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the band were in control women were forbidden to drive but outside of the main cities it is rare even now to see a woman behind the wheel society is changing albeit slowly but the women drivers of afghanistan there is a long road ahead before they are fully accepted. if he was in front of a jury you would be convicted in thirty minutes u.s. senators emerged from a briefing by the cia chief and say there's no doubt saudi crown prince mohammed bin soundman ordered the murder of journalist jamal. the senators demand that saudi arabia be held to account. lauren taylor this is our zero live from london also coming up. lester rushes into the sax is why the u.s.
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gives russia sixty days to comply with a nine hundred eighty seven nuclear arms treaty. the french government responds to protesters by suspending planned fuel tax increases. hello senior senators in the us say the time has come for the trumpet ministration to condemn saudi arabia for the murder of journalist. or congress will act cia chief gina has briefed senators on capitol hill she is one of the few western officials to have heard audio recordings from inside the saudi consulate in istanbul where she was killed senators who emerged from the meeting seemed unified in their assessment of what she had to say saudi crown prince mohammed bin soundman ordered hushovd his murder and must be held to account of nikken senator bob corker chaired that session he says there must be
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a price to pay for the killing mike hanna reports the cia director paused on her way in paying respects to president george h.w. bush lying in state in the capitol the briefing took place behind closed doors only a small group of eight senators invited. all in. agreement about one basic fact i have zero question in my mind that the crown prince n.b.s. ordered the killing monitor to killing knew exactly what was happening planned in advance if he was in front of a jury you would be convicted in thirty minutes guilty. so. the question is what we do about that i want to make sure that saudi arabia is put on notice that business as usual has come to an end for me oh not look at the kingdom the same way that i used to look at it i will not support arms sales until
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all responsible for the death of mr cruise shogi have brought them brought to justice. yes and i will no longer. support the war in yemen as constructive only a strong response by the united states will send a clear and unequivocal message that such actions are not acceptable in the world's stage and i think that's more important than ever and i hope that senator graham and my legislation which would create a real set of consequences mandatory global make netsky a series of sanctions beyond those that exists would be a very strong answer to what has happened last week both the secretary of state and the secretary of defense told the full senate there was no concrete evidence linking the crown prince to the mood a senator graham used the to willfully blind and questions are asked to about president trump's ambivalence it would be really easy for the president to walk out
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into the press room today and just state that. that m.b.'s killed a journalist we know he killed the garrulous. we know he ordered it we know he we we know that he monitored it these are all people that are very close to. and and that is not acceptable for american standards in the days ahead senators will be discussing what action to take and here there is some division in the senate someone aimed specifically at declaring the guilt of the crown prince mohammed bin solomon others want a wider bill drawn up which would include economic sanctions against saudi arabia including a ban on all weapons sales only one thing at the stage is clear given the mood after this briefing legislation there will be mike hanna al-jazeera washington.
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let's go to the white house now and john hendren jones scathing remarks on the senate says and not just on a diplomatic level say on a personal level about have been sound on. highly personal you heard there are republican senators say we know mohamed bin some and killed a journalist lindsey graham another republican said there's no more business as usual he said there's not a smoking gun there's a smoking saw that was a reference to the bone saw that one of the killers allegedly brought with him to dismember jamal khashoggi body these or scathing remarks by senators many of them in the republicans own party in the president's own republican party who are very upset at what they heard today and they feel that they were misled by the secretary of state mike pompei and by the defense secretary jim that us when they went over to brief them brief senators last week these are just a small group of senate leaders that had been briefed they demanded that they hear
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from gina haskell because they know she was the only one as you said earlier who went to turkey who listened to the tape that the turks say they have of the killing and she came back obviously with a lot more damning information than these senators heard last week and one senator dick durban a democrat from the state of illinois said he demands that now. is gina haskell brief the entire senate we're also hearing from u.s. officials who talk to us that it is likely that haskell will in the next week or two that congress has for its session before it takes a winter break that has full will likely go to brief members of the house because they've heard about this invasion are set to even though the house is currently still controlled by republicans it will be controlled by democrats in january and that's when things might really change and what reaction can we expect from the white house on this. well i mean at the white house president trump has just crossed back over the street he was across the street visiting the family of former
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president george herbert walker bush who died and everybody is preparing for that funeral the president did not say anything about shoji we have not heard a lot from people inside the white house they are clearly not happy about what happened today they did not want to you know asked bill to go to the senate but there was so much congressional pressure that she was really just compelled to go there the president has a number of decisions to make right now will he continue dealing with mohamed bin solomon the crown prince of saudi arabia. will he revoke arms agreements that have been agreed to will he stopped cooperating with the saudis in yemen he doesn't want to do any of those things with the republicans on capitol hill the senators are pressuring him to take some initiative to add least condemn what happened here and it maybe offer some kind of sanctions some kind of conciliation because if he doesn't satisfy those members of congress that they are going to take action
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themselves and with republican senators on board eventually when the democrats take over the house in january things could really change here so the president wants to act quickly i suspect that he's in the white house right now talking to his aides about just how to do that one hundred thank you very much indeed and it's going to tackle now tony back and joins us from outside the saudi consulate in istanbul how do you think this will be viewed by the tech issue authorities. i think they're very much welcome this is very late for any kind of official reaction but this is very much supporting what they've said from day one and that all the evidence circumstantial as though it may be pointed directly toward somebody pretty high up in the saudi hierarchy they said without naming mohammed in salman that it was something that lay on the doorstep of the saudi royal court in private they've said a lot stronger things of that suggesting it was mohamed bin salman the saudi crown prince and they've been releasing evidence and excerpts from this audio recording
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from within the saudi consulate all the way along which is kept this investigation alive so this now is very encouraging for them i think they were dismayed by the stand of president trump and the people around him when he said maybe he did maybe he didn't referring to mohammed bin salman they want outside help to put pressure on the saudis because they've come as far as they can with this investigation they are relying on the saudis for corporation and information which they're not getting they've complained about this quite often now in public president has complained about it the foreign minister has complained about it they've asked the saudis to give them information because the saudis are holding eleven people they've charged him with offenses relating to this murder five facing the death penalty but they're still not pertinent and very important questions the turks want them to say you know if it wasn't one hundred bill sammon then who gave the order they want to know if where the remains of mr saudi ended up they're not getting those answers they
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find it very disbelieving very disbelieving in the fact that you know spite the fact that he was killed eight weeks ago they still have no information no indication as to where his remains are or who called for the murder to be carried out so they believe now that with what the senators are saying it may give renewed impetus for this investigation to continue forward in pressure on the saudis to cooperate tony betty thank you very much indeed. a middle east analyst joins me in the studio so how difficult is it for the top administration to come up with with a new version of events given what the senators have said so clearly linking the measured directly with mohammed been so much yeah i think in a word very difficult because i think that really the die has been cast and we have seen the senate and i think we'll see congress as well coming out pretty much four square with the narrative that mom puts on is the person responsible for the brutal
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killing of jamal khashoggi and i think that the the president's narrative looks increasingly threadbare and centrist i mean think about how the emphasis has shifted from from turkey where president hu the wall was able to do a drip drip drip that kept undercutting the saudi story and now it's shifted to washington and i think that's actually useful for the one because he probably was running out of drips and now we see that the pressure is directly on on president trump and he's going to have to come up with some explanation some statement what about saudi arabia itself what kind of options does it have given that they've already put in having been someone back on the international stage he's been g. twenty and they they thought perhaps they'd turn the corner on the story you know i think that the saudis are in a very difficult position because moments oman is effectively is a one man rule he runs the entire country he's in control of the military's control of the economy his father suffers from dementia so he pretty much runs his father's
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world court who is there to basically stand out to them and challenge him well at this stage nobody saudi arabia right now is a country that's ruled by fear and anyone who criticizes or dares to even hint of criticism is going to wind up in jail or as with the monitors he's case even even did so i think that right now the ruling family must be wrestling quietly and privately with what to do next and to go back to one. the senate is can do next i mean one one of the things i suppose the problems for them is that they don't necessarily agree on what the next step should be will that weaken the hand you think well i don't think so i think that we can look at the magnitsky act and it could be extended thus far it seventeen have been included in that interestingly saw though khatami who is the effect of the right hand man in the person who's been called the mastermind of the murder acting under the orders of a man he was placed on on that list but only as
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a result of direct pressure from general hospital who insisted that he be there that's not as he came back from from turkey so i think at this stage you know we're going to see a bit of a. bit of a chess match going on i think that trump is in a weakened position already because of the midterms i think he's looking to the next election and i think he must be measuring up do i continue to stand by this reckless young man who has caused so much damage certainly in the middle east but also to america's reputation or do i cut him loose and at that point i think that moment someone is in a very very serious place thank you very much indeed i mean just thank you if you. still to come on al-jazeera. if the rebels depart from yemen for peace talks in sweden could be a turning point in the conflict. ukraine's president makes a pledge to relatives of the naval korea detained by russia last month to stay with
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us. once again well we're hoping to see some trial whether it's getting pushed out of the way across the queensland australia little line of storms here just ganging up pushing in from the coral sea right up the queensland coast there is some pos could see as much as two hundred millimeters of rainfall some so that will eventually cause some flooding we do made the right the rain will come thick and fast into central and eastern parts of queensland as we go on through the next couple days eventually it looks want to make its way further inland tampa just fourteen back onshore breeze there for townsville for example. but bigger than around twenty eight degrees celsius northerly wind down into southeastern corner so adelaide getting up to around thirty three celsius top temperature in melbourne of around
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thirty two degrees so probably hates or out of that heat is ramping up across a good part of the country from time to time down into the southwest in kona basically says the plant that the perth temperature is at around twenty degrees celsius will see similar temperatures for a time into new zealand had some stormy weather here recently a little spell a west the weather into south all of this we go on through wednesday eventually that will make its way through the north woods in the east was full thursday bright skies come back in behind with temperatures in the mid teens. i enjoy bringing my maybe my neighbor children so they can see and get more comfortable five children are at the heart of america's love affair with weapons fact that of their own mom makes a report and they're from the machine and it's fun but the new generation is fighting fire with reason you're fighting for this to be true because you don't
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want to see if you do speak it. never again part of the radicalized youth series on a. lot of top stories how large is their senior u.s. senators say there's no doubt that saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound man ordered the murder of journalist. they were briefed by the director of the cia jane a hospital is one of the few western officials to have heard or hear recordings from inside the saudi consulate in istanbul where she was killed. operation center bob corker who chaired that session says i must pay a price to pay for the killing others have called for more sanctions against saudi
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arabia. representatives of yemen's who see rebels and the un's special envoy who arrived in sweden the talks on the ongoing war it's happening at the beginning of the end of what the u.n. calls the west humanitarian crisis in modern history quartet and jan reports. booth the delegation which bordered this flight from the yemeni capital sana'a to sweden may be able to prevent more killings by airstrikes and help the millions threatened by famine and disease. u.n. sponsored talks due to start in sweden are expected to bring together the who supported by iran and yemeni government leaders backed by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates that the how he talks about this deal started months or a year ago we offered the mediators a deal to release all hostages and detainees in exchange for releasing all prisoners and hostages on the other side. as
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a goodwill gesture the saudi u.a.e. coalition fighting the who fees allowed fifty wounded rebel fighters to be flown to oman for hospital treatment that was one of the conditions for these to attend the talks similar talks collapsed soon after they began three months ago the people who are being let out of prison who are being exchanged who are being allowed to evacuate for treatment these are the men who are closest to the warring parties in yemen as always it's the women and the children who are suffering most and who will come last. the u.n. says the humanitarian crisis in yemen described as the worst in the world will even get worse in the new year it's appealing for four billion dollars from international donors to help feed starving yemenis next year. we think that twenty four million people in yemen seventy five percent of the population will need humanitarian assistance. airstrikes some bombardments. a
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cholera epidemic and other diseases as well as starvation is estimated by independent group of researchers to have killed between seventy and eighty thousand yemenis so far in the war in addition fighting has forced half a million people from their homes and to further complicate the disaster people smugglers are using the chaos in yemen as a route to europe migration arrivals to yemen a country at war will reach a boat one hundred fifty thousand people this year twenty eighteen this is roughly a fifty percent increase over the one hundred thousand. that arrived last year. aid organizations helping the starving infected and the displaced say some progress in sweden is urgently needed to end the suffering of millions paul chowder gian al jazeera. the us has given russia sixty days to comply with
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a nine hundred eighty seven. or it says it will withdraw from the pact sector state might says violations by russia are a direct menace to europe and that occasions were supported by nature leaders meeting in brussels what about now has more. for the first time nato foreign ministers declared the russia who is in violation of a landmark cold war era treaty with the united states the nine hundred eighty seven i n f agreement banned medium range land based missiles in europe washington's repeatedly accused moscow of violating it the u.s. secretary of state issued an ultimatum the united states today declared it has been russia in material breach of the treaty and will suspend our obligations as a remedy effective in sixty days unless russia returns to fall and verifiable compliance nato says the treaty has been fighting to european security for more than three decades. nato says it's now up to moscow to try and save the i.n.f.
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treaty but the alliances condemnation of russia did not end there nato secretary general yen stoltenberg said recent russian attacks on ukrainian ships in the sea of result of were an act of aggression we are sure to release. ships. ceased russian most. freedom of navigation nato vessels and planes regularly patrol the black sea region but the alliance has no plans to bolster its presence there for now despite ukraine's requests for more ships. we shouldn't just day on the level of the collaboration's however strong these declarations are and one of my clear messages today for all our friends was we need to create a comprehensive response to jackson of russia in the black sea and the straits and the. at the end of the first day of the two day brussels meeting there was little
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doubt that nato's aim was to send a strong signal to moscow that some of his actions would not be tolerated what's less clear is whether the declarations will persuade russia to chart a different course natasha bottler al-jazeera brussels belgium as natasha mentioned in her report ukraine is demanded russia hand back three ukrainian ships and their cruces last month ukrainian president. as met the families of some of the captive sailors under simmons reports from a train in capital kiev. it was a collective outpouring of emotion as relatives of the twenty four detained ukrainian servicemen came together president petro poroshenko tried to reassure the gathering that he was doing everything possible to get the men freed the meeting took place nine days after the twenty two sabers and two counter intelligence officers were detained by the russians in what crane says was
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a totally unjustified and the president told the relatives that russia had no legal right to detain the man in charge that there's no truth no justice no law in russia he said of the crew men three of whom were injured should be treated as prisoners of war covered by the geneva conventions so would you. i gave an instruction to the foreign minister to contact the international committee of the red cross and to maybe a third it's possible to send a special mission to check on the condition of our boys as the president was making his latest attack on russia there were some movements of shipping to and from the ukraine's ports in the sea of as of for the first time since the crisis began ukrainian ministers said russia had partially lifted its blockade back in the capital there were moves to put pressure on russia to release the captive ukrainians as their relatives were moving on for talks with the united states
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embassy it went on into the evening. these men say they're exasperated at russia's refusal to show any leniency. we've heard nothing officially about my son's condition with only some information from the russian media messages from crimea activists that he was seriously injured and has had surgery that's. letting lawyers or ukrainian diplomats see him. i'm not angry at the russian people it's the russian government because they allow this barbaric behavior of their own offices their sailors towards ukrainian sailors and offices. the meeting here with the u.s. ambassador marie of it went on for more than the relatives they told her that the americans were doing enough to pressure russia to release the servicemen and they
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say she assured them she would pause on their thoughts to the white house and. give chalion prosecutors her formally opened an investigation into five egyptians over the murder of postgraduate student junior in germany a five include egyptian secret service members and police officers who are being investigated on possible abduction charges twenty eight year old origine was kidnapped and tortured for several days in twenty sixteen his body was left on a desert highway just outside kyra. police in italy have arrested the suspected new leader of the sicilian mafia one of the world's most infamous criminal gangs set a moment was taken by police in the sicilian capital palermo forty five other alleged gangsters were also arrested dating a major blow to the cause or nostra mobs efforts to rebuild rebuild itself the former lead us of a tory nina died in prison last year after spending decades behind bars ordering
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dozens of matters. days of ferocious protests that descended to violence of force the french president emanuel back home into his first major u.-turn since taking office eighteen months ago the government says it's suspending plans to increase fuel taxes a policy that's proved to be deeply unpopular and has caused public anger to spill out on the streets. protests began rallying across the country last month often blocking roads wearing high his jackets leading them to be known as the yellow vest movement but the protests soon turned into france's west riots in recent years as demonstrations burned cars and buildings in paris the heaviest level of violence was just last saturday police responded with water cannon and tear gas our president initially vowed to stick by his plans and condemned protesters but what began as anger at the cost of living soon evolved into an anti uprising many have accused the president of favoring the rich and doing nothing to help the poor david
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traitor report. it was the prime minister edward felipe who was forced into a u. turn in a nationwide television broadcast while present emmanuel macron remained aloof in the early say palace. for more than three weeks tens of thousands of french people have been expressing their anger around about tollgates new shopping areas or in the streets of many french towns this anger has deep roots it isn't brewing for a while it's often stayed quiet other fretty sense or pride today it's been expressed with force and in a collective way one has to be deaf not to see or hear it for but protest is manning the yellow vest blockades were already rejecting the concessions and demanding more from the government. no i don't think it's enough we're on extraordinary movement there are too many demands this from pensioners from young
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people from locals everyone wants an increase in purchasing power. president marco hopes these concessions will mark the beginning of the end of the protests but the yellow vests believe this could be the beginning of the end for mark wrong the latest opinion poll puts him down a twenty three percent a record low for a man just eighteen. months into his presidency. a school on fire in the south of france the protests are spreading on all fronts to the president's ambitious reforms of what yellow vests are calling act for the revolt in paris is still going ahead on saturday david chaytor al-jazeera paris the british prime minister has faced a series of defeats in parliament as she battles to keep her breaks it plans on track m.p.'s have voted that the government was in contempt of parliament for failing to publish the full legal advice it's been given on to reason may's breaks
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it deal may's cabinet now has to release that advice later a member of the prime minister's own party pushed through an amendment that gives m.p.'s a greatest say should have bricks that deal failed to pass during a vote later this month a senior legal official earlier said the u.k. can cancel brits it without the consent of other e.u. member states. donald trump has visited four where president george bush and his wife laura to pay his respects after the death of bush's father president trump was accompanied by first lady maloney a trump as they arrived to give their condolences the body of george h.w. bush is lying in state in washington ahead of his funeral wednesday mourners have been paying their respects to the forty first u.s. president who died at his home in texas on friday he was ninety four years old now take a moment to look at this what could be the future of motorbikes it's not so much
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the design of the bike that such acting so much attention rather it's almost every part of it has been manufactured by a three d. printer and while three d. printing its current form is too slow for mass production just shows how much the process could revolutionize entire industries. to vic you can catch up any time on our website the address for that al-jazeera the call. reminder the top stories on our syria senior senators in the us say the time has come for the trumpet ministration to condemn saudi arabia for the murder of journalist. or congress will act cia chief gina hospital has been briefing senators on capitol hill she's one of the few western officials to have heard already a recordings from inside the saudi consulate in istanbul where she was killed senators who emerged from the meeting seemed unified in their assessment of what
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she had to say saudi crown prince mohammed bin soundman ordered her shelties murder and must be held to account or public and senator bob corker chaired that session he says there must be a price to pay for the killing i have zero question that the crown france m.b.'s ordered the killing monitored the killing knew exactly what was happening planted in advance if he was in front of a jury you would be convicted in thirty minutes guilty. so. the question is what we do about that. representatives of yemen's hoofy rebels and the un's special envoy of arrived in sweden for talks on the ongoing war meanwhile the un is warning that a civil war in yemen could deteriorate further in the new year even more than eighteen million people in need of food aid the world food program says yemenis are now experiencing the worst humanitarian crisis since the end of world war two a
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saudi a mirage the coalition has been fighting to see rebels in the country since twenty fifteen. the u.s. is giving russia sixty days to comply with a nine hundred eighty seven nuclear arms treaty or it says it will withdraw from the pact six your state might bump a rose says russia's alleged violations of the agreement a direct menace to europe or bears accusations were supported by nato need is for meeting in brussels. france's prime minister says he's suspending controversial plans to hike fuel taxes the proposal had to mass protests that descended into some of france's worst riots in la is the demonstrators who came to be known as the best movement demanded that the president in one year with michael step down. as the headlines do stay with us on al-jazeera next up its radicalized youth. a recent u.n. report has given renewed seeds of the fight against climate change over with threats
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like sea level rise at this year's climate talks in poland and the international community seize the opportunity to take concerted action starting with al jazeera the latest from the front lines of the climate crisis from the conference itself. or in the. corner of your money if you. don't want to marry what am. i now let her know what you're happy. now.


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