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tv   A New Lease Of Life  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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and that's why it was such a bloody battle an icon of conflict about hearts of the lebanese civil war beirut on holiday in war hotels on al-jazeera. had i missed. the top stories on al-jazeera pressure is building on us president on and off to his former lawyer. to congress michael cohen says he made the false statements last year during an investigation into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election has a holiday in reports from washington d.c. . mobbed by reporters michael cohen said nothing leaving the court but inside a guilty plea he lied to congress now admitting that he was trying to arrange a real estate deal in moscow during the time it was clear donald trump would be the
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republican candidate the cohen was in fact going to travel to russia to work on the deal and that now president trump knew about it all things cohen had previously denied bruce fein worked in the justice department and he says this is a big deal so this is a time where we have a criminal information that identifies the president himself secondly it also indicates that president trump or then candidate trump felt vulnerable if it was known that he was dealing in russian enterprises or because he would need to curry the favor of mr putin nothing happens in russia of important without mr putin's approval the president dismissed the news in his usual fashion badmouthing his former top aide he's a weak person. by being weak i'd like other people that you watch he's a weak person and what he's trying to do is get a reduced sentence so he's lying about
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a project that everybody knew about i mean we were very open to where the kohen did plead guilty to crimes that completely related to trump pain of women who trump had an affair with so they would stay quiet before the election and while it might not have been illegal to do a deal in russia while he is under investigation for potentially colluding with russia to win the election it would have looked suspicious this makes six six close aides to the president have now pled guilty as part of the special counsel's probe democrats say this is bad for the president. you've got all these closest associates of the president one after another pleading guilty often pleading guilty about their ties to russia and russians and what are they covering up for and we also have a white house that still seems just obsessed about this investigation it's believed the special counsel has filed several indictments that are still under seal which means it is quite likely michael cohen won't be the last to face the cameras or the
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court political he announces here washington the u.s. president has arrived in argentina for the g. twenty summit where he's canceled a meeting with russia's vladimir pierson trump is blaming russia's westing standoff with ukraine the united nations age chief is in yemen's capital to review the humanitarian crisis marlow cox says the situation for many people is desperate and his repeated calls for an end to the war. this family behind me of being in these terrible conditions here for four years will. remain with husbands and children they have nothing and they have tiny rudimentary shelters there's not enough. they're very. often already very welcome in the local community who got nothing themselves it's a very insecure environment none of the children going to screw. the times is part of my job and this is really
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a terrible desperate by this war needs to end these people need to pass a future. the above outbreak in the democratic republic of congo is now the second largest on record behind twenty four teens epidemic that killed thousands in west africa congo has health ministry announced there have been almost four hundred thirty cases since or best. a member of china's weak a minority has addressed the u.s. congress detailing the torture and abuse she says she experienced in a government in town and camp medical tests and cried as a translator described how she was interrogated for days without sleep a civil rights suit has been filed in a u.s. court against vacation rental company b. and b. over its decision to ban listings from illegal settlements and the occupied west bank those are the headlines the news continues here off to al-jazeera wild.
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and i really miss him to sever a new home for that year going over lesh fish when helo saw him gave a t. our little corner killing your b.g. a mission over job growth mission. i know i'm a little coward slow to just live. here with the war for sure you. hell that hell you it heading for so they're directly but they were or were dry really over dhaka or so there are some but did closer see agathe only a real fertile cue to begin a two year. indy macand soon when it the create for it well. more do i need. hertz you get
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a fertile louis seven minutes from scene one to head the scene ken griffey had our share oh well from behind it they usually. let her look nearly as commission more ok the overly thought around mazar e because general for here's a look to be methylene head a little more holy men hired men rotten. who a lot. more free. trade .
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bad now has a highly. r.t. measure who do wish that it had tact edmund and me. and one under one of our city of color stuck out added to bill be it has said hardly fair are. those who wish a shiny little heavy into to begin to dismantle was really an up. and no one had one who was really cool to be looked after so many. but if she could. sub she must know about it. but few long one must behave the clear was so some of us are businesses that are the sub to some somebody or something that go about thought young and waited for them by the women looked up with. where you thought it the. most brutal dog.
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marley it's not so new to these countries are you a little but do you love me now if the note said that he was good what i could bob i have to assume when i wish to listen to for you to suffer more from a good man i love him the love mundelein i don't hate horny how took on discard the gift but less shit surely a kid has a lot. less skill. i learned. no one hundred k. the one you are. in or but that talk to isha talk to has shifted. some of that in the past with the hand id come in what to lead to a when i want me and when is that what mark. we
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should be to everybody and kill your own benefit let us our path yet is a desert but the book but myself up and harshman by military men can sidney been the rain can so i remain. is a mark that. a kid. did. it and did that to get ahead of my shooting in our shooting young shuttle crew young lady will come soon. to the land they haunt. me stuff i did a while washout. but my all what he did to be fair number to me i knew what to do then they should be stukely oshima and the young men under said i. had that consider a kid to think about enough to pass down but what if they had only their own body doesn't he will you help her tiara. i know my father.
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yeah. how can you get it done. i mean i think that your year. was. only. a week and you. know what i had a. similar but the matter at hand we wish i could live so somehow to be able is that miami look at now but i love shopping and what had the damon but man now all the new deal done it can be really sure if it's been. the show for.
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you. this. mother's not just. yet. another album you're going to look. at that from you
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know the one you know but maybe you're really lucky. really there done that. thing in terms of i could hear this. and now use if i can give it to i give me many of the t.v. i mean me national one of the few. ideas you did. that none of it meant or thought about i'm jewish jim i'm a big deal to do you know whom. i go but i don't look at whom i would look. and then i have said no i don't have this you know how i think how do you yes. it
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will mama christine o'donnell them up we know. about the defense well you know yet she. said that the media because i'm the i'm saddam saddam oh sheesh you have done i had no idea what i was on no matter what never been done with. now you didn't tell him he didn't have to do all of the just. having to know how to machine might not make money coming out of nowhere and then came in and one of the she of what a quantity my mind meant demanding more room i made them a house emotional not enough. she met. him in a semi i. a month. from getting. a mouthful of.
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the will and the honey open you know when dow monopole rah the the. the the. the the. the the the. thing that you alleges in the history. and number of dogs who hold her so how do you know her mother cannot haul my knees you have been the only off to them out for the moment how do. you how newfoundland and like in the middle lushington and united and took a mystery not where i am now you are in many how long you know when the when the
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money and the money and the mission of he's one of many and you admin i'm tied many as you may do it isn't in that he will not be a good talker lol so how would he know i'm a minimum of one on one on him he was in with howard. kill mfi him enough so i can move see to have bucked. on a mamba. and i meditate. but do the well how do we know what the new fuel more player than the one of the ten who can.
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hit in one hundred. my hundred feet in the city from no more up to. the top than a shia on the. reality of a bullish mana model said how to be. many units in bad neighborhood and fairly to hold. on near the spot. sod it. but it also theory is sort of very. the had it been hired by a molecular shuttle with the force of the procedure. but serious aired up. there but serious promise up. at the federal home on the wheel and the shuttles.
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but there was a little it in the timber duesler in one. hand then not good what it would be in the millions in but there are millions now a but they are not law it but there are millions but there has she said i mean unique in the little good what. it meant to look that i. must multi if you might have been hired to have pursued the bullishness names that ensued but how you were had bill the. bill the young men she was more than a lot of thousand on your job or some below work and are going to last me is
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a pretty good feel hard capable love bugman the sort of the. hotter. good job. but job hardly comes to sneer at this new service new life i don't know but don't. fall from citizen kane that there really are. just sort of feel to. the healthy are also usually the body
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is did a little some. of the. best by last year's song has. been much from out the fellow at the market. last he had music we are the most yalla classically out with a now i we are just some. without them as a lad. of c.n.n. has he and i ha meet last year there. at that it has you are now both beer with and now at the high holy high school rally on both a. nominal form on. the shore you in.
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the back that is. not offical over the. allow it to be a pod the hand of course has a camera in our syrian activists it is dealing be barred. because our assassin bay came out the song belly alomar at my that my there might be a that african monday monday at that leno and maybe an hour later at least some seem in their flow land on had a back flip and marketeers a young look here's. a
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listen really i'm glad but although. i will be a little sanyo i'm sold and living a first for the brutal cult before when it was the. senate the earth would suddenly all somehow come seems in a low government. and the. new louis for the doctor or than i can. tell you neil alexander olds well get couldn't have lyme and also that twenty nine year old can get a little old who also has an ammonia shipper of his own element. and government and i'm sure than most of. the know. now than i am out the nose at
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findlaw in the good old machine what if we look in manassas at sixty. most of us welcome to. the mythology. and it's very good you have a one on us like we said she'd lown never as we said cause universe. no. less. when laziness. i'm all. of us that's the sad and you know this is. much easier. but i didn't go. the way for the puzzle mark didn't deposit similar under because we didn't. the military.
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so i. couldn't. a lot of. those. controversial.
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i think. a father should be a protector. for. he was her tormentor. betrayed for years she carries the evidence inside her. but will this be enough to find justice in afghanistan's patriarchal society. a
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thousand girls like me. a witness documentary on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees with detailed coverage but now president today with the fact is as there's not much that can be done without trying to see it is now inside the session. from around the world fallon does in the eighth sector in chad are thriving refugee families the returns that are for many are now back in the villages they fled when the war started. over a hundred years ago britain and france made a secret deal to divide the middle east between them now we can draw him in the second episode we explore the lasting effects of this agreement that there is a original sin to sikes pico it's at those borders were drawn without consulting the people how to live with the. psychs pekoe lines in the sun on own
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choosing. hello i missed all the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. president's former lawyer has said mrs lying about what he did on a real estate deal for donald trump and russia michael cohen made the false statements to congress during its investigation into claims of russian collusion in the twenty sixteen election trump is accusing cohen of lying to get a reduced sentence he was convicted of various things unrelated. he was given a fairly long jail sentence and he's a weak person and by being weak i'd like other people that you watch or use that
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weak person and what he's drawing to do is get a reduced judge so he's learning about a project that everybody knew about every we were very open with that we were thinking about building a building i guess we had to reform it was an option other to what you call it we decided i decided ultimately not to do it there would have been nothing wrong if i did do it if i did do it there would have been out there room the u.s. president has arrived in argentina for the g twenty summit where he's canceled a meeting with russia's about to me a pearson trump is blaming russia's west wing standoff with ukraine he's also ruled out meeting the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salma. the united nations a chief is in yemen's capital to review the humanitarian crisis mako cox says the situation for many people is desperate and he's repeated calls for an end to the war the above the outbreak in the democratic republic of congo is now the second largest on record behind twenty fourteen's epidemic that killed thousands in west
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africa congo's health ministry announced there have been almost four hundred confetti cases since august. a member of china's weak a minority has addressed the u.s. congress detailing the torture and abuse she says she experienced in a government internment camp and cried as a translator described how she was interrogated for days without sleep and subjected to intrusive medical examinations china's detained up to two million week is in detention camps. a civil rights series has been filed in a u.s. court against a vacation rental company b. and b. over its decision to ban listings from illegal settlements in the occupied west bank the americans who brought the case accuse a b. and b. of discriminating against jewish west bank homeowners those are the headlines the news continues here with director in a big idea after the second part of al-jazeera well. because we're not as we should . writes i've been finding it. in three to be
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strictly. on the seventieth anniversary of. the whites that stand up. stand up for human rights. and have. had to be active all the have been to been to a carbon bin tomorrow. or at least it's a problem when to see how large fee you have the issue what the limited. so called her leave my body a few more. feet. on the wrong party when one.
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she had been from the to hate or from the law had to be highly josee the civil. nicu year. told. her bertani sure you are the bad lemma for she said far a few she thought our culture beside them a bit of not what they meant and. they meant her misdemeanor mark bad men and truth bob didn't study and there was all different bits to be can hate them all had. for the kind of movie star that gets mobile. can they live there are the not that it is your own that i am had a wall of at the heart. and. there.
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is that one is a moment it's b.s. and then again it's to hell with. it or any of it. so. that's a little. going to get a bit almost good god debate. a lot that he does. not pay back into she'll tell a any. one of proof i had. either she had over the poet apollo. away up to. a world where we were to be on the big tough and been somebody you can. see knew what to do said my cancer sort of by currents with. me has she
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can should could but now i wish to sugar look cute and i say me what to the russians really sits about mincing out well if a kid will keep well if a kid will. be she. the commander. what the two a few been to you could. want to us hot. identical in a shop. allman whoa. what illiberal song is and they have been said his skill not their feet fuck your best belong on the shores of your liver disable we why the huddling in the shop oh wait that's. the lab milk model cannot be a set of my mom up do what hello i'm bob was it bob b.b.
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should. be here i'll bear it and you cut up to do bomb decision around those comported computer how we shall lay out and you get there to motherland our thinking without our luca. should do matter so who you know monsieur to korea or moshe heard at bellaire relief arlo must have thought we heard him or they hadn't learned by you do buried and i want another hour the thoughts from arizona are that there therma what that does are frequently. more the heart than blue for newsroom and movado want to honor. the bruges. while you are so hot and feeble here nor in the doing. for the whole boot ok
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and i heard your mara you know mortar fire engine to hide for that i was older and more or. kill a thousand watt on what you hire at a motel while. i am. they had a hard enough i mean men in the. army of punk general he made it up and. in with the high and he had. no value nothing and.
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she knew. him and he would up and you know. not made an hour down from his in a. limo she did to him was he never going to and no his last in line a huge i would examine her america in that one hundred yacht you had your hero and then made a nice lot of them either of you you know. how you. are no idea. no one yet and. i don't like. well america we're meant to love. in the midst of.
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a village. but. the other just. you know it's just a little more than what it was very nice i mean if you. see. this. stuff. and. another hundred i'm sorry no ma'am national were national media. national when you suffer yes i mean honestly solid. i mean i
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mean. if you know who had to. be you. were not a lot. when you were little what i mean and you were not. yet of so how do you. ah that i'm sad i'm going to have it up oh no no no summer judge said no no not at the end of the little cycle going to get up and get. five up you know.
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i love. the sun come on man one sam but do you. think the fiddling fairly is. a good long. a lot sort of. like eleventh. see a bit the lobby and like on a. button and. the what on earth. of among the dead is a little of the shaving this element folk like yourself i was shown
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a dish for mary jane it is demand and then this is in medicine and whiskey in the month of may be with god. he's been there and i mean i've been him. in a house and he knew we would see it with this but it was someone who way of highs and lows a lot. of the. aside from what them to fully get the feel of hope what could be a more. bad for the had to pull. out of a part of a good feeling on the field and no method by the hell out of the. less than the high of a lot of. enthusiasm. will be it because you're at the new i'm at last mission you haven't if that. was it. in the cliff mohan so had mo he be said to have the mcgill so maybe it will be built up but he
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had the move the skill he says up to and you look and i'm it's a little like the mislaying it's a hit the slate and the feet has seen all of a bullish wave or so like come now follow one of the bob if and then as they call it what if in the need. to follow the wind down minute if an yway excellent. uncertain you do. get a little how did leave michelle in the north this is. done deal may she.
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wait a bit from leave it to plug. a little few of. how you did push up a little bit abut them the higher the tele. also learn a. the cinnamon how you do bob the hub of the woman you were the. buma other one had. the how you do. the. play of how you could leave was a. comment i had to pull you couldn't listen you john a lot of sort of them led them to see awful. live. and if you had heard the heart of.
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a little. it's and had fabulous have and notes at that specific and media group setting no. issue hasn't needed of us still . you. need to quit condemn selfie with mark doug from left left the issue for me had only had had the life let's meet and work. and show him a sheaf speedier and a good piece years kentucky he did it by use an accent which. would mean you could probably use it since gilded dylan is a fifty's can be good. for the home. and had democracy and
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she did a fair bit of work. on anyhow. and shivani she did she had a she knew the country. clicked where the hadn't do. it didn't. love fair. will not shut so. none of their sins and so.
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we. could look at the code. you can carry him with cool because i will tell you but much insure that will cover you were all belov the love style is an illness a wish and the labor leave the tears i was shit out of the flows right at home to learn i'll be opting out of the now ahmed luck. whether. or not because relational.
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on. earth. michelle moved more to her father well you marry free brain and. ima let me tell you who or what how i live for us we're we're here i'm be usual muslim are look nearly well you are knee. i mean for weary
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they. were there to be larry lane gillmore kubla and howard material my band and had zeal father as well as bass with the music. were kind of fitter halley in the same in montauk element of about. who are over minimal men who only funeral in only her will you need to see if he was really doing her mourn silting oh were she a muslim how to muslim hatted you boom muslim her thirty nine you know her name but how can something three be not copper is the theme. of. that i let me alone for free i'm young to he know who we had to have i had to interrupt the whole what does leave out of their lives and while i'm alone for
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coffee a time i want to elope look out into october. you kilmore and affinity. with you you freeze your way or do you who know who we are not what we have us yeah. he can share when it's me and. he in a party you know side with but we are. no different if you've been honest with mina because you. know how you do him no. home. can only
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start then men aren't sought to be but i'll admit this to the syphilis listen we've got the d.c. kenny business below italy. a bit should be clear about the city. fired up and i had a bill and they want one highly hung up. since this is. going to release through the un now what highly listening to my sushi all this into a bus what they'll have to do has it fallen like a lizard you see it sheila has lived. most of the. million. and about the on the. west in the body she would come in with a hundred in certain in their lives enough so if they're on the press a note of what. to many will lady. who lived near the end elimination i've been been to. a hellish she can on the.
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murphy and the she with the arm i know her love but it's fun for me even me. should fly one minute if the physical i will not like effect on him in the now how i met him in hellish how long. since then him to the live done nothing about it and you. know not sure i want to should kill. bill but with no one to live not a shape they limit again and i the head of i'm ugly and i managed to hide and again it's been. a lawyer for a sugar though she's about half the current bill bates killer missed a migraine because that was you can will bear true but the family bitch about bionic limb heart but skin a sheep could do. that and it's obvious to the internet. so by him she feels. ok and what so many years we him give. that dilemma.
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hello for good to god but. have lived to it again. or else i'm an. up to. and north sort of to be a mother by yen or. out dear but served at the table as calls it the land of the empty land that's a field day and. most of the mostly low level come in and. about on it on how to reinstall in full install also allow macbook out of goofiness way plus not badly not the nominee lana fallon felon b.b. the federation is full pick as hers hundred. in total who someone had damn many romola she caused and.
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what she might be a good mini should really kill but the tone seemed but daughter could have been but there was i've got to. be one could only be the one bishop in no killfile you pay if there wasn't. a what she but don't shouldn't comment on the research they had to the credit didn't.
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move it did the new daughter and mother and son are the id. two must have been dumped into the fi at that age. i have a membership and imo she should up in the who should also when you're alone with. the whole matter ask him ahead joe you had. a lot. of the ball. a lone wolf wolf is. in the. scene very. deliberate thirty move those at the bottom three double orders of. the ventral dog blood lead dog i don't believe. sadie more could be killed in armada they are built to fully be armor should be a new revolution. al-jazeera
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wild follows the struggles of an iraqi painter a syrian screenwriter and a palestinian filmmaker as they come to terms with their lives as displaced artists in lebanon. home a little art is always the first to go to the last to the till here. i've invented a new homeland in my imagination built here beirut's refugee artists on al-jazeera. how i once again welcome to another look at the international focus see by clouds
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are gathering once again across the bad teasing out of that is the start of the mediterranean and we have got more possibility of more flooding rains coming in across that east the side of the med aid to syria lebanon maybe dance rules jordan over the next couple of days back out of the right that's going to continue fighting its way further eastwards will see some heavy rain there into i mean you're into georgia little further north that possibility some snow come down into parts of iraq easing over into that western side of iran and again we're back into the area of the potential for flooding rains further east is just a dry for the time being warm enough in kabul it around seventeen celsius and they have to thirty that in karate warm enough to across the region potentially up around that sort of mark into the year a twenty seven here in little more clout that just around the far north of saudi arabia sinking further south which in the switch this week i wanted to say here in qatar it looks that's going to stay settled and sunny over the next couple of days
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little cloud just around southern parts of amman southern areas of yemen little cloud sue would sue southern parts of mozambique the rains continue to central nice and big but they are pushing north. well the on line for you looking at wildlife and how the solutions come together to benefit all parties involved that's where we're going to be long term or if you join a sunset if you could take me around the content way would you tell me you don't have to set up your experiment with your experiment in the universe this is a dialogue everyone has a voice you actually raise several interesting point there that our community members are going to join the global conversation. this is the opportunity to understand a very different way where there before something happens and we don't leave. once
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held in one of australia's toughest detention centers now a world renowned surgeon. dr moon. has returns to his hometown baghdad to give up your keys the hope of walking on al-jazeera. the murder and tension in crimea cast a shadow as leaders of the world's biggest economies arrive at the g. twenty summit in argentina. you're watching all just your own life from a headquarters and. also ahead donald trump's former lawyer admits he lied to congress about a russia related real estate project and the ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo is the second largest on.


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