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durational stories of retirement. but as long as she's healthy she can produce and do something like. a new lease of life on al-jazeera. as the g. twenty summit gets underway in argentina the saudi crown prince cuts a lonely figure but finds a friend invite him in person. hello i'm maryam namazie and london you're with al-jazeera also coming up this hour ukraine bars russian men aged sixteen to sixty from entering fearing a land invasion off to moscow sees three of its ships. unicef ones that tens of thousands of children could starve to death in central african republic. anger and
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frustration in zimbabwe where fuel shortages of left drivers queuing for hours. welcome to the program our top story the g. twenty summit of the world's top economies is underway in argentina it's supposed to be about trade and climate change but the awkward presence of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin saw none as overshadowed the event after the killing of jamal khashoggi he remained on the sidelines of the family photo but he was warmly greeted in front of the cameras by russia's president vladimir putin he's already held talks with the french president who reportedly berated him for not listening to him is also just met british prime minister to resign may who told him to take action to prevent such killings from happening again also overshadowing the summit though the conflict between russia and ukraine she seven foreign ministers of
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criticized moscow's actions and trump says he'll hold an impromptu meeting with vladimir putin draws a bow has more now from buenos aires. the world's powerful leaders gathered site is argentina's president. greeted each one of them. we have the obligation to show the world the global challenges for global solutions work climate change we can't resolve them alone there are several issues overshadowing the event like the presence of saudi crown prince mohammed bin laden and his suspected. in the killing of a saudi journalist. at the family photo the crown prince was standing in the back row off to the side he seemed isolated from the other leaders apart from a quick handshake from the head of the entire american development bank later he received a warm handshake from the russian president vladimir putin. pouring leaders like france's and on
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a strong message to be inside man and insisted on international experts being part of the investigation into these murder then there's the trade issue not only the ongoing commercial standoff between the united states and china but also the signing of a revised commercial agreement to replace nafta mexico and canada have so far been resistant to donald trump's protectionist measures but there was some progress as i said the task isn't done there is more hard work ahead to build resilient stronger economies that support families everywhere in canada make no mistake we will stand up for our workers and fight for their families and their communities. and ronald it's all the more reason why we need to keep working to remove the tariffs on steel and aluminum between our countries the summit is a historic event for argentina and a chance for president. who is struggling with double digit inflation and recession
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donald trump promised the investment argentina so desperately needs we've known each other alone while we talk about lots of good things for argentina for the united states including trade including military urges other things but we have a lot to talk a little bit old it's a good thing for research is. finding consensus on issues like climate change trade and migration is the summit biggest challenge especially when some of its members like donald trump are skeptical about many of the issues being discussed for many that make it more difficult for big breakthroughs that will benefit g. twenty nations in general and the rest of the world will see that when a site is. well let's ask me to allan fish who is following developments at the summit. and says one thing that was closely watched has been watched is the presence of crown prince mohammed bin salmond he took a bit of
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a risk by attending this summit but he's managed to have a few bilateral meetings while he's been there. exactly where we're standing now currently in front of the national opera house which you can see behind me and for the next few hours that is going to be the center of the g. twenty universe you me here helicopters and sirens coming is the world leaders arrive for what will be a cultural event and then they will have dinner before heading your way in new jersey in this cultural event and that there will be further discussions of mohammed bin salmon might well be involved in some of those he was given the diplomatic niceties of being introduced being welcome to the g. twenty summit then there was the question of who would actually spend some time with them well the saudi foreign ministry were very keen to tweak took pictures of him meeting world leaders to emphasize the point that he wasn't being ignored he wasn't being sidelined we knew that a number of leaders had said that they did want to talk to him one of them was president of france he spoke to him before the main session got under way it was
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caught on camera and we could hear in english president micron same but you don't listen to me and the chrome print saying that he would so what that exactly relates to we're not entirely sure but it shows that the french president really wants to say to the thirty crown prince that he really needs to listen to older perhaps wiser heads and we know that from the elysee palace that the president raised the war in yemen and also the martyr of jamal khashoggi that was also raised to by some a the u.k. prime minister who had a meeting with mohammed bin salman late on in the afternoon here at the result the bizarre meeting between. and mohammed bin salman this wasn't a diplomatic handshake as you would normally see this was the russian president walking into the room and high five ing the saudi crown prince at the two then shared a joke together sat down next to one another that was probably planned by the organizers
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quite simply because to me a person has not been critical of the saudi crown prince over the last few weeks particularly at his. about the difficulties with the murder of jamal khashoggi and then there was the family for two as if we had not enough already all the leaders getting together for the traditional picture on the far right there was the saudi crown prince looking a bit awkward we were all wondering who would be standing next to him in the fire probably for two turns out that it wasn't actually a head of state it was at the director of a leading investment bank in latin america interestingly enough on the far left hand corner was the turkey's president president to watch these things don't happen by happenstance this was planned to keep the two men apart we did see present at the one walk past muhammad been selman on his way to his position for the picture but the two didn't lock eyes and certainly no words were exchanged between the two men so it appears that muhammad been summoned to take
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a gamble to come here but clearly it's an economic power far oh we've the diplomatic difficulties he's had over the last few weeks and that's probably a good point to some all this up as we hear another helicopter that's probably another rival as i say the national opera house behind me going to be the center of the g. twenty universe for the next couple of hours. all right thank you very much allan with coverage of the g. twenty summit there from when is iris thank you allan well of course one of the big issues that is bound to come up at a summit in ukraine and russia recent tensions between the two countries ukraine has banned russian men between the ages of sixteen and sixty from entering the country for a month is president petro poroshenko says the ban will help stop the formation of what he describes as private armies which ukraine's as a working alongside backed rebels in the border area but russia says it will not retaliate with reciprocal moves andrew symonds has the latest now from kharkiv near
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the ukraine russia or dead. this is the latest message sent from ukraine to russia via social media a miniature video packed with action drills said to be taking place nearly as. intended to show off cranes defensive capabilities. for the heads around so i view our joint forces operation is full of air defense weapons that are able to stop the aerial aggression of the russian federation. and as the live fire exercises were playing out on the world wide web president petro poroshenko decided to ban all russian mail policy holders aged between sixteen and sixty from coming in or going out of ukraine. just outside hockey here at one of the main border posts any seven hundred russians normally enter or leave the country every day. now the
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numbers are going down drastically with all the disruption that goes with it. but i'm a ukrainian he was supposed to be meeting my brother a russian national and his family they didn't let him in only the women. that man like many others have been involved in an important event a wedding border guards told people if it was a funeral or a humanitarian emergency they'd have free passage. president poroshenko says the main purpose of the action is to prevent the russian military from harming private companies to send men through the border to form pro russian squads to calls trouble. shortly after taking offensive action against russian nationals putting out this military video message. took a more passive line on twitter. he told ukrainians there will be no mobilization of young people to fight or any restrictions on human rights as long
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as russia doesn't invade. and. hockey. now unicef is warning of an unprecedented humanitarian disaster for children in the central african republic it says tens of thousands could starve to death as rival groups continue to battle for control of land and resources alexy o'brien reports. these are the victims of one of the world's most forgotten conflicts starving children fill central african republic sir only pediatric hospital and their frail bodies are fighting an invisible enemy hunger to inform on placed in one place. it's really sad because it's an illness that can be prevented but we see dozens of cases if for a day sometimes children arrive here in a very serious condition they go straight to the emergency ward and some die it's really painful. they've got. the un says children
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a suffering the most in the fighting that began in two thousand and thirteen between mostly muslim celica rebels and the mainly christian anti baloch of militias. both sides have a tech schools hospitals and religious buildings and one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world a militia leader and former politician tom is now facing charges in the international criminal court accused of murder torture and recruiting child soldiers like level she thought is only for passing. i was fifteen when i joined the armed group it was to protect myself and money so i could support myself because i was poor if you don't help the children the boys will join armed groups and the girls will sell their bodies. according to the united nations the violence has forced a quarter of all children from their homes many into the bush or overcrowded camps nearly every child needs protection from the armed groups which now control the
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saint of the country that is one point five million children require. humanitarian aid and forty three thousand could die from extreme hunger in the coming year children in the central african republic are constantly facing violence fear they are recruited into armed groups they are living under imaginable poverty and facing life threatening malnutrition their situation is really desperate we have a whole generation of children growing up in in desperate desperate situations. unicef says children and central african republic have been abandoned by the international community for too long and without urgent help they could become a lost generation brian al jazeera so loud for you on the program as if things weren't tough enough for the central american asylum seekers waiting at u.s.
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border to run short of rain brings new problems and the building the future alongside the past we look at amsterdam's offerings for the world architecture festival awards. hello jenna welcome back or here across australia we are dealing with one system that's making its way through the blight and that is going to bring a big change in temperatures over the next couple days so starting here on saturday with adelaide at thirty one and melbourne at thirty one but once the system pushes through those temperatures are really going to be dropping anywhere between ten and twelve degrees so a much cooler day by the time we end the weekend out here towards the east though it is still to be quite warm with brisbane seeing about thirty six degrees there as we make away over here towards new zealand it is going to be messy and it has been messy over the last couple days and fortune we don't expect much to change with
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this one system here a lot of cloud staying in the area we are going to be seeing some windy conditions as well auckland eighty christchurch at nineteen but up here towards papa new guinea we are watching the swirl of clouds and rain right there for the potential of a storm that is going to develop over the next few days we don't think it's going to get too intense but still bring some very heavy rain potentially some flooding and some sections up here towards northern part of japan though it is going to be the snow temptress for sapporo only getting to about one degree as a high so overnight lows are going to stay into the freezing levels but down towards tokyo it is going to be breaking out of the clouds we do expect to see thirteen degrees in your forecast partly cloudy degrees as well with a temperature of sixteen degrees. on counting the cost the g twenty meets in argentina one year later what's changed for zimbabweans since the fall of robert mugabe plus the blue economy making
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a splash in kenya. counting the cost on i just you. welcome back you with al jazeera live from london a quick look at the top stories the g. twenty summit of the world's top economies has been overshadowed by the awkward presence of the saudi crown prince mohammed and so mine you were made on the sidelines of a family photo will need greeted in front of the cameras russia's president and
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he's also held talks with the french president emanuel who forcibly complained that people didn't listen to. all our other top story ukraine's president has banned russian men between the ages of sixteen and sixty from entering the country for a month saying it's to stop the formation of private armies along the border. or more on the g. twenty summit what is ours thousands of demonstrators have been rallying there to protest the group's economic policies for more. latin america is that you see in human joins us live now and you say despite the best efforts of authorities that protesters seem determined to make an appearance though it looks as though there aren't so many of the men now. i have said little america well they came there and they may not have conquered but they were combatants or they carried their their flags mainly from left wing parties the workers parties.
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lot of them carrying banners against donald trump against putin for his for russia's role in syria not so much in ukraine you know what's happened in ukraine and of course a lot and a lot of criticism of the i.m.f. which has just given argentina a fifty six billion dollar bailout package which of course will have to be repaid in exchange for very very severe new belt tightening measures in this country so those thousands of protesters we're covering this whole plaza of the to see here now where they're only mainly doves and pigeons left and because it was very very peaceful you know while the big g. twenty leaders were throwing darts at each other inside the hall room i hear people were chanting but they did not resort to violence as we saw in hamburg for example during the last g twenty meeting and so what we see here behind me are a group of migrants the bolivian migrants who are hope to make a killing by selling hamburgers and french fries to the large crowds and they were
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left basically holding everything their merchandise because people just left very quickly and peacefully despite the large security contingent that is all around this area where i am right now mariam yes that's right we know that the area around the summit was cordoned off and people are encouraged to leave the center of the city to try and make movement that much easier but it's interesting you see you mentioned the i.m.f. money for argentina and we know about the economic difficulties the country has been facing does that perhaps impact that sort of clout or leverage at this summit . i don't know that it does you know this is seen as a club of the world's biggest economies but the more developed economies and the emerging economies the i.m.f. has clearly shown that it has confidence in argentina or it wouldn't have lent it
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fifty six billion dollars or at least that is the assumption and so argentina is trying to use this summit to try to get support from it today but not so much of its neighbors but from the international community the large economies of the world to try to score new economic deals and there will be some agreement signed we understand before all this is over but for the arjun time people this is a waste of money and it is an insult according to many people we spoke to they say that argentina is trying to show off that it belongs to this club of the powerful while the people many of them are going hungry at this hour and very interesting to get that perspective on things as well as a net thank you very much a latin american at his holy see and human there in buenos iris well now u.s. officials say the number of troops on the mexican border will be cut from five thousand six hundred to around four thousand with their deployment extended until the end of january president trump sent the troops to the border ahead of the midterm elections in response to the caravan a central american migrants marching across mexico mexico mexican authorities have
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started moving some of the thousands of asylum seekers gathered in the border town of tale one a from an overcrowded shelter to and events home nearby many of been living in tents others are in shelters made from trash bags some in the group of going on hunger strike to pressure u.s. authorities to let them apply for asylum. on news from syria now state media saying that thirty people have been killed and u.s. led coalition as strikes targeting i still need there is or most of the victims in the town of said to be women and children on thursday nearly twenty people and some myself fighters were killed in a coalition strike on a prison in the same area there are still pockets controlled by i still in eastern syria where they've been killing civilians zimbabwe now the country is experiencing its worst economic crisis in a decade with the price of basic goods skyrocketing and frequent cash shortages long queues are becoming a common sight outside petrol stations as residents desperately trying to get their
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hands on scarce fuel supplies and disarm a task or explains from harare the situation is so bad that some thinking life was better under former leader robert mugabe. it's the second fuel crisis in just over a month that is not just in the capital harare it's all over the country fuel pumps are driving this is what you're seeing people have been waiting in long lines for hours some say even days hoping to get fuel what happens is they hear a rumor or they get word that fuel will be delivered could be delivered on a certain day they come and they join the line many people we've spoken to say they're angry and frustrated quite frankly i can't believe we're here again as i'm sure so many people feel it's a it's just such a waste of time and productivity. as i'm bob wins it's super frustrating because instead of working you know how selling we are curing something that we have become very good outs and shouldn't. the sins of known friends.
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of the should. something from. people who are desperate or can wait in line for whatever reason are buying the fuel on the black market it's illegal but they say there's nothing else they can do they need to get to work the needs in the children to school but buying on the black market means paying in u.s. dollars many people here don't earn u.s. dollars you can just walk into the bank and get the money because of cash shortages all across the country the government is telling zimbabweans to be patient they saying fuel supplies would maybe by the end of the week but people are frustrated they're angry they say enough is enough they want less talk and more action. well now south africa's high court has rejected a legal challenge to present several around the post as plans for land expropriation without compensation the suit was brought by africa for a group representing mostly white farmers from me to mineral ports from cape town.
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minority rights group after four of approached the courts to set aside a report that recommended that parliament amend the constitution to allow full land expropriation without compensation the africa forum had argued that some of the submissions that led to the compilation of this report some of those submissions hadn't been taken into consideration we have even extended the property for speech and process by several months to make sure that's where we were careful and i deleted it in terms or fair. undertaking early this particular process so everything has been done. before them is essential if we did so despite its effort to date they're treating each other two of south africans. expressing their lead tool that is showing up at the present which fundament the court rejected that
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african nation by africa forum and what this means is that parliament will now hold a debate over that for fault that recommends that the constitution be changed this takes all the africa a step closer to that amendment would which ultimately would allow for the expropriation of land without compensation. the first time in a decade a train from south korea has crossed into north korea as part of the mission to help upgrade pyongyang's pool railway system eugene chung has more on this from seoul. south korean carriages left so station behind me on friday morning and crossed a military demarcation line dividing that you careers and shortly after zero zero g.m.t. now the south korean officials and inspectors on the train will be joined with their north korean counterparts for the next eighteen days to inspect railways along the eastern and western coast of north korea i know this is the first time for a south korean carriages to cross the edge of korea border in ten years and also what's more remarkable is that this will be the first time for
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a south korean train to run along the railways along the eastern coast of north korea ever since the korean war ended more than sixty years ago the two sides initially wanted to hold the storage inspection back in july but were sold for a few months because of global sanctions imposed on north korea but just last week the u.n. security council lifted the sanctions and allowing the south korean carriages to carry fifty five thousand liters of diesel fuel on the train to north korea this shows the international community's backing of the joint inspection between the two koreas this isn't just an balik of the progress being made of the agreements that were made between the two koreas this year amid a flurry of submits and high level meetings the disarming of the pun when the truce village is won and another is the joint the excavation work of soldier remains within the demilitarized zone it's on the korean war however there is still much
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progress to be made on north korea's denuclearization and the united states is adamant that the sanctions stay in place until north korea shows a final and fully verifiable denuclearization. the marriott international hotel group says hackers have access the data of up to five hundred million guests the data breach which began four years ago has exposed possible numbers payment card details but dates and addresses the federal bureau of investigations says that it is looking into it. thousands of leading architects are in amsterdam for the waldock attach a festival the event recognizes some of the best completed buildings and future projects emerging design is a competing alongside some of the most well respected names in the industry and the reports now from amsterdam. this is the worldbuilding of the year the company admiralty in singapore it's a vertical village for the elderly with care facility shops and lush gardens all under one roof it sets an example for what's possible in of the sprawling cities
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it's an attempt to create a community of senior citizens who live in social housing but rather than being isolated in a little sort of elders ghetto they'll be part of a very vibrant mixed news mixed use development more than two thousand architects gathered in amsterdam to exchange ideas that's a lot of fashionable spectacles. among them one of the most distinguished designers in the world and british architect david our jay who doesn't wear glasses architecture is a kind of tribe is like a sort of no camp. jays work includes a provision in england joe south korea a university in moscow and the museum of african-american history in washington d.c. the word goes beyond excellent construction it's about big ideas who are we what
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are our aspirations in the last hundred years we know how to build so that is no longer the issue and we've taught many people how to build but what really becomes the issues how do we make architecture relevant to people how do we engender relationships to people with their architecture and environment don't feel like they're machines just in the background successful architecture needs to work for people and in the case of this year's winner of the amsterdam architecture prize lots of people. the dutch capital has a new spine the north south metro line is ten kilometers long and has eight gleaming stations it took decades of planning fifteen years of construction and required a catalog of engineering in. vacations to deal with the cities maybe canals of thick layers of mud. there is a transients about train stations which means that we often miss many of the details that go into designing a much of the good the goes into engineering but perhaps that's half the success of
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good architecture but we don't know what it is doing to us as it takes us on the journey from a to b. . because regardless of how functional some architecture appears or how seamlessly blends into the background it all aspires to quietly improve the way we live. the parka al-jazeera upside down. just a quick look at the top stories this hour the g. twenty summit of the world's top economies has been underway in argentina the meeting was somewhat overshadowed by the presence of the saudi crown prince following the killing of jamal khashoggi he remained on the sidelines of the family photo but was warmly greeted in front of the cameras by russia's president vladimir putin he has also held talks with the french president who reportedly rated him for
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not listening to him al-jazeera as alan fisher has more from when a zionist there were a number of exchanges which were immediately tweeted out by the saudi foreign ministry they were very keen to assure that mohammed bin salman was not an international pariah was not being sidelined at this conference but was in fact being welcomed by other world leaders there was a bizarre moment when the mere putin walked in and saw the crown prince he welcomed them not in the normal way you would see it events like this i've been covering g. twenty s. and g. eight for a very long time i've never seen one world leader walking in high five another but that's exactly what vladimir putin did meanwhile thousands of demonstrators have rallied and went as i was in protest at the g. twenty economic policy. crowds were blocked though from getting near the leaders' summit with police coast guard and border patrols cordoning off a twelve square kilometer area around the convention center. ukraine is banned russian men between the ages of sixteen and sixty from entering the country for
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a month president petro poroshenko says the ban will help stop a land invasion by private armies impose martial law in a number of provinces for thirty days after russia seized three ukrainian ships and twenty four sailors on sunday syrian state media say thirty people have been killed in the u.s. led coalition as strikes targeting i still need errors or most of the victims in the town of said to be women and children on thursday nearly twenty people and some i still fighters were killed in a coalition strike on a prison in the same area the marriott international hotel group says hackers have access the data of up to five hundred million guests the data breach has exposed passport numbers payment card details birth dates and addresses those are the headlines coming up next on al-jazeera counting the cost. xenophobic violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of
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europe. infiltrates one of the continent's fastest growing far right organizations. and exposes links to members of the european parliament and the reenlist national rugby park. generation paid. them a special two part investigation coming soon on the jersey. has i'm sick of this is counting the cost on the edges into your weekly look at the world of business and economics as leaders from the world's richest countries meet in latin america will ask if the g. twenty could be facing an identity crisis also this week petrol food and medicine shortages what's changed for zimbabweans since the fall of robert mugabe. costs.


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