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i was a policeman this knowledge that sign was falling into the fuzz flowing river into not seeing. one man spied for the rights of indigenous hairy teach a time to swim a witness documentary on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm down in jordan this is the out as they were news out live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes going off to mohamed bin some on us senators introduce a resolution to hold the saudi crown prince accountable for the deaths of. to get the parties to this conflict to to come to one place for cross at a show that's not been easy seeking peace members of yemen's warring sides gather
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in sweden to try and end the war which has caused a humanitarian catastrophe. off the table the french government council's plans for higher fuel taxes for a six month suspension failed to stop violent protests. a great and noble man. the best father of your daughter killed a. former american presidents and world leaders bid a final farewell to george h.w. bush. welcome to the program six senior u.s. senators from across party lines of introduced a senate resolution to hold the saudi crown prince accountable for the murder of the journalist. if approved by the senate it would officially condemn ahmed bin psalm on for peace. killing in the saudi consulate in istanbul in october but the
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resolution doesn't end there it also holds bin salman accountable for alleged atrocities committed during the war in yemen which saudi arabia entered in twenty fifteen or the saudi u.a.e. alliance has launched more than eighteen thousand air raids part of a war which has killed tens of thousands of civilians well the resolution also calls on the kingdom to end the blockade imposed with three other arab states on qatar in june last year but senators want the release two of the blogger right women's rights activists and other detained political prisoners well for more on this john hendren joins us live now from washington d.c. john so what more do we know about the resolution and how significant is it. there and it is an extraordinary a rebuke against an american ally in a statement of company in that resolution one senator calls the crown prince a thug another one calls him a wrecking ball and these are senators of both parties it takes six pages to do it
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but that resolution condemns the crown prince for being in charge of security services at the time that your marker showed he was murdered says that he is complicit in the murder and as you point out it also calls for an end to the dispute with guitar and an end to the war in yemen this is a measure that if passed would simply state the belief of the senate it would also call on the us government to take action to hold those people who killed shoji responsible it does not otherwise have a binding effect but it isn't an extraordinarily strong statement from a broad array of senators and that is likely to force the trumpet ministration to take some kind of action because it suggests that otherwise the senate and congress might take stronger action themselves and john we know there are other legislative efforts by lawmakers from both sides so what happens next do you think. that's
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right i mean first of all you've got this resolution it is strongly worded but you have another in other bill that would become law that is even stronger that one invokes the one nine hundred seventy three war power act and that would force the government to stop any aid to this saudi war effort in yemen that would be a very strong an unprecedented step the united states congress has never done that before blocked a president from continuing the war effort so that would really be the strongest measure that's going on right now in the senate this one would also issue a statement to the president what i think a lot of the republican senators are hoping for is to force president trump to take some action himself so that they don't have to this resolution could be voted on as soon as monday at the other measure the one that would stop aid in yemen that it's unclear exactly when there would be a vote but what is clear is that the senate is animated about this the house of
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representatives is currently controlled by more partisan republicans they might not go along with that but in january the democrats take over the house and that suggests that trump needs to act before then or there could be harsher action taken in congress down the road to john hendren there live for us in washington d.c. john thank you. meanwhile u.s. defense secretary james mattis says he needs more evidence on who was behind casualties murder before he points the finger meanwhile istanbul's chief prosecutor is demanding the arrest of two of the crown prince's closest aides mohammad vall has more from istanbul. turkey has said it won't let the world forget about the murder of journalist on what is the chief prosecutor filed a request with the penal court to issue an arrest warrant for two former senior aides to saudi crown prince mohammed bin said his top adviser saudi deputy chief of intelligence ahmed siri were removed from their posts by king said a man in connection to the murder of. the turkish judiciary now wants them
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extradited to stand trial in turkey a similar request has already been made for the fifteen members of the hit squad that killed the journalist at the saudi consulate in istanbul on october second saudi arabia said it wouldn't hand them over before. until now we have patiently requested information about an investigation in saudi arabia but unfortunately we couldn't get any information in saudi arabia always asks to get information from us so it's their rights we always share information with them but saudi arabia needs to be transparent to us and to the international community they need to share the findings of these investigations but instead we see contradictory statements. cover sobel also reminded the saudis of the need to disclose the whereabouts of the remains and to respond to all demands otherwise we will go until the end but if there is an impasse which is an issue we have been seriously contemplating about and talking with our colleagues in these days we will not hesitate to go for an international investigation on this point turkey has outside support we don't have
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the mandate to do a criminal investigation so we ask we mentioned to the to the to the secretary general that we thought it was needed a crime and a missed occasion international investigation. these statements and the arrest warrants follow an announcement by eight senior u.s. senators about their absolute certainty that saudi crown prince mohammed the same amount of the killing of them out based on a cia briefing the likelihood saudi arabia will comply with the new turkish request is beyond the remote's what turkey wants to keep the pressure on saudi arabia and has vowed to never give up until justice is served and until that or your culprits are brought to account. or to see a stumble of well let's bring in the bill curry he's a former u.s. diplomat he was deputy chief of mission in yemen and he joins us via skype from washington d.c. bill curry house significant is this senate resolution and why do you think they
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added qatar and yemen into the mix you know it's very significant essentially. has lost the bait with congress on what should be done above the official gene murder and while he was out with matt the simple bayo arguing about the value of saudi arabia what congress is telling him no one is contesting that we're contesting that their action solid eight ball as soon as they can under n.b.s. they have now linked all these stabilizing actions that m.b.'s has taken starting with the amount passing by the fish orgy murder on to qatar and even lebanon and so now. he has also trump has also lost control of the republican majority here in the senate because around fifteen of them are going against him. his options essentially the administration would have to act behind the scenes
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maybe to pressure saudi arabia into some kind of going acceptable corrective course or this is going to get worse and we have to remember that congress in the end this specially in the house controls the purse strings ok and can surely foresaid ministrations than yeah it's interesting that you talk about definitional pressure there because the residential was signed by just six senators but is it likely to get more support as you say when the house changes hands in january and if gina hospitalist cia director does eventually brief the full senate as reports suggest that she might do what i think right now there are thirteen or fourteen republicans in the senate who are on record as opposing the administration's policies on saudi arabia and on yemen so the fact
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that these six and they are bipartisan except they have been briefed and they basically think that the administration has lied to them. i think they are fellow senators and congressmen are going to accept their interview and they will believe even if if gene asco does not brief the full senate i think the majority is not on board with the reading of these six senators is the correct one bill you raise the point that president trump and other senior white house officials like pompei and mattis fiercely protected the crown prince but is this latest resolution likely to put yet more pressure on the administration to change its position on m.b.'s and how can it do that. well like i said the pressure is definitely mounting on the administration and tumble forces under
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pressure on stover in france so they can do something behind the scenes they don't have to change their position publicly but they can go to king some money they can go to as there is in the royal family in saudi arabia and say look it's up to you along for science to come to relations with saudi arabia completely don't let things that they're unique to this level but why don't you take action they can try to do something ok out of the so this way it's a tricky matter but that's their only option otherwise congress is going to drop the hammer on them if not now certainly in mid january maybe i want to get a final thought from you about yemen because you are deputy chief of mission in yemen who think they're ready to discuss a peace deal how do you see the talks in sweden playing out given all this increased pressure on saudi arabia of ashaji well the one result of the brochure
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is there the saudis have allowed these talks to have been essentially they were holding them hostage just sign because it is not allowed. to take out their wanted to be treated in all manner they now allow. you and playing to take them and therefore the whole of these have in fact arrived today in sweden a couple members of the road delegation are very close to a medical shooty there they're all role either so we know the how these are taking the seriously the fact that the government of yemen has been allowed in they say allowed because had these government cannot think any decision without solid the improve them. so they're showing up and getting ready to talk to the who these means that the saudis feel some pressure maybe not the dysphoria but i think it
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domes of the young order says it won't start now bill curry thank you very much for talking to al-jazeera. well i had just been hearing that talks aimed at ending yemen's nearly four year long war adieu to begin in sweden on thursday put the rebels on yemeni government representatives are now in the capital stock aside from the fighting a famine is also adding to the suffering of millions of people are reports. meet. one of the hundreds of thousands of yemeni children suffering severe malnutrition and he's being treated at a hospital inside the clinic is struggling to cope with the growing number of initiated bodies of the young. mohammad is five years old but war famine abunda tristian slowed his growth he may never be able to fully recover. and so. mohammed's health deteriorated over the last year and we rushed him to
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hospital hoping he would recover and the doctors are giving him fluids but he doesn't want to wait. the u.n. is brokering a new round of talks between the warring parties in yemen in appeared to ease the humanitarian crisis. after almost four years of fighting between who the rebels and yemeni government troops aided by saudi u.a.e. coalition fourteen million yemenis are on the brink of firemen. now many no less cannot than a couple i pray talks will succeed we have had enough of all aggression and bloodshed we've lost so many people in this war. he met them another minimum of the yemenis should rican sile and we should end the war in the ring of peace. it's the first time opposing sides in the conflict will have met since two thousand and sixteen past talks collapsed because of growing differences between who should play
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a bigger role in the future of yemen and. the internationally recognized government says a deal will only be possible when the whole thing is hand over their weapons and put out of the capital sana'a a demand with jack to buy the rebels for say all parties should be prepared to compromise. we're going to talks we made concessions and we want the saudi backed government to make concessions as well the un's special envoy for yemen martin griffiths has insisted there wizard a military solution and that negotiation is the only way to find an agreement but it's unclear if with its will be able to succeed where his predecessors failed the talks come at a time when the international community is putting more pressure on the saudi u.a.e. coalition to and its military campaign and seek a peaceful way out but the biggest challenge is to convince yemen's warring
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factions to set aside their differences agree on a national unity government and the transition that will ultimately and the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. the town of rimbaud north of stockholm. china's embassy in canada has condemned the arrest of the chief financial officer who are way technologies joe was detained in vancouver on saturday at the request of u.s. police she's facing extradition to the u.s. on suspicion of violating sanctions against iran mang is a deputy chairman who are as board and the daughter of the founder of wrenching faith while he says it's not aware of any wrongdoing by me. but also coming on the news hour including criticism of british prime minister to resign may have a break that from the party that props up a minority government. and who calls the shots mexico's women in politics a not enough just to be in congress they want influence as well. and we'll find out who finished ahead of the pack as world athletics ana's its best performance of the last twelve months.
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now the french government is abandoning a fuel tax hike which has led to of weeks of violent protests that spread into wider demonstrations against president emanuel macro's economic policies and become his biggest challenge in office so far david schaper reports from paris. the prime minister edward philippe announced the complete abolition of the fuel tax hikes at the end of an address to m.p.'s in the national assembly he was speaking against a no confidence vote from the opposition his party's majority meant it was never going to succeed but he realised the real no confidence vote was being lost in the streets. to the yellow vests to all french people to you numbers of parliament say that the government is open to dialogue with the support and majority. of the students have now joined the growing fray of protest against president and their
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demonstrations are spreading right across france been set on fire blocking a road in march say the same tactics interludes a high school set on fire. in a suburb of paris another school shrouded by cheer gas and smoke in the city's a pantheon sorbonne professors were blocked from entering the campus as hundreds of undergraduates voted to join the live s. revolt with a march this weekend. mooted that. there is a rising of the people since race and it's caused by a single recent government policies that only look to take from the poor people to the rich on the more just. the anger doesn't stop at the case of the university we're facing a problem that touches everybody in society the hell of a supporting us and we're supporting them.
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and it was that these spontaneous demonstrations by groups of students are now breaking out in paris moving through the streets all to rise and waving at the work of the sicko by getting support from passing bands. even ambulances so this is now what. president macro is facing the protest is pretty wait for the confessional season already given and the pressure on him and he's a bit astray she was only growing. present macron though got a very different kind of reception on a visit to the old law would you tell the people gathered by the side of the road to swear at his presidential convoy and shout resign. david chase to al-jazeera paris. noyes
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a senior research fellow at the global policy institute he says people are angry at the pace of the manual macro's reforms. east percy does very out of touch but i don't think he actually eats what he has done he's done some reforms france needed to be a reform and other reforms implemented were in his program but it isn't forget that the french are very conservative rock who don't like to be shaken but at the same time there's are many frustrations in france society which have been going on for years for wages haven't risen to the average wage in france net wages forty nine hundred euro's iniquities have been growing albeit far less in france than anywhere else france is probably the most unequal or the most equal country of order major countries in europe because the lowest poverty right during or is permanent provide you're right it's a country risk rigid distributes the most with the best benefits that can be
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achieved in any of defined major economies but this frustration of the people has been good is very difficult for them to make ends meet it's true i see around me that with the kind of wages which exist in france people would find it hard to believe but they have chosen to. focus on michael because he's weak and is new and is a bit arrogant and he's someone who drank. too fast the other part of propping up the u.k.'s minority government has accused prime minister tourism a a breaking her promise over how briggs it will affect the irish border the democratic unionist party the deal you piece says her agreement with the e.u. separates northern ireland from the rest of the u.k. but may's been fighting to convince parliament to support her break that deal had a vote on tuesday next week when a whole has more. to resume a will likely be relieved to have emerged unscathed from her weekly encounter with
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opposition leader jeremy corbin on wednesday called in chose not to grill her at all on the loss of her parliamentary majority in three separate votes on tuesday she was instead taken on by an m.p. for the scottish national party is it time that the prime minister took responsibility of responsibility for concealing the facts on her breaks it deal from members of this house and the public will she take responsibility to raise a maze problems crystallize around the so-called backstop arrangement in the breaks a deal she struck with the e.u. last week it seeks to avoid a hard border on the island of ireland by keeping northern ireland aligned with the republic of ireland until a final future trade relationship is struck while mrs may has just days left now to sell that deal to a highly skeptical parliament we will not be accepting free movement these are matters which mean that the european union does not see this as a as an attractive as an attractive place for them to put the u.k.
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they think that's an attractive place for the u.k. to be in and they won't want us to be in it for any longer than is necessary. but despite may's attempts of reassurance the credibility of the backstop has been undermined by the attorney general's legal advice which the government was forced to publish in full the attorney general writes but the backstop would endure indefinitely or until a superseding agreement takes its place the deal does not quote enable the u.k. lawfully to exit the backstop without a subsequent agreement and there is a legal risk that the u.k. may become stuck in quote for a trach to and repeated rounds of negotiations where many m.p.'s think that doesn't sound much like taking back control as they were promised in the two thousand and sixteen breaks of referendum in particular the democratic unionists of northern ireland who prop up mrs may's minority government in a statement the do you present this is totally unacceptable and economically mad in that it will be erecting internal economic and trade barriers within the united
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kingdom add to that more than one hundred conservative m.p.'s who say they'll vote against the deal then double that number among the opposition parties and mrs may appears to be heading for a crushing defeat next week leaving her deal her premiership and possibly even breaks it itself in question join a whole al-jazeera london russia has held military exercises in the black sea region amid tensions with ukraine over the seizure of three ships and their crews off the coast of crimea last month the issue was top of the agenda at a nato foreign ministers meeting which ended on wednesday its general secretary yen stoltenberg said a u.s. led alliance and boosted its presence in the region in response to what he described as russia's aggressive actions as more from brussels. well what we've seen over the past day or so here at nato headquarters in brussels is a nato foreign ministers sending a very strong message indeed to russia that some of their actions can simply not to
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be tolerated we're talking about nato condemning a cold war treating the i.n.f. treaty nine hundred eighty seven treaty with the united states nato saying that small sco has been in violation of that treating then joining me here at nato headquarters to talk about more faces the estonian foreign minister makes a thank you very much for joining us klaus q first of all about nato has called them nation of russia the i.m.f. treaties a treaty that is designed to curb medium range missiles in europe it's seen as a pillar of european security the us though has always said that they believe russia is in violation has nato been a bit late in this condemnation first of all thank you very much for having me yes indeed it has been in violation. of the treaty of developing systems that have been prohibited by the by the treaty and obviously if we have a naturally very very important control treaty a bilateral treaty that has been violated constant consistently by one party. the
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question arises with it makes much sense for the other part to you to stick to their commitments on the treaty so now russia has been given one final chance to bring itself into compliance with strict delegations as talk about ukraine and now of course nato will say condemning russia over the seizure of ukrainian ships and soldiers is staying near sent out very strong statement very early on about this yes while we're there we should look up to this latest escalation in attacks. ukrainian naval vessels under siege of the ships there for them in the broader context of the. ongoing negotiation against ukraine and illegal and station of. you know so this is another of another step and. no. action steps which serve one one one goal that's to create realities on the
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ground what about the fact that the ukrainian foreign minister was here saying nato needs to send more ships they need to back up more on this is that something that nato should in physics doing well nato is monitoring very closely disputes in the black sea. actually be used. his presence seems we should see. both the label presence as well as it returned since that's something that has been going on for sort of the use right thank you very much said mix of the estate in foreign minister speaking to us there at nato headquarters where of course the other strong message not only condemnation of russia but at the priority says the ukrainian foreign minister at this stage for ukraine is the release of those sailors that have been captured by russia now a spanish court has confirmed a controversial ruling which cleared five men of gang rape and sentenced them on lesser charges of sexual assault people protested outside the justice ministry
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after the decision the five men who called themselves the wolfpack have been jailed for nine years for assaulting an eighteen year old woman at the pump on a bull run festival two years ago spanish know requires proof of physical violence for a rape conviction. time for a short break here how does iraq when we come back gambling on its future a troubled region in myanmar stakes its hopes for peace on casinos a glimmer of hope thousands of iraqis have lost limbs during the fight against isis . and i support pakistan i just heard the decisive test much of new zealand live behavior that story after the break bar in the stone. by the skyline only in the rain. forest coast of the italian riviera. and they think the turning cold of force now across many parts of china will also
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crowd remain with us for thursday and some of that re movie fairly heavy but as the temperatures drop as we head into friday we're going to see more and more of that weather turn to snow so a formal wintery mix here as we head through the day on friday also on friday there you'll notice that weather is pushing a bit further towards the south so more of a seeing that unsettled weather and in the northern part of that map there a lot of it turning to snow i mean for the towards the south we've got very active showers at the moment particularly over parts of borneo and further west over parts of somalia and into jobs as well and this is the region we're going to see a lot of what weather as we head through the next couple of days generally further north it's looking a lot drier so cambodia in vietnam should be fine and it's also looking new norcia we draw across that many parts of the philippines just really in the east we're expecting a few rather heavy showers we're also seeing some heavy showers across sri lanka and the southern parts of india at the moment to and there's a lot need to stick around as we head through the next few days a couple of them may just push a bit further towards the north so we'll see them just push it further across us in
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india than we've seen recently an astute of them perhaps along the west coast but to the north of all of that it's fine and drawing new delhi quite warm of the day with a temperature of around twenty four degrees. there with sponsored boycotts on race . xenophobia violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. al-jazeera infiltrates one of the continent's past describing right to organizations and exposes links to members of the european parliament and marina pan's national party generation hate. part one of the special two part investigation on al jazeera one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for it is you know it's very challenging liberally particularly because you have
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a lot of people that are deployed their own political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. welcome back a quick recap of the top stories here on al-jazeera six top u.s. senators have introduced a resolution to hold the saudi prince bomber been accountable for the killing of journalist. follows a private briefing with the cia director on tuesday on the murder of the saudi consulate in istanbul in october. and yemeni government representatives are due to
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meet in sweden on thursday the talks in stockholm are aimed at bringing the four year war in yemen to an end millions of yemen is on the verge of famine. and the french government's abandoning a fuel tax hike which has led to weeks of bottom protests spread into wider demonstrations against president emanuel economic. offices become his biggest challenge in office so far. the casket of former u.s. president george h.w. bush has arrived in texas where he'd be buried on thursday he died on friday at the age of ninety four only a politicians past and present were among the mourners at a state funeral of the forty first president in washington d.c. a white house correspondent can be helped it reports. after lying in state in the rotunda of the u.s. capitol building george h.w. bush made his final journey past the white house he once occupied to a state funeral service at washington's national cathedral friends and dignitaries
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from bush's decades of public service stood as his flag draped casket entered the cathedral. at times such as this u.s. president typically set aside their political differences but as president donald trump took a front row seat he shook hands with only some of the former first families former first lady hillary clinton his democratic opponent the twenty sixteen election did not even look his way bush senior's long time friend former canadian prime minister brian mulroney acknowledge the forty first president's time in office as a narrow which saw the end of the soviet union the first gulf war and the introduction of the north american free trade agreement no occupant of the oval office which was more courageously more principled and more. than george herbert walker bush but it was the eulogy of bush's side george w. bush the forty third president of the united states that delivered the most
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personal of tributes praising his father's character and public service he was an empathetic man he valued character over pedigree bush closed his speech not as a former president but as a son overcome with grief. the bass father of your daughter could have. bush dried his eyes as the final him was sung and his father's casket was laid in procession out of the cathedral. president george herbert walker bush will be laid to rest along. he will be buried at his presidential library. for a man who. can really help. mexico city has worn in its first female man woman now make up half of congress fifteen years of agenda quota system was introduced but many female politicians still face
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obstacles as john holmes reports fleckenstein. on wednesday cloudy ashamed became city's first female elected man. it's a historical bluth and just part of a gradual but seismic shift the mix carries politics the country now has the full highest percentage of congress women. take up about half the seats in both chambers of the house a big advance for traditionally male dominated nation but their presence still doesn't mean they're involved in the big coombes says lawmakers to tightly and this is where most of the real decisions are taken by an organization called the political coordination council and that's still made up of men so the real power in the congress and senate is with this group of men that female colleagues are still more likely to be assigned so-called women's issues that slow be changing in a country with a far higher percentage of women lawmakers in the u.k. and the u.s.
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this hasn't happened here is no sign of the critism politics that serve most of the countries in latin america the difference here is that women's rights advocates and lawmakers have worked hard to make sure that those are applied ever more strictly and the parties just call get round it they have to field and support women come. that's taken time to fill to down less than a quarter of local mayors women and only three of the thirty two state governors the playing field set up because it's still not equal women face a specific and particular from some by alliance right they questioned. their space they question and question their private life they question the way they dress and not the way they act as politicians so they are not they are not measured the same way men and women in politics those who make it into office like their male counterparts tend to be like to skin the better off indigenous women are how they
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represent their african american african mexican women are hard represented so so there are still a lot of issues that need to be sorted out plenty of challenges ahead producer clear momentum for the country's increasing number of women politicians john hoeven how does it or mexico city. cubans will have full internet access on their mobile phones from this week until now they've only had access to state run email accounts on their mobile devices tourists and some government officials have been able to access the internet on their mobiles and. british academics have named denmark the u.k. and canada as the nations making the most progress to fund climate change research has found peril college released the report as delegates hold the latest round of un climate talks in poland one of the countries logging behind though is brazil which is council hosting the next summit the clock reports. next year's climate
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talks would take place in brazil but that's been reversed by the president elect sonora who has made no secret of his desire to open the amazon to mining farming and done building the world's biggest rainforest is already threatened after year in which brazil broke its own deforestation record with latest satellite images showing in a twelve month period almost eight thousand square kilometers of forest were cut loose in human now reports that's five times the size of mexico city. deep inside the world's largest rain forest chainsaws drown out the sound of jungle animals. after a ten year low the destruction of the amazon is again sharply on the rise and this is the first step logging much of it illegal requires opening roads that then give access to soil and cattle farmers who clear even more but despite appearances these
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logs from brazil's tropical forest institute are actually trying to save the rainforest that's a block a few this park is the identification of the tree deemed app for cutting but of course they explain that the institute has developed a sustainable method of logging that requires carefully selecting trees by age and size. we also cut the trees so that it will fall towards the light and indicate that the force is less dense there which reduces the collateral damage. the system which is now compulsory put strict limits on harvesting no tree can be cut here unless it has a minimum of fifty centimeters in diameter and a maximum of five trees can be cut in an area the size of a football field for the next thirty five years this allows the younger trees to flourish but starting in january when brazil swears in a new government the old system of logging which has little if any restrictions could become the norm again. scientists insist that the amazon is vital for
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countering greenhouse gases responsible for climate change but president elect not all questions its very existence he's intent on opening up the amazon to cattle ranchers farmers miners and construction companies that supported his campaign the . amazon expert followed by riddle warns the price of further deforestation is too high we have evidence that is already harming our climate system brazil depends a lot on the rain that is associated with that fourth. not only because of her but also because of power generation new satellite data shows that in the last year alone amazon deforestation has jumped thirteen point seven percent a loss of nearly one point two billion trees the reduction of forest cover is provoking extreme drought and forest fires that are actually contributing to c o
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two gasses. it's a manmade phenomenon of the different now to expand may end up choking the amazon rain forest known as the lungs of the world you see in human al-jazeera brazil the old producing group opec will meet in ventilator on thursday as pressure mounts on member states to stabilize the price of crude but there is some disagreement among them over how to do it and reports from vienna. it's been a volatile year in the global oil markets after reaching a four year high early in october oil prices slipped from eighty five dollars a barrel to sixty dollars a thirty percent drop heaping pressure on opec to act then just this week when it emerged at the g twenty meeting that russia and saudi arabia had agreed to cooperate on managing the markets the price of brant crude the international benchmark recovered slightly to sixty three dollars a barrel. opec's responsiveness is in question particularly compared with the
5:42 am
nimble shale oil industry which shared that time that the tide has been reduced to two months maybe eighteen months or one year so whatever you said today is going to see it to have an impact on the market immediately in the short term and that has created a massive challenge to an organization such as opec which is trying to stabilize a massive market president donald trump who is determined to reduce fuel prices on wednesday urged opec to keep oil flows as is the world does not want to see high oil prices he tweeted there is also tension within opec cats are has announced it's to leave the group in january and then as the relationship between opec linchpin saudi arabia and the non opec heavyweight russia saudi arabia has been leading the calls to trim the supply of oil and tackle the global oversupply but there are several members of opec who like the price is exactly where they are and then there's russia which is concerned that opec is flipping and flopping every time it
5:43 am
meets. analysts point to the different priorities of the two big producers. i feel is that possibly russia will a higher price than the necessarily saudis do and that could create some dual tension there. just through them there are reasons for the comments and through the general feeling of the market i'm pretty sure that if you look at the russian economy it certainly needs a stronger crude price out of saudi arabia of course but overall i think that the russian economy is probably not doing as well as what the saudis are doing going to syria meetings have been taking place ahead of thursday's gathering in vienna a tentative consensus for some kind of supply capital is believed to be taking shape but deciding which countries will limit output and by how much it looks like the real bone of contention paul brennan al-jazeera vienna. health ministers from uganda neighboring democratic republic of congo have met to discuss the latest
5:44 am
a boner outbreak on the congolese side of the border health workers in uganda are being vaccinated after concerns the disease may spread an outbreak of ebola in various parts of the d.r. sea has killed at least two hundred sixty eight people since august the congolese health minister insists the epidemic will not disrupt the upcoming presidential election now the lawyer for the family of an italian student tortured and killed in egypt urging five egyptian suspects to come forward italian prosecutors say they're members of the secret service and police believe they hope to get me in twenty sixteen to twenty eight year old was researching egyptian trade unions at the time his body was dumped by the side of a highway near cairo. a new factory for artificial limbs is giving hope to iraqis who lost their limbs during years of conflict in the city of mosul where the war and i saw wounded tens of thousands of people but a lack of trained stop means the rehabilitation center could only make a few prosthetics at a time matheson reports from them of
5:45 am
a province. two years ago omar has a woke up in hospital to find his left leg missing data being blasted to pieces as iraqi forces try to weaken isos grip on the city of mosul by last october his right leg had become infected by gangrene to stay alive he spent a thousand dollars made up of deliberations and his own meager savings to have it amputated at a private hospital and now he spends most of his days propped up on the floor of his displacement camp tent staring at the wheelchair he's not strong enough to use . life is difficult for me i wish i could go out of the tent and meet other people and look after my children the other day it was raining heavily for four days and i couldn't get out to help fortify the tarp of the tent i felt like i'm imprisoned. a new factory making prosthetic limbs has opened in nearby mosul the capital of
5:46 am
nineveh province. it's run by the international committee of the red cross the i.c.r.c. says fewer people with disabilities in there never will have to make several long and expensive journeys to get help look at it. we have been shocked to see the huge number of people who are disabled or have lost arms and legs in the war we have to do something so we have teamed up with aid agencies that are providing artificial limb as you go. if a prosthetic limb is not custom made it could be painful on the skin underneath could become infected if the patient isn't taught how to use it properly the muscles could get even weaker can earn our name enough we used to suffer because there weren't enough artificial limbs in mosul our lives were so difficult because it was hard to travel to other cities to get treatment and it cost a lot the problem for the center is keeping up with demand the i.c.r.c. estimates there are over four thousand people in nineveh province who need artificial limbs many of them like omar living accounts like this one at the moment
5:47 am
the center star can only produce a few limbs and every week that's because it's hard to find experience technicians the training takes time and it costs money. the center opened in mid october and already several hundred people are on its list for artificial limbs others like omar may have to wait much longer rob matheson al jazeera the kurdish region of northern iraq. now me and miles considering a plan to legalize casinos some already operate under special provisions but changes to the law of being proposed to encourage more tourism and tax collection a chinese company is now working with a militia to help develop a large border region in the southeast al jazeera when hey reports. it's still under construction but this eight hundred heck decide has already become known as china town the remote region of korean state bordering thailand has been
5:48 am
transformed thanks to chinese investment the extension. town will include housing a golf course an airport and perhaps at the center of it all casinos which at the moment are illegal and me and. we have to mission from the me to build a chinatown developed economy. we will meet that target then we will build hotels the project is being built in an area controlled by a group known as border guard forces former ethnic korean rebels who are now aligned with the me and my army fighting continues in some areas between the border guards and other rebel groups vying for influence and control of the region people here hope the new investment will help promote peace in the area which like many in myanmar has been held back by civil war. we want to be secure like other countries that don't need to worry about fighting in conflict the development is providing employment but it could also provide problems casinos operating in the unregulated
5:49 am
sometimes lawless border regions of thailand and laos are often suspected of being gateways for drug trafficking the communities are vulnerable to exploitation but leaders here say so far this project has been good for them. it's been two years since the chinese company came to invest in our town in the past we didn't have jobs my family and i had to find work in thailand but now we're back and can work here aside from the casinos economic activity is set to increase early next year when a second bridge across the river separating thailand and is opened the border crossing will help formalize and regulate travel between the two countries because developers hope the bridge will make it easier for thai to wrists to travel across the border even if gambling remains illegal in both countries wayne hay al jazeera bangkok.
5:50 am
5:51 am
thank you very much liverpool survived a scare against struggling burnley to maintain their title challenge in the english premier league liverpool left striker mohamed salah on the bench for this game and it was burnley who took a second half lead but goals from james milner for me know and as your dincha kiri gave liverpool a three one when they stay in second place two points behind leaders manchester city there were six games in all chelsea drop down to fourth in the table after a two one loss to wolves tottenham move to third after
5:52 am
a three one victory over southampton manchester united two two with arsenal argentinian team boca juniors have arrived in spain ahead of sunday's copa liberty doris final they'll be taking on city rivals river plate in madrid after fan violence forced organizers to shift the game from buenos aires the original kick off was suspended twice after fans fought with police and both as bus was attacked in route to river plate stadium the two sides are playing for the most coveted prize in south american club football. earlier book of fans had given the team a huge sendoff from their home city club has been allocated twenty five thousand tickets for the final but organizers have decided that for security reasons only five thousand of them can be sold to fans travelling from argentina and the river plate's departure was a little bit more low key both teams appealed against the decision to move the game to madrid bokeh believe they should be awarded the title without having to play
5:53 am
while river are unhappy for losing their home field advantage the teams drew two two in the first leg of the final. now u.s. gymnastics has filed for bankruptcy a dramatic development for the organization already struggling from a sexual abuse scandal in february former olympic team doctor larry nasser was sentenced to two life terms in prison more than two hundred gymnast delivered statements saying he'd abuse them under bankruptcy the organization will not have to give more testimony regarding the scandal pakistan looks to have the advantage heading into day four of their deciding test match with new zealand as our ali and i said both scored centuries and abu dhabi but the away team are fighting hard any richardson reports. only once in the last decade of pakistan lost a series in their adopted home of the united arab emirates new zealand all taking them deep inside this contest though but on day three of the final test and as
5:54 am
a rally and looked to be taking control was as it was the first to reach his century as pakistan aimed to a stop wish a big first innings lead the way. as the pairs partnership past two hundred new zealand appeared to be running out of ideas. that will some of phil was about so in civvy. because at the time the crucial wicket of an offer one hundred and thirty four. should feet did go on to record his twelfth century but the momentum was swinging back towards new zealand. chief equals eventually trapped l.b.w. by a just put south for a hundred and for. pakistan lost their remaining wickets in a hurry. all out for three hundred and forty eight but they still had a first innings lead of seventy four runs some of phil finished up with four
5:55 am
wickets. was even as open as desperately needed to reach the close on. but it wasn't so big. both were out as pakistan finished the day on top of. you zealand twenty six for two still trading by forty eight runs under richardson al jazeera. two of the best athletes in the world were honored at the athletic governing bodies annual prize ceremony and you had kept jogi and catherine at bargo and were the winners at the i w f top athlete awards in monaco kenya's cape jogi won both the london and berlin marathon this year and a bard one of colombia had an unbeaten year in the triple jump now he could play a major role in the upcoming two thousand and twenty alum picks in tokyo so much so the olympic committee is considering changing the start times of several events the marathon could now start between five thirty and six am and rugby matches could be
5:56 am
brought forward by several hours to play in the cooler morning air organizers are struggling to keep the games under their five point three billion dollars budget with air conditioning being too expensive of an option even still i.o.c. president said no city has been as ready as tokyo to host the olympics if we continue to the front of mind for us in the organizes in front of mind for the. teams that are coming here. and we will do everything possible to ensure that. they are not competing risk and bolian made an unsuccessful bid to make it into the twenty twenty games of the sport is still hoping to grow at the world championships this week italy came out on top they beat team usa two zero in the best of three contests. team usa won the gold medal in four of the last six world championships and was the
5:57 am
defending champion but italy never let them win a game and was able to bring it back in take home gold. now an unlikely hero came into play during a third division football match in argentina on saturday defense. were already trailing. when the goalkeeper accidently nick kicked the ball into the back of the other team striker only for it to be blocked by a stray dog the timing was rather exceptional if i must say so myself for a little guy that's it for sport more later. thank you very much now finally the gingerbread man is a popular christmas treat but the biscuit has also cooked up a rather unusual seasonal surprise in london an entire city made of gingerbread has been designed by architects for a christmas exhibition at a top museum city is almost completely edible including the cable and even a gingerbread drone over the eyes of the hoping the public will bite by attending
5:58 am
rather than tackling the submission. alright that's it for me down in jordan for this news is up next with more the day's news thanks so much and by them. this is the journey you've been looking forward to the one you've been dreaming about. little take you to those you love to faraway places new faces old friends on a new adventure far from the ordinary in extraordinary comfort come with us in award winning style because this is the journey you've been dreaming about we're boarding now. a notorious symbol of the u.s. war on terror one set for closure one ton a movie in its detainees going nowhere we have identified as a priority is the construction of
5:59 am
a new high value detention center i'm afraid that we're sharing the conditions to return back to practice that would tally in state sponsored torture as we did have done in the past rendition revisited part two on al jazeera. i thought this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of ton of realty and if you can give them the opportunity wonderful things start to happen sometimes the simplest situations are the missed and packed for. the main. things that sets zero zero apart from other news organizations is that a lot of our reporting is about real people but about ideas or politicians and what they may want to do but how policy and how events affect real people it's ok it's ok it's ok but a little more complicated don't put it off and if this is not clear i'm going to walk you. down like my family's status and wealth has benefited from your choice to
6:00 am
enslave. some over so you can ski the speaker out as a surprise but. this job isn't just about what's on the script or piece of paper it's about what is happening right now. going off to crown prince mohammed bin u.s. senate has introduced a resolution to hold him accountable for the death of jamal khashoggi. hello i'm nostalgic today and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up china demands the release of the chief financial officer of telecoms giants while way after she was arrested in canada.


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