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tv   A Thousand Girls Like Me  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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al-jazeera correspondent my own private bollywood. a recent un report has given remuda agency to the fight against climate change and from his threats like sea level rights at this year's climate talks in poland and the international community seize the opportunity to take concerted action say with al jazeera the latest from the front lines of the climate crisis from the conference itself. hello adrian sitting in here in doha the top stories on al jazeera pressure is building on u.s. president donald trump after his former lawyer admitted lying to congress michael cohen says he made false statements last year during an investigation into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential action article haim reports from washington. mobbed by reporters michael cohen said nothing leaving the court
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but inside a guilty plea he lied to congress now admitting that he was trying to arrange a real estate deal in moscow during the time it was clear donald trump would be the republican candidate the cohen was in fact going to travel to russia to work on the deal and that now president trump knew about it all things cohen had previously denied bruce fein worked in the justice department and he says this is a big deal so this is a time where we have a criminal information that identifies the president himself secondly it also indicates that president trump or then candidate trump felt vulnerable if it was known that he was dealing in russian enterprises or because he would need to curry to favor of mr putin nothing happens in russia of important without mr putin's approval the president dismissed the news in his usual fashion badmouthing his former top aide he's a weak person. by being weak not like other people that you watch he's
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a weak person and what he's trying to do is get a reduced sentence so he's lying about a project that everybody knew about i mean we were very open with the cohen did plead guilty to crimes that completely related to trump pain of women who trump had an affair with so they would stay quiet before the election and while it might not have been illegal to do a deal in russia while he is under investigation for potentially colluding with russia to win the election it would have looked suspicious this makes six six close aides to the president have now pled guilty as part of the special counsel's probe democrats say this is bad for the president. you've got all these closest associates of the president one after another pleading guilty often pleading guilty about their ties to russia and russians and what are they covering up for and we also have a white house that still seems just obsessed about this investigation it's believed
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the special counsel has filed several indictments that are still under seal which means it is quite likely michael cohen won't be the last to face the cameras or the court. is there washington and the u.s. president has canceled a meeting with washers vladimir putin which was to happen during the g twenty summit in argentina he's blaming russia's worsening standoff with ukraine trumps also ruled out basing saudi crown prince mohammed bin salma on the united nations aid chief is in yemen's capital to review the humanitarian crisis marc local says the situation for many people is desperate and he's repeated calls for an end to the war. this family behind me of being in these terrible conditions here for four years now. women with husbands and children they have nothing and they have tiny rudimentary shelters there's not enough food they're very
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not an already very welcome in the local community who got nothing and. it's a very insecure environment are none of the children going to school. camps as part of my job and this is really a terrible desperate play this war needs to end these people need a better future the outbreak in the democratic republic of congo is now the second largest on record by twenty four teens epidemic that killed thousands in west africa the world health organization delivered the assessment of the congo's health but history announced that they have been almost four hundred thirty cases since the start of august it's spreading in the country's northeast where attacks by rebel groups are making it difficult for health workers to contain the disease dozens of people have been left stranded after flash flooding in the turkish resort town of bodrum heavy rains saw cars swept away and businesses and homes flooded many people were stuck in waist deep water as emergency teams worked to bring them
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to safety is the headline as the news continues on al jazeera after witness next.
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bit of good news for. the market just. went on in the book are you going on one of those to see. what. the president called it. and become a little too good to consider. he's an idiot if they really have come up with the fiscal cliff program is the hallmark that belmokhtar mistook the need to. teach . to the local government people. who may seek to set up
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a mug next oh i don't have that same oh that was the thousand dollars that. the pope could get of thirty five that for a nice guy does that because at the festival in the seventh heaven then we get the image that was published today as you do holding the case because of the way they did all this and they closed the last. lescott you there for the union. cutters to justice when you want. only a. soft cover and one woman has been lost after treason for saying. that her role of. a nanny jessica she's a lifelong bit of a. banker
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had just moved and been in the uk with us but then i'm an immigrant to make it because born in america the hot political pattern was the make of all kind of either make up but also make it is the make a. must have made a for certain misnomer and learn lawmaker said i can speak. like that because the government moment that because that makes them to interest me for the most fun. it's because bernie could hear through a concern because there's. a lot of them from the love not. the dollars not all of us but that is it's in the letters was it to us because it.
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but you are not like a father but i'm bored. that will lead to flaws and the other one to learn so never us does look well and other than the us global how those darkest element of us the . border could muster much more than about my dream of the looker who met you mahmoud who grabbed a doctor. but the day go by the adams published but he had left on one of the night numb him on what wages and i made a good morbidity most of them not the leader of the number but in my lemon you're better because they'd actually call had me go. by then i'm good as the former is with the time almost i've heard of it was tough but imo much more than that i don't begrudge the college about a master automator come up way to get about a hit because now she more as mark i want you. as well but by then i'm just not as like a stuffed stomach you better call it you buy
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a woman that. money can buy them on the moon for millionaire j.m. and bush the chairman's and he's going to be. a terrorist in. the start date ignition. my. to. to. have a colleague off the bus because i call that a make up that the. don't want us on the bus and bland. and uncle muscles and the telecast not all other what he had sent us and ducked out as i know of john missed by many hostile muslim of on. the edge.
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the folk and the cons and i was out of. my hoarding and while that long while that made it echoing through the book i want out of a life. that if i had a month long loveless. on the long run. that means even in the state of. montana my. first clue still no longer exists if. one
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does or does. not. love. to feel. like they have the bunny on the guest on the. left. and they have left. this out of russia one of them you have ever seen any quarterback and we have one we have some get first so very homey got the general right above the no harm i can make a cell phone that we want in miami forums could really work well enough or something make a big target for the micro. he shouldn't tell me he can
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argue to hold a woman we've got to make a very dramatic of the boiling lungs they know by cover up of the falling home and those who don't have enough we don't know we should be much made a major progress can be but i want a few numbers. to see that my arm is we see are all at the foot of a market maker while they are making which is how does she know so much of that part of the federal reserve the mother told me about. the brain as in the car the harley i'm on much. when one of them was a harness the wires show me the number one me column by the way and mr. a it if you get in that well. seymour said good by that i meant to screen the. entire very nice. that was.
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hunter sutton in montana have a has a team a hit you hard to. believe. that they married in a decision or a cycle and their car stuck a skillet. on a hole that was a skillet or more that. to me when i came to me a lot of the needs that he has yes they do hope some say how somebody made a game. of net easy out of a drive car and x. ray not sign up for that in any account donna was ahead on most of mine a bigger ha ha less than a national. or
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does a good post about details but i may have missed that bit of the meat in the meat when i get there always then afaik he is going to roll me to the red misty as. the. to me for me kids to see d.n.a. that i want to sign as planned which would never have and would harm the structure trapped hayley room or do this i asked her if they'd have added to it dome is going to get the hotel in my book lesser than the what the rally at about the show at the flo met with the manager. almaguer but even more where he did it on him
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stop it can him kidnap while i'm a little joes with the board capital it cannot spread good if that that hate is good that america my solemn ishaq care. for the ball is an abyss to be supine as city as it is and misty charo threw him over at the lawn of the digital bombs because of the terrible news that they go by our part of the judgment of trouble put his the clown has. done and because it was. in us and i was the. only movie where they were scored with contempt what were at home and the law in a jumble can empower one mob a mark of a mob probably in care of that if you don't have the why in mathematica to ask more of jack and then whoa lot of went by they were going to go buy a brand gladwin kim oh that omar was culpable mobil one but i don't have a list after most of them as long as two at night if that ballot that is who was
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lewd. then was it to cindy in need muffled as this would have been an omission to me he amounted to war and sort of going to tell us that she because they just couldn't believe that they sort of just get to the hopeless and all that's going to show you are cartoons it was come on ship documentation. they had an affair then they couldn't control the presentable as a little girl. i . could just. call those that we.
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don't let alone of the known and he said i don't want to look. at them doesn't matter there is no doubt about. that i'm not arguing that. the notes do more than the letter. does that does look very very much more than the national. in the. fire don't you if i shouldn't. go just because i got it in fun and i want to go good military he doesn't give. him a letter that is for the little bit of. dust given to. them to go.
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whether yours is a wooden terrorist by that among us hope what are some of the thought a whole lot of. other animal model only go. by their own bad as to call them but thus to them. and i want that. to mean what they're taught him and this is that they expire time this is a danger and this is a. not a cloud anything. about the mess at atic i make. rockets a must just suck i love so that i have to show that i've done a funny didn't get any caught up by that amount. of the money so that made us to.
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try to act your best. well i may give our shot i may have. made that bargain in them rather than them in the. form. that what it will is not going to end but and that's not the main by that but he is that he caught on right may god bless the other two that are left but he actually is now i think on a regular book on a big part of. that as a. guy just that as you map the needy i mean god and i mean that's just what i got out of that too john when does it.
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make if i thought i'm gonna thank you i was a little harder to get out of the democrats at a party but it could go on another. thirty they're not going to be here they had a lack of a head because i didn't thank them and they have to go through and i want to thank you to have one of the last thank you the. rest of us for that man the man the c.f.l. the final countdown as young as five hundred volunteers thank you for the thank you. thank you you thank.
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it. did. not.
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now get all the. local. news. stories of life. and inspiration.
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a series of short documentaries from around the world. that celebrate the human spirit. against the odds. out is there a set of acts palestinians. being located outside that westerns and tricks pharaoh of influence were able to bring a different perspective to global that. when you peel away the list the cove the military in the financial dog and you see the people in those words and those policies are affecting see the emotion on their faces the situation they're living in that's when all of us can identify with the story. over one hundred years ago britain and france made a secret deal to divide the middle east between them now we can draw them in the
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second episode we explore the last effects of this agreement if there's a original sin to sikes because it's at those borders were drawn without consulting the people who have to live with the. psychs people lines in the sand on elm disease. a lot again a very incident in here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera the us president's former lawyer has admitted lying about what he did a real estate deal for donald trump in russia michael cohen made the false statements to congress during its investigation into claims of russian collusion in the twenty sixteen election trump is accusing cohen of lying to get a reduced sentence he was convicted of various things unrelated to us he was given
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a fairly long jail sentence and he's a weak person advice being weak i'd like other people that you watch he's a weak person and what he's trying to do is get a reduced sentence so he's lying about a project that everybody knew about i mean we were very open when we were thinking about building a building i guess we had a form it was an option i don't know what you call it we decided i decided ultimately not to do it there would have been nothing wrong if i did do it if i didn't do it there would have been nothing and the u.s. president has just arrived in argentina for the g. twenty summit where he's canceled a meeting with russia's president vladimir putin trump is blaming russia's worsening standoff with ukraine he's also ruled out meeting the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salma. the united nations aid chief is in yemen's capital to review the humanitarian crisis marc local says the situation for many people is desperate and he's repeated calls for an end to the war the break in the democratic republic
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of congo is now the second largest on record behind twenty four teens epidemic that killed thousands in west africa the world health organization delivered the assessment after congo's health ministry announced that been almost four hundred thirty cases since the start of organists dozens of people have been left stranded after flash flooding in the turkish resort town of boardroom heavy rains will cause swept away of businesses and homes flooded many people were stuck in waist deep water as emergency teams works to bring them to safety. in asco as i did reggae music to its world heritage list of cultural wondrous was. gone. the un agency says the music genre is worthy of protection because of its contribution to discussions around injustice and resistance reggae originated in jamaica in the one nine hundred sixty s.
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there's the headlines i'll be back with a news hour just over twenty five but it's let us get you back to with us. all the way. through the really difficult part of the maze. he crossed the border i'm here with. her head in one. less effect one.
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after. a. moment of. it. and then from the one. you have an american poet up to the stuff. you know jaime. the. mother.
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and i call my rack on things you can call in they hunted us down the he says. as in comments about how i didn't acknowledge how true the little yang of a good yarn i'm going to get i'm going to be minimal tired of cocky all the no my nigga not. for me to use on me finals if not now then i know he just. what. was the time of congress to me to have first class you know came out of the hard not to fly zone even after those who might find out that the dream of mine cast them. in my bank a tank at my job as i really am i don't. think that's not dangerous down much turned out it now meant i need to have erica said that you know downward dog on the
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dust when you combine athletic casting i join us today at project and that is not a conversational stream a community can. write you. up with a guy how are the other more than i like that nations and about. have us join a mother. like. oh just a brother this side really got very lucky. no but didn't implement the kind of. focus on general to find out one of those local does. not want to move all the way to play the fight and open up to them that the
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phone wasn't working folks. who learned over the phone that toshiba got one hundred for a little. for their what were they. the best of. oh go. look this is what we're going to force a vote. i guess since i don't know a moment that more than a month to decide on the fix the money the fed could use it years of sun our own medical care but tom and i need to talk about that to get us to take the film was a stunt or not but that if it doesn't go on and off at least i don't know that it was time to begin to move what i meant to ask someone close that i don't make time doesn't look amongst a deal that there wasn't any make out of that and i'm a time not made fun of i'm a little shaky but but not suddenly losing hope and michael quite the mistress my future that i shouldn't have to get a video of her students strike i think i'm wary that most of us try to blend folks who can kind of cover the much less.
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to some of them could. take a couple of. very. strong. test. sites. such as mr champagne house speaker system. such as much to look stunning just. to display some. pointers. but he. just talks.
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team before them was a number one nationally. and he turned. on twenty two thousand humans in. the second. from the top. bunk instead of the mountains minor mode this is a must be good enough to set up on a. phone or to look. back don't have to stand by that as a says he predicted what a joke but it was going to stand on the. coach one hundred thirty kids just more about non-existing mother got a father and you know a lot of it but almost nothing the rest is almost. my mom's brother's you know questionable was missing from the scene to make egypt touch of the face of my heart
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when i first i'm talking as if i'm lucky i'm not a tennessee chip hash i'm just going to look up above some of the books on the fish who've been going to be bussed to the minister both to meet with the minister. because imo most. was over the woman. but some of the cast votes for me you know as it is with all muslim. which clothes and they do most of them so on the lot of
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a model car careens of money because it was money because before like a name it's not that us there is someone any good and they love us and they go on but i mean isn't the uk or us are not made to mean that much buddhists and i might dismiss the old to get a muslim i don't want a lot of there's a lot of money q. fish. if you. well killing his own home after. the event that he thought of not just. the family . and the magic of nothing. as i'm all of a mother the myra the one out of every time there ready to go but there is
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a shot at. the. i said man next must go for. the same sentence namely i think. that i know why they are up i said. there is best known as the cast of the moth that is it was another one jen dame next day carried the reason i not ask nothing about it i am not a ghost and then came a show that i should stand out among. the time i was bashful was angrier than because. i say so i said.
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i said. ugly not the way it is the way a whole day i will. get but they are saturday so not only the day lol there were
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only thirty problem but again there would be large on that because a budget over the jews even was the more the fault that. the feds forbid without but i suddenly love the eurozone with a command not so hard to receive the. most demanding of most of the cuts but i'm going to buy me a book with another novel and you will contend with measured tomatoes or told some years as that of i'm so lucky to have that has been my view of most others get that this is not going to be awesome or that at that rest of the world has to be settled
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out of the nest and we do get adequate cause if i have not and cannot has been impaneled and going to spend time on account by adam gadahn. and to that i must think it is the car should gather them as it has been a part of this. other colonus but on course one can learn as. much of this the motivated unknown and get a good show but of the guns are. not about to hit. my son when. i'm just like you know by he. my number in the going to.
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the gun. but. the hope. i was. trying to get him and the coming on as in how the. police. put. the goalie. over the most support but don't. think. much so we want to see. that happening. so. close. to no no but the mother. knew what i was.
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you need to take out the loan. that's. because the traditional question of the car no matter passes through the system enough to know that is in love with me now to me. john is too. much money i have more than my going to other people that. afghanistan but. trying to join a club is what signal was there that was a step you ought to call me i couldn't that's me but she's getting better is it harder to me that you care. about michael me so much. about my gosh because. i was one of the irish and i had nothing to come by and
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that's how i remember the target. audience in my life and i think makes me. a little part of the not much of the road but me very. much. don't i wasn't focused on that front of our papers had. disappeared shouldn't become hard because that's ok michael could smoke it with us on a sunday kubica put out of a situation and then when he had he then he sent me to get my kid to the good mother lived by hey around here. man could the what half a shrew can you know what a moment is there are some women and. i said america i miss it was my chemistry my face and i could have. taken down payment on a new name brand when i'm planning on this is a. bad end to the pillow namaste i came home to so manly could look at for the day the most the same person are very capable of being
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a focus and some my brains are not the most mean you don't do this and the main reason they get is not. become a national joke if they didn't come out. and ask them to it is a number who wouldn't. that and then the men come along to this room without. comment on the path of my grandson who says i. love this and then broke my lunch hour or so our son was rushed to. the east. was just.
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because. i don't. like how. we were going. on a game and they. were both forced to follow the bass home i was in. the sober circle the owner of. the given as to the next time i got to go home or go to go for
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less. than a day but favorite everything was ok. right now go read it again. very never go. to go read about the date of. the other day. so they repeat. any motion. by the book on your phone or the phone you over if. you're the. lover of the earth the two lines are.
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long. oh. my god i did not.
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go low position on your sunday or monday going to not no. for the. reasons that anger about the. deaths are less. than a thousand a month or so then i learned. a. lot of the stuff they've done wrong.
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oh my god it would add.
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to the. fun a son but like his another and then other. than that i thought the weapon was enough though he took us all got a lot of course that could. be .
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no where in the world is from the forest disappearing fast a benefits instead of. finding the little slice we. i mean i did it. and try to but i was a. signer who has fallen into the finest flowing river in tennessee in. one man's fight for the rights of indigenous harry teach a time a witness documentary on al-jazeera.
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say some rather heavy rain pushing into western parts of the us much of that west inside all of north america loss of cloud coming for him us native rainfall with some of that has been very heavy at times things will quiet down here as we go through friday skies comicon behind the rain turning to snow as it pushes over the rockies as it is where little ace was in the process mike away for the race around the appalachians some rather lively showers just ganging up here that will continue to push its way further east over the next couple days and they'll be some snow on the northern flank just around pennsylvania upstate new york into on teria all easing further east which is because through saturday by sas day system pushing out of the rockies are already bringing some heavy downpours in across the great plains and as you can see quite a bit the snow in the full cost over the next few days of a merriest down into the south facing the possibility of some localized flooding could see a little more flooding to towards california as the next system pushes in again
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with some snow over the nevada's maybe we got a little bit of pushing in across say carabine lots of dry weather lots of sunshine is certainly the case into the last around his great scientists can see some plan in there for jamaica rum friday but look i'm trying the saturday. they said what do you think of waterboarding i said i think we absolutely need it we should happen and if we can we should have people in power investigates the private companies and rule us towns and logically complicit in the illegal use of torture under interrogation the sun will rise once a day and then sets or not if you're in the hands of the cia you can make the sunshine or not rendition movies that tend to cause one on al-jazeera i think one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to
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tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place where two worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. in two hours we can sit on juries in the rest of central america at about the same time but more importantly is where those two cultures north and south america meet have to teach it's a very important place for all to do it's a big. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian forgetting this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes so he's lying about a project that everybody knew about the u.s. president donald trump reacts to his former lawyers admission that he lied to
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congress during the rush for investigation just ahead of his arrival at the g. twenty summit trump cancels plans to mates with russia's president vladimir putin.


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