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tv   A Thousand Girls Like Me  Al Jazeera  November 29, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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now we can durham in the second episode we explore the lost in the effects of this agreement that there is a regional city to sikes because it's at those borders were drawn without consulting the people who have to live with it. sykes people lines in the sun on i'm just. i'm richelle carey and these are the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. senators have voted to debate a bill seeking to withdraw all support for the saudi u.a.e. coalition in yemen defying president donald trump senators are also calling for more transparency on what the intelligence community knows about the murder of saddle journalist he did not ations aid chief has arrived and yemen's capital saana to review the humanitarian crisis caused by the war described the suffering as very
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concerning and called for an end to fighting between the saudi u.a.e. led coalition and the raffles i'm very concerned about the humanitarian situation which has deteriorated since i was here last and as i've said repeatedly to the security council there are five things i would like to happen to improve the situation and to reduce the suffering of the people first i'd like to see a sation of full still a t's especially around the key aid infrastructure especially around the data secondly i'd like to see the environment in which the aid system operates made easier for all be aid agencies keep the whole safe and keep the roads so provide access to all the key facilities they went on boy to syria says the latest talks involving iran russia and turkey to end the war are a missed opportunity stephan emma story says he's disappointed with the failure to agree on the composition of a un back constitutional committee. that's attorney general is calling on
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palestinian and israeli leaders to restore faith in the two state solution with tristam as the capital of both states take a terrorist urge them to take specific steps to east tensions i urge israel to lift the restrictions on the movement of people and goods which also hamper the efforts of united nations and other humanitarian agencies without jeopardizing legitimate security concerns and i call on hamas and other militant groups to have their military build up in gaza including the indiscriminate launching of rockets and incendiary devices that exceed israel the violence during demonstrations at the gaza fence is a matter of great concern for his prime minister theresa may has insisted bracks it will go ahead and march despite some m.p.'s calling for it to be delayed and she's been facing questions from the house of commons committee at a parliament vote next month on her. decision to the house of commons will take on the eleventh of december it will be whether to to support whether to ratify the
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deal the united kingdom government has it with the european home if if if the house down that deal. there will be some steps that will be necessary because obviously we've been doing it as a government we've made information available to businesses the point at which the if the house were to go down the deal that has been agreed given that the european union has been clear that this is the deal that has been agreed and this is the deal that is on the table and obviously decisions would have to be taken russia's deploying more as four hundred air defense missile systems to crimea tensions with ukraine are on the rise in the region after the russian coast guard opened fire on ukrainian ships they've detained three boats and twenty crew men cranes president petro poroshenko has warned that full scale war is a possibility. supporters of share long to sack prime minister have pushed through
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a vote in parliament to cut funding for the man who replaced him there's been violence in parliament as two men claim to be the lawful prime minister. in said bob way opposition leader nelson chamisa is calling on the supporters to stage a nationwide protest against the government rulings and appear of party is warning any deaths during the protests will be the opposition's fault post-election rallies in august saw six people killed. georgia's former foreign minister so i'm a zurabishvili is set to be the new president with nearly all of the votes counted she'll be the first woman to hold that office in the former soviet republic south korea's supreme court has ordered japanese industrial giant mitsubishi to compensate twenty south koreans for forced labor during the second world war the decision follows the court's ruling in october in favor of those seeking damages from another japanese company for its use of forced wartime labor those are the headlines keep it on al-jazeera much more to come witness is that next.
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question economy but i was on a hitch is that i'm not sure that i can hang on and that this and. must plan i can manage going on but i was ten and i went down the. street and get the first step make them again let me have a hug. but i'm going there at the five and i thought they got. through it before it goes there fortunately it was the holy mother church for. the
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service that's. really in. it wouldn't. be best able. to get little.
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good news from. the north has just. moved on into florida one of those are two cities. with. the death toll to. come out and become a little too good to continue. to keep things in. the bill or come up with the fiscal cliff problem is the amount that vowed not to miss the. need to teach. the local government people. who may be pissed about them up next oh i
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don't have the same oh that was the thousand dollars that. the pope could do with those in power that have. or anything if i just kept it close to the festival in the seventy seven and then we get the image that was published today as you do holding the case because of the way they did all this and they called us from the last. lescott you say the ne. cut us to just a strange one. only a. soft cover and one woman has been lost just trying to take dollars per barrel of. a majestic or she's a lifelong. plank
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of a had just moved and been in the uk with us government i mean couldn't make it because
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burnham it got the hot political party animals the make i'll call it by the make up . the make up is the make a. must have made a facade misnomers miss one lawmaker said i can speak. like that because the government make us think makes them can interest me for the most fun. it's because bernie could hear through a concern because there's. a lot of them from the love not. the dollars not all of us but that is it in the letters was it to us because it.
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was made us and so. that on the last of. them turned up on the rear room alone but on the. stand and the day after thanksgiving must have been one of the few that are known to do other things no job and i think impressed. with can muster for others for the more rigorous and. i'm sure for. me as always the thought of other items are vanishingly that those i wish to get jiang touched. by the last months
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that i look are going to have to be good luck but you are both like a father but i'm bored. i think the concept of a work of lies and other events i love us but that's like the land of a can of us love a hole that's up to stardom about us the joy of bottled massage moment the quiet i thought about my dream of the leper who met you mohamad who might be best back at them. but they gain by that i'm punished but at last on one of the night numb in what way does and i mean that more but a lot of them that you do it often numb a cup but about them on the up at augusta ga actually quietly got a cut by that i'm good as i've always with the time almost about us to us that up at the moment no more than that of our army goes the college about a master automator came up way to get about his gus now she more as much i want you miriam run. faster down as what by them discarding my toes that is after what you better call you by the letter. money. that's the moon from.
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the germans and he's going to. destroy the he did mission. to make sure that the fifty nine one of the best out of the land gave the. muscles i never had to guess what i love them with the sadness and just as i know i'm john mission when i'm in a muslim of us. on
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the folk and the cons and i was out of. my horning and while that alone while that made it echoing through the parliament out of a like. that if i had a month long luggage. on the long run. on july. first lucia among other things have. wondered if it was.
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good. luck. to them. all. they have the bunny on the desk and. let's step on a walk along. this czar of russia one of the you have ever seen any quarterback and we have one we have some get yourself very hot i may gather the general out of but the don't know what i can make of them that they want my me when i am superior and enough of my great me to be sorry for them when. he shouldn't tell me why and he can argue to the whole woman because i make
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a very dramatic of the polling numbers they know by corrupt of the falling home he doesn't have a know we don't know be sure the man made a major push to be born with a few numbers of myself so i am interested in my army we see our role at the thought of a market maker what could be alarming which is how does he know so much of that part of the federal reserve is going to tell me about it. nothing remembering the color of the harlem or much. more of grandma's bahamas from our show maybe a phone number may have fallen by the way i'm an investor. by herself actually i thought i have learned it right or left it here and i will. say more to get by that i meant his claim of the lengthy they made her very nice he kept it in their hearts that. the hardest part couldn't
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in metairie must have a hester katie may hit you hard to. gauge iraq but they married in a serial murder cycle and their course took place killing could cut the cost of all the whore there was a skillet the more there was to make than i can name me a lot of business that he has yes they do hope times they are somebody making a total image of nettie's iraq over five carina right up there in a clunker put today in america cardona was ahead of most of mine are bigger half or less than a national. because
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it. was for good record the wrong way meant to make them by the earth is
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the first event just goes by a neighbor myth that if and. when i get there always they never take years maybe we'll be able to find them with no mysterious. to me for mickey to still be in there that i want to sign as planned which would never have to do the hundreds travel trip hailey room or do this i asked her if they'd have added to it dome is going to get the hotel in my book rest of the car at the what the rally at about the show at the flo matter with the manager. almaguer but more where he did it on him stop it can him can he and while i'm
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a little joes with the board capital cost but good if that that had assumed that america my. home or the bar i said this would be supine see this and misty charo truly most were at the lawn of the digital bombs because of the terrible news that they go buy up whatever judgments of trouble put his the clown has done and because i've. been asked and i watched it. all the more where they were scored with kind of what were at home and the line a jumble can empower one mob a mark of a mob probably in care of that if you don't have the why and have the market to watch more of jack and then whoa lot of whereby they are going to go buy a brand new when kim oh that omar was culpable mobil one but i don't have a list after most of them as long as to read life that badly that i would assume most would. then cause it to cindy in need muff who has this would have been an
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omission to me your mother had to walk but as to the gift i was that she because they just couldn't believe that they saw their casket to the hokum was an oh there's going to be fewer cartoons it was come on mr markham envision. the. here to provide only couldn't contain a quantity of presentable not a little bit of urine from. the world. cup which could just. let alone of the known and he said i don't wonder but. whether there is enough to.
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do more than a letter. does that does dilute the very very much more the national. in the. fire don't you if i shouldn't. have got it in fun enough to go good military leaders and give. him a letter that is for the for the. dust given to. them to go.
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with him to list by that among us what are some of the thought of. going and by that of all modern go can by their own bad as to call them but thus doesn't. know what the. you mean what they're taught him and this is that they expect time this is a danger and dismiss that. they call it anything new. about the mess that it got i make. rockets a must just suck i love for that as that has been a fun way to get me caught up by that amount. of the money so that made us don't.
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a rush job to chart out actor best of. miami give me get a. bargain in them rather than them in the. form. that what it will is not going and by and by that i like but in general and is that a lot of i make a mess that i go to that i love but he i just. want to read it on a record. that i was a. guy just that assume after i need the i'm a guy and i mean that's just what i got out of that which i'm when does it.
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take it up i think i'm gonna be. a little harder to get out of but there were times that i thought but it was just on another. thirty they're going to be here they had long after i had a cough and i didn't thank them and they have to go through and i want to thank you to have one of the last thank you to the anybody left over for that man the man that they have found a final countdown as young as five hundred volunteers thank you much for that thank you. thank you you thank
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. it. did. not.
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then i'll get all that if tz flat earth and. all. this is the journey you've been looking forward to and the one you've been dreaming about. that will take you to those you love to faraway places new faces
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old friends on a new adventure far from the ordinary in extraordinary comfort come with us in award winning style because this is the journey you've been dreaming about where boarding now. when all age back it can feel like the end. but the sun it's a new beginning you must tell him at some point in life you realize you started to go backwards al-jazeera world tells inspirational stories every time. but as long as he's healthy she can produce and do something that you have a new lease of life on al-jazeera. running six continents across the. year is corresponding sleeping during the story
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so the chill of this was. in the book not unless you. were at the bridge of the russian camp for palestinian refugees and you see right through din with news. i'm richelle carey in doha these are the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. senators have voted to debate a bill seeking to withdraw support for the saudi u.a.e. coalition and yemen to find president donald trump senators are also calling for more transparency on what the intelligence community knows about the murder of saudi journalist mark. the united nations aid chief has arrived in yemen's capital sana to review the humanitarian crisis caused by the war. describe the separating
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is very concerning and called for an end to fighting between the saudi led coalition and who the rebels. i'm very concerned about the humanitarian situation which has deteriorated since i was here and as i've said repeatedly to the security council there are five things i would like to happen to improve the situation and to reduce the suffering of the people first i'd like to see a sation of full still a t's especially around the key aid infrastructure especially around to date secondly i'd like to see the environment in which the aid system operates made easier for will be eight agencies keep the whole soap and keep the roads so provide access to all the key facilities russia's deploying more as four hundred air defense missiles to crimea tension with ukraine is on the rise in the region after the russian coast guard opened fire on ukrainian ships and detained three boats and twenty crewmen cranes president petro poroshenko has
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warned that full scale war is a possibility the you know envoy to syria says the latest talks involving iran russia and turkey to end the war are a missed opportunity stephan dentist or a says he's disappointed with the failure to agree on a u.n. backed constitutional committee supporters of prime minister have pushed through a vote in parliament to cut funding for the man who replaced him there's been violence in parliament as two men claim to be the lawful prime minister zimbabwe's opposition leader nelson chamisa is calling on his supporters to stage a nationwide protest against the government's ruling party is warning any deaths during the protests will be the opposition's fault post-election rallies in august saw six killed and georgia's former foreign minister salome zurabishvili is set to be the new president with nearly all the votes counted will be the first woman to hold the office in the former soviet republic because of the headlines keep it on al-jazeera much more to come witness this next. or.
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you're. going in order for the war. or the war in different parts of the maze. he focused a bone here but he. could. her credit now i'm. just a trifle. haha i have.
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high. flown from the. nest it was a good. friend of mine. she kind of an american politics the simple farm the finish. line a. thing. that is. more the supplier. who posted the real.
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one i'm. not good at starvation and i am not telling. the story no. less effect but will a lot. of
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his own games that i call my rank on things you can call in they hunted and. he says. as in comments about i did the economic harm to the little yang of a good yarn i'm going to get i'm going to be minimal to hire the cocky all the know my nigga not. for me to use on me finals if not now then i know he's. what. was the time of congress to me to have first class you know i can remember the high not to fly zone even after my but out of the three man cast member. in my bank i drank a number just as i recall but i don't. think that's not dangerous down which turned out at now mentally to have erica said that you know why john with all bottom line and with us when you combine athletic casting and i join us today at forty and that
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is not a conversational trimix i mean anybody. can. write you. know how could a guy how are younger more than i like that nations and about. how much john a mother. yes. i was. just a brother this side of uganda reflector. no but isn't employment going to. focus on general a kind of one of those who often does. not want to move all the way to fight the fight and open up to them that the fellow knows local folks. who learn so it would
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have us not so sure we got one hundred for a little. for the what we're headed. oh go. look this is what we're going to force a vote. i guess since i don't know a moment that more than a month to decide on the fate of money to fund the judiciary votes on our own medical care but tom and i need to talk about that to get those two to the floor was a step or not but that if it doesn't done and at least i don't know that it was time to begin to move what i meant to ask someone close and i don't make a claim doesn't look amongst a deal that there wasn't any make a cut and i'm a time not made fun of i'm a little shaky but but let's suddenly feel kind of the mistress my future that i shouldn't have to because if you think of her students strike i think i'm wearing that as though that's kind of bland folks who can kind of sort of the much less.
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to some of them could. pick up a little. to be very. strong . something. in his stump speech system. such as much to look stunning last. tuesday's. going to be topical stuff. but he. just talked.
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tongue before them is a number one hundred ninety. and it's turned. on twenty two thousand humans in. the second. from the top. bunk instead of the minor mode this is enormous because we give them no you just thought about. oh mercy looked. back oh so that's just going by that. says it proves it was a joke but if it was going to stand on the. coach to the hunt for the kids just modern economy fishing might have got a. lot of them but almost nothing the rest is almost. my mom's where there's you know questionable was missing from the cinema egypt touched much of the face of my heart when i first i'm talking as if i'm lucky i'm not a tennis egypt hash i'm just going to look at the bus some of the books on the
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physical get it going to be bussed to the minister both me but the minister. because imo must remember it wasn't for the. bus the money just flows from the money you know as it is with our muslim. which clubs and they do most of them so on the lot of a model called columns of money because it was money goes before like
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a name it's not that us there is someone any good and they love us they go on but i mean isn't the uk and us on the meter mean. much of what us and i might just miss the old to get a mohamed how long until. there's a lot of other key fish. if you. killing zones after. the event that he thought of just how they found peace. and the magic of nothing. as i'm paula zahn now show mother of the myra the one and only any time they may be photographed but there is a shot at. the
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. i so none next must know first time must find mrs m. sentence a money earning. but i know winds are up i said they. wanted as. there is best known as the cast of the moth that is it was another one gendang next day carried fairies and i not ask nothing about it i think oh no not a good time then came a show that i should stand out among. the time i was better was anger than cuz. i said. i said.
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goes up in much the way of the a whole day i will start with a woman. could birth videos that the eastern mother made today lol there were only thirty of them but again there would be large on that because they the job of the
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jews even was the more the fault that. the feds forbid without but i suddenly love the. loan of a command not so her she has not. done any of must other gods but i'm going to buy me a book with another novel and you will contend with measured tomatoes not swallow some years as that of times are not good or bad that has been my view must others get that this is not going to be awesome or that as if the world has to be settled
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over a mess and they want to get out of court because if i have not and cannot has been impaneled can and can i send them on account of i am gathered under their own. because the car should get that i'm as it has fun a lot of us because you get a colonoscope don't go trying to learn as. much of this the motivated unknown and get a good show but of the guns are. not about to hit. my son when. i'm just like you know by he. my number and you going to.
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run. but you. hope. it's true i was. trying to get him in the coming on as in how the. police. about it would not you that it does only. for the most approach but we don't. have that we think. much so we want to see. that happening. in the us just so they. do not know that the mother. knew what they were. you need to take
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a moment. that's. because the traditional question of the climb no matter that's is . this to me no no it isn't only joining me now. john is a. must. have more than most other people that. that afghanistan but. china job hunters were sitting there that was a step you ought to call me quickly that's me but she's getting better is it harder to me to my new strategy to get totally about michael he's still not bad about my gosh because. i was managing the parish and i had to come back and that's how i really put it right now to keep reading for my son and i think it
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makes me feel a little part of the not much the road but me very nearly and my bathroom goes up on an open channel that the front of our papers have. dissipated your student with a heart because that's ok mark you cannot smoke it with us on a sunday kubica. see it was the plan we had he. he sent me to get my dad to decorate mother lives by his hair around here. man could the what happened through can you have one moment as an assemblyman and. i said he might come a simple life was my chemistry my face and i could have. taken on pavement and leave him back but i'm planning on going to say. to the pillow namaste i came home too so manly could look at them and then i was the same person all the big kids without being a focus and my brains are not the most mean you don't do this and that is the
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beginning of this become a national issue with the car. and that led him to it is a number who wouldn't. that and then the men come along to this room without. comment on the five but i let them down who says i was. wrong this isn't done lunch or fiasco and was rushed to. the e. g h. was just.
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because. i don't. like how. we were going to. come. on then they came and they. were go first to follow the best home was. the sober circle the order of fifty. years and i still remember that you got to go home to go to joe just for less.
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than. maybe but safely back because i think it. would. right there go read it again. very never go. to tell me about the date of. the other day. so didn't repeat. motion sensing that the book on your phone was going to be over. your. love of the earth but you might come.
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along. really. well. oh. my god i did not.
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go low position you know some government. good governor. for the. reasons that anger about the. deaths are less my days are less. than a thousand and. one so that island. has a lot of the things i want but what.
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thought it would add.
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a fun son but like his another untimed other. than that i thought the weapon was enough though he'd guess ok all right i'm going to. be.
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no where in the world is from the forest disappearing fast to benefits instead of. finding the wheel flight. i've been called greenies. as terrorists and traitors and i was a blizzard is gnowledge the desire was followed into the fires of flowing river into knots through. one man's spite for the rights of indigenous heritage a time to swim a witness documentary on al-jazeera. from a fresh coast to breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback.
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however the rain's been hammering down again less so in peru more so in paraguay over one hundred millimeters and similar figures just a bit further north in brazil i think in brazil the showers will continue in paragliders probably a day's drive in there's more cloud developing on the eastern side of the andes running up into northern argentina probably avoiding what as a result together stay fine and sunny but the green here would suggest a good scratching his shares which is to be expected that they are again quite heavy at his return to wet weather in paraguay and a cool societies to brazil northward constant has to be much drier in venice wiring problem but not entirely so and there's still a mass of showers developing off the nicaraguan coast the obvious line of cloud behind me you know frontal system still lies across mexico on the gulf of mexico into the southern states but brings in a significant rain to the states otherwise it's discussion a shadow of a more significant rain through jamaica and just catching haiti in the next dance or the u.s. itself well into winter stays cold around this storm system in the northeast corner
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of this grainy series subzero temperatures by day but maybe the interesting bit is what's happening well the cloud of san francisco and for the south it's rain at low levels of snow at height and it's significant the next day at least. the weather sponsored by cats on race. day said what do you think of waterboarding i said i think we absolutely need it we should have it out of which we should have more people in power investigates the private companies and mutual us towns and legibly complicit in the illegal use of torture under interrogation the sun will rise once a day. or not a few are in the hands of the. who can make the sun shine or not rendition you visited. on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of
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thousands of evacuees with detailed coverage but the president of the says there's not much that can be done the south china sea is now in china's possession. from around the world challenges in the aid sector in chad are the families to return for many are now back in the villages they fled when the worst started. this is zero. but i'm richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes determined to hold saudi arabia accountable u.s. senators move forward with plans to end support for the saudi u.a.e. coalition fighting and yemen. russia deploys new s. four hundred.


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