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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 4, 2018 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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proxies or brutality in state sponsored torture as we did in the past rendition revisited part two on al-jazeera. the israeli army begins dismantling tunnels our long its border with lebanon. alon has a secret this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up downsizing the flames of the yellow vests protests in france reports say the government's about to announce its scrapping the fuel tax rise. u.s. senators will finally hear from the cia boss who's heard recordings of journalist killing. we have arrived. at nasa mission gets close to an
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asteroid which could tell us more about the origins of the universe. the israeli army is starting to destroy tunnels built under its border with lebanon israeli commanders say the amis to stop cross border attacks by the armed group hezbollah into northern israel israel's been boosting defenses along and eleven kilometer stretch of the border for the past three years now let's go live to natasha going in who is in west jerusalem for us so in a tasha what war are we hearing. hasn't an israeli military spokesman is calling these hezbollah activities a flagrant and blatant violation of israeli authority this is really the first operation of its kind that we've seen along the northern border targeting as well
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laws since two thousand and six that is when israel and hezbollah fights a month long war and the existence of these tunnels according to israel is a violation of a un resolution agreed upon at that time that prohibits hezbollah from operating along the border and amassing weapons the israeli military is calling this operation north shield that began last evening i should note after israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu flew to brussels to brief us secretary of state mike pompei o and also the two said to discuss quote unquote iran aggression the israeli military has been demolishing the tunnels as you mentioned erecting walls rock barriers and bulldozing land in an attempt to ensure that has the law doesn't gain any type of military advantage this operation it is confined to
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israeli territory and it's for that reason that analysts believe that an escalation with hezbollah is unlikely of course we don't know how how has bola might or if it will respond at all but the conventional wisdom is that has the laws of resources and attention have been tapped after propping up the assad regime during the syrian war and therefore. many analysts believe would be loath to have a military confrontation with israel at this time and what should we read into the timing of these operations in tashan. so these operations come literally days after some bad news for prime minister netanyahu here at home on sunday reported the for the third time this year israeli police are recommending that netanyahu be indicted as part of a wide ranging corruption scandal that's been plaguing him and his wife since last
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year the case ranges from bribery allegedly netanyahu allegedly accepting bribes from wealthy business men to doling out regulatory favors in exchange for favorable coverage of him and his wife on a website that a company owned netanyahu all along has called this a witch hunt denied any wrongdoing and you know it's worth noting that netanyahu is popularity for much of the year has been very high despite all of that people view him as a figure that has been very tough on iran has helped convince us president donald trump to pull out of that nuclear accord with iran and also to convince the united states to recognize your islam as the capital of israel and move its embassy here that said there are signs of these a legal woes might be think it might be affecting his thinking he is
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a four time prime minister he would like it to be a five time prime minister when elections are held in november but some analysts are predicting that he might hold a snap election in order to capitalize on the goodwill he has of the israeli people right now and that this operation coming so close on the heels of yet another recommendation for an indictment by the israeli police could be an attempt for netanyahu to divert attention away from his legal troubles and that's actually the name lifeforce in west jerusalem. latest reports from france say the government is about to announce its plans to scrap the fuel tax that would be a major climbdown following the worst riots in paris for decades on saturday yellow vests protests over the rising price of fuel for motorists brought streets to a standstill nationwide for the past three weekends get more on this now from david chaytor our correspondent in paris who joins us on the phone so david what is the
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latest that we're hearing from the government on this. well we're getting this from government sources and it's not actually scrapping the fuel tax rises announcing a moratorium on suspending it for a period of time which has not been specified yet but we're expecting an announcement from the prime minister to lead it's not known exactly when he'll give this announcement but this is a significant concession by president manual macro and he said only only in argentina last week that he was going to stick to his reforms when he was appearing in the g twenty and he came back and inspected the damage so will the violence and now he's saying that the yellow vests revolt is gaining traction and spreading across the country and he is now the main target so putting a moratorium a suspension on the fuel tax rises is the concession at the end of the last one to
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whether it's going to be enough to stop the next protests protests that have been going on around the deal that starving petrol stations of petrol and diesel we don't know yet but we do know that there was going to be an appreciable meeting between the prime minister and yellow representatives today but that is being called all officially canceled and that is because those people who had volunteered to go and talk to the prime minister they were receiving death threats from other sections of the yellow vest movement so a very complicated situation but in the end so much violence and such a widespread rebellion against the fuel tax hikes president macro has been forced to step back to a u. turn but as i say it's not scrapping it it's a moratorium but it is the first concession and the yellow vest rebellion has won in pushing president macro to change his mind not to go forward in the way that he
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has with his reforms and list could be the first of many concessions if this carries on all right for the moment they would change in paris. the u.k. can still cancel bragg's it without the consent of other member states that's what the advocate general at the european court of justice has told the european union's highest court and in london m.p.'s are due to vote on whether the government broke parliamentary rules by failing to publish the full legal advice it's been given on the prime minister's plan to leave the e.u. the embargo is live for us now in london so nadine first of what is happening today in the u.k. parliament. what hasn't today in the u.k. parliament it was supposed to be the first of five days of debate over the withdrawal agreements the so-called bracks deal led by prime
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minister to resign may and then over the following days are seeing some of her senior cabinet colleagues make the case for the deal in their area of responsibility people like the chancellor philip hammond and the foreign secretary jeremy hunt but on tuesday that's being delayed because parliament is going to be debating whether in fact the government is easing in contempt of parliament itself in contempt of the house of commons why is that well monday the speaker john bercow said there was an arguable case that the government could have been in contempt for refusing to publish the full legal advice on the impact of this brics it deal the vice by the attorney general geoffrey cox mr cox unusually was in parliament in self on monday taking questions from m.p.'s he's sticking to his guns saying he believes it's in the national interest not to publish the full legal advice it would set about precedent he says he did publish or release forty three page
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summary and in that he says that the u.k. would be indefinitely committed to the so-called irish back stop solution if they don't find a trade deal with the you after twenty twenty that's really controversial for the hard brick city years they say that this would be more or less bret's it in name only being tied to worse so many european union institutions in the future so we're going to presumably see that debate start sometime on tuesday but before that there's the prospect of the tourney general himself could be suspended from parliament and that's another blow for tourism a ahead of the big vote next tuesday on her deal which she's reading up to and in which every vote is going to count indeed in a dream it's been well documented how unpopular at this point that the deal is in britain what could happen then if the deal's rejected. well there are so many
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variables that nobody is willing to stick their neck out right now on all sides of the political spectrum there is a lot of confusion but just in the last hour or so the european court of justice has heard an opinion and independent legal opinion from its advocate general which they usually follow and he said that the united kingdom should in theory hypothetically have the right to revoke article fifty that's the mechanism by which they triggered leaving the e.u. unilaterally in other words the other twenty seven members of the you would not have to agree to it that's something that many people who oppose breck said and we want it reversed will welcome the case was brought by a group of cross party scottish politicians the government had twice tried to stop this case reaching this court and they failed so it's just the latest setback for trees a maze government but before that would ever happen before any government in the
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future could turn around and say we're going to reverse the train which is a drastic move there are possibilities including a second vote on this deal in parliament if it doesn't get through next week then as the opposition labor party want the possibility of a general election to decide which way the country goes and then as labor is entertaining if that doesn't happen perhaps what they call a people's vote a new referendum on the deal but nobody knows what the question will be and nobody knows just how divisive that process might be indeed lot of unanswered questions remain for the moment in london force. now the director of the cia will brief us senate leaders in a few hours in washington on the killing of jim out do you know how schools absence last week from a trumpet ministration briefing on the u.s. relations with saudi of course controversy leaked reports the cia assessment say crown prince mohammed bin sandman ordered the operation to murder his critic in
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istanbul two months ago john hendren has more from washington. cia director gina will speak to members of the u.s. senate about the murder of. that is after she did not appear last week when the secretary of state and secretary of defense held a closed door briefing with members of the senate several members of the senate afterwards republicans and democrats alike said they were unsatisfied and persuaded by what they heard in that room after word. that is the defense secretary and the secretary of state came out and said there was no smoking gun that links the crown prince of saudi arabia. to the killing of. despite reports that the cia has concluded with a high level of confidence that the crown prince did in fact order that killing so members of the senate were dissatisfied they said they wanted to hear from the cia
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director actually. and listened to the tapes of that killing that the turkish government provided so they believe she will have more information and that she will be more frank with them so they passed a measure that would vote later on invoking the war powers act that would allow the senate to cut off u.s. aid to the war in yemen that would be an extreme step and it's very far from being ultimately passed but the threat of that seems to be what has motivated the trump administration to make available to speak to members of the senate that is likely to be a closed door briefing as the briefing was last week but members of the senate and administration officials are likely to speak about it afterwards and i think we are likely to know what was said in that room. as the country struggles with an escalating political crisis. in
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the u.s. . struggle to find a solution to the crisis. hello there we're seeing plenty of storms over the southeast in parts of asia loss of thunder reactivity of in many parts of borneo and further west as well through some entre and down across java probably the driest places over the next few days ago to be in the northern part of our map so for many of us in thailand through cambodia and into vietnam that's where it's looking largely dry and the philippines aren't looking too bad either is in the east we're expecting more in the way of clouds and quite a few showers but even those showers begin to break up as we head into this day so more of us here will enjoy some drier weather down towards australia every bit of cloud is floating its way across the central area here but just over the past few
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hours we've been watching this law and of thunderstorms develop a mask giving us some pretty severe weather could be some large hail out of this over the next few hours and some very gusty damaging winds as well there's the risk of seeing some more storms as we head through the next few days it looks like the biggest risk area will be around the townsville area as we head through wednesday and thursday further south getting won't force him out when up a thirty two degrees thirty five force in adelaide not so hot so in perth temperatures will be topping just around twenty degrees for new zealand pretty story pretty unsettled currently more cloud and rain for the south island on wednesday. the important thing if you were walking around in beirut was known to be in the line of fire from the holiday. we heard gunshots i was the first one to flee the heart of. the battle lasted three days and three nights and there were no prisoners
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at the control of the under control of the region around and that's why it was such a bloody battle an icon of conflict at the heart of the lebanese civil war beirut holiday in war hotels on al-jazeera. and again you're watching i just zero remind of our top stories this hour the israeli army is starting to destroy tunnels under the border with lebanon israeli commanders say they're trying to stop cross border attacks by the arm he has bought into northern israel. latest reports from france say the government will suspend its planned increase on diesel fuel tax
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a follows the worst riots in paris for decades on saturday yellow vests protests over the rising price of fuel for motorists broad's trains to a standstill and nationwide for the past three weekends. the director of the cia will brief u.s. senate leaders on the killing of saudi journalist america shuggie on tuesday assholes absence from a trumpet ministration briefing on saudi arabia last week sparked controversy. dozens of wounded fighters have arrived in yemen that's after being allowed to leave the country for medical treatment. the evacuation was a condition sent by the rebels to the saudi u.a.e. coalition for un backed talks in sweden later this year the conflict which erupted in two thousand and fifteen has brought yemen to the brink of famine hammered haiti is a member of the hoodies political bureau he explains how the evacuation agreement came about how the how he. talks about this deal have started months or
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a year ago we offered to the muted to a deal to release or hostages and detainees in exchange for releasing prisoners and hostages at the other side and this is because there are a source of pain and suffering to their families the war has been going on for a long time and there is no justification for not releasing them however no agreement was reached and told two to three days ago at the beginning we signed the deal in the u n envoy was able to convince the other side to sign the agreement. our security forces in indonesia say they suspect an armed group is to blame for the disappearance of thirty one construction workers officers say gunmen attacked a bridge project in papua province in the east of the country on sunday they're looking at whether the workers have been killed or construction work has been halted in the region until it's safe an armed group in papua has been battling
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indonesian rule for nearly fifty years a surreal lanka's supremes cortez begun hearing a case and it reversing the president's decision to dissolve parliament and course the appalachians by the policy to c.n.n. has been barred from being appointed prime minister and till the matter is resolved it is the latest development in a political crisis that has gripped the country since late october and now fernando fernandez has more from outside sri lanka supremum court in colombo. a seven judge bench of the supreme court headed by the chief justice is sitting in the supreme court of the building you see behind me looking into a series of fundamental rights petitions now those petitions are challenging president by three policy forty two to dissolve parliament the decision he took to dissolve the parliament by way of an extraordinary gaz a of the point that the petitioners are making is that the constitution of this country is following the
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nineteenth amendment incidentally brought in by the serious in the government that it does not allow the president to dissolve parliament less than four and a half years into its term at the point that president seriously in the dissolved parliament it had over a year to go to reach that time limit now the president has repeatedly said that he has acted in accordance with the constitution in accordance with the law but the supreme court initially stated the dissolution of parliament which is why parliament continues to function until it finishes these hearings starting today for three days at the end of which we will hear their decision on president seriously and his decision to dissolve parliament now another reason that all eyes on the court complex today in the rajapaksa was restrained by the court of appeal yesterday again by a writ petition one hundred twenty two members of parliament mainly from the vicar missing a faction saying that he has no authority to hold the office of prime minister and neither does his cabinet ministers and deputy ministers he has said he will appeal
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the supreme court to set aside that injunction so a lot happening at supreme court today and over the days to come a human rights group working with the u.s. state department is calling for tribunals to investigate crimes against range of muslims in myanmar legal analysts say the use of the term genocide by the group will put pressure on the u.s. to take a tougher position mike hanna reports from washington. the public international law and policy group report was genocide in late august last year the armed forces of myanmar launched what they euphemistically labeled a clearance operation within a few months more than seven hundred thousand had fled their homes to seek refuge across the border in eastern bangladesh military helicopters fired on the being refugees the navy attacked over crowded ferries the report continues gang rape and
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mass murder were used as a poor more military tactic it is clear from our intense legal review that there is in fact a legal basis to conclude that the reading go for the victims of war crimes crimes against humanity and genocide. the u.s. holocaust museum too has long argued that genocide has been committed and join the law group in calling for immediate action to establish accountability in addition insisting on the need for direct action to be taken to curb myanmar's military the knowledge into anyone and so it is important that like us government and other e.u. countries and international community must qualitative action to intervene to stop this genocide the state department continues to use the term ethnic cleansing the reason once accused has the word genocide the us is compelled in terms of
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international law to take immediate action that of action despite months of debate this is something that trump administration is clearly unwilling to do an earlier report by un investigators also came to the conclusion that myanmar's military was guilty of genocide but under the threat of russian and chinese veto the security council has today taken no action to impose punitive sanctions or even refer the findings to the international criminal court which together with the u.s. reluctance to formally declare a genocide of has little hope to the hundreds of thousands of survivors in refugee camps and no justice for those killed in what the report made public on this day says it was a highly coordinated military campaign aimed not just to expel but to exterminate mike hanna al-jazeera washington. a mexico's new president under arrest
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manuel lopez obrador says he's working on an investment plan with the u.s. and canada to stem the flow of asylum seekers through latin america castro has more than the mexico city of the one on the u.s. border. the fence is three meters tall the american soldiers on the other side carry guns some central americans have made it across and are waiting to be picked up and asked for asylum. but back at the migrants shelter in t. wanna a steel knows what it's like to try and fail she's been through all of this before she says in two thousand and thirteen gang members burned down her house in honduras she fled to the u.s. where she was detained for more than a year as she waited for an answer to her asylum claim. that it is that they didn't give me asylum they the port took me to under arrest but i couldn't stay there because they ganged up burnt my house was still looking for me to write about them
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so she mediately left again and for the last five years has been living in monterrey mexico where she cleans houses. she says she joined the caravan hoping the u.s. would open its borders to a group of so many but she was wrong now she's warning first time asylum seekers to not get their hopes up that look beyond you know if i tell everyone if you have your children with you maybe you have a chance but if you're an adult by yourself you will make it ok i mean. at a base camp at the foot of the u.s. border wall most people here say they would rather not try to cross the border illegally they prefer to endure the months long wait it takes to submit an asylum claim at an official u.s. port of entry but as that wait grows so too does the desperation look at the conditions especially in these two largest camps that really speaks for themselves because no one would bring their children to walk on foot for weeks at a time live under these kind of conditions where where there's garbage where
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there's no drainage where it's impossible to keep dry where they're called if they weren't clean something that was so terrible that they had no other choice of living there for a steal now there is only one choice she'll have to stay in mexico she's joined the long line of central americans applying for mexican work permits as they wait facing an uncertain future heidi jo castro al-jazeera t want to mexico a u.s. spacecraft has finally reached a distant asteroid that's after a two year chase it's part of the nasa is attempt to gather asteroids samples it says will help scientists understand more about the origins of the universe and life on earth is rob reynolds. we have arrived. at fives all around at the mission control center as nasa spacecraft cyrus rex moved into position alongside the asteroid benu one hundred and thirty million kilometers from earth launched two
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years ago cyrus rex's mission is to map the giant space rock analyze its chemical make up and bring back some of its material for scientists to study it may reveal secrets about the formation of planets and the origins of life this is a dark asteroid that we have found and that we're going to hunt down we're going to orbit we're going to take a good look at it and we're going to bring back a sample this is a fantastic mission benu about five hundred meters in diameter is a remnant of the earliest material that coalesced billions of years ago to form the earth and other planets oh cyrus rex will study the asteroid at close range using mapping technology and spectroscope so that provide information about what it's made of that phase of the mission will last more than a year then in twenty twenty the spacecraft will approach the new surface there's
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two additional maneuvers that we do that both match the asteroid spin rate and then put us on a trajectory where we go down towards the asteroid so we actually do take thrusters and push ourselves gently towards the asteroid an arm will reach out to touch its rocky face with a blast of nitrogen gas the contraption will collect some dust and rock that container will then be sealed and it was cyrus will speed back to earth ejecting its extraterrestrial cargo which will land by parachute in the utah desert in september two thousand and twenty three scientists hope their study of the material will reveal whether it contains certain organic molecules called them. you know acids that are essential building blocks of all forms of life if they are found in high concentrations on benue it could mean that the universe as a whole is more likely to contain life forms in ancient egyptian myth was cyrus was
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the god of rebirth who ruled over the darkness beyond our world and taught humanity the arts of civilization the deities twenty first century namesake may help us learn much about the origin of the universe and ourselves robert oulds al jazeera. this is and is it a let's get a roundup of the top stories israel has begun dismantling tunnels along its border with lebanon israeli commandos say they are trying to stop cross border attacks by hezbollah fighters into northern israel attacks on aim has more from west jerusalem . this is a rare operation since has ball i had the war with israel in two thousand and six we simply haven't seen this kind of operation in the north there's been what i
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would call a tense detente between israel and hezbollah of course are used to seeing israel demolish tunnels in the gaza strip and engage with hamas but not with hezbollah so this is sort of viewed as a kind of rare announcement and it's worth noting that before this operation began last night prime minister benjamin netanyahu flew to brussels to speak and alert the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh that this was taking place media reports in france say the government will suspend its proposed diesel fuel tax that follows the worst riots in paris for decades on saturday yellow vests protests over the rising price of fuel for drivers brought streets to a standstill nationwide over the past three weekends. the u.k. can still cancel braves' it without the consent of other e.u. member states that's what the advocate general at the european court of justice has told the e.u.'s highest court and in london m.p.'s will vote on whether the
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government of broke parliamentary rules it's failed to publish the fall legal advice on breaks in from the u.k. attorney general. the director of the cia is briefing u.s. senators in a few hours in washington on the killing of jamal fresh of g q no hassles absence last week from a trumpet ministration briefing on saudi arabia cause controversy leaked reports of the cia assessment say crown prince mohammed bin certain men all of the operation to murder the journalist dozens of wounded hooty fighters have arrived in our man after being allowed to leave yemen for medical treatment evacuation was a condition set by the rebels to the saudi u.a.e. coalition before u.n. backed talks those are the headlines we're back in half an hour right now its war hotels lebanon. china could be facing a debt iceberg that's according to s. and p.
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global trumpet ministration just been insisting towards the saudis and other oil producers that they want to have more production to cool down the prices we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. control the holiday inn and you control the the region around and that's why it was such a bloody battle. the important thing if you were walking around in beirut was not to be in the line of fire from the holiday and. the battle of adi incompleted the division of beirut into two sectors east and west the.


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