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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 5, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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zero. and so you. know some of it i like. there's not a smoking gun there's a smoking saul. top ranking u.s. senate says get a briefing from the cia director on the death of jamal khashoggi and they're convinced the saudi crown prince directed the. hello i'm this audio tape and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the miller inquiry says x u.s. national security advisor michael flynn has cooperated significantly and should say no jail time. which is i think
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a precedent for this but just as. the british prime minister stuff is major defeats as parliament scrutinizes have grex a deal with the e.u. . bowing to pressure from suspends plans to increase fuel taxes after the country's west riots in decades. senior senators in the us say the time has come for the trumpet ministration to condemn saudi arabia for the met of journalist jamal khashoggi or congress will act as follows a briefing by cia chief g. and a hostile to senate leaders those are emerged from the meeting way unified in their assessment that saudi crown prince mohammed bin salmond ordered she is mad and must be held to account mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . the cia director paused on her way in paying respects to president george
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h.w. bush lying in state in the capitol the briefing took place behind closed doors only a small group of eight senators invited. all in. agreement about one basic fact. i have zero question in my mind that the crown prince n.b.s. ordered the killing monitor and killing knew exactly what was happening planned in advance if he was in front of a jury he would be convicted in thirty minutes guilty. so. the question is what we do about that saudi arabian in the different entities. if the saudi government is going to. be in the hands of this man. for a long time to come up and it very difficult to be able to do business because i think
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he's crazy i think he is dangerous and he has put their relationship at risk only a strong response by the united states will send a clear and unequivocal message that such actions are not acceptable in the world's stage and i think that's more important than ever and i hope that senator graham and my legislation which would create a real set of consequences mandatory global make netsky a series of sanctions beyond those that exists would be a very strong answer to what has happened last week both the secretary of state and the secretary of defense told the full senate there was no concrete evidence linking the crown prince to the moda senator graham used the term willfully blind and questions are asked to about president trump's ambivalence it would be really easy for the president to walk out into the press room today and just state that.
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that m.b.'s killed the journalist we know he killed the garrulous. we know he ordered it we know he we we know that. he monitored it these are all people that are very close to him and and that is not acceptable for american standards in the days ahead senators will be discussing what action to take and here there is some division in the senate someone aimed specifically at declaring the guilt of the crown prince mohammed bin solomon others want a wider bill drawn up which would include economic sanctions against saudi arabia including a ban on all weapons sales only one thing at the stage is clear given the mood after this briefing legislation there will be mike hanna al-jazeera washington well john hendren now has more on political implications in the u.s.
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after the senate briefing by the cia chief. president donald trump is dealing with a rebellion from within his own republican party senators listen to the testimony of cia director gina haskell on tuesday and walked out saying they were convinced these are eight senate leaders saying they are convinced that the crown prince of saudi arabia ordered the death of her shoji among other bits of evidence that they heard was that the cia had information that that the crown prince had spoken to a top aide of his. tiny eleven times during the course of that day before and after the murder and senators said they want the trumpet ministration to respond so far president trump has said we side with the u.s. with saudi arabia but the senators say the united states reputation is on the line here and they've already passed a preliminary vote to stop aid to saudi arabia in their war in yemen so the drug
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administration is now ready to act on that they're being asked to act by the senate and the house of representatives is also asking for testimony by gina haskell there or at least a closed briefing which is what leaders of the senate got members of the senate many of them are asking for gina haskell to address the entire senate so the trump administration has a problem on its hands and now it has to act and it will likely act and well before democrats take over control of the house of representatives in january because then things could get really dicey for president trump. and al jazeera is tiny bats he has a nest on bull with reaction from techie where the matter of cat. i think for sure they're going to welcome this reaction it backs up everything they said from day one i think there's been a lot of dismay within the turkish government about the stand of president trump the you know maybe he did maybe he didn't sort of conclusion about mohamed bin
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salman and whether or not he was responsible as far as the turkish authorities are concerned without naming him in public they have said that this murder was on the doorstep of the saudi royal court that was in public in private you know left nothing to to to to to conclude they definitely leading towards him on if not him who is it they've been asking that question over and over again but the evidence has been so circumstantial the turkish government leaked from basically from the moment they have the audio recordings excerpts from that it put together and piece together what happened to mr karzai and it's very clear as far as they're concerned they've got this kind of you know split situation now they want to maintain a relationship with saudi arabia because there is a very important strategic regional partner but also they want to maintain the pursuit of justice they say it happened in turkey and they have a moral responsibility of following that they're very concerned also that the investigation seems to have reached a dead end as far as the turkish authorities are concerned because now the ball is
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very much in the saudi court and the saudis are saying that eleven people have been charged five of them are facing the death penalty the turkish authorities want those people to come and stand trial in turkey there's no response to that but they've also asked some very important questions if it wasn't one hundred bin salman who ordered the killing then who was it and where are the remains of mr kosofsky because they have never been found and they're asking the question now it's been eight weeks since he was murdered you've got these people in custody why don't we have it in for any information about where the remains are so lots of questions but this news is very important for them because they believe i am sure that this now will reinvigorate the investigation put a lot of pressure on saudi arabia to comply and to cooperate. talks to try to bring an end to the war in yemen are due to take place in sweden who he delegates flew to stockholm from sun on choose day other rebel delegates are expected to travel to sweden from oman on wednesday the u.n. sponsored talks are the first since communication between yemen's government and
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the who broke down and twenty sixteen the un is warning that the war in yemen could further deteriorate the city and in the new year leaving more than eighteen million people in need of food aid the world food program says yemenis are now experiencing the west humanitarian crisis since the united nations was formed more than seventy years ago this is not a country on the brink of catastrophe this is a country that is in a catastrophe and we see in the severe hunger rate spike from eight million to twelve million the number of food insecure people those eight to twelve are the people that are on the brink of starvation these are people just going to bed hungry these are people who don't know where the next bills coming from this the general food insecurity those you are going to bed hungry has risen up to about eighty ninety million people out of twenty nine
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million people the u.s. special counsel has recommended no jail time for president donald trump's former national security advisor michael flynn saying he's cooperated substantially with the russian investigation robert muller says flynn provided information about interactions between trump's team and russian government officials as the president was transitioning into office flinty to guilty and december twenty seventeen to lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with russia he's the only member of trump's administration to admit guilt to a crime uncovered during miller's probe bruce fein is a former us associate deputy attorney general he says robert mueller is sending a signal to those who might be willing to cooperate with the probe. it is surprising since the the. something of lying to the f.b.i. kind of sets a baseline for others who have been similarly charged so if flynn charged with lying zero then what about the others is charged with lying manna for papadopoulos
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several others are they going to get zero as well on the other hand they may have decided that this was a signal to other potential witnesses that if you cooperate no you can avoid jail time so it would encourage them to others who are involved to be forthcoming it's also possible that mr flynn would know what kind of relationships jaron questionnaire had with the russians because he also was speaking with the ambassador remember he flirted with the idea of a private communications channel at one time and maybe others in that loop who were talking regularly how are we going to deal with the russians even in that transition period and that would be something that would be of great interest to muller since he's fine mary charter is to identify what were the contacts and call if maybe if not collusion collaboration between the russians and the trump
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transition we're far from finding the the end point here i think the next step in the equation is next week where mr molder identifies what he things were the continuing alliance of paul man of force and i can think that there will be a very real strict recommendation of a very heavy sentence to give signals not only to man afford but to others cooperation means to be completely candid and forthcoming if you're not you're going to get a hammer over your head and i also think next week will be informative because it seems as though mr trump is going to defend mr mann afford and maybe even send a signal if he holds tight like roger stone has said in the same signal to he could perhaps obtain a pardon. weather next bit plenty more still ahead on al-jazeera a pledge from ukraine's president to relatives of the naval created tainted by russia last month. secret videos exposed environmental disaster in one of the most remote areas of myanmar.
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from a fresh coast to breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. hello once again we've got another round yet another round of wet weather making its way to the east the side of the mediterranean into the levant loss of cloud here lots of showers and those showers and in the longer spells of rain that continue to drive their way in across syria lebanon jordan pushing right across into iraq some snow there to the north of that just around georgia armenia might see a little bit of snow possibility of somewhere and wintry weather at times also edging towards azerbaijan as a system continues to drive its way further race would stores that western side of iran but as you can see lots of cloud of rain around that brings back the potential for further flooding for many try and find over towards afghanistan towards
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pakistan warm sunshine here want sunshine too across much of the reagan peninsula so a lot wetter weather just around that northeastern corner of saudi arabia kuwait we'll see further spells of wet weather but you come down into. they were looking the highs of around twenty seven celsius over the next couple of days lossie settle dry and sunny some pleasant weather coming through drive find say for good parts of southern africa thickening cloud just around mozambique towards zimbabwe but the wetter weather is further north with some showers into the uk and and also angola. the weather sponsored by cats own race. a notorious symbol of the u.s. war on terror once said the closure of guantanamo bay and its detainees going nowhere we have identified as a priority is the construction of a nail high value detention center i'm afraid that we're setting the conditions to return back to crack easier in state sponsored torture as we do have done in the
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past rendition revisited to on al-jazeera. welcome back i'm the star and a reminder about top stories this hour top u.s. senators say they are more certain than ever the crown prince ordered the saudi crown prince i'm sorry ordered the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi they came to the conclusion following a cia briefing on the matter. with the rebels and the u.n. special envoy for yemen are in stockholm for a long awaited talks the u.n. hopes the negotiations will signal the starts to an end of what it calls the west humanitarian crisis in the wilds. u.s.
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special counsel robert muller is recommending no jail time for president donald trump's former national security advisor michael flynn. cooperated substantially with the investigation into alleged russian interference in the twenty's sixteen election. british m.p.'s have found their government to be in contempt of parliament by failing to publish the full legal advice on the prime minister's breck's a deal with the european union members of parliament have begun five days of debate on terrorism is proposed to both plan before they vote on it next week the democratic unionist party from northern ireland which props up the minority government says it will oppose the deal now has the latest from london. series of setbacks for to resume a government it was supposed to see the start of five days of debate on. the deal ahead of a parliamentary vote for next tuesday but that was delayed because politicians from
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all of the opposition parties here would westminster and the northern noirish do you democratic unionist party as well who have been propping up to resume its government called for a vote on contempt of parliament saying that the government had broken its own promise in november to publish the full legal advice. given to a. by the attorney general the chief legal officer all along the government insisted that was not in the national interest but when it came down to it parliament just wasn't convinced i think i am not i the are you saying the right three hundred eleven the news to the left two hundred ninety three so the are you have eight the guys have eight are not. point you want to kill starmer.
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on a point of order mr speaker this house has now spoken on itself huge constitutional political significance it is i think unprecedented for this house to find ministers in contempt the motion makes clear the government must now publish the attorney general's final legal advice in full with the government has now promised to publish the full legal advice from the attorney general but it's also been defeated in another vote in the commons and that was on an amendment to the withdrawal agreement saying that if it's rejected by parliament which is looking more and more likely then the commons will get a vote in january on a plan b. saying that in effect the government should do x. or the government should do y. and what that really means for the labor party in particular is that it will be able to say we do not we were out leaving the e.u.
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with no deal the so-called cliff edge scenario there was another set back. when the european court of justice took advice the u.k. could in theory reverse article fifty the process by which it said it wanted to leave the european union unilaterally so that if for example the country did go to a new referendum on the deal or a general election labor's preferred option right now then that could actually happen that's that's opening up a road for people who say that the only way out of the pass is to put the question back to the people. after weeks of violent protests over a proposed fuel tax hike france's government has bowed to demonstrators demands president emanuel had all good that the goal of the energy taxes was to address climate change but what started as a revolt against an increase in the cost of living has spiraled into a larger movement against the french president david tacey reports from paris. it
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was the prime minister edward felipe who was forced into a u. turn in a nationwide television broadcast while present emmanuel macron remained aloof in the early say palace. for more than three weeks tens of thousands of french people have been expressing their anger around about that tollgates new shopping areas or in the streets of many french towns this anger has deep roots it is improving for a while it's often stayed quiet other fretty sense or pride today it's been expressed with force and in a collective way one has to be deaf not to see or hear it for but protest is manning the yellow vest blockades were already rejecting the concessions and demanding more from the government but no i don't think it's enough we're on extraordinary movement there are too many demands this form pensioners from young people from all cause everyone wants an increase in purchasing power. president
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hopes these concessions will mark the beginning of the end of the protests but the yellow vests believe this could be the beginning of the end for mark wrong the latest opinion poll puts him down a twenty three percent a record low for a man just eighteen months into his presidency. a school on fire in the south of france the protests are spreading on all fronts to the president's ambitious reforms and what yellow vests are calling act for the revolt in paris is still going ahead on saturday david chaytor al-jazeera paris. the u.s. has given russia sixty days to comply with a nine hundred eighty seven nuclear arms treaty or it says it will withdraw from the pact u.s. secretary of state mike pompei or made the announcement at a nato meeting in brussels natasha butler has more from there or nato is issuing a very strong condemnation of russia it is saying that to moscow is in violation of
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the i.m.f. treaty with the united states now this is a treaty which dates back to nine hundred eighty seven it was designed to curb land based missiles in europe and therefore help ensure security in europe it is a treaty that the nato alliance is also always supportive people cause or the security aspects but over the past few months the trumpet ministration has repeatedly said that it believes that russia is in violation of the streets but it is the first time that nato has come out and said that it simply agrees now with washington and donald trump has made it very clear that he would like the united states to withdraw completely from the treaty we have the u.s. secretary of state might compel you saying that the u.s. will suspend the treaty in sixty days unless russia complies the only us now then is very much on moscow says nato to try and comply and save this so-called
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coldwater e t. ukrainian president petro poroshenko has met the families of several sailors held by russia last month russian three ukrainian ships and their crew after a confrontation and war crimea andrew symonds reports for. it was a collective outpouring of emotion as relatives of the twenty four detained ukrainian servicemen came together president petro poroshenko tried to reassure the gathering that he was doing everything possible to get the men freed the meeting took place nine days after the twenty two sabers and two counter intelligence officers were detained by the russians in what crane says was a totally unjustified attack the president told the relatives that russia had no legal right to detain the man in charge that there's no truth no justice no russia he said of the crew of men three of whom were injured treated as prisoners of war
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covered by the geneva conventions. i gave an instruction to the foreign minister to contact the international committee of the red cross and to neighbor thirteen as possible to send a special mission to check on the condition of our boys as the president was making his latest attack on russia there were some movements of shipping to and from the ukraine's ports in the sea of as of for the first time since the crisis began ukrainian ministers said russia has partially lifted its blockade back in the capital there were moves to put pressure on russia to release the captive ukrainians as their relatives are moving on for talks with the united states embassy it went into the evening. these men say that exasperated at russia's refusal to show any leniency. we've heard nothing officially about my son's condition only some information from the russian media and messages from
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crimean activists that he was seriously injured and has had surgery. isn't letting lawyers or ukrainian diplomats see him. i'm not angry at the russian people it's the russian government because they allowed this barbaric behavior of their own offices sailors towards ukrainian sailors in offices. the meeting here with the u.s. . the relatives told her that the americans weren't doing enough to pressure russia to release the servicemen they say she assured them she would paul so my thoughts to the white house. the israeli army has begun destroying tunnels on the its side of the border with lebanon israeli commanders say the aim is to stop cross border attacks by hezbollah into northern israel the israeli army says the tunnels are not yet operational but
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pose an imminent threat to israelis that our second name has more from western. this is the first operation of its kind we've seen along the northern border targeting has a loss since two thousand and six that's when israel and hezbollah off a month long war and since then there's been a kind of tense detente israel is saying the existence of these tunnels is a violation of a un resolution agreed upon at that time prohibiting has the law from operating near the border and amassing weapons operation north shield as it's been dubbed by the israeli military began last evening they've been destroying the tunnels building walls and rock barriers in an attempt to thwart any kind of attack from hezbollah in lebanon into israel and israeli military spokesman says we see the hezbollah activities as a flagrant and blatant violation of israeli authority so the question is what might
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happen next will has respond it's important to note that these activities by the israeli military are confined to israeli territory and that's why it's believed that this will not escalate further in addition hezbollah as attention and resources have been diverted in the last several years due to its participation in the war in syria which likely makes it loath to want any kind of military confrontation with israel last evening prime minister benjamin netanyahu traveled to brussels to meet with u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o to alert him to this operation and also to discuss what they call quote iran's aggression and this operation comes literally on the heels of some domestic troubles that netanyahu is having here in israel on sunday for the third time this year police have recommended that he be indicted as part of
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a wide ranging corruption investigation that has plagued him and his wife since last year some analysts are saying this operation could be a way to divert attention away from that. saunas and me and miles northeast and sand state obtaining coal mining from major environmental damage the area bordering china and allow us is home to several ethnic groups and is only partly under the control of government reports. mines like this one a largely closed off to the outside world and have to be filmed discreetly but the people living near them say there is no escaping the pollution they cause to their farmland and waterways. own farms just a couple of fields that he says are now ruined. since the company started to mine for coal i've lost the water from my farm my land is covered with call dust and i can't grow any crops all around this area indian miles east in shan state is
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evidence of mining operations recent changes in regulations mean foreign companies can now invest in medium and large scale mining the government has defended its increasing use of coal to meet the country's electricity needs despite objections from environmental groups and civil society groups who have been educating people on their legal rights say the relative stability in being could lead to a mining boom. at first we thought it's a great idea for development in our community but in fact it's not good it's getting worse and destroying us given the state's proximity to china many investors are chinese but companies from japan and australia are also interested and there are fears about a lack of regulation of environmental and safety standards in this remote part of the country. this underground fire at one mine was filmed by a monk who does not want to reveal his identity for his own safety we don't expect
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the government to fix this because the problem comes from the government they're cooperating with military and foreign investors and we are very concerned for our safety because we are small local group and we're fighting. people who have a lot of money and power in opening up to the outside world has been a boost for people in other parts of me and but for many in this area the existence of coal and their fields i doubt so i didn't vestment is proving a toxic combination broadly don't just zero. with the headlines on al-jazeera top u.s. senators say they're more certain than ever the saudi crown prince ordered the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi they came to the conclusion following a cia briefing on the matter. i have zero question in my mind that the crown prince m.b.'s ordered the killing monitored the killing knew exactly what was
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happening planted in advance if he was in front of a jury you would be convicted in thirty minutes guilty. so. the question is what we do about that who the rebels and the u.n. special envoy for yemen are in stockholm for along the way said talks the u.n. hopes the negotiations will signal the start to an end of what it calls the west humanitarian crisis in the wilds u.s. special counsel robert muller is recommending no jail time for president donald trump's former national security advisor michael flynn mother says finn cooperated substantially with the investigation into alleged russian and it's fair and in the twenty sixteen election flinty did guilty in december twenty seventeen to lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with russia british prime minister to resign may's government is being forced to publish the full legal advice on the breck's a deal m.p.'s found it broke parliamentary rules by only releasing
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a summary politicians have begun five days of debates on the agreement. france's president has caved in to protesters and delayed a fuel tax rise the proposal led to weeks of violent protests emanuel macron had defended the tax saying it was needed to address climate change. the u.s. has given russia sixty days to comply with one thousand nine hundred eighty seven nuclear arms treaty or it says it will withdraw from the pact us secretary of state's mike pump a i made the announcement at a nation meeting in brussels the israeli army has begun destroying tunnels under its side of the border with lebanon israeli commanders say the aim is to stop cross border attacks by hezbollah fighters into northern israel the israeli army says the tunnels are not operational but pose an imminent threat those are the headlines join me here for more news after the stream. getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after a while it borders between five safe countries facing realities supremes starts
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from the very beginning go to abundant school providing context housing is not just about four walls and a roof hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. millions of people across brazil are facing gaps in their health care thousands of cuban doctors leave the country if i was a standoff between brazil's president elect and the cuban government so what's next i really could be and you're in the streams and you're thought to be a twitter and here too. he doesn't take office until january but already brazil's president elect wants to renegotiate a major deal with cuba once month wilson r.-o. push for changes to the mice medicos or more doctors program under which cuban dog .


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