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can you. counting the cost and i just see it. zero. hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up as the g. twenty summit gets underway in argentina the saudi crown prince cuts a lonely figure that finds a friend in. ukraine balls russian men aged sixteen to sixty from entering fearing a land invasion off the last three of its ships. and
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a south korean train crosses into the north to help upgrade its dilapidated railway system. on poll recent doha with all your sports on the hunt is on for new host for africa cup of nations off the champions cameroon all strips of the royds due to safety concerns and construction delays. the g. twenty summit the world's top economies has been underway in argentina it's supposed to be about trade and climate change but the awkward presence of saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound month has overshadowed the events off the killing of jamal khashoggi he remained on the sidelines of the family photo before being warmly greeted in front of the cameras by russia's president but in a person he's already held talks with the french president who reportedly been rated him for not listening to him is also just met with british prime minister to
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resign may overshadowing the summit as well the conflict between russia and ukraine at g. seven foreign ministers of criticized moscow's actions and trump says he'll only hold an impromptu meeting with locked in a position to raise a bow has more now from. the world's most powerful leaders gathered. argentina's president. greeted each one of them. we have the obligation to show the world the global challenges of global solutions work climate change we can't resolve them alone. there are several issues overshadowing the event like the presence of saudi crown prince mohammed bin salomon and his suspected role in the killing of a saudi journalist. at the family photo the crown prince was standing in the back row off to the side he seemed isolated from the other leaders apart from a quick handshake from the head of the entire american development bank later he
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received a warm handshake from the russian president vladimir putin pouring leaders like france's and on a strong message to be inside man and insisted on international experts being part of the investigation into these murder then there's the trade issue not only the ongoing commercial standoff between the united states and china but also the signing of a revised commercial agreement to replace nafta mexico and canada have so far been resistant to donald trump's protectionist measures but there was some progress as i said the task isn't done there is more hard work ahead to build resilient stronger economies that support families everywhere in canada make no mistake we will stand up for our workers and fight for their families and their communities. and ronald it's all the more reason why we need to keep working to remove the tariffs on steel
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and aluminum between our countries the summit is a historic event for argentina and a chance for a president. who is struggling with double digit inflation and recession donald trump promised the investment argentina so desperately needs we've known each other alone while we talked about lots of good things for argentina for the united states including trade including military purges other things but we have a lot to talk a little bit zero times a day the five percent is. finding consensus on issues like climate change trade and my regime is the summit biggest challenge especially when some of its members like donald trump are skeptical about many of the issues being discussed for many that make it more difficult for big breakthroughs that will benefit g. twenty nations in general and the rest of the world will see that when a site is. let's talk some more about who had been some months presence of the summit alan fischer is live for us now in buenos aires and alan m.b.'s has managed
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to meet with the french and the russian president's also just met with reason may any of nation about what went down in these exchanges. well the information we're getting from the trees a meeting which we understand has happened just in the last hour is that she told them that she should be taking steps to make sure there is no repeat of the jamal khashoggi incident quote what she means by that we may get further clarification in the coming hour but that's just one of the bilateral meetings that have been held that people thought that mohamed bin someone was going to be isolated they obviously didn't reckon with his economic power winning the diplomatic difficulties he's in at the moment we know that when he turned up all the diplomatic niceties what observe president welcomed him to the g twenty as you would expect but it's interesting that president makary who for two weeks before the g twenty was talking
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about perhaps having a one on one with the saudi crown prince decided to cancel that and there is no intention of that happening again the president mccraw of france did say that he was going to talk to mohammed bin salmond that happened on the fringes of the meeting there was a brief exchange we are told by the elysee palace that the french president raised the issue of the war in yemen and also the mater of jamal khashoggi interestingly enough what was picked up on camera was president telling the crown prince you don't listen to me and the crown prince saying yes i will listen to you so that is interesting clearly the french president taking the initiative believing he is no in a position to try and guide this young crone prince who is in a lot of diplomatic difficulty as well if there was the if there were leaders that try to avoid the chrome prince one leader in particular made it an effort to have a real public sure of support for him and that was vladimir putin who walked into
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the main hall where the leaders would be gathering and it wasn't just the diplomatic handshake it was a high five which is a bit unusual certainly not something i've seen in all the times i've been covering g. twenty s. and g. sevens in ga over the years this was the russian president showing his support. but for mohammed bin someone he hasn't said anything at all about what is going on over the last few weeks hasn't made any criticism of the saudi king and so the prince and so this was him showing his support ideally as well of course he would benefit i'm sure he sees the potential of benefiting from any fracture in the u.s. relationship and then there was the what's called the family photo the gathering all the leaders it was interesting to see who would be next to mohammed bin sound and where would he be in that picture and we got that answer when he was placed to the far right as you looked on to the stage who was the world lead that was set aside while no one what we got was the head of
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a development bank who was placed right next to him they shook hands as they would but over in the far left corner was president of the one of turkey that wasn't just something that happened these positions are planned there is a protocol involved and clearly it was decided that these two men should be kept well apart the president of the one did walk past mohammed bin salman and his way to take up his position but the two men never looked at one another and certainly never exchanged any words we know that president xi of china has had a meeting with mohammed bin salman now donald trump said that he'd certainly wasn't setting aside any time to talk to the saudi crown prince but there was a discussion the saudis called it a friendly discussion not quite so much said donald trump it was merely just an exchange of pleasantries on the outskirts of the meeting he said that the me talk so holding out the potential that before the g twenty is done on sunday there may be something more substantial but saying they didn't discuss anything there were no
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discussions he said we but there were no discussions so that is maybe something to watch over the next couple of days but clearly as i say this saudi crown prince took a gamble coming here there were those who thought he might be isolated. be ignored and sidelined we have seen the saudi foreign minister it ministry tweeted out very often any meetings that mohamed bin someone has had to assure the people back home but also people around the world that he hasn't been isolated so it was a gamble coming here and it seems as i see his economic produce certainly oh we'd what many people would call his diplomatic problems that we've seen over the last seven or eight weeks all right thank you very much alan fish with all the latest on that our white house correspondent kimberly how it is also in the argentine capital and joins us now and there have been some suggestions in the russian media that presidents bush and enchant have had
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a brief meeting at the g twenty despite the fact that it appeared any such contact between the two leaders was off the table. that's right and you know every side is trying to spin what did or did not happen here at the g twenty and russia appears to be no exception there had been some reporting in the russian media that in fact donald trump the u.s. president vladimir putin the russian leader had met well the white house confirming no that is not the case they may have been in the same room and pictures and video of certainly capture that but there was no meeting not even the exchange of pleasantries as allen was discussing with regard to mohammed bin solomon in just the opposite in fact when donald trump was asked about whether or not or he was going to meet with latimer putin as had been highly anticipated he said no no he canceled that meeting in fact he did it on board air force one on route to
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argentina and when asked why he did that he said ukraine it purely ukraine what he's talking about of course is that naval clash that occurred last weekend where in fact the ukraine had three ships seized twenty four sailors to take and because they have not been returned donald trump saying he could not meet with lattimer putin at this time not ruling out a meeting in the future but not feeling it was appropriate at the moment now the white house for its part there were some questions about whether this had anything to do with the ongoing russia probe back in the united states which has not had some very good headlines in terms of the coverage for donald trump in the last forty eight hours the white house also denying this saying in fact that they hope that the witch hunt as they call it will be over soon thank you very much kelly hala kit and when it is that meanwhile thousands of demonstrators have been rallying in protest of the g. twenty economic policies the demonstration is unlikely to get anywhere near the
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need to summit because the police the coast guard on the border patrols of cordoned off a twelve square kilometer area around the convention center where. summit is being held public transportation was also suspended in the city with hundreds of intersections blocks to control the traffic and crowds well lucien human is among the protesters and joins us now you see how would you describe the atmosphere there today. mary when it is combative i think that's the only way to describe it you can see now the columns are leaving the plaza that are directly in front of the congress building and although as you say their transportation was limited and there was heightened security so far at least it's been very peaceful there is nobody here amongst these people at least to get off the hook at the g. twenty we have seen posters against osama against muhammad bin son and of course but also against the president putin again started to raise some made one
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post to read get your hands off of our malvina us or falkland islands and of course lots and lots of criticism of president donald trump whom here they say is like the head demon there were posters of him making him out to look like a pig with claws with with daggers in his hand they say that he represents imperialism these are left wing organizations mainly and also some who represent women's rights groups as well as environmentalist's the whole you know a ray of protestors that usually come to these g twenty meetings but also the president of argentina has been heavily criticized for even to hosting this event i did time ago when argentina is in a deep deep recession the i.m.f. of course is one of the favored targets it just lent argentina fifty six billion dollars but the people whom you've just seen leaving here finally after being on the streets are about five or six hours say that that loan that bailout loan is
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going to basically help the rich the banks and that they will have to pay for it with very very deep austerity measures so there you have it. the protest is ending so far at least it looks like it's gone off without a hitch thank you very much our last america ad is solace in human joining us there from when is iris well in studio with me now is jake a particular as is the deputy head of the u.s. and the americas program at london's chatham house think tank thank you very much for coming in to speak to us so we're just seeing protests that are taking place in and around the summit there in argentina but also disagreements inside the sun this itself on the global economy on trade climate change murder of jamal khashoggi has anything been accomplished so far well the big thing that i think the american administration would say has been accomplished is the highly telegraphed signing of the u.s. and ca the trade deal the successor to nafta between donald trump and rick opinion
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your toe and justin trudeau know how much about is actually a common accomplishment i think is somewhat up for debate because in addition to the fact that u.s.m.c. isn't that much of a change from the preceeding nafta agreement there's also the question of whether it'll actually go through pinion yetto is about to be replaced in over the weekend in fact by a new president who may or may not follow through and of course starting in january donald trump will have to deal with the newly democratic so that there's been a great deal of well enthusiasm around this new trade deal but it is probably not so much of a transformation as it is a revamp of what already exists and it might not be approved by these countries respective legislators yes exactly. in terms of the presence of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin. quite an interesting reaction we saw he had a brief encounter with the russian president vladimir putin we also saw
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a brief exchange there with emmanuel monk on and then also reports a meeting with to reason may he took a risk in attending the g. twenty summit. has it paid off well i think in terms of him standing on stage i mean the optics are everything in a g. twenty summit like this and here he is standing on stage with world leaders he's not the king but he's the sort of next in line and he's widely seen as the power behind the throne so he's ending on the stage with world leaders and just just being there just being in that room and being sort of on that stage with them i think is a a reinforcement of his power as a reinforcement of what he and his supporters would see has as his proper place in the world so i think it's probably on balance a win for him although of course the the sort of broke like handshake that exchange with will be more putin has been the source of a great deal of. consternation not least on twitter speaking about him in person he
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had a planned meeting with donald trump which russian media is saying that there was some contact between the two leaders but we know in a tweet that trump said he was canceling a meeting with policing because of the confrontation in the black sea with ukraine but interesting that it came after dramatic developments in the investigation transformer lawyer michael cohen admitting that he lied to congress about a trunk project in moscow how much will that investigation be playing on trump's mind has entered a new phase i think this investigation is always playing on trump's mind not least when something like this comes to the surface when someone who is very close to him as michael cohen was speaks out against him except the plea deal works with the hated moeller investigation so i think it's definitely on his mind now the extent to which it was actually the rationale for canceling the meeting i think really there was probably element of both of if i had to guess i would say it's probably more the developments in the russian vest a geisha and less ukraine ukraine has been sort of strategically of greater and
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lesser importance to trump depending on the circumstances so i think it's definitely playing on his mind and you can see from the sort of. endless stream of tweets he's put out over the last three or four days not that criticizing muller's anything new for trump but there's an intensity there that there isn't always thank you very much appreciate your analysis jake particular with chatham house. still ahead for you in this news hour from london unicef ones that tens of thousands of children could starve to death in the central african republic as that as if things weren't tough enough for the central american asylum seekers waiting at u.s. border torrential rain it now brings new problems. and investigations are underway after claims that men from afghanistan's football federation sexually abuse some of the women's national team pull half the details in sport.
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or ukraine as russian men between the ages of sixteen and sixty from entering the country for a month is president petro poroshenko says the ban will help stop the formation of what he describes as private armies which ukraine says a working alongside moscow backed rebels in the border area but russia says it will not retaliate with perceptor cold moves after simmons has the latest from kharkiv near the ukraine russia border. this is the latest message from ukraine into russia on a social media. rule set to be taking place really. intended to show all the prunings defensive capabilities of. britain at the outset of you've already joined forces operation is full of weapons that are able to stop the aerial aggression of the russian federation. and as the live fire exercises
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were playing out on the world wide web president petro poroshenko decided to ban all russian mail holders aged between sixteen and sixty from coming in or going out of ukraine. just outside hockey here at one of the main border posts nearly seven hundred russians normally enter or leave the country every day. now the numbers are going down drastically with all the disruption that goes with it. brought me ukrainian he was supposed to be meeting my brother a russian national and his family they didn't let him in only the women. that man like many others have been involved in an important event a wedding border guards told people if it was a funeral or a humanitarian emergency they'd have free passage. president poroshenko says the main purpose of the action is to prevent the russian military from harming private companies to say learn through the border to form pro russian squads to cause
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trouble. shortly after taking offensive action against russian nationals and putting out this military video message. took a more passive line on twitter. he told ukrainians there will be no mobilization of young people to fight or any restrictions on human rights as long as russia doesn't invade. countries simmons' out hockey ukraine. syria now state media are saying that thirty people have been killed in u.s. led coalition as strikes targeting i still need there is or most of the victims in the town of said to be women and children on thursday nearly twenty people and some were killed in a coalition strike on a prison in the same area. there are still pockets controlled by i still in eastern syria where they've been killing civilians unicef
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is warning of an unprecedented humanitarian disaster for children in central african republic it says tens of thousands could starve to death as rival armed groups continue to battle for control of land and resources alexey o'brien reports . these are the victims of one of the world's most forgotten conflicts starving children fill central african republic sir only pediatric hospital and their frail bodies are fighting an invisible enemy hunger to inform on placed in one place. it's really sad because it's an illness that can be prevented but we see dozens of cases if for a day sometimes children arrive here in a very serious condition they go straight to the emergency ward and some die it's really painful. the u.n. says children a suffering the most in the fighting that began in two thousand and thirteen between mostly muslim seleka rebels and the mainly christian anti baloch of
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militias. both sides have a tech schools hospitals and religious buildings and one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world a militia leader and former politician tom is now facing charges in the international criminal court accused of murder torture and recruiting child soldiers like level she thought is only for possible when i was fifteen when i joined the armed group it was to protect myself and money so i could support myself because i was poor if you don't help the children the boys will join armed groups and the girls will sell their bodies. according to the united nations the violence has forced a quarter of all children from their homes many into the bush or overcrowded camps nearly every child needs protection from the armed groups which now control eighty percent of the country it says one point five million children require humanitarian aid and forty three thousand could die from extreme hunger in the coming year
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children in the central african republic constantly that facing violence or they're recruited into armed groups they are living under imaginable. t.v. and facing life threatening nutrition this situation is really desperate we have a whole generation of children growing up in this spritz desperate situations. unicef says children and central african republic have been abandoned by the international community for too long and without urgent help they could become a lost generation brian al jazeera. u.s. officials say the number of troops on the mexican border will be cut from five thousand six hundred to around four thousand with their deployment extended until the end of january president trying to send the troops to the border ahead of the
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midterm elections in response to the caravan of central american migrants marching across mexico and mexican authorities have started moving some of the thousands of asylum seekers gathered in the border town of tijuana from an overcrowded shelter to an event's hall nearby after heavy rain many have been living in tents while others are in shelters made from trash bags some in the group of gone on hunger strike to pressure u.s. authorities to let them apply for asylum heidi joe castro is live for us now outside that crowded shelter in tijuana and heidi how would you describe the conditions there now. miriam it was a welcome sign to the more than four thousand people were still at this shelter open to the elements to see the sun come up this morning that was after a day of downed or followed by a night of restless cold sleeping in the wet tents and the clothing that really could not protect these families from those elements people
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are still drying out this morning the sanitary conditions here are pretty awful there people are sharing an outdoor area for portable bathrooms they're having to shower underneath an open pipe the water turning the dirt beneath their feet into a mud pits there are more than four thousand people who still remain here at this outdoor shelter unicef says more than a thousand of them are children and the sick tent has had a constant stream of people coming in and out complaining of coughs and fevers and asthma for their children the central american asylum seekers were weak already when they arrived in tijuana because they walked for more than a month to skate the violence and poverty in their home countries and here having arrived just at the doorstep of america with the u.s. border wall right behind me within eyesight of the shelter already for them was
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quite an achievement and they say they will continue to stay here waiting for a chance to submit their claims for asylum at a port of entry despite the u.s. taking months to start that process for all of these people involved mariyam. yes we know the trump administration particularly as a mid term elections took measures to. essentially try and constrain the movement of these asylum say solemn seekers to stop them entering the u.s. what's next for many of these people now. well there are the mexican government is now stepping up the federal government actually open up an event hall not not far from here and the government is trying to convince people to leave this outdoor shelter for that more protected area the problem is many of these asylum seekers are suspicious they think that the government is purposefully trying to divide them into smaller groups and then deport them you actually see
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people walking around with pictures these are government workers who have pictures of the new shelter trying to convince families to go ahead and move also the vast majority of asylum seekers are denouncing the events of the past weekend when a group of protesters rushed the u.s. border eliciting a response of tear gas from the u.s. border agents but the families i've talked to here say that did not represent the vast majority of peaceful asylum seekers who are willing to wait their turn even if that means a struggle just to get from one day to the next and fifty people have said that they are going to protest the u.s. slow pace of accepting these asylum claims or starting a hunger strike even that said as you mentioned the u.s. has not relented at all with the defense department now extending the deployment of u.s. soldiers on the border to the end of january mariyam looks like many people will be
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stuck in limbo thank you very much heidi kustra in tijuana. still ahead for you on the program preparing for protests why they're boarding up shops and removing potential projectiles from the streets of paris anger and frustration in zimbabwe where fuel shortages of left drivers queuing for hours and it found violence in argentina spain being chosen to live out the door is fine with a two finalists of appealed against the move to madrid. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast all across europe particular down here towards the southeast we have been dealing with a lot of rain now in parts of turkey where flooding has been a big problem over the last several days the good news is as the system makes its
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way to the north east we are going to sing some drier conditions pushing into the area so that's going to mean those waters those flood waters are going to begin to recede but as that moisture makes its way to the north it's going to enter into the colder air and turn to snow in across parts of the ukraine we are going to be seen plenty of snow over the next couple of days and the temperatures are going to remain quite low going to sing only reaching to about minus five as your high as we make our way toward sunday out here towards the west it's going to be messy with rain as well as winds in the forecast and this is going to be all weekend the rain extending all the way from parts of denmark all the way down here toward switzerland and also across parts of the a bear peninsula we're going to be seeing the very heavy rain as well well as i make a way down here towards the northern part of africa that same weather system is also going to be bringing some wet and windy conditions across parts of algeria as well as tunisia that is going to continue to make its way towards the south as we go towards sunday and really affect parts of tripoli as we make our way toward sunday
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over towards benghazi it is going to be a rainy day as well with clouds in the forecast and a temperature of about nineteen. the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the us. study after study demonstrated perspectives dominate american media coverage what part of this case you get through your thick head is hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want
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and if you don't say it we're not go at you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind on al-jazeera. welcome back quick recap of the top stories now the g. twenty summit of the world's top economies has been overshadowed by the awkward presence of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sell none he remained on the sidelines of the family photo before being warmly greeted in front of the cameras by russia's president. ukraine's president has banned russian men between the ages of sixteen and sixty from entering the country for months saying it's to stop the
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formation of private armies along the border and unicef is warning that tens of thousands of children central african republic could starve to death as rival armed groups continues a battle for control of land and resources. now italy's foreign minister has summoned the egyptian ambassador to demand justice for those behind the murder of italian student julio cine is comes after prosecutors in rome announced plans to investigate members of egypt's secret service as suspects in his mind the cambridge university graduate student disappeared in january twenty sixth seen while studying at the american university of cairo his body was found the next month with signs of torture in the desert outside cairo the run prosecutor believes were jamie was killed by egyptian security services because of his research. and a british student is facing trial in egypt after taking a photograph of a military helicopter nineteen year old mohammed fati abdul costs and was detained
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on arrival in alexandria airport last week he was flying from libya with a friend when he took the picture from the window of the airplane he was on i will call simmons family have called the british government to arrange his release. that dozens of people have been arrested in brussels after violence during protests inspired by france's yellow vest anti fuel tax movement police fired water cannon intake gas at a crowded blocked a key role in the belgian capital which has a calling on the government to resign over rising fuel prices and a decline in living standards. well barry says preparing for the latest round of yellow vests protests for more than two weeks crowds of blocked roads across france demanding that president on low as fuel prices and the high cost of living david reports from paris every potential projectile was being removed from the seans elisei shop windows boarded up as paris prepared for yet another day of protests.
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the riots here last saturday were likened to a war scene four thousand police are being deployed to prevent them being repeated but the so-called yellow vest rebellion launched against hikes in fuel taxes is proving hard to control these pensioners with dotting the iconic uniforms for the first time every driver in france is vaguely applies to carry one in the car. it was president of manual macron though who was in their headlights for pushing through reforms without caring for ordinary people. on our crew. people believed in him because he was young but it's not true he's doing the same as the old politicians or even worse. the pew poll published this week shows that more than seventy percent of the french public support the best rebellion even the prime minister. says that they have something that should be heard important thing
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. but only one of them responded to his invitation for talks and left minutes later the reason for my told him i do not wish to pursue discussion because they did not allowed it to be filled. this debate and this reflection will continue its approach us which is not only crossing social boundaries in france but is also spreading beyond its borders yellow vests have appeared in brussels and now square as far as the french island of re-union in the indian ocean so. the movement was not born out of a political position or that from a wide range of concerns it is allowed people to be part of it. person mccraw is in argentina for the g twenty but he cannot escape reminders of the spreading rebellion back home david chaytor al-jazeera paris. well now to the economic crisis in zimbabwe the country is facing its toughest crisis in
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a decade with the price of basic goods skyrocketing and frequent cash shortages long queues of becoming a common sight outside petrol stations as residents desperately try to get their hands on scarce fuel supplies and has hardly tass or explains from harare the situation is so bad some are thinking life was better under former leader robert mugabe. it's the second fuel crisis in just over a month it is not just in the capital harare it's all over the country fuel pumps are driving this is what you're seeing people have been waiting in long lines for hours some say even days hoping to get fuel what happens is they hear a rumor or they get word that fuel will be delivered could be delivered on a certain day they come and they join the line many people we've spoken to say the angry and frustrated quite frankly i can't believe we're here again as i'm sure so many people feel it's a it's just such a waste of time and productivity. as i'm bob wins it's super frustrating because
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instead of working as you know hustling we are hearing something that we have become very good outs and shouldn't. the sins of known friends. of the should do something for. people who are desperate or can wait in line for whatever reason are buying the fuel on the black market it's illegal but they say there's nothing else they can do they need to get to work than it is in the children to school but buying on the black market means paying in u.s. dollars many people here don't earn u.s. dollars you can just walk into the bank and get the money because of cash shortages all across the country the government is telling zimbabweans to be patient they saying fuel supplies the food maybe by the end of the week but people are frustrated they're angry they say enough is enough they want less talk and more action. now to the philippines where
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a funeral has been held for the latest human rights lawyer to be murdered. his death brings the total number of lawyers judges and prosecutors killed in the past two years to thirty five many represented the poor in cases against powerful landlords or politicians from the city of cipel a jamila island reports. ben ramos was outside his office when two gunmen on a motorbike shot him three times it is a loss that is spelt deeply not just in the city but throughout the us islands in the central philippines most mourners who come to pay their respects are from impoverished communities including from the hinterlands of nicholas was a represented them in land disputes against powerful landowners and politicians. it was a really tragic the growth rate of ramos was known to be
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a public interest lawyer very few lawyers in the caribbean. public interest. of. human rights lawyers are going for the last nazi i find the authorities silence suspicious maybe i'm just being emotional but it leads me to think they all had something to do with his death. his family says they don't know who to trust anymore they feel his killers are not far away. i'm outside the wake of attorney ben ramos where his supporters apprehended two unidentified gunmen on board a motorcycle they then brought them so this police station according to attorney bents lawyers one of them has been identified as an active military officer. the military presence cost fear and apprehension it means that there's so much impunity
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going around so. much. oh. the union of human rights lawyer says thirty five filipino lawyers have been killed in the past two years almost all of them were human rights lawyers are handling illegal drugs related cases who were shot at close range joining the day just like open robbers was killed. mourners see without him to represent them they now feel hopeless the pillar of their communities is gone. dog an al-jazeera negras sensual philippines fifty one pilot whales have died in another mass stranding off new zealand less than a week after one hundred forty five whales died in two other strand things the new zealand department of conservation said it was alerted to at least eighteen whales stranded on thursday around thirty were able to refloat themselves to sea but the
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remaining whales died including one that was euthanized because because of its poor condition it seems there's no end yet to sri lanka's political crisis with parliament passing a motion to cut ministers salaries and travel expenses designed to disrupt the administration of the speech of prime minister mahendra rajapaksa its supporters boycotted the vote declaring it illegal rajapaksa was controversially installed after the president sacked prime minister run away from a singer last month in a move many considered unconstitutional well now for the first time in a decade a train from south korea has crossed into north korea it's part of the mission to help upgrade pyongyang's poor railway system eugene june has more now from seoul. south korean carriage is a left station behind me on friday morning across the military demarcation line dividing the two careers and shortly after a series or g.m.t. now the south korean officials and inspectors on the train will be joined with
12:43 am
their north korean counterparts for the next eighteen days to inspect railways along the eastern and western coast of north korea and this is the first time for south korean carriages to cross their korean border in ten years and also what's more remarkable is that this will be the first time for south korean train to run along the railways along the eastern coast of north korea ever since the korean war ended more than sixty years ago the two sides initially wanted to hold this joint inspection back in july but was told for a few months because of global sanctions imposed on north korea just last week the un security council lifted the sanctions allowing the south korean characters to carry fifty five thousand liters of diesel fuel on this train to north korea this shows the international community's backing of the joint inspection between the two koreas this is also symbolic of the progress being made. that were made between the
12:44 am
two koreas this year amid a flurry of some high level meetings the disarming of the. village and another is the joint excavation work of the remains within the demilitarized zone in the korean war however there is still much progress to be made on north korea's denuclearization and the united states is adamant that the sanctions stay in place until north korea shows a final and fully verifiable denuclearization of the marriott international hotel because of access to data of up to five hundred million guests the data breach which began four years ago has exposed his payment called details but states and addresses the federal bureau of investigations is looking into the attack on the affected brands which include shares and so we just w. and western hotels. this data breach is a really big deal because it essentially gives people the keys to the kingdom when it comes to your identity the fetish the breach reportedly includes things like
12:45 am
passport numbers e-mail addresses addresses all of that sort of thing and this is the kind of information that if a bad guy gets ahold of they can do a lot of damage. still ahead for you on the program and holidays will tell you why business is booming and back. and find out which two teams made it through tell major league soccer's championship match all that more coming up with full whole. business updates brought to you by qatar oh we're going to get the.
12:46 am
business updates brought to you by qatar oh we're going to get.
12:47 am
the tourism business is booming in bethlehem as the holy land reports its highest visitor numbers and he is trying to. around the world will help the struggling local economy stephanie decker reports now from bethlehem on what's driving this boost to terrorism. to you right now in the city of baqubah. the holy land pilgrimage is a multi billion dollar industry right now but it was a very good guess that right. now it's been struggling over the past few years not. true well you know us as far as i know i think this year has been the best in years and they were so happy to see people coming from all over the world oh actually in the market out of india all of them willing to well this pilgrim from
12:48 am
brazil tells us everything is wonderful for you ladies from taking us from kenya is this your first time in bethlehem numbers and i'm boy oh how are you finding it the place that a nice little holy virgin what do you call bethlehem is in the occupied west bank and the ongoing political tensions between israel and the palestinians have a direct effect on the tourism industry and the stores are going to this is the. reason for the polygamy and that was to come through the not just the bethlehem or to go down to the region and. this year was somehow. if we want to compare it with other years outside the main attraction pilgrims wait their turn to go inside but most of the visitors who come to bethlehem are religious tourists three tracing jesus's steps including to where they believe his life began beneath what is now the church of the nativity but
12:49 am
a different type of tourist is also starting to come attracted by big name art and it's raising awareness about the political complexities here the anonymous british artist banksy has been drawing attention here with his hotel next to the controversial separation barrier and boasting the worst view in the world his multi-million dollar art appeared on the separation wall last year for my point i don't have the it's or not of a good idea to have this well over over there between the two peoples who saw necessary evil. the problem is this french family tells us they came here because of the artists' work that they were shocked at seeing the wall. of yasser like the others as you i'm christian and i can't accept their on a land that so symbolic that you build a wall it's not possible they has to be another way the new wall and to terrorize a population whether the visitors are here for religion politics or art palestinians tell us they haven't seen this many foreign faces in bethlehem for
12:50 am
a very long time and hope they will continue to come stephanie decker al-jazeera that'll have. time out to catch up on all of this for with paul mario thank you very much defending champions cameroon have been stripped of the hosting rights for next year's africa cup of nations after a meeting of the continent's football confederation in ghana caf announced in our car on friday that compliance conditions had not been met by cameroon those include delays with construction as well as an escalation of the violence in the southwest the northwest of the country near two of the planned venues a new bidding process has been opened with morocco seen as favorites to host next summer's tournament well earlier i spoke to african football writer gary al smith who was one of the journalists out the meeting in our career he said cameron had fallen victim to the expansion of the tournament from sixteen to twenty four teams . also want to come in and state television on the lifestream on you tube
12:51 am
you know in the hour announcement was given and it hits the streets and it was absolutely must seem disappointed on this sheet of comedy and let's not forget that this is a country that hosted the twenty sixteen woman's african cup nation is saying man it's the biggest and the best anybody has seen in africa i mean have people. come in from western europe and they were saying that they wished western europe would get such a reception for a woman's african cup of nations ok might do what they could do it would do for that african cup for men i don't think that they thought they could lose it anyway i think that they genuinely thought they could be given time to finish it because don't forget. we have to be honest and say that things have been a bit unfair to come aaron because one day one debate it was for a sixteen team tournament only for a mob to win the cup presidency and then the decision to expand it to into four
12:52 am
teams when they were originally prepared for sixteen teams as well so i mean they always thought that because of these factors they'll be given enough time to to finish the way that they started as well and finally from the political point of view miracle have always always been reasoned out and makes everything that. has been available to go through the africa cup of nations put into the most people i saw at that meeting today feels that you know what this is definitely going to be surprised if it doesn't the main sponsor of afghanistan's women's football team has cut ties with the national federation over claims players were sexually and physically abused by male officials the former head of the afghan women's football department khalida popal told al-jazeera that's men from the federation allegedly abused the female players during a training camp in jordan nine members of the side with then kicked off the team
12:53 am
after the camp in february danish sports who accompany hummel as the sponsor that has ended its association then are calling for the immediate resignation of the federations president face investigating the claims as well. the decision to move the copper lever to dora's final to madrid in the wake of fun violence in buenos aires has been met with opposition by the finalists baka juniors and river plate south american football authorities announced on thursday that the second leg would be held thousands of kilometers away in the spanish capital that's after the rivalry between baccarat and river ended in the pocket juniors bus being attacked last week and the match being pursued by him twice dhaka have appealed the decision saying they want river plate disqualified while river also opposing the decision not to hold the match at their monumental stadium santiago said welcoming his fellow argentines to madrid brought with it some sadness. eluded us. i can't stop making reference to the causes that bring this match here that the
12:54 am
match gets played with an ocean of distance from born a series after breaking lots of hearts which is what happened it's a real shame overall as an example for the children it's a shame that part of our society is dedicated to break everything and that nothing works. but i me a bit of you all regrettably for me this match is lost transcendence in my heart is what i mean it's lost a bit of interest and it's the shame to say that but it's the reality and i repeat i hope the final at the bernabeu helps to give a dignified closure to such a match and that the best team when. ben haywood is a spanish football journalist based in madrid for the evening standard newspaper he says it's going to be difficult for fans from argentina to get to the game. i've been on the science of the spanish federation is warning asking about it could it's nation they don't know what the plan is yet you know she could sing the security imagine it's going to be
12:55 am
a big police operation to you know plan for this game after everything that's happening in winter so it is madrid is of course used to hot toasting big games that have had a world cup final at the been a bell bit a long time ago germany's league finals big big games so i suppose the city is prepared for that but i'm not sure it's prepared for a river against barca i mean there are one hundred thousand times in spain there or thereabouts so that you know a lot of those potentially could come to the games but the real hardcore fans i suppose that years are going about in winter so it is in other parts of argentina a probably going to find it very difficult to travel at this time of year you know slights are already very very expensive it's the holiday season coming up i've had a quick look this morning flights return flights from winter so as to madrid over a thousand euros already average arjen time wages around four hundred euros or a little bit more it's a lot of money to come out just for one game will be
12:56 am
a huge game and it is going to draw a very difficult for the fans with limited you know flights available perhaps they can chart a more planes and organize fans the travel out that way but it's very little time it's going to cost them a lot of money to come and watch their team over in the united states atlantean ited are three to major league soccer's championship match in what's just their second season as a franchise they were crowned m.l.s. eastern conference champions on thursday despite losing one nil to the new york red bulls on the night atlanta wrapped up the tail match final three one on aggregate they'll now host the m.l.s. cup on the seventy eighth where they'll be hoping to win just the city's second professional sports title and the first since the atlanta braves won baseball's world series in one thousand nine hundred ninety five. what ranta will face the portland timbers in the final they wrapped up the western conference title with a three two win over sporting kansas city the stunning equaliser from sebastian
12:57 am
blanco and then diego valeri making sure of the victory with his second goal of the game in the ninth minute of stoppage time this is the second time in four years paul and have reached the m.l.s. cup they want it back in twenty fifteen lindsey vonn has delayed her retirement from skiing into next season after a training crash left her unable to compete in her favorite world cup of and this year vonn posted a video of the crash to her you tube channel on friday she sprained a ligament in her name meaning she can't compete at lake louise where she has taken eighteen of her eighty two world cup victories the american is aiming to beat in the boston marks record of eighty six all right that's all the sport we have for you from now from doha. in london paul thank you very much well that wraps up the news hour but i will be back in a moment with much more of the day's news a full round of the top stories coming up in
12:58 am
a couple of minutes. thirty five years we have had many proud moments around the world and in the sky and now starting from october twenty ninth church airlines will be checking off from the new aviation center of the world for
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a new journey. ever since i was a different boy in india my dream was to make but it would trumps so five years ago i decided i was finally going to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition of the story i chose to lose my one village and gets tons of publishing going behind the lens has gone from saying brings his personal story to life. al-jazeera correspondent my own private bollywood. guy . when old age back it can feel like the end. but the sun it's a new beginning you must tell him at some point in life you realize you started to go backwards algis are wild tales inspirational stories of retirement so as long
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as he's healthy he can produce and do something like that a new lease of life on al-jazeera. as the g twenty summit gets underway in argentina the saudi crown prince cuts a lonely figure finds a friend invited him in person. hello i'm maryam namazie and london you're with al jazeera also coming up this hour ukraine bars russian men aged sixteen to sixty from entering fearing a land invasion off the moscow sees three of its ships. unicef ones that tens of.


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