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just protected area on. an annual convention that gives a platform to a global dialogue on critical challenges facing our world a new two part documentary that reveals the shocking realities of the global arms trade december on al-jazeera in nepal poverty leaves children vulnerable and at risk but sometimes those who say they can help cause the most harm one of many shines a light on predators in the aid industry. on al-jazeera. because we're not. sure. rights being violated. and see to be stripped away. from the seventieth anniversary of. the rights that stand. for human rights.
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and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha. welcome to the news. but even with the rest. is almost zero chance. is turkey playing along the most strategic. do we now have the best chance for peace. sweden after four. hundred trying to find an end to the concert there is a lot of. its chances of success and farewell to the funeral service
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former u.s. president george h.w. bush has been held in washington at the national cathedral we will be there in the u.s. capital as america pauses to remember and say goodbye to its cold. and. is coming under fire. with a new. grid's live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live in an al-jazeera dot com wanted in turkey istanbul's chief prosecutor has filed a rest warrants for two former aides to the saudi crown prince one hundred been selman turkey strongly believes these suspects the former deputy intelligence chief and a siri and the royal court adviser cottony were involved in the planning of the murder of jamal khashoggi in october also turkey's foreign minister is backing calls for
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an international investigation into his death. we are in communication with our peers in different countries and we won't hesitate to go for an international investigation going to be led to sugars and did this is a murder that is premeditated planned and we have a duty for the sake of humanity to investigate it and just a little more now on these two saudi suspects which turkey wants arrested you've got subtle company first of all who has held several positions in the saudi royal court he was one of the crown prince's closest advisors he's the one accused of leading the hit squad that travelled to istanbul to kill casualty and then there's also brigadier general metallicity who was fired as deputy intelligence chief after the murder he is accused of assembling the hit team on the orders of the crown prince mohamed vall joining us now from outside the saudi consulate in istanbul talk us through this one mohammed particularly the point that it's almost entirely
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unlikely that these two men would ever be arrested will be handed over. yes turkey has resulted to this step i think it is a further step an escalation so to speak in their efforts to bring those responsible for the killing of them out to book and they have done this after weeks of trying to get the saudis to cooperate more on this investigation now they are saying the saudis don't seem to be willing to cooperate and it's likely the more natural step now to do is this at a restaurant for the two top suspects well not the very top suspects because that the prosecution says here today that these men are only a part of the lists or they think there are a higher high up in the ranks of those who have contributed in the plot and for the killing of the money they want them to be handed over because they think that only if those men are outside saudi arabia away from that each of us i'll go for it is
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maybe they will speak out and they will say who really gave them the order to kill me and they think that if this doesn't work and if saudi arabia continues to procrastinate or even to refuse to ask the three main questions one of them is about who gave the order to come from out of the other is about that he manes of. self and the third point is about the issue itself that a quest to extradite those people and the collaborator and so they spoke with the saudis talked about if these points are not also then the next natural step for turkey is to step up a little bit outside turkey and hand this to a united nations international inquiry about the med i guess one thing this does do mohamed is it keeps the investigation active because you know for so long we've been getting leaks from various sources in turkish media but the official investigation we maybe haven't heard quite as much this does keep it permanent.
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that's right we have i mean i think gone are the days when we every day we expect to. you know keep moving and you know excite people about the the situation on the story itself now we have more serious step more judiciary steps more and more need for international cooperation of this i think this is a natural natural time for this natural step to take for the turkish investigation and also there are the eyes have been on the u.s. president. not to move has not done anything in this respect by way of you know putting enough pressure on the saudis to also those questions to give the clarification is and to corporate more with the with the turkish judiciary so keeping the story alive until some. some surprises new moves the international inquiry for instance or probably that efforts by the u.s. congress to force new steps to be taken by the administration so the turks
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don't want and they said they're never let this go away until the justice is served until those who are behind the medal of much are. brought to book mohammad well he's outside the saudi consulate in istanbul thanks mohammed on skype from istanbul with his nominee who is a politics news editor of the daily star an english language daily in turkey thank you for joining us. so what is turkey trying to achieve here putting out arrest warrants for two men who are probably never going to be arrested. yeah of course this is you know a symbolic move however i think for the sake of keeping the investigation alive and the case itself alive in the eyes of the international community i think it has a great impact on making sure that the pressure continues on riyadh on
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revealing who the actual and the ultimate decision maker is this brutal murder yes it is a it is a signal symbolic move when it comes to what can be done to do to d's two senior figures however if the investigation and the arrest warrants. some as somewhat they are somewhat coordinated with interpol eventually i think it may lead to something that riyadh would not desire however i think that today's move from the prosecutor's office is also important when we when we analyze it through looking at with what is happening in the united states and also what came afterwards from the united nations i think those grades demand for this case to be handled through international investigation from the special committee however it took it does not want to be the i think took it does not want at this moment to be the leading force in this. i mean also said today that there is an international
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demand to forage for an intra and international investigation i mean tookie has been very patient in this case when it comes to seeking to the answers from riyadh but it's it wants to underline that it will not let this goal and it will not let this be pushed under the carpet so it is the emir idiotic in a symbolic move with today's decision however i think when it comes to its political impact and the impact for the international community i think it is very significant. techies took his position is always fascinating i think in the region internationally even because it has so many different relationships different allies different battles to fight how does all of this play into that mouth's let's say its relationship with the united states not just of a custody but of a syria the kurds all these sorts of other issues. well i think turkey has one
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thing that has done with with regards to several issues of this agreements with regional. actors and with the united states all or with the european union tokyo has a few. red lines one of them i think and what can what basically is one of the most important points in its form policy in recent years is the humanitarian aspect of it ships from somalia to syria turkey has. conducts a humanitarian oriented foreign policy so with regards to the kashi g. case this is also the same turkey is focusing on the human aspect where i mean several questions that took issue officials are posing are simply humanitarian or human like questions that concern maggoty with regards to disagreements in the region for example with the united states now turkey says do not align yourself
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with a terrorist group that not only is threat to turkey but also a threat to. to to some of them demographics in syria for example when it comes to do y p g's. with regards to with regards to securing ism for example in the region jackie says this is only going to be. you know another step taken to. fuel call six in the region for example in yemen for example in syria again so with these things i think stability for the region is important for turkey and turkey wants to push for that however there will be clashes and there has been clashes and naturally in the region due to several disagreements i mean if saudi arabia is. taking some steps that will be in against turkey's interests and it is natural for turkey to react against that thank you so much for your time do appreciate the
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insight you've been able to give us. i often talk about the latest updates page on jamal khashoggi but there's also this option if you look basically anywhere on the web site for a jamal khashoggi tag or label it will basically take you here where everything is collated in one place not just the latest updates but things like inside story and individual video reports and actually if i can find it right on the bottom there if you haven't watched this already i would really recommend it the episode of up front with me at the house and from march the last interview which casualty did with this network it is. going to say it's incredibly insightful it's quite poignant really given everything of course that has happened since then so that's where you find all the jamal khashoggi related. and do you keep in touch with us if you maybe got a question or comment on that story or an of the other ones coming up on the grid there's the hash tag a.j. newsgroup i've heard from helen or on facebook he says. yeah this is kind of what i was talking about with that upfront defeat she says i should become visibly upset
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when i think about what this poor man has gone through and mark says saudi arabia should be boycotted until the culprits are fully brought to justice that number plus one seven four five or one triple one four nine that will work on telegram and on whatsapp if you want to message us directly otherwise twitter and facebook up and running as well let's move on and the war in yemen will representatives from the saudi banks government are expected to arrive in sweden this hour for the peace talks on ending the war the delegation and the u.n. special envoy martin griffiths they already arrived in stockholm and choose day for these long awaited negotiations the talks will be held in a small town on the outskirts of stockholm earlier efforts to bring both parties together in september brought down but the u.n. hopes these negotiations will help bring an end to what it calls the worst humanitarian crisis in the world's hash is in a room bonus stockholm where those talks are happening the most unlikely location hashim for us to be discussing yemen but then in some respects these talks are
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almost unlikely you never thought we would actually get here after so much so much war indeed. so been talking to numbers from the. from the healthy delegation and they basically say that a least. for them to be able to have talks with the. government under the ages of the united nations that's quite significant step forward and they say that they have been given. instructions from their leaders in sinai to move forward particular when it comes to the prisoner swap there are thousands of fighters from the government and from the whole thiis detained since the start of the conflict into a thousand and fifty they say that they would like also to agree on a ceasefire to be extended across yemen as soon as possible for them to be able to get vital aid delivered to yemen and they would like also to discuss the future of
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the city of jose which is. a crucial focal point now of the conflict in yemen the united nations would like to take control of the management of the operations it supports is a vital lifeline for the most of the imports into the country if them can manage to have some sort of what agreement on these points it would really send a signal to the yemenis that there is a potential for and to the conflict however the biggest obstacle so far is a political agreement the u.n. is hoping to bring the parties to set aside their differences and negotiate a framework that would pave the way for a national unity government and the transition to democracy however when it comes to who should run the country that's where you have problems the governor says that the president other woman so how do you who was elected in two thousand and twelve
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remains the legitimate leader of yemen the hopis insist the man has to go as soon as possible and that if he stays in power there will be no peace just briefly hashim how would you describe expectations for these talks in the end given how much you've just described to us how many things are on the line. well i have to say the expectations of. four different trees pass talks collapse particularly because of the huge differences about how to move forward the whole things consider themselves to be a legitimate of politics in yemen and they will absolutely not. give in to any concessions in the near future because the control huge area that stretches from starter or the border with saudi arabia all the way.


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