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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 4, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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without any help from the government and now they want to destroy the forest that is part of. land ownership in brazil is among the most concentrated and unequal in the world those who ordered the intimidation the murders are really brought to justice. the israeli army launches an operation to tackle what it calls cross border attacks from lebanon of by hezbollah. as i'm speaking this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up u.s. senators will finally hear from the cia boss we've heard recordings of journalists killing. a legal battle in sri lanka as the country struggles with a growing political crisis. we have arrived. and
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a nasa mission gets close to an asteroid which could tell us more about the origins of the universe. hello israel's military has launched an operation an operation saying it will expose and fought cross border attacks from lebanon by the armed group hezbollah israeli army says the iranian backed group is using a number of tunnels to cross beneath its northern border israel's been boosting defenses along an eleven kilometer stretch of the border since twenty eight fifteen . other director of the cia will brief u.s. senate leaders on the killing of saudi journalists on tuesday genius pulls absence
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from a trumpet ministration briefing on u.s. relations with saudi arabia last week sparked controversy ashaji was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul in october the cia assessment say the crown prince mohammed bin sandman ordered the operation john hendren has the latest from washington. cia director gina haskell will speak to members of the u.s. senate about the murder of jamal khashoggi that is after she did not appear last week when the secretary of state and secretary of defense held a closed door briefing with members of the senate several members of the senate afterwards republicans and democrats alike said they were unsatisfied and an persuaded by what they heard in that room afterward madison pompei oh that is jim that is the defense secretary and mike pompei of the secretary of state came out and said there was no smoking gun that links the crown prince of saudi arabia mohammed bin some on to the killing of chris shoji that is despite reports that the
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cia has concluded with a high level of confidence that the crown prince did in fact order that killing so members of the senate were dissatisfied they said they wanted to hear from tina haskell the cia director who actually flew to istanbul and listened to the tapes of that killing that the turkish government provided so they believe she will have more information and that she will be more frank with them so they passed a measure that would lead to a vote later on invoking the war powers act that would allow the senate to cut off u.s. aid to the saudi war in yemen that would be an extreme step and it's very far from being ultimately passed but the threat of that seems to be what is motivating the trumpet ministration to make casper available to speak to members of the senate that is likely to be a closed door briefing as the briefing was last week but members of the senate and administration officials are likely to speak about it afterwards so i think we are
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likely to know what was said in that room a former cia officer glenn call says he's not expecting any big revelations from jeanne asked. since the report has leaked some i think that she will speak clearly to that and i don't expect that she would go any further than anything that we know she'll never reveal in a briefing like this the sources or or the methods which she will reveal the substance the main point here is that this you can have the at this two ways it's the trump administration just as our colleague in washington proved an excellent briefing said no it's the from administration backing water or or trying to get out from some of the pressure that it is now under from the congress and it is congress's effort to reassert its part prerogatives that's that's really the news here with trump's continuing to try to carry the water for him have been some if
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trump can bury it he will clearly what he's doing is trying to relieve the pressure on him from congress with gestures. his standard pattern is to say to deny and then to make a cosmetic change or backing down to that and to change the subject and then to move on so he will do what he can to maintain his. shockingly intimate relationship in solomon while congress may pressure him son some more but the advantage in foreign policy always rests with the executive office to live now to natasha's a name who is in that western loose limbed for a set with more on this israeli operation regarding the the tunnels natasha what more can you tell us about this. good morning has i'm well i will tell you this that this is
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a rare operation since has had the war with israel in two thousand and six we simply haven't seen this kind of operation in the north there's been what i would call a tense day tallents between israel and hezbollah of course were used to seeing israel demolish tunnels in the gaza strip and engage with hamas but not with hezbollah so this is sort of viewed as a kind of rare announcement and it's worth noting that before this operation began last night prime minister benjamin netanyahu flew to brussels to speak and alert the u.s. secretary of state might pompei o. that this was taking place and he also mentioned that this future conversations needed to be had to quote address the iran is aggression quote unquote and the secondary iran aggression in the north alluding to hezbollah but what happened last night is this they're calling it operation north shield so israeli military spokespeople are saying that they have discovered tunnels built by hezbollah along
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the northern border with israel and that they are attempting to thwart any potential attack from lebanon by has a lot into israel so last night they began building rock barriers walls and demolishing land in order to prevent any kind of offensive advantage hezbollah might have as far as we know no particular warnings or precautions have been given to residents in the area a military spokesman though is saying very harsh words today saying that hezbollah activities are a flagrant and blatant violation of israeli authority. we do want to know has and that these operations are taking place within israeli territory no incursions have been made into lebanon and for that reason it's hoped that we're not going to see an escalation but of course all of that depends on how hezbollah responds now and the tension is there any anything we can read at all into the timing of the soft
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ration. definitely i was going to mention this but i do want to mention one thing else though about a potential escalation and that is this since the war again there has been a kind of tense state between israel and hezbollah and the thinking regarding hezbollah is that hezbollah does not want any kind of military escalation with israel because as many of our viewers know hezbollah has been engaged in propping up the assad regime in the syrian war and its resources and attention have been diverted now the time e. a few days ago i mentioned that for the third time this year israeli police have recommended that prime minister benjamin netanyahu be indicted as part of a wide ranging corruption investigation that has been plaguing him and his wife since last year again it's simply a recommendation but it does show hasn't that the legal woes are mounting for prime
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minister netanyahu he is calling this a witch hunt he is denying any wrongdoing but there is also talk among analysts that he's going to be hedging his bets so far his popularity among israelis has remained high for a number of reasons first and foremost that he's viewed as kind of a paragon for security but there's talk that if these legal woes continue to plague him that he might hold snap elections in order to capitalize on the goodwill that israelis have for him and then there are some of those who say who are quite skeptical and say that the timing of this operation could be an effort for netanyahu to divert attention away from his domestic problems all right for the moment attention the name lifeless there in west jerusalem thank you. and i'm sure lanka's supreme court has begun hearing a case and it reversing the president's decision to dissolve parliament and cold
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snap elections might be part of citizen as movers been blocked until the case is heard it is the latest development in a political crisis that has gripped the country since late october and now for nan davis is at the supremes court in colombo and is live for us now so now what are we expecting at today then. the seven judgment of the supreme court a hearing fundamental rights petitions there are a number of the mental rights petitions that have been taken and heard together in the building behind me the supreme court of sri lanka basically the main reason or the base of these petitions is that present by people are seriously and is in violation of the constitution by his dissolution of parliament what the petition making in terms of the case they are making is that the constitution after the nineteenth amendment brought in incidentally by the serious in the government that
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the president is not allowed to dissolve parliament until it completes four and a half years of its term now at the point to dissolve parliament by gas that there was more than a year to go to reach that deadline so all of these petitions some of them by their on the vehicle missing a faction we have another petition by the time of national alliance a key tamil party as well as even one by one of the election commissioners who himself has filed a fundamental right against basically the calling of a general election after dissolution so that's what's happening here today we also hear that behind the rajapaksa basically who had to wrest reigning order against him handed down by the court of appeal from functioning in that capacity is going to appeal to the supreme court to set aside that restraining order so all of this happening here of the court complex as m m a now tell us a little more about what grounds they are the petitions are challenging the
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dissolution of the parliament. the dissolution of parliament was done by the president by garrett extraordinary as i mentioned earlier he says that he has the authority obviously of the executive presidency in sri lanka of very powerful office however that nineteenth amendment which is the kind of base of all of these petitions changed a lot of things brought in by the citizen the government when it defeated by in the rajapaksa basically it set a timeframe precisely trying to avoid such instances such constitutional crisis and giving parliament four and a half years before we could be dissolved by the president unless and that unless it's very important two thirds of parliament voted to dissolve the house that hasn't happened the president went ahead and dissolved parliament so all of these fundamental rights protections that are being taken before court to be argued that
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the president did not meet the basic criteria of the four and a half year period and that he went ahead and has violated the constitution so that's the sort of legal basis where his decision is being challenged as i'm all right now finance is life or spare in colombo thanks. are dozens of wounded who to fighters have arrived in amman after they were allowed to leave yemen for medical treatment the evacuation was a condition set by the rebels to the saudi u.a.e. coalition before u.n. backed talks in sweden the united nations special envoy for yemen martin griffiths says he's optimistic despite several failed efforts at ending the nearly four year war. we hope that very soon we will be able to start talks. among the parties to that and to assist that process forward mr griffiths is in sanaa right now we will see when we can announce the dates for talks but
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we are hopeful that it will happen in fairly short course but we need a number of conditions to be exactly right before we can know before we can settle that. haiti is a member of the these political bureau he explains how the evacuation agreement came about. he. talks about this deal have started months or a year ago we offer to the media a deal to release or hostages and detainees in exchange for releasing prisoners and hostages at the other side and this is because there are a source of pain and suffering to their families the war has been going on for a long time and there is no justification for not releasing them however no agreement was reached and told two to three days ago at the beginning we signed the deal in the u n envoy was able to convince the other side to sign the agreement
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now ukraine is continuing to build its military capability as armed forces launch a series of drills across the country. that's after russia sees of three ukrainian ships and twenty four crew members in the black sea more than a week ago ukraine responded by imposing martial law for thirty days in parts of the country ground forces have gathered north of the capital kiev in shani here which borders russia. all right still ahead there on al-jazeera when we come back. but certainly a choice between a bad day are there days old worries resurface in northern ireland as britain's parliament considers the prime minister's brags that the. thousands of central american stuck on the us mexico border growing increasingly desperate as the new mexican president considers a new plan. we're
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starting to lose the really cold air across eastern parts of your book. which is just a little while longer most a cloud rolling in from the atlantic you see that's making its way from west to east so that is going to just say introduce the mild arriving to many parts now as we go on through the next couple days having said that temperatures in london forty back to around eight degrees celsius eleven left for paris we go with our next spell of west the weather that will push its way to wallop pushing across the u.k. as we go on through the next couple of days basin places affrighted some snow there just around southern france down towards the house and there's that wet weather just making its way across potent pushing of it was western russia modest area moscow warming up we're getting up to around phrasing as we go on into wednesday but along a lot of snow there is you can see plus three that full you have disturbed weather
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down towards the east the side of the med once again a citizen just up with a back in across the good parts of into the wild the southern areas of scotland sixteen salzer some a great not too bad all the temperatures here not bad on the top just to across the northwest of africa getting up to around twenty one there for out is that fair to just have warmer there for rip at twenty three celsius twenty three celsius for car as well but we got that wetter weather just around northern fringes of libya and northern areas of egypt and ted in cuba the wednesday. ard.
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you know again you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour israel's military has launched an operation which it says world quote expose and thwart cross border attacks from lebanon by the armed group hezbollah the israeli army says the iranian backed group is using a number of tunnels to cross underneath its northern border. the director of the cia will brief the u.s. senate leaders on the killing of saudi journalists on tuesday. absence from a trumpet ministration briefing on u.s.
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relations with saudi arabia last week sparked controversy. the supreme court in sri lanka is hearing a case which could reverse the president's decision to dissolve parliament and cost snap elections likely part of syria seen or has been barred from being appointed prime minister until the matter is resolved. the speaker of the u.k.'s house of commons says the government may be in contempt of parliament it is not publishing the legal advice received on its deal with the european union six opposition parties are launching proceedings against the government need barca has more now from london. there is just over a week to go until m.p.'s decide whether to accept or reject the british government's plans but before all of that happens the government could face a major hurdle a possible embarrassment for the government the opposition labor party has joined forces with other smaller parties accusing the british government of being in
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contempt of parliamentary protocol by failing to share all of the legal advice that the british government received from its legal advisor the attorney general geoffrey cogs when it came to coming up with its plan in its entirety what does the government even need to share this information with parliament well because m.p.'s voted overwhelmingly to demand that the government do precisely that to allow m.p.'s to make the right decision when it comes to the vote next week but only one of the day the attorney general made a very rare appearance here at parliament defending his actions in not sharing all of this information with employees because he said that there was some very sensitive information in that advice that that was not in the public interest he fiercely defended his actions in front of m.p.'s here. i am convinced that in order to disclose any advice could mine to be given would be fundamentally contrary to the interests of this country. it's no use pain and shouting our
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members are busy but what i am trying to do these are good cop greek interests. by. anybody's time they grew up. are some of the strongest opponents of the braggs it deal come from northern ireland's democratic unionist party it's supposed to be in a loose coalition with the prime minister's conservatives but now says the agreement could cause the breakup of the united kingdom loss leader reports from belfast. in the process to loyalist parts of belfast their loyalty is unquestioned country first the four corners of the u.k. in divisible their problem with the bricks it deal is that in theory it could lead to a future trade agreements pushing northern ireland closer to the e.u. than the rest of the u.k.
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that in turn leads to the inconceivable fools that northern ireland could be unified with the republic of ireland our whole purpose of union our system and take on the length with the union we fail lots of the best interests of northern ireland long term and it is an article where unionists we we're british were all an irish and therefore i'm nothing the texas side of the united kingdom as extremely honesty about i'm on suffering for a large ordeal this is for the politicians who represent these people in parliament of the democratic unionists by the prime minister to prop up the governments after she failed to win a majority in last year's election they said they would support but they don't anymore they have made it plain they will vote to deal down the simple message. and again we've tried to be very clear we will not support. the student be a choice between our day are no day we believe that's in the mature interest of not
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just the united kingdom but also the entire to your opinion and try to get a date what we're trying to said everybody is sensible head should prevail this isn't good enough it's not just saying that it's many many other people across other political parties as well the state isn't good enough both sides need to get together in terms of your opinion in the united kingdom and get a sensible they look works for both of us. it will demonstrate starkly the mess the prime minister is in jakarta even rely on politicians who are supposed to back inside their own government three's a maze in tow a sales pitch deal with the european union is that it's a compromise it may not be perfect but it's designed to leave the european union while bringing together a basically divided united kingdom but this constituency says it will never compromise on its core belief in the sanctity of the u.k. and it is prepared to bring down the deal. the prime minister describes herself as a unionist to the core but she is now in the fights with her own side and they are
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not the kind of people to back down lawrence leigh al-jazeera belfast a leaders of the yellow vests protests in france will meet president emmanuel mccraw on tuesday they're angry at rising fuel prices protests have widened in the demonstrations against some of the president's other policies the worst rioting in years took place on saturday. and next has a new president under its manuel lopez obrador says he is working on an investment plan with the u.s. and canada to stem the flow of asylum seekers from central america castro has more from the mexican city of the whiner on the u.s. border. the fence is three meters tall the american soldiers on the other side carry guns some central americans have made it across and are waiting to be picked up and asked for asylum. the back at the migrants shelter in t. wanna roast like a steel knows what it's like to try and fail she's been through all of this before
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she says in two thousand and thirteen gang members burned down her house in honduras she fled to the u.s. where she was detained for more than a year as she waited for an answer to her asylum claim. that it is that they didn't give me asylum they the portent me to under arrest but i couldn't stay there because they ganged up burnt my house was still looking for me i doubt their help so she mediately left again and for the last five years has been living in monterrey mexico where she cleans houses. she says she joined the caravan hoping the u.s. would open its borders to a group of so many but she was wrong now she's warning first time asylum seekers to not get their hopes up you know if i tell everyone if you have your children with you maybe you have a chance but if you're an adult by yourself you'll make it. at a base camp at the foot of the u.s. border while most people here say they would rather not try to cross the border
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illegally they prefer to endure the months long way it takes to submit an asylum claim at an official u.s. port of entry but as that wait grows so too does the desperation look at the conditions especially in these two largest camps that really speaks for themselves because no one would bring their children to walk on foot for weeks at a time live under these kind of conditions where where there's garbage where there's no drainage where it's impossible to keep dry or they're called if they weren't clean something that was so terrible that they had no other choice they're going to. steal now there is only one choice she'll have to stay in mexico she's joined the long line of central americans applying for mexican work permits as they wait facing an uncertain future. castro al-jazeera t want to mexico. the body of former u.s. president george h.w.
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bush will lie in state in the capitol in washington until it's you know on wednesday president donald trump and first lady malani are among those paying their respects bush died at his home in houston texas last friday at the age of ninety four he oversaw the end of the cold war and assembled a military coalition to remove iraqi forces from kuwait during his term in office from one thousand nine hundred nine to one thousand nine hundred three. u.s. a spacecraft has finally reached a distant asteroid after a two year chase it is part of nasa is attempt to gather asteroid samples it says it will help scientists understand more about the origins of the universe and life on earth while brunell's reports. we have arrived. at fives all around at the mission control center as nasa spacecraft cyrus rex moved into position alongside the asteroid benu one hundred and thirty million kilometers from earth launched two
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years ago cyrus rex's mission is to map the giant space rock analyze its chemical make up and bring back some of its material for scientists to study it may reveal secrets about the formation of planets and the origins of life this is a dark asteroid that we have found and that we're going to hunt down we're going to orbit we're going to take a good look at it and we're going to bring back a sample this is a fantastic mission benu about five hundred meters in diameter is a remnant of the earliest material that coalesced billions of years ago to form the earth and other planets oh cyrus rex will study the asteroid at close range using mapping technology and spectroscope that provide information about what it's made of that phase of the mission will last more than a year then in twenty twenty the spacecraft will approach the new surface there's
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two additional maneuvers that we do the both match the asteroid spin rate and then put us on a trajectory where we go down towards the asteroid so we actually do take thrusters and push ourselves gently towards the asteroid an arm will reach out to touch its rocky face with a blast of nitrogen gas the contraption will collect some dust and rock that container will then be sealed and it was cyrus will speed back to earth ejecting its extraterrestrial cargo which will land by parachute in the utah desert in september two thousand and twenty three scientists hope their study of the material will reveal whether it contains certain organic molecules called a me. you know acids that are essential building blocks of all forms of life if they are found in high concentrations on benue it could mean that the universe as a whole is more likely to contain life forms in ancient egyptian myth as cyrus was
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the god of rebirth who ruled over the darkness beyond our world and taught humanity the arts of civilization the deities twenty first century namesake may help us learn much about the origin of the universe and ourselves robert oulds al jazeera. this is as you know these are the top stories israel has begun dismantling tunnels along its border with lebanon the military says it is aiming to stop cross border attacks by the armed group hezbollah teshuvah name has more from west jerusalem this is a rare operation since has had the war with israel in two thousand and six we simply haven't seen this kind of operation in the north there's been what i would call a tense detente between israel and hezbollah of course we're used to seeing israel
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demolished tunnels in the gaza strip and engage with hamas but not with hezbollah so this is sort of viewed as a kind of rare announcement and it's worth noting that before this operation began last night prime minister benjamin netanyahu flew to brussels to speak and alert the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh that this was taking place the director of the cia will brief u.s. senate leaders on the killing of saudi journalist jim out on tuesday jane assholes absence from a trumpet ministration briefing on relations with saudi arabia last week spock controversy. supreme court in sri lanka is hearing a case which could reverse the president's decision to dissolve parliament and course napper elections might have policy to siena has been barred from being appointed prime minister until the matter is resolved dozens of wounded hooty fighters have arrived in arm on after being allowed to
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leave yemen for medical treatment evacuation was a condition set by the rebels to the saudi u.a.e. coalition before un backed talks in sweden could begin on wednesday those talks are aimed at trying to end the nearly four year civil war in yemen ukraine says it is continuing a military buildup and has begun a series of drills across the country. that's not to russia's navy seals three ukrainian boats and twenty four crew members in the black sea more than a week ago ukraine's president impose martial law for thirty days in parts of the country following the incident those are the headlines you're up to date we're back in half an hour right now in algeria it's inside story. a notorious symbol of the u.s. war on terror one said for close guantanamo bay and it's detainees. we
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have identified as a priority is the construction of a new high value detention center i'm afraid that we're setting the conditions to return back to proxies of brutality and state sponsored torture as we do have done in the past rendition revisited to on al jazeera. qatar is set to put opec oil cartel up to more than fifty years and steadily focus on natural gas and boost its position as the world's number one export or so why now what does that mean for the global energy market this is inside story. a lot of luck.


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