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tv   Palestinians  Al Jazeera  November 29, 2018 7:32pm-7:51pm +03

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in other developments the u.s. senate is expected to debate next week on whether to end u.s. support for the war in yemen meanwhile the u.n. humanitarian chief is in the yemeni capital sanaa for three days of talks. is calling for a cease fire is also meeting aid workers displaced families and communities to assess the scale of the crisis. ukraine's president is calling for international help in his nation standoff with russia petro poroshenko wants nato to deploy ships to the sea of oz off where he's accusing russia of blockading ports. and it georgia's opposition party says it doesn't accept the results of wednesday's presidential runoff which saw a former french diplomat elected as the head of state solo maser of many is set to be the country's first female president. for security and cooperation in europe says the ruling party backed candidate enjoyed an undue advantage jaring the campaign. a.j. select is coming up next that will be more news after that twenty five minutes time stay with you sarah.
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or you know. unspeakable louis's impulse of course. by the end only i human honey i'm not a mom i have moments of weakness i have enough men in ours and the fear but. this is our life. this q one. but it's about control of. the body and be you in them is visible districts and. to find holes in them is below. the fly and have been in. the middle. living. trying and
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teaching children also. every friday when you're about to have a protest do you get married this in the morning. was. always we speak. we know it's just the time that somebody gets. the right. spirit all. the time it's small when it's within six hundred twenty minutes and. the whole. family and i mean.
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it's not easy for me and someone told my children to grow up it's because motherhood is a bus carrying me came to life seeking you keeping children away and then jr. people will criticize that you are putting your children in danger it's not about school. and in the. school but they will be in their job all the time miche to show. their own risk again and my friend that they again assured tear gas inside the house and they get the children into again killing them even if i wanted to. keep children beyond their age i love the wrist pin why. the wise.
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ones going and live in the nation. because i still when. i try not to france fear my fear my motherhood fear for the children so they will the . since strong. so i told them ok it's ok. since you don't have to be scared. i don't want for my children to be we. complicit is not. one of them to me. being get period and that if you want we haven't to do anything you will with your life. oh oh. my god there was no.
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justice do. all that so he. did it is. this now. this is this is what in the same time i see how they are losing them child. i wish that this then those talking with my children about their rights if they are . about all that he had against and this. and this then talking about their hope is about one day like the dual one they get to be in the. paulk us think that. this is another way of knowing by a. fluke you did. you
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didn't. even know the. earth fusing the dye and. if i have to have to make a big mind then i thought everybody will hear about. what and why we are in this think. but then that i don't want to because my business. life. hold about the brain is about. it's not about this.
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brad miller has. a little studio. album. but. there was.
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use it had been to the. skill in terms of does a man and a birth. mother. i did also and a cohen. memory. had them. but.
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this is. good advice. to stand up to. i mean do i get on. to yesterday were. there you know have any of these fishing than any. other little bit of the rodeo and you know there's really nothing to take in the muffin and a lot of it you know the somebody who'll you look up to the moment is did they have to do something to spend you know how much just about a quarter yes oh then. look i'm trying to find out mather going center i mean there
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reading campus in the first tier. there with the most american member and get the academy straight can earn it carried me lead so i don't get out. hey jab. the poor should there then one of us will call who are rare. well yes. it wasn't all of those mississippi out of focus well doug had left the minute. about one hundred so they're moving in. there is too little in the dish. but it was to whom one of the only two in one hundred the same thing to one and in the can to have been have guessed. i have to your bed hair. but it isn't. illegal in. the city.
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to tell you that. yet they are you know all over the place when you do the. letter there didn't seem to be my duty to begin to reduce our. love playing style i'm going to answer some of them for you. that goes along both of those are the hundred milligrams of you know that most of them do well some do you want to saddle as nuns up the film. and again i thought oh i didn't. and there so good that i and. huff and puff that he casts a sticker that he wasn't going to let you know that. i haven't asked him but most used his. car in the.
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past there. from.
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what i've known to be dead. us the suddenness of it i should certainly up the list i she. i don't wish to do we're going to win this and he should be. it is finishing. it up not if you have an admission bed edition of the new. bill should it not a fellow who should live it and it was it and chatted to atticus ted i didn't want to sit him down. it isn't enough it had to suggest that his hand them the was
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a. little bit tentative and that this did this that it would know him doesn't it make it. good who got it the clues decided this isn't it was a good shot that. oh off. the hook are. never going to get to the core of government because. i'm none of them
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none of the rule where. on earth does the battle. of the myth that go to the smoke and open for you first one for. her. for. her. to. be you are.
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on the. bar but. i am i know not coming to my mind i'm high up on the playing field i have a golf course my blood oh the stuff i live the life i live it's only a little but there's a very good best i live. up nothing.


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