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tv   Trail of Murder  Al Jazeera  November 29, 2018 9:00am-10:00am +03

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this is healthy she can produce and decently. and new lease of money on al-jazeera. hello i'm mr entire ha the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. senators have defiant to donald trump and move forward with legislation calling for an end to u.s. involvement in the saudi led war in yemen and their strongest signal yet that they want to punish saudi arabia for its role in the matter of janice jamal khashoggi mike hanna reports from washington d.c. the yeas are sixty three the nays are thirty seven this was the senate and good fourteen republican senators joined all forty nine democrats in recommending that the bullshit be discussed on the senate floor in all probability a debate that will happen next week it's
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a direct repudiation of the white house which it sent both the secretary of state and the secretary of defense to persuade senators to vote against the proposal the united states should not be supporting a catastrophic war led by a despotic regime with a dangerous and irresponsible military policy senators furious to a report that the white house had instructed the cia director not to attend the classified briefing this despite repeated demands that gina has pulled brief the senate on the khashoggi killing and the level of involvement of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon as to whether the crown prince was involved in this killing it's my belief that he was it's my belief that he ordered it i don't have a smoking gun. but what i do know is that he is responsible for this agency that carried out the killing he has done nothing to show ownership over what has
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happened the emotion table is agreed to back in march a similar proposal failed to move to the floor for debate fifty five senators voting against the massive turnaround reflected in the latest vote a clear indication of how the murder of shoji has galvanized the senate to reexamine the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia the legislation would end u.s. involvement in yemen but even if it is passed in the senate there is little chance it will go to a house that's under republican control and it's only likely to clear congress and be sent to the white house after the new house of representatives with a democratic majority convenes at the beginning of next year and the president's office has been quick to make clear in a formal statement that any such legislation would face a veto this in turn could only be overwritten by a two thirds majority in both the house and senate. nevertheless in what is now likely to be
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a protected war between president and congress this vote is just the first salvo mike hanna al-jazeera washington ukraine's president petro poroshenko has warned of a full scale war with russia after a naval confrontation in the black sea earlier this week the russian coast guard opened fire on ukrainian ships and detained three boats and twenty korean supporters of sri lanka's ousted prime minister running all become a single a holding a vote in parliament in a bid to cut funding to the new prime minister's office the president replaced with former leader mahinda rajapaksa last month triggering a political crisis violence broke out in parliament when supporters of rajapaksa rejected to no confidence votes against him both men insist they are the lawful prime minister. a car bomb attack in afghanistan's capital kabul has killed at least ten people nineteen others were injured by the explosion of the compound of
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british security firm g four s. the taliban says it was behind the attack it's been the deadliest year for indian administered kashmir in nearly a decade more than five hundred civilian separatist fighters and soldiers have been killed since january mexico says it will keep deporting asylum seekers who attempt to storm its border with the u.s. nearly one hundred people from central america was sent home this week after trying to break through the fence in the mexican border city of tijuana. results in georgia's presidential runoff so the ruling party backed candidates salome is will win those are the headlines join me here for more news after al-jazeera correspondent trail of mota.
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thank. you nisha has fascinated me ever since i was a teenager. it is stunning strange warm and manna sing all at the same time. i moved here shortly after my wedding day sixteen years
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ago my husband and i had been a guitarist in a punk rock band and i was the singer. wonderful carefree days of an all grown up now and in search of a new adventure. into a house in a local neighborhood of jakarta indonesia had become all home. i was by dan a television reporter and andrei became my camera man. to gather we embarked on new careers as foreign correspondent. one event however affected angry and me more than any other it happened during our early years here and it continues to trouble me today. it is a story that i need to revisit it is a journey that i need to make again sadly it is a journey that i can only make alone.
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back in east timor a country that i came to many times in the late one nine hundred ninety s. and much more turbulent days. i have returned to retrace the steps of one particular battalion of the indonesian army as they retreated towards in the me in one thousand nine hundred nine. and to one of the saddest things i've ever known. september twenty first one thousand nine hundred ninety will forever be on my mind. but it was on that day at the town in seventy four five. my friend dutch journalists and the tunis. indonesia in faded east timor in one thousand nine hundred seventy five leading to an occupation that was
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often violent and bloody the pro independent guerrilla force fell until fought for freedom and it was the only one quarter of the population who died as a result. in one thousand nine hundred eighty change of indonesian president brought home. a new president habibie sought a solution to the continuing problems in east timor and declared a referendum on the future of the region. in my heart just a lot of. if. or brought us interests. does. not just miss us after more than twenty years. to get his us then. we should decide. to stay with us or to simply as friends and deal would leap. it was
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a huge story that my husband and. be covering. them shortly before referendum day we went to a front until camp in the jungle. it was an extraordinary experience especially to me to guerrilla commander on the act he shared his thoughts with us down thoughts that he still believes in today. as up i meant. by in contrast rapid or mental most of the song yes although some boss has sat in lengthy for a fight and been to court around the duluth the no i don't know what a book. in the new momentum to do ends of in the crapper on the scale as perso as investments in the the medical example are there. and they didn't lose the struggle the east timorese voted overwhelmingly for independence. things have become even
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more dangerous however in the run up to the world the indonesian military and the pro indonesian militias they have formed and become increasingly violent. they no longer considered us to be observer of us they felt that journalists were on the side of the east timorese and it was so stuck in their minds that we became a talking to. those we coming. most likely problems crippled via the boys discovery or. if is a credit or last party in our sport there. was cereal and right there out an osprey. for. the military denied involvement in the violence down and as i am discovering they continue to do so today.
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is. that. they any and mocking us you can say of the book even if you got locked out of it women are yet to hear that if you are young. you can be a reinstall in iowa sharia somewhat scary people. my friend shihan was also in delhi at the time working for the e.b.u. do you been broadcast. suddenly i see from the. military. go around. what's going on. inside. each and ray and i were on the roof when we came on the fire. and i was in the lobby on equasym militia man with a sword try to attack the journalist. who filed the last report. in.
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the field. the next morning we were forced to leave the indonesian military came to town put us on two trucks and drove us to the airport. we were moved from one of the largest international stories at the time. we were devastated angry frustrated it was a horrible empty feeling. to be denied the ability to cover the event that we all knew in abbottabad we feared for the lives of many and it was almost no one left to tell the world. we were forced to cover the story from afar. and the e.b.u. meanwhile found a way to get journalists back to dili as soon as
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a strain in peacekeepers arrived word got out that the european broadcasting your new maybe you had charted and they managed to get approvals to land an aircraft in dili. once the airport had been secured because we knew the winners coming in we set up a table. of the mandarin oriental we just showed up put their names and . details and pay for them it's one way trip to. come to the mandarin oriental hotel poolside will be someone there to meet you the cost is that i think a thousand u.s. dollars for this one way trip you're not coming back you get on that aircraft you're getting off at the other end so it was not chips at all. or even you would i describe myself like i really would pay this much my needs like to get to have one way ticket to hell and then pass a law student this showed up with his friend. to start
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a conversation from me. he struck me as a very friendly warm hearted kind of person i want to be a problem i want to meet him that way. ok sure and he wrote down this name and this sums your voice from somebody you know yeah they speak very fluent in bahasa and so i had to blanda oh ok so from all and and they were sending phones very friendly very. interactive and. from what i remember jack we just met there never met him before never knew him before and he just like. everyone clicked with sander he was that kind of man young smart. part of a small group of dutch journalist based in jakarta friends who she had stories and
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travel around the country we love so much time there was the financial times correspondent and was as unlikely as me to become a war correspondent so quickly i need to understand more about the people who killed him. these are the remains of battalion seven four five the compound where they were based but also where they started their bloody retreat. people were very very much afraid of seven four five in the last palace they know that these soldiers. were pretty violent. along my demeanor going to. be the. america that all morning america. this was also not the only camp they had many more in this in this little town
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basically this town was dominated by seven four five. the people here were always reminded of the indonesian presence because of this this battalion. you can actually see seven four five seven four. five. it's still here. they tried to remove it but it didn't really work. the other america got back with a big. budget monitor back to barrow who in their own. goggle done i don't think i'm going to listen to. any. yeah keep up though i'm actually about got on that i've got issues that i'm a goblin but on a low caliber alum referendum model and when they come by and of a moment of seeing here and then on that i'd say the last color that i was other
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than that but now that i come i could just as i kind of imbalance and then say more than one and and then they don't a share then i can mimic what i had minox and i had. an english error. on the morning of september nineteenth one thousand nine hundred ninety seven for find the departed lost palace and barked under drily. as they began. they headed. towards the beach at. the departure point of the battalion most of the soldiers left east timor back to indonesia right here. and the supply route for them kept their main supply. they didn't want anyone to have any profit from those
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supply so they destroyed everything. and it was a group of italians one hundred twenty members who are not allowed to go on the boats but they had to go back to indonesia and they had to bring back the vehicles so sixty trucks and thirty motorbikes. from here and important destroy and kill everything you find on your way. to. get the boat out this is. an italian members who hadn't set sail those charts which were turning to come for you to indonesia. in lao to for the
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night. they left early on the morning of september twentieth the orange glow of everything that had satellite filling this guy. their route was now to the west following the coastal road along the northern shore of east timor towards laga once there they came down for another night at one of their supply base. on the morning of september twenty first one thousand nine hundred ninety. three turn to the east timor forced to leave but nervous and scared but what we would fight. for cites from the plane confirmed all worst fears destruction on a scale you could not even have imagined you know ready dos also one of the hardest
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stories would have to cover. at the same time as we had set off on a journey to help the soldiers of battalion seven four five ready themselves for day a departure from laga on a journey of a very different intent. what was to become a very dark day began here with a day that would affect so many families not only in east timor. having set their base alight with the talian departed towards delhi and began a pattern of violence that would continue for the rest of the day but. it wasn't long before the battalion met their first victims that morning. within ten minutes of leaving the base they came across two men on a motorcycle unfortunate enough to be on the same stretch of road at the same time it says two man were killed here by the indonesian military. twenty
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first. of so come september one thousand and one. and i know these two guys or two brothers their names were in gusts and. unbeknown to the battalion the actions were witnessed by seeing me up into a. moment and land at a stand for some. it does make. the qualities drop but the bodies. and their message to give it become another thing i think if you look. at them battle is in. my and that doesn't stand a. them develop a bad news headline in my head that most don't want to come i had a bad think about him about the army. and i got in was in my business but then i'm sick and then bang my. dinner as a deal to put monday doesn't. the meat of a matter democrat have i don't have
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a seat at the innocent theater. that are not want to be out the cuban embassy one man said about the most of the hallway that said all of the us a bomb and give it out on. the it will not get out on eleven out on my stock eleven this is doug gansler i don't have it on us at the moment and out of a bit of a lot of a solid dome complained in a field ghana. was live. that of them at the ironic. since that. funny man. bitterly sad story was the first of many tragedies that occurred on september twenty first one thousand nine hundred ninety. s. i continue to retracing the battalion's journey i met more and more people who had witnessed their violence and was she had with me story after story of grief and
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sorrow. just outside balko this man show me where his uncle was gunned down in the doorway of his own house now abandoned and overgrown. this family lost a daughter a young mother callously shot in both lax she bled to death in front of them on this spot holding in her arms her infant child. now a teenage girl will. retracing the steps of battalion seven four five was never going to be easy physically or emotionally and i'm finding it disturbing in every way and i know there is more and worse to come. and there's still some way to go before i have to deal with how the battalion affected me. i reached the center of back out and like the
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battalion my straight for everyone at flag the empty town the beautiful market building that already been destroyed years before. i now work how to reach the fall until soldiers hiding in the mountains sacking with battalion seven four five was doing. in that carolyn saw as i'm sure it was common man does this sort of us from the layout of the senate proceed with a fair. marsters gaza said in this three years. of to see events. i mean your farmers that there may not i gather it's president plays you know when . he has yet. to. come and get to. see samuel you have. to make but at one hundred
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eighty seven wanted a bishop on the clinton comment and blow up a check of the intimacy that a month ago about what. despite the generals we should some fellow soldiers could take it no longer. they hid in the land next to this bridge and it was here that the battalion met with the only resistance they were to face that day there was a shoot out of around two hours between the indonesian soldiers and the fall until the fight us none of the indonesian soldiers died but four members of fell until they got killed and then the indonesian battalion moved on and killed more people on the other side. having survived to fell into ambush the battalion struck again just beyond the bridge. a young man with his friends unaware of the danger return to his village to
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collect supplies. his own just in time told me what happened. more shocking than i ever imagined. abbie being on the mountain man and. al that show that i'm wanting to eat nothing i'm a medic at google. and if you do. not have the sunni should i be nuking an atkins data. in libya medica why would you assume when you can be chucked the challenge chalk to like it to understand that a. lot of how to do something and not be. came back much. but when i'm lucky i'm on the phone. founded on
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a three hundred fifty two. as i am lucky and look. after you just leave town and not take root. we can make up a size that would fit a costella on an issue. to get daddy on indonesians and in the process. i want to do this movie now. for a good place. for. me to get up and. then let it get. at that in bad english and able to shinny i'll be through with more. than one. because i've gotten into
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the mission. descend on al-jazeera. from hospitality to hostility toward hotels tells dramatic stories about icons of complex and last resort shelters in divided cities an exclusive interview with nobel peace prize laureates now and dennis mccoy get an ad try special antarctic sanctuary follows greenpeace as their campaign to create
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the largest protected area on. an annual convention that gives a platform to a global dialogue on critical challenges facing our world a new two part documentary that reveals the shocking realities of the global arms trade december on al-jazeera over a hundred years ago britain and france made a secret deal to divide the middle east between them now we can draw him in the second episode we explore the lasting effects of this agreement if there is a original set to sites because it's at those borders were drawn without consulting the people who have to live with it. sykes pekoe lines in the sun on on jersey.
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al-jazeera wherever you are. hello i missed on doha the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. senators have defied to donald trump and moved forward with legislation calling for an end to u.s. involvement in the saudi led war in yemen and their strongest signal yet that they want to punish saudi arabia for its role in the matter of janice jamal khashoggi the senators were largely unswayed by an earlier briefing from the u.s. defense chief and secretary of state who warned against downgrading ties with the kingdom mike hanna has more from washington d.c. the senate has voted by an overwhelming majority to move the proposal to
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investigate the war with the relationship with saudi arabia and the war in yemen to move that forward for debate on the senate floor in all likelihood that will happen next week but it's significant that among those who voted in favor of opening debate were fourteen republicans not to give you some idea of what a massive turnaround this has been back in march a similar proposal was defeated fifty five senators voting against going ahead with further debate this is just a very clear indication as to how the murder of jamal khashoggi has galvanized the senate into investigating the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia and drilling down on the involvement of the crown prince in the death of jamal cause this is something that is likely to be debated when the legislation goes on the senate floor ukraine's president petro poroshenko has warned of a full scale war with russia after a naval confrontation in the black sea earlier this week the russian coast guard
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opened fire on ukrainian ships and detained three boats and twenty korean it's been the deadliest year for indian administered kashmir in nearly a decade more than five hundred civilian separatist fighters and soldiers have been killed since january. a car bomb attack in afghanistan's capital kabul has killed at least ten people the taliban says it was behind the attack early results in georgia's presidential runoff so the ruling party backed candidate filoni is there a bishop will win at the last direct election of a head of state as the presidency will be diminished in the new parliamentary democracy those are the headlines the news continues here with to re an advocate or after al-jazeera correspondent.
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when andrea and i boarded the e.b.u. flight bound for east timor on september twenty first one thousand nine hundred ninety two gather with sandor to announce all dylan and all the other journalists we weren't the only people heading for daily italian seven four five was approaching from the east and coming in the opposite direction from west timor were john sweeney of the sunday times with american photographer chip ryan there were the top houses shows of homes. most of the roads and streets very empty and security could completely fall apart delhi airport was eerie when we came in at the same time as aircraft is trained in peacekeeping forces the f one building was deserted and partially destroyed there were no formalities no security checks. nor was there any transport not the traditional kind anyway. we managed to flag down
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a cattle truck but i can remember surlier standing at the front of the of the tip. with his head up above looking down the highway the australian peacekeepers that set up in one of the beach front row tells him in dili the ring didn't steal they've made a headquarters in the main hotel which is called the tourist my hotel which is also on the beach we didn't want to get involved with the australian army we didn't want to be controlled in any particular way we wanted to. stay independent because we hadn't flown in with the australian forces we were prevented from entering into that protected hotel and instead walked down the beach from the promise about three hundred meters to where there was a nunnery an abandoned nunnery. andrea and i also took shelter in the town from that day. this is the first time that f. return to one thousand nine hundred nine and it's only partially familiar i've come
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back to independent east timor many times and i've avoided the nunnery for fourteen years. i really very strongly remember how afraid we were when we were staying here that what we thought there would be a lot safer before we actually went to the lead and we experience when we actually got here. it was very unpredictable very eerie. you know did the gunshots fires we did we just didn't know we had we had no idea where we had to look out for. we thought that the indonesians would have left but many of them were still here. but there was no time for fear we were all here to work and that's what we did our story that day was right across the road from the convent where thousands were crammed together on the beach looking for safety through and out to interview them i saw this huge collection of. humanity on the beach and went to talk to the refugees and found this young refugee family
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headed by sweet young i'm called and i try to saw. who spoke some english i said well i'd like to use you as an interpreter but we need some transport so they are not there to. come in my city i see them with so family and here those who took on me some of those who the day of the more. saudi in my car mom i'm with what are. the more likely what i wanted or no we didn't want to go very far we didn't want to go anywhere unsafe particular here so our first day in delhi. florindo roger had been driving journalists around dealey on the back of his small motorcycle all day as he dropped one of them off at the three small sunder was next in line. that other thing was that they said that
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their beloved is in the bad blood he said but they were. in the quote that he laid it with that that is the only they get that one has. the chorus everyone because there's a muscle mass it i was. getting that without that we did to them oh they must have a mole that is that is a zero idea. i think set off earlier than florindo and sander john chip and i make lateral in such a ramesses car some way you had on the same stretch of road. they would be to first meet a battalion. was just beyond the city limits reading about off among us because. there was this noise of motorbikes arriving here on the corner and there were about thirty or forty. men on motorbikes we longed.
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for. the sort of them up to. one of the first scenes that it was they attacked my driver i watched some of them might some up coming in. last. us. one of them just took his rifle and bashed his eye out with the rifle but. i just saw it. coming down his face like a. snake ready it was just like a broken neck it was just hanging down not on his cheek but if a book will do sweep through to those who spoke of what dog order there was suspicion very suspicious of him because he was with two westerners i said love the army guarding it good to get my book. it's. goes down. it's. much too moderate. we were ordered back into the vehicle and driver with his eye still hanging out. to drive the car down the hill.
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a mobile they had said. yeah mark good to spear my son. would get me some play. the motorbikes stopped in front of us so we couldn't. go away we couldn't go any further. so it doesn't look good at those who have come on yes i was up to come on down the left you know so. little medical out of out of the that they're marked out over loved ones they might better luck on tuesday that there are thumbs up of the best buddies to do the way you do. i said to chip and to to ramos i said. we've got to get out or dad. lost a lot i haven't lost a lotus open. letter cup them up for the scum. mother could.
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get well soon for those. to. go up monasteries with to get the luggage i don't mean they came off to us short which you can really do behind me just kept going as fast as we could we could and looking for company. so that it was a lot of luck. to you. what our society those days were. but thank god. we can when russia is gone you know just an idea where it was safe used to be and. you know he's he's an east timorese. time he muttered brown eyes that he was safe was beyond bieber to westerners who took this terrible. episode of. john and chip it through didn't unsure of what had happened to and it can add to
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unsign chill. italian in the meantime continue on its bloody root of destruction. giving. then they and i find that this is the deepest or other thing a mortal sin more papa says that says that out that what they are most of it though i know more and it. will grow or a place to move up and since other. ballot model i was on the thing to get out and. say when i got a lot of americans who got it i did it they did it with the unit. i thought to mark this more. as a given but that if i didn't say that giving the. goodness a lot of truth so. that they have a lot of new community or a good one for their own. that's about the knitting me most of it in
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a low that there was a. family of that there was in a very nice and there's a record. but it was a. little something but you need. medical as they can but. he has got a lot of it with them but. they met at the rest area last. hello stepper says with a look at him what did the little guy at the political atmosphere so that obama got it out of a horse i will end up dead there might be. a little too that i'm not a. battered bruised and bleeding in a rainbow made his way to the turismo tell everyone he could what had happened. we heard that sound it was missing so it was very confusing. my husband and ray was
9:43 am
looking for him next door in the tourist motel while i was still working i had to keep working because i had deadlines and so it was all like really. messed up because we were also really worried about your own safety i mean not much was standing lots of for building still burning you could hear gunshots so it's very very tense very eerie situation here. didn't feel learned very say. that all night i spent here with my friends with colleagues trying to make phone calls like really you know trying to get through to anyone who would have any news about and. the following morning paul dillon was one of the first journalist to find her out of the convent. to reste guy
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came up to me sort of talking he said i know where there's this step for a joke we take you. so there we have this long. thirty thirty minute walk out to the corner. and then off left and started the road to a small gully water almost a driveway was sarah thought. want to side. it was new it was a very unpleasant you know you get used to seeing bodies in repose if you like almost with a sense of sort of calm. but i didn't get that often i didn't get that sense. i got a sense of reaching. you know. the only thing i could imagine with. his family his friends. fellow journalists.
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i could hear people crying in the corner. very real moment for everyone. could just as easily be. anybody else in the nunnery that way. as the steep part. it's cool. that he reached. something that's why. i'm glad that. we were walking up here by our friends and they burst into the room and then the first thing they said yes we found. and of course then you know and it went into a whirlwind of events. we cried together with the trends trying to
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grasp what had happened meanwhile painful gruesome things had to be done. and this body which had finally been recovered by those training peacekeepers needed to be identified. my husband andrei help for this task an experience that really traumatized him. jon swaine and chip high. we spend the night within metres of sand as body without realizing had been assisted back to delhi by peacekeeping forces the question was. what happened to ramos and what happened to ana tatar. with the rising of the sun we heard that a dutch journalist had been killed very nearby my immediate reaction was that he'd been killed by the same group that attacked us it just made perfect sense. of photography. agreed to take me back in his motorbike to. where the whole incident
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happened that i was going to try and find. ramos we got back to where the attack happened and. the old battered old taxi was still there with his windows all bashed out. tires flat from but it holds. bargains are. for the good what about multiple. at the mall a said to somebody and suddenly there's a rustling in the bush isn't ramos in running up in his eyes don't you know we're going. to have to have three on a motorbike. and so he was in on it all my arms around him kept him steady. we decided to take him to the australian. military hospital they set up with. at that moment the commander the australian forces general cosgrove right i turn to my craft and said to general you know this
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is what happened. out of my driver's head as i brushed up and he needs to urgent medical care. and he will theorize it was some sort of way and he turned to his men and he said get this but on the first flight to dollywood. in a strain the essentials received emergency surgery and a sight in his remaining i will see. as for my interpreter and a clatter. because it was a devastating thing to happen and. not something or to. not something to use a journalist that i want to have to go through. anyway. or on read obviously made inquiries about what happened to him and no one could give any real explanation. but later i learned that he had been taken with a group of other prisoners and paraded. up the army base. being beaten up
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and that was the last anyone ever saw of him. i suspect that any plato like so many of us was ultimately taken to jack that not the capital city of indonesia but to a cliff south of delhi and then troll now. gleeful cynically named by the indonesians because the families of victims taken their toll that it was to jakarta that their loved ones had flats. i think this journey is for me. looking for some kind of closure and i'm not really sure closing what exactly. the idea when you are late but early on to gently my luck to mark a spot. where your proselytes are. underway at the men's hockey table you're behind the money barnett's a great time of the messiah and upwards are you today of early morning go might be
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the same but. i get up each day what i said you did you know because a. police investigation shows that zander was most probably still alive and the soldiers picked up his body and directed off the road. that brought him to a piece of scrap and behind the house and shocked the liberty in the back. by the time his body was found his face had been mutilated beyond recognition. probably by used. by a buyer myself. seven job or. open set it up like to do this at our school are set up by. the daughter. saw him all the stuff but the. young fella collect the money my. guest must allow it to but i'll
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put up by this i. hung up a bit of muscle we don't like that we're getting the side. so does he have you ever felt responsible for what happened in east timor. oh and that is one of the always is say i told you many many know. this is over youse on the. mutallab made it up but i'm a jackal. and lit a cafe we're hoping she lives lost and the old now is all on the road he perceives itself to fall. i always thought they're just going to chase us away to make us they want to make us scared they don't want any witnesses. to see the plan they had to file and says they had planned all the healings and they succeeded many journalists including me had to leave. and when we came back we thought no it's
9:52 am
over it's better it's safer in. general we handle was eventually indicted by the special crimes unit in delhi for gross human rights violations but he never appeared in court. to be judged and to be taken so yeah on behalf. of us probably took a bigger your own their own home it were there when you're going to be you're going to go to the state policy that state policy other people should have done so you could when do comes to policy. look he me see everything the world is not blind get. is that told you i've done my job show me the fact that they were instructed by i b b to kill. sean
9:53 am
o'keefe. let me hide the past we look for in the future. and the future that we are on two aims for is becoming the president of indonesia in the twenty fourteen election. the former east timor griller leader has become the president of his country and he leaves me with a very warm message. formularies . and. all that the more. that i'm in. the stabber message board. the event in east timor one of the most traumatic
9:54 am
events i experience not only as a journey journalist but as a person. and these events have led to a lot of other events in my life that are also traumatic so. being here of course has something to do with. it's. my always believe some kind of spirits are in birds. for some reason and now good to pass and. as i sat at the start of this film this journey was something i could only do alone and it is a very sad reason for that. everything that happened here was very traumatic for
9:55 am
andrei and he decided not to work in conflict areas anymore. not long after he started to suffer from depression it's mine i once at first but then more and more severe. three years ago life became to my trainer and he decided to end it. but as i noted in indonesia in east timor. life that. we need to accept them as they come. and things do change for the battle so the only be who sold me the ticket at the mandarin oriental hotel my one way ticket to hell is my wife of seven years. seven years to kill me when we do it again two thousand and four two thousand and
9:56 am
thirty nine years we couldn't ask are we truly less. happy with a. family who cares one way one. look at this. and what of me i don't have andray in my life anymore but i do have a wonderful son a miss. he's thirteen years old yes we conceived them together during that terrible time indeed. i see him every day the spirit of andrei and the absolute love of my life. it seems that true beauty can be born of tragedy after all. it wasn't i was a little boy in india my dream was to make body would films so five years ago i decided i was finally going to do it one man's quest to realize
9:57 am
a lifelong ambition the story i chose the laws of my own will it and it's done for mission going behind the lens as gautam saying brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent my own private bollywood. i once again if i were to say that normal service has been resumed across the middle east you'd think it's going to be lousy fod in try what i mean by that is as has been the case of the past few weeks because more rain rolling in that's going to feed its way in from the mediterranean loss of cloud around as we go through say cyprus turkey saying some shop showers longer spells of rain some snow up towards the locus is there and that's going to make its way further research as we go through friday bit of wet weather coming through could see some rain into pushing across into armenia georgia as well some of that wet weather running right down
9:58 am
into back into iraq once again and eventually that will just edges way into that western side of iran a little bit of wet weather of course also a possibility into the far north of saudi arabia for the time being the arabian peninsula thousand look settled and sunny twenty six twenty seven degrees here in doubt however over the next couple of days well just catch a little spot of right or two just around amman maybe you'll say it's that eastern side of the u.a.e. now this is out of south africa same some rather lively downpours recently showers long spells of rain just knocking a little further north was central possum mozambique seeing some very heavy rain over the next couple of days as has been the case since east in zimbabwe also edging its way further north. once held in one of australia's toughest detention centers now a world renowned surgeon when he's follows dr moon. and returns to his hometown
9:59 am
baghdad to give amputees the hope of walking again on al-jazeera. for nine hundred forty six to nine hundred fifty eight the united states detonated dozens of atomic bombs in the marshall islands when the us was getting ready to clean up and leave at least nine hundred seventy s. they picked the pit that had been left by one of the smaller atomic explosions and dumped a lot of neutronium and other radioactive waste into the pit the bottom of the dome it's permeable soil there was nowhere for her to line it and therefore the seawater is inside the dome when this dome was built there was no factoring in sea level rises caused by climate change now every day when the tide rolls out radioactive isotopes from underneath the die roll out with it if it really were
10:00 am
not told in just the marshall islands we're talking the whole city. the trump and ministration says there is no evidence against the saudi crown prince and democrats nazis murder but u.s. senators seek to end support to the saudi led war in the yemen. you want to al-jazeera life from a headquarters in doha i'm dating obligates also heads ukraine ones.


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