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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 4, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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prize for their efforts to end the use of sexual violence in conflict zones. in an exclusive interview live from oslo we talked to this year's laureates about their fight for justice the nobel interview and al jazeera exclusive. interview. if you was in front of a jury you would be convicted thirty minutes u.s. senators emerged from the briefing by the cia chief and say there's no doubt saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound man ordered the murder of journalist. amar and tell you this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. the list of rushes into the sacks is long the u.s. gives russia sixty days to comply with a nine hundred eighty seven nuclear arms treaty. the french government responds to
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protesters by suspending planned fuel tax increases and recognizing the source of the anger. and british m.p.'s fund the government in contempt of parliament for failing to publish the full legal advice it's been given in the brics a deal. and no senior senators in the us say the time has come for the trumpet ministration to condemn saudi arabia for the murder of journalist. or congress will act cia chief gina hospital briefed senators in capitol hill and she's one of the few western officials to have heard already a recordings from inside the saudi consulate in istanbul where she was killed senators who emerged from the meeting seemed unified in their assessment of what she had to say saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound man ordered her murder and
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must be held to account republican senator bob corker chaired that session he says there must be a price to pay for the killing. i have zero question in my mind that the crown prince m.b.'s ordered the killing monitor to killing knew exactly what was happening planned in advance if he was in front of a jury you would be convicted in thirty minutes guilty. so. the question is what we do about that. mike hanna joins us live from capitol hill in washington mike outright condemnation from the senators. well it was quite extraordinary in a number of ways there were eight senators in that briefing the chairman and the ranking senators of each of the key intelligence committees they emerge from that briefing making absolutely clear there was total agreement about one fact that the crown prince mohammed bin salman was involved directly in the murder of jamal
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khashoggi certainly this is a very bipartisan issue as well both republican and democrat senators present at that briefing were absolutely adamant that is the case this is what senator lindsey graham had to say. i want to make sure that saudi arabia is put on notice that business as usual has come to an end for me no not look at the kingdom the same way that i used to look at it i will not support arms sales until all responsible for the death of mr show good have brought them brought to justice. yes and i will no longer. support the war in yemen as constructed. so what is actually impact be of the senator's comments. well there's going to be a lot of impact on a number of levels firstly there will be legislation emerging from the senate there's already a given bill which has been an advance for debate but this is likely to widen the
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following discussion among the senators senator graham absolutely adamant that the crown prince must be noted in legislation as being responsible for the murder of jamal khashoggi so there will be discussion about why did this bill or perhaps it may be other legislation introduced but on another level as well there are questions about statements made by the secretary of defense and the secretary of the state just a week ago they moved the full senate and said there was no concrete evidence linking the move. to the crown prince well they had the same information as the senators got from the director of the cia in the course of the day and clearly senator graham use the term willfully lying and with reference to the inability to accept the fact the same question goes for president trump who's been utterly ambivalent about the murder of jamal khashoggi and senators raising that particular question why cannot the president come out and just say bluntly that the crown
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prince was responsible for the murder because that is what a senior senators now are absolutely adamant is the case so they are going to be many ramifications coming out of this both on a legitimist of level as i said but also questions being asked of senior members of the trumpet ministration and president himself. as you were saying interesting with some other senses were keen to make a separation between saudi arabia and the crown prince in that they would be able to deal with saudi arabia if the crown prince were in there where does that lead to do you think. the lawyer said this point was made by a number of the senators in fact is that how do you separate out the crown prince from saudi arabia as a country in terms of legislation that may be in force now one of the avenues that may be explored is the global magnitsky act now this has already been invoked by
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the senate in a letter to the president that inferred forces sanctions to be imposed against any of those found guilty of gross human rights abuses such as the murder of democracy sanctions on gets those individuals and data re so that is one avenue that the senate is going to continue to explore but the question simply is is the level of sanction against state and against the individuals responsible for democracy this is what the senate is going to be discussing in the days ahead are you going to. if one broad legislation imposes sanctions withdrawing support for the war in yemen which is already under discussion or are you going to have different types of legislation different bills one specifying the guild's of the crown prince the other imposing sanctions as a mandate treat issue in terms of a global markets and then of course whether it's imposed against individuals or
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against the shall do state as a whole in turn sharply further sanction going beyond the country or for military aid because of the war in yemen so there's going to be a lot of discussion in the senate but certainly the one thing that is absolutely sure in all of this is that there is going to be some form of legislation in the days and maybe even the weeks to come now mike hanna thank you very much indeed. claim that lee joins me from outside the santa consulate in istanbul what response can we expect from turkey on all this. well i think this is very late his has no official reaction but i think for sure the turkish government is going to welcome what these senators have been saying it's backed up everything they have said from day one and that was that the circumstantial evidence was so strong it pointed at muhammad bin salman a man they never named but they said the force at the doorstep of the saudi royal court without including king solomon the evidence they've been revealing slowly
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over the weeks to the turkish media painted a picture that it was conclusively pointing to mohammed bin solomon i think they've been privately a bit of a little bit annoyed and dismayed by the stand of president trump because they believe the evidence was quite categorically pointing towards the crown prince now the senator said that backs up entirely what they said i think they'll take this and hope that pressure will now be increased on the saudis to cooperate with the murder investigation which as far as the turks of concern has come to a standstill here because they've been requesting help and information from the saudis which has not been forthcoming the saudis say they have eleven people charged five of them facing the death penalty but no arts is too important questions why who ordered it and where are the remains of jamal khashoggi they have not answer those questions perhaps now with this building pressure in the u.s. they may have to answer those questions finally and tell you check it out other countries i suppose the the question is not falling out of saudi arabia because
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it's an important partner. i think they stress this point in particular that they've got to work with saudi arabia they've separated this mudda from the business side of things but they said this happened on a watch it's in our country we have a moral responsibility to pursue the investigation and people can't just brazenly walk in commit a murder like this no matter how barbaric and whatever and whoever it is and really get away with it up until now i think the feeling has been that whoever gave the order is has got away with it pops now this changes everything maybe whoever did that may have to face justice off the role in some form tony betty thank you very much indeed. let's just remind us now of what the reaction has been on capitol hill among senators who attended that briefing by the cia chief it's unfortunate but i think they they feel like this is something that's coming past because the
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administration has not spoken to this in a way that. they've spoken to it in a manner that really gives them unity and so what the message is to him and those around him is that you can go around killing journalist. countries like the united states can know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you killed a journalist and by the way they as you know rendition and other people and tortured other people that have been their dissidents. so the message we've sent to them is. is one that will calls him to continue on the path that he's on and i'm sure others actors in the region. will take note of that so somehow or another it's unfortunate and again i'm continuing to urge the administration. to themselves speak to this in the appropriate manner. but you want. this is got to be strongly condemned by the administration strongly can down and
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then there's got to be a price to pay for what has happened. i know that they have to have exactly the same intelligence that we have and there's no way that anybody with a straight face could say there's any question about what has happened. but he joins us live from washington patty that took colab a price to pay how will the white house respond to this this outburst from the senate says off to the cia briefing. you know it's a week ago that senator corker said the exact same thing basically urging the white house to come out with something stronger say if you don't then we are going to and you will not like it the white house is really double down triple down since the beginning they are saying they backed crown prince mohammed bin psalm on their back weapon sales they backed the war in yemen the white house shows no indication that it is going to change at all the president has indicated any legislation that makes it through the senate in the house he can veto and i think it's important with that
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threat to look at the vote when the senate just basically agreed to continue talking about doing something last week that it was sixty three to thirty seven you need two thirds of one hundred to override a presidential veto so that the initial legislation shows that they could be closer on the senate side the house side is more of a question so we don't see any movement from the white house on this i think a lot of it will depend on exactly what legislation gets passed through the set it then whether or not it gets taken up in the house we've seen house members say house leadership the republicans who are still in charge say they want to push something through before the new congress takes over so they're probably likely going to take a vote the question is how big of a vote is it big enough to override any presidential veto that's what we still don't know how embarrassing was it to have the kind of the differences pointed out between pompei and mattis coming out and saying that it wasn't a direct link and then these senators coming out and saying from what we've heard it's very clear there is a direct link. how difficult is it for those to mattison compared to keep holding
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that line when it's been held up so publicly by their colleagues in government. well i think that they're basically saying exactly what they need to say to or to not get the ire of the president of the united states and that's exactly what the senators even republican senators were asked about that they said universally that they have great respect for my prom peo who used to be a member of congress and secretary of defense to mattis who of course was a four star general so they're not castigate any sort of blame on them but just simply saying that they're trying to carry water for the white house and also keep the president happy i think one of the bigger questions for this white house is going to be what happens come january when the democrats take control of the house we've already seen committee head say that there were do investigate the potential ties between the triumphant family the trump finances and russia me and saudi arabia you know on the campaign trail the president often said why wouldn't i love saudi arabia they give me tens of millions of dollars and since this murder of
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jamal khashoggi he's come out and said i have no business dealings at all with saudi arabia there are questions about his son in law and whether his real state empire has received some funding from saudi sources and in the house say they are going to be looking into all of that and they have tremendous power to do that they have the power of subpoena so and the financial records they want they can demand they see that he was. always patient data has to come back to the house to give further briefings because some of the some of the senators and others have been unhappy that they weren't able to listen in to sevens. depends on how how much they dig in on that we see senator rand paul say no this is unacceptable you can't just brief it does happen though i think we should point out that there are times that there's information that the cia consider so sensitive it really only a hand selected member and certain committee member chair chairs and ranking members just because it is such sensitive information and because the intelligence community knows one thing that everybody in washington knows about congress is it
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likes to leak information it just does so they have in the past limited who can see this information i think it's important to point out that across the board the eight senators who came out and those that spoke to the cameras they did appear somewhat shaken they talked about the brutality of the murder and at one point senator graham said i thought there should be a wider briefing but given what i've just heard and this is basically the intelligence that makes sense that it's only these eight senators i don't i think you know has but will probably be back on capitol hill especially as members of congress. in the house side want to hear from her again likely to try to limit it to just the key members of committees but i think that before the house takes action she's going to make another trip of pennsylvania avenue when trying to get his official response a few weeks ago he did leave open in that statement a written statement he said if congress wants to take this in a different direction a look at again a comment exact phrasing but they did seem to be an out to possible out for him to change his mind at some stage they should down down the line it is that you think
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what we're heading towards would you think it be very difficult for him to come back from his position that he has taken quite strongly that that he doesn't believe that there's a direct link. well what he said in that statement it was a carefully worded look at it again as long as it goes along with what i've just laid out here which is basically the u.s. has a relation with the crown for relationship with the crown prince mohammed bin solomon and that is not going to change you've heard lindsey graham and i think it's important to remember this lindsey graham has been a huge advocate for saudi arabia he's also been first a huge critic of president now one of his closest confidants. in the senate and he has come out and he has directly called for regime change in saudi arabia saying that this can go away but the crown prince cannot be basically the crown prince mohammed bin salma he's taking it a little bit further than any other members of the senate but there really is a sense that they want to see something happen there was a sense before the killing of jamal khashoggi that the war in yemen had gone on too
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long that it created too much of a humanitarian disaster and you heard bob corker who at one point had called saudi is somewhat important country he came out and he said some pretty striking things about the war in yemen although he wasn't a fan of necessarily trying to use legislation to end it he talked about the saudi million saudi arabian military capabilities and saying basically they're awful at this if we don't sell them bombs they're going to kill a lot more people because they're really bad at hitting targets and you don't hear that kind of language from u.s. senators especially with someone who's been considered an ally so it does seem as if the tide has turned there was a vote just a few months ago to try and demand that the u.s. get out of yemen it fell just short of enough support and these senators now especially the ones who heard this briefing today they really do seem that much more inclined and basically wanting to do something and do something soon. and thank you very much indeed was but you mentioned republican senator lindsey graham has been a major critic of the saudi crown prince here's what he had to say about the
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briefing saudi arabia's strategic l.-a. and their relationship is worth saving. but not at all costs. will do more damage to our standing in the world and our national security by ignoring him than dealing with him. m.b.'s the crown prince is a wrecking ball and he's complicit in the murder mystery shogi to the highest level possible i think the behavior before the murder was beyond disturbing and i cannot see him being a reliable partner to the united states saudi arabian in the different entities. if the saudi government is going to. be in the hands of this man. for a long time to come up and it very difficult to be able to do business because i
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think he's crazy to. think he is dangerous and he has put their relationship at risk. for a senior lecturer at lancaster university and from the washington post reporter joins us on skype from lancaster what's your take on how this will affect the way it did mr deals with saudi arabia how significant is this. all this evidence from the senate as well this is the take on it for the senate has yeah that language that we just heard it you know it's almost like we're talking about north korea two two years ago. with that sort of strong language that almost leads one to believe that there is military options being discussed in terms of the response to this to this murder is. that this course continues and that and that strong rhetoric continues on capitol hill that maybe forcing the hand of donald trump to come down
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on one side of this or the other right now he's been waffling back and forth between you know it could have happened or didn't happen i'm going to stand by his guy and he's going to implicate himself. in one way or another that he either knew what was going on. that he was like many of the rest of us who kind of put these but these dots together earlier or that this is perfectly fine ways of doing business and today's global market when arms sales are at it's you know most premium. there was a reminder from some of the senators that actually some of these figures are being bandied around on sales on quite what people might make out how big is the relationship in reality between saudi arabia and the u.s. economically well i found that comment to be really interesting as well almost to the point where it's excusing the involvement of the united states and
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international affairs that are related to war there's been debate about about the about the arms of the certain what we know is that it's so that the economic connections between the two nations are so deep. and been very clear about that he's been clear about one thing it's that we rely on saudi arabia and they rely on us when it comes to financial markets and. exchanges of goods and investments in each other's. nations that's been that's been very clear but what was really telling in those conversations from the sunders is that war is continuing to be a profitable business for the united states and one that it doesn't really want to have to give up on. despite how big those those sales are and i think despite the comments that we're not interested in doing business with this one and a gentleman indicates that we would like to maybe replace him with somebody else
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that we could sell arms to so is a very interesting kind of doublespeak that seem to be coming from the senators on the hill and how quickly do you think they'll take action how quickly can we say anything actually happen from aloft. well i think the deadlines that we're talking about are very very clear your correspondent talked about next year the change in some some leadership and then congress but we're also looking at a christmas break that's during the holiday the holiday break where everybody is focusing on family and not on legislation and so. at some point we have to ask is this going to be once again pushed under under a rug somewhere is it going to fall off the table as people start to jockey for new political positions as career politicians do when our ships. when holiday break break up the this force and the focus of the american people one would hope that
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this does come to some resolution i do think we'll see some more action next week in more concrete terms but how far that goes certainly this year and certainly into the first months of next year really depends on a lot of factors related to people's political positions on capitol hill and. the gap that has been in the pos between donald trump and the intelligence agencies the fact that this time around the cia briefing to the senate has has raised this issue again when perhaps that the administration was having to as you put it to push it under the rug and take this whole kind of raise hackles again in the in the trunk administration and against the intelligence community. well i think it certainly shined the fragments between republicans certainly on capitol hill and donald trump you know he kind of was forced in as the party leader he never was a republican and he sat alongside democrats and others who had strong business
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interests despite their books both of the nations for a long time and happened to be into the g.o.p. because that's where he got his his nomination for the presidential ticket so that's that's one element but but in the intelligence side you know he's been very that contentious relationship almost goes beyond reason and one has to wonder how much of it is because he's trying to stop investigations into his own financial records into his own relationships abroad that may sound a bit conspiracy theory but rest assured his own comments relationships with his son in law in saudi arabia those things have been pretty well documented and quite frankly the family's been very open about those relationships and so this tension with with intelligence agencies must come down and some points to stopping asking questions that might go too far that implicates donald trump and financial
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interests and maybe also even intelligence awareness of intelligence that this actually did happen he did know about it he did believe that it was true and just has not been been saying so and that and have itself is a questionable position for u.s. presidents we answer to maybe be part of the cover thank you very much indeed thought. let's get a few more final thoughts from our correspondent ted washington and first mike hanna on capitol hill just one thing i want to ask you about is when we nike to hear the first reaction perhaps from the from the white house what's the kind of timetable on this. well that's very difficult to predict it's likely to come in the form of a tweet given the way in which president trump does operate but certainly there have been very strong comments being made by the senators here and it is going to
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be incumbent on the president to respond in some way clearly his ambivalence since the murder of jamal khashoggi has been repeated it is now come under direct attack by some of the senators as one senator said it would be easy for the president to walk into the press room and simply state that the crown prince of saudi arabia was responsible for the murder of jamal khashoggi as has been pointed out the president has received the same intelligence briefing as those eight senators received today all eight of them emerged absolutely in agreement that there was complicity by the crown prince in jamal khashoggi is murder the question a number of senators are asking is how can the president not see that so certainly there is going to be some push for some form of explanation from the president the other way of direct action against the president or involving the president is an
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in-force mint of the global magnitsky act now that has already been invoked by the senate and in terms of that the president is obliged to investigate the murder and impose sanction against those individuals found responsible the senate has a ready stressed that had once this investigation formally completed by the white house there's going to be even more pressure now from the senate and possibly from the house as well for the president to act. in terms of the global magnitsky act because that does provide a legislative mandate on the president to take some kind of action and to formalize the investigation the other question that's going to be arsed in the days ahead is why was this information kept from the public we've heard from a number of senators their anger firstly at being excluded from the briefing about also with the fact that there's an over the classification of intelligence some senators saying in particular senator rand paul senator chris murphy insisting that
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if the crown prince was responsible for the murder of jamal khashoggi as these eight senators here are now at really convinced he is then it is the right of the american people to know it is not the kind of information that should be kept from the general public so there's going to be lots of pressure pushes and prods in various ways that will be president on pressure on the president on his administration not only to take some form of concrete action but also to explain why this information was kept on such a classified basis and why or took so long to become publicly available mike hanna thank you very much indeed. for your democratic senator bob menendez was also in the cia briefing he is calling for further sanctions against saudi arabia. i am now more convinced than i was before and i was pretty convinced that in fact the united states must have
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a strong response to both the war in yemen as well as the killing of a united states permanent resident and journalists. and only a strong response by the united states will send a clear and unequivocal message that such actions are not acceptable in the world's stage and i think that's more important than ever and i hope that senator graham and my legislation which would create a real set of consequences mandatory global make netsky a series of sanctions beyond those that exists would be a very strong answer to what has happened. let's go now to hayden how difficult is it for the administration to change course on this off to we just had the g. twenty had been someone was the people shook hands with him it sort of it felt as though they had moved on from this whole issue what they need to how do they how to
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come back from that to think. well the president could come back from that he could simply say i have new evidence or i've heard members of the senate but he's given no indication that he has any intention of changing his mind on this but the president though he's cephalus of the message as you mentioned that he'd like this to go away let's move on people and there's a lot of stuff going on in the united states right now just to give you a sense we're waiting for a very important filing from special counsel robert muller when it comes to michael flynn the former national security adviser that should come down any minute the stock market is absolutely tanking right now in large part because of the president's tweets and his past comments about any sort of deal with china but if you turned on any cable news channel or if you looked up any american newspaper on their web site right now this story would be. leading the newscast least second some cases and on the front page of all the major papers this unlike any other story in the term presidency has had staying power it is not going away people are
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asking a lot of questions like if the senate saw the same evidence as the president and they came out and said absolutely no question the president said maybe he did maybe we don't we don't have a smoking gun where is the difference there what is the motivation why is the president so unwilling to speak out against the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salam so that's really i think that the core of the question and the reason this isn't going to go away this said it is senator corker who is leaving in january he says he wants to get it done before he leaves so he's going to be pushing for that if he doesn't get it done then the house gets democrats take over the house they take control over that they start investigating they can call witnesses they can subpoena documents they can hold hearing after hearing after hearing so it might be in the president's interests to give the senators what they want which is something more than what he's been willing to do because it seems like that's the only way that this is getting out of the headlines but so far is given absolutely no indication that he has any intention of doing that. and thank you very much indeed
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. let's finish now with a recap of our breaking story senior sentences in the us say the time has come for the trumpet ministration to condemn saudi arabia for the murder of journalists. or congress will act cia chief gina hospital has been briefing senators on capitol hill and she's one of the few western officials to have heard all the recordings from inside the saudi consulate in istanbul where he was killed senators who emerged from that meeting seemed unified in their assessment of what she had to say saudi crown prince mohammed bin soundman they concluded ordered the murder of jamal khashoggi and must be held to account for. our top stories and we'll have more for you in around tough now that softer the street thanks very much indeed for watching so you see.
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millions of people across brazil are facing gaps in their health care thousands of cuban doctors leave the country it follows a standoff between brazil's president elect and the cuban government so what's next i really could be and you're in the streams and your thoughts via twitter and you tube. it doesn't take office until january but already brazil's president elect wants to renegotiate a major deal with cuba last month diane wilson r o pushed for changes to the mice medicos or more doctors program and.


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