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in other well news u.n. special envoy for yemen and the rebels have arrived in sweden for talks a saudi backed government delegation is also on its way it's hoped the negotiations will end a four year old war with say u.n. says has led to the wise humanitarian crisis in modern history halted at general points. humanitarian organizations are hoping this who the delegation that arrived in stockholm and a yemeni government delegation arriving from saudi arabia will come to an agreement that will help protect millions of yemenis threatened by fighting famine and disease it would be the first time in more than two years that the parties are meeting now to get the parties to this conflict to to come to one place for presentation has not been easy. but is now a decisive step in our efforts to end the suffering in yemen. u.n. sponsored talks to to start in sweden are expected to bring together the who the
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supported by iran and yemeni government leaders backed by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates an argument of fact all issues can be negotiated in order to rebuild mutual trust there will be several documents on captives on the economy humanitarian work to build confidence for the peace talks thereby to produce a comprehensive overall political solution to the yemen crisis. as a goodwill gesture the saudi u.a.e. coalition fighting the who these allowed fifty wounded rebel fighters to be flown to oman for hospital treatment that was one of the conditions for huth these to attend the talks similar talks collapsed soon after they began three months ago. the u.n. says the humanitarian crisis in yemen described as the worst in the world will even get worse in the new year it's appealing for four billion dollars from international donors to help feed starving yemenis next year we think that twenty four million people in yemen seventy five percent of the population will.
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humanitarian assistance. strikes some bombardments. a cholera epidemic and other diseases as well as starvation is estimated by independent group of researchers to have killed between seventy and eighty thousand yemenis so far in the war in addition fighting has forced tough a million people from their homes and to further complicate the disaster people smugglers are using the chaos in yemen as a route to europe and on migration arrivals to yemen a country at war will reach a bout a hundred fifty thousand people this year twenty eighteen this is roughly a fifty percent increase over the one hundred thousand that a law that arrived last year aid organizations helping the starving infected and the displaced say some progress in sweden is urgently needed to end the suffering of millions paul chowder gian al jazeera i said ahead on the program will be night
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from london with the latest on the twists and turns of. approach a crucial vote and how the new factory in iraq is getting help to those injured in war. hello winter is trying its hand once again the real code as you know has been up in the northeast the constant for weeks now and it's certainly moved down to around but this is a sort of joining area as a result you see snow on the northern flank past twenty six in europe but that's a daytime high clip that cold has not resist as we go to zero in beijing is a big drop but here's the snow line which stays more loss on the on the same lot of latitude goes across north korea has to was
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a current it doesn't go much further south and at least not during friday but behind it day max in pyongyang right down to minus eight this is as warm as it gets and beijing at minus four winter clearly wants to make some progress head of it it's been thirty rainy in japan significant rain seems likely in the yangtze valley as well this is the forecast of the day with at eighteen one hundred forty in shanghai of around the same again for you twenty four hours running overnight you see a bit of a into snow so the cold is really tacky in here temperature wise we don't afford why wouldn't a night in shanghai and it will get coldest to this is proper winter on its way but south of that it's still rainy season i know it shouldn't be released as percent bigger shells recently in southern thailand there are more to come. out zero wild follows the struggles between a rocky painter a syrian screenwriter and
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a palestinian filmmaker as they come to terms with their lives as displaced artists in lebanon. it is only the first to go in the last little. in my imagination. beirut's refugee artists on al-jazeera. welcome back our top stories on al-jazeera istanbul's chief prosecutor's office has filed an application for arrest warrants for two senior saudi officials over the killing of jamal khashoggi prosecutors strongly suspect former deputy intelligence
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chief siri and oil court advisor tiny were involved in the planning of the med. meanwhile senior senators in the u.s. have called for action against conference over jamal khashoggi scaling they gave their assessment briefing on the cia director general hospital and yemen's hoofy rebels have arrived in sweden for talks to end the conflict the saudi banksia many government is also taking parts early efforts to bring the two sides together broke down in september. when our top story and the killing of. want to go the u.n. human rights chief have reiterated our call for an international investigation into the journalist. we don't have the mandate to do a criminal investigation so we ask we mentioned to the to the to the secretary general though we thought it was needed a crime in mr geisha an international investigation and he needs to but there's
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also some it's not in its personal attrition it needs a member state to ask for i mean there is some methodology that needs to be done with member states and the security council so i do believe that is really needed in terms of ensuring what really happened and who are responsible for that awful killing well it's now speak to toby cadman who is an international lawyer who's been following this case very closely joins us via skype from sari able thank you very much for your time i want to start off with this request by turkey's chief prosecutor for arrest warrants to be issued for two of the top aides of saudi arabia's crown prince because they say saudi authorities won't take any formal action against them how realistic is this how is this going to work who is going to execute this. i don't think it really is digital. i think it's a necessary step in the process and the taxi prosecutor is quite entitled to seek
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arrest extradition to turkey to face trial on the basis that saudi arabia will do nothing and they have shown that they will do absolutely nothing. to establish any kind of accountability or joint research is that. it is very unlikely that the saudis would hand over these officials but i think what we're seeing no is a ramping up of pressure. deeply with the briefing yesterday. with the u.s. senate and certainly that evidence coming to light that demonstrates muhammad didn't mean settlements of involvement and but is very close to him i'm certain we are seeing the a change of rhetorical i just don't i just don't see it being critical that the saudis will cooperate at all right and the turks turkey has been calling for an international investigation now into shoji has met or as i say we with the
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assessments made by senior u.s. senators on tuesday there is pressure on the saudis now do you think techie stands a better chance now of winning support for international investigation and you know will an international investigation make a difference can involvement from the united nations make a difference. what it can it can make a huge difference because i think that one of the problems that turkey faces is that there have been criticisms of turkey's judicial system over the last couple of years and serve and over which will act as a concern. of our current it with an international investigation mandated by the united nations there if you don't see how a great deal more credibility but again you've got to ask the question is where what form is this going to be taken to all these individuals everything the rest of the ever going to face trial or. a u.n.
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investigation there's a deeply has no in result i mean that's my concern but the law we need to look at the stereotypical. if there's a will it is introduced to be put on trial in a sense think best has been making it to be calm and thank you very much for speaking to us polish just one of us and for the poor skype quality thank you for your time nonetheless. and british m.p.'s set to begin a second day of debate on theresa may spread said deal with the european union the democratic unionist party from northern ireland which props up a minority government says it will vote against the ban on tuesday m.p.'s voted to hold the government in contempt of parliament emotionless passed after the prime minister failed to publish in for the legal advice received on the deal. to the right three hundred eleven the nose of the left two hundred ninety three.
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with. the our eyes to the right three hundred eleven the nose to the left two hundred ninety three so the our eyes have it the our eyes have it our last. or death point toward a cure starmer. on a point of order mr speaker this house is now spoken and it's off huge constitutional political significance it is i think unprecedented for this house to find ministers in contempt the motion makes clear the government must now publish the attorney general's final legal advice in full let's bring john hall in london now jonah the government suffered multiple defeats in parliament yesterday what does that mean for the bracks a process going forward while potentially from the government's point of view it's pretty crippling really it's now very clear that this is descended into an all
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out fight between m.p.'s on the one hand of the government on the other and the events of tuesday demonstrate that parliament has resoundingly won and that the government's majority propped up as you said there by the democratic union's units doesn't really exist in a working sense anymore it is now purely a minority government. three votes lost in a single day you've got to go back forty years to see anything like that taking place the government in contempt of parliament for not releasing the legal advice has been now forced to do so again that will happen later this morning but you can't go back far enough in the history books to find a time when that happened because it's unprecedented never happened before it's a deeply damaging. event in terms of the government so far it is embarrassing and all in all this sequence of events on tuesday puts all the already back in the hands of parliament it has the effect of narrowing down the
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likely options now past next week's vote on trees a maze deal should she failed to pass it govern parliament cannot put up a plan b. and vote for that and since we know there's no clear majority in parliament for a no deal heartbreaks it's that becomes a most unlikely scenario now the likely scenario is a narrow two to choice between theresa may still perhaps with a few tweaks and even softer briggs's deal perhaps involving a norway style option remaining in the single market remaining in the customs unit keeping freedom of movement or no breaks at all via the means of a second referendum ok thank you jennifer that turned a whole life for us in london and france students in paris a protesting as far of a broader movement against the government about one hundred high school students high schools right across france were brought by demonstrations on tuesday many are upset about
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a new university application systemd and their piggy backing on violent protests this month that forced the government to reverse its banfield tax increase dedicated has more from a university in central paris. hundreds of students meeting here at the pantheon sorbonne university have just decided that they will join the march and the protests on saturday they will join in solidarity with the vests we all know the part that the students took in the may sixty eight uprising in paris this means a new and more difficult front is opening against the president not going for reforms instead of the concessions appeasing the protests it seems that the protests is still growing right across the country and the momentum of the could be given to them by the students will be greater yet another problem for president micron's administration. current and former leaders from around the world have
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flown to washington d.c. to attend the funeral of former president george h.w. bush his son george w. bush will deliver a eulogy at wednesday's memorial also attending will be all living former u.s. presidents and currents but present donald trump was declared a day of mourning in the nation's capital the federal government and financial markets will also be close bush diets it is houston home on friday at the age of ninety four. a monthly meeting between israeli and lebanese military leaders has taken on a new city new thickens after israel launched an operation to destroy tunnels along the border between the two countries on tuesday the talks are being facilitated by the un peacekeeping force in the area israeli commanders say they destroyed the tunnels to counter a threat from hezbollah in any future conflict. now a factory for artificial limbs has opened in iraq's second largest city it's
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brought hope for tens of thousands of people who lost their legs after i saw fighters seize mosul but a lack of trained staff means the rehabilitation center can only make a few limbs at a time rob matheson has a story from refugee camp in invade province. two years ago omar has a woke up in hospital to find his left leg missing it's been blasted to pieces as iraqi forces try to weaken isos grip on the city of mosul by last october his right leg had become infected by gangrene to stay alive he spent a thousand dollars made up of deliberations and his own meager savings to have it amputated at a private hospital no he spends most of his days propped up on the floor of his displacement camp tent staring at the wheelchair he's not strong enough to use. life is difficult for me i wish i could go out of the tent and meet other people and look after my children the other day it was raining heavily for four days and i
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couldn't get out to help fortify the top of the tent i felt like i'm imprisoned. a new factory making prosthetic limbs has opened in nearby mosul the capital of nineveh province. it's run by the international committee of the red cross the i.c.r.c. says fewer people with disabilities in there never will have to make several long and expensive journeys to get help look at it. we have been shocked to see the huge number of people who are disabled or have lost arms and legs in the war we have to do something so we have teamed up with aid agencies that are providing artificial limbs. if a prosthetic limb is not custom made it could be painful on the skin underneath could become infected if the patient isn't taught how to use it properly the muscles could get even weaker can earn our name enough we used to suffer because there weren't enough artificial limbs in mosul our lives were so difficult because
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it was hard to travel to other cities to get treatment and it cost a lot the problem for the center is keeping up with demand the i.c.r.c. estimates there are over four thousand people in nineveh province who need artificial limbs many of them like omar live in camps like this one at the moment the center star can only produce a few limbs and every week that's because it's hard to find experience technicians the training takes time and it costs money. the center opened in mid october and already several hundred people are on its list for artificial limbs others like omar may have to wait much longer rob matheson al-jazeera the kurdish region of northern iraq. hello again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera prosecutor's office has filed an application for arrest warrants for two senior saudi officials
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over the killing of a prosecutor strongly suspect former deputy intelligence chief. and oil court adviser tiny were involved in planning the matter has more from a sample. remember that. removed from the polls with the write off of the information came out from turkey that the plot has been is a few of them has been killed so the turkish side they believe they have enough information to rely on to link those two women to the planning and execution of this murder meanwhile senior senators in the u.s. have called for action against saudi arabia's crown prince over jamal khashoggi is murder they gave their assessment after a briefing from the cia director gina housefull yemen's hoofy rebels have arrived in sweden for talks to end the conflict the saudi banksia many government is also taking part really efforts to bring the two sides together broke down in september
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british m.p.'s are set to begin a second day of debate on teresa mayes breaks it deal with the european union the democratic unionist party from northern ireland which prompts her from minority government says it will vote against the plan on to say m.p.'s voted to hold the government in contempt of parliament the motion was passed after the prime minister failed to publish in for the legal advice received on the deal students in paris a protesting as part of a broader movement against the government demonstrators brought about one hundred high schools across france on tuesday many are upset about a new university application system piggybacking on violent protests this month that forced the government to reverse its plan fuel tax increase more protests are planned in central paris swat the weekend's a monthly meeting between israeli and lebanese military leaders has taken on new significance israel launched an operation to destroy tunnels between the two countries on tuesday the talks are being held on the border and are backed by the
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united nations you're up to date with the headlines here on al-jazeera more news as always on our web site al-jazeera dot com inside story starts now. we understand the different seeds. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current of the. al-jazeera. we will seek a u.n. investigation if need be the turkish president of charmin to find out what heard from officers murder and angry at comments from the main suspect saudi crown prince mohammed bin salma that will turkey get international support and can be un make any difference this is inside story.
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welcome to the program i'm richelle carey turkish president read to type erdogan is not giving up he wants more answers about the murder of journalists at the saudi consulate in istanbul and he will push for an international investigation if necessary or take on sphericity what he called muhammad been unbelievable explanation of what happened and that the crown prince said saudi arabia could not be blamed unless the crime was proven the cia reportedly believes then solomon is responsible and so did many u.s. politicians but not president on the trot here's what are going to hold the g. twenty summit in argentina. to get willis in the society regime first denied it and then tried to distort facts and finally admitted to this murder turkey has adopted a very determined attitude which is help disclose this issue we have never seen this as a political issue and shall never do so for us this incident was a horrendous act of murder and shall remain so.
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let's bring in our guest now in istanbul the bison professor of history at evin university in selma nia irene assistant professor of world history at the american university of iraq so money and london saad jabar international lawyer and political commentator welcome to the program thank you all for joining us of bebee m. and a start with you. what do you think going back to the beginning the goal of erdogan has been. well actually the sims is quite persistent on this issue and actually follow the same policy from day one. as also a call to at the beginning on his way to part ago after g twenty summit in argentina he was chatting with journalists journalists and he said that actually
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we're getting enough is enough because he complained bitterly that the saudis are not really corporate in and not really supporting a war or rather presenting a supporting evidence anything in no corporation and he says if necessary we would like to take it to another level the u.n. investigation and also involve some international organizations but here he's actually distinguishing between the saudi turkey relations in terms of defense maybe because mommy etc and this case so he made it clear in his talk but also he's saying that you know since this all of these admitted the who was killed in the consulate then where is the body if you're talking about you had a local operative or corporal done or someone done you know do something with the
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body would like to know because so far there is not really is this factory information from the solid decide and that's why he it's getting quite frustrating because turkey wants to close this file and move on but as long as the body is not iran and we don't really know a lot of the other details it makes the case quite sensitive quite a bit to but also the carefully crafted pull the sea turkey really does not intend to harm turkey saudi relations this. keepin it separately in this case ok so sorry about that point what do you think. earth a guy and goal has been and how would you say that he is managed this so far i think underground cell far has managed the case very well in terms of keeping it
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in the headlines in keeping the pressure on because the saudis and their friends believe that martin was far as young as you could go way in a few days like him in many issues so the two turkish approach was very successful in terms of being very quick very quiet i mean that is arrogant but meanwhile they were very effective in keeping the mother alive and on the agenda of the international community and the press and as part of the year the forum which this case should be adjudicated it should not be saudi arabia it comes to be turkey because a saudi arabia will never ever copulate and around of those people considering that they are part and parcel of the illness here or of mohammed the settlement with the crown prince and it's impossible impossible for any inquiry not to
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find that there was a link between the perpetrators of this horrendous crime who use the means of state who used all the or the or or the or the means available to the state in order to commit this crime it couldn't have happened without the knowledge and the order of the supreme leader in that country namely. the but in the competence one of the some very often and best occasions the public doesn't know everything that the best gaiters know they tend to hold something close to the vest and in it would you would think that that would be the case for turkey as well but it seems that the way are they gonna speaking publicly that they have hit some sort of brick wall and that there are still a lot of things they just don't know about us troop one point to bear in mind is that the turkish prosecutor has not concluded the turkish prosecutor's offices not
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completed its investigation either and another point to bear in mind is that while turkey has been criticized immensely over these scripts so-called drip drip drip strategy or the strategy strategic grips to local as well as international media. this was this tool this this approach ended up basically getting the saudi government to admit that its operatives allegedly wrote had a murder jamal khashoggi and so on so until saudi arabia really does try to claim this i'm not sure if. these leaks will in the short to medium term really stop it ends once there is some sort of reckoning over this over the murder of jamal khashoggi. that we will know if not all of the
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facts of the matter that at least a good a good bit sad whose were sponsibility is it to find jamal to so he's body we don't even know where the body is. well a saudi arabia admitted that the body was. assigned to a local. agent that would make it illegal cuddly that is for the it would fall within the competence of the turkish. law and judiciary in other words the saudis have committed a crime inside the can see that which was against international law against a b. and the convention against criminal international law and again the took a part of the crime because there were a series of crimes that was the abduction somehow of a from one of. the sea he seizure is killing the other there were serious war crimes and a further crime was to have taken the body illegally and
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assigned it to someone else in the territory of turkey then there are four other gives jurisdiction in every aspect of the case to turkey that's what i said considering but at the current. political considerations it's the best way forward is to take the the market out of the hands of the saudis and the turks and assign it to an international investigation and international tribunal of course the turks i'm sure they would cooperate with that every suggestion would the saudis do and that are other presidents in international role because a mix three buner could be set up which will consist of international judges with the help. with the handle the saudis and the turks and other states if they have information because it's impossible task g g c h q which spies on
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communications all over the world the one might have some evidence and other companies might have evidence to present to anything national a risk to gay sion and the tiburon there is not know of kevin up here ok an international and dependent inquiry and the need to match none and dependent. on the second these will not cooperate under see they just always be us you look at the company understand let me bring and heavy into the conversation there professor of history here is there a precedent for something like this being investigated on an international level and i realize this isn't this is a rare case but extremely extremely well i mean so far as turkey concerned i cannot recall anything like this in anything i mean there's an important part here one is that yes it took place in insult a consulate and it is considered you know kind of place belongs to saudi
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arabia about the vienna convention actually if there's a crime committed in that place local authorities have the right to invoke i mean it's their job to involve rather but there is another case refute. the case there's international tribunals for his association as well and they walk months and months and you know whatever and after that was inconclusive that's why turkey in turkey to public has this opinion that this case may well be like inconclusive in the end of the day so i mean so far as took a concern i don't think anything like this would happen probably even not even europe or you the u.s. and i don't have other parts but because of the other question of course we're asking here. why did this happen. you know like you stumble this choose in and he when he submits his papers they told him to come for days later to collect them
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because they want to get men to the and so it was all planned that they before a team of eighteen people arrived to stumble except you know the details yet was done why did they choose is somebody disposed of in other parts so far in the like us except not so it's a biggest question for us ok side you're the international lawyer when we talk about an international i'm sorry bahrain pardon me pardon me brain let me talk about this and some sort of international investigation what's what body would that be. the previous commentator professor very from istanbul mentioned the case of a few career director very reinvestigation answer them actually let me take a step back. and remind the audience that february two thousand and five former prime minister of lebanon refute karim was kill it in a bomb in a car bomb attack in downtown beirut and as a result of that u.n.
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secretary general kofi or not and asked for and a an investigation by an irish police commissioner i believe as they want us. and as a result of that later in the two thousand cycle even zero seven our own i'm an international tribunal was formed under the aegis now under a u.n. security council resolution so while i'm mostly under started by the way i believe the other gentleman is an international lawyer i am a little bit of a it was a based on the u.s. security council resolution mandates of which there are a few tribunals was horrible. ok so having said that what could would be with that same body had jurisdiction over something like this well if it's if it's a matter of related to international peace u.n. security council has all the power in the world our big problem is of course whether the different powers of the of the security council will agree
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to them or the allergies the parameters of an investigation like this and what if what if and it's a saudi arabia would have to do as a result of the investigation and i would assume that. to the extent that they're going there that there might be certain repercussions for saudi arabia that can only be those can only be.


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