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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 4, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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this is al-jazeera. in jordan this is the out as they are news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes before congress the head of the cia will brief u.s. senators on the death of a saudi journalist. after more than fifty years as part of opec is calling it quits leaving the oil cartel in a bid to focus on gas. vacuity from yemen raising hopes for talks
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to end the war. and support we need a footballer who ended a decade of dominance and. welcome to the program the director of the u.s. central intelligence agency will now brief senate leaders on the killing of a saudi journalist jamal khashoggi the wall street journal is reporting that gina hospitals due to speak about the murder on tuesday she did not take part in a jump of ministration briefing on she's death last week where john hendren joins us live now from washington d.c. john so why is hospital suddenly now appearing before the senate when she was reportedly prevented from doing so last week. daryn this is the trump administration backing down in a standoff with the u.s. senate last week as you noted there was a briefing by the defense secretary jim matheson mike pompei all the secretary of
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state to members of the senate this was a closed door briefing and in that they said there was no smoking gun linking the crown prince of saudi arabia muhammad bin so mom to that killing of jamal khashoggi that is despite the fact that we have reports that the cia has has said with a high degree of confidence that they are convinced that that murder was ordered by the crown prince so what we have here is that a number of members of the senate were upset with not being able to talk to gina haskell unlike the secretary of state and the defense secretary she actually did travel to turkey she heard the tapes the turkish government had to offer of that killing and so she will have a lot more information after all intelligence is her business and vance why members of the senate wanted to talk to her after they heard from the defense secretary and the secretary of state and several people including a republican jeff flake said that they were unconvinced they found it and persuasive the head of the senate foreign relations committee bob corker was upset
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and so in a historic rebuke they held a procedural vote to move forward with a measure to punish saudi arabia that is what has brought the trump administration to the table and that is certainly what is bringing gina haswell to the senate next week and john as you said the u.s. senate has some both sides of the house of long been calling for strong to action against saudi arabia so what exactly just remind us what the coding for what happens now. right there and let me correct myself this week is what i intended to say there this would be the first time that the senate invoked the war powers act that was an act passed in one nine hundred seventy three that allows congress to cut off war activity after sixty days and that has been ordered by the president of the united states this was a reaction to vietnam back then and now the senate is threatening to do that to cut off u.s. aid to saudi arabia in yemen the u.s. is refueling planes there saudi planes that are involved in the war there this
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would stop that activity now it's a long way from passing although a lot of senators sixty three to seven agreed to move this bill forward it's not clear they will all support it in the end it would not pass the the house right now which is still in republican hands it will be in democratic hands in january but there is also a must pass spending measure that senators are considering tying this to so this is the administration trying to quell that effort before it builds up and takes the issue out of donald trump's hands or into john hendren there live for us from washington d.c. john let's bring in glenn kahl he's a former cia officer joins us live via skype from boston glenn good to have you back on the program how surprised are you that cia director gina hospital will now appear before the senate when she was supposed to be prevented by the white house in doing so last week. well i'm not surprised that she will testify or brief the senate to the surprise was that trump in his what's now unsurprising
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acts to break the norms and the separation of powers that forbid her in the first place i don't anticipate that there will be any new substantive information ari but it does rebalance a bit the program on government the executive the legislature all right so just talk to us about the hearing itself is it likely to be behind closed doors and what sort of details if you like to give in terms of intelligence. i would expect that it would be behind closed doors if it's going to be at all meaningful why since the report has leaked some i think that she will speak clearly to that and i don't expect that she would go any further than anything that we know she'll never reveal in a briefing like this the sources or the methods but she will reveal the substance the main point here is that this you can look at this two ways it's the trump
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administration just as our colleague in washington bruce an excellent briefing said now it's to from administration backing water or or trying to get out from some of the pressure that it is now under from the congress and it is congress's effort to reassert its part prerogatives that's that's really the news here with trump's continuing to try to carry the water for a mom and in some and u.s. lawmakers glenn from both sides of the house have been calling for stronger action against saudi arabia is house bills testimony luncheons against some way in changing the trumpet ministrations position on protecting the conference or is chump just going to bury this report again. well if trauma can bury it he will and clearly what he's doing is trying to relieve the pressure on him from congress with gestures. his standard pattern is to say to deny and then to make
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a cosmetic change or backing down to tell it that and to change the subject and then to move on so he will do what he can to maintain his. shockingly intimate relationship with howard and solomon while congress may pressure him son some more but the advantage in foreign policy always rests with the sec then col thank you for talking to al jazeera later. cutting the oil exporting group opec saying it wants to expand its position as the world's top exporter of liquefied natural gas the government says the move will allow it to concentrate on increasing gas exports from seventy seven million tons a year to one hundred ten million a sullivan jeff eight has the details of the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest oil cartel after being in opec member for more than fifty years but there says the strategic change is needed for its long term emissions to produce more natural gas or announced
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a decision as the oil producing nations is due to meet on thursday in vienna. opec's expected to cut oil output amid falling oil prices but there is one of opec smallest oil producers its main commodity is natural gas but the world's third largest reserves tensions between qatar and opec's largest producer saudi arabia suddenly increased and the saudis imposed a land sea and air blockade seventeen months ago but the government ministers say leaving opec is not politically motivated i don't want to politicize it i'm a very practical engineer i have been running kewpie for a long time and the way i do business is really practical so we look at you know what is the value and. you know i like to focus on efficiencies always and i think it's inefficient to focus on something that's not your core business and something that's not going to benefit you long term so for me to put effort and resources and time. in an organization that i'm
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a very small player and doesn't have don't have. you know seeing what happens in that organization. does not work it's not been a great year for opec its largest members such as saudi arabia ramped up production while others have carried out cuts meaning the worst compliance by members in years opec is a bit like a family and it has all the good aspects of a family the closeness but it also has the best aspects of a family which means the squabbles that all it like in families they all squabble and you all are sad when one of the cozzens think the sides to break rank but his departure comes as both houses in the us have introduced and the opec bills the so-called no pact bill has gained traction after the trumpet ministrations increased hostility towards opec if passed the legislation would pave the way for opec members to be sued for operating a monopoly as relations between saudi arabia and russia have improved iran iraq and
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venezuela have found it difficult to abide by opec decisions but there isn't the first country to leave opec but it is the first from the middle east raising questions about whether others could follow some of the job aid how does their. well let's bring in ellen will she's a consultant on energy and jip politics and a senior fellow at the atlantic council's who joins us via skype from jacksonville florida and i don't know how significant is this decision by qatar to pull out of opec and how big a deal is it it's not all that significant when it comes to oil production qatar really only produces about six hundred thousand barrels per day so it's not really going to mean all that much in that collective opec production rates however it could be nothing i said a bit of a disgruntled best that's gone to some of these smaller opec producers who feel that all of these decisions are really being made by saudi arabia and russia and
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just handed down to that and so that it may not necessarily be in their benefit you know echoing or the i mean that's an important point to make i was going to ask you how much does count as departure a signal this sort of growing feeling of discomfort amongst other members on how decisions are monies and as you say saudi arabia russia pretty much call the shots on global pricing anyway and that makes up a smaller players like cats are feel marginalized and they. exactly and iran actually voiced something similar today. only receive these concerns for a while but in this case today they actually did raise the point that smaller producers really are being marginalized to ruby interesting to see if saudi arabia and perhaps russia's messaging perhaps shifts a bit to meet the smaller producers feel more a part of the decision making process and how much is regional politics at play here as well i mean qatar is under a saudi led embargo now that eighteen months so so how is that played into qatar
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decision do you think. i mean did did the oil ministers certainly seem to downplay that and it sounds like it was really just eight technical and business decision but i wouldn't be surprised if there is an element of domestic politics going on and that is the fact that you know qatar has been needing to basically have its own policy dictated to it by saudi arabia and essentially saying look we have a reason to do this any longer and so i'm sure that this move will play well domestically politically ellen just a final thought from you i mean u.s. president donald trump has repeatedly a touch of opec and the white house we know is looking at the so-called no pick legislation that would seek to punish opec that actually like a cartel and and manipulating outputs and prices i mean how is that likely to play out so i really don't even know that legislation going all that far it's certainly got to get through congress the way that he's playing it out and it's unclear.
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whether or not even be as usual however the threat of it could be a significant leverage that he has to play or possibly leverage he has to play in his fight to keep from rape if the price is too much eligible thank you for talking to al-jazeera thank you all right let's also to come here on the news hour including the propaganda war behind rising tensions between ukraine and russia following a naval confrontation. protests in france against high petrol prices fuel demonstrations in the country's overseas territories. now dozens of wounded who are the fighters have arrived in amman after being thrown from yemen and for medical treatment the planned evacuation was one of the conditions laid out by the rebels to the south in that coalition ahead of talks in sweden on wednesday the u.n. has called on the saudi crown prince to support those negotiations bullshitters yet
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reports. fifty hoofy fighters wounded in the war in yemen evacuated from the capital sana the united nations plane with three doctors on board taking them to a hospital and musk out and oman that is. yemen has the responsibility of each and every one of his noble citizens just as we sacrifice our souls our blood and our children you too must do so. iran back to thieves took the capital sun during a major uprising in two thousand and fourteen forcing president of a drug months or heidi into exile more than ten thousand people have been killed since the saudi u.a.e. coalition began its air campaign in support of how these internationally recognized government the following year the intervention and aerial bombardment of who the rebels has led to what the u.n. calls the world's largest humanitarian crisis the world health organization says
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yemen is experiencing the worst cholera outbreak with nearly three thousand deaths and more than a million people infected more than three million people have been internally displaced and twenty two million people are in need of humanitarian help now for years on the decision by saudi u.a.e. coalition to allow the evacuation of wounded truthy fighters is meeting a key condition of the rebels for u.n. sponsored peace talks to go ahead in sweden this week. the previous attempt at the goshi ations organized by un special envoy to yemen collapsed in september when the who these fail to attend the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi in riyadh consulate in istanbul may have given western powers more influence and leverage over saudi arabia and iran has announced it backs the talks saying tehran is ready to help find a political solution we should always have cautious optimism because i think that
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the first results that we would. we would have to look at is whether or not these peace talks take place we will expect some sort of resolution between. the united nations and the saudis over whether the u.n. will take over to management of the port the. un's envoy martin griffiths has just arrived in sun to escort the negotiators to sweden he's hoping to arrange for ceasefire in the port city of her data the entry point for most aid to yemen gryphus is also hoping to reopen the son airport securing a prisoner swap and negotiating for a wider truce now yemenis hope that talk of the transitional government can avert the impending famine and cholera epidemics paul chatterjee on al-jazeera well mohamed is a member of the who things political he explained how the evacuation deal came about. talks about this deal have started months or
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a year ago we offered to the media a deal to release all hostages and detainees in exchange for releasing prisoners and hostages at the other side and this is because they are a source of pain and suffering today families the war has been going on for a long time and there is no justification for not releasing them however no agreement was reached and told two to three days ago at the beginning we signed the deal in the u n envoy was able to convince the other side to sign the agreement. well scott kolins the humanitarian policy lead for america he says the deal doesn't help the people who need help the most. let's remember there are fourteen million people on the verge of starvation in yemen the people who are being let out of prison who are being exchanged who are being allowed to evacuate for treatment these are the men who are closest to the warring parties in yemen as always it's the women and the children who are suffering most and who will come last and we
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haven't yet seen a concerted effort from the international community that puts them first so it's a welcome step because it moves the peace process forward oxfam has reached more than three million people with life saving assistance over the past three and a half years local humanitarian agencies yemeni organizations have delivered even more and they're the ones who are really on the front lines and the sad reality of all of this is that everything that's needed to solve the humanitarian crisis in yemen is in yemen sure there is there are spare parts needed here and shipments of medicine needed there those are important but this is an economic crisis and the import restrictions are ultimately and the other policies that are sabotaging the economy are just making it impossible for people to access the things that they need to survive people will die of malnutrition with food in sight and they already are that's really the hardest thing to see when you visit yemen u.s.
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president donald trump azzam still pakistan's hope to advance afghanistan's talks with a ton about trunk road to prime minister imran khan saying relations with pakistan were important in bringing the armed group to the negotiating table it marks a change in trump's nobody talks tome pakistan last month he accuses numb about of not doing enough to help the u.s. despite getting billions of dollars in aid. from islamic law. this morning imran khan can do it and report it and he basically said earlier today. requesting for. dogs and trying to bring the of one dollar bond to the negotiating table imraan khan of course that pakistan would do whatever it is. in order to achieve peace in afghanistan and to find and that seventeen year old.
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if you look at that situation recently the taliban they agreed to go to mosque all four dogs and also i have been holding talks with the americans. still has some leverage over the dollar bond right now day winning the war in afghanistan they have most of their credit rating under their control and dad stated that morning that we're drawing of foreign forces from of one it's gone through and it's going to be interesting to see whether they really listen. august on of course saying that they will do whatever. they have said all along that the negotiations and of one is done have to be of one own and of on lead. pakistan security analyst at the cato institute in washington d.c. she says trump's request for pakistan's help is a positive development. we have already seen something like this happen before earlier this year when president very publicly criticized baucus dan for not doing
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enough and that the same time asked pakistan to bring the taliban to the negotiating table so this is something similar that's occurring right now the only difference is that president trump has personally reached out to prime minister han which i think ultimately indicates president trumps personal desire to end the war i think absolutely backs on can do something to end the war in afghanistan the main thing that they can do is to help and the taliban to the negotiating table back a son has had a very longstanding relationship with the taliban and it has its own complications with its relationship with the taliban but ultimately out of all the stakeholders involved in the on war baucus on is one of the only countries which still has a somewhat positive relationship with the taliban and so i think the way that the u.s. war could potentially and in a way it which would also help the u.s. box down relationship would be if under iran's khan's leadership if the box on the government could convince the taliban to take part in peace talks which are of llano and an afghan led minda rajapaksa says he will appeal against
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a court order that prevents him from being prime minister of sri lanka a majority of m.p.'s challenge his legal authority to hold office it was installed in october after the president then prime minister run wickramasinghe and a move many consider unconstitutional will fernandez as more from colombia. the interim order a risk really injunction stopping by in the rajapaksa his cabinet ministers and deputy ministers from functioning in those capacities seem to take all of them by surprise from the president's office to mind the large box office they were all taking stock of what it meant now most people had expected some kind of judgment and movement when the supreme court which is looking at a number of fundamental rights petitions against the dissolution of parliament they expected that to provide some kind of decision and the big. to the court of appeal to sort of defer its decision until the bigger court spoke in effect however what this means at present is that true lack of does not have
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a government essentially the prime minister pointed by prison my policy to save now from functioning by the courts here is. obviously sacked by the president and it's just an executive president we have in power now. responding to that injunction has said that he does not accept it he says that he will be filing an appeal first thing tomorrow morning in the superior court the supreme court of sri lanka in terms of where this country stands these things are moving very fast and they're watching to see what it means the body of former u.s. president george h.w. bush is now lying in state in the capitol building in washington d.c. it will remain there until wednesday when a state funeral will be held these are live pictures coming to us here. on friday at his home in houston texas at the age of ninety four but during his term as
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president from one thousand eight hundred nine to ninety nine hundred three bush oversaw the end of the cold war and assemble a military commission to remove iraqi forces from kuwait ukraine is building up its military capability as reservists are being called up to training centers large scale exercises are expected in the next few days but follows russia's seizure of three ukrainian ships and twenty four crew members in the black sea more than a week ago with russia blockading ports ukraine wants nato to deploy ships to the region nato secretary-general young stoltenberg says russia must allow freedom of navigation to ukrainian ships. emergency measures in ukraine have raised political tensions far right militias are trying to capitalize on it to gain support but they've also been accused of vigilante violence and extremism under simmons as more from kharkiv in northeast in ukraine. another exchange of accusations between ukraine and russia from the president here. earlier probably the kremlin keeps
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testing the limits of the global order checking whether the world will accept turning as of sea and the black sea into a russian lake it's an enormous threat russia says those words are absurd the ukrainian president had a photo call with new deliveries of military hardware as the kremlin accused him of trying to generate tension prashant go is making a partial call up of reservists but at the same time stressing it is an mobilization that will only happen if russia invades he says. but some veterans of ukraine's war with pro russian separatists say there's confusion about martial law this is a memorial service for fallen soldiers attended by nationalists. the gun salute and the sentiment maybe in honor of the dead however there's an
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underlying theme here it's political and very right wing. with slick promotional videos in place of recruitment drives. this group is called the national corpus a vigilante movement after the ukrainian uprising in twenty fourteen fighters from the voluntary as old but sally and were a mainstay in the battle against pro russian separatists not any more with the regular army getting bigger by the day this man is a former soldier he says people need to be reassured about martial law where. we reach out to them on the streets in their house or get their people knock on doors and tell them that there is going to be no mobilization all of a sudden but you might question how reassuring these members of his organizational there are looking and in their own way stopping illegal gambling license alcohol in bars drug dealing with the even stop actors all of film set because it's
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a movie in ukraine's soffit past. sometimes they're calling in the police other times they're fighting but where the security forces stand in all of this that's certainly not stopping the militias from their actions we were invited to a training session in martial arts for female members of the militias on the outskirts of the city but the police turned around. was in force and we couldn't film anywhere in the area. in a hockey view create a second city where a third of the population is ethnic russian the far right may not have a major following but nevertheless if the state lets the militias carry on without further restrictions it could cause even more insecurity here. andrew simmons al jazeera hockey few create. time for short break here now to zero when we
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come back northern ireland raises its concerns as britain's parliament considers the bags at the. empty classrooms a strike at universities a dodgy reassurance no sign of ending. up in sport pakistan could today see a shot close in a moment to test match history more in that state. has seen some rare tornadoes making their way across the central u.s. recently see this area cloud this now in the process of easing off the mid atlantic states pulling away from the acbl still lingering having said that just around the panhandle and in southern georgia so some really heavy rain heavy enough to cause widespread flooding here and that's a heavy rain it's been lingering for a good couple of days might say
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a little more over the next couple of days but we should eventually start to see that right just sliding a little further south was at a service of us not main rain bad at tornadic activity that's been pushing across the the central areas to see some very lively weather particularly around illinois writes guys come back a bit high temperatures are going to tumble here as we go through the next couple days cold enough in new york and d.c. just seven celsius single figures there for a lad to choose to use the warm one the one into wednesday we're going to get it maybe three or four celsius for a new york and also for washington d.c. monastery and also a cloud of rain that's moving across parts of florida so hopefully little dry here but notice i was told the western side of the state pushing into california we got some wet weather coming in chance of some flooding and snow over the high ground. bringing my. children so they can see and get more comfortable five children are at
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the heart of america's love affair with weapons. makes a real stand there for a new machine and it's fun but the new generation is fighting fire with reason we are fighting for voices to be heard because you don't want to see it and you do speak it fluently. never again part of the radicalized youth series on a fresh perspective. possibilities. c.n.n.'s jen in. debates and discussions how can you trust a man like that how can you work again with a man like that she seems to be saying if facts all of us who just don't know or care enough al-jazeera award winning programs take you on a journey around the finale. only on al-jazeera.
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welcome back to the top stories here this hour u.s. media say the director of the cia will brief senate leaders on the killing of saudi . young tuesday. have been criticized for not taking part in a government briefing last week. as withdrawing from opec next month to boost its position as the world's number one exporter of natural gas. plans to increase output from seventy seven million tons a year to one hundred ten million. on the body of former u.s. president george h.w. bush is lying in state in the capital what's on there in washington d.c. it'll remain there until a state funeral on wednesday on friday at his home in houston texas at the age of ninety four. the leaders of the so-called yellow vest protest in france are due to
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meet president on tuesday they're angry at rising fuel prices but the demonstration in southern volga into wider criticism of the president's policies some of the worst rioting in years took place on saturday and four hundred protesters were arrested the anti-government anger continued into monday and private ambulance workers blocked traffic in paris for us protests in the french territory of a union island that's gone into their third week with demonstrators demanding the government address unemployment and the high cost of living for me the reports from sound. protests have gone into their third week here in song condrey in reunion yellow vests here say they want to make life difficult on the island it's the only way they can show resistance their looting calls through very slowly just making it difficult for people here to get around on the main road networks but of course there has been some anger with. a lot of stuff also
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a lot of the yellow vests say they're determined to show the government of that they're serious about their demands they say they're speaking a different language and all their discussions until now have come to naught they say they will continue with these protests and defied the government as long as they possibly can because they say until now the french government has not heard their pleas but just along with. sick it's been fifteen days of protests we thought it would bring a result that that would be enough but it's not the government is not speaking the same language as the people they think we're idiots so we're not going to move we will stay here the speaker of britain's parliament says the government may be in contempt for not publishing the full legal advice on its brigs that deal parliament's due to vote on prime minister to resign may's agreement next week m.p.'s from six parties want proceedings to be launched after attorney general only released a summary. i am convinced that in order to disclose any
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advice that mine to be given would be fundamentally contrary to the interests of this country. it's no use pain and shouting our members are busy but what i am trying to do these are good cop greek interests your. time. i need is time they grew up. well some of the strongest opponents of the regs that deal of come from the northern irish democratic unionist party which is supposed to be in a loose coalition with the prime minister's conservatives they're worried had deal could split the u.k. now it's been reports from belfast. in the process to loyalist palace of belfast that loyalty is unquestioned country first the four corners of the u.k. in divisible their problem with the brics it deal is that in theory it could leads with future trade agreements pushing northern ireland closer to the e.u.
2:35 am
than the rest of the u.k. that in turn leads to the inconceivable fools that northern ireland could be unified with the republic of ireland our whole purpose of union our system and take on the length with the union we fail lots of the best interests of northern ireland long term and it is in our d.n.a. where unionists we we're british we're all in our age and therefore anything that takes a side of the united kingdom as extremely honesty about him on staff working for a you know your delist boss just the politicians who represent these people in parliament of the democratic unionists by the prime minister it's a prop up the government's all to she failed to win a majority in last year's election they said they would support but they don't anymore they have made it plain they will vote to deal down the simple message go back to brussels and try again we try to be very clear we will not support. shouldn't be a choice between
2:36 am
a bad day are no day we believe that's in the mitchell and press of not just the united kingdom but also the entire of the your opinion and try to get a date but we're trying to set everybody is sensible heads should prevail this isn't good enough it's not just us saying that it's many many other people across other political parties as well the state doesn't get enough both sides need to get together terms the european union the united kingdom and get a sensible work for us. it will demonstrate starkly the mess the prime minister is in she can't even rely on politicians who are supposed to back inside her own government to resume a sales pitch deal with the european union is that it's a compromise it must be perfect but it's designed to leave the european union while bringing together a basically divided united kingdom but this constituency says it will never compromise on its core belief in the sanctity of the u.k. and it is prepared to bring down the deal. the prime minister describes herself as a unionist to the core but she is now in
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a fight with her own side and they are not the kind of people to back down lawrence lee al jazeera belfast vegetable vendors in central chile have fought with police or venue law banning them from selling on the streets protesters fruit vegetables and officers who responded with water cannon in the city have to move the vendors most of them indigenous women say they've been selling projects on the streets for decades. students at government run universities in nigeria are spending a lot more time at home lecturers have been on strike for the past month that walkout to complain about underfunding shows no sign of ending when it reports now from sokoto cobwebs and dust tell how long it is since anyone set foot in this university lecture hall it's still and quiet except for the movement of the door to blades of a few ceiling fans most of the students and lecturers stuff left. and the buildings remain under lock and key no one knows when the strike well and let us just pop
2:38 am
into the won't last for long all economic activities are paralyzed no kids no. see who have particular meters and this i basically what university. the library with its few outdated books and journals is the most populated area of the campus maybe because the internet connection here is free for now the lecturers i know hurried to come back they say they've told aerated government inaction for too long and that is making matters worse for everyone. books that have been looted the. chemicals were the engines and. in terms of manpower cream and development it was. to such an extent out and i
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would have been in your own. country that i am less than nigeria in terms of capacity to grow and sink when. the industrial action traces its origin back to two thousand and three when government and lecturers agreed to increase funding to universities and pay a backlog of allowance us as well as other demands that agreement was not implemented and the kid in a community says it's had enough the strike action is happening in seventy four out of the over one hundred public universities in nigeria. industrial action of nigerian universities is a regular occurrence where there is dispute over free or research funding the strikes can last for weeks or even months the longest in recent memory was one lecture us walked out for six months. caught in the middle in the fight between government and university teachers are students from poor backgrounds. i'm eleni see i should be running on my program. as it is now this fire has.
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affected the school calendar so my hope i'm graduating and in this year is no longer. parents who can afford it send their children to all the thirty private universities here or abroad some to neighboring countries like malaysia and been a republic which i've even fewer resources while the children of the poor who have no alternative continue to wait for an end to the strike hoping it won't get to a point where and tire session is lost how many trees al-jazeera sokoto nigeria. mexico's new president says he's working on an investment plan with the u.s. and canada to stem the flow of asylum seekers from latin america and that is money lopez obrador hopes it'll stop people from leaving his own country and others in central america. has moved from the mexican city of tijuana right next to the u.s. border. the city of tijuana mexico is currently home to more than eight thousand
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central american asylum seekers who walked more than a month to arrive here at america's doorsteps that is the border wall to the u.s. directly behind me these asylum seekers are now divided between two camps one that is partially roofed where the majority of seekers have moved and this one which is in squalid conditions exposed to the elements but ever so close to that wall over the past few days several dozen asylum seekers families men and women have tried to scale that wall but the majority of people here say they are against these efforts to enter the u.s. illegally they say they would rather wait the long if not months it takes to file their asylum claim at a port of entry they're hopeful they say that mexico's new government will help their cause mexico's new foreign minister marcello bernard was in washington d.c.
2:42 am
yesterday meeting with his u.s. counterpart pale to discuss to discuss this crisis that is described to have been a friendly conversation no human rights group is calling for a criminal tribunals gen vest of crimes against range of muslims the public international policy group says the military is guilty of genocide a report by the group was used by the us state department when it released its findings but it used the term ethnic cleansing rather than genocide michaela reports from washington. the as a public international law and policy group report was genocide in late august last year the armed forces of myanmar launched what they euphemistically labeled a clearance operation within a few months more than seven hundred thousand had fled their homes to seek refuge across the border in eastern bangladesh military helicopters fired on the being refugees the navy attacked over crowded ferries the report continues gang rape and
2:43 am
mass murder were used as a performer military tactic it is clear from our intense legal review that there is in fact a legal basis to conclude that the reading go or the victims of war crimes crimes against humanity and genocide. the u.s. holocaust museum too has long argued that genocide has been committed and join the law group in calling for immediate action to establish accountability in addition insisting on the need for direct action to be taken to curb myanmar's military the knowledge to anyone. it is important that like u.s. government and other e.u. countries and international community must look to action to intervene to stop the genocide the state department continues to use the term ethnic cleansing the reason one seduces the word genocide the us is compelled in terms of international law to
2:44 am
take immediate putative action despite months of debate this is something that trump administration is clearly unwilling to do an earlier report by un investigators also came to the conclusion that myanmar's military was guilty of genocide but under the threat of russian and chinese veto the security council has today taken no action to impose punitive sanctions or even refer the findings to the international criminal court which together with the u.s. reluctance to formally declare a genocide of has little hope to the hundreds of thousands of survivors in refugee camps and no justice for those killed in what the report made public on this day says it was a highly coordinated military campaign aimed not just to expel but to exterminate mike hanna al-jazeera washington u.s. president donald trump says his former lawyer michael cohen should receive
2:45 am
a full and complete prison sentence last week cohen pleaded guilty to tax evasion campaign finance violations and admitted lying to congress he says he made false statements for trump's benefit cohen has been cooperating with special counsel robert muller's investigation into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixteen election. now the un said general has warned nations that their strategy to reduce global warming is way off course and daniel that ted has made the comments of the major climate change summit in poland here where leaders to act decisively to avoid imminent environmental disaster delegates from two hundred nations have two weeks to find a plan to implement promises made at the paris climate accord three years ago even as we witnessed devastating climate think back causing havoc across the world's we are still not doing enough nor moving fast enough to prevent even further
2:46 am
civil and catastrophic climate disruption in short we need the complet transformation of our global energy economy as well as all we manage lands and forests resources if we don't take action the collapse of our civilizations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon the people. have spoken leaders of the world you must believe the continuation of our civilization. and the natural world upon which we depend is in your hands.
2:47 am
2:48 am
that launch from kazakhstan on monday was closely watched off of the last attempt ended in failure the crew are from canada the u.s. and russia and then stay on board the i assess for the next six and a half months in october two astronauts were forced to make an emergency landing and it's not the takeoff due to a faulty sensor landing at a us space probe has successfully approached a distant asteroid it's now says first attempt to gather asteroid samples the aim
2:49 am
of the mission is to dev deep into the regions of the universe and life on earth runnels reports we have arrived. i fives all around at the mission control center as nasa spacecraft cyrus rex moved into position alongside the asteroid benu one hundred thirty million kilometers from earth launched two years ago cyrus rex's mission is to map the giant space rock analyze its chemical make up and bring back some of its material for scientists to study it may reveal secrets about the formation of planets and the origins of life. this is a dark asteroid that we have found and that we're going to hunt down we're going to orbit we're going to take a good look at it and we're going to bring back a sample this is a fantastic mission benu about five hundred meters in diameter is a remnant of the earliest material that coalesced billions of years ago to form the
2:50 am
earth and other planets oh cyrus rex will study the asteroid at close range using mapping technology and spectroscope that provide information about what it's made of that phase of the mission will last more than a year then in twenty twenty the spacecraft will approach the new surface there's two additional maneuvers that we do that both match the asteroid spin rate and then put us on a trajectory where we go down towards the asteroid so we actually do take thrusters and push ourselves gently towards the asteroid an arm will reach out to touch its rocky face with a blast of nitrogen gas the contraption will collect some dust and rock that container will then be sealed and it was cyrus will speed back to earth ejecting its extraterrestrial cargo which will land by parachute in the utah desert in september two thousand and twenty three scientists hope their study of the material
2:51 am
will reveal whether it contains certain organic molecules called amino acids that are essential building blocks of all forms of life if they are found in high concentrations on ben you it could mean that the universe as a whole is more likely to contain life forms in ancient egyptian myth was cyrus was the god of rebirth who ruled over the darkness beyond our world and taught humanity the arts of civilization the deities twenty first century namesake may help us learn much about the origin of the universe and ourselves robert oulds al-jazeera. hard top of the sport his on the thank you very much you're crazy world cup star luke is one football's ballon d'or award one of the game's most coveted individual prizes what it's like his country it's the first ever world cup final appearance in
2:52 am
his part of the roman dread seeing this one three straight champions league titles his win ending a decade of ballon d'or dominance the legal mess in cristiana right now the rebels are came second in this vote while messi was down in fifth all moderates the latest winner of a title is first handed out in one thousand nine hundred fifty six it's organized by france football magazine with journalists from around the world voting for the winners some new awards this year france and paris anjum on strike a killing them back pay was named best young player and noways out ahead of berg who plays as a striker for european champions early on won the first ever female door prize so some belated recognition of the women's game their own honey is the head of women's football in switzerland and says more has to be done to promote female place. unfortunately the feet of the men's lock up takes place only every four years where i do think every four year is the right timing for
2:53 am
a future women's world cup but in between there should be more competitions on a continental level or other big tournaments like the club world cup which would give people all over the world a yearly annual competition that i could watch women's football these big competitions seem to really get to the media get some coverage worldwide be globally transmitted and then be a reach to people and can create more and more movement for women's football so the women's lock up in canada was a huge success for women's football as was the two thousand level winds woke up and as will be the next women's lockup the world has woken up the federation has broken up the media has woken up and women's football is now transmitted all over the place which is really great and helps women's football to continue in their development in their professional structures. sports girl will face switzerland while england will take on the netherlands in the semifinals of the inaugural european nations league games will take place next june the last four draw was made in the republic of ireland the nation's lead began in september involved more than
2:54 am
fifty countries england's game with the dutch will be the first competitive meeting between that same since the european championships back in one thousand nine hundred ninety six on that occasion and england side that included current manager gareth southgate one for warm hearts nation and defending european champions porch where price wasn't on june the fifth with the other semi coming up the following day the final that will take place on the ninth of june we've seen the impact of a successful national team can have on the on the nation last summer. and we've also seen the belief that has. been bred into young players from winning it used level so for the senior team to male be knocking on the door of the to stage a major major finals this is crucial for us. we have a lot of respect for the english team we have a lot of international players playing for in different clubs in the premier league
2:55 am
and the way how many sing their english sides. what we like giving confidence giving possibilities opportunities to two young players and that's the same way what we like to do in aren't you a fan have also confirmed that video assistant referees will be used in the knockout rounds of this season's champions league the system also be in place for those nations league finals the german bunds league and sorry are in italy already have they are and it will arrive in the english premier league next season the division that sent them for this intermittent so for it because actions even where we saw stop the image. is not the building or parity so imagine the site in one instance so difficult for the referees that. there would be help i'm glad that struggling english premier league team southampton afford their manager
2:56 am
mark hughes the team are in the relegation zone of one just three games during he uses eight month stay at the club first team assistant coach kevin davis will take charge of the going against scotland that's coming up on wednesday on the players to realise and see the club for how or c it's a fantastic club with fantastic support everybody here at this training facility and at the stadium wants everybody on the pitch to do well. not just the players to grasp that understand more more that what is more about it. and in the n.f.l. the green bay packers a far better head coach mike mccarthy after an ugly loss to the cardinals a call to his brain with that same thirteen seasons lead that saying it's the super bowl twenty ten but on sunday the packers lost twenty seven seen a fifth loss in six games philbin has been named the interim coach before the announcement that seems course about reflected on the latest setback is frustrating
2:57 am
because i really like. brought up from the battles pursues you know sprigs and mcrae coming in and we've had it all season long but we just had too much of the you know we've been playing a lot of younger and. i think you'd better do it in the future for this or risk you have to do to stop period right now and stick together and pakistan's yes it is closing in on another personal record as this team had a good opening day in the deciding test of the series with new zealand assets of three wickets in abu dhabi needs just a couple more to reach two hundred career dismissals he set to hit a landmark in the fewest ever number of test appearances. caps and kane williamson subsequent to his team with eighty nine as the sorest reach two hundred and twenty nine to seven this series level at warm. sports looking for now more lights. thank you very much indeed that's it for me down
2:58 am
jordan for this news hour but on that way i'll be back in a moment with more of the day's such experiments. to. cut down. december on al-jazeera. from hospitality to hostility toward hotels tells dramatic stories about high cons of complex and last resort in divided cities
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an exclusive interview with nobel peace prize laureates. denis mccoy again and special antarctic sanctuary follows greenpeace says the campaign to create the largest protected area on. an annual convention that gives a platform to a global dialogue on critical challenges facing our world a new two part documentary that reveals the shocking realities of the global trade december on al-jazeera. the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the u.s. . study after study has demonstrated the perspective american media coverage what part of this case you get through your thick head is hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want and if you don't say it when i go what you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind
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on al-jazeera. well you. know somebody like. the head of the cia will brief u.s. senators and what she knows about the murder of a saudi journalist. hello i'm down jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up after more than fifty years as part of opec cantars calling it quits leaving the oil cartel to focus on gas. injured who are evacuated from yemen a deal raising hopes for talks to end the war. and pressure intensifies on british prime minister to resign made to open.


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