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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 5, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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and marina pam's national party generation hate. one of the special two part investigation on al-jazeera. i have zero question the crown prince and b.s. ordered the killing a damning assessment from u.s. senators after a briefing from the cia director on jamal high show g.'s made it. clear i'm fully back to watching al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha also coming up yemen two three rebels arrive in stockholm ahead of a long awaited peace talks to end the conflict. the u.s.
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special counsel recommends no jail time for president travels former national security advisor michael flynn and secret videos expose a looming environmental disaster in one of the most remote areas of myanmar. senior senators in the united sates say the time has come for the trump administration to condemn sodger arabia for the murder of journalist or congress will act it follows a briefing from cia director gina hostile to senate leaders mike hanna reports from washington the cia director paused on her way and paying respects to president george h.w. bush lying in state in the capitol the briefing took place behind closed doors only a small group of eight senators invited. all in. agreement about one basic
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fact. i have zero question in my mind the. crown prince n.b.s. ordered the killing monitor and a killing knew exactly what was happening planned in advance if he was in front of a jury he would be convicted in thirty minutes guilty. so. the question is what we do about that saudi arabian in the different entities. if the saudi government is going to. be in the hands of this man. for a long time to come up and it very difficult to be able to do business because i think he's crazy i think he is dangerous and he has put their relationship at risk. only a strong response by the united states will send
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a clear and unequivocal message that such actions are not acceptable in the world's stage and i think that's more important than ever and i hope that senator graham and my legislation which would create a real set of consequences mandatory global make netsky a series of sanctions beyond those that exist would be a very strong answer to what has happened last week both the secretary of state and the secretary of defense told the full senate there was no concrete evidence linking the crown prince to the murder senator graham used the term willfully blind and questions are asked to about president trump's ambivalence it would be really easy for the president to walk out into the press room today and just date that. that n.b.s. killed a journalist we know he killed a journalist. we know he ordered it we know he we we know that he
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monitored it these are all people that are very close to him and and that is not acceptable for american standards in the days ahead senators will be discussing what action to take and here there is some division in the senate some one pledge a slave aimed specifically at declaring the guilt of the crown prince mohammed bin solomon others want a y u to bill drawn up which would include economic sanctions against saudi arabia including a ban on all weapons sales only one thing at the stage is clear given the mood after this briefing legislation there will be mike hanna al-jazeera washington and let's talk to mama drama was outside the saudi consulate in istanbul as we said a damning assessment was some reaction from. as for me it's too early now for a reaction we haven't yet heard from the government officials here but i can only
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expect but this relation the latest developments in washington over the night will be music to their ears because they have been building a strong case they think they have been talking to the americans on the top on the highest level saying that we have a job unfinished in many ways many aspects have yet to be worked on not only the condemnation that the congress is trying to legislate but also in terms of the case itself the judiciary approach itself they want the u.s. to put more pressure on the saudis and they think that they have now been vindicated by those statements by the congress leaders when they heard the testimony of the cia leader chief and now they think that this can only galvanize their efforts and help them with regards to the pressure they need to be put on the saudis to give more information about the case to get more information about who gave the order to kill. information crucially about what happened to the body because they think that this case can only be completed in terms of the
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investigation and all the elements only when those two questions are answered you can only the body because they have been searching for it for two months now the saudis exactly know everybody knows that they know through those people who are in custody that they know what happened to this body and they can make those people talk about it and give those information to the techs and hear. what what comes next is maybe some statements from turkey consolidating and confirming these ideas and probably more requests for the for the americans to approach the case was strongly and put pressure on the saudis and forced them to to talk more about what happened thank you for that mohammed valley life for us in istanbul. and otherwhile news u.n. special envoy for yemen and the rebels have arrived in sweden for peace talks it's hoped the negotiations would and would end rather the four year old war which she
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once has has led to the worst humanitarian crisis in modern history culture the action reports. humanitarian organizations are hoping this who the delegation that arrived in stockholm and a yemeni government delegation arriving from saudi arabia will come to an agreement that will help protect millions of yemenis threatened by fighting famine and disease it would be the first time in more than two years that the parties are meeting now to get the parties to this conflict to to come to one place for presentation has not been easy. but is now a decisive step in our efforts to end the suffering in yemen. u.n. sponsored talks to to start in sweden are expected to bring together the who supported by iran and yemeni government leaders backed by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates an argument of fact all issues can be negotiated in order to rebuild mutual trust there will be several documents on captives on the economy
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humanitarian work to build confidence for the peace talks thereby to produce a comprehensive overall political solution to the yemen crisis and as a goodwill gesture the saudi u.a.e. coalition fighting the who these allowed fifty wounded rebel fighters to be flown to oman for hospital treatment that was one of the conditions for huth these two attend the talks similar talks collapsed soon after they began three months ago. the u.n. says the humanitarian crisis in yemen described as the worst in the world will even get worse in the new year it's appealing for four billion dollars from international donors to help feed starving yemenis next year we think that twenty four million people in yemen seventy five percent of the population will need humanitarian assistance. airstrikes somebody boardman's. a cholera epidemic and other diseases as well as starvation is estimated by
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independent group of researchers to have killed between seventy and eighty thousand yemenis so far in the war in addition fighting has forced half a million people from their homes and to further complicate the disaster people smugglers are using the chaos in yemen as a route to europe now migration arrivals to yemen a country at war will reach of bout one hundred fifty thousand people this year twenty eighteen this is roughly a fifty percent increase over the one hundred thousand. that arrived last year aid organizations helping the starving infected and the displaced say some progress in sweden is urgently needed to end the suffering of millions paul chowder gian al jazeera a meeting between israeli and lebanese military offices is to take place in the next hour along the border between the two countries as being the city tainted by the un peacekeeping force in the area on tuesday these are any army launched an
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operation to destroy tunnels under the border with lebanon commanders say they're trying to stop cross border attacks by hezbollah fighters into northern israel a magnitude seven point six earthquake has struck off the coast of new caledonia in the south pacific as not it is in place in the region small ways have been observed but no damage has been reported so far. the u.s. special counsel has recommended no jail time for president donald trump's former national security advisor michael frayn saying he's cooperated substantially with the russian investigation robert miller says flynn provided information about interactions between charms team and russian government officials as the president was transitioning into office flynn pleaded guilty in december two thousand and seventeen to lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with russia he's the only member of trump's administration to admit guilt to a crime uncovered during melissa's investigation john hendren has more. the office
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of special counsel robert mueller has issued a surprising recommendation in court filings late tuesday miller's office said they recommend no prison sentence for michael flynn michael flynn is a former national security advisor accused of lying to federal officials about his relationships and his contacts with the russian government during the trump campaign the miller office says that among the things he helped with were links between the russian government and the trump campaign the report was largely redacted due to ongoing probes it did say that he did in fact lie about contact with the russian government and it also said he misled the justice department about lobbying for the nation of turkey many analysts suggest that trump is likely to issue a tweet storm after a number of tweets about the miller probe on monday this is likely to also prompt some response from the president although he did not respond on tuesday and there is more to come on friday paul man afford the president's former campaign chairman
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will be sentenced as well in the moeller office says that he is no longer cooperating with them they say that he had lied to them and they are revoking any cooperation agreement then on december twelfth michael cohen the fixer and former lawyer for president trump will also be sentenced and president trump has recently said that he is a weak person and he said he should serve his complete sentence that is completely different than what the president says about paul in a ford we will see in the coming days how the president responds. still ahead on al-jazeera france backs down on a fuel tax rise so why is there still anger in the french territory of reunion in the indian ocean and how a new factory in iraq is giving help to those injured in war.
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we've got a good westerly flow a good mobile flow and our weather across europe at the moment that will have the effect of eventually pushing that cold air out of the way because it's a moderate coming in from the atlantic. windy weather making its way in as well so that expected to be to settle this twelve thirteen celsius there for london in paris but it's a pretty wet weather sliding across into them well it's pushing up a discussion and does exist for time in the clear clear weather to a little slice of clear weather around the baltic states down into the balkans and then for the race well because. still in place temperatures hovering around freezing there from moscow to celsius for edging a little further east with more snow on that but temperatures slowly trying to get above freezing as you can see come back into central parts again some bits and pieces of brightness now and still mild enough in london forty degrees celsius fifteen there for madrid fine in try here are the twelve cells just for athens with
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some outbreaks a wet weather around that east assad of the med just clipping the far north of a chip to colorado around twenty one twenty two degrees over the next couple of days further west this is where it's fine and dry could elicit a whether they're into iraq or syria and also changes with a top temperature twenty one. it is an appalling crime that destroys the dignity of individuals and tears upon the fabric of communities. and congolese gun ecologists denis macwhich have been awarded the twenty eighteen nobel peace prize for their efforts to end the use of sexual violence in conflict zones. in an exclusive interview live from all slow we talked to this year's laureates about their fight for justice the nobel interview and al jazeera exclusive.
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they're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour a senior u.s. senators have called for action against the saudi crown prince over the matter of they gave their assessment after a briefing from the cia director gina haskell. yemen's houthi rebels have arrived in sweden for talks to end the conflict the saudi backed government is also on its way east to stockholm early efforts for talks broke down in september. and lebanese and israeli military officers will need on their border in the next hour their meeting is being facilitated by the un peacekeeping force in the area on tuesday israeli army the israeli army launched an operation to destroy tunnels
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under the border with lebanon. now british m.p.'s began five days of debate on teresa mayes breaks it deal with the european union the democratic unionist party from northern ireland which props up her minority government says it will vote against the plan earlier m.p.'s voted to hold the government in contempt of parliament the motion was passed after the prime minister failed to publish in for the legal advice received on the deal but has the latest from london. well tuesday soar a series of setbacks for to resume a and her government it was supposed to see the start of five days of debate on her deal ahead of a parliamentary vote on it showed your old for next tuesday but that was delayed because politicians from all of the opposition parties here in westminster and the northern irish d u p a democratic unionist party as well who have been propping up trees amaze government called for
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a vote on contempt of parliament saying that the government had broken its own promise in november to publish their full legal advice on this present deal given to it by the attorney general the chief legal officer all along the government insisted that was not in the national interest but when it came down to it parliament just wasn't convinced i was not i the are you still the right three hundred eleven the news to the last two hundred ninety three so the are you have eight the i have eight are not. on death row and point of order care starmer. on a point of order mr speaker this house has now spoken on itself huge constitutional political significance it is i think unprecedented for this house to find ministers
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in contempt the motion makes clear the government must now publish the attorney general's final legal advice in full with the government has now promised to publish the full legal advice from the attorney general but it's also been defeated in another vote in the commons and that was on an amendment to the withdrawal agreement saying that if it's rejected by parliament which is looking more and more likely then the commons will get a vote in january on a plan b. saying that in effect the. should do x. or the government should do y. and what that really means for the labor party in particular is that it will be able to say we do not we will out leaving the e.u. with no deal the so-called cliff edge scenario there was another setback in luxemburg when the european court of justice took advice that the u.k. could in theory reverse article fifty the process by which it said it wanted to
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leave the european union you know actually so that if for example the country did go to a new referendum on the deal or a general election labor's preferred option right now then that could actually happen that's that opening up the road for people who say that the only way out of the impasse is to put the question back to the people. the french government has postponed a fuel tax rise that led to weeks of protests and demonstrations spread to the french territory of reunion in the indian ocean but people say the government concession will make little difference famine them in their reports. the french government has announced a temporary freeze on the proposed diesel tax but it brings a little reprieve for hundreds of thousands of people that the government statistics say about half the population lives on less than one thousand three hundred dollars a month ten percent survive on just seven hundred dollars expertise of iran and
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lived in this government flat for eleven years the pensioner receives five hundred and seventy dollars from the government every month she gives it all back to pay for government subsidized housing she says she's only able to survive by sharing living expenses with her sons who are also on government benefits. when you get so little money and you have to spend so much of it on rent and there is nothing left after we pay for the water the electricity and other expenses there is nothing. she complains her home is cramped this is a typical poor neighborhood in reunion the government has built high density housing which people here say is expensive and in bad condition the spaulding where four hundred fifty people once lived was shut down two years ago but only after the government was taken to court and forced to act the national confederation for housing says the bolding is near collapse almost twenty percent of islanders live
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in deplorable conditions it says and is urging the government to provide decent housing for the poor they lose most who are in. subsidized government housing and reunion is supposed to help people that don't have much money the poor but the housing is expensive the second problem is the conditions of life in those kind of houses the damp because of water leakage and they make people sick in. the elevators protests here have been fueled by the high cost of living on the island where most necessities are imported after driving up the price of products by as much as three hundred percent while reunions pristine beaches and tourist friendly streets look i delivered observers say the disparity between the rich and poor is growing strongly up by in and as part of a multi faith group that works to unite society and if you as the protests are a warning from people fed up with high taxes and unaffordable everyday expenses this is coming from the deep root of french. society we're going to solo
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governments will be very very very careful you know french revolution and there were many a lot is going probably will ever we're all related years or more to fields in the provinces even overseas some here think government leaders in paris freezing the fuel taxes simply a bandage on a fish string wound the middle or al-jazeera reunion island. ukrainian president petro poroshenko has met the families of several sailors held by russia last month russian coast guard three ukrainian ships and their crew after a confrontation in water. and reports from kiev. it was a collective outpouring of emotion as relatives of the twenty four detained ukrainian servicemen came together president petro poroshenko tried to reassure the gathering that he was doing everything possible to get the men freed the meeting took place
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nine days after the twenty two savers and two counter-intelligence officers were detained by the russians in what crane says was a totally unjustified attack the president told the relatives that russia had no legal right to detain the man in charge that there's no truth no justice no more in russia he said of the crew men three of whom were injured should be treated as prisoners of war covered by the geneva conventions. i gave an instruction to the foreign minister to contact the international committee of the red cross and to neighbor as soon as possible to send a special mission to check on the condition of our boys as the president was making his latest attack on russia there were some movements of shipping to and from the ukraine's ports in the sea of as of for the first time since the crisis began ukrainian ministers said russia has partially lifted its blockade back in the capital there were moves to put pressure on russia to release the captive
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ukrainians as their relatives are moving on for talks with the united states embassy it went all into the evening. these men say that exasperated at russia's refusal to show any leniency. we've heard nothing officially about my son's condition only some information from the russian media and messages from crimea activists that he was seriously injured and has had surgery. isn't letting lawyers or ukrainian diplomats see him. lose i'm not angry at the russian people it's the russian government because they have allowed this barbaric behavior of their own offices their sailors towards ukrainian sailors in offices. the meeting here with the u.s. ambassador marie event of it went on for more than an hour on the relative say they told her that the americans weren't doing enough to pressure russia to release the
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servicemen and they say she assured them she would paulson left thoughts to the white house under simmons' al-jazeera. factory for artificial limbs has opened in iraq's second largest city it's brought hope for tens of thousands of people who lost ons and legs after i saw mosul but i lack of trained staff means a factory can only make a few limbs at a time madison has a story from her refugee camp in invade province. two years ago omar has a woke up in hospital to find his left leg missing it's been blasted to pieces as iraqi forces try to weaken the eyesores grip on the city of mosul by last october his right leg had become infected by gangrene to stay alive he spent a thousand dollars made up of deliberations and his own meager savings to have it amputated at a private hospital now he spends most of his days propped up on the floor of his
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displacement camp tent staring at the wheelchair he's not strong enough to use. life is difficult for me i wish i could go out of the tent and meet other people and look after my children the other day it was raining heavily for four days and i couldn't get out to help fortify the top of the tent i felt like i'm imprisoned. a new factory making prosthetic limbs has opened in nearby mosul the capital of nineveh province. it's run by the international committee of the red cross the i.c.r.c. says fewer people with disabilities in there never will have to make several long and expensive journeys to get help look at it. we have been shocked to see the huge number of people who are disabled or have lost arms and legs in the war we have to do something so we have teamed up with agencies that are providing artificial limbs . if
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a prosthetic limb is not custom made it could be painful on the skin underneath could become infected if the patient isn't taught how to use it properly the muscles could get even weaker can an army knuckles we used to suffer because there weren't enough artificial limbs in mosul our lives were so difficult because it was hard to travel to other cities to get treatment and it cost a lot of problem for the center is keeping up with demand the i.c.r.c. estimates there are over four thousand people and nineveh province who need artificial limbs many of them like omar live in camps like this one at the moment the center star can only produce a few limbs every week that's because it's hard to find experienced technicians the training takes time and it costs money. the center opened in mid october and already several hundred people are on its list for artificial limbs others like omar may have to wait much longer rob matheson al-jazeera the kurdish region of
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northern iraq. promises in myanmar's northeastern shan state say coal mining in the area is ruining their livelihoods and the environment recent changes have been a major overseas investment in the coal industry in the area bordering china and rob mcbride reports mines like this one a largely closed off to the outside world and have to be filled discreetly. but the people living near them say there is no escaping the pollution they cause to their farmland and waterways saya farms just a couple of fields that he says are now ruined. since the company started to mine for coal i've lost the water for my farm my land is covered with coal dust and i can't grow any crops all around this area in million miles east in shan state is evidence of mining operations recent changes in regulations mean foreign companies can now invest in medium and large scale mining the government has defended its
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increasing use of coal to meet the country's electricity needs despite objections from environmental groups. and civil society groups who have been educating people on their legal rights say the relative stability in me in ma could lead to a mining boom. at first we thought it's a great idea for development in our community but in fact it's not good it's getting worse and destroying us. given the state's proximity to china many investors are chinese but companies from japan and australia are also interested and there are fears about a lack of regulation of environmental and safety standards in this remote part of the country. this underground fire at one mine was filmed by a monk who does not want to reveal his identity for his own safety. we don't expect the government to fix this because the problem comes from the government they're
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cooperating with military and foreign investors. we're very concerned for our safety because we are in a small local and we're fighting against people who have a lot of money and our opening up to the outside world has been a boost for people in other parts of me and ma but for many in this area the existence of coal under their fields and outside investment is proving a top. combination rob mcbride al-jazeera. hello again i'm fully back to rome with the headlines on al-jazeera a senior u.s. senators have call for action against the saudi crown prince over the meadow. they gave their assessment after listening to a briefing from the cia director gina hospital the senators say they are more confident than ever that the saudi crown prince directly ordered the killing i have
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zero question in my mind that the crown prince n.b.s. ordered the killing monitored the killing knew exactly what was happening planned in advance if he was in front of a jury you would be convicted in thirty minutes guilty. so. the question is what we do about that who the rebels have arrived in sweden for un back talks to end yemen's four year conflict there will meet officials trying yemen's internationally recognized government for un talks aimed at ending nearly four years of war since twenty fourteen the been fighting the government which is backed by saudi m. iraqi correlation. and members of the healthy delegation spoke to the media before flying to stockholm. yani to all issues can be negotiated we did not restrict a negotiation to specific areas however in order to build mutual trust there will
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be several documents documents are captives of the economy humanitarian work to build confidence for the peace talks thereby to produce a comprehensive overall political solution to the yemen crisis. i mean between israeli and lebanese military offices is to take place in the next hour along the border between the two countries it's being the city tainted by the un peacekeeping force in the area on tuesday the israeli army launched an operation to destroy tunnels under the border with lebanon on the u.s. special counsel robert muller is recommending no jail time for president donald trump's former national security advisor michael frayn. corporators substantially with the investigation into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixteen election from december two thousand and seventeen to lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with russia those are the headlines inside stories next on al-jazeera a recent u.n. report has given renewed seats in the fight against climate change and released
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threats like sea level rise of this year's climate talks in poland can the international community seize the opportunity to take concern today starting with al-jazeera the latest from the front lines of the climate crisis from the conference itself. we will seek a u.n. investigation if need be the turkish president determined to find out whether it is murder and angry it comments from the main suspect saudi crown prince. that will turkey get international support and can be un make any difference this is inside story. come to the program i'm richelle carey turkish president wrote to type erdogan is not giving up he wants more answers about the murder of journalists the saudi king .


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