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forward to for the dry riverbed tonight case one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly any to escape the war. this is al jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the al-jazeera news hour live from coming up in the next sixty minutes. there's not a smoking gun there's a smoking soft top ranking senators in the u.s. get a briefing from the cia director on the death of small fish and they're convinced the saudi crown prince direct the. no jail time for the former u.s. national security adviser michael flynn in relation to the president to russia's
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alleged meddling in the twenty sixteen elections. bowing to pressure from suspends plans to increase fuel taxes after the country sees its worst riots in decades. it is i think i'm president and for this house to find government ministers in contempt. first of british politics the prime minister suffers major defeat them and scrutinizes have. seen a u.s. senators say they're more certain than ever the saudi crown prince ordered journalists killing in stumble two months ago their statements some of the strongest so far followed by a closed door briefing by the director of the cia gina hospital on the murder where she's one of the few western officials who's heard order recordings from inside the saudi consulate in istanbul where she was killed while senators on both sides of the political aisle left. a meeting unified in their conclusion that mohammed bin
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solomon was behind the killing and that the trumpet ministration must hold him to account well the washington post which she wrote for is calling for the cia to declassify its findings and make them public mike hanna begins our coverage the cia director paused on her way in paying respects to president george h.w. bush lying in state in the capitol the briefing took place behind closed doors only a small group of eight senators invited. all in. agreement about one basic fact. i have zero question in my mind that the crown prince n.b.s. ordered the killing monitor and killing knew exactly what was happening planned in advance if he was in front of a jury he would be convicted in thirty minutes guilty. so. the question is what we do about that saudi arabian in the us are two different
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entities. if the saudi government is going to. be in the hands of this man. for a long time to come up and it very difficult to be able to do business because i think he's crazy i think he is dangerous and he has put their relationship at risk only a strong response by the united states will send a clear and unequivocal message that such actions are not acceptable in the world's stage and i think that's more important than ever and i hope that senator graham and my legislation which would create a real set of consequences mandatory global make netsky a series of sanctions beyond those that exists would be a very strong answer to what has happened last week both the secretary of state and the secretary of defense told the full senate there was no concrete evidence
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linking the crown prince to the moda senator graham used the term willfully blind and questions are asked to about president trump's ambivalence it would be really easy for the president to walk out into the press room today and just date that. that m.b.'s killed a journalist we know he killed the garrulous. we know he ordered it we know he who we are we know that. he monitored it these are all people that are very close to him and and that is not acceptable for american standards in the days ahead senators will be discussing what action to take and here there is some division in the senate someone aimed specifically at declaring the guilt of the crown prince mohammed bin solomon others want a wider bill drawn up which would include economic sanctions against saudi arabia
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including a ban on all weapons sales only one thing at the stage is clear given the mood after this briefing legislation there will be mike hanna al-jazeera washington al-jazeera is tony berkeley is in istanbul with the reaction from turkey where the matter occurred three. i think for sure they're going to welcome this reaction it backs up everything they said from day one i think there's been a lot of dismay within the turkish government about the stand of president trump the you know maybe he did maybe he didn't sort of conclusion about mohamed bin salman and whether or not he was responsible as far as the turkish authorities are concerned without naming him in public they have said that this murder was on the doorstep of the saudi royal court that was in public in private you know left nothing to to to to to conclude they definitely leading towards him on if not him who is it they've been asking that question over and over again but the evidence
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has been so circumstantial the turkish government leaked from basically from the moment they have the audio recordings excerpts from that it put together and piece together what happened to mr karzai and it's very clear as far as they're concerned they've got this kind of you know split situation now they want to maintain a relationship with saudi arabia because it's a very important strategic regional partner but also they want to maintain the pursuit of justice they say it happened in turkey and they have a moral responsibility of following that they're very concerned also that the investigation seems to have reached a dead end as far as the turkish authorities are concerned because now the ball is very much in the saudi court and the saudis are saying that eleven people have been charged five of them are facing the death penalty the turkish authorities want those people to come and stand trial in turkey there's no response to that but they've also asked some very important questions if it wasn't one hundred bin salman who ordered the killing then who was it and where are the remains of mr kosofsky because they have never been found and they're asking the question now
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it's been eight weeks since he was murdered you've got these people in custody why don't we have it in for any information about where the remains are so lots of questions but this news is very important for them because they believe i am sure that this now will reinvigorate the investigation put a lot of pressure on saudi arabia to comply and to cooperate john hendren joins us live now from outside the white house john so what's been the reaction from president trump and officials there at the white house where you are. there and there's been an almost deafening silence from the white house i spoke to a white house official not long ago and he said don't expect a reaction from the white house tonight neither the cia nor the department of defense has reacted and that is perhaps because president trump is now struggling to cope with the rebellion from within his own party over the death of jim all. senators got a briefing last week from the secretary of state and from the secretary of defense and they emerged unconvinced and demanded
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a briefing from gina haskell the head of the cia who as you point out was the one to go to turkey and to listen to these tapes that the turkish government says it has of the killing and when she when she was done with that briefing those senators all remain convinced that that murder was ordered by the crown prince of saudi arabia and they want the trump administration to offer some kind of response to that some kind of penalty and they've made it clear that if president trump does not do that that they will react on their own and they've already got a bill that is up for consideration that would stop u.s. aid to the saudis in their war in yemen we've got a senator dick durbin from illinois a democrat who now insists that the entire senate be briefed by gina haskell and u.s. officials have told us that al jazeera that in fact officials in the house the house of representatives will also likely be briefed in the next week and a half or so by gina haskell because they too are disturbed by what they've seen
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here and you can see the senate getting ready to act the house is still in a more partisan body and it's in republican hands but by january president trump knows that that house will be in under the control of democrats and then things could get really dicey for him deron jon hamm's on the line for the white house john thank you and it's bring in a house on these co-directs of just foreign policy that's a national advocacy group that's lobbied u.s. politicians to end the saudi led war in yemen he joins us via skype from chicago on how much has the case opened up a much wider debate about u.s. saudi ties and the accountability on the war in yemen. it certainly has opened up an entire referendum on the us on alliance we have zero in march where or senators voted to end the war and yet it obviously did in no better similar hold it happened and we got sixty three senators to vote and the war in
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yemen or at least advance the s.j. rest of the four procedurally to get a clean up or down vote that's a major shit and you've been working for a few years now advocating for an end to the war in yemen through lobbying and rallies and publications is that the case now likely to make people in the sit up and take notes and do marathons odin americans even care about the war in yemen. we have been working hard at the grassroots level and you know definitely educating people and folks are definitely gauged i think it could show the thing is definitely highlighting the war crimes and highlighted the you know human rights abuses by the saudi government and this is really put a face to saudi arabia's brutality and for folks that want real accountability and real change in style to you know both to end the war and yet it and that i think
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would be an appropriate response to completely cut out u.s. military support for this conflict just a quick question to you on the cia briefing earlier in at the senate i mean after gina hospital gave her briefing senator lindsey graham seemed to make a point of separating momma been some on from the states of saudi arabia is this in a way do you think giving president trump an out and that he could possibly sanction the crown prince without large nothing u.s. saudi ties. well i think if you just go after him and solomon you sort of miss a whole history here and you know several decades many decades of human rights abuses by the saudi government so it's definitely not just law and it's all and i think that with death we notice the overall conversation about what's been happening certainly since mohamed saleh has taken over you know he me his fingerprints are all over the war in yemen so seen up punishment on him and in
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particular with obviously you welcome but you know do you not lose sight of the human rights abuses by the regime over time just a final thought hassan there are now talks about to start in sweden to end possibly the war in yemen how do you see those talks playing out and how hopeful are you. i am whole i want to see this war as soon as possible yemen can no longer wait anymore they the humanitarian scale is on another president and level of fourteen million people on the brink of famine so i think while i am hopeful i think it's really important for the us to publicly say that they are going to stop supporting saudi arabia if war in yemen i think that we can help considerably at the feast. so in congress obviously under article one section eight of the constitution they
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actually have the power in america to stop war war making powers wise lies strictly with congress so truong could continue you know pushing this war or about really congress has several vehicles here to completely cut support so i think that is crucial. thanks for talking to us. now talks of trying to bring an end to the war in yemen as we're saying are due to take place in sweden who three delegates from to stop come from some on tuesday other rebel delegates or expect the travel to sweden from amman on wednesday the u.n. sponsored talks are the first since communication between yemen's government and the who things broke down in twenty sixteen. we hope now that the u.n. consultations can begin later this week and this is of course significant it would be the first time in more than two years that the parties are meeting now
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to get the parties to this conflict to to come to one place for consultation has not been easy. but is now a decisive step in our efforts to end the suffering in yemen. and the u.n. is warning that the civil war in yemen could further deteriorate in the new nia leaving more than eighteen million people in need of food aid the world food program says yemenis are now experiencing the worst humanitarian crisis since the u.n. was formed more than seventy years ago this is not a country on the brink of catastrophe this is a country that is in a catastrophe and we're see in the severe hunger rate spike from eight million to twelve million the number of food insecure people those are this eight to twelve are the people that are on the brink of starvation these are people just going to bed hungry these are people who
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don't know where the next meal's coming from this the general food insecurity those you are going to bed hungry is risen up to about eighty ninety million people out of twenty nine million people now the u.n. is calling for nearly twenty two billion dollars of funding next year to cope with humanitarian crises around the world four billion dollars will be dedicated to yemen the largest appeal among all countries they want to sanctions latest report says nearly one hundred thirty two million people worldwide will need aid next year well that includes food shelter health care and education. now the u.s. special counsel has recommended no jail time for president donald trump's former national security adviser michael saying he's corporative substantially with a russian investigation robert mueller says when provided information about interactions between trump's team and russian government officials as the president was transitioning into office when pleaded guilty in december twenty seventeen to
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lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with russia is the only member of trump's administration to admit to a crime uncovered during miller's probe. becoming an al-jazeera including ukraine's president makes a pledge to relatives of the neighbor crews detained by russia last month. legal battle in sri lanka as the country struggles with an escalating political crisis. north america's top hockey gets ready to welcome a new team muscle to the cup. the u.s. is giving russia sixty days to comply with a nine hundred eighty seven nuclear arms treaty oh it says it will withdraw from the pact us secretary of state might bump made the announcement at a nato meeting in brussels he said russia's alleged violations of the agreement were a direct menace to europe these violations. of the i.n.f.
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treaty cannot be viewed in isolation from the larger pattern of russian lawlessness on the world stage the list of russia's into this x. is long georgia ukraine syria election that will score paul and now the curch straight to name just a few in the light of these facts the united states today declares it has found russia in material breach of the treaty and will suspend our obligations as a remedy effective in sixty days unless russia returns to fall and verifiable compliance. from brussels. or nato is issuing a very strong condemnation of russia it is saying that moscow is in violation of the i.m.f. treaty with the united states now this is a treaty which dates back to nine hundred eighty seven it was designed to curb land based missiles in europe and therefore help ensure security in europe it is
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a treaty that the nato alliance is also always supportive people cause or the security aspects but over the past few months the trumpet ministration has repeatedly said that it believes that russia is in violation of the streets but it is the first time that nato has come out and said that it simply agrees now with washington and donald trump has made it very clear that he would like the united states to withdraw completely from the treaty we have the u.s. secretary of state might compare saying that the u.s. will suspend the treaty in sixty days unless russia complies the onus now then is very much on moscow says nato to try and comply and save this so-called cold water eighty. ukrainian president petro poroshenko has met the families of several sailors held by russia last month the russian coastguard sees three ukrainian ships and their crews after a confrontation and waters of crimea ukrainian region by russian twenty fourteen
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under simmons reports from here. it was a collective outpouring of emotion as relatives of the twenty four detained ukrainian servicemen came together president petro poroshenko tried to reassure the gathering that he was doing everything possible to get them in freed the meeting took place nine days after the twenty two sabers and two counter-intelligence officers were detained by the russians in what crane says was a totally unjustified attack the president told the relatives that russia had no legal right to detain the man in charge that there's no truth no justice no law in russia he said of the crew of men three of whom were injured and treated as prisoners of war covered by the geneva conventions so it would be. i gave an instruction to the foreign minister to contact the international committee of the red cross and to maybe a third of the possible to send a special mission to check on the condition of our boys as the president was making
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his latest attack on russia there were some movements of shipping to and from the ukraine's ports in the sea of as of for the first time since the crisis began ukrainian ministers said russia had partially lifted its blockade back in the capital there were moves to put pressure on russia to release the captive ukrainians as their relatives were moving on for talks with the united states embassy it went on into the evening. these men say they're exasperated at russia's refusal to show any leniency. we've heard nothing officially about my son's condition only some of her mission from the russian media and messages from crimean tatar activists that he was seriously injured and has had surgery. isn't letting lawyers or ukrainian diplomats see him.
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lose i'm not angry at the russian people the russian government because they have allowed this barbaric behavior of their own offices their sailors towards ukrainian sailors in offices. the meeting here with the u.s. ambassador marie event of it when thrown from the relatives say they told her that the americans weren't doing enough to pressure russia to release the servicemen they say she assured them she would pass on their thoughts to the white house simmons' al-jazeera. when i bring you more now on that breaking news we told you about a little earlier the u.s. special counsel is recommending no jail time for president donald trump's former national security adviser michael flynn because he cooperated substantially with the investigation into alleged russian meddling in the twenty six elections let's bring in bruce fine he's a former u.s. associate deputy attorney general and he joins us live from washington d.c. bruce does this decision not to recommend jail time to fin come as
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a big surprise to you. well no time at all i think reading the sentencing memorandum said no jail time up to six months that's kind of the range but it is surprising since the the. something of lying to the f.b.i. kind of sets a baseline for others who have been similarly charged so if flynn charged with lying ciro then what about the others that charged with lying man afford to papadopoulos several others are they going to get zero as well on the other hand they may have decided that this was a signal to other potential witnesses that if you cooperate you know you can avoid jail time so it would encourage them to others who are involved to be forthcoming and i can expect that we're going to not have to say mr trump i have no doubt is
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going to denounce mr flynn for cooperating and he'll say things to try to discourage others from emulating flint yeah bruce the point you're making that about corporations important because it was just about to ask you what does this no jail time recommendation tell us about how co-operative flynn has been to the approach but he's done something about nineteen separate incidents. yes and if we try to ascertain what kind of information would he possess that could be critical to investigating the collaboration if you will between the russians and and the team is probably that when he made his overtures to the russian ambassador those were not unilateral decisions that he made that he received either directions from a trump insider or perhaps even from trump himself to make these overtures which would then connect trump ultimately as being responsible since he sets the agent into action it's also possible that mr flynn would know what kind of relationships
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jaron questionnaire had with the russians because he also was speaking with ambassador remember he flirted with the idea of a private communications channel at one time and maybe others in that loop who were talking regularly how are we going to deal with the russians even in that transition period and that would be something that would be of great interest to muller since he is trying very charter is to identify what were the contacts and maybe if not collusion collaboration between the russians in the trunk transition including things like signaling what would do as president and trying to shape russian behavior accordingly for example not retaliating against president obama shutting down of some camps and and expelling some russians for their collusion that he had identified in his administration that was perpetrated through hacking and otherwise just a final question to you so where does the mole approach go from here because rob
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a lot of sounds like you have a lot to say. well i think we're far from finding the the end point here i think the next step in the equation is next week where mr molder identifies what he thinks for the continuing alliance of paul man of ford and i can think that there will be a very real strict recommendation of a very heavy sentence to give signals not only to man of four but to others cooperation means to be completely candid and forthcoming if you're not you're going to get a hammer over your head and i also think next week will be informative because it seems as though mr trump is going to defend mr mann afford and maybe even send a signal if he holds tight like roger stone in the same signal to he could perhaps obtain a pardon he clearly is going out of his way to say a pardon is not off the table so we've got a lot of continuing jousting to do between all are and trump and the next several weeks and the big inch
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a lot of that we haven't discussed yet is mr muller's insistence that he subpoena and get mr trump under oath about the mehlman that he's investigating that something that clearly was not covered by the written in iraq at tory's where trump only address things that happened before he was president and that's ultimately going to have to happen before a monarch report is completed thanks for talking to us. time for a short break here now when we come back no way into the united states asylum seekers stuck in mexico are growing increasingly desperate. secret videos expose a looming environmental disaster in one of the most remote parts of me and mom. in a sport we'll hear from the greek athletes facing our financial hits on their way to sporting success more in the stables. by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on
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a winter's day. we've got thickening clavicle rain and some wintry weather making its way to same through parts of china at my dance will see se it's not see bad at all hong kong will see temperatures still getting up around twenty four celsius a little more clout there just driving its way through this thickening cloud ready get set to gether as we go on into thursday and i think you may well see some of that rain turning to snow settle the northern flank as it sinks is why further south was dragging those temperatures down in the process but some places of cloud into the philippines as well but here is heat of the day showers pouring out not too much to speak of here the usual showers there the seasonal rains there into malaysia into indonesia some of these of course on the lively side they are generally making their way further westward suspect to see some wet weather just talking in across many areas as we go on through the next thirty does look a dry day for much of thailand bangkok at around thirty five degrees showers they
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are rolling across the bin goal heading back towards towards that southeastern corner of india i mean a little further north actually said we'll see some lively showers on the pradesh also seeing some of that wet weather and also pushing up towards a dish you could catch some bits and pieces of rain but for many it's fine and dry . the weather sponsored by cattle and race. i enjoy bringing my neighbor's children so they can see and get more comfortable five years children are at the heart of america's love affair with weapons fact that makes the report on the case and there are new machines and it's fun but the new generation is fighting fire with the reason we are fighting for the system you do because you don't want to see it and you do speak it fluently. never again part of the radicalized youth series on. the latest news as it breaks an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of
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evacuees with detailed coverage but now president of the says there's not much that can be done without trying to see is now in sight a step. from around the world challenges into a sectarian tat are driving the refugee families to return for many are now back in the villages they fled when the worst started. welcome back up in mind at the top stories here at this hour top u.s. senators say never the saudi crown prince or the killing of a journalist. came to the conclusion following a cia briefing on the murder of. u.s.
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special counsel robert muller is recommending no jail time the president trumps former national security advisor michael finton says flynn incorporated substantially with the investigation into alleged russian interference in the twenty six thousand election. who the rebels and the u.n. special envoy to yemen are now in stockholm along the way to talk to the u.n. hopes that negotiations will signal the start to an end of what it calls the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. now it's a first for british politics m.p.'s have found the government to be in contempt of parliament that's because it failed to publish the full legal advice and had received on the prime minister's bragg's that deal members of parliament the gun five days of debate on to raise a maze proposed divorce plan and are expected to vote on it next week earlier a senior e.u. legal official said the u.k. can cancel the exit without the consent of other e.u. member states bob as the latest from london. for tuesday soar a series of setbacks for to resume a and her government it was supposed to see the start of five days of debate on.
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that deal ahead of a parliamentary vote on it for next tuesday but that was delayed because politicians from all of the opposition parties here in westminster and the northern irish d u p a democratic unionist party as well who have been propping up trees a major government called for a vote on contempt of parliament saying that the government had broken its own promise in november to publish the full legal advice on this deal given to it by the attorney general the chief legal officer all along the government insisted that was not in the national interest but when it came down to it parliament just wasn't convinced. that. the i used the right three hundred eleven. to the left two hundred ninety three so the guys have eight the guys have eight zero.
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point zero zero to care stoma. on a point of order mr speaker this house has now spoken and it's off huge constitutional political significance it is i think unprecedented for this house to find ministers in contempt the motion makes clear the government must now publish the attorney general. final legal advice in full where the government has now promised to publish the full legal advice from the attorney general but it's also been defeated in another vote in the commons and that was on an amendment to the withdrawal agreement saying that if it's rejected by parliament which is looking more and more likely then the commons will get a vote in january on the front be saying that in effect the government should do x. or the government should do y. and what that really means for the labor party in particular is that it will be
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able to say we do not we. leaving the e.u. with no deal the so-called cliff edge scenario there was another set back. when the european court of justice took advice the u.k. could in theory reverse article fifty the process by which it said it wanted to leave the european union you know actually so that if for example the country did go to a new referendum on the deal or a general election labor's preferred option right now then that could actually happen that's that's opening up a road for people who say that the only way out of the pass is to put the question back to the people. now after weeks of violent protests over a proposed fuel tax hike france's government has bowed to the demonstrators demands president emanuel micro had argued that the goal of the energy taxes was to address climate change but what started as
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a revolt against an increase in the cost of living has now spiraled into a larger broader movement against the french president to reports from paris. it was the prime minister edward phillipe who was forced into a u. turn in a nationwide television broadcast while present emmanuel macron remained aloof in nearly say palace. for more than three weeks tens of thousands of french people have been expressing their. anger around about tollgates new shopping areas or in the streets of many french towns this anger has deep roots it isn't burning for a while it's often stayed quiet other fret the sense or pride today it's been expressed with force and in a collective way one has to be deaf not to see or hear it because but protest is manning the yellow vest blockades were already rejecting the concessions and demanding more from the government. no i don't fit it enough we are an
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extraordinary movement there are too many demands it was from pensioners from young people from locals everyone wants an increase in purchasing power president macro hopes these concessions will mark the beginning of the end of the protests but the yellow vests believe this could be the beginning of the end for macro the latest opinion poll puts him down a twenty three percent a record low for a man just eighteen months into his presidency. a school on fire in the south of france the protests are spreading on all fronts to the president's ambitious reforms and what yellow vests are calling act for the revolt in paris is still going ahead on saturday david chaytor al-jazeera paris well under light is a senior fellow in the climate program at the world resources institute he says the government's decision to back down shouldn't impact fantasy commitment to the twenty fifteen paris deal. everyone understands that as we are going to have to
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move more aggressively on measures to reduce climate pollution that the ways in which this interacts with the economy's going to be difficult and domestic circumstances are going to play a role in that so i think that i still feel confident that france is making good progress on the overall him going to paris agreement it's probably going to be the case that they're going to have to delay delay and potentially forestall using this is one of the measures i mean that was also a lot of frustration with mccrone d.c. decreasing taxes on the wealthy there obviously other things going into his mo approval numbers right now and so yeah there's there's a whole bunch of things that are coming together that are producing these programs i do not believe it's simply a one when people can what's being discussed in full this week is coming up with a final set of rules so that everyone will understand what each country has pledged on climate change going back to the twenty fifteen years of the if you look at the different kinds of pricing mechanisms have been put in place around the world to
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deal with this issue most of them are not come in the form of taxes or fees like those of the vast majority of them are cap and trade so it is the european union hands and china hands in the state of california so something where you said an overall target for reducing emissions in an economy and then you allow cleaner cleaner entities clear enterprises just so those permits to ones that are are dirtier and turn it into a commodity and you get you still hit in overalls for reducing emissions what you do in a way that is generally less regressive than toxins. mexico's new president says that slowing the flow of asylum seekers towards his northern border with the u.s. is a priority for more than a thousand asylum seekers are not living in camps close to the u.s. front most of walked all the way from honduras from the border town of tijuana reports. the fence is three meters tall the american soldiers on the other side carry guns some central americans have made it across and are waiting to
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be picked up and asked for asylum. but back at the migrant shelter in t. wanna a steel knows what it's like to try and fail she's been through all of this before she says in two thousand and thirteen gang members burned down her house in honduras she fled to the u.s. where she was detained for more than a year as she waited for an answer to her asylum claim. that it is that they didn't give me asylum they the port took me to under arrest but i couldn't stay there because the gang the burnt my house was a still looking for me. so she mediately left again and for the last five years has been living in monterrey mexico where she cleans houses. she says she joined the caravan hoping the u.s. would open its borders to a group of so many but she was wrong now she's warning first time asylum seekers to not get their hopes up you know if i tell everyone if you have your children with
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you maybe you have a chance but if you're an adult by yourself you want to make it. at a base camp at the foot of the u.s. border wall most people here say they would rather not try to cross the border illegally they prefer to endure the months long wait it takes to submit an asylum claim at an official u.s. port of entry but as that wait grows so too does the desperation look at the conditions especially in these two largest camps it really speaks for themselves because no one would bring their children to walk on foot for weeks at a time live under these kind of conditions where where there's garbage where there's no drainage where it's impossible to keep dry where their court if they weren't clean something that was so terrible that they had no other choice but to live in the middle for a steal and now there is only one choice she'll have to stay in mexico she's joined the long line of central americans applying for mexican work permits as they wait
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facing an uncertain future heidi jo castro al-jazeera t want to mexico. was told to erika she's america's director international and he joins us via skype from mexico city thousands of migrants are now waiting at the border into water many living in terrible conditions just bring us up to date what's the maximum mexican government doing to improve conditions for these people. i mean we have received reports that many people have been moved to different shelters trying to improve the conditions there very precarious conditions that these people are experiencing name bury it but they knew this shelters that the mexican government had been providing over the last weeks unfortunately this has been worse and because they're u.s. so for if these are not willing to open the border there are not waiting to receive the suydam of the geisha and they have been rumors that the mexico and u.s. government out about to sign some kind of deal that will force people to remain in
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mexico on in a way to import their side of claims to be heard by the u.s. a lot for eight days this is very concerning given the situation in the shelters the precarious situation the lack of specific. for me shows for people in need of a special protection children women as it to q i people and others who are very vulnerable of human rights violations we know that many essential american my guns won't be going back home and some of them will be applying for work visas to stay in mexico but is mexico really in a position to humbled this influx given that many a fleeing the country themselves because of crime drugs in poverty. well the pope we have to remind the goldman government for him the country to for a demon duress go south of the door what tamala nicaragua where did people are escaping general like violence that they have a responsibility to protect their citizens but also the country some the
5:42 am
governments who are receiving these people in need of protection and indeed cases mexico and the u.s. that they have a share responsibility to provide protection for these people of course makes the call has been trying to provide certain level of assistance they previous government the former government of president pena nieto to try to offer some assistance for people to remain in the south their border there with what tamala but people they don't want to stay there because the conditions are very difficult precisely for what you were saying i mean people in mexico or what it's gaping from bile is from the lack of protection up the bay from corruption from from them forth disappearance torture and many other human rights violations it is true that the new government has made some commitment to improving the situation but we are still affecting that they are going to really put some apodosis in place to provide the protection that these people need just a final quick question to you just won
5:43 am
a statement that he's put out in the new mexican president to take action on human rights soon his first one hundred days in office how does that relate to the migrants not called top of the border in mexico. well one of these is that mexico has been experiencing these big deep human rights crisis is precisely the treatment of migrants and asylum seekers many migrants have experienced some of the worst human rights violations in mexicali disappearing store tour massacre's but also fly them speakers have been awkward to simply record to their countries of origin where they are risking their lives so we are asking the new government to truly be good police is simply that protect people that respect the human rights of microbes that ensure our investigations and justice for those who have experienced these great migrations of human rights but more importantly that the government makes it could take the responsibility to provide protection to ghost in these in need to provide them or could give our office thank you for talking to al-jazeera. to
5:44 am
international credit agencies have downgraded sri lanka's rating by one not six weeks after the nation was plunged into political crisis on tuesday supreme court judges began hearing a petition that challenges the president's decision to dissolve parliament last month that's a part of since then his plan to call a snap election won't be allowed to go ahead until the court delivers a judgment not china is promising to work quickly to implement measures it's agreed with the us to avoid a trade war and size decided on saturday to negotiate a deal within ninety days but us president donald trump warned he would impose new tariffs if an agreement wasn't reached when the uncertainties led to some of the biggest fools on the dow jones share index this year christensen reports from new york. the dow plunged more than seven hundred fifty points bond prices rose in view this dropped as traders worried that the united states and china made less progress than initially thought in their trade dispute on monday the stock market rally on
5:45 am
news of a temporary truce amid the chinese and the americans but on tuesday investors seemed concerned about reports that pointed out the lack of detail coming out of these talks between chomp and c. and growing skepticism that beijing would feel to u.s. demands anytime soon this is all led to renewed fears that a disagreement between the two economic powerhouses could slow the global economy changes in the bond market also signal fear of a recession technology companies banks and industrial stocks accounted for much of the selloff and the market wasn't helped by the president's tweets either while the president seemed to say that he would happily welcome an agreement with china he seemed to leave open the possibility that the talks would fail the israeli army has begun destroying tunnels under the border with lebanon israeli commanders say the aim is to stop cross border attacks by hezbollah fighters into northern israel
5:46 am
israeli army operations focused on parts of the tunnels on its side of the border it says the tunnels are not yet operational but pose an imminent threat to israelis . farmers and me and miles north eastern shan state are blaming coal mining for major environmental damage the area bordering china and laos is home to several ethnic groups and is only partly under the control of government activists say that mining operations have risen increased from abroad reports. mines like this one a largely closed off to the outside world and have to be filmed discreetly but the people living near them say there is no escaping the pollution they cause to their farmland and waterways. farms just a couple of fields that he says are now ruined. since the company started to mine for coal i've lost the water from my farm my land is covered with call dust and i
5:47 am
can't grow any crops all around this area indian mars eastern shan state is evidence of mining operations recent changes in regulations mean foreign companies can now invest in medium and large scale mining the government has defended its increasing use of coal to meet the country's electricity needs despite objections from environmental groups and civil society groups who have been educating people on their legal rights say the relative stability indian market could lead to a mining boom. at first we thought it's a great idea for development in our community but in fact it's not good it's getting worse and destroying us given the state's proximity to china many investors are chinese but companies from japan and australia are also interested and there are fears about a lack of regulation of environmental and safety standards in this remote part of the country. this underground fire at one mine was filmed by
5:48 am
a monk who does not want to reveal his identity for his own safety we don't expect the government to fix this because the problem comes from the government they're cooperating with military and foreign investors. we are very concerned. for our safety because we are small local groups and we're fighting against people who have a lot of money and power opening up to the outside world has been a boost for people in other parts of me and ma but for many in this area the existence of coal under their fields and outside investment is proving a toxic combination of mcbride al-jazeera italian prosecutors of formally opened an investigation into five egyptians over the murder of postgraduate student jewelry guinea the five hundred members of egypt's secret service and police officers are being investigated for possible abduction again he was kidnapped and tortured for several days and twenty sixteen his body was left on a highway just outside cairo at the time of his disappearance the twenty eight year
5:49 am
old was i'm searching trade unions in egypt. against.
5:50 am
thank you very much for manchester city have extended their lead at the top of the english premier league city beating what food see you want to go five points clear of liverpool goals from. and red morris deciding this game in city's favor fifteen
5:51 am
games into the season at the defending champions are still unbeaten second place liverpool they played burnley on wednesday four games in all played this tuesday bournemouth are up to six after a two one picture of a huddersfield brighton and west ham also winning their matches now presents a football's ballon d'or awards in france as apologize for comments he made solely on strike at the head. fronts football magazine recognized female players for the first time and while he was on stage to pick up the trophy for women's player of the year the d.j. asked of this is going to far to become so i switched it to a. french d.j. morse and so vic says his request for her book to do a provocative dance was a joke said she didn't consider it sexual harassment but wanted the focus to stay on her sporting achievements while her record as
5:52 am
a player early on is unparalleled she scored fifty three goals last season as the french team won the european champions league for a third straight sign but the twenty three year old has decided not to play for norway in next year's world cup saying there is a lack of respect for the women's game in her home country. it's a lot of things that need to be done. to make the conditions better for women who play football and not just only talking about younger girls but i'm talking up there once you actually play a national team at the moment so it came to a point where i can perform any more because i can give hundred percent of what i had to give. i didn't get back what i what i was expecting u.s. soccer has a new head coach greg behold so takes the post after spending five years in charge of columbus crew seem need some work though this year they failed to qualify for the world cup for the first time since nine hundred eighty six looking forward i
5:53 am
would say that i'm ready for this challenge. the youth national team the full national team my experience is a player my experiences in the coaching ranks have prepared me for this moment i'm excited for the opportunity to turn this group of men into a team. there's a new team coming in the n.h.l. in seattle the league has approved the expansion making it seem number thirty two the seattle franchise expected to start playing in twenty twenty one before the decision seattle was the largest us city without a major winter sports franchise so on behalf of our fans we start this journey today to build an organization that will make you proud and to someday bring the stanley cup back to seattle and i promise you we will not let you down. athletics world governing body has voted not to lift the ban on russian competitors the country was suspended three years ago when evidence emerged of a state sponsored doping program well the decisions taken at a meeting in monaco means russian athletes won't be able to take part under their
5:54 am
own flag at the european indoor championships next february some will be allowed to compete under a neutral flag if they can prove their drug free the other way if say they're still waiting to receive kin formation from russian anti-doping officials actually russian athletes do compete they compete on the neutral status and it was from the very beginning of this process it's one of the first things we actually discussed which is where possible do everything you can to separate the clean athletes from the tainted system now the greek economic crisis is also impacting on sport some athletes receive a little financial support and struggle in what is the birthplace of the olympics johnson reports from athens. from this basement element who has scaled the heights of the karate world championships she became the reigning champion in the women's sixty eight plus kilo category last month the madrid if
5:55 am
karate were in the limbic events no the greek government would pay out a one hundred thousand dollars bonus for her gold medal but karate won't be an olympic sport until twenty twenty in tokyo that leaves her dearly other. as father who is also her trainer with unpaid debts from financing her career. if i were turkish or french or italian i'd get fifty and one hundred thousand dollars a year i'd be given a car and a house and i wouldn't have a job to do and be covered for life because i contribute by competing for my country but because i'm from greece i had to leave my country to work and pay for my tournaments and when i came back with medals i got nothing. i am not going to crack he has at least heard bonus as greece is a little gold medalist in the twenty five meter pistol event she trains in this disused tobacco warehouse it's hot in summer cold in winter and the electricity from a nearby business often cuts out but it's better than what she had before. i
5:56 am
had a small metal box which we filled with hot coals i would use it to will my hands every two or three shots because they were stiff as planks this was a basement and the temperature was below zero in winter in the old quarry shack we wired up red and green lights to the paper target behind me to simulate the lights used on a limb pick targets there was no power so we wired the lights up to the top battery sometimes the problem isn't money but state negligence the olympic shooting center behind me contains hundreds of electronic targets and could have benefited greatly from the use of one but the entire facility was given over to police special forces after the two thousand and four games a limp dick athletes have been excluded from it. the government's sport budget of seventy million dollars is spent mostly on keeping existing facilities open. my wish would be for sport federations to spend more of their time building
5:57 am
facilities for younger athletes so as to produce the base from which champions might spring up but it's not easy for the government to go and build a facility in whichever area champion arises in a given sport. who are both coached by their fathers and nurtured by their families and they feel deeply patriotic until further financial support arrives family and country will have to take them as far as they can go jump al-jazeera athens and the deciding surtax between pakistan and new zealand is evenly poised at the end of an unbeaten half century from. helped new zealand to our first innings total of two hundred and seventy four. in reply pakistan a hundred and thirty nine to three truck belts a couple of wickets. finished the day unbeaten on sixty two ok find out more lights under the thank you very much before we go quick remind all it was of course on our website there's the address on your screen that's it for me
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. is up next with more of the day's news. and his story say for the people every week brings a series of breaking stories told through the eyes of the world's journalists these two voices journalists were one of the few journalists that were actually doing investigative. listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how the stories. see the rights to those stories but then he never publishes those stories they're listening post on al-jazeera day one of a new era in television news we badly need at this moment leadership and this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist three weeks ago now there's at least twenty thousand or hinder refugees who live here and. i got to commend you all i'm
5:59 am
hearing is good journalism this is interesting that it's resigned. after all the lies the attempts of cover ups and the high water diplomacy. loved ones some form of closure we saw the syrian army. in the city as well as posters of syrian president bashar assad to record a. hundred feet away from us we're on the front line but it's. up to her lap and how quickly please. it begs well and doesn't require diplomas. that's why so many in macao work for the casinos. in but for those who struggle it school.
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dropping out has become the less evil perseverance create a gamble. future gamble part of the viewfinder asia series unnoticed hero. or start a smoking gun there's a smoking saul top ranking u.s. senators get a briefing from the cia director on the death of jamal khashoggi and they're convinced the saudi crown prince directed the matter. hello i'm the star detail and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the moeller inquiry says x u.s. national security advisor michael flynn has cooperated significantly and should serve no jail time.


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