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tv   A New Lease Of Life  Al Jazeera  December 2, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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down surgeon want to win his followers dr moon. as returns to his hometown baghdad to give amputees the hope of walking again on al-jazeera. i'm kemal santa maria with a check of the headlines on al-jazeera the french president is holding an emergency meeting with his cabinet following saturday's nationwide protests emanuel government is considering imposing a state of emergency to prevent further chaos. the crown arrived in paris on sunday morning after the yellow vest protest stage mass rallies for the third weekend of a rising fuel prices but saturday's violence saw more than four hundred people arrested and one hundred thirty others injured including police officers david chase has sent us this update a short time ago. where we've just seen president mark wrong leaving be the art of
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the tree and he's going to walk about in the front to get people he was greeted with cheers and boos that he was trying to talk to the police and commend them for the action that it took last night but as you can see behind me of all the things that happen in the arson attacks the attacks on the police the attacks on the shops in the songs that we say it is the building behind me the the monument behind me the arc de triomphe and the graffiti that was pasted over it that is perhaps the the biggest defense as far as the administration is concerned you can still see some of it saying found the regime do they removed before president got here you know something they said again we still not draw which of course means macro resign now we must distinguish between the violence that we saw and the bulk of the yellow vests rebellion they peacefully demonstrated on the seans elisei but there was
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a handful of those. left wing and right wing and they cast groups who started putting not graffiti on the opted to play on now the headlines donald trump has agreed to delay increasing trade tariffs on chinese imports at least for the next ninety days the u.s. and chinese presidents made at the g twenty summit on saturday and said they will use the time to try to resolve their differences from our china correspondent adrian brown. well the governments of both china and the united states are putting a positive spin on the outcome of these talks but this is not a deal it is a truce a temporary cease fire because the white house is still warning that if after the ninety day period there is still no agreement between china and the united states on their many trade issues then the united states will impose tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods that's on top of terrorists that
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already apply to two hundred fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods now the chinese foreign minister wang ye has says that he hopes there could be more exchanges and visits between the two sides just before the talks president xi jinping said he was very happy to be meeting president donald trump and the best option for china and the united states was cooperation but there remains a fundamental areas of disagreement between these two sides especially in the area of forced technology transfer and the fact that the united states says that u.s. companies that want to do business here in china have to enter into fifty fifty joint venture arrangements and then hand over their know how the united states is saying that has to stop there is one area though i think where president xi jinping is unlikely to yield and that concerns his industrial policy known as made in china twenty twenty five this is his aim to make china a world leader in technologies of the future things like artificial intelligence
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and robotics but the united states is saying that china will do this by heavily subsidizing the companies involved and it says that has to stop president xi jinping has maintained that it won't. the saudi crown prince has landed in mauritania for short visits mohamed bin salman was greeted by more attorneys president and he got of honor in the capitol no luck shot however the opposition there continues to denounce his visits and envoys from almost two hundred nations are gathering in poland for the cup twenty four summit they're hoping to agree on policies to address climate change remember the paris agreement signed in two thousand and fifteen was supposed to hold average temperature increases to less than one and a half degrees celsius the u.s. has since withdrawn from that deal another check of the headlines for you and around half an hour's time starting right now though al-jazeera world.
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i really miss him to sever a new home for that a year doing all the lesh thing hello saw him gave a t. our little corner kill your b.g. a mission or better job growth mission. i know i'm a tell you a little coward little jet help me here with the war for what reason or sure you mean well hell that hell you it heading for so they're directly but they were or were dry really over dhaka also there are some but do closer see argot only are real for you to begin a two year. indy macwas soon with the carry it for eight whole. mall do i need. hertz you get
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marley it's not so new to these countries are you a little bit do you love me but it's been said that he was good what i could baba have to assume when i wish to listen to for you to suffer more from a good man by loving them the love mundelein hate them hate horny how took on discard the gift but less shit surely a kid has a lot. less skill. i learned. no one hundred k. the one you are. in no but that talk to isha talk to has shifted. some of that in the past with the hand id how did it come in what to lead to a when i was warning or how big
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a when is that what mark. we should be to kill your own benefit let us our path yet is a desert but the book but my south been harsh of it by military men considering been an iranian can so i remain. is a mark that. a kid. did. it and did that really good i said oh my gosh men are shooting your own sugar the young lady will come soon. to the land they haunt. the stuff i did a while one hundred eighty. but my all what he did to be fair number to me i knew what he had done they should be stukely oshima and the young men under said. had luck consider a key the bottom of to pass down but i want to go how tall is it. doesn't he will you have a tiara. i know my father. yeah.
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will mama christine o'donnell them up with no. issue about if and when you know yet she. said that the media because i'm the i'm saddam saddam or she she you have that i had no idea what i was out of it was never done and done with. now you didn't tell him he didn't have to do all of the just. happened to know how to machine might not make money coming out of nowhere and him came in and one of the she of one of twenty my mind men demanding more room i made them a house emotional not enough. she met. him in a semi i. a month. from getting. a mouthful of.
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a fatigue if you know what capable i love bugman a sort of don't know below how. hot the. good job. but job hardly comes to sneer at this new service new life i don't know but. some citizen in canada there really are. just sort of feel. the healthy are also usually the body
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is did a little some. of the. best by last year's song has. been much from out the fellow are that an article in. the name in our book or lassie had music we are damn oseola classically album i mean i we are just some. of. the hardly any effort at them as a lad. of c.n.n. has he and i hope i meet last year there. at that it has you are now but beer with and now at the high holy high school rally on both the. nominal form on. the shore you in. but that is.
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not offical over the. allow it to be a pod the hand of course has a camera in our syrian activists he is dealing be bogged. down with acid bake leymah the song belly alomar at mad mad there might be a that african monday monday at that leno and maybe an hour late because some see him and their fellow land on had a back flip and marketeers a young look the years. isn't
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really i'm too old but i'll go. and we'll be old sanyo i'm sold and looking at first the brutal cult the four minute who's the. senate the earth would suddenly all somehow come seems in a low government. and the. new louis for the dr or the not. going to you neal again year olds well that could have lyman also puts in that twenty nine year old can can get a little old or sass hannaman shipper of his own element. in film and i'm sure than most of. you know. the ny out the nose at findlaw and the
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good old machine what if we look in manassas at sixty. some stuff of. the mythology. is very quickly on us like we said she'd lown never as we said of course universe. no. less. when laziness. i was. sad and yeah this is. much easier. but i didn't go. the way for the puzzle mark didn't deposit similar under because we didn't. the military.
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so i. could. are the result of that then the. plot of your music are a lot of real there's a whole load of amount of controversy some demands in there on the group of us i'm
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a little out there so it's my guess i'll always remember that and the walked the land is and maybe you don't even going to be aware that most of them were gives humana a madam shit only gives house work even that isn't that we're massive about their lives you have that they're going to let him that he was are the innocent. i did them is that. ever since i was a little boy in india my dream was to me body would trumps so five years ago i decided i was finally going to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition the story a chooses to lose my one village and its transformation going behind the lens has
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gone from singing brings his personal story to life. al-jazeera correspondent my own private bollywood. xenophobic violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. infiltrates one of the continent's fastest growing far right organizations. and exposes links to members of the european parliament some by my reenlist national park. generation paid. for a special two part investigation coming soon on the. i enjoy bringing my neighbors my neighbors children so they can see and get more comfortable five years children are at the heart of america's love affair with weapons. makes a report and their family machine and it's fun but the new generation is fighting fire with reason we are fighting for which is to be because we don't want to see
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and hear you speak it. never again part of the radicalized youth series on a. back with a look at the headlines for you here on al jazeera and the french president is holding an emergency meeting with his cabinet following saturday's nationwide protests emanuel micron's government is considering imposing a state of emergency to prevent further chaos across arrived in paris on sunday morning after the yellow vest protesters staged mass rallies for the third weekend of the rising fuel prices saturday's violence saw more than four hundred people arrested in one hundred thirty others injured including police officers earlier he condemned the destruction. sort of command level at the comes on of the images we
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know cause justifies that security forces are attacked shops pillaged public or private buildings set on fire pedestrians or journalists threatened or that ask the prion. those guilty of this violence do not want change nor improvement they want chaos they betrayed the cause they purport to be serving and employing they will be identified and held responsible for their actions in other news donald trump has agreed to delay increasing trade tariffs on chinese imports at least for the next ninety days the u.s. and chinese presidents met at the g. twenty summit on saturday and said they will use the time to try to resolve their differences the saudi crown prince has landed in mauritania for a short visit mohamad been summoned was greeted by the more astounding president and a guard of honor in the capital not shots however the opposition there is denouncing his visits envoys from almost two hundred nations are gathering in poland for the cup twenty four summit hoping to agree on policies to address climate change the
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parents agreement signed in two thousand and fifteen was supposed to hold average temperature increases to less than one and a half degrees celsius but of course the u.s. has since withdrawn from the deal israeli police said they have enough evidence to charge president's start prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his wife sarah with accepting bribes they're accused of fraud and breach of trust in dealings with israel's largest telecoms operator but anyone who denies any wrongdoing in this and other corruption cases against him and iran isn't saying whether it's test fired a ballistic missile but the iranian navy has launched what it says is a new type of radar evading destroyer it was secretary of this is the missile launch violates a u.n. security council resolution iran calls its military program defensive and not against international law these are in twenty five minutes time right now back to iraq as the real world.
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issue for me had only had had the life let's meet and work. but which can never get and. if speedier. years kentucky he did it by use an accent which has liberty and million when you could probably use it since gilded deal is a fifty's can be good. for the home. and had democracy and she had a feel for the word. this is fierce and took on anyhow. and shivani she did she had a she knew the country. clicked where the hadn't do. didn't . love fair when was it. would not shut so.
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on. earth. michelle moved more to her father well you marry free brain and. ima love well who are. more how well are for us we are we're here i'm be usual muslim are look nearly well you are knee. men for weary they. were very beautiful. you lame jean marc published how to reveal my band and how to deal father as well as bass with the music. what kind of feet are halle and a man montauk element of about a lot of who are of a minimal then whom if you know
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a newly heard of willard you need to see if he was really into it how more subtle thing i were shia muslim how to muslim how to you boom muslim had thirty nine and you poor knee but i'm concerned i'm thirty three me not see. jacobi across sort of the most vocal of the tell me oh it's a free i'm the enter he don't know who we're to have i had to interrupt the call what does leave all of their lives and warm for coffee if i want to look out into octal. you can more and affinity. with you freeze your way. to be honest we are both. yes. he can sure when it's me and.
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a shuttle. bill but with no one to lead knowledge straight they did michaela and i the head of i'm ugly and i'm irish too high and again it's been. a lawyer for a sugar though she's a button at the current bill bates killer missed a migraine because those you could will bear true but the family but they aren't killed in the heart but again a ship could do. that and that's obvious to the internet. so what he or she feel. again what so many years we him give. that dilemma. hello for good to get an aside because you. have lived to talk about it again. or else i'm an. up to. the north side of to be a lot of my yen or i'm going out dear but served at the.
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land of zealot illinois that's a field day and. steel man will come in and hire a whole mess on us about on it on how to be in polly in woolen salas allow macbook out of goofiness way of most of the bad lot not the nominee lana fallon fred and b.b. the federation is full fake as hers hundred i'm going to have them total home someone had chlamydia ahmed rashid costa and. what she might have been would need shortly keeley but the tone seemed but daughter could have been but there was i've got to. be one can only be the one bishop in no killfile you play it that it wasn't. a what she but don't show that
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command under the shirt they had to liquid it didn't. move it did the know don't matter and such are the id. to massage i haven't bumped into the feet that much. i have a membership card imo she isn't up in the who will she win a few notes or who you are you know living. at him a hey joe you had.
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a lot. of the bond with a lone wolf wolf is nominated in the you're. seeing video. of the beast thirty move that was at the bottom three double orders of the bentley tall bald lead dog of the. sardine more could be killed in armada they are built to fully be armor shabbir be armor is cool you wear a magician. al-jazeera wild follows the struggles of an iraqi painter a syrian screenwriter and
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a palestinian filmmaker as they come to terms with their lives as displaced artists in lebanon on. a limited art is always the first to go to the last of the arab. i've invented a new homeland in my imagination built beirut's refugee artists on al-jazeera. from the clear blue sky of the doha mooning. to the fresh fruits and breeze in the city of the not. how i got the usual clutch of showers right across for some of them i went to sea ice extending all the way from rio pushing right up into the
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heart of the country has pushed further south. some lovely sunshine coming through just nineteen celsius on sunday so all the cool side winds coming in from a southerly direction but as when swing round from monday getting up to twenty six degrees those showers continue across the eastern parts of brazil just not going to the north of rio right up towards the funnel off the continent then guyana will see some shasta here and i'm as well always a chance of wanted to showers into the caribbean but as you can see it is generally fine in drought as a blue sky fair weather cloud rolling through the city might just catch you out shafir example not too far away from kingston as we go on through monday just catch your chat to into santa domingo maybe you'll want to around the us red has been more sunshine than showers and looking pretty cute meanwhile looking good across southern parts of the us it hasn't out of rain making its way towards eastern seaboard across the lakes as well that's going to continue making its way further north which in the east was a lot of snow still in place on the northern flank some rain there up towards new
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york pushing up into new england that will make its way away as we go on into monday bright skies gradually coming back behind. the weather sponsored by cattle and peace. this is al jazeera. one i'm come all santa maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera france's president visits the signs of violent protests in paris and since government considers imposing a state of emergency also in the news the u.s. and china are agreeing not to impose new tyrus for now as they work to resolve their trade disputes and a call for agent action in poland with close to two hundred countries amazing and.


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