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and there were no prisoners in control of the control or the region around that's why it was such a bloody mouth an icon of conflict at the heart of the lebanese civil war beirut holiday in war hotels on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the out is there a news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the g. twenty opens with divisions and political differences dominating the summit. the saudi crown prince is warmly received by some at the gathering and sidelined by others. ukraine restricts russian men from entering the country following escalating tensions with moscow. and the u.s.
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extends a deployment of troops to the mexican border as asylum seekers cope with dreadful camp conditions. welcome to the program leaders from the world's top economies are in argentina for this year's g. twenty summit and amid the various political tensions there's been some headway on trade talks the u.s. canada and mexico signed a new trade deal to replace the decades old nafta well u.s. president donald trump also seemed optimistic about trade talks with china has been meeting with president xi jinping on saturday so hopefully ease a growing trade war between the world's two biggest economies but on the sidelines of those talks there's a lot of focus on the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salma the g. twenty is his first trip outside the middle east since the murder of saudi journalist. but his prime minister to resign may on france's emmanuel macro both confront the prince over the killing but he was. we received by russia's president
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vladimir putin stories about begins our coverage from one of. the world's most powerful leaders gathered in. argentina's president. greeted each one of them. we have the obligation to show the world the global challenges of global solutions work climate change we can't resolve them alone there are several issues overshadowing the event like the presence of saudi crown prince mohammed bin laden and his suspected role in the killing of a saudi journalist. then there's the trade issue not only the ongoing commercial standoff between the united states and china but also the signing of a revised commercial agreement to replace nafta mexico and canada have so far been resistant to donald trump's protectionist measures but there was some progress as i said the task isn't done there is more hard work ahead to build resilient strong
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economies that support families everywhere in canada make no mistake we will stand up for our workers and fight for their families and their communities. and donald it's all the more reason why we need to keep working to remove the tariffs on steel and aluminum between our countries the summit is a historic event for argentina and a chance for president. who is struggling with double digit inflation and recession donald trump promised the investment argentina so desperately needs we've known each other we don't want to talk about lots of good things for argentina to the united states including trade including military searches other things but we have a lot of. the focus is. finding consensus on issues like climate change trade and migration is the summit biggest challenge especially when some of its members like donald trump are skeptical about many of the issues being
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discussed for many that make it more difficult for a big breakthrough that will benefit g. twenty nations in general and the rest of the world that is how will i just see that when i say it is fisher joins us live now from the arjan time capital alan said the g twenty has very much been overshadowed by the killing just talk us through the day while at the moment the leaders are there in the national opera house that is the center of the g. twenty universe at the moment they are there for a cultural event and then there will be dinner and at the dinner there will be talks being held but yes jamal khashoggi certainly did overshadow the build up to the g. twenty the question was whether he would be isolated set aside would people talk to him would people deal with him he's in there at the moment he is enjoying the evening of culture and he will not be seated beside other world leaders for the dinner and it's fair to say that at the g twenty the saudi crown prince received
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a mixed reception. there are diplomatic protocols so the saudi crown prince was welcomed to the g. twenty but his diety won't be as full as normal the saudi foreign ministry quickly tweeting oh pictures of mohammed bin salman talking to other world leaders keen to show he's not been isolated or ignored the french president had a brief exchange at one point complaining in english that the crown prince doesn't listen to him i will listen of course he replies. to. his team says he raised the war in yemen and the murder of jamal khashoggi and he urged international experts to be part of the investigation into the journalist murder then there was the traditional picture of the leaders the so-called family four to the throne prince looked awkward as he took up a stance on the far right of the picture next to him with a head of state but the president of an international development bank he shook hands on the far left the turkish president that was not done by accident the still
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picture the closest the two men have come since the journalist murder donald trump has been talking with other sodium fish oils but away from the cameras an exchange with the crown prince a friendly meeting said the saudis quote greeting insisted the president. and. the crown prince got one warm welcome and undiplomatic high five from russian president vladimir putin a man keen to capitalize on any fracture in u.s. so did relations. it may have been a gamble by saudi's crown prince to come here given the current international outrage over the murder of jamal khashoggi he has not been frozen like some predicted but the greetings by one notable exception have been business like the meetings short and to the point his economic strength seemingly more important than his come diplomatic difficulties among the protesters on the streets of eunice that is who is angry to see the saudi crown prince being welcomed by other world leaders
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they call it. this young man has just committed an act of transnational state terrorism that he looked at us and they're going to punish him and it's terrible what's happening to the people of yemen in the hands of this plug dish to massage mystic an unspeakable dictatorship of saudi arabia it's even more shameful that our country welcomes my husband's online. many g. twenty gatherings instantly forgettable this will be remembered more for who was there than what was discussed and world leaders always have this picture to remind them. so what was discussed well the leaders are hoping that they will come to some form of agreement and issue a communique at the end of the g. twenty you know me remember that a year ago at the g. twenty in germany there was no communique that all signed up to that was because a lot of it dealt with climate change and donald trump felt he didn't want to put his name to it also there been other recent international conferences where the americans have not signed on to the internet the final communique the biggest deal
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on saturday is going to be a meeting which really isn't involving the g. twenty but involves the two biggest economies of the g. twenty that's when the chinese president and donald trump will sit down to discuss tariffs and trade and then in the g twenty here are getting them to come to some sort of agreement some sort of solution because they think if there is a trade war between the two of them then that will impact the global economy i mean the other eighteen could be facing difficulties in the months to come all right alan fischer there live for us in buenos aires allan thank you let's cross over now to are lots america at a tennessee and human is also live for us in the argentine capital to see a separate testers have been out on the streets again for the g. twenty tell us what's been happening. i know darn well as you can see i am on a very very empty street this is one of the world's widest avenues the never the
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who are your it's also one of the very very busy as for it you can't see a single person here the protesters are gone they were however out by the thousands very very combative and if what alan said that this summit will be remembered for who was here it will also be remembered for something that hasn't happened and that is violence at least so far the police did find a car with some eight or nine cocktails in the area where the protest was gathering but apart from that it went on with it went by without a hitch however there were plenty of people yelling and screaming and carrying large posters against donald trump against mohammed bin salim on against the the prime minister of the u.k. demanding that that england return the model venus or the falkland islands to argentina a whole array of complaints but the biggest one perhaps was just the just in general the economic outlook for the world and especially for argentina the i.m.f.
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of course has been very very strongly targeted it just gave argentina a loan of fifty six billion dollars in exchange for a much more stringent belt tightening measures by the market government and michael himself of course was very rick aim under fire from the protesters saying that he is being a pawn now of the world's industrialized nations when this country has so many people who are starving to death and that he shouldn't be making concessions to the bankers and to the wealthy baron. now ukraine has banned russian men between the ages of sixteen and sixty from entering the country from month president petro poroshenko says the battle helped stop the formation of what he described as private armies which ukraine says are working alongside moscow rebels in the border area under simmons has the latest now from near the ukraine russia border. this is the latest message sent from ukraine to russia via social media a miniature video packed with action drills said to be taking place nearly as scene
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intended to show off the cranes defensive capabilities. within your ground so i view our joint forces operation is full of air defense weapons that are able to stop the aerial aggression of the russian federation. and as the live fire exercises were playing out on the world wide web president petro poroshenko decided to ban all russian mail policy holders aged between sixteen and sixty from coming in or going out of ukraine. just outside hockey here at one of the main border pose any seven hundred russians normally enter or leave the country every day. now the numbers are going down drastically with all the disruption that goes with it. i mean ukrainian he was supposed to be meeting my brother a russian national and his family they didn't let him in only the women. that man
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like many others have been involved in an important event a wedding border guards told people if it was a funeral or a humanitarian emergency they'd have free passage. president poroshenko says the main purpose of the action is to prevent the russian military from harming private companies to send through the border to form pro russian squads to cause trouble. shortly after taking offensive action against russian nationals putting out this video message. passive line on twitter. he told ukrainians there will be no mobilization of young people to fight or any restrictions on human rights as long as russia doesn't invade. ukraine russia says retaliating to ukraine's ban on men entering the country could
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be dangerous. talking about retaliation is just terrifying because if anyone tries to retaliate to what's happening in kiev now it could lead to a crazy situation if we're talking about this on a national scale then quite simply it could lead to a meltdown. all right let's not so it's coming on the news hour including preparing for protests why they're boarding up shops and removing potential projectiles from the streets of the french capital and we find out who's taken the top prize at this year's world architecture festival. coming up in the sports african football champions cameroon is stripped of the right to host next year's cup of nations will be here to tell us that a little bit later. the u.s. says it will cut the number of troops at the mexico border from five thousand six hundred child around four thousand but it plans to extend their deployment until january in ounce when it comes as mexican authorities began moving people from an
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overcrowded shelter into sunday about events hole but heavy rain is hampering aid efforts at the border but the migrants have been living in tents while others are in shelters made from trash bags some in the group have started a hunger strike to pressure u.s. authorities to let them apply for asylum with castro joins us live now from a you've been out and about in some of those makeshift camps for the migrants some of the conditions there are pretty appalling not that. they are you know this morning when the sun came up it was such a welcoming sign for the thousands of people who had left on this base where i'm standing for more than two weeks that's because two days of rain have fallen before this and even overnight there were people struggling to stay dry and stay warm which was an impossible task. sanitary conditions here are all so awful with portable bathroom that people are trying to bathe and south of that open hose and
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the water turning the land beneath their feet into a mud pit this is why after an outcry from the more than six thousand people we used into this park complex why the federal government in the in mexico open. up a nearby indoor shelter which is about half an hour away but such is the suspicion of the asylum seekers here of government intervention that many refuse to leave it has emptied out quite a bit since this morning but there's still well over a thousand who say they refuse to leave this site even those it is exposed to the elements because they are in eyesight of the u.s. border wall which is just within a few meters of where i'm standing in they're also distrustful thinking that the government may try to deport them from mexico they say that they're going to stay here and they're going to wait until they finally have that chance to apply for asylum in the united states daryn even if that means living like this for months
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yet heidi we're hearing that around four thousand u.s. troops will remain deployed on the mexican border till the end of january what more can you tell us. that's right they had that extended deployment now was supposed to end december fifteenth now it's stretching to january thirty first and it's interesting that to day as the u.s. military made that announcement there was a significant uptick in u.s. military presence from what i saw here there were four helicopters from the u.s. side kind of raising this border region at a time it's interesting certainly u.s. border authorities are on the lookout for asylum seekers who may be trying to breach the border there was a protest as you know over this has weekend where u.s. border patrol agents fired tear gas to mexico catching many women and children in
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that cloud is here gas but i have to say that the vast majority of asylum seekers here denounce what happened that day they say they're not taking their chances that the people who do rush the border in that instance send a bad image that's not representative of this greater group and they are willing to wait even as the u.s. only accept fewer than one hundred asylum applications a day at this port of entry which means that with more than six thousand people in to want to it will take many months if not more than a year daryn for their final chance to get into the u.s. all right how does it castro they say to one of the us mexico border how do you think you know one of crickets hit parts of the u.s. state of alaska damaging buildings and roads in the city of anchorage there are no reports of deaths or injuries president trump tweeted that no expense will be sped in helping repair the damage. a white former dallas police officer has been charged with murder over the killing of unarmed black neighbor
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a guy got shot both and gene in his own home she says she mistook his apartment for heroin and thought he was an intruder. she was charged with manslaughter three days after the shooting in september the incident sparked outrage in the u.s. but many saying the initial charge was too lenient protesters angry at the price of fuel in france are preparing for another demonstration in the heart of paris for more than two weeks people dressed in yellow vests have taken over streets across the country has more every potential projectile was being removed from the seans elisei shop windows boarded up as paris prepared for yet another day of protests. the riots here last saturday were likened to a war scene four thousand police are being deployed to prevent them being repeated but the so-called yellow vest rebellion launched against hikes in fuel taxes is proving hard to control these pensioners would donning the iconic uniforms for the
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first time every driver in france is vaguely applied to carry one in that car it was president emanuel macro who is in their headlights for pushing through reforms without caring for ordinary people. people believed in him because he was young but it's not true he's doing the same as the old politicians or even what. poll published this week shows that more than seventy percent of the french public support the best. even the prime minister. says that they have something that should be heard important thing. but only one of them responded to his invitation for talks left minutes later the reason for my told him i do not wish to push you to discussion because they did not allowed it to be filmed these debates and this reflection will continue its approach which is not only crossing social boundaries in france but it's also spreading beyond its borders yellow vests
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have appeared in brussels and now square as far as the french island of re-union in the indian ocean. the movement was not born out of a political position of the wide range of concerns it's allowed people to be part of it. person mccraw is in argentina for the g twenty but he cannot escape reminders of the spreading rebellion back home david chaytor al-jazeera paris. economic woes only seem to be getting worse one place where you can really see how desperate things are getting is that petrol stations hundreds of cars are queuing up for hours due to another round of fuel shortages some stations are even empty reports from harare. it's the second fuel crisis in just over a month and it's not just in the capital harare it's all over the country fuel pumps are driving this is what you're seeing people have been waiting in long lines
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for hours some say even days hoping to get fuel what happens is they hear a rumor or they get word that fuel will be delivered could be delivered on a certain day they come and join the line many people we spoke to the angry. and frustration quite frankly i can't believe we're here again as i'm sure so many people feel. it's just such a waste of time and what activity. as i'm bob wins it's super frustrating because instead of working as you know hassling we are hearing something that we have become very good outs and shouldn't. be bullied me for saying this is a known friends. of the should. something else should have. people who are desperate or can wait in line for whatever reason are buying the fuel on the black market it's illegal but they say there's nothing else they can do they need to get to work and it is in the children to school but buying in the
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black market means paying in u.s. dollars many people here don't earn u.s. dollars you can just walk into the bank and get the money because of cash shortages all across the country the government is telling zimbabweans to be patient they saying fuel supplies they would maybe by the end of the week but people are frustrated they're angry they say enough is enough they want less talk and more action but has issued arrest warrants for its former president and other officials for your years now the african union's representative in mali he's accused of being involved in the nine hundred ninety three assassination of. india's first elected hutu leader the murder in the two years of civil war between the hutu and tutsi groups. unicef is warning of an unprecedented humanitarian disaster the children in central african republic it says tens of thousands could starve to death as rival groups battle for control of land and resources reports. these are the victims of
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one of the world's most forgotten conflicts starving children fill central african republic only pediatric hospital and their frail bodies are fighting an invisible enemy hunger to inform on placed in one place. it's really sad because it's an illness that can be prevented but we see dozens of cases if for a day sometimes children arrive here in a very serious condition they go straight to the emergency ward and some die it's really painful. the u.n. says children a suffering the most in the fighting that began in two thousand and thirteen between mostly muslim celica rebels and the mainly christian anti baloch and militias. both sides have a tech schools hospitals and religious buildings and one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world a militia leader and former politician tom is now facing charges in the international criminal court accused of murder torture and recruiting child
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soldiers like level. i was fifteen when i joined the armed group it was to protect myself and money so i could support myself because i was poor if you don't help the children the boys will join armed groups and the girls will sell their bodies. according to the united nations the violence has forced a quarter of all children from their homes many into the bush or overcrowded camps nearly every child needs protection from the armed groups which now control eighty percent of the country it says one point five million children require humanitarian aid and forty three thousand could die from extreme hunger in the coming year. children in the central african republic constantly that facing violence fear they are recruited into armed groups they are living under unimaginable poverty and facing life threatening modern attrition the situation is really
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desperate we have a whole generation of children growing up in desperate desperate situations . children and central african republic have been abandoned by the international community for too long and without agent help they could become a lost generation brian al jazeera time for a short break here not just iraq when we come back voters in wales chose bragg's it but now many are having second thoughts and investigations are under way off the trains that men from afghanistan's football federation sexually abuse some of the women's national team all of those details later in the sport more on that stay with us.
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hello again welcome back we're here cross united states we are watching one big snowstorm that is in the making here generates a very heavy totals anywhere across the central plains there you go on saturday snow from parts of chicago all the way back here towards the rocky mountains and not only that we're going to be picking up very heavy rain down here towards the south anywhere towards the gulf states now as we go towards sunday that storm makes its way towards northeast and we're also bringing in quebec as well as ontario with heavy snow totals as well so for new york not looking too bad in terms of temperature but up towards the north we are going to be seeing auto wet for up towards winnipeg it is going to be minus six in your forecast well make your way down here toward central america we are looking at the clouds pushing in a cross parts of mexico into the yucatan as well. as into cuba over the next few days so the good weather that we had is going to start to deteriorate in terms of clouds but we are going to be seeing a van a mostly cloudy few at thirty degrees as we go toward sunday a little bit more winds coming out of the southeast and also kingston we do expect
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to see some rain in your forecast with a time to them of thirty one degrees as well and then very quickly down here across south america plenty of rain on the forecast map particularly across the amazon basin and we are going to be seeing a sense in getting out of the rain but the temperatures going up to a temperature of thirty degrees. ever since i was a little boy in india my dream was to meet bollywood films so five years ago i decided i was finally going to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition the story i choose to lose of my own will and its transformation going behind the lens has gone from saying brings his personal story to life. al-jazeera correspondent my own private bollywood. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to
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a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for it is very challenging liberally particularly because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are with the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. welcome back a lot of top stories here on al-jazeera trade talks on political tensions are dominating the ongoing g. twenty in argentina the us mexico and canada have signed a new trade deal as president trump and chinese president xi jinping the pair for
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their own trade talks on saturday and several leaders have met with saudi crown prince mohammed bin to confront him over the murder of a journalist. president has been under russian men between the ages of sixteen and sixty from entering the country for a month ukraine imposed martial law on a number of provinces for thirty days after russia sees three ukrainian ships and twenty four saying. yes on sunday. and the u.s. says it's cutting the number of troops of the mexico border from five thousand six hundred to around four thousand however the trumpet ministration says it now plans to extend the troop deployment until january many migrants are still living in tents while others are in shelters made from rubbish but. now the new un human rights chief has told al-jazeera it's time for the un to investigate the death of saudi journalist. michel bash says there should be an international inquiry into his murder speaking to our diplomatic editor james bays as part of our talk to al-jazeera program almost two months after jamal khashoggi was murdered and
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dismembered in the saudi consulate in istanbul the saudi and turkish investigations remain separate and seem to be going nowhere saudi arabia is refusing to hand over the suspects it's arrested and it hasn't given the turkish authorities any idea of the whereabouts of the journalist body now in an interview for talked out zero the new high commissioner for human rights michel brush away says the time has come for an international investigation. is it time for the u.n. to set up an investigation i think it is time i mean i don't have that in my might monday i'll be the secretary general to do that well where i think they're looking at which are the best ways of doing it but i think they should be international. and because we cannot do criminal investigation you need you need to be sure with all the mechanism that can that can do that i have asked the u.n.
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. to look for the best mechanism to go into your body the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists currently at the g. twenty summit is sticking to his position that he won't act until he gets a referral from one of the un's major bodies the security council general assembly or human rights council and from one of the countries of the un we do need a legal mandate from a legislative body or and of course also a request. or at least a request from from a member state that has not that has not come and just to be clear those conditions and requirements you've made those two requirements those are legal conditions or are they just things that the secretary general things he thinks he needs as political cover in case the saudi subjects sometimes had to give you any it's hard to. separate the two it's the secretary general's positions and it remains it's
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worth recalling in twenty sixteen the previous secretary general put saudi arabia on a blacklist of countries that target children in conflict zones when the saudis threatened to pull the humanitarian funding to the u.n. the secretary general took them off the list the u.n. won't confirm whether it's received in the new threats from saudi arabia james bays out his era of the united nations and you can watch the full interview with michelle bash away on talk to our desire on saturday at four thirty jim. what took as prosecutors have issued arrest warrants for eighteen saudi citizens suspected of involvement in the murder of jamal khashoggi all are understood to be in saudi arabia turkish media says there's been no response to previous extradition requests to riyadh shobna was murdered in the saudi consulate in istanbul on october the second sparking global outrage when the murder of his shocked she has caused a mixed reception for the saudi crown prince of the g twenty summit let's bring in
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hussein askari he's iran professor of international business and international affairs at george washington university joins us live now from leesburg in virginia a scary mohamed bin sound man clearly took a big risk and coming to the g. twenty given all the diplomatic fallout from the murder has that risk paid off do you think i don't think so i think that the photo ops that you would see is anyone with any sense will try to avoid it except in mr putin as we have seen and so i think he's taking a big risk you're right but i think he had very very little choice because he didn't come it would be almost another admission of his gear so he had no choice but to come and he did cut a very lonely figure at the back of that g. twenty family photo was there a feeling that many leaders wanted to keep him at arm's length i mean even donald trump didn't meet with him yes i think so i think that we're you have his biggest problem is of course we ve you countries that they have already expressed
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dissatisfaction in no uncertain we obviously has that direct conflict with how to go out of charity and he has to avoid and so you have a large group of countries because you could take the e.u. representation at the g twenty we also the president of the european commission you have a lot of them and so he has to be in one corner that's the only way going to you talk about the e.u. there but m.b.'s did do a high five handshake with the russian president vladimir putin so what's that telling us they're saying about the support russia is prepared to give to the crown prince. well i think russia is very isolated right now itself if you look at russia it's got a problem in the ukraine in the u.s. congress many are calling for additional sanctions on russia that this would be stance the president jump was taken that he has basically trying to look the other way and then he made an excuse now saying oh the reason i'm not meeting this the
2:35 am
putin is because of the ukraine incident but in the end i think you know russia has got its own problems and so it is trying to warm up to anyone who would accept russia at this point and i think basically that is only m.p.'s in saudi arabia but the crown prince did talk to as you say the french president and the british prime minister and we're also hearing he's supposed to meet with the chinese and indian leaders i mean at the end of the day he does wield significant economic and financial clout and and i guess somewhere leaders will have to recognize that well i think that here is a misnomer i don't think that the saudi arabia if you look at the size of its economy and its importance really for longs in some ways the g. twenty i think you could make an argument that it really doesn't even belong there but i think why he feels the power yes it's because of oil and secondly i think because saddam you figure has the money to throw around in the sense that if you
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take germany or great britain will any of the advanced countries there are checks and balances whereas in saudi arabia mohamed bin soundman has direct access to the treasury he can take ten billion out whatever he wants and so that gives him a lot of power what he can do with that money around the world. thank you for talking to al-jazeera thank you. well as british prime minister to resign may struggles to sell her brags that plan there's growing evidence that those who voted to leave the e.u. are changing their minds and that's leading to growing support for another referendum al-jazeera is lawrence lee reports from swans in south wales. when wales voted in favor of leaving the european union it was seen as a protest vote against the british parliament but as an act of revenge it has backfired already a shiver went through south wales when this german car parts company recently
2:37 am
announced it was moving to the constant because of bricks it it will cost five hundred british jobs the workers are exactly the demographic which voted leave it seems many are now having second thoughts you get a feeling that people are. thinking about it more no than before the referendum is the truth i don't think they realize the implications and they currently see in the mess that we're in at the moment trying to deal with the negotiations on the withdrawal agreement. on a totally i would say i think yes people are in second thoughts. the prime minister visited wales this week when she took office she talked about it being an opportunity to build a new economy that works for everyone somewhere that message got last bits of south wales are among the poorest parts of the whole of the european union and when people here voted leave many said they expected the british government to step in and offer the same sort of financial support to them that the e.u. had previously done not only has that not happened it hasn't played any part at all
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in the debate about what post bracks it britain should look like. small as he had pinned its hopes on a hugely ambitious billion dollars scheme for a vast renewable energy projects in the bay it could have been a perfect example of a new economy for a poor part of the country but the government blocked it saying it didn't offer value for money local business groups say they've been offered no design no blueprints for how it will benefit them i think it's clear that their government. is very near zero intention of continuing the levels of investment that we've seen from. in this region or any other region around the. down here in southwest wales we feel a long way from london a long way from her priorities this sense of bricks it betraying the people who voted for it is leading to polling suggesting that wales and other places like it's a changing their minds those who want another referendum are delighted there's one
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thing we've learnt over the last two years is that the european union are going to bend at the knees for the wishes of the british i think people in that they've been led down the garden path and they have the right to express their view if they can to the right thing actually is to a more sensible. all the talk in westminster of staying in the customs union or ambitious trade deals with america means little in places like this they expected it to rebalance the british economy and they still waiting for someone to tell them how it will lawrence lee al-jazeera in south wales italy's foreign minister has some of the egyptian ambassador to demand justice for those behind the murder of the italian student julia again eat it follows prosecutors in rome announcing plans to investigate members of egypt's secret service as suspects in the murder of the cambridge graduate student disappeared in january tenth to sixteen his body was found the following month with signs of torture in the desert outside of cairo.
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mexico is on the us money a lot as a button or a tax i was president on december the first he took fifty three percent of the vote thirty percent more than his nearest challenger but the leftist populist is still a highly polarizing figure in mexico from home and has more family. mix because new president won by a landslide it'll be even his swearing in under his money well lopez obrador known by his initials as still polarizes mexico left his savior to some danger to democracy for others. pulitzers nicknamed him love as a trusting him to come good on his election promises cut down corruption inequality in crime. cut to pick the country's most populous municipality has its fair share of the mole in the local market we found people desperate for a new stop if you wanted them to let fear if that's changed at the security because crime has shot up with all things a lot of people
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a lot of go to great. dinner with a customer thought is a textbook voter male young and university educated group is obrador always said he puts the poor first but his appeal why did this election and those are good for him to look at with because i believe what people are looking for is peace security employment and petrol prices that don't go up that's what i want to. pose persistent problems among others the finally give mamelodi opportunity he's looking for in his third attempt at the presidency this is what he's taking on why he supports is so desperate for change more than forty percent of the population is poor the murder rate is the worst on record and the current ruling administration has left a trail of corruption scandals the lives of all the ammo says he can change all that because despite being a career politician he says he challenges the system. to pursue. what worries me
2:42 am
here to move conservatism leatherwork now being the only state that didn't vote for the president. every change. especially for a party that practically just marched and is full of those who deserted. some worried that a populist who says who govern. gov a power with him so. really we can see. he's already used to referendum thirteen billion dollars. party the only about one percent of the electorate voted. it doesn't look good that he's doing when he's not even president yet how many millions got. spooked business are asking the same questions but even the skeptics we joined with. ferns in hoping despite.
2:43 am
the new good. mix crew city now the marriott international hotel chain says it's been the victim of a major data breach involving at starwood reservation database may have affected five hundred million guests the data breach could be one of the biggest on record exposing in some cases credit card numbers passport numbers. for the first time in a decade a train from south korea has crossed into north korea it's all part of a plan to help upgrade or railway system has more from seoul. south korean carriages left. on friday morning. with their north korean counterparts for the next. railway along the western coast of north korea this is the first time. in ten years and also
2:44 am
what's more remarkable is that this will be the first time for a south korean train to run along the railways along the eastern coast of north korea ever since the korean war ended more than sixty years ago the two sides initially wanted to hold this joint inspection back in july but were stalled for a few months because of global sanctions imposed on north korea just last week the un security council lifted the sanctions allowing the south korean carriages to carry fifty five thousand liters of diesel fuel on this train to north korea this shows the international community's backing of the joint inspection between the two koreas this is also symbolic of the progress being made the agreements that were made between the two koreas this year amid a flurry of mates and high level meetings the disarming of the. village and another is that the joint excavation work of those remains within the demilitarized zone. the caribbean.


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