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new trade agreements but top of the agenda is the trade war between the u.s. and china in recent months they've imposed tariffs on each other's imports leading to concern about the impact on the global economy of the us president donald trump is expected to meet china's xi jinping in the coming hours another point of tension is the naval confrontation between ukrainian and russian forces in the black sea european leaders are considering a new measures against russia while during the first day the spotlight was on the saudi crown prince muhammad's inside man has alleged involvement in the murder of. saw him largely isolated by other leaders except the russian president vladimir putin whose prominent greeting in front of the world's cameras made its own headlines our latin america editor in the reports from. leaders of the world's most powerful nations wrapped up day one of the g. twenty summit with a gala this is a theater a venue that helped mask some of the bitter disputes that divide them in the summit
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earlier post president. called for the spirit of the g. twenty to prevail it was founded in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine with the aim of setting global policy and achieving financial stability and its expanded its agenda since the two thousand and eight crisis. we have the obligation to show the world the global challenges of global solutions work climate change we can't resolve them alone important issues are overshadowing the gathering like the presence of saudi crown prince mohammed bin said man suspected of ordering the murder of saudi journalist. there was also trade not only the old going commercial standoff between the united states and china but also the signing of a revised commercial agreement with the u.s. to replace nafta mexico and canada resist president donald trump's protectionist measures but there was some progress as i said the task isn't done there is more
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hard work ahead to build resilient strong economies that support families everywhere in canada make no mistake we will stand up for our workers and fight for their families and their communities this summit is a historic event for argentina and an opportunity for president. who is struggling with double digit inflation and recession donald trump promised the investment argentina so desperately needs. lots of good things. moving through including military. but on the streets of put aside this and trump vilified as were all the summit leaders mainly left wing activists held a combative but peaceful protest the list of complaints is endless from the classical criticism of capitalist economics to a fifty six billion dollar i.m.f.
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loan to argentina which comes with calls for the belt tightening to the presence of the saudi crown prince these people here say they know that their voices will not be a prayer by the summit leaders but the point is to demonstrate that there are many caramel repudiation what some are calling a club of beads and exploiting. at the gun at president market he was literally moved to tears as the audience chanted argentina charging tina the hope is that the enthusiasm will spill over into day two so that the world's most powerful club can reach some agreement on pressing issues like trade gender equality and climate change. troy they go home. you see in human al-jazeera when a site is still held on al-jazeera we find out who's taking the top prize of the series world architecture festival.
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by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. alan there is still stubborn code in eastern europe you can see it more or less as this grain is for do you also see this cloud coming into it from both sides and what happens when you push cloud into cow do you usually get snow out of it that's exactly the case for eastern ukraine running up towards eastern side about roofs and maybe catch the baltic six out of the snow this is the cult by day and by night and then increasingly this windy and wet weather from the atlantic has been troubling to the british isles and france it keeps going east was that will be the position after dark it keeps east and south movement making things warmer and wetter snow for the alps not up to nine degrees and berlin is up to ten with warsaw catching just as green or so but there's a cold persistence snow has gone off towards the russian border more or less and we've seen a dying of the rain that's been so persistent in turkey and greece the wind is also
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lighter but of relief i suspect off the flash flooding down the coast but of course that means it's all in the central mediterranean this is what the satellite picture shows two areas probably to watch the first sort of take rain across an event but this next one which is development area in the middle of the madrid means showers and a strong wind for tunisia and running down to the bay it'll catch libya as well for the next two days. the weather sponsored by cats are at peace. and trying to stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives a caravan is a fact helpful email and highly dangerous one of the major issues before fall is the institution president from cannot stop talking about the news separate the spin for the facts the misinformation from the journalists some pretty sharp rise of a.b.c.'s reporting afraid to leave the listening post on al-jazeera.
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hello again the top stories on al jazeera former u.s. president george herbert walker bush has died aged ninety four he launched the first gulf war on iraq in ninety nine he won an america to the end of the cold war on the second and final day of the g. twenty summit in argentina the u.s. and chinese presidents are due to discuss a truce in the trade war between the world's two largest economies the saudi crown prince has warmly welcomed was warmly welcomed at the g. twenty by the russian president vladimir putin but other leaders isolated and was widely suspected of ordering the murder of saudi journalist. alan fischer has more
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on reception and. there are diplomatic protocols so the saudi crown prince was welcomed to the g twenty but his diary won't be as full as normal the saudi foreign ministry quickly tweeting no pictures of mohammed bin salman talking to other world leaders keen to show he's not been isolated or ignored the french president had a brief exchange at one point complaining in english that the crown prince doesn't listen to him i will listen of course you just watch. this team says he raised the war in yemen and the murder of jamal khashoggi and he urged international experts to be part of the investigation into the journalist murder then there was the traditional picture of the leaders the so-called family four to the crown prince looked awkward busy to cover his stance on the far right of the picture next to him was the head of state but the president of an international
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development bank he shook hands on the far left the turkish president that was not done by accident this still picture the closest the two men have come since the journalist murder donald trump has been talking with others so do you put away from the cameras and exchange. with the current prince friendly meeting said the saudis a quick greeting insisted the president. may become prince got one warm welcome and on diplomatic high five from russian president vladimir putin a man keen to capitalize on any fracture in us so. it may have been a gamble by saudi's crown prince to come here given the come international outrage over the murder of jamal khashoggi he's not been frozen like some predicted but the greetings by one notable exception have been business like the meetings short and to the point his economic strength seemingly more important that has come diplomatic difficulties among the protesters on the streets of eunice that is who
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is angry to see the saudi crown prince being welcomed by other world leaders. that are already this young man has just committed an act of transnational state terrorism that he looked at us and are going to punish him and it's terrible what's happening to the people of yemen in the hands of this plug to massage mystic unspeakable dictatorship of saudi arabia it's even more shameful that our country welcomes my husband's online. many g. twenty gatherings instantly forgettable this will be remembered more for who was there than what was discussed and world leaders will always have this picture to remind them. alan fischer al-jazeera at the g twenty. or the wall street journal says the saudi crown prince eleven messages to his closest adviser who oversaw the team which killed in the hours before and after his murder the newspaper says it's seen excerpts of a highly classified cia assessment of what happened president donald trump and
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secretary of state my phone peo say there's no direct evidence linking the man to the journalists killing mohammad vall has more from istanbul. we've been hearing about reports of the cia the classified reports that they have a high level of confidence that muhammad the same as the crown prince of saudi arabia was the man who gave the order to kill him out how shortly but now we have. more glimpse of those classified reports by the cia including the fact that he was in high coordination with his top advisers some of the funny exactly during before and after the time the killing of him out how should she took place eleven messages the cia did not specify what type of messages whether it was what's up with his s.m.s. messages or by e-mail however the cia seems to have this report in detail and it is why they said they have a high level of confidence that conference of saudi arabia did order the killing
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they also mentioned that in august two thousand and seventeen that dealing with is a multinational she was top of mind for count prince mohammed was a man of that he told his aides that if we can't make him come back to saudi arabia we may do him to another country and deal with him. police in the french capital have used tear gas to disperse so-called yellow vests protesters rallying for the third consecutive weekend motorists are angry at the rising price of fuel following tax reforms unveiled by president in my new home tens of thousands of people across the country have taken part in mass demonstrations since last month putting up blockades on the famous songs in easy avenue and setting vehicles on fire. it's the thirtieth anniversary of world aids day when world events highlight a global epidemic that's killed around thirty five million people since the early one nine hundred eighty s. some of the worst affected countries are in eastern and southern africa were almost
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twenty million people are living with hiv but many countries are taking action with better treatment and education namibia has reduced its cases of new hiv infections by fifty percent over the past three years and is swat seanie has forty four percent less that new age hiv infections south africa hiv infection rate has also gone down by forty four percent. as doing more testing which has led to a thirty percent reduction in new hiv infections in the past two and a half years so while countries in southern africa have taken major strides in fighting h i.v. an aids that part of the world still has the highest rates of the virus it's estimated that despite better treatment and education almost ten million young people in africa will be infected by twenty fifty miller reports from cape town on the fiftieth anniversary of world aids day this march hopes to raise awareness of the disease well people here are celebrating a decline in new infections they say it's not enough government statistics show
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that about seven point five million south africans are living with hiv that's one of the highest rates in the world everyone should be able to know their status it's their health including their rights. in the last year more than one million people in cape town have tested for hiv that's the highest level of testing ever for the city in that period the government is working to mean that by going to eighty ninety percent of south africans living with a side note that states and overseas things save lives but it also wants to see ever done so in the way that it would make sense that among young women who want to . vote. while the number of young women with hiv has declined by twenty six percent compared to men women are three times more likely to be infected the government is rolling out a treatment called pre-exposure prophylaxis cripps to help curb the spread of hiv
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it's a way for people who don't have the disease but who are at substantial risk of getting it to prevent infection by taking a cold every day the small ball unit makes trips twice a week to the denuded suburb of cape town to give up the medication staff see about twenty people a week while she has been negative this patient does not want to be identified because she's afraid of being stigmatized. to them was this i have to pour friends i have sex with i used condoms but with one not with the other so i want to keep myself safe. the united nations says young women between the ages of fifteen and twenty four account for nearly two thirds of new infections young women are particularly vulnerable for each heavy infection for several reasons one is just physiologic the. the cervix is not fully mature and
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it's more prone to reach every infection at a younger age but also because of age disparate relationship so young women having sex with older men and not being empowered to make safe decisions caped on plans to roll out hiv self screening soon which the city says will expand easy access to testing this is part of a new initiative to maintain the awareness of a disease that continues to ravage countries like south africa for me to al-jazeera cape town a white former u.s. police officer has been charged with murder for killing her unarmed black neighbor . shot bottom of them gene in his home in september after mistaking him for her apartment in dallas texas. architects from across the globe have been competing for a design glory at the world architecture festival the event recognizes some of the
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best buildings and future projects in the world made barker reports from amsterdam where the overall winner has been unveiled. this is the worldbuilding of the year the company admiralty in singapore it's a vertical village for the elderly with care facility shops and lush gardens all under one roof it sets an example for what's possible in of the sprawling cities it's an attempt to create a community of senior citizens who live in social housing but rather than being isolated in a little sort of elders ghetto they'll be part of a very vibrant mixed news you mixed use development more than two thousand architects gathered in amsterdam to exchange ideas that's a lot of fashionable spectacles. among them one of the most distinguished designers in the world may in british architect david j. who doesn't wear glasses architecture is a kind of tribe is like
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a sort of no. jays work includes a provision in england joe south korea a university in moscow and the museum of african-american history in washington d.c. the word goes beyond excellent construction it's about big ideas who are we water our aspirations in the last hundred years we know how to build so that is no longer the issue and we've taught many people how to build but what really becomes the issues how do we make architecture relevant to people how do we engender relationships to people with their architecture and environment don't feel like they're machines just in the background successful architecture needs to work for people and in the case of this year's winner of the amsterdam architecture prize lots of people. the dutch capital has a spine but all south metro line is ten kilometers long and has eight really big
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stations it took decades of planning fifty years of construction and required a catalogue of engineering innovations to deal with the city's maybe canals and declare as a model. there is a transients about train stations which means that we often miss many of the details that go into designing the months of the as it goes into engineering but perhaps the success of good architecture but we don't know what it is doing to us as it takes us on the journey from a to b. . regardless of how functional some architecture of p. is or how seamlessly it blends into the background it all aspires to quietly improve the way we live. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera former u.s.
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president george herbert walker bush has died aged ninety four he launched the first gulf war on iraq in one thousand nine hundred one and ushered america to the end of the cold war as the soviet union collapsed bush was part of an influential political dynasty his father was a senator a while hey he and his son george w. bush were both presidents political analyst bill schneider says george bush sr leaves behind a mixed legacy for the u.s. and the world. george h.w. bush was. one of the last presidents i think obama. who believe in the rule of american leadership in the world it's a mixed legacy you know that he had one of the great triumphs in our own you know merican history of the gulf war he's remembered for that he also had one of the greatest political actions in american history about a year to. war and was a conquering hero it was finished politically because the country went into a deep recession and he didn't seem to have a plan to get us out of
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a recession world leaders are in argentina for the second and final day of the g. twenty summit the u.s. and chinese presidents are due to discuss their trade war the world's two largest economies have opposed tariffs on each other's imports leading to concerns about the impact on the global economy the wall street journal says the saudi crown prince sent eleven messages to his closest adviser who oversaw the team which killed in the hours before and after his murder the newspaper says it's seen excerpts of the highly classified cia assessment of what happened president donald trump and secretary of state michael peo say there's no direct evidence linking him had been sent to the journalists killing police in the french capital have used tear gas to disperse so-called yellow vests protesters staging rallies for the third consecutive weekend protesters are angry at the rising price of fuel following tax reforms unveiled by president of iran microphone tens of thousands of people across the country have taken part in mass demonstrations since last month
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live pictures right there from paris those are the headlines on al-jazeera be listening post is coming up next they with us. the un's new human rights chief discusses her mission challenges. going forward. and and there are some pushback from human rights. michele talks i'll just. say what's right one of the original program on. syrian national and that is. if you want to. like. all right let's talk more now with the way we deal with that generation. hello i'm richard just verdun you're the listening post here are some of the media stories that we're covering this week in
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syria journalism and activism both take a hit with the murder of someone who did both of us former collaborators no longer on the best of terms the guardian and julian assange are going out at once again bordering on propaganda the t.v. shows that are monetizing migrants and smugglers and what would jesus do if he was an evangelical american biblical talking points updated for two thousand and eighteen one soul for the whole world that is an amazing deal seven years into the war in syria with all the state and non-state actors who have become part of that story it's easy to forget how it all began with an uprising of people's rebellion against an authoritarian government a fight for democracy and a free media iran was one of the figureheads of that movement until he was shot dead last week alongside his camera man probably by fighters linked to al qaeda fight as used various forms of media especially radio to push
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a revolutionary agenda from the town of cuff sunbelt in the rebel held province of it lip five years ago he started organizing protests there and came up with innovative ways to call out the hypocrisy. of the west he risked on news coverage he disapproved of he focused on the suffering of ordinary syrians with assad and his backers still largely in control some see the killing of symbolic the extinguish any remaining hope that the values of the arab spring can live on in syria our starting point this week is the town where i lived and died the one he put on the map front. ride was a one man revolution he did it he specialized in the media he excelled he was a pioneer. you may not have been a professional journalist but he did what you could call alternative media is
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impossible to replace and that i learned about. right. reflects the path of the uprising. first the massive protest movement challenging an authoritarian despotic regime and right i represented the dynamic of this protest movement the first wave of protest leaders were either dead or just peered in jail somewhere or they had fled the country to seek safety in exile and fairness was one of the few who remained in his country and who continued his work from inside syria and paid with his life for that activism. in most places straddling the line between journalism and activism is problematic but the view only objectivity can suffer audiences don't really know what they're getting and calling the late. a journalist would be inaccurate there was too much
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activism in the work he did. however that's an ethical issue for outsiders to pawn inside. syria more than seven years into this war such a debate would feel like a lecture and indulgence one of the most important aspects of media work and the syrian revolution is this blurring of boundaries between journalism activism art to making and human rights work when you are in a very dark difficult situation where your survival and not be taken for granted you're not as concerned with a sort of a strictly narrowly defined journalism focused on impartiality on one basic facts as finding out how to survive and have been other people get information to help them survive and write it in that sense was what i called a creative insurgent right he was an exemplary creative insurgent feresten hide the fact that he was an activist he didn't hide his views or his political slant on the
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contrary he and his colleagues shared their messages in bright colors on white fabric banners and in biting cartoons and video skits so you know that was very clear where he was coming from and they also spared no one there are messages were directed against the assad regime and they were also directed against the syrian political opposition exile the foreign backers of both the rebels and the assad government as well as the islamists who came to have increasing power in bill and other parts of it live where it was based. right had fired at us started to make his mark in the syrian media space in two thousand and thirteen two years after the war broke out at the time syrians in search of news were relying on t.v. channels coming out of damascus controlled by the assad government and pan arab news networks some of which had their own dogs in the fight far as its contribution
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to a media landscape that was mostly high tech the t.v. news channels beaming in via satellite the bloggers spreading information and misinformation. over the web was tactically low tech the channel he helped create was called radio fresh. in this team established roger fresh into phones and thirteen this was a way to promote. defend democracy ideals woman's war in society challenging conservative traditional ideas as well and it was very important to have an independent media to show the message of the people what they were struggling for against the regime but also from the west. of. their own agenda so it was very important to have an independent. media instrument from the ground great you know it's very easy to transmit and very easy to listen
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to radio also can give you minute by minute very specific micro local information that in some cases can be lifesaving so for example you can learn that. in syria has set up a checkpoint and they're looking for activists that they're kidnapping at that crossing and so activists know not to drive or not to walk that way at that moment and that's crucially important so radio is crucial here and the decision to use radio i think was brilliant. right and fatah's also knew his audience his messages to the outside world pleas for help were in english splashed on banners telegenic and designed for export via someone else's camera and now listen. to me radio fresh broadcasts in arabic to be the two local listeners no one has claimed responsibility for finance his merc. at our shop
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a fundamentalist group in control of catherine bell a former affiliate of al qaeda is among the suspects extremist groups had attacked the station before they opposed its output. and would have disapproved of the way radio fresh was fund the station was launched with the help of u.s. state department dollars and the us continued to bankroll it until the trumpet ministration hold to the funding earlier this year. accepting foreign support. in the form of money of equipment of technical expertise is an extremely difficult question here's a large or small group of people trying to survive extremely violent conflict on the other side we have a well equipped regime that's using planes and barrel bombs and even chemical weapons in some cases it's supported by by russia and iran what can i do if i'm desperate it becomes very difficult not to accept any everybody in syria was backed by somebody but that doesn't necessarily mean that they bought them that those
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patrons had bought them ideologically and fairest before the u.s. state department funding was the same as it was faris after the u.s. state department funding but the u.s. funding if you like the bull's eye that was already in broad ferris's back and it made it easier for some of his critics to claim that he was a us to your doing the u.s. has bidding. before the war began a right had fought as wasn't even a journalist nor was he an activist he worked in real estate while studying to be a doctor he brought to journalism the zeal of a convert and his commitment did not weigh on like so many syrian activists who became targets he did not leave the country to continue his work in exile although no one would have blamed him if he had he stayed knowing that decision could cost him his life. his voice has been silenced but the station he helped create
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remains on the air reporting the news to the people of kufa. right faris was an ideal for seven or eight years ago it was. to establish a moral and principles foundation for the revolution and to promote freedom of thought and expression he is impossible to replace we will continue his work and carry forward his message but free syria has lost one of her greatest sons. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers and he knocks she ravi you know last week we reported on the accidental revelation from the u.s. department of justice that it's prepared an indictment against the founder of wiki leaks julian a savage this past week the guardian also did a piece on ascension wiki leaks what did it report. on the face of it richard the guardian has an explosive story it says president donald trump's former campaign
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manager paul man of four secretly met with julian assange at least three times the last time coming just months before we kill extremists those hacked democratic party emails in two thousand and sixteen now you put these details together with previously leaked communications between a songe and the tom family and it reinforces the story of collaboration between the two and since cybersecurity firms have said the e-mails were hacked by russian intelligence groups this report also goes to the allegations of collusion and russian interference in the us elections but the article provides no evidence of what it calls the apparent meetings it cites anonymous sources only and the visitor records at the ecuadorian embassy in london where sanchez lived for the past six years reportedly shown no logs of such meetings not the kind of story wiki leaks would take lying down how has it responded to this report with guns blazing basically it tweeted that it was willing to bet the guardian a million dollars and that editors head that manaf or never met asuncion and said
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it was going to sue the guardian for libel it also tracks some changes the guardian made to the article the additional headline was categorical and then it was changed to attribute the story to sources news outlets don't like to amend headlines like that in public it's not a good look and one of the stories co-authors look harding has been widely criticized for his past reporting with sanjay for having some kind of ax to grind moving on to a television channel in poland that's been accused of spreading nazi propaganda after a broadcast a story that is said exposed a neo nazi group what's going on there the broadcaster is t.v. am one of poland's most widely watched commercial channels owned by the us media company discovery this past january t.v.'s.


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