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strictly. on the seventieth anniversary. of the whites let's stand up. for human rights. day one of the g. twenty summit in argentina world leaders gather and want to sirees where the u.s. china trade dispute and. murder are likely to overshadow proceedings. you're watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters and. also ahead tensions with moscow over ukraine also in the spotlight at the g twenty as the ukrainian government blocks russian men of military age from entering the country one and
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a half million children need urgent aid in the central african republic we'll have the latest on an alarming report by the u.n. children's organization and we're in amsterdam for the world architecture festival we'll take a look at the city's structure a wonder as old and new. hello world leaders have gathered in argentina for the annual g. twenty summit with a background of controversy and simmering disputes top of the agenda and want to sirees will likely be the trade war between the two biggest economies the u.s. and china they've imposed tariffs on each other's imports this year leading to concerns about a global ripple effects also overshadowing the two day summit is the murder of. the saudi crown prince has faced protests and legal complaints against his attendants over his alleged role in the. journalists' killing and
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a meeting between the russian leader vladimir putin and donald trump has been called off after sunday's naval confrontation between russia and ukraine in the black sea it's led to pressure on the u.s. and e.u. to consider new sanctions against moscow we begin our coverage with this report from here is a row reporting from a site raise. the mothers of last of emmanuel have been demanding to know the whereabouts of their missing children since they disappeared during argentina's dictatorship forty years ago. the g twenty gives them a chance to take their message to a wider audience and. the city is under siege it seems like we're under curfew but we made it here and once again we call on world leaders to stop the policies that create hunger poverty and that hurt the working class. they were into low thousands of people are promising to take over the streets of one of the site is on friday in spite of these protests this is
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a historic event for argentina and an opportunity to be at the center of world affairs even though there are several issues overshadowing the main objective which is to build consensus on crucial issues like climate change and inequality. among them the presence of saudi crown prince mohammed bin salomon and the request by human rights watch to investigate him over the murder of journalism i casually. skilling has changed relations between saudi and the western world. in one way mark owen says he's ready to talk to the crown prince about what happened should usually take a sure i have always been very clear in the case of saudi arabia and i will inevitably have the opportunity to discuss it with the saudi crown prince on the margins of this g. twenty meeting we will have the opportunity to discuss it among european leaders as i requested before the g. seven donald trump arrived in when a site is on thursday evening ready to discuss the trade war between the united
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states and china he's cancelled he's meeting with russian president vladimir putin after the seizure of crane and ships by russia at the crimean peninsula. these protesters came all the way from the united states carrying a baby trump. he's been an activist opposing the u.s. foreign policy since the vietnam war we would like the president of the united states that are a little bit more mature that's if i was going to boil it down to just one statement it would be that we think it's asinine that he's on twitter we think it's asinine that he's casual and that he. picks fights seems to want to take the smallest and lowest road instead of the high the g twenty begins proper on friday this mass yoga session was organized to help leaders concentrate on we solving their differences. the protest around when a site is will remind them how hard that task is likely to be. as.
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well the u.n. secretary general antonio terrace is also and what osiris here is alan fischer for the moranbah it's. the organizers of the g twenty and global leaders are also hoping that crucial issues will be discussed things like global warming things like the global economy there are some experts who say we could well be heading for another recession not quite as bad as two thousand and eight but something that would cause untold misery for many people around the globe well the u.n. secretary general is in argentina he had a news conference earlier on thursday and i asked him how he can get everyone pointing in the same direction and trying to bring global solutions to global problems live. stock that they're seeing the central problems of all of that. just because. there's of course you see just as the woman you are until you get here is understands where the fault lines are and i asked him you
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know what the problems are how do you get everyone pointing in the same direction and coming up with a solution he said i don't know you tell me i pointed out i wasn't the u.n. secretary general but that perhaps shows his frustration that the twenty biggest economies are involved in individual rows rather than looking at the big picture and walking towards solutions there they're hoping at the end of the g. twenty there will be an official communique it would be unusual if there wasn't but given the divisions given the problems it's by no means guaranteed if they were able to get a statement which discusses what has been achieved and where they need to go that that would be progress well as prime minister justin trudeau arrived in argentina for the g twenty canada announced that it's imposing sanctions on seventeen saudi nationals who it believes had a role in the murder of journalist. here's the canadian foreign minister chrystia freeland. to murder him to the shoji is
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a point and represents an unconscionable attack on freedom of expression and freedom of the press he continued to call for a credible and independent international investigation. this case is known policed those responsible for mr bush ots death must be held to account and must face justice kennedy halakhah joining us from speaking off. this is a big diplomatic task for the saudi arabian a crown prince some even saying it's a question of his legitimacy on the international stage. there's no question that the saudi crown prince and his attendance here at the g. twenty summit is an attempt to put the murder of behind him certainly this is going to be a focus for many of the g twenty leaders that are present here but at the same time you have to put it into context when you come to
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a meeting like this the crown prince is and saudi arabia is the only nation where there are human rights concerns we've got china here russia so he's certainly in the crown prince is certainly in good company in terms of the allegations but of course the murder of his show she is in the spotlight at the moment but given the fact that the united states tends to be the leader in all of this and has given up till now so hush zero zero rather the saudi crown prince free pass with respect to that murder it's possible that many of the g twenty leaders will follow suit you know you have the u.s. secretary of defense james mattis saying when they looked at the intelligence there was no so-called smoking gun so in terms of how this moves forward well the argentinean prosecutor certainly is taking this case looking at the cases put forward by human rights watch but again given the fact that the wheels of justice often move very slowly it's likely that he will leave before anything takes effect
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and at the same time a lot of important events including a high stakes meeting between the u.s. and chinese presidents of course the dispute between them a big talking point can we expect any progress on that issue of the three not quite as between the u.s. and china here the helicopters above me but i'm going to continue talking about china that is certainly another big issue with the out coming meeting between u.s. president donald trump and the chinese leader xi jinping of course that escalating trade war is certainly on the forefront donald trump threatening more tariffs in january up to twenty five percent on to more than two hundred billion chinese goods that's what's at stake if an agreement can't be worked out one that the spokesman for the chinese foreign minister says he's hopeful can still be achieved. we hope the u.s. can show sincerity in the china happy way to promote
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a proposal that both countries can accept at the same time we also hope that the hard work of both sides of the argentina beating that will shortly take place between the leaders of china and the us can achieve positive results to set the direction for the next stage in the development of cheney u.s. ties. all right kimberly we'll leave it there with you for now for the time being kimberly reporting for us from a very loud. now as we mentioned donald trump has pointed to russia's actions against ukraine as his reason for counseling and meeting with president vladimir putin in one of sirees ukraine is not only calling on the international community to put pressure on moscow but it's also taking its own measures the latest banning russian men aged between sixteen and sixty from entering the country or a challenge is covering the story joining us now from moscow we'll talk about those measures in
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a moment rory but now we have reaction from the kremlin reacting to president trump this isn't a council meeting with between him and putin. yes basically the. kremlin were surprised by this decision late last night thursday evening when it broke they were basically following donald trump's twitter feed and seeing what was being reported bits that they hadn't received anything themselves from the white house well that changed on friday when we have an official statement from to be true peskov said that yes we regret the u.s. administration's decision to cancel this meeting in what i saw as it means that the discussion of serious international and bilateral issues is being delayed for uncertain period of time as for the russian president vladimir putin he is ready for holding contacts with his u.s. counterparts. just talking about retaliation is just
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terrifying because if anyone tries to retaliate to what's happening in kiev now it could lead to a crazy situation if we're talking about this on a national scale then quite simply it could lead to a meltdown. ok so there is a car over there was talking about the a ukrainian president's decision to ban russian males aged between sixteen and sixty from entering ukraine that is a big step from the ukrainian presidents in the ukrainian border service considering that there are hundreds if not thousands of families who are closely intertwined across the border russians with family in ukraine in ukraine with family members in russia there of ukrainians who work in russia and russians who work in ukraine so severing. of the the traffic across the border in
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one direction is a big step from petro poroshenko the russians of course in many circumstances have this principle of reciprocity if anybody in acts a policy that they see as anti russian and they will do something that is similar back so the big question was would the russians do that in return and as we've just heard from or is a car of a it seems i've they decided not to do that so i think the russians are trying to portray what's going on in ukraine at the moment as a kind of collective freakouts from the poroshenko administration and position moscow as the adult in the room all right thank you. well as you're hearing good kev has banned russian men aged between sixteen and sixty from entering the country it's the latest retaliatory measure as the crisis with moscow escalates ukraine's president petro poroshenko also wants nato to the point ships to the sea if as all of that's what russia has been blockading ports border regions
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in ukraine are now under martial law including the city of kharkiv under simmons reports from there. martial law review crane second city isn't very evident more police on the ground and extra vigilance but most of the emergency power is now available to the president of being held in reserve. so fear and counted sky is a journalist who was here outside the city's russian consulate when it was fire bombed on sunday night nationalists demonstrating against russia's action off the coast of alec's crimea she says later when president petro poroshenko warned that russia had tripled the number of tanks on the border people were startled some fearing an invasion. it's karma. rather than more local officials have assured people that nerves which will restrict their constitutional rights well are and they be brought into effect f. russia stats and open act of aggression such as an invasion people here in hockey
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that live in a strange state is there a full war or isn't there. paper boats remain outside the consulate passive resistance to the russian confrontation city officials won't comment and were understood to be seeking more clarification about the martial law or some politicians are still cynical about the president's motivations with their actions at the end of march next year the fact that a bill like the one about that a bill in the back of a twenty four team should have been done and everyone would have taken it normally it could have been an adequate response to the situation but now honestly it looks ridiculous. an estimated thirty percent of hockey these people are ethnic russian and the border is only forty kilometers away if the conflict was to escalate drastically kieve would certainly be in the firing line and this is the city that built thousands of teeth thirty four tanks its legendary armor believed by many to
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have been one of the main reasons why the soviets defeated the nazis in the second world war. now work to build and maintain ukrainian tanks is virtually nonstop with all exports halted. its won't necessarily what's how. on the ground it's what's going through people's minds construction for example is applies to young men between twenty and twenty seven years of age one year for graduates eighteen months from now on graduate special exemption for young people from serving on the front line but could this old change. a students depart from a day's study in a university and get a hint of their nervousness. the nation's fighting each other needs to be a peaceful solution without the loss of human life. boy. i will be in
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pain if my brothers conscripted because i don't want him to go to war to fight somebody at a strange time in its short history as an independent state the message from ukraine is one of strength and determination but there's divisiveness in its internal politics andrew symonds al-jazeera how keep you crying and in just a moment right here on. economy. hello again well this hour i do want to take you up here towards north asia we are seeing some better conditions right now across parts of japan but things are going to be deteriorating over the next few days and that the reason is we have this one system making its way out of northeastern china and eastern parts of russia that is
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going to quickly move into japan and bring some rain as well as snow by the time we get to saturday up here toward sapporo it is going to be a cold day few temperatures only reaching a high of one overnight lows down into the minus a single digits there but as we go towards sunday a little bit clearer for most of the areas we can be so seeing osaka at about sixteen degrees over here towards parts of a high temperature if you of only minus thirteen degrees while making our way down here towards china not looking too bad for much of the area particularly along the coast for hong kong maybe a spotty shower too by the time we get toward saturday but as we go towards sunday more rain up here towards the north over towards shanghai we do think that rain is going to be in your forecast by the time we get towards monday and then very quickly as we make a way down towards parts of manila well partly cloudy conditions few of the next few days most of the heavy rain is going to be across parts of mindanao but down here towards pollute it is going to be a rainy day for you with a temperature of about thirty degrees.
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thailand's foreign minister discusses the difficulties his country faces china has been trying very hard to isolate taiwan internationally and shares his concerns of a china's posture in asia. taiwan's foreign minister tunics to al-jazeera. just.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera world leaders are in argentina for the annual g twenty summit it's not cold lobel economic issues and disagreements the u.s. china trade wars topping an agenda that's also being overshadowed by the murder of the rising tension between russia and ukraine over crimea is also in the spotlight at the g. twenty ukraine is now blocking russian men of military age from entering the country it's also calling on the international community to put more pressure on moscow and we can now bring in andrew simmons who's near the ukrainian border with russia tensions still very high andrew after russia's this isn't to deploy more surface to air missiles in that crimea region what are you seeing where you are. well i've just come back from the border we're not allowed to do any filming there under martial law restrictions we have ten kilometers back and there's a lonely mind of lawlessness trucks trying to get across the border isn't too
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unusual put there's no reporting coming across right now no russians of illusions because of this new now normally you would have. russian nationals coming through so also think who have joint ukrainian and russian citizenship that ukrainians are very worried that there could be a kickback from russia and they may do a tit for tat restriction on ukrainian nationals going into russia that would have a big effect on them in terms of the russian else they stood back and said no we will take an action in it basically in a fashion to try to ukrainians who need to work in russia so this is now a situation where when the ukrainians are being seen to be the technical warms although for a shrinker president poroshenko is insisting he does not want to see scenes like this
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and thirty fourteen after the uprising where and russian nationals were coming in to demonstrate in this area he has a thirty percent russian ethnic presence in the population there is no trouble these days but then there will not all demonstrations and lots of violence perpetrated according to you driving by russian nationals who was. as they said. fine the russian army using whole series of measures and the russian curser going to announce this move restricting. crossings of this border point he said point blank that we're shocked. long to build effectively reliable. people platoon to cause trouble in ukraine so this is basically a measure that's what it quite well look by parish and it's going to look like the
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early washington nationals will just go in and there's no warre russian nationals who haven't really see it because the little points that need clearing out. a lot of attention coming down on this area anderson's thank you for that update now syrian state media reporting thirty people have been killed in u.s. led coalition air strikes targeting i saw in your data zoraida most of the victims were women and children earlier on thursday in the same area nearly twenty people and some fighters were killed in a coalition strike on a prison there are still pockets controlled by isolate eastern syria where they have been killing civilians zimbabwe's economic woes only seem to be getting worse one place where you can really see how desperate things are getting is at petrol stations hundreds of cars are queuing up for hours due to another round of fuel shortages some stations are even empty. reports from harare.
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it's the second fuel crisis in just over a month it is not just in the capital harare it's all over the country fuel pumps are driving the slushy seeing people have been waiting in long lines for hours some say even days hoping to get fuel what happens is they hear a rumor or they get word that fuel will be delivered could be delivered on the second day they come and they join the line many people we've spoken to say they're angry and frustrated quite frankly i can't leave again as i'm sure so many people feel it's a it's just such a waste of time and productivity. as i'm bob wins it's super frustrating because instead of working you know how selling we are hearing something that we have become very good outs and shouldn't. be bullied me for the sins of known saloons. should. something else should. people who are
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on wait in line for whatever reason are buying the fuel on the black month that it's illegal but they say there's nothing else they can do they need to get to work than it is in the children to school but buying on the black market means paying in u.s. dollars many people here don't earn u.s. dollars you can just walk into the bank and get the money because of cash shortages all across the country the government is telling zimbabweans to be patient they saying fuel supplies would maybe by the end of the week but people are frustrated they're angry they say enough is enough they want less talk and more action. bringing more misery to asylum seekers at the us mexico border they're part of a large group of people fleeing violence and poverty in honduras guatemala and el salvador. isn't a one off with the store. this was the first of four days of rain expected in tijuana mexico it hadn't reached two year old nicole regus yet the
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water surrounded the tent where her mother had kept her hidden i mean i protect my daughter even if i have to get way. but the hours passed and the rain continued. more than seven thousand asylum seekers are now tamzin see awana the vast majority inside this city park with no roofs over their heads many already sick and weak after walking more than a month from their home countries to reach this point we don't but she suffers from asthma so i have to be careful she would get sick from the rain. this was javier on their toes bed he left on doris to seek a better life in the united states not knowing the slow pace the u.s. takes asylum claims would condemn him to living like this it will be months before his turn to apply for asylum at the us port of entry after the move in the underwood we are still in good spirits because we came with
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a purpose we're not ready to give up the many other. desperate families queued up to receive donated raincoats. then nightfall brought welcoming signs apos to the rain and government buses to take some to a covered shelter but many refused the offer to move them was about out of it that would spread us out a few here a few there we won't be as strong we don't want that. and so most remained willing to suffer side by side for what they believed to be their best chance for asylum in the us. castro al-jazeera do you want to mexico top architects are competing for a design glory of the world architecture festival underway in amsterdam the dutch capital is known for its architectural treasures ranging from windmills to what's more modern buildings their partner takes a look. working buildings need to work they need to combine form and
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function some such as the humble dutch windmill and now icons of human achievement this is industrial architecture. the same is true of contemporary buildings in our modern cities they need to work for people in the case of this year's winner of the amsterdam architecture prize lots of people the dutch capital has a new spine that all south metro line is ten kilometers long and has eight gleaming stations it took decades of planning fifteen years of construction and required a catalogue of engineering innovations to deal with the city's many canals and thick layers of mud we're reinventing. the engineers that works on the project venting engineering this part of the station was not built on this site it was built. it was floated in a canal that we knew central station. and then connected to the rest of the track
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there is a transients about train stations which means that we often miss many of the details that go into designing a months of the effort that goes into engineering but perhaps that's half the success of good architecture but we don't know what it is doing to us as it takes us on a journey from a to b. . some building such as the university of amsterdam a design to bring us together this is social engineering in steel and concrete the previous building had long but will drink dollars and sell like rooms some of the previous building remains but new spaces have been created to reconnect the university to the city and the students with each other. the idea was as people meet in the city so they should meet in the building and if there is a university the. social kind of exchange is even more important regardless of how
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functional. trippy is or how seamlessly it blends into the background it aspires to quietly improve the way we live. the al-jazeera absa down. or you can head to our website al-jazeera dot com for the day's top stories on al-jazeera dot com. well again the headlines on al-jazeera this hour world leaders are in argentina for the annual g twenty summit to tackle global economic issues and disagreements the u.s. china trade wars topping an agenda that's also being overshadowed by the murder of john. rising tension between russia and ukraine over crimea is also in the spotlight at the g. twenty ukraine is now blocking russian men of military age from entering the country it's also calling on the international community to put more pressure on
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moscow syrian state media reporting thirty people have been killed in the u.s. led coalition airstrikes targeting eisold near dead as sort of most of the victims were women and children president trump's former lawyer has admitted he lied to congress during an investigation into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election michael cohen told a federal court he made a false statement about a trump organization plan to build a tower in moscow trump is accusing cohen of flying to get a reduced sentence. the ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo is now the second largest on record behind two thousand and fourteen is epidemic that killed thousands in west africa two hundred fifty people have died it's spreading in the country's north east where attacks by rebel groups are making it difficult for health workers to contain the disease. tens of thousands of farmers are marching to india's parliament there protesting against years of financial
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hardship the farmers say the government has neglected them by not giving them enough subsidies. and it seems there is no end yet to sri lanka's political crisis with parliament passing a motion to cut ministers salaries and travel expenses it's designed to disrupt the administration of disputed prime minister mahinda rajapakse office he was controversially installed after the president sacked his prime minister last month and a move many considered unconstitutional a tokyo court has extended the detention of the former chairman of car company nissan by ten days is accused of underreporting his salary by millions of dollars over several years which he denies he's been in detention since november the nineteen those are the headlines talk to al-jazeera is coming up next stay with us .
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only. you can. see. i'm a dream brown in taipei the capital of taiwan for the past sixty nine years has been self-governing but this place is also claimed by mainland china and in the past it has threatened repeatedly to take taiwan back by force if necessary they just have local elections here and the ruling party did very badly china it seems may well have been a factor i've been talking to joseph who taiwan's foreign minister who has the job of selling taiwan's message overseas at a time when china is doing all it can to i.


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