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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 335  Al Jazeera  December 2, 2018 10:32am-11:01am +03

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the french prime minister has crowned sold his trip to poland for a summit on climate change following the third weekend of yellow vest protests over rising fuel prices paris turns into a battle ground on saturday with cars torched and buildings vandalized the protesters are furious at a fuel tax being posed next month by presidents of color to promote clean energy security is tight in mauritania a visit by the saudi crown prince on sunday the political opposition there was denounce has denounced the visit saying muhammad been sad man has damaged the interests of muslims around the world it's denounced the murder of. crime and called on supporters of palestine to express their discontent after mauritania the crown prince will have to jordan. those are the latest headlines on al-jazeera inside story is coming up next they with us. u.n. report is given when you see the fight against climate change and release threats
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like sea level rise at this year's climate talks in poland and the international community sees the opportunity to take action starting with al-jazeera the latest from the front lines of the climate crisis in the conference itself. the wall street journal says the saudi crown prince was in contact with the team that killed jamal khashoggi does the latest revelation make any difference as mohamed been someone continues to enjoy donald trump support this is inside story. welcome to the program i'm richelle carey the cia has reportedly concluded the order to kill jamal khashoggi was given by the crown prince mohammed bin salma but wall street journal says it's obtained details of the highly classified cia
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document the newspaper says spend some months since at least eleven messages to his closest adviser saka tani he supervised the so-called hit team kill the cia says he wasn't direct communication with the team's leader in istanbul and the hours before and after the journalist was murdered the saudi team was reportedly a symbol from the crown prince's top security man in the royal guard the judgment all been likely culpability is based on the prince's personal focus on the who criticized him as well as the prince authorizing the same team to target other opponents the saudi leaders reported to have told associates in august of last year that if efforts fail to persuade me to return to saudi arabia he would be lord somewhere else the saudi leadership has repeatedly denied been salmond's involvement and says any accusations are based on speculation donald trump and the u.s. secretary of state contradict the cia assessment saying there is no direct evidence linking murder to mohammed bin solomon he's made his first major appearance since
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the killing at the g. twenty summit in argentina alan fischer saw the russia the reception that is world leaders gave him in buenos aires. there are diplomatic protocols so the saudi crown prince was welcome to the g twenty but his diary won't be as full as normal the saudi foreign ministry quickly tweeting oh pictures of mohammed bin salman talking to other world leaders keen to show he's not been isolated or ignored the french president had a brief exchange at one point complaining in english that the crown prince doesn't listen to him i will listen of course he replies. his team says he raised the war in yemen and the murder of jamal khashoggi and he urged international experts to be part of the investigation into the journalist murder then there was the traditional picture of the leaders the so-called family four to the throne prince looked awkward as he took up his stance on the far right of the picture next to him with
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a head of state but the president of an international development bank he shook hands on the far left the turkish president that was not done by accident the still picture the closest the two men have come since the journalist murder donald trump has been talking with other sodium but away from the cameras an exchange with the crone prince a friendly meeting said the saudis are quick greeting insisted the president. may become prince got one warm welcome and undiplomatic high five from russian president vladimir putin a man keen to capitalize on any fracture in u.s. soda relations it may have been a gamble by saudi's crown prince to come here given the come international outrage over the murder of jamal khashoggi he has not been frozen out like some predicted but the greetings by one notable exception have been business like the meetings short and to the point his economic strength seemingly more important than this country diplomatic difficulties among the protesters on the streets of eunice that
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is who is angry to see the saudi crown prince being welcomed by other world leaders . this young man has just committed the naacp of trans national state terrorism that he looked at my son the going to punish him and it's terrible what's happening to the people of yemen in the hands of this plug to massage mystic an unspeakable dictatorship of saudi arabia it's even more shameful that our country welcomes. many g. twenty gatherings instantly forgettable this will be remembered more for who was there the more it was discussed and world leaders will always have this picture to remind them. alan fischer al-jazeera at the g twenty and get us out it. let's bring in our guests now joining us from london. henri he's a writer and academic and istanbul akhmed writer for middle east and
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also in london jake a pair of killis deputy head of the u.s. and the americas program at chatham house a warm welcome to all of you thank you very much. i'll start with you what do you make of the excerpts of the cia findings their conclusion with the wording is medium to high confidence that but personally targeted jamal khashoggi. or obviously any evidence so was to be a for them as occasion they go to the court not to give the informations to the media this is if you just change other we are dealing with a case modern case all of the political part was beyond this current case so to confusing occur anywhere and the end of the day what we realize that which court he said it should go to a court which court would always see for the turkish authorities when they finish finish their visit cation they said was go to the court this is the right way that he go away but to give the information to the media little by little it is they
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want to keep this case a life with the people so obviously it means to us as. observer for the for this case we see there is beyond this line and something q. is for the but if you can quote was otherwise you know as i said they for this is the geisha and like any. other case and they go to the court where they could let the media and the mic and you know chaos or something you know must be people always look at it specially of them and that is that many many crime things happen and no one cared about it except just hush up. ok. and your your thoughts on we're going to come back to a lot of the points that a model team brought up at the first and i want to get your thoughts on the cia assessment that they believe mohammed and salman personally targeted to market shows he do you believe that. yeah ok so what i
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believe is to be honest the cia is a very reputed will kind of intelligence community and if you don't believe what the cia is telling you that whoever you're going to believe so the point is it's up to mohamed bin so man and to the saudi officials to say a very strong solid kind of rhetoric so that people would believe it all the rhetoric and their additive coming out from saudi arabia doesn't hold any water they were not convincing neither to the turkish officials nor to the international community it's only donald trump who seems to prefer the business over they human rights now the cia's embarrassing not only m.b.'s but also a donald trump himself and dirt question of his son and lo so mohamed bin so man in the recent kind of trip he made to need year to egypt and to the g. twenty in order to show that he is to the legitimate kind of crown prince doesn't
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make any sense because at the end of the day everybody who knows anything about the saudi community knows that mohamed bin so man is the de facto leader who gives the order not only to saudi ban his senior advisor not only to admit it i see it who's the deputy chief of the intelligence but all but also to everybody in the kingdom so it doesn't make any sense that he's trying to whitewash himself where everybody was embarrassed except of course macron and donald trump kind of a hands it didn't make him a legitimate kind of still a leader who has nothing to do with the murder of jamal khashoggi ok we will quil come back to some of those points take up your thoughts on the cia's assessment. well i think two things can be true on the one hand i think it's often dangerous to take at face value a leak from the intelligence community because there's no way to verify it it's all
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entirely possible for people in the intelligence community to leak aspects of what they know without leaking the full story so i think we always as a general principle have to be wary of this kind of story on the other hand i think the fact that the official story coming out of the saudi foreign ministry has changed repeatedly the fact that you've seen this sort of drip drip of evidence while not completely convincing enough itself i think is a sign that there's certainly more to the story than than has been admitted in the fischel sort of revelation so far and you make a great point too about the fact that most of this is coming through leaks from reporters and often leaks come with the gent so that's that that's a very fair point having said that what do you think of the fact that the u.s. president and the secretary of state who used to be the head of the cia. are not. speaking more forcefully on what it appears the cia's assessment may be what do you
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i don't know what do you make of that well i think there's a very very sort of straightforward political calculus here and trump has done us all the favor of explaining that in extreme least blunt language he said essentially the relationship with the saudi or with saudi arabia is incredibly important and it kind of doesn't matter because it's an important relationship and we have to preserve it and more to the point it's the relationship between the central figures in the trumpet ministration between trump and george kirshner and on peo and b.s. himself it's not just the sort of big strategic relationship between the two countries that kind of personalization of the relationship has long term problems for both sides but i think it also points to a kind of log jam in the u.s. system the cia is clearly leaking this because they. i don't see an option in through through the internal channels either through the state department or into the west wing itself hence their sudden willingness to speak to reporters it's an
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interesting point her for the us to be at med let me let me ask you something you're in istanbul i'm a model jane brought up the point that turkey seems to be drip drip drip releasing information and kind of he says dragging this out i guess for the sake of keeping the public interest what do you make of the way that they have been handling this if they do seem to hold a lot of the cards. we'll to be honest michel it's very clear that turkey from the very beginning followed a very successful and effective kind of a strategy they saudi arabia it seems that they wanted to pick up a fight with the turkey with the turkish officials here but turkey refrained from any kind of a statement till they have lots of evidence and they started using this dread drip strategy they adopted it from the very beginning by leaking the evidence to the local media and to some international media outlets in order to form this kind of front against saudi arabia which is not only turkey against m.b.a.'s or turkey
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against saudi arabia it's the international community and you understand when they started even sharing these evidence within the international intelligence communities like the united states canada germany france the u.k. and all of this is to put more pressure on m.b.'s and that succeeded in this kind of drip drip confrontation coming from saudi arabia you know that it started at the very beginning that he left that what the consul general said he left the consulate then they started adopting the theory of the you know the fist fired and later of the rock killers that overstepped their mandate they've been taken they've been given by the m.b. asked to bring it back to saudi arabia peacefully so all the tactic was so successful that they got whatever they have in hand now the big question is does
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turkey still have anything in hand that didn't reveal and want to see what the reaction to national community like what happened from donald trump what's happening now by the these kind of steps to whitewash been so man anything else to really see if turkey does still have anything else to force their hand ok in models and let me ask you. i brought up a good point that the story changed and changed and changed do you find it credible that with the story that has changed so much that we actually have the truth and does it seem credible to you that muhammad and simon would not know what his people are doing whether he was directly involved or not well first of all there is nothing no change but they follow the line when you have them is the occasion of the crime obviously each day maybe you have new evidence and then an intern no no no no i'm not going out on scene modeling the story that came out of saudi arabia
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kept changing the first story was that he left and then it was that there was some sort the story has repeatedly change that's just fact yeah but this is according to the visit cation they did for the end of the day they teach the final report it does we had to from the so we've given scutaro he said they are going to on benson's all involved i mean other than as occasion they find it even with the accuse them five of them who they made the crime and the asa for the skew we shouldn't do executions them so this is a picture of it if you had with the saudi authority so i would see what i want to sit to see not to choose what we want to play with the war to see where that goes so do you know conviction no there wasn't is that condition they follow that are in but in the end of the day when they finish it they say they are going to want the absence of an accused them five who made the crime and the victim they don't they're here to them not to mention the phone i suggested of how do i mean i think it's a good government to surprise them three times that with the evidence and they got
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a few is ok and i guess you can absolutely respond. can i ask a question to the friend from the one a day i know when we know that the prosecutor of saudi arabia asked for disposal to five of the. suspects do we know where the body is did they tell them before they kill them if they this sentence is executed did they tell them who is that where is the body and who is the local collaborator why didn't they share this with this out with the turkish officials. the question i believe he's putting to you is did saudi do everything they could to get to the bottom of what happened well obviously there are other of course shoes which is a still big mark long and some of this is these are questions first of all not on the scene that's all we do i thought a teacher to to blame the took a side of it you have to blame first of all fair first of all listen for this feel
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and see when she kept quiet seven hours from a lot of us alone to quote unquote say what she did during the seven hours and he thought he had to be in touch with us in a. few days. so i'm not on scenery now i might have been let me have let me go i want to say are just going to have the two minutes apiece the second thing the second thing why why why the turkish authorities they give the photos of between the airport to the hotel but there are seven come it was. three of them so it hurts him out of it and i don't think they're going to give us our photos are on the. right sir we're not detectives there are not forensic experts and i hear what you're saying that you still has some questions about the investigation and you would like for turkey to be worth forty forthcoming that that's a fair point jacob who should be doing an investigation when will and an investigation realistically happen if ever. well it's
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a complicated question and there are there are legitimate claims from a few sources this this is this is turkish territory but it's also a saudi diplomatic compound and was not a u.s. citizen but it was a u.s. legal permanent resident so that gives the u.s. sort of subsidiary status to turkey and saudi arabia given the sort of intensity of emotion around this case probably it should be some kind of internationally mediated investigation now the question of who runs that investigation whether it's the u.n. i mean there's not really an agency i mean interpol is a coordinating agency it's not an investigative agency in and of itself so the ideal situation would be to have some kind of joint investigation with the full buy in of both governments with support from the u.s. with support from any other government that might have some intelligence to share or any other sort of stake in the matter but frankly that doesn't seem to be
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happening and i don't think that is going to happen again given the the intensity of emotion that this case has rightly provoked and let's talk about to that point how mohammed bin salman was received at the g twenty the fact that he is still being received in a completely normal setting if nothing has happened. what does that say about where the will of the international community is for for there it to be any of these types of possible investigations i'd like jacob i'd like you to respond to that and i like your reply as well i mean frankly it's not surprising world leaders are received in two settings like the g twenty regardless of what's going on i mean the mere putin was received even though his navy had blocked the passage of ukrainian ships through the sea as of as of fired on them and then taken hostages of the crew and put their confess their supposedly taped confessions on the internet i mean you can go down the list of various sort of. bad acts committed by
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the governments of the g twenty and other international bodies and people are still welcome that's just the reality of the international system i mean short of full fledged war or full fledged war crimes this kind of thing just doesn't really change the sort of the calculus or the mechanics of international diplomacy it doesn't seem that u.s. president donald trump or mike pompei or are going to push this much further but it's a different story when you talk about the u.s. congress there are people in both parties that are not ok with the answers they've gotten and in january the democrats will also be taking over do you hold out any hope that there is still any type of leverage or any power in the u.s. to push this. well i do have hope in the international media the the time the international media start neglecting the story of d.n. stant does not make headlines and is not on the front pages then you should be
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concerned but i believe that thanks to the international media that they still keep it alive and second of course this they establish ment's in the united states do believe in the values and the democracy of the united states and they do want the value of these values to be more important than businesses and that's exactly the opposite of what donald trump is doing donald trump jerk caution out and pump a you believe that it's only money they want to bring america great again with the the money of blood coming from saudi arabia and m.b. asked and he said it bluntly donald trump said it's five hundred thousand jobs and if we don't sell them the ships they're going to go to russia and china so i do have trust in this talisman but to be honest if they're not doing enough when brac to see more pressure on donald trump it's not it's the question as rachel is very
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clear that m.b. ass is involved in this and he was embarrassed in the g twenty he was completely and any ated isolated by all the leaders because of the international media and again these kind of diplomats or leaders like donald trump macron and putin they should have serious problems when it comes to. lives human rights i met i mean unfortunately we're not in a perfect word let me bring it out a novelty back into this conversation how would you like to see saudi arabia deal with the questions that are coming the pressure that's coming how would you like to to see them respond how would you like to see m.b.'s response is there a way that you see saudi moving past this. will cause the soda government even if it's normal. the some media who they use it as a mission that area that for the political reasons this is a picture this so do point of view evidence that was
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a clear the finish date of the occasion so far they accuse where they accuse. the congress yok that there are and has been but there are still protests there are still sanctions or individuals that have been sanctioned and there still is the potential for this to go to the next level and january when there's a new congress so i'm asking is it something that you think saudi will just wait out or how would you like to see them deal with this new people are with people who are against so not. to be it is noble and logical to think about it you have to put it in balance not to this select and collect what you want and put in the media no some people are against fine people supporting the sort of the the saudi crown prince fine so in the end of the day this is a crime so what's to be and the court not in the media and give the people alive like you know there is money must really follow him this is all of this you know to
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me it's rubbish does it doesn't the fact go to the court if you have the evidence and finish the case don't follow the conference because the congress cares nothing about those people who want to make just allowed in the media ok take a look let me ask you something really quick modeling brought up a good point earlier he said that as crass as a desert is horrible things that happen all the time and this is just one more whole horrible thing but this horrible thing has gotten a lot of attention has upset a lot of people are you surprised by that how much longer do you think that this will stay in the forefront. i think the fact the whole show was personally known to a lot of people in particularly the washington d.c. sort of media and government established mint probably accounts for the reason why this story has had such likes and. you know as we've heard the sort of drip drip of revelations coming from the turkish government have kind of played that along i don't think that i mean just just looking at it from the perspective of u.s.
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saudi relations i don't think that this is going to be the sort of single turning point in u.s. saudi relations but i think it will be it'll be part of a broader trend where because there is that disconnect between the establishment and you've just seen you know sixty three senators in a very closely divided senate where the republican party has been loath to break with the president fourteen republican senators went along with all the democrats to pass a resolution calling for an end to american support for the saudi war in yemen that's a sign that there's a real sort of beginning of a bipartisan groundswell which is it's going to be a danger sign sort of for that not the immediate term but the mid and long term future from the saudi perspective in washington thank you very much thank you to all of our guests a model today knowledge of boree. and shake a parrot please thank you thank you for watching as well you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com for further discussion on our facebook page it's facebook dot com ports slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at aging
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inside story for me richelle carey in the entire teen i for now. xenophobic violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. infiltrates one of the continent's fastest growing far right organizations. and exposes links to members of the european parliament reenlist and national rugby park. generation hate. them a special tupac investigation coming soon on the just. the un's new human rights chief discusses her mission challenges and plans going forward. tack and and there are some pushback some from. michelle talks to
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al-jazeera. i enjoy bringing my. children so they can see and get more comfortable five children are at the heart of america's love affair with weapons. makes a report there for a new machine and it's fun but the new generation is fighting fire with reason we are fighting for you because you don't want to see and you do speak it. never again part of the radicalized youth series on one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story as we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know it's very challenging there but in this particular because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues. we the people we live to tell
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the real stories are just mended is to do the work in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. the u.s. and china agree not to impose new tariffs for now as they work to resolve their trade disputes. or watching i'll just zero life from a headquarters and. also i had no agreement on climate change at the g. twenty with leaders facing resistance from the u.s. president france is considering imposing a state of emergency following a third weekend of violent protests against the fuel taxes so.


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