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war hotels on al-jazeera. east and the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian finighan this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes so he's lying about a project that everybody knew about the u.s. president donald trump reacts to his former lawyers admission that he lied to congress during the russian investigation. the g.
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twenty summit already off to a shaky start but trump canceling a meeting with russia's president vladimir putin. russia deploys more s. four hundred missile systems to crimea as the crisis with ukraine escalates. and the democratic republic of congo facing the world's second largest outbreak of a bull. pressure is building on the u.s. president donald trump after his former lawyer admitted lying to congress michael cohen says he made false statements during last year's investigation into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election trump is accusing cohen of lying to get a reduced sentence is political hay and reports from washington. mobbed by reporters michael cohen said nothing leaving the court but inside a guilty plea he lied. to congress now admitting that he was trying to arrange
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a real estate deal in moscow during the time it was clear donald trump would be the republican candidate the cohen was in fact going to travel to russia to work on the deal and that now president trump knew about it all things cohen had previously denied bruce fein worked in the justice department and he says this is a big deal so this is a time where we have a criminal information that identifies the president himself secondly it also indicates that president trump or then candidate trump felt vulnerable if it was known that he was dealing in russian enterprises or because he would need to curry the favor of mr putin nothing happens in russia of important without mr putin's approval the president dismissed the news in his usual fashion badmouthing his former top aide he's a weak person. by being weak not like other people that you watch he's a weak person and what he's trying to do is get
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a reduced sentence so he's lying about a project that everybody knew about i mean we were very open to where the kohen did plead guilty to crimes that completely related to trump pain of women who trump had an affair with so they would stay quiet before the election and while it might not have been illegal to do a deal in russia while he is under investigation for potentially colluding with russia to win the election it would have looked suspicious this makes six six close aides to the president have now pled guilty as part of the special counsel's probe democrats say this is bad for the president you've got all these closest associates of the president. one after another pleading guilty often pleading guilty about their ties to russia and russians and what are they covering up for and we also have a white house that still seems just obsessed about this investigation it's believed the special counsel has filed several indictments that are still under seal which
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means it is quite likely michael cohen won't be the last to face the cameras or the court. al-jazeera washington let's bring it out zeros out to gallagher who is also in washington d.c. so i think one of the wider implication of cohen's mission for the moeller investigation and for the president himself. well what you have here is someone that was the president's fixer and personal lawyer for ten years someone who knows president trump very well knows his business dealings very well and what he's saying is that any business dealings with russia may have gone beyond that january twenty sixth dean date line before donald trump became president elect trump in essence one of the most important points is what written president trump was given to special counsel robert muller in relation to the business dealings for the potential of building a trump tower in moscow because the what you may have here is evidence from michael cohen that goes against what dan trump is saying which could really spell
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a great deal of trouble for donald trump if there is hard evidence to say that he continued talking to business people in russia and here's another important point we're talking about somebody who was running for the u.s. presidency at the time having dealings with russia a country that has and the security services here have no doubt was interfering in the u.s. election to get donald trump elected so the optics of what is going on here potentially just simply does not look good for don trump given everything else that's going on in the robert mueller investigation and even he thinks that he got to go there live in washington from bruce fein whom you heard from a pretty cool hames report a few moments ago he says that cohen's seeking revenge for the way the president trump has treated him since he was implicated in the payoff to the adult film star stormy daniels. well i believe at the outset we can't attribute this to altruism i believe that he thinks that president trump basically abandoned him
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when he got involved in the stormy daniels payoff and now this is kind of his revenge so i think both men have old here motives here but mr muller does not i believe this is the first time we see some collusion between mr trump himself who in the indictment to which mr cohen pled guilty he's referred to is number one in the organization that mr cohen did have communications with president trump during the campaign up in through at least june or july of two thousand and sixteen about a possible real estate deal in moscow that this committee these kind of discussions were concealed from the american people that mr cohen lied about it to the judiciary to the oversight committees and that's why i think mr mr trump feels so resentful and remember one of the things that he said in his comment he said
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well it could be true but who cares about it which indicates that he he concealed it because he knew would be embarrassing he's almost confessing that mr cohen is accurate in the his accusations the volume of attack on mr muller seems to be proportional to the closeness that he comes to the white house i believe that he ultimately will be pushed provoke to fire mr muller when he actually receives the subpoena to testify under oath about among other things this june two thousand and sixteen meeting with donald junior and man afford and shared question because you remember that that meeting was something that clearly was a probe of mr man a for when they're asking him repeatedly did mr trump know about this meeting and i say i was there at the time mr archibald cox who is my professor at. law school was fired by mr nixon and that precipitated impeachment proceedings i think that's down the road probably
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a month or two but i think we'll need to get to that level before firing occurs of mr moller the u.s. president has canceled a meeting with his russian counterpart at the g. twenty summit in argentina donald trump used twitter to announce that he won't be holding talks with viremia putin he also ruled out meeting the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon because of time constraints white house correspondent kimberly hellcat reports from one of us in a year filled with memorable foreign trips u.s. president donald trump's first visit to south america to attend the meeting of g twenty leaders in argentina is bound to make headlines. he cancelled his last trip to south america in april the u.s. was preparing to strike syria this time in broiled in trade disputes with europe canada and china. a border fight with mexico and a climate policy that is modeled it best troubled just like the previous g.
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twenty be surrounded by leaders who have serious disagreements with him. he has several meetings planned but his dinner with chinese president xi jinping will be closely watched. we can have trade that's meant for stupid people. trump has railed against what he calls unfair trade practices by the chinese and has slapped import tariffs on hundreds of billions of goods he's threatened to significantly increase those tariffs next year his me was she will be an attempt to cool tensions. he was supposed to meet with russian president vladimir putin but abruptly announced on thursday he's canceling it over concerns about the recent russian incursion in crimea which is heighten the possibility of war with ukraine it will also be the first time trump is in the same room as saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon says the death of jim. he's the washington post
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contributor who was murdered in the saudi consulate in istanbul last month trump is faced heavy criticism following his recent decision to back the kingdom and ignore the assessment of the cia which reportedly believes the crown prince was involved still there is no official meeting set up between trump and the crown prince i would have bet with him but we didn't set that one up by meeting with president the which is a very important meeting having to do with race and as you know i make it about three or four meetings here just to have done one area of compromise for the g. twenty leaders could be on the issue of climate change it was divisive the last time they met in germany but now a decision by the trumpet ministration to bury a report on the disastrous impacts of climate change could make agreement once again a tough sell kimberly help at al-jazeera where the satirists just moments ago china's president xi jinping arrived. he's attending the g.
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twenty meeting of course let's go live now to. al-jazeera silence is that the crown prince of saudi arabia and the murder of. to some extent of a shot at this change when he meets me saying our leaders that handling this we're not entirely sure it may well become. in the next few hours when they actually sit down. who is with. him. who talks to him in the theater more a night. and next term what they called and i'm sorry we're having are having some problems with with your audio with your microphone there we'll come back to you in the next few minutes once we've once we've sorted that out. this is the news hour from al-jazeera still to come on the program jubilation in palestine after the release of one of the youngest prisoners in an israeli jail but hundreds more kids
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remain behind. time is for free speech in senegal as the government acts a new law restricting online access. on the liver to torres says move thousands of kilometers away to madrid after fan violence courses the final to be held outside argentina far over here with that for the rest of the sport a little eight. caliber says it will impose sanctions on seventeen saudi nationals over the murder of the journalist. the restrictions are aimed at those the government believes are responsible for or complicit in the killing the us germany and france have already taken similar action is also reviewing arms sales to riyadh in the wake of the killing and saudi arabia's role in the war in yemen. murder him to mark the shoji is a point and represents an unconscionable attack on freedom of expression and freedom
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of the press he continued to call for eight credible and independent international investigation. this case is not east those responsible for mr specialities death must be held to account and must face justice the united nations aid chief is in yemen's capital to review the humanitarian crisis caused by the war marc local has called for an end to the fighting between the saudi u.a.e. coalition and hooty rebels whilst in sana'a he's visit families in areas worst affected by the fighting and says that many people have been left with nothing. this family behind me have been in these terrible conditions here for four years now. women with their husbands and children they have nothing and they have tiny rudimentary shelters there's not enough food they're very not an already very
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welcome in the local community have got nothing themselves so there's a very insecure environment are none of the children going to school. you know a lot of times as part of my job and this is really a terrible desperate by this war needs to end these people need a better future during a u.s. state department briefing the deputy spokesman was questioned about why the views of congress on yemen's war are being ignored on wednesday the senate delivered a strong message to president trump by voting to advance a resolution to end u.s. involvement in the war. the secretary has made clear our position on. the violence in the humanitarian disaster that has taken place in yemen and we just announced additional measures to. you know help alleviate some of that situation and it's actually quite significant it's worth mentioning one hundred thirty one
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million in emergency food assistance to the people of yemen and this and that and that is why we support the special representative and we think the timing is right and we are on the cusp and saw it out that yes it is significant i'm sure that it is appreciated but that is not the answer the question of how you can say well from funguses views on this and then just ignore it and then they essentially we can so we consult we consult with the congress please let's get back to zero. point to is at the g. twenty meeting there that's about to get under way i would talk about that's what extent of the president's presence rather of saudi arabia's crown prince vomit been solomon is overshadowing this meeting. well we know that a senior saudi royal said to the weekend look if you want to do business if you want to talk about global economy then you really have to have dealings with saudi
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arabia and therefore you have to have dealings with someone who is here to represent the country and the king but there is going to be tension who shakes his hand who pulls him aside for a small meeting who sits next to him at dinner in the theater behind me who is going to stand next to him what comes to the family photo which is what they call the picture when all the leaders get together will that give us an indication of who is upset with the hamad bin it's being forgiven is he being taken back into the international fuld now we know that donald trump says he's not going to speak to him that there is no time set aside you could still pull him aside for a very short meeting there are other leaders who said that the intending to speak to mohammed bin starman the u.n. chief said that he will he wants to talk about yemen and president mccraw of france where he's been speaking he says that he wants to speak to mohammed bin salman and he wants to talk to him about the martyr of jamal khashoggi.
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should be there's the case of khashoggi which is serious and i hope that the truth to show and i hope that all the investigations taking place in turkey and saudi arabia continues and give full clarity to this family and the international community with respect to people's rights and the presumption of innocence and we hope to have clarity and that the international community comes together for this to happen. of course many other issues on the g. twenty agenda this weekend alan how does the u.n. secretary general think that the leaders can approach the. well the g twenty has had problems in the past not all of the twenty industrialized nations get together with each other all the time and so we know that there are difficulties china and the united states two biggest economies currently involved in a trade war there is the jamal khashoggi case which is separated in split nations as well and then there is what happened in the waters of the ukraine last weekend which is upset a number of countries particularly the fact that russia is going to be here as well
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so and until you get ten days the u.n. secretary general had a news conference here a couple of hours ago and i said to him how can you possibly get the g twenty to concentrate on the issues that you want them to concentrate on what all the other stuff is going on in the periphery it is clear that all the events that we. do not to see the. g twenty meeting in which people can concentrate more effectively in the dressing the problems of the globally the problems of the climate change and it's obvious but we should live. stop at the rest of the central problems of all of that just because others things are happening that was the job of the. citizens the women you. well antonio. said with a you know what needs to be done how are you going to do that and he said well i
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don't know you tell me i pointed out i'm not the u.n. secretary general it's his job to try and get them talking but there are crucial issues that the g twenty needs to deal with not least climate change they've got to talk about that because there are numerous warnings that the situation isn't getting any better despite the paris accord it's actually getting worse and then there is the question of the global economy there are some people who are concerned it could be heading for another recession maybe not quite as bad as two thousand and eight but it's not going to be pleasant either so these things have to be addressed will they get a communique at the end of this well that's also up in the air as well because the last two significant international conferences. which involves the asia pacific nations there was no communicate at the end of that quite simply because the u.s. didn't want to sign up to one and then remember the g seven a few months ago when there was a communique agreed but then donald trump on the flight home decided that he was going to disavow it because he was involved in a personal spot with the canadian prime minister so there's a lot to play for over the next forty eight hours gutierrez and others are hoping
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that the spats the arguments the rows the real conflicts between these countries can be put to say and they can come up with a common approach to deal with problems that they all face under serious alan fischer live and when assad is on many thanks. ukraine's president is calling for international help in his nation's standoff with russia petro poroshenko wants nato to deploy ships to the sea of. where russia's been blockading ports it comes as russia deploys more surface to air missiles to crimea border regions in ukraine are now under martial law including the city of kharkiv from where simmons reports. martial law in ukraine second city is very evident more police on the ground and extra vigilance but most of the emergency powers now available to the president being held in reserve sophia and counted is a journalist who was here outside the city's russian consulate when it was
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firebombed on sunday night nationalists demonstrating against russia's action off the coast of alex crimea she says later when president petro poroshenko warned that russia had tripled the number of tanks on the border people were startled some fearing an invasion. it's karma. which local officials have assured people that moves which will restrict their constitutional rights while on the be brought into effect if russia starts an open act of aggression such as an invasion people here in hockey live in a strange state is there a full war or isn't there. paper boats remain outside the consulate passive resistance to the russian confrontation city officials won't comment and were understood to be seeking more clarification about the martial law or some politicians are still cynical about the president's motivations with their actions
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at the end of march next year the fact that a bill like to only buy back in twenty fourteen it should have been done and everyone would have taken it normally it could have been an adequate response to the situation but now it looks ridiculous. an estimated thirty percent of hockey these people are ethnic russian and the border is only forty kilometers away if the conflict was to escalate drastically would certainly be in the firing line and this is the city that built thousands of teeth thirty four tanks its legendary armor believed by many to have been one of the main reasons why the soviets defeated the nazis in the second world war. now work to build and maintain ukrainian tanks is virtually nonstop with exports halted. its won't necessarily what's happening on the ground that's alarming what's going
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through people's minds conscription for example is applies to young men between twenty and twenty seven years of age one year for graduates eighteen months for non-graduates special exemption for young people from serving on the front line but could this old change. a student's depart from a day's study in their university get a hint of their nervousness. if not to brotherly nations are fighting each other they need to be a peaceful solution without the loss of human life but for the new boy. but i will be in pain if my brother is conscripted because i don't want him to go to war to fight somebody at a strained time in its short history as an independent state the message from ukraine is one of strength and determination but there's divisiveness in its internal politics andrew symonds al-jazeera hockey if you crying in senegal
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a law restricting access to the internet has been approved by parliament the government says it's needed to stop the spread of misinformation the critics say it will give more power to president barchi soul who's running for reelection in february nicolas hark reports from the capital dhaka it is a joke shared on a private whatsapp group that landed senegalese t.v. news reporter in jail when sunday night she shared a photo montage of president mikey cells portrayed on the naked muscular man's body to seven other women saying that he looked cute a month later plainclothes officers arrested her and sent her to jail for three months for conspiracy violating decency and causing offense to the head of state. of what's right reputation and so has my family before i was created chan are mine are right on facebook my thoughts freely that freedom has been replaced by fear now i'm scared
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to say what i think or even to make it so members of parliament voted you lot to regulate the internet some human rights groups say it allows the state to shut down access to social media and censor content online it looks like they're not very comfortable with the freedom of expression and freedom of speech and the internet is the huge powerful tool to many africans to expect their views and be relayed around the globe. there have been two hundred sixty four internet shutdowns in the last three years around the world and more and more governments are cutting access to the internet especially in africa in the english speaking regions of cameroon where a presidential campaign took place the internet is down for almost a year now tanzania uganda been in and egypt are some of the countries introducing new internet laws the governments say this is not about censorship but stopping fake news and regulating the telecom operators who for now have trimmed fleet
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oversight on how people consume online with the boom of smartphones in africa data has become the new gold and governments here want to have more control over it. senegal's that new legislation comes just months before a presidential election where campaigning is taking place online because. we have a tradition of debate discussion and laughter under the village tree with so many people now living away from they could be unities in the cities the internet has replaced the village truly it's important that this tradition is preserved online shunned by her peers since her release from prison monday has lost her job as a news reporter instead she works at a call center and sells textiles on the streets. it is only in the privacy of her home that she goes back online in search of a safe place to talk. nicholas hawk al-jazeera out to car. a weather update next
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to announce a zero then on. a caribbean classic gets just recognition on the international stage will tell you. the queen of the leafs mark on the new york skyline will take you through this unique building. and later in sports we'll hear from brazilian football and neymar as he breaks another record that story coming up in a little over twenty minutes. say some rather heavy rain pushing into western parts of the u.s. much of that western side of north america a loss of cloud coming through him us needed rainfall with some of that has been very heavy at times things will quieten down here as we go through friday process
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guys coming in behind the rain turning to snow as it pushes over the rockies as young as where little thought was in the process mike away for the race around the appalachians some one of the liveliest showers just ganging up here that will continue to push its way further east over the next couple days and there was some snow on the northern flank just around pennsylvania upstate new york into on terria or leaving further east which is because through saturday by sas day system pushing out of the rockies really bringing some heavy downpours in across the great plains and as you can see quite a bit of snow in the full cost over the next few days of a merriest down into the southeast seeing the possibility of some localized flooding could see a little more flooding to towards california as the next system pushes in again with some snow. nevada's maybe we got a little bit of pushing in across the caribbean lots of dry weather lots of sunshine is certainly the case until the last around it is great scientists could see some plan it's not right there for jamaica rum friday but looking try the saturday.
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a father should be a protector. for. he was her tormentor. betrayed for years she carries the evidence inside her. but will this be enough to find justice in afghanistan's patriarchal society. a thousand girls like me. a witness documentary on al-jazeera fresh perspective. possibilities. c.n.n.'s jen in. debates and discussions how can you trust them how can you work again with a man like that she seems to be saying if you just don't know or care enough. winning programs take you around the.
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al-jazeera. kids have you with us adrian for going to hear the news from al-jazeera our top stories this hour the u.s. president's former lawyer has admitted to lying about the work he did on a real estate deal for donald trump in russia michael cohen made the false statements to congress during its investigation into claims of russian collusion in the twenty sixteen election. the us president has canceled a meeting with his russian counterpart vladimir putin at the g. twenty summit in argentina donald trump was also ruled out meeting saudi crown
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prince mohammed bin salma. of the united nations chief a chief is in yemen's capital to review the humanitarian crisis local says the situation for many people is desperate at its continued calls for an end to the war . the world health organization has warned that the a bold outbreak in the democratic republic of congo is the second biggest on record that history has confirmed four hundred twenty six cases of the disease so far this year at least two hundred forty five people have died. in congress north kivu a tour of provinces since the latest outbreak was declared in all guests talk to peter j. hotez is the dean of the national school of tropical medicine at baylor college of medicine he joins us now live via skype from san diego california good to have you with us dr so this these four hundred twenty six reported cases of a bowl in the eastern part of the d.l.c. makes that they say the second worst outbreak they've ever known one of the
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contributing factors to these huge numbers well one of the real big problems has been of course that part of eastern congo is one of the most destabilized. regions of the world they've had almost continuous violence for practically twenty years and you might say well what is violence and conflict do with these what happened that collapses the whole structure so when you want to be concerned about safe burial which are a big problem during breaks or contacting or potentially infected individual this presents a really tough problem for health workers were areas so is this a health crisis or a political crisis. well one of the new normals of the twenty first century is the two are intimately connected so what we've in our research one of the things that we've found is the world's neglected tropical diseases first and foremost occur in
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areas of conflict and political instability this accounts for why we have the old west african twenty four why venezuela is a disaster right now in terms of tropical infection the same is true and eastern congo i mean the good news is that we have a vaccine that didn't have the back. the twenty fourteen outbreak in west africa so we have a very effective and relatively safe vaccine available now. so that's the good news and so far more than thirty thousand doses. at the problem is working in such an unstable area you have to assure the safety of the vaccinators and you have to be able to trace henschel contacts and get vaccinated so in theory this should be. a non-problem should be able to quickly contain this through use of the vaccine but because of the massive political instability one of the most difficult parts of the world that really slows things down and unfortunately so far
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more than two hundred people are alright so given the instability than the difficulties how quickly can this can this be contained i mean i mean can it be contained given the number of cases and how unstable that area is. well given the fact that we have a vaccine in hand in theory we should be able to contain this so it's a matter of the united nations bringing in peacekeepers assuring a commitment to the government democratic congo to do whatever they can to minimize hostilities to effect cease fires maximize the ability we should be able to do that but it remains to be seen whether we have the political will. or too many thanks indeed p.j. hotez there from the school of tropical medicine at baylor college of medicine in san diego california prosecutors in italy will investigate members of egypt's
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security forces over their alleged involvement in the murder of an italian graduate student julia a janie does disappeared in cairo and january twenty sixth team his body was found almost a week later at a post-mortem showed that he'd been tortured earlier this year the italian prosecutor said that he believed her jamie was killed by egyptian security services over his research francisco where he is the founder of the political risk consultancy policy so now he says the diplomatic motives behind the attorney and prosecutor's decision. rome needs ny so that it can claim that it has come on way and has identified the torture as a whole new year again. and egypt as possibly come to the conclusion that it has to see. these names so that and close this to see it once and forever and
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that so that both countries can move ahead. with. the reason it took so long have to do with the gigantic size all rejections security operators which is why the tribal law it has nothing to do with it that is also sent to say that it is not really per se where. when we when we entered into that we should think at least the three distinct powers the judiciary rejects second branch of government and. and the only part that has been. ongoing against egypt and then complaining i proud of the lack of collaboration at some point was. it never was the gulf and the government always try as not just possible to keep the
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flame alive because it is the g.o.p. going at their city to have flowing relations with. one of the youngest palestinian children imprisoned in israel has been released he spent almost three years in prison for plotting an attack a charge that he denies his own seriousness a good name reports now from ramallah his case highlights concerns about the mistreatment of palestinian children arrested by israeli forces. with three birthdays spent in prison fifteen year old child. the media attention after crossing the calendar checkpoint in the occupied west bank and returning home to palestinian. it's the best feeling in the world the feeling of freedom nothing like it. was twelve when he and his friend ahmed zaatari were arrested in their village in two thousand and fifteen israeli authorities charged him with possession of a knife and plotting an attack despite taking
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a plea deal he denies this thanks to his mother's tireless efforts emerged as the face of palestinian children in israeli prisons human rights groups say they're often coerced into confessing to crimes they didn't commit the palestinian prime minister's office says there are two hundred seventy children in israeli jails this year more than nine hundred have been arrested children report being subjected to physical violence and put in solitary confinement during interrogations according to the rights group defense for children. during the interrogation and whenever we say something they don't like they turn the cameras off they beat us they put us through psychological torture but it was worse for our family as a spokesman with the israeli police didn't respond directly to the allegations but explained their procedures there was
2:39 am
a clip protocol that we go according to notify the parents of their being involved in an attack notify a lawyer if necessary as well and of course according to the standard procedure they will appear before the court that is what takes place in israel and of course in many cases as well everything of course is documented and even filmed human rights groups say israel needs to be held accountable a lot of. things that are you know unisons. to try to ask international community to. in the coming days weeks and months human rights groups say once the euphoria dissipates the forum may very well have difficulties coming to terms with the trauma of three teenage years spent in prison natasha going to aim ramallah. in the philippines three police officers have been found guilty of committing extra judicial killings it's the first known
2:40 am
conviction by the court since president were very good to say launched his so-called drug war in twenty sixteen a crackdown has left thousands of suspects dead many at the hands of police and has alarmed human rights advocates the three officers were sentenced to up to forty years in prison for killing a seventeen year old in twenty seventeen. member of china as we go minority has addressed the united states congress about the torture and abuse she experienced to the chinese government determent camp made her go to. detail how she was interrogated for days without sleep and false when intrusive medical examinations china's detained up to two million weekers in detention camps across the country the government says it's to vote to promote ethnic unity. pakistan's prime minister has addressed the nation on his first one hundred days in office imran khan says that everything so far has been about fighting corruption and uplifting the poor do
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you just saw there on the side he was shaky in these one hundred days we've tried our best to make sure that every policy we have made will it benefit the poor people and behind every policy we look at whether it's benefiting the noble public and underprivileged we're also trying to have a relationship with india so if there's trade between us they'll be opportunities for employment and the lower class will be lifted up there are now more than six thousand people in a makeshift camp at the mexican border city of tijuana hoping to cross into the united states conditions there a worsening with warnings of an increased risk of sickness and disease and many won't qualify for asylum in the u.s. if they even managed to cross the border john holeman reports from tijuana. this is an only pull list for the caravan of central americans into one room by volunteers the queue of those waiting to us u.s. authorities for asylum for those on it the key question remains do they actually
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qualify over weeks out to tierra has talked to dozens of people traveling from douras most told us this their primary reason for fleeing their homeland is increasing poverty in a country where living costs of salut like no reach to make sixty dollars a month not enough to cover the basic needs of herself or the six children when you do the sounds of what you need to buy food clothes shoes for the children it's not enough it's not even enough for the food but there's a problem for her many others economic migrants don't qualify for asylum in the united states that means that many in this care of and that destined to be disappointed that's a huge problem for them and the city the plan now it's becoming a. well tonight a major shift camp set up for people is overflowing onto the pavement outside. the many others we talked to stay because they have faith that if they've got this
2:43 am
far things work out i ask god to lucius and the cross to help out children even when he is going to into fits my faith sick and given the repeated message of donald trump some likely i don't want him in our country but others in the caravan do have a chance for asylum those who are fleeing immediate danger but come on like e.b.'s who we met in the legal advice that he told us wonderful douras his warring gangs trying to recruit his fifteen year old son and i went to speak to them and said my son is honest we're a hard working family and we're not going to do anything illegal and they told me they were going to kill me if he didn't join so we had to flee but u.s. authorities a processing asylum requests agonizingly slowly even those who do have a chance of getting in a facing a long way to turn home and how does it or the one. thousands of zimbabweans have
2:44 am
joined opposition led protests against the government's economic policies they accuse the government of feeding the public quote a cocktail of lies over promises to increase jobs and stop inflation which has spiked to its highest level since two thousand and nine zero reports from harare. the last time opposition supporters protested was back in august when six people were shot and killed by soldiers they are back on the street after the police assured them they'll be safe if they march with peaceful they once about his government to fix the struggling economy create jobs and bring down food prices they also say president bush should resign insisting he still elections in july. well the president has the prices of legitimacy. well yes was quote from the guy that was smuggled that was. one of the congressmen.
2:45 am
when god was says it'll take a long time for the economy to recover and that zimbabweans need to be patient. because of me to me. it's just i. was kind of rolling minichiello in my wallet. and that means not. some fuel pumps are dry most risky because of shortages is the second fuel crisis in just over a month it's also a shortage of foreign currency especially the u.s. dollar. the main opposition leader insists was administration has failed he says levy more protests if the situation doesn't improve. al-jazeera adding workers across perkier faso have stopped work in protest at soaring fuel prices thousands of people marched through the capital ouagadougou on thursday demanding an end to further petrol price increases in the last three. weeks they've risen by
2:46 am
twelve percent the government blames international markets but says the price hikes also generate funding for its operations against extremists when the national coalition against costly living called the strike out is demanding that the government examine its expenditure before hitting the people. her. fellow workers enough is enough we say no to this increase in fuel prices which inevitably will have terrible damaging consequences for people especially the most vulnerable and even the more do. we expect the government to act to reduce the salaries of ministers paid in the millions and to cancel privileges including water electricity luxury vehicles and so on enjoyed by the members of the government some of the world's most unique buildings are competing for top honors at the world festival in amsterdam one of them is an apartment building in new york by the late iraq born british architect zaha hadid al-jazeera as gabriel elizondo reports.
2:47 am
it's likely to become one of the crown jewels of chelsea's regeneration and already a distinctive addition to the manhattan skyline known simply as five twenty west twenty eighth this brand new apartment block represents a dramatic shift away from the hard angles of most buildings in the neighborhood dynamic curves dominate the elegant hand crafted metal facade creating its signature chevron pattern. around town from his idea of smith's novels. it was designed by the late new rocky british architect zaha hadid. and is one of the shortlisted buildings at the world architecture festival taking place in and damp. i did also design the inside of the building from the lobby to the spa. and of course the apartment's craig is the executive vice
2:48 am
president of the company that built it and we like to bring the architecture theme into the residence as well in this penthouse we have the means the opportunity to have a three level stair cement a lobby and these have been if the stair connect all three levels so who would live in a house like this well for starters you will need a lot of money fifty million dollars will get you the penthouse suite and the cheapest unit sells for five million dollars meaning that for most of us we'll have to enjoy this building from the outside it's built right next to the high line a popular elevated park here in manhattan and that proximity brings a special significance says ed gaskin a senior associate at how deeds company been amazing to see how people react and respond to the building as a piece of artwork so i think that contribution to the high line and elevating the rest of the neighborhood first of all it just something back to the
2:49 am
community zaha hadid never got to see her first new york building completed she died in two thousand and sixteen this is a note to her this is something that is her legacy this are only building in new york city and in this whole northeast actually and so if you want to know is they can come to this building a corner of manhattan that will forever be a reminder of a remarkable life's work gabriels on dough al-jazeera new york. you know asco has added reggae music to its world heritage list of cultural wonders. the u.n. agency says the music genre is worthy of protection because of its contribution to discussions around injustice and resistance reggae originated in jamaica in the late one nine hundred sixty s. many of the songs address socio political issues including police brutality and inequality where jamaica's culture minister olivia grange says that people can
2:50 am
learn a lot from reggae music the message of the music is about peace and love everybody everybody all over the world knows the song one. of the late bob marley our musical icon but the music is also all about. concha and the elements evolved over the from our tradition of sutil a popular form and this is an expression on all people from their western and of kingston kingston our capital but it has evolved out of the depressed area and it's a way that suppresses the our feeling and how is this message of universal love just ahead on the fire and fury a brawl breaks out as true heavyweight boxing straight so for the final time before the big bounce all the details coming out the
2:51 am
sun just too much.
2:52 am
and again times for his far out. thanks very much the couple liberty doris final that was abandoned data fan violence and when a cyber is will be helped thousands of miles away in madrid south american football authorities have announced that real madrid's burn about stadium will host the second leg of the all arjen time final between boca juniors and river plate on december the ninth the game in the argentinian capital was postponed last week
2:53 am
after an attack on the boca team bus outside rivers monumental stadium or not as a society to hold the second leg outside of the country due to security concerns or earlier we spoke to a south american football expert of juana rango he told us why mr it had suddenly been chosen to house south america's biggest obama. that's a good question it just emerged out of the blue today. we we heard miami we had heard. we had heard don't we heard all these different venues maybe you just last night as well and also today learning about who we're going to get so so as far as i guess a bit more distant from the situation it's. a little because robert gibbs playing with scott on the radio this weekend i mean this is i mean there's really not one answer you can give but overall it's a place that has been able to guarantee the safety of both teams that's been able
2:54 am
to you know equal conditions and. both narratives have been able to be satisfied. well coincidentally around madrid are due to play the winner of boca versus river plate in the world cup later in december in abu dhabi the players say they're looking forward to facing one of the heavy weights of south american football. and then obviously we are against violence but i hope south america has representation at the club world cup we don't know which team is going to play but it's important for football to have a team from south america either of them will be difficult because they play very good football as we saw in the first like this from. earlier it's a shame that violence goes on outside the pitch and affects the game at the end the most important things are fair play a nice final and that decisions are respected i think that's even more important. we'll see what happens with that final and most importantly of course that there's no one injured atletico parent and say are through the final the copa america they
2:55 am
met fellow brazilian sliman n c f america on wednesday leading to nil from the first like and they swiftly extended their advantage with the opening goal inside five minutes. give me arash added another in the second half to complete the four nil. play either junior. sampras final. and neymar is celebrating becoming brazil's highest goal scorer in champions league history the twenty six year old scored his thirty first champions league goal on wednesday his fourth of the season leading p.s.g. to a crucial two one victory against liverpool to keep their chances of reaching the last sixteen on track a margo's want to head of kaka who had held the record from his time with real madrid and ac milan. the team showed its strength and we were decisive we suffered a lot but we have a word to say in this competition i'm very happy to become the best brazilian striker in the champions league and i want to continue like that and help my
2:56 am
teammates the line up for the knockout stages is getting closer to completion smart . james made it through after thursday's early matches a real betis and sporting lisbon among them sporting getting a six one win car a bag and azerbaijan arsenal finish top of their group after a serino win in kiev that much moved from taba in eastern ukraine because of the tensions with russia ac milan went to one down to luxembourg minnows doodling but one five. boxing fans will finally get to see dante wilder and tyson fury in one of the biggest heavyweight fights in years on saturday while there is a title holder and both fighters are on things got heated in the final press conference the fighters and their camps gosling in l.a. as the face off went off the rails in front of the media while he says the fight that broke out wasn't just for show. i don't do it for i don't do it
2:57 am
there were far more lines there would. be no me what i don't. know what i hear. good morning because i don't have to worry about you know when i'm not there things that you would rather too skinny. believe in the n.b.a. russell westbrook posted the one hundred and seven triple double of his career as he led the oklahoma city thunder to a hundred eighty three win over the cleveland cavaliers that also moved him into a tie for third on the n.b.a.'s list for triple doubles over in texas is it was nineteen year old rookie luke adamic to help the dallas mavericks to a win over the houston rockets and devon harris both scored twenty points dallas houston one hundred seventy to ninety five by the triple double from rockets star james harden. the minnesota timberwolves russia san antonio spurs one hundred twenty eight to eighty nine in what was the third biggest win in
2:58 am
a soda franchise history it was also the timberwolves fourth straight victory. and that's all your support for now more later many thanks indeed the latest of a sob story straight ahead i'll see you again in just about. china could be facing a debt that's according to s. and p.
2:59 am
global the trumpet ministration just been insisting towards the saudis and. that they want to have more production to cool down the prices we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera day one of a new era in television news we badly need at this moment leadership and values this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist three weeks ago now there's at least twenty thousand or hinder refugees who live here. i gotta commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism president hosni mubarak has resigned. after all a lot of cover ups diplomacy. some form of closure he saw the syrian army. in the city as well as posters of syrian president bashar assad to record.
3:00 am
hundred feet away from us we're on the front line but it's. accepted money after bad. he's a weak person and what he's trying to do is get a reduced sentence donald trump of taxes form a lawyer who's admitted lying to congress about a russian real estate deal. short time later the u.s. president called off a meeting with vladimir putin blaming russia's worsening standoff with ukraine.
3:01 am
get on a variance and again this is our zero line from doha also coming up freedom replaced by fear people in.


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