to pass any meaningful legislation in congress most of the rallies have been peaceful but a time students have clashed with police. the u.n. human rights office is investigating the violence well the key. churches offered to mediate their negotiations if so far afield well this is a protest that's not about money anymore this is a protest about legitimacy and a place of the students are going to continue protesting until they get their place of the table and they're going to be joined by workers union by transporters union maybe even by a group cultural workers in the future so this is not going to stop anytime soon after almost two months on strike these students now risk do think there's
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a master in school but they say they don't care and that they will continue rallying them protesting until they manage to change the face of public education yeah. i'll just say you have a good. supporters of sri lanka's ousted prime minister ranil wickremasinghe a holding of votes in parliament in a bid to cut funding to the new prime minister's office the president replaced a christmas single with former leader mahinda rajapaksa last month triggering a political crisis violence broke out in parliament when supporters of rajapaksa rejected two no confidence votes against him both men insisted they are the lawful prime minister for more let's cross to me now for nando's in colombo she's at parliament where the vote is taking place now tell us a little about what today's vote is all about. basically waters happened is the ousted prime minister running
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a very convincing her he still claims he is the legal prime minister of sri lanka he does not recognize the appointment of the former president mahinda rajapaksa as the successor now his basically his support base in parliament passed to a no confidence motion which was accepted and brought on by the speaker courage but both the president and of the rajapaksa camp have said that these votes were not the goal because they were taken by voice and did not basically recognize those votes of today is a different motion that the missing a faction has brought it's a motion that was handed in last week put on the order paper and a vote is expected later today basically it seeks to cut the budgetary allocation to the prime minister's office that essentially would dry up all the funding that run the deemed to be activities of the prime minister's office and it obviously would severely inconvenience the weed work so that vote expected to happen in a short while from now did you rajapaksa faction is staying away from the sitting
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there's just one minister who is right now at the floor of the house of the mind of faction making a speech in parliament but the rest of them have stayed away. boycott sittings because the basically unfair that a number of reasons they see that today is void is not legal against parliament to do and they're staying away a seizure and now the country has been in crisis for over a month and we've watched it unfold over that time we are seeing an end in sight. sadly for the people of sri lanka the answer would be ignored because you still have essentially sort of three protagonists in this drama you have the president you have the ousted prime minister on the victim a singer and his successor my him the rajapakse are all basically claiming different things at different times now obviously a run of the convincing a sticking to the fact that he is a legitimate prime minister saying that his removal was legal that the president's
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disillusionment dissolution of parliament was illegal but the president stand by is the fact that he acted according to the constitution did not violate the constitution and basically the new prime minister mahinda rajapaksa saying that he is happy to show a parliamentary majority if the need arises and remember that the supreme court of this country has more than ten fundamental rights protections before it which means it will take up in early december basically questioning the constitutionality of all of these things the removal of the replacement of the prime minister the dissolution of parliament so what parts a faction is saying is let the court rule till then we're going to wait and if it rules that this was basically illegal then we will show a majority but for many people what this is it's a simple enough thing if rajapaksa has the votes that he should shoulder votes and his majority and stop all this speculation but still a drama continues here in sri lanka in alpha nando's in colombo for us thanks so
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much now early results in georgia's presidential runoff suggest ruling party backed candidate salome is barely well when it's the last direct election of a head of state in the former soviet republic has the presidency will be diminished by new parliamentary democracy the vote has been tainted by allegations of fraud and intimidation at the ballot box. britain's economy will be worse off outside the european union no matter how the country leaves that's the upshot of a report from the bank of england looking at prospects at scenarios in the west case where britain crashes out of the block with no deal the central bank says the economy would contract by as much as eight percent in a year while under the agreement being pushed by prime minister trees in may the economy will be about four percent smaller over fifteen is. the bank of england is ready for bracks it whatever form it takes the analysis released today confirms
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that the core of the u.k. financial system is resilient to worst case scenarios we have contingency plans in place to support market functioning if necessary but to be clear the bank being ready for brics it is not sufficient to guarantee a particular economic outcome there's little monetary policy can do to offset the potentially significant hits to productivity and supply the brics it could entails . this is al jazeera and these are the top stories u.s. senators have defied donald trump and moved forward with legislation calling for an end to u.s. involvement in the saudi led war in yemen it's their strongest signal yet that they want to punish saudi arabia for its role in the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi the senators were largely un swayed by an early a briefing from the u.s.
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defense chief and secretary of state who warned against downgrading ties with the kingdom mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . the senate has voted by an overwhelming majority to move the proposal to investigate the war with the relationship with saudi arabia and the war in yemen to move that forward for debate on the senate floor in all likelihood that will happen next week but it's significant that among those who voted in favor of the opening debate were fourteen republicans now to give you some idea of what a massive turnaround this has been back in march a similar proposal was defeated fifty five senators voted against going ahead with further debate this is just a very clear indication as to how the murder of jamal khashoggi has gone over my eyes to the senate into investigating the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia and drilling down on the involvement of the crown prince in the death of jamal this is something that is likely to be debated when
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the legislation goes on the senate floor ukraine's president petro poroshenko has warned of a full scale war with russia after a naval confrontation in the black sea this week the russian coast guard opened fire on ukrainian ships and detained three boats and twenty crewman supporters of sri lanka's ousted prime minister running over. holding a version parliament in a bid to cut funding to the new prime minister's office the president replaced victim a singer with former leader may hinge a rotter paxil last month triggering a political crisis both men insist they are the lawful prime minister early results in georgia's presidential runoff a show the ruling party backed candidate salome will win it's the last direct election of the head of state as the presidency will be diminished in a new parliamentary democracy those are the headlines join me for more news here
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after witness. thailand's foreign minister discusses the difficulties his country faces china has been trying very hard to isolate taiwan internationally and shares his concerns over china's posture in asia joseph taiwan's foreign minister talks to al-jazeera. with. i was. i am i was by. far was. there are i.


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